The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 23, 1949 · Page 18
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 18

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 23, 1949
Page 18
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' PAGE EIGHTEEN BLYTTTEVn.I.p; (AHK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION P&lfy rate pe* nne mi consecui'*' insertions: Wmmmm c/iargt .......... .. Kf 1 lime pej Hat .............. l»c a utne* pet line pei day ..,»,.,. 12c 4 time* pel line per d«y ...... Vc fl time* pel Line per a ay . ....... fc 12 ttpiec pel line pci day ...... 4f Monto per not ......... (We Coyni me &• erage wordc to the Mm Ad ordeiea |oi itiio* m su timer »ua • topppa ofToff expiration win Df cflsrg- en (nt ctte ouniDei 01 timer in* »Q appeared «nn anjustmem ol Bin uiAae All ciBKMdea AdrerttKinp «ipj *UD- muua oy person* rrRUlitm outsiti* <n trio cilj anifit dr- anew m pun I? a oy ca*B Hatee may easily be cnmputed from tin lions laces me one time isnJe No responsibility wilt DC i*K«n more ilii ii fine incorrect inf eil\(' All Ras art r^siri't classification My'*Courier N cw* reserve or rtject an; ft<j Notice Just a word to efir to nil ft Merry Cnrliilmas. We rejoice wuli you the coming Into the world ol the Prince of Peace. \Ve rejoice for you coming Into our lives as frlonds. It IB not possible for us to personally see yon and extend good wtslu-s, hut we do U'Jsri you the brst nf every thing. G. W. act Mrs. B;irliam, J2.23 pk J2|24 Aportmc/if for 2-rtiom furnished apt. Close In. Utilities furnished. Phone 20C2. 12,22 pk 1?.25 3 room apt. 401 E. Ash ,t LjlLy. 1221 pk 3 room furnished apartment. Call 3539. 12 21 pk 24 2 room furnished apartment. 801 N. Franklin, ph. 4684. 12122 pk 2i One 4-room apt. One 3-room apt. Upstairs. Private hnths. Mrs. W. T. BBlter. Phone 2566. 12.11 pk 12 ; 29 6m«H furnished apt. fileeplriR room. Phone fi^OG. 12 21 pk 12 24 3-room apt. Jamison. 12,19 3 room house and hath, on E'nsl Rose. H. C. Complied, phone 4416 or 29UO. 1222 rk 25 Newly fumlshiKl or unfurnished ajit Close lu. Cntl 621R. 12,14 ck 1228 Modern c aervlce. Pb rt/neiits Cafe 121! pk 311(50 2 room I urn Is tied apartment. Ph. 12; 22 pk 25 2-rcHim unfurnished apt. Settled couple only. 100 K. Rose call after 4:^0. 1222 pk 29 Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services CHAPMAN »EJ1VJO» 0'IATION • 111 «j Ultl.MoD flmar iMJ Lkia't enUanK« jniu IRMIIIJ with (»uHj llrti— BU» UP.* riKKH II 13-ck-M Insurance fas FARM BUKKAU INHUItANCK service, call or comm II li 8)in>pnril pnonc 2157, early mnmlUK. nfwin 01 msllt. ia,IO Pk I|IO Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection ooiunwa 4 Ei'C Typewriter TYPEWRITERS ttnyai. sjmitn Cnrnn* *no Henilnjftnn DON EDWARDS I'rj* l^pwrltpl Man ill) K Second St Plum* 338V fl )ft rk i Services I'rolFislona) electric rcpalrliiR done AH wort Kiiflrantncri. He;isoiinble rules No job too small Ph. 3531 l!i 20 pk 2U AUTO AND FUHNITUIU IXJANfa/ - Wftsnins macfjlnef repaired A ' makes iltyttievllic tlacnine Whop pri Td£V> 118 ck tl Kxperi call Cfearting ni ceilliign Hums, carpets wJntlnwF and ii cry FILI'S IJIJHA-t'I.KAN pr> J PLAS'l ERING BOB MALONE Cull '1153 or 3323 Blyllicvillc or '107 Osceolii 10-G ck 1 -G Andlts made. bookeeplnK systems cievisen, Stftte aud Kcclcial Reports II led. income tax returns prepared, and oool:s kept on pnrt time basis Call $!);((> or write Oliver W Keener Accountant. South Division St , f)ly- thevllJe. I2|i6 pk ujg ASK THE MAN WHO BOUGHT ONE MIKE O'KEEFE Rl. 1, Ulytheville MIKE SAYS: — : "Twice jusl recently I have bought older model used cars for Ihe hands on my place. Each time V found n very serviceable car priced right at I.angslon-McWaters." Buy Your Used Car From a Recommended Dealer! 1947 CHRYSLER 1445 1!)I7 Chrysler Windsor 5-Pas- scnger Coupe. Here's a mighty fine cai. ..only Ki.OOtl actual y, miles. New while sidvwullS lires, radio & healer, defroster, custom-made seal covers, Special Ifllfi Plymouth 1-door. radio & heater. . .$895. 1912 Studcbakcr with radio & healer. . .55-15. 1911 Dodge, very clean, radio £ heater.. .$595. 1911 Chevrolet 2-door. . .$115. Iflll linick with while sidewalk, radio & heater . . . S(> 15. into Buick...SI!)r,. Iflii? Fnrd Coupe. . .§250. 1?3(> I'ord Coupe, radio & healer. . .?225. mii Chevrolet. . .SI30. IMS l'i\ mouth. . .51.15. Langston-AAcWaters BUICK COMPANY Walnut nt H road way Dial 555 for Service It ha* been a pleasure for all of us to serve you during the past year. And we just want to let you know (hat we value your friendship and patronage... and that we wish you and your families a very pleasant Christmas season. YOUR DEALER' illis Meter 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 *ftmjf 5AIt I'JIi) Ford (,'usloin '1'uilor, blue, lias radio & healer, cxccllciil ciindilion. . ..>l.')!)5. 1UI7 I'ord Tudor, black, radio & heater. . .51095. 5!)J(i Ford Tudor, healer and seal covers. . .$895. ]i)i(i I'lynioulh (,'oadi, healer and while tires. . .$950.- ]()I2 I'lymoiilli Coat-li, lols of gaud miles ft'fl in this car. . .§1 15. li):i!) Oldsnioliile "(>" Fordor. . , ?115. 191!) CJii'vrolel Sedan Delivery, very clean, has healer nnd grille guard .. .§11)95. 101!) Chcvrolfl I'ickiip, just over 5,000 miles, clean as a pin. . .has ,radio. . .$1 195. 1 !)I5 Ford I'ickup, new paint, good tires and stock rack. ..$5'J."». lilllire 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 For Sale, Misc. Jersey milk tow. Ezra Hampton, HI, 1 Uox 3^^. UlytlievlUe. 12 L 2l pk 24 Can set] you plumbing ll.iuircs nnd insiaJl thoin. No down [inytnetit. Low nionllliy paynienls. Pti Harry Mjrors. (i^4'J. 12,21 pic 12,^1 FOR SALE; HKKDS FEED STORK. Kp I \nett, Mo. 12.21 pk 1229 Ul ad iron iiuiipr KxccUcnt con iH lion Simiiioiis BHuIlo divan Doi 143 Dell. 1'none 2101. 23 pk 27 Selling bill Eteglftter^d Blonde Male Cocker's. S2U. Phone 2-106. • ~ - 12,^1) pk 12 2B 1 Reel Helly Ford with ctiulprneiiL inyi.UO. 1 El John Dccrc with equipment 5395-00. 2 new M. D. Fnnnutls IM wUh nteitet) S'2750,00. I now II KarmaU 51750,00. 1 CrsiwLor tractor B' v •I'ftiiclctnii cllsr: S2100.UO. A. U, UiAoii '£\ 3 miles Exsi or Dell, 1223-13 pk M 50 Late 1947 Ford tractor. Used very llULi' With cultivator, disk, buster Imrrow ^ hialk ctiticrs. Louie Slnitu! mUe wi'.sl an mile south of Victoria tfiiri-iuii. .-y:.. 1223 pk. 31 (.Jliidl^ou Itoncr. Rxccllont condition iilimiums studio <llvan. Box M'! Ilcl] Phone 2701, 2J llk 27 u H 5. baby stroller. KtJiK-O-IIcjii neater, chiirici o;ik .'o;\3 neater. ^41- 1221 pk 122-1 PIANOS FOR 8A1.K WR HAVE SEV- HKAL NBW FAO-roflV CSUAHANTEED ai'INET PIANOS POIl SALE AT BIG DISCOUNTS WHILE THEY I^HT UllOOKS MUSIC STORE 1C»7 FAST MAIN ST.. HP 811 I2J5 ck if Dlotid cockers I'll 24QC 12 10 pk ]|io Mogno^iKiy \ cencr aanuuK room situ, uood concJHlon PJi -1H6 O.sccola 1219 pk U26 Used Tractors Avery Tractor And Ltiiiipincnt. 2 AMis Chalmers Model WC. with Eqiilpmc-Lit. Model '2$ iV £•;<! tl 1 p tnen L Mussuy-HrtrrLs ModcJ 2'2 i Equipment, slight Ly used. Mrtbscy-Harris Model 44 K A: Clutlvator. Ma^sey-Harris Model ID] Jr., with cultivator, mower 61 Implement Co. Bl)-fttre 1 ft r in wllh 6'ioom house Joining city proiirtLj' back ot Meth- od 1st cliiirL-h, Stecle. MO-, known BS Ada Hrorjks tiiatc Mall tjid to Uovvcy Keanliey, -lM-20tli at. Carlo. 111. i reserve the / IK lit to reject any or nit mils, 12.21 pic 12,2-1 Real Estate Farms — City Property LOANS U LD(eie5leO E Noble Gill Agency REALTORS Cecil Earls - K. B. Joyner Glcncoc Bldg. Ph. U No. Hiway Cl Phone 2142 10.25 ck Here's your chance An- a going business J. O.'s CAFE' Stecle, Mo. Is for Sale. $2,500 for fixtures and equipment plus invoice of stock. (Over $5,000 original investment.) Call I22J Steele, Mo. 12-20 pk 28 Want to miy a farm? We have it. Farm 40 •• i-s up to laj'ge phmtaLion in ..nrtheast Ark. and SouUicasl Mo. bee us foi a larm Joan CATl^S WtJR'l'HlNGTON CO REAITOKS 115 So. 3rd St. Btytheville. Ark. Oeo t ge W \V i c;;.e o i W C Caler Ph 1751 JU26 ck 11 Bus/ness Opportunities for Sale by owner, pool room nn«J rtonmio pat lor a'.veil tocntlon doln^ youd bnslnc&s. Only 2 [>ool rooms an town ol 4.WJO popuJatloti. C us! ness increases with bad u'tathr Owner has oitipr in tor CMS. Contact F. T Klder 215 West Ky- A7e. Dlytnevlle. Arkansas 12 ; l7 pk Ijl Herp Wanted Hor RRcd 12 to 14 lor Press Hclmltar route. I'll. 4623. 12.21 iik 21 Private Rooms Comfortable benrootn Call 2675 12114 pk lf!4 Bedroom, convenient to bath Steam rai- Ph 3325 611 W Main SI 129 pk 1|9 Bedroom for rent Ph 2313. 12j7 UomJon;irj]e bedroom convenient to town Men only 3tO W Wftlnut 122 pk H2 Ueclroom adjoining bath. Ph. 23:18 1221 pk 1[21 Etcrtrootii atJJolnhiK bath. Ph. 2338 12,21 pi'- Ii2t Help Wanted, Male ATTENTION Need saSt.snmn collector to run cs- tablishrcl routes. Only mnrrtcit men ncea apply. Salary approxhnntely 56.CKM) a year. JI Interested .SCR me MOSS ROZOP 3H Madison Memphis. Tennessee 12j2l pk 12 2-1 Salesman W anted For Sate. Real Estate '1 ro'A" Jo lin Dec re tractor pla A. u. Uuclos, Pronilbcrt Uuul. Ph 21 pit 3-rooni home on corner lot 50x151) It. ALJ fenced Chicken house. Kiur^e Ni-xt TO new school M[i- I'riccd to corner IO L MX room HOUM- ]l ny H8UU. Terms will crh scpnratrly Call * M ' J la 17 ilk 1231 MISSOURI Cotton, corn and bc-an land 40- .ic res 5- room house scree nrd 1n fro tit mi oiu-k poichos and concrete Hooors ;iiul concrete walks Itotit and buck nice smoke honso. 2 hums fleet rie Liuiiux). School bus by -i->or. Adjoining in ownca ana occupied by owners of Rood I own on neromit ot liti win sacrifice at 5150.000 per . l> acrp.s MA In cultivation. House iriiR a nice place for a home 1 e 1' 2 baJe ot cotton l!)^3 better ti a hair this year owner lives In iiiu airite says sell. A steal at $75.00 acre Cfirtner rsr.nte Co le. Mo. ml. Arc yon looting for R growing business V Then become a RawleLgh Dealer. LtuslneiUi Is Rtlll on the up-grade i or the Ilaw'clgh ninn. The company ijow completing fi story ucldltlon to the Memphis Factory to lake care ol growing Southern If you can cjnaUfy tills should he [he busf- nesj? that you have been looking for a lon^ time. A good man Is needed 10 supply Consumers In South Mississippi or Osreola County, where Haw- leltjh E'roflucts have been sold Tor 3D years. 1500 families In this locality Write Raivletsh's, Dept. AKL-210-216A. Memphis. Tcnn.. or see H. C. Bliss YeLh-llle, Ark. 1223 ^ 2 ^ (Continued on Next Page) The..scientific: imme fur tlio sninll Tibet in fox t.s Vulpo.s fcrrilaLus. We wish you c*ch-wc wni you the blessings and happiness of this Yulctittc scawn. Our best wishes for' your happincsx n alt through tt\c A'ew >'cjr. ft is aa/n our pIcasMTC to thank you most sincerely for your r>, p.irron.i^c. We tried to .\crvc you well— we hope to icrvc you even better . T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. SHEET METAL WORK. OF ALL KINDS L'nslom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up 1o 1/4 inch thickness Frank Simmons Tin Shop 1 17 South Broadway Phcmr 2fiSl Select Used Cars SAVE MONEY ON THESE USED CARS TODAY Tremendous savings on this Ifllfl Nash Dcmonslralor! 1!Mi) Nash Ambassador I door Custom Sedan, light grey color, equipped with radio, heater, foam cushions, while .sidovvall tires, plastic seal covers.. .and hearing a new car guarantee! l!i 18 Nash ,'(i()0" Cltib Coupe in truly perfect condition, 2-lonc green & grey, has radio, healer, and white sittcwall I ires. 1!M7 Crosley 2-door. . .has new puinl julj. \VILL SAC- inKIClO! 151I7 Chcvrolcl Ftcclmasler I -door Sedan, glossy black, radio & healer, low mileage . .a very nice car. 1!)!8 Nash "liOO" Club Coupe, lighl grey, radio & healer, overdrive. , .Ibis car will gel 25 miles lo the gallon. SHELTON MOTOR CO. 215 Sourh 2nd Phone 4438 FRIDAY, DECEMBER 23, HOLIDAY SPECIALS 1917 Chevrolet Town Sedan. . .a real nice car.. .$1195 19-11 Pontiac .i-door Sedan. . .only $595. 1938 Chevrolet Town Sedan, new motor. . .$395. 191S Ford i/i-Ton Pickup, callle rack, radio, healer low mileage...a slcal al $995. ' 19-12 Plymouth 2-door Sedan, radio & healer. . .51195. 19-1I5 Ford 3/-I-Ton Stake Truck.. .$695. 19-16 Chevrolet Panel y, -Ton.. .clean as a pin...$693.' 1915 Chevrolet '/,-Ton Pickup Truck. . .only $595. 1911 Dodge I'/i-Ton Truck, stake body. . .$195. 13-IS Jeep. . .this is a real mud job...$695. 19-11 Ford i/i-Ton Pickup Truck... $195. EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, Yon Can Always Make n Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company 301 Wi'sl Walnut Phone 578 DOWN DOWN DOWN DOW N GO PRICES! 19-11 Chevrolet 5-Pas.senjfcr Coupe. . .$.195. li)19 I'ord i/i-Ton Pickup, just like new. . .$1095. 191!) CMC '/j-Toii Pickup, lot of extras. . ..$1(195. 1!)I7 Oldsiinouile -l-duur "(iO Scries", a ronlh- nice cur. . ..?!)!)5. 19IT ftlercury Convcrliblc, has everything on it. This car is a honey!. . .$10!)5. 1!!-1R Olilsnuiliile 2-door, maroon color, h;is white sidewall I ires, radio & healer. . .51295. Come In And Get A Bargain! Easy GMAC Terms High Trade-In Allowance 9 On A New CMC Pickup * LEE MOTOR SALES Oldsmobile — CMC Trucks 306 East Alain Phone 6151 J Ufw*^' Two of the best joys of Christ-, mos are having good friends and wishing them a great deal of happiness, CLOSED SAT. NOON 'TIL TUBS. STILL and YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First at Walnut phone 4333

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