The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 24, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 24, 1949
Page 10
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f»AGE TEN BLYTHEVIU.E (AKK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION .Minimum cbarg* ..... ....... HK I nr»« p#t line .............. ]*<• I time* pel line per day ........ Uc 3 tlcriM pel Jlne pci dap ,..,.. Vc . 6 times p*r lint per <a»y ........ 1e IB tlrnt* p«t line p*t d»y ...... 5c Mootb fwi no* . . ........ We Count live werage words to the Llnr Ad ordered tor three 01 «u limes atiu • topped Cetoia eiplratlno will be chars•d for the cumber or times th« »d fc|ip«*r*<3 ana adjustment 01 Dili made All clfc&Mflfd Ad vert) sin & copy mb- rnltted by pernonn reaming outside 01 the city must Oe accompanied D; catb RtM* to ay e*MEy be computed from tbt fcbore t*bi« Advertising order £01 irr^gutaT mxer* tlCnu taJECA ibe one time tubJe. No reapoDBlbUHy will D« taken loi mor* • than on* incorrect insertion ol ftnj classified ad. AJ1 ada are r«iEtrjr.t«d to melt propel c [ft i si 1 1 cat Ion aiyle and type 1 b r Courier New* reserrw ui« right u> edit or reject any an. Apartment for Rent 2-room ftirnlsltnrt upt, Close ID Ulil- lll ec inrnlitied. Plione 2062. n 22 pfc IV 25 pattiutMU. 301 N, J2-22 pk 25 a room mm Is tied Franklin, ph. 4681. One 4-loom apt. One 3-room apt UpMhlrs. Private baitis Mrs. W 'I 1 Baker. Phone 2.ifi6. 12 :!! pk i2 2!) 3-room apt 701 Jamison. 3 room house and bath. 011 Eiist Rose. H. C- CumpbuLI. pUam- -1446 or 2030. 12;22 ft 25 NewJy furnished or unfurnished a pi Close tn. Call 6218. 12 K ck 12 'J Modern cabins firvlce. Ph 951 apartments Cafe i'J|l pfc 3|1|5U 2 room furnished tipart merit. I'll. 3Gti5, 12 lili pk 25 z-rooni iiiiliimlslircJ apt. Settled couple onlr. 100 E. Ruse call after 4 ::if>. 12.22 pk ay Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services OHAPUAN 8ERV1OS STATION Main at Djvl&IDQ Plinnp 2563 Don'l endangci your raml); wllb faulty tires—BUY LES TIKES 11113-cl-u Insurance for FARM BURKAU 1NSDRANCB R«rnc«, call or contact H, B. Sheppanl. phone 2157. early mornlntf. noon or nl*ht.. 12110 pk Ijio Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection \V. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection - JJ4 W AR& tit CilJtNOOE UOTEl BU1IOJINO.. (,S ct-ll Typewriter TYPEWRITERS ll^iyAl. ymUh Corona and Semlngton DON EDWARDS rtie I'ypwrller fclr\i» ' 110 N Second Bl 1'lmnt USA SATURDAY, DECEMBER 24, Services ioresslonni etrclrlc topalrln^ done. wor>: fiiinranicett Itcii-^uuible r*.tes Nr> Jol) ton small. I'll. 3511. 4 - AUTO AMU f-'URHn'Olti- 1XJAJ»» tTora[>i t'ersttniii BPTTICC • Uenerai contract f'urcnas* L'orp JU6 anulb Sib Hbone ew Kouac f inlstima 24 nours sorrtce rbTKEN'b STUU1O V\'M «k 11 Wasmng ntaciaiie* rt'palr^rt A I > m:ities BlytneviltL- Mncinue Shop Ph fctpert in!) cleaning 01 celJlngs w,Ml6 :[ooip carpets wlnthiwn anil uphnfc.t- sry PI1 I *S DUHA-Ol.fcAN pn JO'J* lim clr u PLASTERING ' BOB MALONE Call -115!) or 3S23 Blyllicvillc or 407 Osccolii 10-6 ck t -G . dC!Visi-(J, tiiiite find f>ihTul Hepurus HIciJ, Irirotnp iitv returns jircrliir*'*!. a;ui uuoliR kepi on ;);nl tinif b:i^is (,'hti 41tU(J or \sriie Oliver W Katun. Accountant. South DlvisJitn -Si , illy- tficvitJe. ] pk: JJlfi for Sole, Misc. AI.Ij STKKL, TK ACTOR HAHKOWti. Only ha crow ImLK ' with hurriiiKS tiirou^D out. Front <:iiluvattir< for i'orrt 'Jra.nors. I'll. Luxoni MaUilm- Works. 45] I. ]i>25 f>k l<25 oil clrrnlmor ise. Apply 4] 1 portable radios, 1 witli ri-rcirtl piavtT. in dluuit. I'd. -HIIV Can suJI you plurnDUn; llxtnres Instnil tliiMn No clown p:tyinejit • Low nuiily piiyniejit.i. I'll ihirtv Uycm blnntt cockers Pli p.-ida 12 10 pic ]|io ASK THE MAN WHO BOUGHT ONE MIKE O'KEEFE Rf. 1, Blylhcville MIKE SAYS: "Twite jnsl reccnlly 1 have boiigdl older model used cars for llic hands nn my place. Kach lime ! found a very serviccahle car priced right al Buy Your Used Car From a Recommended Dealer! 1947 CHRYSLER 1917 Chrysler Windsor 5-i'as- sen^er Coupe. Here's a mighty fine car. . .only Hi,0(1(1 aclual miles. .\cw while siitewall tires, radio & healer, defroster, cii.stom-niailc seal covers. Special HMI> Plymouth l-doctr, radio & healer .?S'.l.j. 1!)I2 Studehaker «ilh radio £ hcalei . . .Sfi 15, 1911 Dodge, very clean, radii, & healt-r. . .JSila. 1911 Chevrolet 2-door. . .$ I 15. 1911 liuiek with white sidewalls. radio X healer ...SfilS. 1!M(I liuick. . .§195. 19)!7 Ford Coupe .S2."i(l. I9:«i l-'ord Coupe, radio & heater. . .5225. IMfi Chevrolet . . SI ."id. 19.'{S Plymouth. . .$115. Langston-McWal ers BUICK COMPANY Walnut nl liroarlwaj Dial &55 for Service It hat been a pleasure for all of ut to serve you during the past year. And we just want to let you know that we value your friendship and patronage... and that we wish you and your families a very pleasant Christmas season. YOUR DEALER- nnipanij 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 1919 Ford Cuslom Tudor, 1>| U «, has radio & healer, excellent condilion. . .$1395. 1917 Ford Tudor, black, radio & heater. ..?! 01)5. lillG Ford Tudor, heater and seat covers. . ,*8!)5. JiMfi Plymouth Coach, healer and white tires, . .|95U. 1iM2 Plymouth Coach, lots of good miles left in this ear. . .§-M5. 3939 Oldsmobile "6" Fordor.. .$-115. 19-19 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery, verv clean, has heater and grille j£ii<ir<l. . .$1395, 1949 Chevrolet 1'ickup, just over 5,000 miles, clean' as a pin...has radio...$]195. 1945 Ford Pickup, new painf, good tires and slock rack...$595. For Sate, Misc. FOK. BALE Co lot 111] o U'I lent ti r «y sborts (5-1.00 iicr U>n. HKKIJS KKED S'l'OHK. K.-Dilcll, Ato. UliiUlron liuiitir Kic Hlituiiuits si IK Ho d I vn ft I'ncme ^701. ltent con d It ton. Bui H'J Dull 2^ pic 27 li UK out Kcntsterfcl UlonUe Male ers. 120. I'lionu 240t>. I'ti'lU pic ]2jiUJ 1 Kcd Uollj- Ford with L-(|Uipi M^^.-ivi). ! U Jului Dei-re v^Lth ei mi-ill fU^.Ud 2 M. D. Fan j M with Unwell i'27iU,UO. 1 tie 1 KiinitMll il?5».00. ! CVnwlKr tructni 'JV.[KU-uiti disc S7UKI 00. A. U. DUon, 2',- inUes Hiisi ol Deii. 1 1^,2:1,•!<) pk 1(1(^0 II Jim Ford .ctDr. U.ied very nlUviuor, disk, bnjitcr. i cmiiT.s. i.otitc .Shnlti. mile son til of VlMuria. irlacltion Iroiinr- Kxc:«llcnt condition. Ulniincins .studio dlv-an. I3ox H3 DM I I'tioiie Z70I. 2.t pk 2? Tractors A very Tractor itl 2 Allts CUMniers Model WC. .wltn Kmilpni Miissr-y-llarrLs Model 'JO ^ Emiipnicnt Mu<lf] A: Massey-HnrrKs Muncl 44K te Cliillvaio Mu:l<-l 1D1 Jr., with cultivator, 61 Implement Co. Hi way 61 Phone 21 10 25 rk ^ lo-.v .John IVi-re tr.i A. U. Uliclos, Promised I.i nor plunlcr, iiul rti. AZM Zl pX 2» I'JANOK KOK SAI.B: WE HAVB SKV KHAl. ^KW l-'ACri'OltY CHJARANTHKD SI'tNET PIANOK FOR SALE AT [IIC; DISCOUNTS WIllt.E THKV LAST UKOUKS 4I1IMICJ HTORE 1U7 EAS'J' MAIN ST , IIP 311 12I1S ck 11 5th at Walnut nmpmnj Phone 4453 Real Estate Farms • — City Property LOANS D Buying •«• Noble Gill Agency REALTORS Cecil Earls - F. B Joyner Glencoe Hld^. Ph. G8G8 Cotirm. crtoi 5- roo rid back (i I'olntcr •n. titilti. rtly imlnerf. 12 •'« [arms own '2 ml, of nealth w-l . (Jood condition 12 IS pk 12,2* i Here's your chance for a going business J. O.'s CAFE SLeele, Alo. Is for Sale. $2,500 for fixtures ami j ~ equipment phis invoice of ]" stock. (Over ^5,000 originally iuveslment.) I", Call 122.1 (« Steclc, Mo. In 12-^0 pk 28 | , R( For Sale. Real Estate -i Innde lttwn dista p(>r AUSSOUKl corn and hi;»n land 40- home screened in trout nrehft.s anil conureie Mooors i e \va 1^ s f ron t n p.d h « ck house. 2 barns ftleciric iofjl bus by ioor. Adjoining o ^nci our: tip led by Owners wood tov,'n on account <>' sac 1 1 lice ai $150,000 per 313 In cultivation. House nk-e place for a home hale ttnx year owner lives in \iait- s^v* sell A stt'al at, 17500 rrp Gunner Heat estate Co Mo. 12 '£l pfc 12 HO I'orn's Cnle with building or wltln Hiding. Apply 419 W, Ash St 1225 pk Salesman Wonted ire you looking foe a HrowinR bu-sl- ;s'.' 'I'hen li«come a Kawlcl^h DcaJ- H i in in ess Is stilt on itio np-grade Ui e It ;i \v lc IK h man. Th e co/u pn n r .v voinuJcihiK fi story udtliiion to • M r- in i j ti I s Fn cto ry to t n k e rare ol n.i'11) K' -Son t ii rrri hi i sin p.vr If von i nualliy tills should be the husi- •s that you hnve hren looking for Ions tune, A Rootl nmn is needed supplv- Coiusumen. In South Ml-wtss- i r»r Osccnln County, where Kavv- ;n I'ro(Utrt.=i have heen sol [I (or ^0 TP. liW) lamlllK.s In this lotr«llty ttf HnwJelf h's, nopi. A KIJ-210-216A. m|>:ii>. ']>tin., or see H C Bh^i nville. Ark. 122:1 pk 2^ Bus/ness Opportunities ror Kale by owner, pool room and domino parlor Hwell location doinj; | Kooil 011 si ness Only 3 pool rooms &n Town or -i.OQO population. JEhwlness la- creases with bad wcathr Owner has otnei in tin t-its. Contact P. T. Flder. 215 West Kj Are Hlythevllr. Arkansas. 12 n pt l]l Wanted to Buy Hie nest price paid rot CHICKENS- liGb AiMi Street Ozocerj & (Jarkei ]'j W Ann A\'i et ti Oin type family Cition. 825 Ully St. ;an. Rood c;on- For Sa/e/ Cars and Trucks m? Ford Pick-up. Oood condition, aooa rubber, zievs' battery for only il)5.0l> or make offer. See at "2000 snon Hose Street. 23 pV 28 For *ale by owner used Cherrolct 2 Uoor setlati j-ood mechanical condition Haaio, neater .t good rubber. Come wnti see K. T. Elder. 215 W. Kentucky. * Vf - I2.I7 IJl Loans WANT A FARM LOAN I have one of the best loans to he had. 20 years to pay. Cheap rate of interest. Will refinance your place • or help you to buy one. KIALES LAND CO. W. T. Harriett—Russell Riales ^02 two phones 3322 11-25 ck U Money to Loan i-rorjm nome on corner lot 50* ISO T All fenced Chicken hciusc. sura^ft •rxt to new snhool .silt Priced to ell 72^ Jaiimon !2!IO pit 1^134 . Corner lo L six room tiousc H ny £.051 j'uf»" !?. t0ie lmt][lm K STOck A: liJdnrf* I Tractor chain lost Monday on Clear AMU Ien " s w| ll sell fifipiirately Call ' Lake Knact. Finder please leave nt &uv - 12|17 (it: 12:'JI i Eiitn>jil>crry p s Siorc on Clear Lahc Koad ian m rcpn»i 01 r« payment on man Want to oiiy a farm? We j have it. Farm 40 acres up to i lai'ge plantation in Northeast! Ark.- and Southeast i\Io, Heej us for a farm loan i CATKS WORTH 1NGTON CO RKAi/rous 1]5 So. 3rd St. Blytheville. Ark. lieorge W \VlRR5 01 \V tj* Ph 2751 T REWARI>. 1222 |,fc -J5 10-U ladles blliroU!. Kltnlcr rnc i'. O. Box 4:t3, R'i-tri(>vH!e. Ark 1223 r,k 1230 Private Rooms We wish you C.TC/I-WC winfi you all— the blessings attd happiness of this Yitletide so.vwn. Oui- Iicxt wishes for your hnppinc* nit thtough tfx- t\c n thank you most sincerely lor your past patronage. We tried lo xrre you well-wc hope lo serve you ciea baiter in T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Coni/ortable oenromn Call 2675 I2'H lit l|14 Hrrlroom roneenlrnl to hath yieam i«t I'll 3325 61] W M:iin St 12,9 pk 1|!) Hrdroom lor rent Ph 1217 pfc <'nn>rnrtablc hf 'v;n Mtn only rlroorn convenient lo 310 W WHlnut I2 ; a pit H2 bath. Ph, 1221 pk. 2.13H 1121 1221 pfc L ; 2I you Qeeo a ioae'V Nn nnwr nt: nn rpo tRp FHA Al'fKUV£U RATEb ASK FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor FARiMS CITY PROPERTIES LOAMS INSURANCE See us for service. See us and save W. L. TAMKE REAL ESTATE AGENCY f.arry Ingi-am-Herman May Cooper Bid.—Ph. -1(127 12-9 ck 1-9 The first recorded use of form- bent plywood was in thr manufacture of railroad station seat* in New York City in 1870. (Continued on Next Page) In appttoaticm foe your vjlucJ friendship we wish express our sinccrcst wijdcs for A Mercjr Christnus and A Huppy New Year. SHELTON MOTOR CO. HOLIDAY SPECIALS 1917 Chevrolet Town Sedan. ..» real nice car. . . 1911 Pontiac 4-door Sedan. . .only $595. 1938 Chevrolet Town Sedan, new motor. . .$395. 1918 Ford '/ 2 -Ton Pickup, cattle rack, radio, healer low mileage...a steal at $995. ' 1912 Plymouth 2-door Sedan, radio & healer. . .$495. IS 16 Ford 3/4-Ton Stake Truck...?695. 1916 Chevrolet Panel '/ 2 -Ton. . .clean as a pin. . .(S95. 1915 Chevrolet '/ 2 -Ton Pickup Truck. . .only |595. 1911 Dodge l'/ 2 -Ton Truck, stake body.. .$-195. 1918 Jeep.'is is a real mud job. . .$695. 1.941 Ford i/ 2 -Ton Pickup. Truck. . .$495. IASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always Make a Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company 301 West Walnut Phone 57S DOWN DOWN DOWN DOW N GO PRICES! 1341 t'hevrolef 5-Passenger Coupe. .. {.(95. 1919 Ford '/,-Ton Pickup, just tike new. . . $LO<15. 19-19 CMC 1^-Ton Pickup, lot of extras. .. If 1095. 1947 Oldsmobile 4-door "60 Series", a really nice tar. . .$i)95. 1917 Mercury Convertible, has everything on it. This i-ar is a honey!. . ..$1095. 19-18 Oldsmobile 2-door. maroon color, has \vhitc sidewall fires, radio & heater. . .$1295. Come In And Get A Bargain! Easy GMAC Terms High Trade-In Allowance On A New CMC Pickup * LEE MOTOR SALES Oldsmobile — GMC Trucks 306 East Main I'hone 6151 A Two of trie best joys of Christ-, mos ore having good friends °nd wishing th*m a great d«d *of happiness, «r %*# CLOSED SAT NOON f i h ~-t *i»i^ STILL and YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First at Walnut Phone 4333 C'-

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