Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 11, 1891 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 11, 1891
Page 7
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SYMPTOMS OB UVEK DISEASE* Loss of appetite; bad breath; bad taste in ine mouth; tongue coated; pain under the Ihoulder-bladc; jn the back or side—often mistaken for rheumatism; sonr stomach, w-lth flatulency and water-brash; Indigestion; bowols lax and costive by turns- headache, with dull; heavy sensatloa;' restlessness, with sensation of having left something undone which ought to have been done; fullness after eatin"- bad temper; blues; tired feeling; yellow appearance of skin and ; eyes; dizziness, etc. Aotall, but always some of those indl. cate want of action of the Liver. For A Safe, Reliable Remedy that can do no harm and has never been Jcno\Y-n to fall to do good Take Simmons Liver Beplator —AN EFFSCTUAI. SPECIFIC FOB Malaria, Botrol Complaints, Dyspepsia, Sick Headache, Constipation, BiUousnesB, Kidney Affections, Jaundice, Mental Depression, Colic. A PHYSICIAN'S OPINION. " I have been practicing tncdicinc for twenty years imct have never been able to put up a vegetable compound that would, like Simmons Liver Regulator, promptly and effectually move the I-ivcr to action, and at the same time aid (instead of weakening) the digestive and assimihtivo powers of the system.* L. M. HJNTON, M.D., "Washington, Ark. OXLY GESTJTSG Has our Z Stamp in red on front of wrapper. J. E. Ssilin & Co., Philadelphia, Pa. IF YOU HAVE ILffl OR FILES, SICK HEADACHE, DUMB AGUE, COS- TIV£ BOWELS, SOUK STOMACH anil BELCHING: if your I'oo4doea not M. •Imitate and yon h»Te no appetite, Ton will 001*0 tlicso troubles. Try tbem; ]ronbavonotbing;tolo.*ic,bntivillc>la • vigorous body. 1'rlcc, 25c. per box. SOJLD E^TSKYWHEKE. ffnup JHtl* fortune* hnTflbcsnniBd«M work for un, by Aiinn Pn K c, AuMln. Tmiis, ana Jno. Bonn, Tolodo, Ohio. ec cut. Others nrc dolnpna well. Why ot you? Some corn over #500.00 * month, lou cnndo (ho work And ]Jv« t home, wherovt- r you nr«.. 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If yon have Dyspepsia, you have heartburn witb pain In the stomach after eating, yon have bcadacbe, are billons at times, yon?"bowels ar« cou- NUpated, your «kim is yellow, yonr tongne is coated, yon have dark circles aronnd yonr eyes, you can not eat what you like, you do not sleep well, yon are' ' ' USED UP GEXEBJJLLY. Get a bottle of DR. WHITE'S DANDELION ALTERATIVE. It will cure yon. Ton-can eat what you .like, you will sleep like a child, yonr skin will jet clear, -yonr eyes will get bright, yon will get FLESH OH TOUR BONES and will feel vigorous enough to ; take any thing you can lay yonr bandit on. Very large bottle for $1, and every bottle warranted. " oold by B. F. Keesliug- and D.E Pry or. IN STEAiVGE LANDS. Travels of Prince Henry of Orleans and M. Bonvalot. Across I,ittle-Knoirn Thibet — Fa •atlo.il Opposition of thu Natives to tho P»K.iiifre of Europeans -Safe in Purld Affiiin. Among 1 the notable recent exploits of travel in the cause of geographical knowledge is that, conducted by M. Gabriel Bonvalot, of the French Geographical "society, accompanied by Prince Heary of Orleans, eldest son of the Duke de Chartres, in the mountainous region and elevated pkiteaxrof cen- PRINCE HEXKY OF OKLEAIN'S ARRAYED FOB TBAVKLIX0.. tral Asia, between the Altai range to tlie north, or the Tien-shan, ''the Celestial mountains," to the northwest, and the Himalaya ranges to the south, with those extending far eastward to China. The country of Thibet, widely reg-arded, comprising the whole of the region, occupies nearly 700,000 square miles, nowhere below 10,000 feet in elevation, generally 12,000 feet above the sea level, and many parts have scarcely been explored by European travelers. In. those rugged uplands, with-their severe climate, long- journeys must always be extremely laborious and attended with, personal hardships and fatigues; but the physical difficulties are less than the political, from the hostility of the Lamas, the Buddhist ecclesiastical corporation ruling Thibet, and from the unfriendly intrigues of Chinese officials, whe oppose the approach of .-foreign visitors. -. Pew have ever been able to see Lhasa, the sequestered capital of Thibet; and this is the first European expedition that has traversed the whole region, from the Russian provinces of Siberia or Turkestan to the French colony of Xonquin, south of the Chinese empire. The remarkable journey of 1,500 miles, from northwest to southeast, accomplished.^ M. Bonvalot and Prince Henry of Orleans, with the Belgian missionary priest, Father de Deken, from Kuldja, on the Chinese frontier of Turkestan, over the Tien- shan range, then southward from the Lob Nor lake to the Tengri Nor, near' Lhasa, and eastward to Batang, thence to Yunnan, in southern China, is a performance of great interest. They left France in July, ISSfr, and returned on November 22, 1800, since which arrival they have been entertained with many tokens of honor and approval in Pa- AN OLD-TiME STATESMAN. r»n rortralt or One of the Coll'pncurM of Clay, \j center and C'allioun. The Washington correspondent of the Philadelphia Evening Telegraph writes: "Nearly every day, when the session begins, an old man, gaunt and gray, is seen strolling about through the House slowly from desk to desk, and in and put of tho cloak-rooms. A batch ot white hair imperfectly covers his head, and scant white whiskers sprout over his hollow cheeks. He is straight as an arrow.- His long neck is incased in an old-f;:ahioned standing collar and stock, and his figure seems taller than it could be proved "by measurement, on ost of his "extreme thinness. Now and then he runs his bony fingers through his hair and looks about him in a vague, bewildered sort of way. The scene is familiar to him, yet tho faces all about are strange, and he walks down the center aisle looking from side to side, like a shads from the past He is the relic of a former generation of statesmen appearing now as a'resurrec- tion . to look upon the scenes once familiar to him, and watching the actions of anew generation. No Jook of recognition greets him, and he lags superfluous, linking the present with a past decade. He spends all day in the House or; in the Senate watching the proceedings with a curious and cr-tical interest. "The old man is a statesman and orator of the time before the war. It is Clingman, a colleague of Webster, Clay, Calhoun and all the old-time statesmen whom wo love to honor. He used to have his seatin tho old Hall of Representatives,'now occupied by stone' images: he sat, on tho arm of Clay's chair,'with his hand resting on the great ; Kentuckian's shoulder, while listening to the eloquent Webster's famous speech on the 7th of March. He marched into the old Hall of Representatives by the side of President Jackson to hear Adams deliver'his eulogy on Lafayette. His voice has sounded among the arches where still lingered the eloquence of Clay. He has not been in Congress since the war, at the outbreak of which he was expelled for joining the Confederacy, He is now wandering among the scenes of his. public career, and getting the satisfaction of old age .at all the recollections revised by sitting in the seats once occupied by him and his colleagues, and by comparing the statesmen of to-day with those of his own time. The expression, that comes across his face from, time to time as he watches the disorderly proceedings of the House, seems to ind.cate that the present Congress suffers by the comparison." One of the troubles oflffe Is the breaking of lamp-chimneys. Needless. - Macbeth's "pearl top" and "pearl glass" are tough against heat. . You will save nine-tenths of your chimney-money bv usinp- them, 5 "Pearl top" fits most of the little lamps; " pearl glass " is for " Rochester, " Pittsburgh," " Duplex," etc. We make a great many sizes and shapes, all of tough glass. You can get the right ones. Talk with your dealer about it Plttsbnrg. GJ; O _ NOTICE. To the Voters of tUe Clly IKXrt, iDdluna, of Of the Cliangc in the BoiiiKlarlCN of tlie Voting PreciiH-.t* of Siiia City, As ^Siulc by tlic Common Council a 1 Their IteffuJar Session, Marcli 18, 1891. tliereor, to a point opposite Tenth ,street,'theno3 south crossing said river to Eace street, tnen 1 * tlle !lor i b ° r Baoe screet to ElgM* eiicc south alone the nest Jliio ofEIgntS ieb street, and tliencc west along ttS north line or HJ K n street to the place of beglm ' * in f t, s i or M Crcd th!lt tbe rie "l°nf, in said wItWiiWe-Mwln>~m^-.]S™boS^tt* Co™™«nc!n(j-atln e corner of Seiewb and ^ street, thence running east on the sonth line xL- %%, i? 11 '*"* ?,W- h »"•«<*• thence north on the* «st in ?h°l Hg f 1 !, strect w Bate street theneSg e<u,t on the south line 01 Kaee street to Twelfths street, thence south on the west line of TtteStJiS .strw.t to Broadwav .street. th( npp ivpsf nn frria-^ norm linear Broadway ^rmto Seventh "tre«l and thence north on,,U&Hiist lino of bevemSi !£iir>H le .? leclll<m8 "? : *3d,prec?ncL oe hrtd°at^e^ ••'Outhe.ist corner of the school house lot being Jots w-'rt second addition to Logans! ort, In Ml5| Precinct }so. 3,— All that territory embraced^ ™"5!I l . th <L 1oilow j' 1 e m «es and bounds, to-wlS the southwest conici of Twelftlil HIRES' The VOIPM of tin- City of logiuisport. Cuss Coun- Kai.isuort, I 5 as formed In the City of Lo- 25t HIRES' IMPROVED 2Stj ROOT BEER! M tIBUI!:. NOBOIUNCORSTRAmiNC tASH-YM/JJC THIS PACKAGE .WAKES FIVE GALLONS. thence^ Pr,"souiirnne rfTOw WSjl place ol beginning. Ami It Is orders that ' ±S °!! s l ' 1 , s . a ' <1 .I'reclnabe held at Clem's llv L ~ A11 t territory embraced ^ and bomidi ROOT BEFR. Delicious and Sparkling. . .. -: TET Zf Ask your Druggist or Grocer for li. C.e: HIRES, ~PH!LADELPHI* idopt the following voting precincts -in i .. — —« K -"ivn-n t, r; s,,verul,wards or the City, of Loffilisport, inci. ^'™ en eineMEerrlveron;'l wHiEstrTetSraw'J '««! , . • ,. • ruimng-somh 10 Market slnet tlenceeastorr.fi . -' MUSI -..WAHD. I ! ^}.} l !!L?l . lfarkel - ^'*t-;to_-. fcKteenth - -• ? - '^ Precinct So. 1—All that territory i tliBioHowlnsmew.s and bounds to- Kffi^s^/,iKss K& i ai^n^Mn^-fetii^^;^ ^^ipvjs?jsst,Sissf ,gs£ W^ra^j 1 ~<^- &£ j thence west on the north line ot Miami street to Precinct No. 2 -All tint tprrltmv P,,,h™t n ,, • SS^^^^^ieHj&n^^ S^^5 A^^.^^M'W , nm!!,o 1 n 1 ^2Se I S^S; d "^ den * ComrtSn? ,"S" S n W*V a » d UoundsTto-w t ^ :£ <? ,1 B !lt tle oomer of Tttrtith ancf Siaiket 5 Market si 1 ""* r « nnl ' 1 " J e:Lst on " le ^"^ line o£ J Mrs. Allen's Parisian Face Bleach Golden Hair Wash. Mamma Dura, for dcvcl. opinij the bust. Rusma. for rcmovinir superfluous luir. DME drcsslnu-. All eoods wholesale -i r"n r?' nll -., s tnd , cts. for illuslrawd clrcuJar! *•' Fu "J' n 5°, rfin ';, l ' ilir Eoi>cls. -Mrs. K. w. Allen, Detroit. Mich. Sold by drucessts. , ? Wood. Av, Attractive and Promising Investments in the loiiowingmeles and bounds, to-wit • noinmenc- Ing at the northwest corner of Ottawa and Sycamore .srrpMs. thence ramilng smith along Ui<?. west line ol Sycamore street to Cbinpawa street, ihence west on th*. north line of Chippawa street to Plum street, thence south on the west line of plum street to usage street, thence west on the ijorlh line of Usage and Wbeatlaiid streets to the Chicago .„ • -—"."tf\p, iui-itri OJIU UUUIJUV :J*maieiidng 1 at.,i!e] river on-. SKleeMli «treefc" - thenw running south on east -line ol yjcteemS -$ i!f$to -W.w<*.s,reet. Thence,a"t on north toe ,f of Market street to Eighteenth yrtcl sooth on east line of Eighteenth street street, thence east on nor 0 " 1 H "° " f c '-- •*• the east limits ot the city, ,,,^^ IWJ eastern limits or the city to JSeJ-rlvi r thence north io the line of the Vnbarfi and Erie «in;il. theiK-e east along the line oj the Wabash and Me ca.ua! bed to Holland street, thence south along the west line of said Holland street to Bates ^,^..^^.^ e ^^.°'} U ^ a ^^ e ^ REAL ESTATE TURNER & BOND, IO2 Washington "St.; Chicago, III, Established 1875,.Reference 1st Sad. Bank, Chicago. acres near South^CiiTcigo." K,CW per acre. Inside Income-Producing Business Properties. ETi WO ™ 0fflCO bulldln S in heart of the city. Price rnooSf" IcaschoW 'ns^owlnr; retail district. Price, S1C ' 000 YOU WEAK MAN! •Hasdiculy wtakr jjeBlllty, Atrophy, impotence, ,Fe«rs._ Evll^.TbouBhu, ;Var(cocele, Losses, iJ» Tp ry to onmnoly practlcee, Nervousness, Shrunken Orgnns,—all these are curable.- I HIID MCUS onnis I 5 ells i he « tor y- Mulled UURHcW BOOK I free '« * »>">« time. Ind win a Jfon ol • Metllotls °" r * al °nc, ERIE MEUICAIL CO.. BnOiklo,' Si'. .T. Ton CANTHOOK HEALTH! risian society, the .more willingly, perhaps, as they bring favorable reports of the French settlements in Tonquin. -Ihe.party above, named, with three ARABIAN die of ttB BEST MEDICINES ever irated PAIN AHDJNFMMATIOH, beth Externallyandfntcmally.'- It is safe and'cer- Urn in its action . ForBums, Poisoning, Erysipelas, Inflammation of the Eyes or Bowels, Earache, Deafness, Rheumatism, Pains in Side, Back, or Shoulders, Piles, Sore Throat, Croup, 'or Bronchitis. Price 25 cts. and tt. at all druggists £. MORGAN *. SONS, Proprietors, . .... r&OVXDENCE.-IUX..-'- v..- .• . • TBADESUPrtlEDby ROSS GORDON, LaFfayette, Ind: For sale byB. F Reeslin<r' attendants, . Barthplomeus, a Chinese Christiari; Racnmed," an Usbek 'Tartar, and Abdullah,-who had traveled with the Russian Prjevalsky, leading- a company of men hired : at Tashkend ,or Kuldja, with a train-; of camels, horses and-, asses, were seven months/, on the journay, not meeting- a single European. In the winter season, crossing 1 the desolate country, between-the lakes Lob Nor and Tengri Nor, far from any inhabited 'district, they traveled for two months, and a half, .making their way over glaciers, eating the flesh of sheep, they had taken with them, and drink-) ing- tea made :: with,.melted ice, ~ which( was-'foundto be very.'salt. ; / ;-,-.. ; •-- They were exposed to -violent storms, while destitute of the means of protection. Their followers lost all courage in the midst of that dreadful- solitude,' and tw.o of -them died from.lethargy brought on by a cold. More fortunate' than the Russian caravan .which took a similar route—of which . mothing has been heard since its departure, and which is supposed-to ; have been lost amid the glaciers—they.. succeeded in descen-ding' the slopes of the eastern ranges, arrived at Batang in May and reached the Chinese town of Ta-tsin-lu 'atmidsummer, wheHce-'they; proceeded ;iotithwa'rd..througW Yunnan. ,:iovTon- quin. An interesting-book from M. Eonvalot, with reports on the geo- graphie'al -data, topographical observations," the notes-and..,collections.-he has brought home with him, may be expected. ' "Whose'cigars does Carver smoke?" ' 'Anybody's,"—Puck Slept up for years—the offer that's made by the proprietors -of Dr. Sage's .Catarrh Remedy. It's addressed to yow, if you have Catarrh. It's a reward of §500, if they can't cure you, : no matter how bad your case, or of how long standing—an offer tliat'a_ made in good faith by responsible men. Think what it means ! .Absolute confidence in their Remedy, or they couldn't afford, to take the" risk. A long record of perfect and permanent cures-of the worst cases— or they couldu't have faith in.it." It means, no more catarrh—or §500. If you fail to be cured, you.,won't fail to be paid. But perhaps you won't believe it. Then there's, another reason for trying it. Show that you can't be cured, and you'll get' $500. It's a plain business offer! . .The , makers of Dr. Sage's. Catarrh Remedy will pay'you that'amount if they can't cure 'you.' '.. They, know' that, they can—you think that -they can't. If they're wrong, you get the'cash. If you're wrong, you're rid of, catarrh. A Soul Above ibfess. Miss Clara Barton writes this pertinent criticism: "It is a. good idea to give women a chance to be heard on topics outside of dress and fashion. It is humiliating to a woman of brains and 'opinions to arrive in a strange city, 'and -after being interviewed ind her dress and manners described-at-length,' while her brain is not even mentioned. -How do you suppose. Chauncey M.:Depew or men of 'his caliber would feel to go into a town and'find the cut''of trousers, the shade and pattern or design minutely described, with the style of • vest, coa£ and necktie, and the hair on the head detailed at ; length, Awhile, not a ,:word was said of Ms reputation as an orator or railroad,man? It-is.just;the same with, women. It is belittling, to ;women of-wide experience to ,'flnd their garb of more, account than their opinions." P cilclMtcr'n Enillik Diamond Brud. ENNYROYAL PILLS -^^v Or!t^hal and Only Genuine. Srtlftgiflt for Chlchutcr'i Bnqlith Ei< .tncnd Brand in l£cd &nd Gold tncttllla> oiw, sc»!Dd TTith !j!uo ribbon. Tnko to other. Refute dantjcrowmbitttu- M and imit atttm*.. A t Drnggfau, or Bead 4«. Btunpi. for nartlctilarB, teatlmonUlf .and * "lof for Ladle*," tn letter, by .return . 10.O00 TL'iiinjonlftH. jfaifie Paptr, . Chkhe»terOheiBlcalCo,,Jliid!iumS<iuarc. •old Mr m too«l DrajgliU. Phllada., Ptk /or Sale.by B. f. Keesllng, Cheap JLauds ami Homes in Kentucky, Tennesee, Mississippi arid Louisiana. On the line of : the Queen & Crescent Boute eaii be found 2,000,UOO acre^ of spltiiiUld bottom, np. land, timber and stock lands. Also the finest rmlt and-mlneral lands on-tue continent lor salt on favorable terms. FARMERS! witt all thy getting get a -home- to' the sunny South,, where bllzzurda and Ice claf plains-are unlaio\vn. . . . . The Quran i Crescent -Boute Is' 9J Miles Shortest and Quickest Line tit- Cinciriaii to New Orleans . . : Time 27'Hours. . '• Eaclre Trains, Baggage Car] Day -Coaches and Sleepers run through 1 without changa 110 Miles the Shortest, 8 Hours the Quickest Cincinaati. to Jacksonville, Fla. , Time 27 Hours. The only line running Solid Trains and Through Sleeping Cars. : : The Strength of Ice. ' - The following 'figures are taken from Spon's Engineers' Tables: : '"A thickness of two : inches 'will allow the : .passage of men in single ffle on a-line oi planks 'placed : ;on the ice'. : • No other row-pf-planks; should be-placed nearer than- six, ,feet.;: : A thickness, of four inches will allow the passage of cavalry carts, or light guns, with a moderate .interval between each. A thickness of sis inches will allow the passage of wagons drawn by horses, etc. A thickness of ton to twelve inches will support the heaviest loads ever likely to passover ice." • •-ONLY LIKE FROM'CDfCDTNATI TO Cbattanoea-Tena., Fprt-'Payne, Ala,, Meridian, Miss., Vlckburg, Miss., Shreveport, La. 20 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Lexington, Ky. 5 Hours Quickest Cincinnati to Xnoxvllle, Tenn 116 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to Atlanta and : -. .•-. ' Augusta, (jiL. , . 114 Miles the Shortem Cincinnati to Anniston Ala 28 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati- to Birmingham' Ala. 15 MUes 1 Shortest Ctocinnatl to Mobile; Ala. : Direct connections « New Orleans and Shreveport For Texas, Mexico-, California. Trains leave Central Union Depot, 'Cincinnati, crossing the Famous High Bridge of Kentucky and rounding the base of Lookout Mountain Pullman Boudoir Sleepers-on nil '.Through Trains. Over One Million Acres 01 Land in : Albania, - thf •future- 6T«it State of the South subject to pre-emption. Unsurpassed climate. For Correct County Maps, Lowest Rates and full particulars addres. D. G. EDWARDS, On Passenger & Ticket AgeTit, ;Queen & Crescent Route, Cincinnati, n. .southllneot0ti:iwiistreettoj)laee of beginning. And It Is oraered that the elections In said precinci be held In Uietaldllngon the sou hwest corner ol th n school house yiu-d In suld wurd. Precinct No.3-,Ui that territory embraced within '" " "files and bounds, to-wlt: Cbnimenc- iwest corner ol Sycamore and CMp- :. ,,,, . Jem e running west" ou the sout liiieolChliiDevtii street to Plum street thenc south on me east line., of Plum street to Osa~e then west on south line of Osiise street to Wliea land street, thence west on south line ol Wheatlan strewt tu the Chicago branch or the Plitsbure, Cli cinnatl. Chicago i St. Louis Baihvay, thence sout, along said railway to Market street, thence east o the north line of Market street to Eel river, thenc easterly along the north hunk or Eel river, with the meanders thereof, to the place or beginning And it is ordered that the elections In said preclnc be he!d at the engine house In said ward • PreclnctNo. 4—All thatterrltory embraced witMn the lol-owlngmetes and bounds, to-ivlt: Commenc Ing at the westend the ol'Eel river bridge onllarke street In said ward, thencs west along the-north bank of Lei and Waba <h rivers, with the meanders thereof, to the west limits of said ward, thence north to the soiub. Hue or the Peorla branch of tbe P.", C.. C. & St. L.Hallway thence east along the Peorlabranchofthe.r.C.C. A- St Louis Hallway to Market, street, .thence east ' on the south ' line of Market street- to the place of beginning. And It is 'ordered that the elections in said precict be held in Uhl's coouer shop In said ward. • SECOND WARD. Precinct No .1—All that territory embraced within the following nietes and bounds, to-wit- Commenc- iiiffatEelriveronFourth street, thence running- south oi! the west line of Fourth street to Eel Elver avenue, thence southwest on the north Hue of. Eel Elver avenue to Third street, thence north on Third street to Eel river brldce, thence northwest on «ist line of Sycamore street to the north limits of-the Second ward, thence along the north limits of said Second ward to the west line of Stevens Mobley and Clary's additions to the city of Logansport thence north alung tee west line of said additions to the north limits o£ said ward, thence east on the north Eneol said ward to Clifton avenue, thence south along the west line of: Clifton avenue to Hanna street, thence southwest along the north line ot Hanna street to Pontiac street thence south along the we.st line of Jt'ontlac street to the north bank otEel river, thence west on the north bank of Eel river with the meanders tbereol to a point opposite Fourth street to the place of beginning And it is ordered that the elections in-.said- pr£ cinctbeheldatwbatis now known at Schaefer's c.ooper shop In add ward. Precinct No .2—All that territory embraced within tbe following metes and bounds, to-wic Commencing at Eel river on Fourth street, thence running south on the east line of Fourth street to Broadway str-et, thence east on the north line of Broadway street to Fifth street, thence sonth on east Jlne of Fifth street to the Wabash and Erie canaJ bed thence east along the north line of said canal bed to Seventh street, thence north on the west line of Seventh street to High street, thence west on the south line of High street to Sixth street, thence north on the west line of Sixth street to Eel river and thence west alone the south bank of Eel' river with the meanders thereof to tlie pla e ol begln- nfue. And It is ordered that the elections In said precinct be held at tbe North street engine bouse Hi sold ward. Precinct No .8-All that territory embrac»d within the following metes and bounds, to-wit- Commenc-" ing on the south hank of Eel river at the Intersection with Tlilrd street, thence running south to Eel Elver avenue, tben.-e northeast along :the south line of Eel Elver avenue to Fourth street, thence south on tbe.eastltneorFourth street to Broadway street, thence east 011 the south line of Broadway street to Fifth street, thence south on the west II ne of Fifth street to Miirket street, thence we.st on the north -line of Market-street to-Eel -Elver avenue, thence southwest on Eel Elver avenue to the Wabash river, and thence northwest along the sonth biihk otEel. river,.,with -the meanders thereof, to tlie place of beginning. And it is ordered that the elections in said precinct be held at the township trustee's office In said ward. - THIRD WAKD, . Precinct Np..l-^All that territory embraced with In the following metes and bounds,.to-wit- Commencing at- .the corner.of "Kel'Hlver avenue and Market street,;thence running east-to Fifth street, thence southeast to-Oak street,thehce'south along the west line of Oak street to Canal street, thence west along the north line of Canal street to Fourth street, thence -south on the west Tine or'Fourth street to the Wabash river, thence west along the north bank of the Wat'ash river, with the meanders thereof, to Eel Elver avenue, and thence north to the place', of .beginning. And It is ordered that thf elections: In. said precinct be held at the old-brlck school house in said ward ' •• •-. rPreclnct No/; 2.^-AlV that territory, embraced within the-following metes and'-bounds'to-wlf Commencing at the corner of the Wabash and Erie canal bed and Oak street, thence running e^ist along tbe south line of the Wabash and Erie amal bed to Twelfth street, thence south along the west line of Twelfth .street- to! the "Wabash river, thence west along the north bank of the Wabash river with the meanders thereof, to Fourth street, thence north along tlie the east line of lio.urth street toCajial street, thence e.vt on CanaJ, street to Oak street, thence north on the east line ot.Oalt street to the place of 'beginning And It Is ordered that theelections in said precinct be held at Harry Terr's ofSee,.(n said ward PrecIncrNo.' X—The 'third preclncfor sa'id ward -nosh-on the east line, of Sewiit I ^'f, tes]1 '', 1 -! (I ,- Erl * Ciui;llhed . thence weit alone | on^a^e b o^xt S eSr^^ et --- tht ; nC< ' BOrtg thencc P«J.S£ on Ifeh^enth^eetrthencTsoutbTn wes IlSTf y ? n nth*Mni h ? treeUoSl)ear street, thence east on ' south line of Miear street to east limits of city thence south along the ~—*• >-•-->-- — '-•-•-'• Wabash river/ A1 east limits .01 said city, to , »f"^r"^':" I i.' t ^ ence - weBt ' alon S tI >e nortti'bank '-""'^ Twemh Jiree? ?T' " lto Dlea " d ers thereof, to , -r iSf •'"eet. and -thence north'on easlUi-e of i B ^H£^? e r.S 0je ' P'aceot beginning Audit is ordered that the elections In said precinct be" neia in tne nousenow owned by Jtudolr 11 **" — J * snteeuth street, In sa'id ivird street to sSteenthstreetrthence soufih o^the^t line ol Sixteenth street to the Wabash and^Erle v r j®K&$^3$^*%S%*$ * bevwiteenth streetw WahashBallwa% thencewest -' %?&!Si i S*™I *» ^lfth- S tree.t,lien?e%orfh .' that tbe elections ' toe CIt3 ° te mmcD , of the City of Epgansport,. Indiana, at a esiion held to ihecouncfl chamber bftald" O f amber fald , rel the . s the same appears olrecord in my office- Witness my hand and the seal ol the City ol Lo- giiiisport this I9th day oIJIarch,JTO [SEAL.] n i „„ .^-, Uerk City of Logausport, Indiana. Ladies $SOO Reward. Dr. Anderson's English : Female^ aegnlattae JU?.«e the fiafcut and. most reliable. Glra theffl a trial and be convinced. At Drug store or •& mall, post-paid per box JJ.OO, S boxes Jor.i2 50. _ Tor sale In I-ogansport,ilj)d,by Ben Flther Ko '?n fourth SU'eet, ' Mention .paper. __ THE GEMTLEMJU'S FRiEMT Onr Malydor Perfection Syringe free with .very Oottle. Prevents Stricture. Cures OonorrfanK r "ALYDOR HAMUPG CIK.LAMMSTOUk JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS. GOLD MEDAL, PARIS EXPOSITION, 1889. THE MOST PERFECT OF PENS. Mtaestor IN- STOCKS, BONDS, GRAIN' AND PROVISIONS? If so, traflr witn a reliable firm,who have had ten yeare exponence, and are members ot the Chicaco Botrd of Tmde and Sto*i.Exch»ne«. -Who-d* businessstrictlyOD-Gonmfssibn.' Referto Ilhnoia Trust and.SaVinss-Banit, Chicago.' ;••. •^ C.'A. WH YUAN DA CO. * IO,jPBoJfic-, . Ws.sendfre ; of charge our Daily Market Report w.d Circular on application. ^merest allowed on monthly balances. :> T otice of Appointment of Trustee. Notice is1jereby,'giTen Ui'at i have been duly appointed Trustee ol Hugh M. iandry. merchant of the \ own oj Clsmers in Cass County, Indiana, for the benefit of hlscredltors. Ail persfns tevinit claims are requested to jlle them 1'oraUaHaneeac- ' ' . Is composed of all that part of said ward lylnc south of the Wabash river, Including Biddle's Island. . It is ordered that the election in said precinct be held at Amans carriage. trimming : shop on: Burlington avenue In said ward. ' ----FOURTH WARD. Precinct No L— All the territory embraced with- n the following meteb.md bo uute. to «lt: Com- tiencliiR at rhe corner ol Sixth and Hl»h streets thence running north on Pontlac street 10 Kamui street, thence east on (he south, line of Hanna street to Clifton avenue, -thence north on the east line of Clliton dvemie to the nard boundary )in<> them-e east -ilon? tlie ward boundary line to east limits ol wild ward, thence southeast Hloncthe Jlne of said i\;ird to Enl river, thence nest along the north bank of Eel river, with the meanders mar20d3tltawStw DR. HORNE'S ELECTRIC TRUSSES Have Cured;IO,OQr> Raptures in j.5 Yeara. JlsntorW with ft rtonfile rnpturo 5 yan Tonr Jlleo- Sent 21,'80. -Chattanooca, Tens. 1 ,'j[ oor£ *? ! ' rIc 3J' I o.«"nMl myrnpnire'ftfter suffering 15 rears, MBS. A. DOUBnTy;", Alisecon, K. J. Got 8, ^80. ' •"I am cured lound nud well by wearing sour Electria ' Truss. .R. HARVEY." DuvJs City, Iowa. *Aiiif'n >M Tlio-only fniUno Elcpfrto !'„,« „„,! j; clt ComWoir^ in ino.worin. *fw-pn(?o fllimfnitt'd ImokupnlftHMViHi.if DR. HORNE, (NVENTDB, ISO WAEASH AVE., Wlic?

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