The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 26, 1952 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 26, 1952
Page 4
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Society, New& BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS uilins, Society Editor 9 Phone 4461 Couple Exchanges Nuptial Vows in Hernando, Miss. Now waking Ihclr borne on Ash Street fire Mr. and Mrs. Albert f Smothers, \vho exchanged nuptial vows Saturday In HernainEo, Miss. The double rinfc was performed t by the Rev. E. C. Whitman nt the | Baptist Church. Mrs. Smothers was i before her. marriage, Ml« Virginia Everett, daughter o! Mrs. l_nuna Everett. Mr. Smother's par^ni-s, are Mr. nnd Nfrs. R, E. Smothers. Miss Bonita Crump and Thomas , Langely were the couple's only at-j tendantfi. Miss Crump wore a black j and white taffeta dress with black J accessories and pinned a crn>a»e of white carnations at her .shoulder. The bride wore n .suit in blue <?a- berdine with black accessories and | a black velvet cloche. Her corsage I was R single white orchid, f The couple spent a brief-wedding j trip in Memphis before returmng ' here-to make their home, Duplicate Bridge Round-Up Saturday Game A mahterpoint game will be conducted a i HottI Noble tomorrow, ;hen members of Blyihevllle Duplicate Bridge League play. Saturday, they pi? ycd a lour-table Howell movement, and endetj a six week's series. Winning lor the afternoon wore Mrs. S. E. Time nnd Mrs. Mcmrne Grain, with second going to Mrs, P. \V. Wiiimor and Mrs. W. A. AfUicK. >frs. Jirn Role^on won the first place trai'ellnff trophy with Mrs. E. La Nueve Club Plays Bridge Three guests played bridge yesterday at the Dixie Pig, when Mrs. Mclvln Halscll entertained members of her bridge club, La Nueve, Guests Included Mrs. Wcldon Rainwater, Mrs. Russell Haynes Farr and Mrs. Walter Day. Mrs. Halsel! used for her color jchemc brown, orange, and cold flora! and foliage arrangements which effectively carried out an autumn theme. Mrs. Rainwater won first place In the bridge game with second going to Mrs. Newton Whitis and bridgo to Mrs. Day. A dessert course was served. .Troop Two Has Election Here Members of Troop Six of the Girl Scout Lone Troop Association met »t the home of Mrs. Dan-ell Uins- ford, leader, yesterday. : In an election of officers. Donna Sue Byrd was elected president I Barbara Crowell, secretary, and Ly- dla Jo Sudbury, treasurer. They discussed law's nnd dues In other business, and reviewed their tenderfoot work. The meeting was closed with the repeating of their promises and lows. Games of Introduction, to get the members acquainted, were played Leaders are Mrs. Lunsford and Mrs. J. W. McHaney. Dorcas Class Has Monthly Social Mrs. Raymond Homer was hostess fo members of the Dorcas Sun/l;iy School Class of Calvary Baptist Chinch at her home on Chackasaw- ba Avenue last niuht for monthly business and social meeting. Six Riifsts met with 16 members, Including Mrs. Hubert Polscrove, Mrs. L. C. nolllson, Mrs. Mable Moore. Mrs. Loona Jenkins, Mrs. Darrell Lunsford and Mrs. L. Howton of Oseeola. Mrs. C. A. Johnston offered a prayer preceedinR a business session presided over by Mrs. Mary May, retiring president. Mrs. Robert IVnri'c «as elected to fill the office of president in the absence of Mrs. May. A devotional was Riven by Mrs. E. H. McMurny. nfter which layette gifts were presented to Mrs. .John-son. Tile hostess snn-ed cake with coffee at the conclusion of the evening's activities. — **t BIythevUte Hospital Dismissed: • Lonnie Llnrisey, Victoria. Mrs. Maude Byrd. city. Mrs.' Foy Burllson, Siwlp. Mrs. James Guthrle and baby city. Walls Hospital Dismissed: Mrs. Thelma Gentry and baby, city. * _ Mrs. Uston Hill and baby, city Willie Hunter, city. News In Half-Size Styles Two Guests Meet With Rook Club Mrs. E. B, ChHwood was hostess yesterday to members of the Thursday nook Club at her home, when two guesl.s played rook with members. Guests for (he afternoon's activities Included Mrs. W. E. Jost and Mrs. M. E. Jost. Mrs. chltwood centered each card table wllli blue hydrangea, while at other points of interest ehe used tall vases of roses entwined with honeysuckle. Cake and coffee were served during the afternoon. Winning first place was Mrs. Neville Dlakcmore, with second going to Mrs. W. B. Mayo. Mrs. T. O. Huey won the rooko. New Member Joins TLE Club Mrs. Dick Watson was introduced as a new member of TLE club last night when Mrs.'Jerry Scrape entertained members at her home. Guest for the gnme was Mrs. Bill Hodge. Mrs. Scrape served a salad course with coffee at Individual tables which were centered with small shallow hotvls filled with sweet peas in pale paste! shinies. Larger bowls of the same flower were used at intervals throughout the living room and dining room. Winners in the bridge snmu were Mrs. Herman Turner, first place, Mrs. Otto Scrape, second, and Mrs. J. F. Scrape, bridgo. GEO Club Meets !n Huffman Home Members of (he QEO Club played bridge last night at the home of Miss Jettye Huffman, with two guesUs players. Quests Included Mrs. W. H. O'Keefc and Mrs. Lewis Henderson. In the oriripe came. Miss Vera Goodrich won hu-'n .score-, Mrs ! Henderson won .second, and Mrs, O'Kecfe won bridpo. Arrangements of spider lilies and roses provided the floral decoration for the Huffman home. The hostess served a salad course durinc the evening. B. Gee taking second, and Mrs. O, W. McCutchen winning third, Tuesday Game A six-table Howell movement was Played by members at the Country Club, nnd six-week's series ended. Mrs. K, f, Kirshner and Br-rnaril CJooch won first place in the evening's game, with second going to Mrs. Prank Ciricsby and Mrs. Eu- Ronla Jenkins. Mrs, S. E. Tune and Mrs..o. S. Crowelt won third. In the six weeks scries. Mr.v Tune ("Ok the traveling trophy for first place with second and third plni'C xnlni! to Mre. F. E. Black and Mrs. W. D. chamblin, respectively. Thursday Game Mrs. B, A. Lynch and Mrs. Jim Rule-son won first place in a three- table Howell movement played last, nluhl at Hotel Noble, with second ?oliiK to Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Kibitzer Club * Plays in Home Carnations and roses provided the floral background In the home of Mrs. J. M. Williams. Jr., yesterday when she entertained members o( the Kibitzer Club. Centering each table, at which Bursts played bridge and were .'crved a desert course, was a small arrangement of pink and rose carnations. Red roses were'used at intervals about the house. A euest player [or the afterno, s activities wa.s Mrs. Charles CrlBscr. In bridge games conducted Mrs Harry A, Halnes took high score, with second (joins to Mrs. Robert G. McHaney. FRIDAY, SEPT. 26, 1952 Coming Events Friday Rebecca Lodge has conferring ot degree.-! following a 1:30 p.m. potluck supper at the Oddfellows Hall First Meeting of the season of Blytheville Woman's Club to be held nt 2:30 p.m. preceded by executive board at 2 p.m. Stitch and Chatter meets with Mrs. Thomas Dorris nt 7:30 p.m. Teachers Honor Primary Students Teachers of the Primary Department Two of the First Baptist Church yesterday honored pupils who will be promoted to another dep.irfment with a party. During the afternoon, the little guests played games, sang croup songs, and were served refreshments. .•:--.- . Winnie Huffman .superintendent- 'Of the- department were Mrs. E. H. Brown. Mrs. Garrott Abbott. Mrs. Howard Johnson nnd Miss Beatrice Karsctt. Singing To Be Held Troy Teeter, president 'of the Pemlscot County Singing Convention, today announced that the mothly singing will be held Sunday. 1 p.m. at Hayward. Mo. Guests singers will be the Friendly Five from Union City. Tenn. If your cat Is the type who misses you and you are worried about being away on vacation, console yourself that he will be better off at home. If at all possible, leave your pet to the care of a neighbor who can feed htm and give him water in your apartment or house. Indo-China Airport Under Construction KIENAN, Indo-Chlna W>—A new airfield is being built In Northeastern. Indo-Chlna, not far (rom the port of Haiphong through which comes much of the U.S. war aid for the French forces. The end of the year should seel it completed, it will he the first I airfield in tndo-Chlna capable of handling any Jet-propelled aircraft. .Already, broad runways stretch- Ing nearly 1'i miles have been finished—and hundreds of Vietnamese coolies are hard at work to finish the Job. Bridge Aids French Forces in Far fast HANOI, Indo-Clilna (/PI—One of the longest bridges In the Far East —the 60-year.old Pont Uoumer over the swirling Red River—dally is supporting a heavy uurder- of supplies for the French Union forces fishtinp against the Communist-led Vietminh. Over the 1'i-mile-long iron and steel span passes nearly 6,000 fully- laden big trucks, jeeps, private cars and other vehicles each day. The big bridge links Hanoi with the vital highway leading eastward to the port of Haiphong. i Bits of News Woitft Personal if * Mr. and Mrs. P, E. Coolcy 10ft today for a short visit in Springfield, Mo., and Fayctteville, Ark. Mrs. Joe P. Pride and Mrs. C. C. Councllle were in Memphis yesterday to visit Mr. Pride, tvho Is a patient at Kennedy General Hospital. Maj. W. N. Norton arrived yesterday to get his wife nnd family, who have been the guests of Mrs. Norton's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ro.-s Stevens. The Nortons are making their home In Cincinnati. Mrs. idell Lowe has entered the Crippled Adult Hospital at 1248 Lapaloma In Memphis. She is in room 114. Tom standford of Luxora is military editor of the 1053 Hazoroack at University of Arkansas. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Johnson and son, Crmrles Bruce, plan to spend the week end In Bowling' Oreen. Ky,, with Mrs. Johnson's mother, Mrs. Norman Milan. The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Curtis has been taken from Walls Hospital to their home, where her condition is reported improved. Jan Mulling, who is ill at her home, will be confined there for several more days. Miss June Veach, student at Memphis state College, plans to spend 'the week eiid here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Raydo Veach. 'Stained in the Wood' Folder Is Prepared CHICAGO (/Pi—The difficulty of showing the exact colors of wood stains as they will appear on various woods has been solved by B Chicago paint and stain manufacturer (Mnrtin-Scnour) by pubJiFh- iiifr a color folder containing 60 individual wood chips stained in various colors. The different effects obtained by the samp color stain in typical interior woods in contrast to exterior cedar is shown ny duplicating 20 of the colors on the two types of wood. The cost of preparing the elght- pape advertising folder was so great that. It Is sold for $1,50 per copy. Housewife's Life is Not Always As Tough as She Thinks It Is Writes the wife of a government worker who resents the fact that her husband has such an easy life "*• compared with her own: "I would really enjoy reading a few columns blasting •10 - hour - a week husbands into some useful activity around their homes." Instead of wrlt- „ .. , In? that blast, I'd Kuth Millet! ,i ke to ask the woman who would enjoy reading it, a few questions.' ' Did you ever stop to figure out if your working hours are so much longer than your husband's? Keep track for a few weeks—and you mav be surprised. Maybe your working day does start ivhen his does, and lasts lon»- er. But don't forget to subtract time out for an afternoon nap, the time spent gossiping on the telephone, the hour or two siwnt in a neighbor's back yard, the afternoon shopping trip — where actual purchases could have been bought in half an hour — the session "at the beauty shop, and 50 on. Count those out of your working hours, and you may find thai your actual working time is cut considerably. Also, give this a little thought: If your husband can earn a good living for his family In -10 hours a week and you say he does have a Rood Job —what's so disgraceful about that? Maybe you can figure out ways io cut your own work to a minimum, instead of feeling sorry for yourself because your work is never done and his is done in 40 hours a week. Tin The lowlands of Scotland contain 10 per cent of Scotland's area but 75 per cent o( its population and most of Its Industry. Uranium Area Placed 'OH Limits' to Aussies CANBERA. Australia (,P) _ The promising Rum Jungle uranium field in Northern Australia has been declared a prohibited area by the Commonwealth Government, Under the Defense Act of Parliament a penalty of seven years' jail Is provided for anyone who photographs, sketches, or makes notes about the prohibited area. This is the first time the Australian government has Invoked this act to protect deposits of uranium. SaVE OH IJIDFJi SMS 3S lailiis ISc. lOQ lo One type of c.xtinct Amen%in elephant attained a height of u feet. By Sue Burnett Here is that always-popular two i Piece style created especially for : the slightly shorter average' figure. Beautifully tailored vet soft! and feminine In detail. Have, short! or three quarter cuffed slee\ts. i Pattern No. S381 is a sew-rite perforated pattern In sizes 14'- leu 18' 2 . 2n' a , 22'i. 24'i. Size le'.i. short sleeve, 4*i yards of 39-inch. For this pattern, send 30c in COINS, S'our name, address, size de- fued. nnd the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett. Courier News, 315 Q'.iincy St., Chicago 6, 111. Ready for you now-- Basic FASHION for '52. Fall and Winter. This ne wi«ue la filled with Ideas for smart, practical sewine for a new season; gilt pattern printed inside the book, 2oc. SAT. ONLY! DOUBLE FEATURE .~~.~.".,miniHuI* <?•$&»'• » ^_ Serial: The Oregon Trail & C'arloon SUNDAY 8, MONDAY IME fll.MAKi.its ortitnl [HARD, FASTI! BEAUTIFUL! -Plus Shorts- 'Pastry Panis Closed Monday, Sept. 29 in observance of the religious holiday BEE HIVE STORE FEINBERG'S NEW YORK STORE MESS'S JIEDELS LANSKY'S ZELLNER'S One more thing. If your husband's life is as easy as you think you're a lucky woman. You should have him with you for R long, lonp time. It's the wife whose husband Is overworked that you should feel sorry for. Her chances of being left alone when she Is still comparatively young are a lot greater than yours. So milt resenting the fact that 3'Otir husband isn't having too fourth a lime earning a living. And stop feeling sorry for yourself because your life Is so hard. It probably isn't as hard as you like to think. And if it Is, get busy and figure out how you can make it easier. Mothers Cause Ulcers To Her Children WINNIPEG. Canada MV-Mother can and often does give her children ulcers—by remote control although it, may take 40 years. Dr. Edwin P. Peters, president of the De.s Moines College of Osteopathy and Surgery, said during a recent medical convention here that about 76 per cent of "stomach ulcers arc the result of emotional disturbances. He said mothers impart more fears to (heir children than any other agency. They may do this through excessive "don'ts" and by Iravlng the bedroom liifht en «urtri? the night, in later years, this may cause emotional conflicts which result in physical illness. Box Office Opens 7:00 Show Starts 7:15 p.m. Admission 9c & 30c Al Afl Times FRI - SAT Double Teal lire iti eniion . All who are interested in the Election of GEN. DWIGHT EISENHOWER ore invited to attend a meeting at the DIXIE PIG Ncrth Hiway 61 • Blytheville FRI., SEPT. 26-7:30 p.m. "DUTCH TREAT" CITIZENS FOR EISENHOWER COMMITTEE James Hill Jr., Chairman AIR CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION LAST TIMES TODAY Para. News Cartoon Novelty Reel RITZ GUESTS Sir. and Mrs. Johnny Hocolt Mr. and Mrs. .James Rodgers Mr. and Mrsi Monroe Beshears Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Wood, Jr. SATURDAY ONLY! Double Feature Serial: Black Hawk and Cartoon SUNDAY AND MONDAY Here are the answers to your LOVE QUESTIONS! M-&-M rrjy pr YOU FOR Mi STARKIMG PETER LAV/FORD <? mi GREER <? GIG a Sc<«nPli>bimilAM BOBtRIS [k.Ktoi By DON WEIS predatd b r «E" A KETRO.G3ttWYM-HaYFR PICTURE Plus Paramount News X Selected Shorls "No Pels Allowed" — "Water Every Hare" — "Pigskin Palooka" — Also Serial: "Zombies of Stratosphere" Plus Cartoon RITZ GUESTS Mr. and Mrs. I.ouis Gainer Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Heinicke Mrs. S. T. Harrlin and sons Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Kirshner SUN -MON Double Feature Dm AHDREWS CURL* 6UENO?, CLAUDE RMNS wilk rHIMP DORK — I'UlS— FOR SALE Beautiful brick home on Highway 61 North In Country Ctoh Drive Addition. This home has 3 evtra large bcrlrooms. large closets In each; lar^e. living room with fireplace, dining room. \cw Geneva kitchen, one and one-half oaths, ulilitj room, large screened in front porch. Servant's house «uh gas heal, garage and outdoor storage. Thh home has new roof and In top condition, Can't he duplicated for twice the selling price. Extra large lot, choice neighborhood. Triced for quick sale. SEE OR CALL JOHNNY MARR Phone 2596

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