The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 26, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 26, 1952
Page 11
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I FRIDAY, SEPT.'26, 1952 BLYTHIYILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN )UR BOARDING HOUSE — FUCKLIS AND HIS FRIiNOS OUT OUR WAY OUR.ANn-WHICiae OEA WAS OOO» WHILB IT LAST6O BUT We WONT FIGURED O*» THEM INK) OV6RW -MANNCROO VOUVENOT «O*r-TC> DID YOU MAVB <!? YOUR FAC6 LIFTED WITH A -gAU/1 GOT £UCKER- POMCMeo, 16 WHAT.' YOLJ Ktotice THAT ets • P5LIOXM 16 SISI-JT—He rt-l. PUT A PER- TH E WORD'S YOO LOST A SNOOP AROUKIP SHOULD Of FIRKE? *XJ oectstcw TO MAJOR: LOOK LIKE VOL) REALLY A BILLIARD CJK> YOUR MUG WITH AM IMDIAM CLUB lcH«fit by Reading and Using Couritr N«wi Classified Ads FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Sell That Stuff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land "You want m» to watt tilt you're through medical school! Will you try to discover tome new drug that cures old age?" JOE ATKINS MACHINE WORKS COMPLITI SMUT MITAL SHOP muotMM. mm. • «A* AM* MJOMC WILMN* • *IN HTAIM • MACKMMTM- I • MACMtHf UTAM* BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS PHONES: Day 3142; Night 6153 70-Cenf Betting laid to Be Okay SAIGON. Indo-China. (/Pj—There are few, If any places in the world where you can wager as low as 10 •ents on & horse race, but It's be- ng done here. That's the minimum bet allowed at R race track In the suburbs where racing is held every Sunday. And there's no bar against minors, There are hundreds of children on hand for every race meeting. Per them the 10-cent pari-mu- tuel window is a bee-line objective Tclcvision- ARTHRITIS If Ton suiter with arthritis write to me, P. (). Box 77S, South Bend. Indiana. I will gladl; (ell Ton how I got rid of it 3 yeirs ago after suffering over 25 yean.— H. M. Harrison. ALFALFA SEED New OKLAHOMA APPROVED RETAIL 46c PER LB. NO WEED SEED BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phone 856 1800 West Main St. Blytheville, Ark FLASH Comcras for Rent Take wonderful Indoor picture* with • flash camera from Bar- ney'l Drag. Low rate*. \11 Mads of camera supplies ar« available here. WMCT, Memphis, Channel 4 FRIDAY N1OHT, SEPTEMBER J6 8:00 Cilrlnin Call 6:30 We the People 7:00 Big Story 7:30 The Aldrich Family 8:00 Cavalcade of Sports 8:45 Bill Day 9:00 TV Recital Hall 9:15 Film Featurette 8:30 Industry on Parade 9:45 Washington Spotlight 10:00 Lights Out 10:30 News 10:40 Ask Me Another 11:10 Weather 11:15 Film Featurett* 11:30 News 11-.40 SlKn Oft SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 8:45 News 8:55 Morning Meditation 9:00 Little Revue 9:30 Smllin Ed 10:00 Big Top 11:00 Super Circus 11:30 News 11:45 Columbia-Princeton 2:45 Scoreboard 3:00 Mystery 4:15 The Christophers 4:30 Kukla, Fran & Q1H« 5:00 Nature of Thing* 5:15 Scoreboard 5:30 Lone Ranger 6:00 All Star Hevut 7:00 Show of Show* 8:30 Hit Parade S:00 Juniper Junction 9:30 Wrestling 10:30 News 10:40 C. A. Preview 10:45 Jackie Gleason 11:45 Weather 11:50 Newsreel 12:00 Sign Off 2 H/SLLA LAMP, A BLEAK,WINPSWEPT PLATEAU IH £CWHEEN A1AE4-OFFEN SH TEKKE5TKIAL. TELESCOPES. MOW DID YOU DO) IN YOUR POKER GAME LAST NIGHTf Barney's Drug CAMERA HEADQUARTERS ZOM W Main Phono 3647 HOW NICE! 1 NEED NEW GLOVES TO GO WITH >/_J 4Y GRAY COATJ HOWD VOU ,» OUT IN OUR SAME LAST NIGHT , Ml?. FUNT 'f THIS OF AU*P NSUKAMOt. LOOKS LIKE A »<6 CME,Lli3V. AUIEP INSUB«MC» T V^f. "< »* . ^*- •-" '...«J"/ HUM...I see...I I OtLOCK WANTS MB TO TACKL6 TH6 UOSOLVK? WJH&LAKI6S IN TH6 THEATBZ AT VOUK OPPCe— Project Pygmalion 'Tm T SLAMMED my palm down on the table, and jumped up. "If you came here to be insulting, you can leave now. Mission accomplished, as we used to say in the Air Force. I have a class down the hall, and 1 should be getting back. Saturday's my busy day." She rose, and put a red wool scarf, of the type I believe is known as a fascinator, over her head. She tied the ends under that Viobby white chin. "Well, I didn't come here to be Insuring, but if I was, then good! You got nerve, butting into my private life, telling my husbanc he's got brains, and he's gonna get somewhcres some day. He had to lie about his education to get job with Acme Truck, and he won' ^tver be able to get into anything Pfso. .That's awright, there's plenty money in trucking. If only h don't waste his life setting aroun wi'h these books you been shovin at him." "Look." I said, trying to spea quietly, "you must not be feclin well today. Go back to the bar where you came from and have a ccuple more drinks. I'll just for( get you came—I'll never mention [ it to David. And 1 don't think you i will either, because 1 think you'll • 'be a?hamed of it tomorrow morn: 'ing." < Shf! picked up her coat and flung 1 it over one arm. "That's what you [ .think," she said. "I just had one 1 liltle nip before I com* here, to i give me the backbone to tell you I oil. And I'm telling you again. 1 ' pot friends, you know. I could ser.d somebody aroun' that ' wouldn't just talk. This friend of i mine can be pretty tough. You - just take my advice now, bub, and > ycu'n **AY outva trouble." * With this parting threat she left. barreled along after that mt v< mas was at our throats. I made Christmas cards, mailed gifts. Then one afternoon a feeling akin to panic struck me as a clicked the door shut and sat down to look at my mail. Christmas Eve. This was to have been Cathy's and my first Christmas in ur own house. There was a letter in her hand- vriting. The envelope bore "a New York postmark but no return ad- ress. Inside was n block print, vbich I recognized as her work, of a deer in the snow. And a printed ignalure—Kathleen Valois. I prowled and pounced around he narrow rooms, hating her. •'inally I Ihrcw on my stormcoal and boots and slammed out of the apartment. 1 a vacant lot where a man was selling Christmas tr^es, and for lack of anything else to do I bought a scrawny, lopsided little pruce. Cut down considerably anc braced in a bucket, the tree suddenly took on a satislyingly Christ- massy shape. I tied Christma! cards In the branches with tinse ribbon, taped more Christma cards over the bucket, and stacked my prcscnls under the tree. As I undressed for bed, I lol Icred near the tree and examine* cards. Abruptly, it struck me how many of them had pictures of tin children or family groups. People my age. People I'd gon to school wilh, people I'd known in the service. Here I was, 29. and I The years stretched before me, the years of prissy bachelorhood. My head was pounding d'.illy. I took two aspirins and went to bed I ran to push the button that released the lock downstairs. Then I darted back to the bedroom and threw on my bathrobe, and waited on the landing, with a strange mixture of premonition and doubt, listening as footstep* slowly came nearer. Finally the steps ro«nded th« last curve, and there stood David, looking up at me from the boltom of the night of stairs to the fourth Boor. He had » cardboard carton tied with rope in one hand, and a big greasy brown-paper package in the other. "Hello," he called in a low voice. "May I come up for awhile?" I thought he swayed a little. "But certainlyl Come cm hi! Here, I'll help you." I hurried down the stairs and took one of the bundles. "That's for you," laid David, a* he panted upwards, "I won H in raffle. First time I ever won nylhing. A 25-poand turkey. I ad it stuffed already." "SwelH Hope the ovefTi W< enough." Fish Are His Friends, Florida Hobbyist Soys JACSONVILLE, Fla. (/Ft—"I never met a fish I didn't like," says Frank Ward who has 300 tanks of fish on his fish farm. Ward's hobby la tropical fish which he says hm'e a lot of human traits. They get tick with such ailments as kidney trouble, heart ease, cancer and even common colds. Ward 'has devised his own fish food composed of everything from baby cereal to Epsom salts. "Fish get ns nervous as human sometimes," he says, recalling th TV debut of his fish. One variety, the badis badis," got stage jitters when doing a balancing ftct on Ward's hand. WE'lie HEMSD ft LOT t>SOUT VOU FTOK CMIW. VDUMl HEKUERV OH, WU MUST K BILW1 ELL KUU OVER HID .WU WILTVl CMHY SHOULD*!'! STM *O LM"6 A.T HE RIGGS'. JU CW.L HER TO COME HOWlB. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock GHsr»nleed B*st Prices Kirby Drug Stores As soon as 1 was down, seemed like 1 was more wide at 9:30 awake than I had been all day. Suddenly the buzzer rang, with a loud, strident rasp that went crashing through the silent apart- menL I leaped upright in bed, the hair on the back of my neck I followed him Into the living room. I went out to I the kitchen and set the turker down in the sink, and when I came back he had put down his heavy carlon and stood in the middle o* :ho floor, 9 a e f i n t forward and looking dazed. "Your coat ts wet throxighF" 1 exclaimed. "Even your hair is dripping! Where ia the world have you been?" He didn't answer, but sat ab-. rviptly r*i the couch as though his knees had given way. I put hia coat on a hangar and hung it on the shower rod In the balhioorn. Dry your h»ir on this," I said, handing him a thick turkish towel. He rubbed his head abstractly. "I feel like a heel, making you this way," he began. "Oh, I wasn't asleep. Fact Is, 1 was having a bad time. Glad you came. Why oV» t you just spend the night?" 'Sure you wont mlncT? I haven't any place else to jo. I've even got aH my clothe* In thot box." He untu all oi a sudden Chjisi- ' pridtlin* nay scalp. gestured tiredly with cold-reddened harfd. one raw (T* Be CMttm»*4> Children's SWoES, EXPERTLY REPAIRED Hfl-LTCRS . >u«un;Y SHOC SHOO i -j-i W. M O I M S T FOR SALE Concrete culverts. 1Z inch t» 4» inch, plain or rcenforced. Also Concrete Building Blocks c er than lumhrr for barnn, chick* en houses, pump houses, tenant houses, tool sheds. We deliver. Tor (re« estimate. Call TILE OSCEOLA & CULVERT CO. Phone 601 I CONT KNOIV OOCTOC.IONT BUT I \.VVELLLU,YES, BUT 17-1 CAN'T LEICH;V \ AFRMD IT M/\Y DO THAT,..CAN'T 1 CM1BE MOU SOME .OO THINK. Ot= ^INCONVENIENCE. SOME OVHEK W(\Y? BUT \VtfT? ITCAN'r \NO...DUT ICAWl DO ME /XNY GOOD I RISK THE WORP NOW THM NOU'VE/ LIVING ON IN VWD RUB HE OUT 9MPIY BECMJ5E I KNOW T)1E WORD THAT CONTROLS <DUR M/VGIC M3URMIMD.' I'll. HWETOLOPOFF YOUR HEAD. GOT YOUR OH RUG I HAVE (\ POSITION STE H5V, v</\ POIM' IN THAT WORKING UNIFOKM, '. "NOViV. OO VS> NsQWfc WVVWs VOU Gt? l\i SOOTS' Uf\\R

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