The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 23, 1949 · Page 19
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 19

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 23, 1949
Page 19
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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1349 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COUR1EU NEWS Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople WELL ,THeyRE >J MORE INTELLECTUAL- THEVUSEDTO THIKJK HILARIOUSLY FUNNY TO PUT CUP GREASE 01 TVf SWEEPER'S WHEELBARROW - suLsy—. ^ we CM x MEAM AMOS— M SELL - VJ6 3OST SPUW T? AT OUR 8CAINS Ah SHOOK OUT AM IDEA — MW06 ALVIM AMD T C£ SAVJ6TUE BALL GAME. IP <M£ PEDDLE YOUR STOCWMG-MUPFLERS ^ AT CHRI6TMAS TRSe .—^ -, icns.^/ !*^ / TH 1 GUY PR1LLEP ( A HOLE A LITTLE \ OFF AND TUG ) JOKESTERS ARe •R3 ^^AKE / IT LOOK uKE rr / WAS SUCH A BIS BLUNPER.TKATTK V HULL SHOP KNOWS I rr IK) FWE MINUTES: JOVS.' YOU 6HPN6RS U A BLUSH OP SHAME TO THESE OLD CHEEKS/YOUR COURAGE A1 PORTEMD A FUTURE FOR AMERICA AMD TUG THAI PIECE THERE OJTH 1 FLOOR- K1KJDA UWIOUE: SCATTER We REST Seize THE FALLEN FLA.G- little larty in Miami." Hilt-sir shook her head. "I don't il. Why didn't the Miami girl liolii Tom up herself when he left her?" By Virginia leale . IMt, NU SIHVICC. INC 4-tooni Jiouse. Willow St. Mrs. . I'lione 2566. 12,21 pit 12 '23 Warehouse 30'xlCV on rullroacl *ld- ln« Midwest Dairy Products PI) «41 11116 c Klasti cameras lor OHTELN'b STUIJIO L I 1 occasions *"UH KENT: KrozeD Pond lockers Blaylnefc'a Highway 61 Phozje 3172 US ck U New lour room house, electric tights, on gootl gravel road, school bus anil city route, ay, miles from town, C P TucKfr. ph. 6631. 12.20 pit 23 A room house, furnished or unfurnished. 7!0 Jamison. 12 : 23 uk 31 Wanted to Buy Hlgnest price pam for CI11UKENS- EUUb Ash Street Urocery <fc Market 417 w Ann siv ck u for Sale, Cars and Trucks 1931 Korcl Pick-up. Good condition, gnort rubber, new battery lor only J95.W) or make offer. Sep. itt 2000 *horl Hose Street. 23 pic 28 -- — yWor Bale by owner tlscn Chevrolet 2 ooor sedan good mechanical condition Radio, neater te gootl rubber Come and sea *'. T. Elder. 215 W. Kentucky. *"• 12.17 l|l Lost Tractor chnln lost Monday on Clear I.RKe Itoacl. Finder please leave Rt nillenberry's Store on Clear Lake Hoad lor KEWARD. 1222 nk 25 Loans WANT A FARM LOAN I have one of the best loans to be had. 20 years to pay. Cheap rate of interest. Will refinance your place or help you to buy one. RIALES LAND CO. \V. T. Barnett—Russell Riales 22G2 two phones 3322 11-25 ck tf Money to Loan uo you n*«o ft lom Co repour 01 r*. W4el7 Mo aniVn payment on mor|. IK, no red I»p« ^ " FTIA APFROVEU HATES »t7., ASK FOB DETAIL Max Logan, Realtor •fcnne 203* Lynch BmintDR Blr^nerlllft Ark •l?3-ck-tl FARMS CITY PROPERTIES LOANS INSURANCE See us for service. See us and save W. L. TAMKE REAL ESTATE AGENCY Larry Ingrain-Herman May Cooper Bid.—Ph. 4G27 12-9 ck 1-9 Notice Motner <t Son want work. Sat off. Also wnnt to buy small farm with house, or rent farm. Ale*, co Isaac RRkcr. TrftsXwDod, Arlt., Rt. i, ' 12,22 pk \1U H&TB you thought or Christmas. ,185-1? Probably not and neither have we, except Ihnt If yon Rive her • Bendlr Wisher now. she'll still be thanking you December 25. 1954 mitl years After come In and Me the .^ndlx line at Hubbaid A; Hoke Aji- •^ince Company 12,U cfe 12 ; 24 LIVE STOCK MF.N AHENTION FARMERS Dead, fallen snd crippled animals picked up free of charge in sterilizer! trucks. Call collect, 6142, iilythe- ville, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAI DISPOSAL CO. j '"I'HE nurse bi"j;nn to shake tlown | -*- a thermometer: "I'm son'y, but i :your visitors must go, Mr. Yakov." ' | Trotter, Hagar and Stephanie I began to move quietly to the door. "Miss Scrcnov!" Yakov called faintly. Stephanie turned. ' "1 ask your pardon, but I cannot think of anyone who might feel kindly toward Babush-. ka. Would it be possible that you would call at my house anil see to my small cat's food and water? Also, thai the window where she jumps to the yard is open sufficiently? A key to my studio will be found beneath the fiftli (lower pot on the window ledge." "I'l! be glad to, Mr. Vakov." She hesitated a moment in the doorway as though there were something more she wanted to say. Hagar fidgeted as Trotter drove them up Cresl Drive to the eray- shingled house. When he refused to come iiijide for a cup of coflee, i her face showed frank relief and she bid him an enthusiastic goad- by. "Seems like I've been to Timbuktu," Hagar commented as she . slid the key into the lock. "Place'll look lo me like iLs carpeted in gold after being a guest of the city for two days." She swung the door open and iieaved an cx- ' plosive sigh: "Ha! Here we are! j Well, what do you say, girl? Isn't it good to be home?" ! Stephanie sank down on her fa- vorile hassock. "Poor old Tom O'Neill." Hagar strode over and stood with her lists on her hips: "Why poor? The man murdered Falter your aunt, and had a try at Yakov and your own man, Keddy!" "I feel sorry for anyo'nc who lived with Nellya. I'm sure she was the one who caused it all." Hagar marched toward the : kitchen. "Don't speak ill of the dead, ' she called back. "How about a cup of coffee?" Just as Hagar was putting on (he teakettle, there was the sound of squealing brakes outside, followed by the slam of a car door. * • * OEODY stepped ill, smiling, and Stephanie flung her arms around his neck. He laughed down at her: "Easy, baby, easy! Remember my contusions! I'm not supposed to have any excitement for at least a week. After that—we'll gel married!" Hagar glanced at them with mock severity. "Never mind the romance—lime for that later. You came over here to letl us a story, Reddy. Hegin with the letters, the ones Yakov swiped from Faker's l>lai:e Ihc night of the murder." Keddy sighed. "Tnal's as good a starting point as any, I guess. Well, the letters were from Nell to Falter, and from another Mrs O'Neill to Falter." "Another Mrs. .O'Neill!" It came simultaneously from Hagar and Stephanie. Reddy nodded. "It seems that Tom was not legally divorced from Wife No. -1 when he'married wife No. 5—NcU. Falter, with his genius for digging up little items like that about people, had got wind of it and was blackmailing Tom. Strange as il may seem, Tom seemed actually to be in love with Nell, and Falter had convinced him that she'd leave his bed and board if she found out about the bigamy angle." Hagar snapped her fingers: "So he killed Falter because he was tired of paying blackmail?" "No, it wasn't quite as simple as that. Falter was doing a neat little job of double blackmail. He'd been in correspondence with the other Mrs. O'Neill who was working down in Miami and had convinced her that she could get quite a nice income out of Tom by allowing Martin lo handle the affair for her. Falter was getting SoOO a month out of Tom and was sending about a third of it to the "According lo the teller she wrote Fuller, Tom had given her a nice round sum when they called il (mils and she liad agreed lo let hiiri divorce her. But, before he sol around to Hint formality, he met Nell, was completely bowled over and married her without bothering to divorce wife No. 4." "Okay," Ungar agreed, "I'll buy that. Now, then, you figure Tom killed Martin because he was tired of paying him money and because he was afraid Martin would even- , tuully lell Nell nbout the Miami allair and Nell would leave him'.'" 'jVJ OT quite. Tom had concealed three tilings inside that blue ceramic figurine he made at the time of the first murder. One was the murder weapon, which, as Arnold f'ficflcr suspected, was tiiis bodkin thing Tom had talked him oil! of; Ihe second was a bloodstained shirt Tom evidently had worn at Hie time of Ihe murder; and the third was a crumpled, letter Nell had written to Martin when he was out of town on one of his deliberately arranged trips. We found out from Trotter that Falter had pulled that little trick before to gel bis intended victim to write incriminating letters. Anyway, this letter from Nell O'Neill told Falter she intended lo divorce Tom, hold him up for a tidy settlement and Ihen elope wilh Fallcr. "Tom and fuller were drinking in Bob's place—they had an argument there. Bui before thai Tom slipped sleeping pills in Filter's drink, so he could go lo Walter's sludio later and search for the blackmail letters. Tom was menially and emotionally unbalanced and so when he found Ibis particular lellcr from Nell, he went inlo a jealous blackout and stabbed the sleeping Fallen He look that one lellcr with him lo brood over and foolishly lefl Ihe others on the floor, where Yakov discovered them later." (To Re Co--" '-•" For Sole, Cars and Trucks NOW All lour (4) wheels pull on the Willys station Wn K on, Pickup ami nigged Jecii. "The worlds most useful vehicles". Ulythcvllle Willy Snlrs Co. ft,. 554 12.22 cw ]!22 "Finns "i Los AnBden. fencing Dec. a. Can take one passenger. Pti 3217 1223 pk 25 1 "..! 11111 * I> n "«»««>l<: wry.ce STUDIO f|8.<*-tl FOR SALE Concrete culvert* 12 Inch lo «k inch pl»tn 01 rccntorced Also Conrrclr Building Work, cheap er (Han lunihn for barn* clil.-krr houses pump hnDse*. l»n»nl hnt.scs tool shrds w- drllTti Call us rot (r« utlrrmte I'hone 6fll OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO THE GRAMS COMR\NY Real Estate - Moriaaac Loans- Insurance i>SCEOL\ „<_ - BLYTHEVILLE lone 521 Phone 3075 -Master Plumber- JORDAN PLUMBING COMPANY, Inc. All Work Ouaranlccd For 12 Alimlha 531 Norlh ]0lh I'honc 6(10! 1 pit t'21,50 To All Our Friends and Customers Merry Christmas May-we express our sincere appreciation and thanks for patronage and favors "•eri to us in the past It is our desire to be of continued service to you. May your 1950 be a prosperous and Happy New Year JOHNNY MARR REAC ESTATE $10 LESS EVERY DAY! 1946 Dodge 1-Ton Pickup • Saturday's Price O $' OQ LU O Yes, the price will be reduced $10 every day until the truck's sold. Saturday's price, $715; Tuesday's price ?705, et. if it's still here. This truck has good tires, excellent body, and motor has been completely overhauled. Don't miss it! 715 OTHER LOW PRICED USED CARS Plionc Jill 12-21 U 1948 Studebakcr Commander 5-Passengcr Coupe 1947 Chevrolet 2-door 1946 Plymouth 4-door 1946 Studcbaker Champion 4-door 1941 Chevrolet 2-door 1940 Ponfiac 2-door CHAMBUNJALES CO. RAILROAD & T°SH PHONE 888 FllECKLES AN!) HIS FRIENDS B\ MKRRHJ, BLO88M A Gift Idea SMOOPERS Ar THE WINDOW PULL THE GJRIAIrJ, FRKK/ y&'M7 ***•„-" V£"( 10 ALMOSr .AUDNO iSSf A H= R * LD A(*3EL<;^J FOIKXJTfR-l PRESENT $?A * CILI^ 2 1 WIIATS R3RTf(E VK'.C ^ -> lrV K»,GlO8V A Ni:»Ri-Y /CRUMPET Haven't you got something about oight-by-tort to go with blue wallpaiior?" Color Si-liviiiinj HY AL VERMEER IF HE EXPECTS A BLUE TIE, WHV BUY HIM A ONE ? for Them BY MICHAEL O'MALI.EY and HALPH LANB~~ THAT'S THE GUV THAT SdW ME, RIGHT--MONTEDECARtO IEAVETHIS DUMP FOB AWHI1E. THE COPS ARE MARRIED A RICH "^ WIDOW GUI IN RENO, IT SAYS HtfiE. Thai's His Trmlc IiY LESLIE TURNER , HOW 0' VOU DO, ME. DICKEY. \ VE5...OW A '--OVOu'Et A BAUVCEC roo.EH? J BUSWAW'S ^—-j HOLIDAV. AH. ~^ \ BUT THIS UOTE EXPLAIV. i/ UISIT CLAOLV, MR. DICK6V... VJE'RE QUITE PROUD OF oue new VAULT! WITH DUE LIKE THIS «KI CM) FflROEIASOUT SAFECRRCKERS "DEACON* CAllS f,r THE WITH Ills PASE LETTER OF IMTCODUCTiOW. HURRV UP, BUG5//IT WON'T BET 1 I'M TIRCP/' /--T LONG NOW PETUNIA,/ , MY BAC«V JUST A ' IT'S FINISHED/ TAKE A GANPER AT IT/ TOO.' ^/MORE BRUSH STROKES, AN YA C'N (JNLAX/ IJY V. T. HAMUN I KNCW I LEFT IT , SOME \VME5E N < JK.S CLOSET.' HOOTS AN!) IIKK KUDDIKS HY EDGAR MARTIN - -/-'— -~V- ff ?'&>•&£ ? S S\*\A~--j*'''' : '-^&

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