The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 24, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 24, 1949
Page 11
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SATURDAY, DECEMBER 2<J, 1049 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams BLVrJlKVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NK\vg r -THOUSHT I'D ( HAVE A SMOKE / BBFORE I CAVE IM I AkJDFOKfiOTABOUT V Tl I' WHISKERS AMP V FUR - - DOMT TURKJ | THAT WATER OFF; IT'S WONOERFUt-J i. •T .,.«/. ^%r.1H<7i <^/c^v >','•• — "v-->i*"i r .V^TIJT \ ".•j2^$=* JFiie Our Boarding House with Maj. Hooplc PAGE ELEVEN ' STOCtilr-JG- MOP PIERS EXCEPT THIS SOT THE .^COMMISSIONS// / S For Rent 5-room liousc. Willow St. Mrs. linker. Plinne 2i6fj. l2 b ''L pk I2[23 Warehouse SO'x-jO* on railroad &ld- tng Midwest Hairy Products Pb 44111 11116 ck tl FJnsd cameras lor B I 1 occasions O'STEfclWS STUDIO 4j5-Ck-U COR. RENT: Frozen Pond looker* Hlaylocfc's Highway 61 Phone 3112 823 ck U New lour room house, elrcLrLc lights, on good gravel roncl, school bus and city route, 3'i miles from town. C. P. Tucker, ph. '6031. 12.20 pk 28 * room house, furnished or imfur- bisned. 711) Jnmlson. 1223 pk 31 Notice Mother & Son want work. Sat off Also want to buy smnll farm wlih House, or rent faun, Alex, c o Isaac HflKcr. Ttasbwood, Ark,, Re. 1. M Have you thought o/ Cliristmns, /^iJ5^? ProbnbJy not ntul nelther have we, exi-ept ihnt If you give liur a .Bcndlx \Vnshc-r now. elie'll stilt be thanking you December 25, 1954 and years atler. Come in mid we tlie Bendlx line at Hubbard A: Hokc Ap- pHaiice Company j-> H c t 12,24 LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up free of charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142, Blytheville. Ark. ARKANSAS DRAD ANtilAI DISPOSAL CO. ' It 2] pk 1 : 21 ; 50 To All Our Friends and Customers Merry Christmas May we express our sincere -«yi>K£ciiilion and thanks for "bur patronage and favors rendered to us in the past year. It is our desire to lie of continued service to you. May your 1950 be a prosperous and Happy New Year JOHNNY MARR REAL ESTATE Phone -1111 12-21 ck tf PIANOS j'Tcn year fartorv gtiitrantcdj TUNING .j \\ilh Hie worlrl famous'! jSlrobncnnu — II takes tltci rgnpsswork mil of (iinini;. j RADIO REPAIR; i'Kvcr.v job absolutely guar-j • anteed by a bonding totn-: Music Instruments | [And supplies of all kiiulsj. i from guilar picks lo bass iviolins. t : Recordings We mnke records of your! voice and music on pcrma-l nenl records. | fvc-ryt/img in Music ;j ROOKS Music Store i f!07 R Alain Tel. Slli ft* CAMEO By Virginia Teale • , 19«. NFA SERViCE, IKC XXXVI AS she listened to Charlie Reddy explain the mystery, Hagar Blair nodded: "Yakov got there just before I did, I guess. If only I'd been around sooner. I might have sot those letters and 1 wouldn't have gone to jjiil." Hcddy gave her a grim smile. "No, you'd have gone to the morgue, instead. Tom, after he'd thought the whole thing over, was out after those letters. That's why Yakov got his head broken." Stephanie shuddered. "How did he know Yakov had the letters?" "Yakov made the mistake of hunting Tom \ip at Bob's Place and asking him questions about any papers that might have been in the cameo loeket. Prom his inferences, Tom figured that Yakov had seen the letters and must still have them." "Speaking of Bob's Place," Hogar put in, "wasn't Tom supposed to be in Bob's back room at the time of the murders?" "Yes. But he'd fixed it so he could pop out the little transom- ]ike window whenever his evil genii moved him. Bob thought the window was nailed closed and painted over, but Tom, while he was supposed to be in there sleeping it oft at various times, had very cunningly pulled the nails loose and run a sharp knife around the edge of the window, unsealing it. Fie could put the nails back in place at will and everything would appear tightly closed." Stephanie's eyes clung to Reddy T s face admiringly: "Then Tom really wasn't the drunkard he pretended to be?" "Tom drank almost constantly but he could consume a prodigious amount of it and stil! be capable of functioning pretty adequately. Hut, we've figured out that, on several occasions, it suited Tom's purpose to pretend inebriation." Hagar was staring into space "It gives me the creeps. Jus magine that white-haired little nan up to rill that hocus-pocus! brawling in and out of that win- low Eike the devil's trained moti- :ey. How'd he gel up to it?" "Packing boxes in the alley outside; a table, inside. He'd always lock the door of Bob's back room, of course, to make sure no one blundered in and found him June." Stephanie lilted her head thoughtfully: "The thing I would most like to know is where tiie cameo fits in. How did Martin falter get it?" OEDDY squinted up at the ceiling: "Well, at this point, we just have to lit the pieces together and hope we're right. Taller evidently hail (i«ured out a way blackmail Nell. Maybe by thteut- euing to turn her letters over to Tom. She gave him the cameo to keep him quiet. Then, when she found out that Yakov was prepared to oiler an outlandish sum for the locket, she decided to make a deal with Falter and keep hall of the money for herself. Aficr Falter was murdered, of course ihe whole thing became a game of button, button, who's got the cameo." Hcigar jammed her list under nei nose and peered over H ai Hcddy ''Have you figured out who made that date to meet me at Dana Point? And who it was that basilcc me over the head?" "Andrey Yakov. Jn his statement to Chief Peters, Yukov salt he and Nell had planned to get you out of town so they coulc search your sludio. Nell did the searching." Hagar stuck out her chin: "Why. that misbegotten, mealy-mouthec — " she spluttered helplessly as she seemed lo search for a word. "He did say that he was pained to the heart to strike the charming lady. Ajso, that he tried lo be very gentle." "Hah! Gentle!" Hagar rubbcc he top of her head rcminircently Kli-phjuiJc gave llasar a look of ymiiiilhy, llicn luriicti bnck Ic icdiiy: "Why did Tom kill NellyaV" "Tom and Nell hncl a showdown here apparently. He followed her vhcn slie came here to search for ho cameo. Vakov told us he arrived at llasar's ivisl in time lo :oe Tom snc.lkinij away—he i:on- •ludcil Tom killed her. but. according to his old world code, it was n crime pa?sioncl. and he decided to keep his moult] shut until IhiiiBs developed a little further." Hagar again rubbed her liead. 'Him and his old world code!" r PHERE was a short silence. The J - muted hiss of the gas heater marked the time. Hagar got to her (ect. "Dolo- ro~;t'll he quiet enough now lo hear the voice of the turtle—the ••ay it should be. Maybe we can all get =oine work done for a ehnn^e." She started out tow;itd the kitchen where. Ihe smell of sti'on;; collee drifted out. "I've (;ol to get at motile carving of heads in my studio one of these days. I think I'll do Yakov's first—that'll he one way of getting even with him. I'll take it down and present it to him in jail—if he goes to jail." "He probahly won't." Ucddy answered. Hagar rattled ctip.s and saucers "I'll get back to my scujpting," she called. "Stephanie'll gel buck to her writing—" She appeared with the collee pnt: "As long as we're getting all the mysteries Unraveled, maybe you'll tell me now what kind deathless prose you write!" Stephanie's cheeks colored. "1 write—I write children's stories. I've started a series of books about Trumpy and Talters." Rcddy looked at her gravely. "And who are Trumpy and Tatters?" Stephanie stared fixedly al the windows. "A baby elephant an<l a monkey," she admitted. He grabbed Stephanie close and buried his laughter in her hair: "Thank the lord," he chuckled. "1 was afi-aid I might have an Emily Bronte on my hands." 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When I told him this was our little gift for him he laughed and said, 'Sec you later,' and marched offl" HY AL VEKftJEER COME IN, ^x SOMETIME _. SANTA, I THINK MY POP DOESN'T BELIEVE IN DEAR! THEY'RF HO, HO, HO! O HE DOCS' THEN WHY IS IT THAT EVERY TIME you COME HE'S OUT? BY MICHAEL O'.MALLKY and RALPH LANE 6RCATGUV VvEAlt IF Himirl SOA1E DAV, OH / FRINSrANCc' HOW TO GET •i:l PREPARED. THE riRsi wins vou IIEEO FOR MURDER IS A BIO, BLACK UMOUSINE, CAI'TAIN KASY HY I,ItfiMK TURNER C MOW... TIRED A-WMtHIW THVT OLE BUILOIM' I I THOUGHT VDU WAS OPEN IH'DCOE ' SEE IF 1IIECE AVIV DEfVD BODIES lUS HUGS BUNNY ^THIS STUFF'S GOOD / HEH/ THESE MAGAZINES ARE VA OUGHTA SELL PUHLeNTY OF , DOC... Simla Willmul SIci HY V. T. HAAIUN •JVAS TH' N'GHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS OOP v'I?H 7" SH " C ^ 5T5? ODE 0V' , BELT. A'_L I GOTTA DO " . _ "TO GET A MILL ION 15 -- FREIGHT TO r Su= TOTEAU-TH- ( CAN WAV BACK TO \ NO FLAT .Merry Christmas! 15Y FCIHJAK .MARTIN Mv. 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