The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 24, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 24, 1949
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVrLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THE NATION 7ODAY- Recognition ofRsd China by U.S. Poses ToughHuilngh y Diploma is And No Early Decision Expected WASHINGTON 7 . and nice but it's a l And you'il j;ot it months '.hen he i Should Uip- Urn nient in China? ThP U.S is in if ogniiion In > t t n< i but prob ibh iot i probahh not *j t have done so. The C on n n i i kicked the N u'n L of Cuian Y u bh > nent of 4 i The Nit M ML i! claim (li:kt ihr\- mem al'ho i h J up in the i 1 i d c I China co l RocosnUion of it i:r, f. i m p 1 \ n t -ins t J:un n n j n Whc-p 01 i L thrown !irui :i i,< i i place, Set i t has .said H n only IT to in irn o » \ -<et. of i icts It u i i i mran nppjo\ \\ < f the m mem. I'oliev is OjliIlilontU'd . Tbi.S (.nil f r i T t .-.iipprc-^ inn > f I ] t coumrie bil n < i i in Wo. tu n I \\\ p f o but we reco n ?< (h i have offunl it r n But what Ainent i in i< c protect by b n „ th i ° Mostly thf-vie 1 (I > i 1 i ing the IT S 1 1 onm < u \ i inp on. Thc-y can rrncJ out n censored rcporLs .since d:plo. mail can lei^e uru MM! I about as cold <f> lh Hi < •laid down three comliunn.-; i which this country v.ii! r 'another govormm-nt, 1. DOM it control tiir There's no doubt the iron f, countries control then But ihere im> ie in q ta whether the new Coimus i ernment In Chn i his ^urli '; 2. Do tho people of the tvr .support, the ncnv povrrniiHMT? is a nice question but—. The- 'can hardly apply tlrii rule u iron curtain lount:]!^ which i recognized beiiu e t! i 1 e has pro f cstc1 hi. C mint control bv m ed ele o » 1 unfair nieaits liaises Mnllrr of "Inlrnr • 3. Docs the tie i,o m n i lend to live in> to the iiHn fas trade trcatip.s cir mem! •the United Nations— inadi i -overthrown government.? • In t!ie case of the iron t T countries, under rule No, i of them \vere on the ennui '• or in enemy hands, ihron It t ."years of World W:u- IT, 1 L ise.s oi" the old uovr : rmn.' 'JittJe meaning , Maybe n a fi i \ \ 1 3 r-Jdea of \ilnt i mi < n ( ""Chinese Commm is in i mr; Right no i, it < tin (hi i I -with the Pus. na I L i i ~ r come when ihev're fed nn < t I sian diciruion and v.\iii f f n 1 away, n. Mir > U li i u i ' goslavia "i t tnr\ uu v ' t do so, unit s ti i t u d «_ n ui) <! of nd 3 t II ] bfl today nd h i\ t. m«I f ur of his j t nt n ] di fi>r cti ( prone 1 1 i t IK i tlir- nt bi i :< A Visit from St. Nicholas, 1949 ».v A. A. Prcdrkksmi (Courier News Poet Laureate) (Wllli the usual auoloKics to Clement C. Moore, who wrote real Ihlng.) "I'ttiis tlic niglu brlore Ciiristtims, wlien all thmiich tiie in Only tv.o 1'ieaiiiros stirred: me and my spouse; Her nylons wm hung in the batlu-oom wilh t-arc, In hopes they would dry in the cliilly ninlit an; •J'ho iiHKhlwis v.cre nestled nil snug in llicir beds, While vliions ol creditors (lanced in their heads; My ivifo in her riulcrs, nnd J In red flannel, S;a .squinting at TV. on No. 4 channel— Whi'ti nut on ihe lawn there arose such n clailcr, J leaped fnni the sofa to sec what »'as the m.iiter. Kn route Lo the door i fell over a chair, Skinned n shin and left curse* hilling the nir. I nprneu the door and peered but saw nil, As the wife snorted something about a BUS hill; Then someone appeared, rolling out of the gloom; I thought U some sti'w going home to his doom. Hut then what to my bloodshot eyes should ap|)n;ir, li'.il a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer. With a red-suited driver whose girth was .so thick, ] spotted him quickly as Jolly St. Nick. More rapid than enj-les ills coursers they came. Ami he whistled and shouted and railed them l>y name: "Now. Stalin! now, Atllec! now. 'Human and Hartley! On, Lewis! on, Tito! on. Hiamian ami Drwc'y! Ifo-ho! This year J almost used a Mule Train, '•fiiit I found it reserved for young Frankie Lame! • 'Siiu.-e mule:; are out till this song-fad passes. "I renamed my deer for an octette of asses!" As E ore\v in my head and was turning around, O'er the doorway St. Nicholas came with a hound. "Oil, No," he said, seemingly reading my mind; "Regular chimneys, okay; but not j'our kind, 'Tve learned the hard way that (his I can't do: "Eriurr.;:!: into a house through a gas furnace flue." 1 bid him sit down nnd offered a glass; "A 'Dry's' house is next so I'd heller pass "This round," he declined with a lingering sieli. Then a sorrov/fllt look crept into his eye— "I envy yon mortals, your predestined ends, "You come and yon go but bri me depends "The annual Yuletide for which I'm H must, "In years of a hcom and years of a bust. ".My job used (o be just a once-a-year lark. "But now it's a chore that could drive a man stark "Having mart," said he in Tiie cherry red clothes. "fi instance, he added, "here's about how it goes: "At the N'orth Pole there's peace but near niy home "is a place called Russia, where Communists roam. "They once were okay but. well—look at my pacK— "Peppered with holes from that Soviet flak! "London was next—that Socialist town "Where f found myscif in lor quite a come-down; "T once crimed at will all over that nation "But now 1 must bow to regimentation. "It lakes all joy from a job I once prized "To find even Christinas is nationalized; "But the one tiling I find dial is most unpleasant "Is the good and the bad both get the same present. ' "To reach the U. S. is a great relief, "Bui still I find troubles beyond my belief: "Have you ever attempted that marathon "Of hunting some one in the Pentagon? "Or sought alphabet agencies beyond your ken "Just lo end up in front of a dcor labeled MEN? "Then Harry—he wants his Fair Deal as a gift "Plus a cure for the Democrat-Dixiccral rilt. "Conpressmen are begging for voles for next year "And there's Brannan a-plannin' what all farmers fear; "The red ink's not dry on "49's balance sheets "YiH they're planning still more, expenditure fcals!" And,0!t:-lhis happy thought lor ihe upcoming year, Si. Nick bowed his head, brushed away a great tear. Then up from his chair he arose with a stall; "Its later llian I thought and I'd linller depart!" He tossed us our presents and made lor his sleigh, iiut stopped in the doorway to look back and say: "The more I consider the slate of the nation, "The more I am tempted to take a vacntion— "Tax and spend. Rive and lend, allocate without cause. "Till I'm sure iiairy Truman thinks UK's Santa Clans!" L'KNVOI don't lock a gitt horse, in the montk— u may l:e ymir iceib he is wearing. s » PT'V,P kSfjiL MISSCO I/./UHJ;;.- South Hiclivi-ny 61, !! V. rt \J, ic/iilc SATURDAY, DECEMBRR 24, 1949 I \L4* t .£. ^ .1 & JAILED BY REDS Communist nuthorilics in iiudapest huve jailed JiTiiel Jr'K'ubsun of Chicago. ohm 1 1'. du-fcf lor of Huiijjiirkm i:ivi;.iun of the Anx-i- jniUfc, a JCV.-JMJ relief not ljt?en iii;:do^t'd. Ji 37, has a v.'ifu ;uid iwo children in Ch[L;i;.;ii. He is the .srj Man, Who Died in 1926, Still is Providing Yule Gifts for Elderly Persons KI'OKANK. Wns.. Dec. 24. l/l'i-- Timngh Anton Henry Albert has been dead 23 jrars, people Mill receive piesents every Christmas from him. Albert left $1(1.000-The hulk of his lilc's savings—as a Christmas . fund lor people over 70. His will i directed that earnings from the ! money be distributed every year at I Christinas time to people over 10 j and in need. j This year checks or SKI .50 each are bem:,' mailed to 29 of Spokane's elderly citizens. Albert was 12 and a bachelor hrn he died in a home for the 1,-cd in loac. His will doi-s not explain why ho wanted his money used for Christmas giving allj more lhan it explains why lie wanted the in rays of the sun on his burial It | 1 i II t he he hi e I vault "at some place .-sible to the sunshine. CORRECTION Through Error, Eggs Were Advertised in Thursday's Courier News at 75c Per Dozen. The Correct Price Per Dozen 57' IGA SUPER MARKET Highway 18 Blytheville | Robber Loses Courage, I And His Gun in Bargain LIVERPOOL, rtii,'l:md. Dn-. :M. ..-T, --Gcorcf Cliihcrow, a Liverpool jc. 1 \vc!rr, i.s 7'J \>-;ir> old. LaM nieht a 111,111 '.vu!k' p d In' .shop, point I'd a ;if. him and said: "Give me the money In the snfe." "I'm nn old mrni. rtnyv.-ays," Clithcnnv .si Id thought fully, "no ahonrl mid shont." Tlie robbrr's .i-'iw dropped. Mu dui his Run, Ami ran oiitsitie nnd rode awav nn n hi THANKS 11 is -A nil pkM.sure that } oMt'iifl my must sim-tie apptrouiHoji lo ;U1 mv friends or. Walnut. Chlekn- sawbn, IlEam nnd Holly Streets tor ihe kindnesses ihf-y have extended this hoJicJay season. My best wishes for n Alerry Christmas JUiiid/a; ' Hunpy New ': ; i\. .,: •, ?.;".V... Yeur. "'•'""".•• •-••"• Eter L. Cr Cily I.ell IT Carrier No 'i \ if /( is our sincercst wish that ihe spirit of friendliness and good fellowship wilt make your Christmas a incmj^one — and that ihe year will bring to you a /till measure \ good health, success, and happiness *• FT n c i s f c 1 iKfclLS FINE FOODS UiUrell >»-c«scrESSEn WE EXTEND TO OUR FRIENDS man's (5rcetiivp LEWIS POULTRY f Lewis SHEET METAL WORK-OF ALL KINDS Cuslom work (or gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up lo 1/4 inch Ihirkness Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South liromlwKy I'hone 2fiS1 [•'.. R. .Tones REETINGS ihe realization lliat cacli passing year brings a fuller appreciation of old friends and pleasant associations, \ve extend lo you our sineerest wishes (or a very Merry Christinas and a Happy New Year. I.loyd \Vhiltakcr DELTA LUMBER COMPANY '.M I No. 2nd. St.

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