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LYMPIC Hollywood and STARS DEFEAT SEATTLE, 5-2; SENATORS WIN Angels Turn on Oaks for 8-2 Victory While Missions Are Beating Portland 12-2 (By Associated Press) SEATTLE, July 12. Nine l)lts and three errors were too much for the Indians today, and Hollywood took another game from Seattle by a 5-to-2 count. The Indians started things by pushing over their initial run in the first frame, but had to wait until the ninth before getting through for another. The Stars got one in the second and another in the fourth and then sneaked three across in the eighth from a pair of hits, to really put the game on ice. Score: IIOLInVOOD SEATTLE AB It U PO A AB B H ro A J,w.s 6 0 0 4 8 Wolfer.rf 3 1 3 1 0 Kerr.Jb 4 0 0 3 6 Davlg,2b 4 0 113 T mbly.lf 5 0 2 0 0 Huble.lf 3 0 0 3 0 Itehe.rf 5 0 0 1 0 Barhee.3b It U I S 3 1 0 0 S 0 0 15 0 3 1 S 18 0 Nance.rt 1 0 0 2 0 Hnllw.Sb 3 1113 Ellsworth,!! 4 0 10 5 T3iuisler.o 10)11 Sohmidt.o 3 0 1 1 0 Kinnej'.p 4 0 1 0 2 Collard.p 4 0 0 1 1 Jf.Sul'van.rf 1 0 0 0 0 Cols 0 10 0 0 Total! 34 5 0 27 20 Total! 29 2 T 27 11 Col! ran for Barbee In ninth. Hollywood 010 100 0308 Sfattla 100 000 001 S Errora: Sherlock, Ellsworth, Schmidt. Ituna napotuiibl for: Kinney 2, Collard 6. Stnirk out by: Kinney 2. Collard 1. Bases on balls off: Kinney 5, Collard 5. Hit by pitched ball: Kerr. Wild pitch: Collard. Rtolen base: Barbee. Two-baRO hits: Bassler, Twomhly. W'olfer, Barbce. Sacrifice hits: rtuble: Sherlock, Heath. Hum batted in: Sherlock, Kinney 2, Holley, Bassler. Double plays: Ellsworth to Bavta to Sherlock; Collard to Sherlock; Lee to Kerr to Heath, 2, Time 1:50. Umpires: Fannlni and Sweeney. SENATORS WIN ON KALLIO'S HURLING SAN FRANCISCO, July 12. Rudy Kallio pitched flawless ball today, allowing but six hits, and Sacramento edged out the Seals, 2-1. The Senators scored one tally In the first Inning and the winning run in the sixth, Backer's double bringing in Sheeley in the latter case. SACRAMENTO SAN FIUNCJSCO AB It H I'O A AB B H 10 A 4 114 0 Johnsnn.lf 3 18 5 1 Monroe.2b 5 0 1 2 2 PlnellUh 3 0 112 Oshorne.rf 6 0 3 0 0 8 0 0 2 0 Itnhwer.lf 4 0 0 2 0 Suhr,2b 4 0 0 3 8 Sheelv.Jb 4 1 1 12 n Jnllcy.rf 3 0 2 2 0 Severeld.o 2 0 0 11 4 0 0 9 0 llacker.Sb 4 0 115 S 0 0 1 T 4 0 2 5 0 Varais.c 3 0 0 4 1 Kalllo.p 4 0 0 0 1 Mouiiy.p 2 0 0 0 0 llucther 1 0 0 0 0 Malls.p 0 0 0 0 0 Totals SO 2 9 27 9 Total! 29 1 27 14 Sacramento 100 001 0002 an Francisco 100 000 0001 Error: Ithyne. Innlnm pitched by Moudy, 8. Charae defeat to Moudy. At bat off Moudy. 32. Tl Its battod off Moudy. 8. Buns scored off Moudy, 2. Buns responsible for: Moudy 2, Kallio 1. Struck out by: Moudy 4. Kallio 1. Bases on balls off: Moudy 3, Kallio 1. Hit by pitched ball: Serereld by Moudy. Rtolen bases; Osborne, Johnson. Home run: Johnson. Two-base lilts: Packer, rinelll. Sacrifice hit; Aterill. Hum batted In: Osborne. Johnson, Backer, pnuble play: Backer to Monroe to Sheely. Time ft ame: 1:38. Umpires: Wcsterrelt and Magcr-kurth, MISSIONS EASILY DEFEAT PORTLAND PORTLAND, July 12. With Herman Pillette in fine form, the Missions had an easy time beating Portland today, 12 to 2. Three Portland pitchers, Baecht, Yerkes and Ortman, were all hit hard. Score: MISSIONS POHTTiAND ab n h ro a ab niiro a 6 1 2 2 0 Tn'mu.lf 5 112 0 Finn, 2b 5 3 2 0 5 Johnson, :ih 4 0 2 1 4 llodda.Sb 4 0 2 0 1 Slsafoos.Sb 4 118 5 Hufft.rf 5 1110 10 0 10 MoD'n'Ub 3 0 2 0 1 Boont.rf S 0 1 0 0 4 2 2 1 0 4 0 1 13 0 5 2 2 2 8 W' 4 0 13 8 Whltney.o 6 1 2 4 2 Ainsmlth,o 3 0 0 4 1 J'lllptte.p 5 13 16 Itaecht.p 0 0 0 0 0 ( 1 1 1 10 0 N'lion 1 0 0 0 0 Yerkes.n I 0 0 0 0 KhlKht ' 1 0 0 0 0 Ortman, n 0 0 0 1 1 Knot he 1 0 0 0 0 Itpgo 10 10 0 TotaU 43 12 19 27 17 Totals 33 2 8 27 10 Nixon batted for Baecht In second. KniKht batted for Terkei In seventh. Knothe batted for Alnsmlth In ninth. Heeo batted for Ortman in ninth. Mission 120 120 15012 l'ortland 101 000 000 2 Errors: Johnson, Wuestllnir. Flv hits, 8 run! off Baecht In 2 innlnirs; 9 and 4 off Yerkes In 5; 5 and 5 off Ortman in 2. Losing pitcher: Ilaccht. Ilum responsible for: Baecht 2, 111-letta 2. Yerkes 4, Ortman 1. Struck out by: Jljocht 1, Yerkes 2, l'lllctte 2. Bases on balls: rillette 3. Yerkes 2, Ortman 1. Stolen bases: Bose, I.eBourveau. Finn. Three-base hit: Finn. Two-base hits: Boso, Swanson 2, McDanlel, Buns batted In: Itoddit, Jloone 2, Whitney, Finn, Mo-Paniel, tJrecn, Swanson, Hufft, Rlade 2. Double llava: Sluafoos to WucstllnK to Tomlln; Wuest-II n to Tomlln; Blade to Oreon; Wuestlinn to Siaafoot to Tomlln. Wild pitch: Yerkes. , Umpires: Goes and Becker. Time: 2:03. ACORNS' ERRORS HELP ANGEL NINE LOS ANGELES, July 12. Los Angeles combined base hits with Oakland's errors to win today's game 8 to 2 after the Oaks had scored their only runs on Arlett's homer with one on in the first Inning. Peters, Angel southpaw, pitched shutout ball the remaining eight Innings. OAKLAND LOS ANGELES AB tt H I'O A AB R H PO A 2b 4 110 2 Staley.2h 8 10 2 6 Dean.Sb 3 0 111 BurkrtUb 5 1113 2 0 0 6 0 4 2 3 1 0 Arlett.lf 4 110 0 S'lm 5 0 10 0 4 0 1 4 0 3 1 2 12 0 4 0 118 Ilood.rf 3 2 2 2 0 Mcuscl.rf 4 0 0 1 0 3 0 18 8 Lombardl.o 3 0 1 5 2 Hannah.o 8 10 3 1 Dumorlch.p 3 0 0 0 3 l'elers.p 2 0 0 0 4 Total! 31 "j l!IU TotaU 8 1 8 0 27 15 Oakland 200 000 000-2 Los Anaelel 010 122 14x- Krrnra: Arlett, Brooks, Lary 2, Staluy. Runs respnnslhlo for: Dumovleh 8, I'eters 2. Struck out by; llumovlch 5. l'eters 3. Base on ball! off; Eumovich 7, I'otera 1. Hit by pltchod ball; SPORT SECTION THREE PAGES THE MORNING AFTER BySidOlin By a narrow margin of nine points, Rex Heap failed to annex the junior division championship of the Junior Olympics at Atlantic City this week. When it is recalled that after the second of the five events Rex was nearly 70 points behind the San Diego boy, it will be conceded that the local youth possessed all the determination expressed the Santa Fe depot a few weeks ago. Rex put up a bitter fight. And this is also true of Mike Pina who landed third Mike was perfectly right win. "He is the champion unless I have a good day," said Mike before he boarded the the East. The pair of San Bernardino youths will return with a cargo of silverware. Trophies that will be priceless to youths who are well under the 16 year old limit. The praiseworthy work ed but the climax perhaps Heap to come within nine points of "Mushy" Pollock. In the final event after lel bar 25 times, Rex dropped had to be carried off the field. The great effort was appreciated by the tremendous crowd which applauded freely. It recalls the statement of the youth when he was ask ed whether he would not be somewhat frightened in com petition before such a large crowd and against a large eh try list. 'I'm not going to be nervous, and if I am, I know the others are just as nervous." As if to add a statement do his best, Rex said : "My Dad was never afraid and I'm just like him." Perhaps fight fans are going to have a treat in witnessing Freddie Hawkins and Sailor Fav KnsVpv It might be a good fight T"l Oi.Ml 1 i si uen oieiner aoes not get too well acquainted with the managers of the two boxers to take on the brawl as a main event. In the information that has been given out on Koskey, he is a long rangy left hander who fights nearly parallel to the floor, a style that bewildered Baby Sal Soria when tie ooxea xne aauor. Fight fans here have had a lot of freak performers, few of whom have been nnricht.. Let's bring on this Koskey and give Manager Leabo's uuy a wiance to pay on the stantial fly swatter. Jimmy Black substituted Sammy Furrell a fast eight-round Park this week. Jimmy got a One account of the fight ently had a slight snaae in Jimmy should worry. PACKERS TAKE LEAGUE LEAD Defeat Knights of Columbus in Exciting 5 to 0 Game ; Botts Allows but Two Hits Colton P. F. E. .indoor baseball team won the undisputed leadership In the Y. M. C. A. Invitational league last night blanking the Knights of Columbus team by a score of 5 to 0. Venn Botts, held the Knights completely in check during the nine innings allowing but two hits and striking out 16 batters. The fast Hood. Btolen basa; Berjer. Three-ba hit: Tolton. Home run: Arlett. Two-base hits: Lary. Hood, Tolton. Sacrifice hits: Dean, Kenton. Dlttmar. ltuni batted In: Arlett 2, Dlttmar, Tolson, Berner, Burkett. Double plays: I.ary to Ilecse to Fenton; Staler to Dlttmar to Tolson. Time: 1:10. Umpires: Kolls, Casey and Ucnsh-lu. KID DUGAN nam-, 2J0DSS LAK)DU SO THAT AJOD HIS ADE? CAM WATCH ACTIOU? AWO TfcVTO FlUD .OUT THE? . MVSTEfcV OF THE BALL kur. laci- OtO r ' QJHP FAILURE $ $ Sacramento Keep Step in his farewell statements at place in the senior division. when he doped Falcon to Union Pacific train here for of both youths is to be laud comes in the great rally by chinning himself over a paral to the ground exhausted and said Rex. of assurance that he would but we trust that Promoter . . mortgage on a good and sub for Goldie Hess, and fought main. event, at Ocean draw. declares that Jimmy appar the milling but got a draw. Didn't he substitute ? fielding of .both . teams . proved feature, the league leaders showing to Better advantage in several in stances Pitcher Schroeder was hit hard In the early Innings," 'the ' Fruit Packers staging a rally in the third frame netting four scores. After this inning Schroe'der blanked the P. F. E. club. Milton Noriega carried off the swatting honors with three singles and Charley Bramlett's two timely doubles figured in the scoring. The Fruit Packers have lost but one game this season while the Knights of Columbus players chalked up their second setback last night. K. of C 000 000 0000 2 Colton P. F. E. 014 000 00 5 8 Western Canada is a land of farm owners, according to census figures. In Manitoba more than 81 per cent of occupied farms are inhabited by their owners; In Sas katchewan over 77 per cent, and In Alberta over 75 per cent Lim. YUW I OrvfAlkLCOVJ, WITH THE SAME- . AS HPUOJrGETQVUJlYH voo ISAV. tlGuGE WHAT HE DOC FRIDAY MORNING, CONTRERAS IS BADLYBEATEN BY BOBBY MAR Filipino Gets Technical Kayo Win in Fifth; Young Larry Puts Up Great Battle By SID OLIN Manager Grafton Leabo's boxers did fairly well in featuring the Orange Belt card last night but may do better next week. In the scheduled 6-round main event Louie Contreras, the speedy bantamweight managed by Leabo, met a whirlwind fighter in Bobby Mar and lost on a technical knock' out in the fifth round. During the first rounds the small Filipino, who made Contreras look the part of a lightweight, revealed a wizardry in ring dancing as he bobbed around as if on rubber legs while clouting Louie with sweeping lefts and rights to the head and body. The spectacular speed shown by Mar made Louie seem off stride and sluggish. Fight Stopped Account Injury A bad cut received by Contreras over the left eye prompted the referee to stop the bout just as the gong sounded for the sixth round, Mar getting the decision on a technical knockout. Young Larry put up the best fight of the card and stopped Babe Northern, a clownish colored scrapper who went through a number of queer antics that availed little or nothing. The opening round went to the colored boy, although Larry fought desperately In the clinches and roughed Northern with well placed blows to the midsection. It was during the second canto that Larry's ruggedness and heavy wallops to the body during the mixing started to tell on Northern. Near the close of the round Larry ripped a smashing right to the stomach and a left to the ear that sent Northern sprawling through the ropes. Northern managed to get up and in the ring before a short count had been given him. The body punches had Northern in distress during the early part of the third round and two well pla.ced smashes to the stomach gave Leabo's fighter a kayo victory. Hawkins Win Without Effort Freddie Hawkins, who is groomed . for . the headliner next week, scored an easy win over Young Manuel, getting a 1-round knockout. Manuel failed to land a solid punch during the short period of fighting but took more than a dozen punches flush on the chin and to the body before he toppled. Babe Jackson, Redlands colored battler, found Chester Butler too tough and rugged and lost his fight on a kayo verdict. Jackson was weary and took the count gracefully, giving Manager Leabo an even break as Hawkins won. Young Valentino chased Chalkey Wright all over the ring for four rounds but the best he got for frightening the colored boy was a draw. Drury Willis stopped Joe Leal in the first round of the curtain raiser. Sub-stations are rapidly taking the place of local electric power houses in many small cities, electricity being made in large super power plants and shipped over high voltage transmission wires. Roses refuse to grow where water stands about their roots. HEY, KEEPE, WOaDtO1 I VOU-YOOLL OkJLV LAST fcBOUT FOU lUUIU'f.THS '3UDGELL SEE THWOLXjH LIKE vou ujv f PLATES GLAVV WIUDOU) (C.pyriihi. bT JULY 13, 1928 Lefty O'Doul Is Greater Hitting Power and Stronger Outfield Ate WAS UP; 7 , ME AM t-r ) " ' - ' Tkace before. . 'MSSi J - CAA6 IMTO fe - &MiP$A t ' , i THE MMOR. f ff v Jfk A PITCHER V YAMKEES I T ' 7 ia "V. or. .w ts:i.fM m T a- If there is anything to the claim that a third time is the charm, Lefty O'Doul is certain to charm John McGraw this season. O'Doul was up in the "big show" twice before and his sensational work during the spring practice made a job on the Giant roster a certainty this season. O'Doul is a terrific hitter. He first entered the major leagues as a pitcher with the New York Yankees nearly a decade ago. His pitching days were relatively short but because of his natural hitting and fielding ability the southpaw is now one of the Giants mainstays. MERMAIDS TO STAGEEVENTS Aquatic Program Is Scheduled At Glenn Ranch on Sunday Featuring New Stars Swimming and diving contests will be featured at Glenn ranch next Sunday where Lee Fourrler has scheduled an aquatic attraction for her mermaids. A silver cup will be awarded to the best woman diver while ribbons and other trophies will be given for swimming feats. The Fourrler Colton mermaids have attracted considerable attention in aquatlo circles here as a number of the swimmers have established exceptional marks. Four women divers will compete. They are Bonnie Hill, Fay Stanford, Evilo Larsen and Sophia Sid- ill Th Btll jtTndicatt. Ir't. ' Tr4 Mark Beg. U. 8. TRIP . in Hot Coast Loop Race Hope of New Yorlj Giants for ler. The mermaids who will enter the different swimming events are: Muriel Gordon, Veda Buffum, Lor-na Sutherland, Edith Sldler, Jessie Cllne, Sophia Sidlef, Norma Fine, Fay Sanford and Doris Bottorf. An added attraction will be seen in the event featuring Bobbie Cllne, 6 years old, and Billy Hubbs, 7 years old. Another promising endurance swimmer is being developed by the Coltcn instructor. He is Earl Smith, 16-year-old aquatic star who hopes to compete in the Catalina channel swim this year. Norwegian Boats Win Scandinavian Trophy SANDHAMM, Sweden, July 12. The Norwegian boat Figaro V sailed to victory today in the third and final race against the Saleema, American ship, and won the Scandinavian gold cup for 6-meter craft. The wind was les3 violent today supposedly an ideal condition for the American boat but the Figaro won with ease. By SAM LISTEJ,THAY G(UV Yolo me euooch AflrLfr WHAT m DID. NeSTERDAV SO I'M GOkwev SHOW HIM SGME.YHIU' Pt. Oftci SPORT SECTION THREE PAGES AB MESToLe. FOR.TV BASE LAST YfJAJ Jack Berg Batters Mike Watters Hard To Win by Knockout CHICAGO, July 12. Jack Berg, English lightweight champion, scored a technical knockout over Mickey Watters, Los Angeles, In the ninth round of their scheduled 10-round bout here tonight Berg's victory advances him to the finals of Promoter Jim Mullens' elim ination tourney, where he will meet Billy Petrolle, "the Fargo Express," the winner to meet lightweight champion Sammy Mandell early in August. Berg was far too clever for his California opponent and won every round. The bout was stopped in the ninth to save the coast boxer from further punishment, as he was nearly blinded and "out on his feet." Harry Flerro, Chicago, stopped Fancho Frisco, Filipino 116-pound' er, in the first round of a sched' uled five-round bout, Frisco being an eleventh hour substitute. Dick Dorgan v SHOU) HIM HOU) (; W TO CHAfJGE A LOTYA VOL) JV: Q-LITTtsRlKJ' A STAres iuto n ISP ROAD ATHLETIC STAR IS STOWAWAY ON BIG LINER Hugo Leistncr Failing to Make Tryouts Has Friend Assure Trip to Amsterdam By FRANK GETTY (United Press Sports Editor.) ABOARD S. S. PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT, July 12. Hugo Leistner, San Francisco hurdler, who missed makinsr the United States Olympic team by a fraction of a second, is going to Amsterdam anyway. Leistner, who was one of the six stowaways discovered a half hour after the President Roosevelt left New York harbor, has been releas ed from the brig upon receipt of a wireless from W. F. Humphrey of ban Francisco, guaranteeing Leist-ner's passage over and back. The hurdler will not participate in the Olympics. Athletes Train On Ship Deck The 300 athletes took advantage of the perfect weather today to take a workout on deck. Sprinters sped up and down the cork track which has been laid out, and the swimmers and divers splashed. In the large canvas pool. Cycilsts circled the deck, mara thon runners jogged five or 10. miles, and the boxers and wrest lers swarmed into the Bpeclal ring which was built for them. Uniforms were Issued to the ath letes today. They consisted of white trunks and . jerseys, diagonal red, white, and blue sashes, and dark blue sweatshirts and trousers. The women will wear similar uni forms. - Shakespearean Body Comes to Offer Aid To Heavyweight King (By United Press) NEW YORK, July 12. The na tional Shakespearian federation came to Gene Tunney s aid today. Miss Marguerite Eyre Roth-well, a member of the federation, visited Madison Square garden in search of Tunney, not aware of that fact that the heavyweight champion had to train. "We feel that some people do not appreciate the intellectual phase ot the champion," she said. "They should be made to realize that a champion fighter may also be a good student of Shakespeare. "If we built up Mr. Tunney as a model, like the old Roman knights, we will have repaid the champion in our own way for all the good he haa done the Shakespeare movement through his open acknowledgement of hia love for the works, of this great man." San Bernardino Team Defeats Colton 16 to 8 San Bernardino's Playground team defeated the Colton Playground nine by a score of 16 to 8. After scoring two runs in the opening frame the Colton team tied the count In the second but the San Bernardino players start-' ed a rally in the fourth inning netting five runs. In the remaining frames the winners hit the ball often and hard. San Bernardino 200 504 516 11 3 Colton 020 012 3 8 10 4 Richardson and McGlnty. Eld-ridge and Schletzer. Valley League Teams Complete First Half Of Season's Schedule League Standings W. L. Pet. Colton P. F. E 3 0 1.000 Carmen 2 1 .666 Centrals 2 1 .6ti( Barstow 1 2 .333 Bryn Mawr 1 2 .333 Apprentices 0 3 .000 League leaders and cellar champs meet when the Colton P. F. E. nine opposes the Santa Fe Apprentice team on the Fifth street ground Sunday afternoon for the final game in the first round of the San Bernardino Valley league. The Colton Fruit Packers have not been defeated and seem almost certain to capture the honors for the first half schedule. If they art) the champs of the half-way play, they will meet the winners in tho second half unless winning both half schedules. The Santa Fe" Carmen will Journey to Barstow where they play th classy desert team and In the third game booked the Bryn Mawr nlni clashes with the Centrals.

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