The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 26, 1952 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 26, 1952
Page 12
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Shouts, Cheers Greet Nixon In Promise of Counter-Attack BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COUKIER NEWS By MOKRIE LANDSHKRO cased him of wrongdoing !n ii.l' r A i/-f r,i*T>\r (^ r.-.. ,, __ .. 't>n«niB iti SALT LAKE CITY W) — Soil. Richard Nixon was greeted with shouts and applause during Ills speech hero last night when he promised a counter - offensive against the Democrats who ac- cepting nn $ia,236 political fund. The Republican candidate for vice president, saying he's had a "rough time" himself, turned his BUIIS on Gov. Adlal SIcvejjBon, Hie Democratic presidential nominee Arkansas News Briefs— 3 Witnesses in Poll Tax Fraud Return to Stand, One to Jail )J>- Tljc /isswilaied I'rexs RUSSELLVILLE — Three witnesses, including one who Is In Jail for refusing to co-operate, yesterday made return appearances before the Pope County Grand Jury invc.stigntmK alleged poll lax /rands. Sheriff Jim Mabry, County Clerk Ralph Wittenberg and Lewis C. Emerton testified for the second lime. Emcrton is ill jail on a charge of contempt of court for refusing to testify before the Grand Jury. When judge Audrey strait jailed Emerton Tuesday, he said the man would stny there until Ire decides to ''co-operate." Lei Biftle to Attend Little Rock Meet LITTLE ROCK - Les nllflc, secretary of the Senate and advisor to presidents, will attend Ihe parley of Democratic; leaders from six Southern states here Monday and Tuesday. Dlffle, who is a native of Prcscott, Avk., notifeld Mrs. Jack Carnes, Arkansas National Democratic commlttccsvonian, yesterday that lie' would attend the strategy conference. Arkansas, Texas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Kentucky and Mississippi v.ill be represented. Texarkana Appeals Phone Rate Increase LITTLE ROCK - The city of Texarkana yesterday appealed to Pulasxi Circuit Court a rat* Increase granted last month to the South- Western Associated Telephone Co. The Public Service Commission approved an annual rate boost of U32.605 for the company Aug. 25, and then denied a rehearing to the protesting cities on Sept, 2. Ttxarkana is one of 10 cities alfcctcd by the Increased rate. Southwestern originally sought an Increase ol $280,244. Cherry Says Gov. Stevenson Will 'Clean Up' Washington OETTINC AHEAD - c to enjoy her role lirnshing touches on a h took part in the. form; wlih slayinK his attractive'wife and trying to make it look like nn acri- dent, says Gen. D<.vi»hl D, El'sen- sorinl whirl, bower will nnt ho c• -K-, 1,1 „>,„,i i,, . ORLEANS (/P) — Francis Cherry, Arkansas' Democratic nom- fcf» for governor, cays that "there's no question about there being a me»s in Washington, but Gov. Ste- Yennon will clean It up." Cherry In nn Interview here Bald mpport and vote Stevenson In and " predicted Umf Arkansas would fall tato the Democratic column. Us added that Elsenhower will Bct a substantial vote In Arkansas, hut oov. Stevenson will carry the state." Cherry te in New Orleans for the 30th annual meeting of the Louisiana-Arkansas division Mid- Continent Oil and Gm Association. The judge said when he becomes governor lie hopes to Improve the public schools ivnd seek passage of nn amendment to tnkc the highway system out of politics. Madge Meredith Says Prison Stay Fine; I 'Learned About Women' By OENE HANDSAKF.R HOLLYWOOD WV-Madge env «th say« going 19 prison helped ^ Aer aa actress because: "3 l«arned about women. "My mother and three sisters were about the only women I realty knew before," the brunette beauty told newsmen yesterday. "Through this opportunity (prison) — and' I liked to consider It that rather than a tragedy _ I am able to under- DOOMED —New York's Fifth Avenue will soon sny good-by to the last relic of its IBth-Cen- tury grandeur remaining bo tvvcen I2lh and 61st Streets. If the old Gould mansion bin" nearly loo years ng? picture .ibove as it looked in i"na j 1868 the famous Helen G'OUU was born there. The site will bt occupied by one of twin 15-stor\ office buildings to he erected b'v Ivor B. Clark. stand women more. "It was "e wonderful, hut don't Bet me wrong. I wouldn't want to do It over." M'-; Meredith met reporters r,t the slt.ilio where she hns completed three "Flrc-slrtc Theater" television films due for coast to coast airhm over NUC thl.; winter. In one she plays the wnltrr.w g| r ) friend nf n confidence man who is reformed hy farm life. In anothc she is the bride of n British offlcH in Africa. In the third she break nu-ay from n domineering motric The actr-ss left Ihc state women' prism n , niro last July afto r;ervin<> 26 months tiiere and 1 months In the Los Angles Count* Jail. She was convicted of conspir" ing to kid imp and beat up her / or mer manaRcr, Nicholas Glnnaclis and his bodvcuard. Verne Davis CIov. Earl Warren commuted 'her lO-ycar sentence afler the State Mult Authority nnd a state assem bly subcommittee reported that ;h, never would ), nvc hccn convicted , she hud had a fair trial Miss Meredith. 31. smnrllv clad ii watermelon-reel gabardine suit ."id ,1 u-as "a technle.-"Ly ll,nt m imi n-r"r.. nnd exoneration ha-'cn come Ihrons;!)." Major sludlns don't want to n- her imdr.rronlrr.rt. ,,,,, n ,, 0(] ,, •' 111 that s cleared up" nut two rigors, she adC '. ,vn-. ed her to star In „ "Martee .Meredith story'' Insert on her ex ictirps. ' • P ] "I didn't to rto Hint" -,'M "lf!_ "T didn't fee] 11 would do ,inv ri'o;i. Mam-y isn't evrryimii"" A-. for die fuliu..: '•] just want to develop as an actress " He spoke of Stevenson us "the chlorophyll candidate" and demanded a full, public airing of the Illinois governor's own special fund. What Nixon described as "an important speech to me" drew an estimated O.OOU iicople. It wan his first since /lying away from Wheeling, W. Va., yesterday willi n 112 to 0 vote by the Republican National Committee to relain him on the national ticket. The California senator said If there was any question whether lie would continue his attacks against crime nnd Communists in the government the answer was: he's going: to redouble his efforts. Frer/ueut npplause nnd cheers Interrupted his speech in Utah's capita! city. There was fool stomping once. The 6,000 figure was estimated by Ihc owner of the down town ballroom where Nixon e«vo tils address. Nixon announced he would deJJv • a "major" talk In Amarillo. J'ex., tonight on the clangers of subversion from within. He Is due there at 0 p.m., CST. utter c;im- al Ogden, Utulr, and Colorado Springs, Colo. Nixon, In his Salt Lake City ap- icarancc, Insisted again that Stevenson lay all Die facts aliout his spceinl fund for Illinois Mute em- ployes before the America!) people. This time he added H demand .hat the Illinois governor call in a certified public accountant, us he dmsclf did to check his $18,000 fund, to establish where the money la coming from and who's get- Ink' it. "Otherwise," said Nixon, "the American people will think that one of Us candidates for the highest office in the land has some- ilng to hide." Slcvenson has said he doesn't iti- cnd to Rive out the names of con- rlblltors to Ihe fund collected to >ay bonuses to state employes. U'cords of the Nixon fund, made mbllc at his order, showed TO Jaliforniu coutiibulors. Nixon t;aid didn't receive a cent of the noncy himself, Nixon declared Ihere Is a "smel- y mess" in Washington ami added, "All of the alfalfa grown in the stalo of Utah cnn't produce enough clorophyll to mnke that Washington mess smell sweet. We need n man like Gen. Eisenhower, willing to go in with a pick and shovel and clean out (lie mess. It can't be cleaned xip by Stevenson, the clorophyll candi- "nte." The GOP vice presidential nominee, without direct mention of his SI8.000 fund, said the way in which Eisenhower handled the Nixon case bespoke his "sound judgment nnd great faith." A "lesser man," he remarked, "would IIBVO said: 'I don't cure what ha did; he's my friend.' " Nixon continued, rcndijig form u prepared statement: "From Hie beginning he never wavered In hi.s .support oi me us I Milking Is Official a friend and as nn individual. - - - HWDAY, SEPT. «, 1981 President Trui i s ihe watches arli-.t '" v " ™">° m I Jolly wood, CaJif. Ike Will Not \Zarubin Joins Face Summons \Washington As Witness Soda! Whirl BALTIMORE I/I; — Counsel for WASHINGTON M>>—Ambassador (..corse Edward Grrumner, cbnrgfd j Gcor^l N. Zariihin, ne«- Soviet'im- yoy to the United States, 'lost no time in joining the Washington bower will not be •••minoncd to ap- iwar as a character witness in Cirammer's trial next month. Attorney Anthony S. Pcderico said last week the Republican prcs- iclcrUinl nominee would be summoned to appear at the trial be- liiiming Oct. G. nut yesterday be said he was withdrawing the request f ar ( nc summons. arammer, 30-year-old New Yorker, Is accused with the murder of his ri.T-ycar-old wife, Dorothy May Grammor. He has pleaded innocent. Mrs. Crammer's body was found In her wrecked car last Au«, 20 after it plmifjed down a hilly street in North Baltimore. H appeared at I first she had IIP™ killed iti the crar;h, but, medical experts determined she had bren fatally injured before Ihe car ran up nn'embank- ment nnd overturned. A few hours after he presented his credential to President Truman yesterday, Zarnbin attended a party at the Norwegian Embassy honoring Prime Minister Oscar Torn of Norway. 2nru_ .1 impressed other .party- Boers as a more affable diplomat than his predecessor, Alexander S Patiytistikin. He chatted about such matters as his previous visits to the United states, liis study of Die . •11 "h lanmim;c\ his previous assignments in Cam da and England and non-controversial subjects. Nixon Says 'No' To Offer of Coat WHEELING. W. Va. M>) _ gen Kirhnrd M Nixon hurried to catch his campaign plane here yesterday, i Wheeling policeman tried to har'd him a brown topcoat he thought the Republican vice-presidential nominee had left behind. "No. sir." said Nixon. "I don't lake [,uytliin<: that doesn't belong -O me." Centenarian to Vote PHILADELPHIA Wj-One of the oldest voters in the country in the November presidential election is expected to be Warren Delos Hall who will be "too on March 1 Hall said that this will bo his first vole since 1035 when his wife died. He registered Republican but •JJW he had voted in the past for "I never Democratic candidates vote for I'-ir party, man," he Mid. Friends Say Trygve Lie To Resign Post with UN ,\ By FRANCIS W. CARPENTER UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. Lfl— Secretary - General Trygve Lie has decided to step down from his $40,000-a-year United Nations post on Feb. 1, 1951, at the end of a three- year extension of his term, and retire to Norway. Some day he would like to be prime minister of that country. This wns disclosed today by persons who know the mind of Norway's former foreign minister. He has been top boss of the 4.000-man U. N. Secretariat since 1946. When he leaves, he will get a lifetime pension of $10,000 a year but he cannot hold public office mrtil he has been away from the tf. N. for five years. Lie now Is 5G, Lie's Intentions came to the fore as U. N, officials studied a draft of a staff reorganization scheme which would abolish the posts of eight assistant secretaries general e.-ich paid $22,000 annually an<i would create three deputy' secretaries general, each at a considerably higher snl.-u-y. Lie was said to have described this plan as hi.s "last will nnd testament." He is known to be extremely anxious lo have the Secretariat staff on a sound footing before he leaves. Some of his assistants are not optimistic about the fate of this plan. They foresee opposition from Ihosc countries which could not expect to have a deputy under the new arrangement. There also is a growing feeling niiiong the small countries that such bis powers ns the United states, Britain, France nnd Russia have too much of the gr.ivy In U. N. posts. The smaller countries seem determined to cut the big power representation in the high brackets as much as possible The plan likely will be discussed then put off to the 1953 assembly which must choose Lie's successor! The secretary-general originally was hired In 1946 for a five-year lenir. The five permanent members of the Security Council—the United States, Prance. Britain Russia and China, which hold the velo power—agreed unanimously on him as a compromise candidate afler tbe East and West had turned down each other's nominee. Lie began work to find some middle ground between the Soviet Union and the West. Often he wns attacked from both quarters. In June, 1850, when the North Koreans invaded South Ko- I vote for the rea, Lie sounded n blistering denunciation of the North Koreans In 1.9,i(l North Carolina's production of milk was 403 pounds per per- HEATING PLANT SERVICE Installation - Maintenance Experienced in all ly pes and makes of hcalins plants ... for better service on your hcalin K equipment call Brott Refrigeration Co. Phone 6986 or 6064 nut he properly inslsled that as a cniididivle for public office I should make a full presentation of all the facts to the American people so there coulci never be any ijucatiun that there was an attempt to cover O'Dwyer in U.S. For 'Check-Up' BEVERLY HILLS. Calif, lil'i — here For Health Officer nu QUOIN. 111. HP,—For official business the city health officer took on some unusual chores recently. In line of duty, Thomas Hunter lock Into custody a cow found i;rav.- inR in the rily park. The officer*F«ld he was ouile capnble of tile livice a day miliam: chore but he hoped the owner v.o'lld claim Bossy before too many days passed. Cmtro. ,,,.,,. --• The former mayor of New York William O Dwycr, U. s. Ambassador City arrived by plane last nl-ht t" Mexico, is spending five days : from Mexico City Mrs O'Divycr •' "• fora physical checkup and'files lodny frtim* Mexico City •"- ! " visit with his brother, Frank of El'N An Old Kentucky Tradition KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON SJSSG sn rnoor 'I*'"* Tax) \Vhrn folks a* ""Wlut's a Rood, lone-latins, for my t.mi, tni,[,ln,, ;s or ),„;,„.>•• [ TEKD-i,', M1LLKRI/1.D for longer lic" M?r Ro'omrs'" GI1 Q F AUTY SM ° l ™ s^ in^ R ^ < ^rr. i . n .=«r !M ' w '" BLOCKRDGE E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. ASPHALT ROOFING AND SIDING PRODUCTS .Mully Building Service Klvthcviile, Ark. Estimates fum/sfW vv'fnout i J3UNMOKE DISTILLERIES COMPANY • LOUISVILLE, KY. ,11"-' lie knows who has Ihe cleanest, freshest wash in town . . . who is satisfied with halfway, nld-fnshioned methods. How rio you rate? Do you know our delivery man? We think you should ... for he can help you to a new way of living. I.el him lake washday drudgery out of your house ... let us show you the rcsulls of professional laundry service . . . and you'll look forward to his > visits every week I Bfytheville Laundry-Cleaners Phone 4418 and demanded U. N. iWlion. Moscow put him on its blacklist and vetoed his reelection. The U. S. refused to accept anyone else, insisting that ihe Russians must not punish Lie for doing his duty. The assembly In 1950 adopted the expedient of extending Lie's term for three years. There Is no hint of his attitude toward a draft in the event of a stalemite"'"in the 1953 assembly, but his big Idea now is to go home In February. 1854. U.S. Joins Hunt For Japanese Ship TOKYO I/Pi — A U. S. air-sea rescue plane today joined the search for a 210-ton Japanese ship which vanished in the volcano- rocked Pacific 200 miles southeast of Tokyo. The ship, with 30 men aboard, last reported Monday from its Inspection of the new Myojin reefs tiiat rose from the ocean floor two week ago In violent submarine eruption. 'To Bee or Knot to &•/' That It the Question UPTON, Mass. W)-The Arthu' W. Morrisons have a problem. A knot fell out of a board 1r their kitchen annex during the summer, a queen bee entered th<) hole, thousands of worker be followed, and now the walls tr full oJ honey. The Morrisons want to knos how to get rid of the bees and sal vage the honey without tearin down the annex. Swiss Girl Studies ., At Vanderbilt Universit NASHVILLE, Tenn. (/F) — t? years ago Claire Schlatter of Swit erland was a hit;h school girl hei one of 22 carefully selected Eur< pean youths who came to Nashvil as guests of Youth Incorporated help further international unde standing. Now 19. Claire flew back he from Switzerland recently to ent Vanderbilt University as a fresl man. she was met at the plane many of the friends she made tv years ago. "Coming to Vanderbi has been my greatest ambition she beamed. Last year Vanderbilt offere scholarships to all 22 of the Eurt peans. Claire wns the first to tal up the offer. Read Courier News Classified Ac Exclusively In Blytheville at ' D'S HART SCHAFFNER 4 MARX business is a pleasure in ETON FLANNEL You're Biting for anr occasion whan you're fitted In > •nit al toft Eton' Flunnei, bjr Hart Schaffner & Man. Choose from three «har!c> of gray. Oilier colors,loo.Trim, easy-filling lines will Halter you for jeasoni to com*. Depeud on Eton*.,. mil you're wc)l.(ir£ssed,natur«]ly. R. C. FARR & SONS Distributors Kerosene Tractor Fu«l PETROLEUM -"*s-f*=^ PRODUCTS "Serving the Public for 20 Year*" 400 So. Railroad St Phone 4567

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