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Woodstock Observer, and Windsor and Orange County Gazette from Woodstock, Vermont • 3

Woodstock, Vermont
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Cupt Hexrth The 16 Ci'xrfa, tUm to -itUwH their Jesse Everett, John Carrie, Carter G. "IV unit? as JqiiiR Frkitu, 4f ih4 foun'y ui Windsor, and Huw Vermont, rert ot- ly pui iotn the oi O.ien D. KU-t. Lij. of said Wa.nlatock, snntky Itidvi id SiCvMini of him Ibr saij Julitu A.

Perkiui tW the punioee if collection; fro Win, bestow them oa some i esteemed worthy by Lis integ-arumtion, an! soundness of llolley wnuimtcl ia that is spoken of as a won of sound ml uiiirjM'ichaye honesty. Such a ttr i-ill lirt the approbation of the tiii havinj some personal with lbs man, I fee! lalisfieJ is just, end that the and and ivheteas since ih il lime the said Ju Mosely, MiJdlelnry, Collfge, and Cyrus Downes, Hamilton College. The degree of doctor of Mediune was conferred on the following ge icemen. Job Wilson, Richard CJuss, Samson Long, John Wedge wood, JSlig-hill R. Nims, Lyndon Arnold Snfith, Dexter Baldwin, Royal Call, Btiija-ruin Bancroft, John Clark.

Elijah Colby, Stephen Eaton, Josiah Shedd, Ford.V Samuel I hinehas Spaulding and Frederic Lewis Converse IT. The honorary degree of Bachelor, of Arts was conferred on Joshua Coffin. The honorary degree of Master of Arts was conferred on D. AzroA.Btick, A. M.

Middlebury George E. Wales, Henry B. Chase, and Nathauiel Sprague. The honorary degree of Doctor of Medicine was conferred on Elnathan Judson and Parker Cleaveland. The honorary degree of Doctor of Laws was conferred on the Hon.

Jeremiah Mason, the Hon. Daniel Webster and his Excelleucy Levi Woodbury, 4 be abased. or lam as one ol u.e hrej of Kttsfield. Mass. jbraILaU5ivemy ReT ifenr AsteU of Geneva, jcars do cut prevent my gcttwj to yt lias A.Perkins has piven me the subscriber a L-Uer of attorney irrevocable to de trover of the said Uicb- nrdson the books, and has also in lowered me by the letter of attorney a oresaid to collect the said book accounts and lias by the said letter of i attorney revoked ail power and authority given by him to the said Richardson.

And AvhereasI have demanded of the said Richardson the' said books and have re quested him to slate any demand he might have against the said Julius A. Perkins, whereby any lien was incurred on the said hooks, and have offered, to OLD MA OF WINDSOR fOUKTT. iy.moK, I an told that one of our old neigh- ,1,9 some jcars ago was a very busy making bargains, which he suppoe-, JJ be for his interest, but which did ivve 3 profitable aa waa expected, 1 ua for one of the Council in Atfai- where he moved to when he Aukan miM 1 wrnVd, fori have beard it stated tbe pay such demand when made known to nit and hcreas the said Richardson has wholly iitelected and refused to de- li i irrcat maa was so uwonundie .1.. i iverme the said books or render me any account concerning his proceedings lu relation lo Ihem. This therefore to forbid all and every person or per sons whn may be indebted tolhe 8ai( Julius on Itook, or otherwise, paying the luid Richardsou any such sum or sums as m.iy be due as aforesaid, he how no other authority to collect or re ceive the same.

And all persons who are or hereafter may be sued by the said Richardson, in the name of the said Julius, are invited to. cull on me and 1 1 will setile and adjusf' such claims and give them discharges sufficient to defeat such suits. fc 23, To Sell or Let. A coNVpMEN'rDwelling House, Black-smith's Sho, and other out buildings, with fine Garden, contain ing hall' an acre of excellent land, situat ed in Barnard, oa the turnpike road, eadingfrom Woodstock to Stockbridge, within a few rods of Steward's Mills. It is an excellent stand lora black-smith, and is occupied as such at present, and has been for a number of years past For further particulars inquire of Solon Dasfoetii.

Barnard, Vt Aug. 22, 1823. To Pensioners. subscriber hereby informs 5 those Pensioners whose semi an nual payments become due on the 4th of Sept. next, that he will attend to taking their powers of attorney at his store in Woodstock, on the 4th and Gtb, and at Bailey Gilson store in Read ing, on tbe 5th of Sept and will go after the money as soon as the same shall be received at Burlington.

Charles Dak a. Woodstock, Aug. 24. 1823. Commissioners' Notice.

iyE the subscribers, being ap. pointed commissioners, by the Hon Frederick Griswold, Esq Judge of Probate for the District of Randolph, to receive, examine, and adjust the claims of tbe several creditors to the estate of ANDREW WASHBURN, late of Randolph, in said district deceas ed, represented insolvent, and six months from the 15th day of August instant, being allowed said creditors to bring in their claims, do hereby give notice that we will attend to the business of our appointment on the last Tuesday of September next, and first Tuesday of December next, from one to five o'clock P. M. on each of said days, at the dwelling bouse of Abner Wash Stone, Dam Hyde, James D. Forsjthc, Paul Mow

The Honorary Degree cf Doctor in Medicine, oh DAlbenezer Hunting-ton and William Anderson. The Houorary Degree of Master of ArU, on Joseph A. Gallup, M. D. Hon.

Zebulon It fchipherd and Rev. Samuel W.Whelpley, The Degree of Doctor of Divinity was conferred on Rev. Bennett Tyler, re)eilt()r nartmouti college, itev. Re The Degree of Doctor of Laws on John Vernon Henry of Albany. 1 i ll uanmouui uoiicre.

i'w anniversary Commencement at nt4 wa held on Wednesday 20tn inet. and was attended by a roncvurse of gentlemen of literature and disiinrhon from various parts tf New England. Uu Tupsilny preceeding commence-fiitiut, at 1 1 o'clock, A. M. an Oration was delivered More the Adelphiau bo- tu umu, Oration ai d.

livercd I before Social f.7liiiv i 1 1 1 1 im nu fiMinniMirpil lip. the Handel Society, ami an Oration tlt-livt'red before the same Society by Merrick A Jenctl. On Wednesday the Commenctrnent exercises were as follow PBAVtR. 1. Salutatory Addresses in Latin, Paul Vouch.

2. Oration The progrtse of political tyiUm Europe, Ralph Mctcalf. Foreiisic Dispute Would he HilvBiila'oua tu In land to be niitde an judeptnikiil government licorge Boardman, S'ttmd Delano. 4. Piiih'sopliical Oration The Origin of Fouutsim and lite Formation of hivejs.

James F. iVEwn. 5. Oration, in Greek The effect of (he recital of Herodotus upon thti geuius ijf'Tii'Jcydides. Cenulius )V alter.

6. Oration The influence of elevat ed concejtiions of excellence upon men-fLl improvement. tfiliath W. Stickney, 7. Confcrencr Natural Scenery, the Powerful Piiwions, and Moral and Religious lopics, compared as subjects for poetry.

Henry Grecnlcaf, M.A.Jcrvctl, David P. Smith. 8. Diequiaifion The height and density of lhe Atmosphere. Stephen C.

Badger. Dialog'ie -The Plurality of Worlds. .7 AilV Irt Jonathan W. D. Ossood.

JO. Poera-Visionofan Indian Chief of the fifteenth century. Joseph tV. Woods. II.

Orafion The iaipulse given to the humn miud by the Revival of Letters. Samuel IV. Uark. 12. Declamation The recent iuva-eion ol spam.

Jonathan K. Little, 13 Forensic Dispute--Could the author of the Waverly Novels hav belter employed nm talen'3 John Chamberlain, John S. Knowllon. 14, Oialion- -The moral influence of the living English Poets; Horace Morse. 15.

Oralion, in Latin Nathaniel 0. Vpham, Candidate for the Second Degree. DEGREES COKKERRKD .16 Oration, with the Valedictory Addresses Influence of the progress of KnovMtcge upon Densimmy anu nation. James Whittle. PRATER, i The Degree of Bachelor of Arts was conferred on the following young gen tlemen, viz.

Stephen C. Badger, George Board man, Abraham Brown, John Chamber lain, Samuel W. Clark, Henry Clough Paul Couch, Jonas Cutting, Samue Delano, George Fitz, Abiel Foster Charles G. Green, Henry Greenleaf, Thomas Hall, Bushrod W. Hinckley, John Ingalls, Merrick A.

Jewett, John S. Knowlton Jonathan K. Little James F. McEwen, Ralph Metcalf, Horace n. Morse, Charles Murdock Jonathan W.

D. Osgood, Harlin Pills bury, David P. Smith, Edwin Stevens, William Stickney. Samuel Tenny, Orlando G. Thatcher, Charles Walker, Cornelius Walker.

James Whittle, Joseph The Degree of Master of Arts' was conferred on the following gentlemen. David Cummings, Oliver Fletcher, nr plj.i Luke Woodbnry. David Mighill, Hex. ekiah Williams, Nathan Crosby, John uan, ruathaniel (J. Upham, Ueorgi wenarosnn, ueorge p.

Marsh, Sarou chartered by iLe American CoJoiiizaJioB Society, tailed frou lialiiiijore- Sunday morning, will; sixly eolonrrd if fions. all recominendeil for solwiely and industry, for Cape Mrsuraila on I hi African coast. fUfwun i n'w JUjiltlUEl), In Winder, Mr. Sullivan Blood, of St. ou- ip, Misioori, to Miss Sophia HalL HMI8 In Hartford, Mr.

folly Bailer, wife of Dea. Jndah Bailey, aged about bO. i In Burlington, Mrs. tliraida ucusun, aged 17 years. la Benuinetnn, Mr Aurilla Croisi tt, con- lort of Mr.

Robert CrowH, aged 21 years. In Lastietoii, Mr. Vv ilium P. Atwater, ged 15 a of the Junior Clai Mid- dlfliury College. lu Ludlow, Joft-ph Metclirr, iftcu si.

In Bennington, on the 21t ulL Mr. Ud- ward Boothe, aged 21. Hit d-ath ii supposed to hare resulted -from his extraordinary exertions iu endeavoring to cave Mr. Hiram Cornell, who wis drowned ou the 29th of June In Siiaflsbury, on the 2d itist. Mr.

George Mattcrsort, aged 46. In Randolph; between the fi3J of July and 18th of Aiiciiet, Rii6ski.l R. Morris, aged 26 Mart Am.i, only diild of llosea Mansfield," aged children of John Barrel Lt. toRKKLics RibSKLL, heed 85, be serv ed as lieutenant in the Revolution Horace, Hged 4, and Wilms, nged 2, soiif of 1 Ruftell Mrs. Bissell, aged 72 Mrsi Mart Dow, aged 30, wife of Krancis Dow a child of Jvet VValbridjje, ged 1 year; Irakcis, ton, or Jolm trocner, ged 6 years a child of Lhaf Carpenter, gea year 5 Lccius, son ol IMoah rernn, agen 0 child of Sjtnuel C.

Contend and a child of Mr. Georges. (The prttailivs dittate in Rdndolph is the dysetittry. PROPOSALS FOR PUBLISHING ST SUBSCRIPTION, A tutt of etmont; CONTAINING I. A brief steneral view of the Slate-Is Boundaries, Extent, Divisions, Face of the Country, Mountains, Rivers, akes, Islands, Soil, Climate, Diseases.

Zoology Botany, Geology and Miner alogy, Government, Laws, Militia, Re venue, Hanks, Population, Societies, uliiiiuers and Customs, First Settlement, History, etc. A particular Topographical and Historical description of all the Coun ties, Lakes, Ponds, Rivers, Bays, Islands, within the State, alphabetically arranged. Under the name or each town will be given-Its Extent, Situations, Boundaries, Date of its Charter, Population, Waters, Cu- rioahies, Soil, Public Works, Mercan tile Stores, Manufactories, Education, Religious denominations, Professional Men, Biographical fcketches, etc. It will contain a neat Man of the Slate, and probably several illustrative and ornamental engravings. At the end of each article will be inserted the precise time when it was 1 he want of a correct and compendi ous Gazetteer of Vermont has long been felt, and is universally acknowledged But no considerable work of this de scription has ever yet been executed.

buch a publication has often been contemplated, and as often abandoned from a consideration of the labour, which would be necessary to render it suffi ciently correct to be generally useful. A Gazetteer, compiled from hearsay and second-hand information, could be of little utility, and the publication of such a work would Le an imposition upon the inhabitants of tbe State. To render a work of this nature sufficiently ac curate to entitle it to confidence, it is necessary that the writer visit, in person, each town which he describes, that be converse with its most enlightened inha- carefully consults its records and that he examine its soil and its advantages for manufacturing, Mecban ical and agricultural pursuits. This is the course, which the subscriber is de termined to pursue, in collecting tbe mifterials lor the Gazetteer of Vermont, as he is confident that it is the only one. which will enable him to present a just view of the relative advantages of the different sections of our He is aware that be has undertaken an ardu ous task.

But he is animated with tbe hope of putting into, the hands of his fellow-citizens an useful manual; and he assures them that no exertions shai be wanting on his part to render it de serving their patronage. ZADOCK THOMPSON. Burlington, August 4, 1823. COD1TIONS. I.

The Gazetteer op Vermont will be published as soon as possible, consistently with the extent of tbe undertaking, add the imDortance ol Us correctnenx. II. It will be printed on good paper, and fraall new type, iu a duodecimo volume of about 300 pages. -J III. The price to cubscrihtrs, neatly bound and lettered, will be one dollar oer cony.

IV. Any perwn, who shall become accountable for ten copies, shall receive the eleventh gntlit price to BinimVtjb'ni wi'J be percopr. tiov, of New-Hampshire. On Tuesday an Oration was delivered before (lie Society of by Rtifus Choate, A.M. Prizes for declamation were awarded on Thursday to George Horace B.

Morse, A B. and -Enoch Bay ley aad Charles L- Martin. Hunjiriary. Choctarv Iniidis. tin the ih July, a young Choctaw delivered an oration in the Choctaw language at a village In Tennessee.

It said to have been a choice epecimeu or Indian oratory. Seine Fishing. At oue haul of a seine at Cape May, there was counted 279 drum Bsh, averaging 35 lbs. each, amounting to 9,76 lbs. which, calculating according to the Philadelphia price, oold be worth $1000.

Faial Dose. A. Chickasaw Indian recently killed himself iu attempting, ir a quart of whiskey, to swallow a tomahawk. Vice President Tompkins, it is re ported, has effected a settlement with government, and a balance of 30 or 40.000 has been found in his favti. His claims were upwards of 100,000.

A inaii lately applied for admiesinn the N. York penitentiary, us he al- tlged, to preserve his morals, and gain subsistence; but the raHtislrate in formed him that he could not send him there unless for vacancy or the com mission of a crime; when, behold, the same mnu made his Hppearacce the next day, accompanied by A laving qualified himsell to enter, by a irelty theft, aud was accoroipgiy com mitted Is Pennsylvania, lately, si person ac cidentally shot bis brother In Mary- and, a aon his mother aud in lrgin- ia, a lather his child. The young man lu Baltimore, who was the accidental cause of bis mothers dentil, a few days since, is represented as in a shocking state. His friends are under the apprehetisiou that this melan choly catastrophe may deprive him of, us reason. Princeton Linds- ey, of Princeton College, in a late discoursej stales the following extraor dinary facts: "For more than thirty years paBt certainly not a single death has occurr ed among the students or this institution, (the College of N.

Jers3y.) nor have I been able to ascertain that such an event has ever been witnesed Nas sau-Hall." American. The Hon. Ward Cbipman (late a British commissioner to settle the nor thern boundary of lhe U. States, under the treaty of Ghent.) was invested on the 1st instant with tbe administration of the government of the province of New-Brunswick, in the room ol General G. Straccy Smylb, lately deceased.

A man in London has discovered mode of hatchine eesrs by steam, and that these fowls will furnish eggs all the year round, which those produced in the natural way would not He is to re ceive 100 guineas from the Society Arts for the discovery. The discover er, at first, had to sit up 30 days and uights to turn the eggs lest the birds should be deformed; but be naci oovia ted this necessity. An incubation of a month is not very ravid for chickens but he also raises ducks and geese, tie was asked whether a.humaa being, sit ting on eggs, would not produce the birds and replied it had been unsuccessful as to ducks and chickens, what ever might be its success la producing the goose I A person was lately arrested in Loo don becausebe was perceived to- have something in a bag resembling a human figure, and was supposed to have robbed a church yard. On examination before a Magistrate, it provrd to be a female effigy, made of cork, to form lace dresses on. ebeco sued, and a great cxecutm out against him from the Circuit which he could not, or would net hereupon he was committed to me kil'p time since.

It nas aiso ceen i aJ I suppose it was true enough loo, in order to prevent Lis creditors gef-llitir pay, be deeded lands wiihect asilciation, to a friend to keep lor it which that friend has found con- Lt to dispose of towards paving his cbts. Now Mr. Watson, I cannot in ience sive my vole for such a man, I hliereforc vote for the other candid- lu mention has been nominated in wnein i perceive juur speaks welL I say fair, Samuel li. will have my vatc, and not Ehen udd, who in my opinion is uuwortny lufidence of the honest yeomanry ol Ut WDfDSOJJ. Middlcbury College.

le cornmencenient of this institu- was celebrated on Wednesday, instant, lhe exercises were as ivs: utary Oralion-iu Latin, J. BaltdL dish Oration Intellectual im- a. rancr. miliar Dialoirue The prospects of United States, Speakers, B. mi B.

Sham E.B. Smith. Oratioti-Aniphifliyonitdc Coun- li Button. OrationInfluence cf associ- on lhe love of Country, D. Fainham.

rich Oration dur ia Ciepsydrc, Liio80ihica! OtwtTva. rS'Bcakw. L. It ililert, L. hain.ardJ.S.

Chipim- E.L ihmsbec. fmn "Collcrpiy Alte Neuc I. i Mm. T.J Conanl. ich Oration In 3iie nee of (iiety on nteliectiml Skarv.

hcred Jlusick. Aftirnoon. i Mia Oration Itomani Imperii Prin- ttm. hilosnphical NaluraCl Oration Pliysical'Scienee, J. S.Chwman.

Jiilpsophica! Intdkclual Oration Ilectual Philosophy, T. J. Vonant. fcem Saul, L. WDomhl.

nglish Oration National Prospen- L. TiWf nglish Oration Versidity of Na- Pl Character, with the aledictory ress, G. Bud. he Degree of. Bachelor of Arts conferred on the following gentlemen, viz.

Joseph Bat- Julian Griswold Buel, Harvey ton, John Smith ChiDman. Mernt rki Thomas Jefferson Conant, Alva David Laurens Farnham, Benja- Hagar, Lewis M'Donald, Edgar wmsbee, Addison Parker, Minor ftt, John Bliss Shaw, Eli Burnham ith, Lucius Lmdsley Tuden, and Pxander Twiliirht. 17. Degree of Master of Arts was fferredon the followins gentlemen, nm oi me Uollejre, viz. John u.

Nan. Edmund Frnst. Thnmaa Gil- Neeve. Ralnh ftwdr. Jampa Kim Myron Lawrence.

Stenhen Olin. wnew Perkins, Esq, and Ozias bey r. lhe Degree of Doctor in Medicine, me following gentlemen from the "iiont Acadeinv of Medicine at Neton, connected with the College, course. peell Walker. Dan C.

Stone Ar- ps Doaae, Freeman Shaw, Moses Simeon A. Cook; Horace J. Socrates Smith, George W. tlukim Pau Cslvin Brown. ly burn in said Randolph.

TlMOTHt BAMBS Morgan, $U)mrS 1 Randolph, Aug. 18, 1823. Stray Sheep. Taken up last July, in a back field of grain of the subscriber, Four-Sheep, the owner may have them by proving property and paying the damage. Joab Dimick.

Hartford, Aug. 5, 1823. 1 Sheep. QxijfAYE from tbe subscriber on lhe 15th July last, 4 Sheep and" i Lambs marked with a swallows tail on the left ear will give information of the same to the subscriber, shall be handsomely rewarded. Laban Webster, Woodstock, August 12.

tbayed or stolen from, the sub- ecriber on the night of the 2dth day of July light bay Mare with a small white strip in her forehead, some wbibs feet with a small burst on her right side, supposed (0 he twelve or thirteen- yearf old. Whoever will return said mare, or give inform tti'Ui where she may be found, shall lie htimhuunely rewarded for his trouble, and a'l necessary charges paid by thu ulicriber. Jyr-w Holhih SlOCklrit, iU'uit i 1823..

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