The Taylor Daily Press from Taylor, Texas on January 23, 1957 · Page 6
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The Taylor Daily Press from Taylor, Texas · Page 6

Taylor, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 23, 1957
Page 6
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Tûylor Dûïly Press, Wedncesday, Jan 23, 1957, Pg, 6 ★JT OCCURS TO ME _* HE DIDN'T KNOW TAYLOR EXISTED By l I \ 'III LS Taylor Prrss News I tliior BOTH SIDES LIST ARGUMENTS IN PARALLEL PARKING ISSUE ifcclilor > Not«»—In order to help voters make up their own minds as to how they will vote in the special city election Thursda), The Press asked both sides to list the reasons why they think you, the voter, should vote for or against parallel parking. The following are the reasons submitted by the faction favoring parallel parking led b> Howard l.indell and tin* faction opposed io parallel parking led by Porter Prewitt. The Press is re-printing these reasons as a public service primarih for those who may have missed this account in Sunday’s Press. AGAINST PARALLEL PARKING FOR PARALLEL PARKING Travel Topics Answer to Previous Puzzle I>< .,r I, rmof <• hoppers need ali ig spate they can get stores at which they're ira!!< 1 parking will cut parking space in Tay- ess section by 50 per !! be expensive for the lor to remove the pres- ; meters, lower the curbs irking alongside the pres- <- impossible» and install tor the new system, revenue from parking 1 he reduced sharply. T "ix'^)T s t o [){'' ah y, all the expense we tain parallel parking will Sieve if you put the ques- ite of no: just the business i are affected, but to all who call Taylor their ■enter, parallel parking oted down overwhelming- e people Taylor serves ople most concerned, 'rely urge every quali- to seriously consider this m the 'ong-range view, th farmers, housewives, who regularly shop in id find out how much ’ angle parking. Reasons why you should vote FOR parallel parking in Taylor January 24 S The State Highway Department will spend in excess of $60,000 immediately on our streets In the business district. In excess of $50,000 will be spent on Main Street from is* to 5th streets, immediately. This is a savings in your tax money, 2. The Highway Department will ;af•• over additional blocks of out city streets, rebuild and main* hem. This will relieve the city this expense. The Highway Department will m i on Today in History Church Observes 'Founder's Day' :; to : Spi. I’n d ti t e X a a <ÇZ% £ £ S 5 * i ! o /9: 4 KM BER OK tf*K ASSOCIATE: Williamson County's Only Pall paper, publlDTicfd in Taylor, Dallv Except Saturday. The Associated Press !» *.-*< s of the F: :rst Baptist church 1 their Foi Linder's Day 102nd ary Sunday with dinner in the cl lurch dining hail ,anf.a (S!, >ecial program a' Harrison led the audience oLonal pc ■riod Mrs. Thom• wood resid the church his- men’s qu,artet and a worn- were part am. of the inspiration­ Imnie Wa 's and Mrs. Bet- Reynolds were given spec­ gnition. M ks Watts as the member still living, and ynolds as *he oldest contin- rs. Watts’ mem- was else\i vhere for several lurirr» he r early married cv. Q. C. Dietering is the pastor of this progressive tnd is pro iving to be a dy- hr¡st¡an le ader. -------- o— be maintaining iK) city blocks after we vote to cooperate with them, thus taking the expense of maintaining these streets away from the city. 4. Of the 90 blocks which the Highway Department will maintain we already parallel park on 82 of these blocks. Voting to cooperate with the Highway Department will require parallel parking on only 8 additional blocks. 5. The majority of the City Council passed the* ordinance on three separate readings. A vote FOR will be a vote of conlidence for the majority of the City Council. 6. With parallel parking the meters will be set 22 it. apart, giving the longest car in town ample parking space. 7. By moving meters out only one block in each direction we will need an additional 25 meters, the City will gain instead of lose revenue. o. No additional expense will be incurred in movinu the meters. In a meeting of the City Council early in 1956 the proposition of moving -ach meter a foot or more came before the council, this proposition was brought up to give each parking space sufficient room for pres ent cars. The proposition was tabled awaiting the outcome of the para­ llel parking question. The meters will he moved regardless oi the outcome of the election. It costs the same amount to move a meter one foot as it does to move il one block or more. 9. A recent meeting with an official oi the city of Giddings, where parallel parking was put into effect in July of 1956, it was found that the accident rate dropped sharply after parallel parking was put into effect, and that the people there are happy with the arrangement. 10. With 22 ft. between meters parallel parking is easier than angle parkin«. 11. If we parallel pane and cooperate with the Highway Department the next move to loop Taylor will be up to the City Council and the County Commissions, only on their request will looping go into effect. 12. If we cooperate with the majority ol the City Council and the Highway Dept, our business district will look like the approaches to our city where parallel parking is in effect. 13. Traffic can be speeded up on busy days. 14. Cooperating with the Highway Department will mean that the Highway Department will cooperate with us. You can get a lot farther with cooperation than with opposition. 15. It is a law staling that no State or Federal money can be spent on a Highway Project within the City Limits until the City cooperates with either parallel parking or no parking. We can never hope to get state aid on our streets until we cooperate and go parallel parking on these additional 8 blocks. --------------------o ------------------Add a little rum or brandy flavoring to packaged vanila pudding and uso a filling for sponge-cake layers. Frost with chocolate icing. ACROSS 1 Thailand f> Bedouin 9 ----- Haibor. Maine 12 Not busy 13 Legatee 14 Southern state (ab.) 15 Game table 17 Tear IS Alaskan vehicles 19 Agrees 21 Dispatched 23 Musical syllable 24 Vehicle 27 Cravats 29 Resound 32 Disturbance 34 Male relatives 36 Reveler 37 Restrains 38 Ardor 39 Ages 41 Ocean •42 German article 44 Preposition 46 Struggled 49 A1 usical drama 53 Blackbird of cuckoo family 54 Exaggerated 56 Cover 57 Posture 58 Crescent 59 French summer GO Places G1 Community in Switzerland DOWN 1 Drinks slowly 2 Sacred image 3 Century plunt 4 Pinochle scores 5 Exclamation of triumph f> Refund 7 Is sick 8 City in Fran re 9 Sea animals 10 Landed 11 Knocks 16 African fly 20 Build 22 Saltpeter 24 Heal 25 Indigo 26 Vigorous attack c 1 C < « 1P O A N g E. « 1 E 1 P A A L_*=. ts C O Nl V IS E W « T E w A N P P A P E P í» SE R B e> t_ A t R é « E e T E MT * P* c- B P N A E A T E t_ J AMEÔ A 1 R E T E R R L. A 1 N O' 1 •ÍT M o A P O T A N T E 1 p Ô L. E O N R E E 1_ T o T E R s T E R R E RE U Ä E 28 African plains 30 In this place 31 Greek mountain 33 Heating devices 35 Wise old man 40 Most impolite 43 Spills over 45 Jewels 46 Story 47 One 48 Cry of bacchanals 50 Needle case 51 Nevada city 52 Arabian gulf 55 Legal matter^ 1 z 3 H 5 t 7 8 9 10 il 11 IH IS Ife n 18 '/¿A r) 20 Zi 21 iÉË Ö 2H 25 2b 11 te il 30 3i it 33 • ... . 3? % 37 38 39 vo m HI *3 W VS % *i7 •è ‘fí 50 51 52. 53 y\ 55 % 57 58 59 fcO bl 73 Cl{ t a< •egul Th ible ect An et i harg Bo) !>c. Foi rope fplai N< rord 15 20 25 30 3ft 40 Chs $2.< pone ..tes. e \ gra mat pre; to rea ed » jgrai e a dra "mar £the wor (for tall BIBLE VERSE Revised Standard Version “And every one who speaks a word against the Son of man wil be forgiven; but he who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit wil;t*e not be forgiven.” Luke 12:1 (' Confraternity Edition “And everyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man, i, shall be forgiven him; but to him who blasphemes against th< Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven.” Luke 12:/* Business Directory LET TAYLOR GROW! GIVE TAYLOR A CHANCE TO GROW A LITTLE, AND BE REGARDED AS A COOPERATIVE AND FORWARD LOOKING CITY. EVERYONE WILL BENEFIT IN THE FINAL OUTCOME. VOTE FOR PARALLEL PARKING. (Pd. Adv.) entitled the new not othi and »Is relu. ,< publication o > credited to i ited in Un? y tl news oubli) Al Dl«p 1 riRhts and i :hes hure : pubucatton» ire also rev of .spccSal N«-wAdvertí SíiJJ r Hn>t Circuì. Tt ■lephoöo ¿1 12-3621 or EL En red a* 9 t < At t he I*o«t 0 f! ce at lay h >r, Texa*, und«;r the Act al r March 8,1B72 Ar »’ emmena •. reflection upon the /■ha»ter, stnHui UK or re¡n i tatton of pf iMin, ftrsnor corporal nittvopear Inthe column s of *The Ta> 1 6 ai,y ivei will gl a d 1 iy be cor reí ti sdupon be In r brought ito the at tent 1ton of the pi ubllsher. For Washington Crossroad Report •ru n troops of Naples, he Knglish Fill fluted lemon cups with tar- :nr sauce and garnish with capers; serve With breaded shrimp or <cal- For Prompt Removal of Dead and Disabled Horses, Mules and Hogs Call 131, Bastrop TEXAS RENDERING CO., INC. TELEVISION LOG PUBLISHED DAILY FOR YOLK CONVENIENCE Patronize The Firms Listed In Your Television Log Wednesday, January 23—KTBC TV J n D ebra tdida m no Oipil mahl (1 today. At just NEW LOCATION! We Specialize In Repair Of TRACTOR TIRES TIBE REPAIRING VULCANIZING Mac’s Tire Service 312 Elliott St. Dial E1,2-3762 AIR CONDITIONED MELÄSKY DRUG STORE We Specialize In Prescriptions Dial EL2-2112 6 30Test Pattern 2:00The Big Payoff I 6:40 Sign On 2:30 Bob Crosby 6:45 Channel 7 Almanac3:00The Brighter Day 7:00 Today 3 15 Secret Storm 7:25Texas Today 3:30The Edge of Night ! 7:30 Today 4:00 Woman's World 1 7 55Who’s News 5:00 Uncle Jay ‘ 8:00 Today 5:30Man to Man Í 9:00 C.arrv Moore 5:45 Kddie Fisher 9:30 Story of Chiropractic 6:00Cactus Pryor Show 9:40 Street Scene 6:15 News and Weather 9:45 Arthur Godfrey Time 6:30Sport Scene NBC News 10:30 Strike it Rich 6:45 11:00 Valiant Lady7:00Arthur Godfrey Show 11:15 Love of Life 8:00The Millionaire 11:30 Search for Tomorrow 8:30 I've Got a Secret 11 45The Guiding Light 9:0020th Century Fox Hour 12:00News at Noon 10:00 State Trooper ; ¡2:10 Stand Up and Be Counted 10:30Jack Benny i 12:30As the World Turns 11:00 Lawrence Welk 1:00 Our Miss Brooks 12.00Late News; Sign Off 1:30 House Party Spe iTk fert Stai Phc >r F disi Tex ew s and 304 IT £ bun " LAS " auti pur INS Wo *rms Ifce; " yd. $l: Fro k Cor oto it 1 N ATIONAL REPRESENTATIVES Tex&a Dally Pres» League. In«: . Dallas mxHH New York City. CWckk. ill. St Louis, Mo., Los Angeles, California, San Francl-ico, Calif., Memphis, Tenn , Det roil, Mich., Denver. Coio., Mexico City Mr» GEORGr: r> PEELER. Publisher HAROLD HARKINS Adv. Mgr LIN MILLS, News Editor CHARLIE A WALKER, Or Mgr SUBSCRIPTION RATES EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER I, 1955 Cltv By Carrier, ¿¡jo a week, 4 week& li ; monthly. $110; 8 weeks, $2; 12 weeks, $3 . fi months $6.50; 1 year $13 Rural — By Carrier, 25« per week: j'hrull, Thorndaie, Rockdale Granger Bartlett, Hutto. Elgin, Coupland. Mail rates in Williamson and adjoin lrij{ counties, $1 00 month; $3 Oil for 3 months, $4 15, R month». $<75 per year Rates within the state: $1 !< month; $3,00, 3 months, $5 00, 6 months, one year, $1(00 Out of 'tat« rate- 1 month. *1.25, 3 months, $3 50; 6 months, $5 50, year, *¡0 0(1 Kori-tgn rat«** xume tr Ten y i hi need the lame constitution Britain anir: V. S. ef- ["-lina Civil announced V S. A. One vear ago t-d dead and ] Angeles train ■ Today's Birt Grand Ducht 40 ¡ida lay Michael Di was resigning in director. . 80 were count- Ch if Lux- VOIE FOR PARALLEL PARKING will be spent on downtown Taylor streets immediately by the State Highway Dept. Pd. Ad. City Auto & Body Works We Specialize In MOTOR TUNE-UPS & BRAKES ! See Us For GENERAL REPAIRING & OVERHAULING BODY WORKS & PAINTING AUTO GLASS REPLACED — ALFRED CUBA — 300 E. 2nd St. Dial EL2-3243 Luhn & Johns OFFICE SUPPLIES RUBBER STAMPS EASTMAN DEALER THE REXALL STORE Dial EL2-3G15 Taylor, Texas 6:55 7:00 9:00 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 12 30 12:45 1:30 2:00 3:00 3:45 4:00 4:30 Wednesday, January 23 — KCEN-TV :—Sign On & Program Previews Today Home The Price Is Right Truth or Consequences Tic-Tac-Dough It Could Be You RFfi No 6 Religion in Life Cathy’s Corner Tennessee Ernie Ford Show NBC Matinee Theatre Queen For A Day Modern Romances Comedy Time Happv Hour News 6:05 Weather 6:10 Sports ( ¡5 “Statesmen Quartette” ( :>(, Slim n \lailie < : 45 NBC News 7:00 Adventures of Hiram Holliday 7 30 “Count of Munte Cristo’* 8:00 Frontier 8.30 Crunch & Des 9:00 This Is Your Life 9:30 KCEN Film Feature 10:00 Tomorrow’s News Tonight 10.10 TV VVeatherfacts 10:15 Late Date Theatre ¡1 30 Sign Off *• PR89ER fO » TODAT f COM Cbc Upper Room« VOTE FOR PARALLEL PARKING And SAVE Your Tax Debars Vote For Parallel Parkins and the State Highway Dept, will improve and maintain a total of 90 blocks within the city limits of Taylor! Pd. Ad. 0£J1_ inris on 111? Mas­ tini on with Thee We prav in His Chiropractor DR. E. L. WILKE For Appointment Call EL2-2531 101 W. 4th St. \men. nueop'as, made ¡rom thin of bologna or salami, may led with a cream cheese mix- YOU SHOULD KNOW THAI . . . City Ccmmusion records show thct CHARLES SCHROEDER, R. E. KOLLMAN And F. E. HOLMAN, City Commissioners, VOTED FOR PARALLEL PARKING ORDINANCE. Show your confidence in these men by VOTING FOR PARALLEL PARKING!! (Pd. Adv.) the gas heater that gets the popular vote all over America because it gives greater heating ability with its amazing Hi-Crown Burner,. gives outstanding safety with its famous COOL m down SAFETY H Per • |>OST ’ CABINET ®,Wec Hero^nlietl j ~~De£Qjxjv- ujvse.. tfc* “DeoAheuu [ Warren Tire St Supply TAYLOR Hotel Package Store Emil and Agnes Kasparek Just Across from Depot Whiskey — Wine — Gin Rum Taylor’s Leading Package Store For Better Health Take Chiropractic Health Servio« Dr. Matelisch - D.C. Ph.t. 319 Vance, Taylor, Dial EL2-2312 Read THE TAYLOR PRESS For Tops In News and Advertisements. 6:30 0:40 6:45 7:00 7:25 7:30 7:55 8.00 9:00 9:45 10:30 11:00 11:15 11:30 11:45 12:00 12:10 12:30 1:00 1:30 Thursday, January 24—KTBC-TV I. El Test Pattern Sign On Channel 7 Almanac Today Texas Today Today Who’s News Today Garry Moore Arthur Godfrey Time Strike it Rich Valiant Lady Love of Life Search for Tomorrow The Guiding Light News at Noon Stand Up and Be Counted As the World Turns Our Miss Brooks House Party 00 The Big Payoff 2:30 Bob Crosby 3:00 The Brighter Day 3:15 Secret Storm 3 30 The Edge of Night 4:00 Woman s World 5:00 Uncle Jay 5:30 The Lone Ranger 6:00 Linda Lee Show 6:15 News and Weather 6:30 Dinah Shore 6:45 NBC News 7:00 You Bet Vour Lile 7:30 Climax 8-30 Sheriff of Cochise 9:00 Video Theatre 10:00 Dragnet 10:30 Loretta Young 11:00 Do You Trust Your Wife? 11:30 Late News; Sign Off TAYLOR MEAT COMPANY Highest Prices Paid for Beef Hides QUALITY MEATS S10NE TRANSFER And STORAGE Local and Long-Distance Movers -BONDED WAREHOUSE SERVICE- Dial EL2-4933 — Night EL2-3103 — Taylor, Texas 6:55 7:00 9:00 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:30 12:45 1 30 2:00 3:00 3:45 4:00 6:30 6:40 6:45 7:00 7:25 7:30 7:55 8:00 9:00 10:30 11:00 11:15 11:30 11:45 12:00 12:15 12:30 1:00 1:30 2-00 2:30 Thursday, January 24—KCEN-TV Sign On, Program Previews Today—Dave Garroway Home—Arlene Francis The Price Is Right NBC Feature Tic-Tac Dough It Could Be You RFI) No. 6, News & Weather Religion In Life Cathy’s Corner Tennessee Ernie Ford Show NBC Matinee Theatre Queen For A Day Modern Romances Comedy Time 4:30 Happy Time 6:00 6:00 O’Clock Roundup 6-f* Weather 6:10 Sports 6:15 Superman 6:45 NBC News 7:00 Groucho Marx 7:30 Dragnet 8:00 People’s Choice 8:30 Tennessee Ernte Ford 9:00 Lux Video Theatre 10:00 Tomorrow’s News Tonight 10:10 TV Weatherfacts 10:15 Late Date Theatre 11:30 Sign Off Friday, January Test Pattern Sign On Channel 7 Almanac Today Texas Today Today Who’s News Today Garry Moore Strike it Rich Valiant Lady Love of Life Search for Tomorrow The Guiding Light News at Noon Town & Country As the World Turns Our Miss Brooks House Party The Big Payoff Bob Crosby 25—KTBC-TV 3:00 The Brighter Day 3:15 Secret Storm 3:30 The Edee of Night 4:00 Woman’s World 5:00 Uncle Jay 5 30 The Christophers 5:45 Fddie Fisher 6:00 Cactus Pryor Show 615 News and Weather 6:S0 These Things Remain 6:45 NBC News 7:00 West Point 7:30 American Legend 8:00 Life of Rilev 8 30 Amos and Andv 9:00 Cavalcade of Sports 9:45 Red Barber’s Corner 10:00 O’Henry Playhouse 10:30 Plavhouse 11:00 Fddie Arnold 11:30 Late News; Sign Off Friday. January 6:55 Sign On. Program Previews 7:00 Today—Garroway 9:00 Home—Arlene Francis 10:00 The Price Is Right 10:30 NBC Feature 11:00 Tic-Tac-Dough 11:30 It Could Be You 12:00 RFD 6, News & Weather 12:30 Religion in Life 12-45 Cathy’s Corner 1:30 Tennessee Ernie Ford Show 2:00 NBC Matinee Theatre 3:00 Queen For A Day 3:45 Modern Romances 4:00 Comedy Tim* 25—KCEN-TV 4:30 Happv Hour 6:00 6:00 O’Clock Roundup 6:10 Snorts 6:15 Dub King's Sports Review 6:45 NBC News 7:00 Life of Riley 7:30 Playhouse of Stars 8:00 Dinah Shore Chevy Show 9:00 Cavalcade of Sports 9:45 Snorts Roundup 10:00 Tomorrows News Tonight 10:10 TV Weatherfacts 10:15 Late Date Theatre 11:30 Sign Off

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