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The Enterprise and Vermonter from Vergennes, Vermont • 2

Vergennes, Vermont
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VIW10.T ITEM. LETTER FROM A MEMBER OF THE SEC paragraph. We have not heard of the arrest from any other source 'We learn from private sources that the Hon. Alex. R.

Boteler of Virginia, was captured by the Federal troops, at his residence near SlieP" herdstown, and taken on Tuesday to Smdy Hook to Gen Banks, We have not understood the cause of his arrest, or what disposition has been made of him. Possibly he will be exchanged for fco TTn Ulr EIv." Friday. August 33. 1861. Hard on the Newspapers.

Over one hundred and fifty newspapers have been discontinued within a few months. No business has suffered more from the hard times, than that of publishing newspapers. Advertising' has either fallen off or the price seriously reduced. Very many of those who advertised last year, have failed in business, and thcamount due is almost a dead loss. Others who have property cannot meet their bills as they become due and the printer has to suffer with the rest.

Nevetheless many papers which are defunct would have lived if the subscribers had paid Let the patrons of periodicals remember that prompt payment alone will save them. Runaway and Smash up. On Saturday afternoon last, aa Mr. D. Coats of Moukton, was riding by the Green in this the Creek, one of the boldbaeks slipped over the iron, and RETURN OF CAPT.

EATON. Capt. Eaton, with twenty-five recruits for his Company, left Vergennes yesterday about 12 o'clock. Some two hundred assembled at the depot to see the soldiers. off.

There were parents, wives, brothers and sisters, and friends. Many tears were shed. Alas I such scenes are occurring every day all over our land. As the cars started, three cheers were given for the soldiers. Through the efforts and kindness of Mr.

Milo Fisher of this city, each of the volunteers were furnished with a white, cotton haversack, and when they started they were well filled with food for the boys on their way. A variety of good things cakes, cheese, were sent to the Vergennes Company, by the people of 'Addison, Pan-ton, New Haven, and Monkton. The Panton box contained two large old cheeses, and a variety of goodies also socks, towels, linen handkerchiefs, woolen yarn, It was recently reported that Mr. B. had died of a wound received at Bull ANOTHER NEWSPAPER OFFICE GUTTED.

Easton, Aug, 19, 10 P. M. The office of the Sentinel, a paper. advocating peace and compromise is now being gutted by a mob. Col.

Philip Johnson, the member of Congress elect from this district has been burned in effigy and made to show his colors. The riot still prevails and there is great excitement. FROM FORTRESS MONROE. Fortress Monroe, Aug. 18th.

Gen. Wool assumes command here this morn-inS- The 2d and 4th Battalions of Boston have voted unanimously to offer their services tj the Govern- ment for three mouths. Gov. Andrew in a brief upon the citizens of Massachusetts to coine forward and till up the regiments already accepted for the war' Between 3 and 4000 men will be forwa: ded during the present week. A Secssioii Editor Tarred and Feathered, Boston, Aug.

20. In Haverhill, last night, A. L. Kimball, editor of the Essex County Democrat, a weekly secession sheet, was forcibly taken from his house by an excited mob, and refusing information w-as covered with a coat of tar and feathers and ridden on a rail through the town. Subsequently he promised to be a good citizen, saying, "I am sorry I have published what I have, and promise that I will never again write or publish articles against the North and in favor of secession, so help me God." Anotlier Pennsylvania Newspaper oilice cleaned out.

Philadelphia, Aug. 10. The Jefforsonian newspaper office in West Chester was quietly visited by a crowd last night and cleaned out. The schooner Ilannibil from St. Thomas reports that the privateer Sumter was captured by one of our men-of-war and taken back to Cura-coa.

WAR NEWS. I'nion Troojs Fired upon by 31 is- son i i Secessionists. JefTerson City, Aug. 18. A hile Col.

Stelles 5th reserve corps and Col. Wurthington's oth Iowa were coming down the river on the Government steamer, they were fired upon with camion and small i itr uilus recci'iiuM iioiu uie Killing one and wounding seven or eight of the troops. There is great excitement amonz the TeoTjle alonj; the river consequence of greatly exag- gerated accounts of the battle near Springfield, which is represented as a great victory for the secessionists. A Ucbel Camp Surprised. Ironton, Aug.

17. Messengers bring information that Col. Ileicks, who left here Thursdav even sonic with his regi- ment, surprised a body 00 rebels near in" and rreuvricKsnurg, eany yesterday mora i i i i captured all their camp equippago and ate the Capt. Eaton desires to express his thanks, and thanks in behalf of tbe Vergennes Company, to all friends, who have so kindly and generously remembered the soldier. EFGov.

Fairbanks has issued a proclamation making an earnest call upon the young men of the State to enroll their names at the Several recruiting stations, that in the present emergency, the two regiments may be filled up as quickly as possible. Here are his closing words Let it not be said that the Green Mountain State was among the last to fly to the rescue." SABBATH SCHOOL PIC-NIC AT PANTON. On Wednesday last, on that dirty, blowey, disagreeable day, there was a pic-nic at Ceder Grove, near Adams Ferry, Panton. Some three hundred, led by two drums and two fifea, march ed from the meetinghouses to the Grove, where they had a good time generally, the strong wind not disturbing them at all, but on the whole it was rather pleasant to hear it sweep through the trees. Such wild music is sometimes delightful.

The ladies had provided just such food as every body wanted, and when the tables were pet, and all things ready, it disappeared rapidly. Speech es were then made by Rev'ds Warner and Par ker, Methodists, and Sawyer, Baptist, also by J. R. Converse, who made a glowing war speech The pic-nic was a decided success and richly on joyed. A dozen guns or more were fired.

Would that we had been there. A Preacher. A fellow suspected of being a spy, lately went to Fort Monroe, claiming to be a missionary preacher from the South. He was placed under the care of Capt. Leach at the Rip Raps, a 6ort of penal colony, containing prisoners and doubtful characters.

On he was invited to entertain his select congregation. He concluded to give a history of man, instead of preaching a regular discourse. Capt. thought liest to have tiie missionary earn his rations, and so set him to work. One moraine he sent for the Captain and when he went to him, he found him clasping his head with both hands, lie said that he believed be was just coming out of i quaking at the sound ol' the long roll (the call one of his crazy spells.

But the dodge did not to amis) as was the ease at our last camping and he will probably earn his rations foHKlace' uf rs protec- i tion ami encouragement over our heads, and the some time to yet. i The wife of Henry Bradley of a Cmr Inxrii inff with :1 m-ln i (. m.j i3ivitij'r Antonio Camp, recently of St. Johns'rmrv last heard trom, the pair were at f.oi tenement house in WiWere' occupied hy three Ourneu on ine imu ngether with twain! sundry pi stabled in the barn pants of the house barely ei-caped lives. 1 The housa and wheelwright shoo of Whitcomb.

near Johnsou, was monday the 12th, by a fljjd, giving thi in- hardly time to escape. i J. Halsey Cushuian of Bsnningtn. appointed Quartermaster in the Fourth' ment of. Vermont.

This is tj ment. Order from Gov. Executive St. Johnsbury, Au. l'j GENERAL ORDKK.

The several recruiting oScers enlist volunteer for the Fourth im mentfi, are required to use the utm -t in filling up their respective i Jt ready for immediate service. r. further required to make rei t. Commander-in-Chief by mail or -num'ter of men enlisted, that at the eaK impracticable an inspection be election of officers held by the AJiut-in: spector General. Recruiting failin -1 list a sufficient number of fir iV.l r-'rn ies will hold themselves in rea-linc-is into head quarters wit.i their j.ri inspection and election of officers.

By order of the j.nimnder-in-Chief. Signed, Go. A. AIsriii Secy Civil nnd Military ulIU; CJ -'i- PERSONAL ITEMS. Capt.

Hager of the Efghth lu fan try 1 to accept the Colonelcy of a -regiment by the Secretary of War. Ii. in the army only six years, and wan hr month he entered it lie is a Vermonter. a uate of West Point, and verv in receiving promotion. Burlington.

Ten's. Col. Whiting of the '21 V. Hyde of the 3d Vermont, arc Court-Martial which is to try diers of the New York 7'Jth and 1 R. J.

Richardson, teller of the has been ordered to the Navy Yi for examination in reference to ti.e tant paymaster in tbe Navy. New York, August 19 Serrill has to Fort Lafayette as a State prisoner. New Aug. 20 Louis Dt-Bian. a man, a resident of Wibuangton.

X. rebel emissary, has Ix-cn arrested at Xew, is now confined in Fort Lr.favettc. I Personal. Capt. Henry A 5th Artillery, eldest son of Juiig i i now acting as aid camp Gen.

more lias been offered by Gov. Fair5 oneley of the 5th Vermont lieji mguiy recomuiendea lor use i Scott. Times. The Right Course. The Gnu: United States Circuit Court Journal of Commerce, Xew York 6 Journal and Jirookiyn i pressing eympatliT tne rtocis.

an-i matter, saving vice of the court in to learn if their conduct is su'-V uieiujcin. ano. piiniMimem. let thcin lie suppressed by law. But if no law to effect such treasonable sheets, the er we have one the better, but save us southern mob law.

COMMANDER PORTER IX IR0X. The Navy lias advices that inander 1'orter. ot th ron. whose letter av bis father Virginia tbe it. l'acihc bi wing Rebel syuipnthi found its war Wys: ton, is in ir according to orders, be sent to ashingtoii soon.

and he A Gai.hvt Fiftirr On th Sr1 fnf 1200 seeessionis attacked 400 Union men an Icr Col. Moore. Tiicre was nil of a fight fir an hour- At ku-t Col. lore made a charge iUk-h the and thev fled. was ten Unionists'killed ine result of and ten wounded, rv these mor have t-inee died.

The ri lcft nine dead and tour wounded on tho field, i. lit aw. carritM rmirt .1 I i 1 i i "-en uea una iortv wounaed. ine I al- cantnred fortv 1 wo n- plies, tbe mnok cannon and a quantitv of arms, Mo.v ,.,.,,..,1 .1 Somebody asks the National Hv-nn Commutee why a national psalm, as well as aTvmn will not answer their prtriotn; purpose not i- And if so. is 1 Burllnston WeduesJ.y evening, by the Rev.

J. K. Convrrse Mr. ilUrrt A. Tyler Burllnston.

Miss Saraa Jaue Wallace, ol WliisiXTO X. 1 DIED. Io Xorth Ferrisburah. verv sa-lieulv. of Stenhen Ball, aired Si year.

Mrs. Buany In Hurlincton. Ails. 11. Mr.

sajo Warner, aed 7) rear In Xew Haven. Aue. 17. Calx in T. Binuhainr aeed 37 rears.

In Burlington. August 2uth. Catlierine wife of Win. F. Tiffany, acetl 35 vears.

Cambridge Market August Whole number of eattle a- -ket 97S-7. anil 235 Store of W.irkina Oxen. Cow, and uae' two and thTee old; Price- Ma Kei Kxira roo f. First nualitv Sd m.i f-i ordin'v e4i5 w.i,-kinc s-w-it km Cows and C.lves Sftn, 33 if. 50.

Yi-a-lines, none two years old. 8 a three ears ol.l 8. Sheen and ft murker nw- ft si 13(1 ii) i 1 1 a 2 7.) 4 oil npimm h- Hnles4; oxiraj' 13 Tallow 5 air fo skii; 7Se 0. Pelts, 25e e.i.-h. SPECIAL NOTICES.

Another Great Battle. WASHINGTON IN DANGER. Notice is hereby given to all persons indebted to the subscriber to call and SETTLE IMMEDIATELY, as he is closing up business. Aug. 23.

fl7w3 M. HE YUAN. TheBkighiest Jewelin Tiie Spanish Crows. X-i one will the beautiful Island of Cuba Is the bristliest Jewel of Spain. Its climate to is the most healthy in the world, anil thousands are restored bv its genial innuanee Tet greater tar is the healing power and restoring influence ol Bryan Pulmonic Wrafers on the health of our citizens.

Thev will.if taken early, cure your eolel and prevent consumption, and Cuba inav be lelt unv-isited, and long life enjoved. 25 cents a box at W. G-. Sprague s. ENPLOVJiEST! 751 Agents Want cL We ill pay from S25 to sr 5 per mouth, ana all expenses, to active Agents, or cive a commission.

Particulars sent fre-e. Ad-En'h- SewiuS Machine Company, K. James, General AiieiU, i.n-5uyl breakiant which they had prepared. Twelve! like this much lietter than mob I-prisouers were also taken. newspapers aid and assist the enemies of Gen.

Prentiss lias arrived and takeu command i i i all rl. i s.t;n i of pueh danger as the Gv-' cpT5TA.T0- sr. to. 1. SL tLri Vila sa i tt th ft- a th sh Te re 1 5 ri- tit A.

te i 1 Pt: itO 1 'c ttt: cei foa of! i tai 4 OND VT. REGIMENT. Camp Lyon, Georgetown Heights, D. August 14th, 18.61. Last Friday night a volunteer scouting party was started in our Company, and my love ot adventure prompted me to join them.

We started west, in the direction ot the enemy's lines, aoout 6 P. just as a rain commenced falling, which increased in violence, and continued through the greater part of the night. After becoming com pletely drenched we tound shelter in a staoie near a dwelling, unknown to the occupants, and after drawing the damp charges from our guns and reloading, lay down on the dry manure and litter and rested until 3 o'clock the next morning. We then started out through the woods and fields, heard the revilie beat distinctly in the rebel camp, frightened in one of their pickets, and coming out on the turnpike road to Fairfax, fell back to the line of mix pickets, some two or three miles from Bush Hill. Here we remained until daylight Sunday morning, when 14 of us sallied out, and skirting through the woods and cornfields, heavy with dew, we came out again on the Fairfax road about 14 miles from our last camp.

Directly the clatter of horses' feet betokened the approach of Cavalry just beyond a rise in the road a short distance from us, and we sprang over the fence as quick as possible to get out of sight, but they caught a glimpse of us and turned about on a retreat at OouoHs quioii. ucjuugcu vmu we ramie with the horses' tracks that there could not have been more than three or four of them. Believing the old proverb about discretion, to be true, we started for home before a large force would be on the move to cutoff our retreat, and arrived safely at our old quarters about noon. In the afternoon an alarm, which brought us all out in order for a few minutes, indicated that the enemy were roving and restless, but, for the present, not dangerous. Monday morning I washed mv remaining shirt and drawers, button ino- mv coat un close to hide the deficiency, but found myself in the condition of Mr.

Metalini's "demnit.ion moist bodj-," lor we received march ing orders and I was obliged to put them on before they had time to dry. I did not suffer much inconvenience from this circumstance, however, for an opportune shower came up just as we started and wet ray clothes uniformly throughout. Arrived at Alexandria just at dusk and afterrcsting an hour or so, pushed on to the lon bridge on the Virginia side, over a horrible road, muddy, rutty and uneven, and as we arrived at the bridge about 11 o'clock, I judged the distance to be about milet: from Alexandria. We were permitted to lie down on the bridge until 3 o'eloek Tuesday morn ing, but I did not enjoy the most refreshing in the world in my moist condition and without a blanket, I got well chilled. It was broad day when we passed through Washington, the morning was fine, and the trees and parks looked beautifully the air felt cool and pleasant.

At that early hour the streets were still, and all seemed quiet in and about the pub lic buildings and iJresiaent House. Arrived at Georgetown, a short halt was ordered and bread distributed, which we all devoured greedily. I washed my rations down with what tbe woman called a worth of coffee (6 cents) of which I got a canteen full, such as it was. A forward movement utHnit 3 miles brought us to the camp of the 3d Vt. Regiment and we are now attached to the same brigade under Col.

I had a pleasant visit with Morgan, McCarter, and such few ncqua intances as I found in the Regiment. A heavy tain, unpleasantly frequent, lately, wet us down tl lorougldy Wore we could get our tents pitched, but to-day I am enjoying the unusual luxury of dry clothes. I think the timid onei; among us need not have the same dread of secession scouts, or wake up I- II I 1J I -J llll Lllll III its hwift currents through a tremendous gorge at our feet. To the Editor of Tiu: Vkrmovtek At a meeting of Company Second Kegiment ermont Volunteers, Lvou. Bridge, fieortretown field at Camp! 1).

Aujrutt loth, 101, the following preamble and resole-j tioiie, were unanimously adopted Wur-as, We iiave heard with the dccixst i pain an 1 sorrow, ot the Ut-vL-v C. Lvma.v.u worthy n.cmK-r our C.mrnv, and W'hinas, During the whole time that he was with us he pro veil himself a br.ive man and wor- thy soldier, it only as color-uard at the dii-sis- trous figiit at Bull Run, but in tbe performance of bis whole duty as an officer therefore J' so 'ctt, That wo sincerely lament his viutiinc- lv death as a loss to tin; country, bin friends, and comj my t.i ion leioll; bis and to whom many manlv lie lia.l nee-. mie for cuamies. I Jicaoh-fd. That we tender to his bereaved relatives and friend-? our most heart-felt sviui -ithics, ana trust that the blow may lie soft- I cued to them by tile consideration that lie lias Dot assed away without a record, but lied a martyr the siicrod cause of justice and Constitutional liberty.

uid is as well worthy ol remeiQbr.mee and esteem as it lie had died en Uie Itattlu-hcki- That a evipy of these proceedings lie sent to the Vergennes Vcrmoutcr," for publication. A. S. TRACY, 1st Chairm-uv J. M.

HOYT, 2d Secretary. VARIOUS ITEMS. There was a fire in Manchester, N. list week which destroyed a house, barn.six stores tvs- taurateur. 1 he various stocks of goods were tt- tially saved, but in a damaged condition.

Most the losers were protected by insurance. The tota 'osi; is estimated at from 8000 to An Incident. It seems that "the wild man of the woods," whose appearance 1ms created so much consternation in North Adams in this State ixnd ln the adjoining towns across the ermont line, turns out to be a student at Williamstown, who the trorilljl itiiikh in frolii whinh iave cost )lim lis lire. In Vermont, he was pursued with guns, but so frightened bis pursuers by his hideous appearance that thev could not shoot straight, and he cscaned harm. or eouii tersigned bv the tSccretary of State.

Nor i-ii will any person be allowed to land in the United States without a passport from a minister or consul. of the United States, or if a foreigner, from his own government countersigned by such minister or consul. A letter from the Western part of Maryland opposite Picdmont.dated 13th says that federal scouts last Sunday night succeeded in capturing three notorious secession bridge burners at New Creek. The Charleston Courier states that the privateer Jeff Davis has captured a large Philadelphia brig from Havana, and taken her into Brunswick, in the absense of the blockading brig Terry. The Richmond Examiner says that official sources indicate that 210,000 confederates were in the field at the time ol the passage of the bill authorizing the President to call out four hundred thousand volunteers.

Joseph K. Annington, formerly of St. Johns- bury, was burned to death at Hartford Iowa, on the 29th by, the explosion of a kerosene oil lamp. FROM FORTRESS MONROE. Fortress Monroe, Saturday.

Aur. 17 Corporal Ilurlbut of the 1st Connecticut Regi ment, who arrived here yesterday, from Rich mond, brought with him a number of petitions drawn up by our wounded and imprisoned for an arrangement in relation to an ex change ot prisoners. lhey were directed to several prominent newspapers of the North for publication. Gen. Butler sent the whole to the' Congressman Ely's name is said to head one of the petitions.

Arrest of the Hon. Alex. R. Boonsboro' (Md.) Odd Fellowhaa the following 1 G. CAMBE1DGE, Editor.

CHANGE OF TIME. GOING SOUTH. 1st, Freight and Passenger, 7:50 A. M. 2d, Mail and Express, 11.10 3d, Way Passenger, 9:50 P.

M. GOING NORTH. 1st, Morning Passenger, 8:35 A. M. 2d, Mail, 5:23 P.M.



W. STEWART. For Judge County Court, W. W. POPE, J- B.

HUNTLEY. For State's Attorney, W. F. BASCOM. For Sheriff, DAVID E.

HILL. For High Bailiff, I. RAYMOND For Judge of Probate Neiv Haven District. HARVEY MUNSILL. For Judge of Probate Addison District, CALVIN G.

TILDEN. A CARD. Capt. Eaton, in behalf of Co. 2d Regiment Vt.

Volunteers, gratefully acknowledges the liberal donation of the Ladies of Monkton, of the following articles, presented through Kev. Win. G. Denio, viz 15 pairs drawers, 24 shirts, 15 sheets, 33 towels, 22 handkerchief's, 10 pair socks, 16 pillow rases, 1 sack of lint, 1 sack of banda-ges, a quantity of flannel, a quantity of cotton and linen far bandages and compresses, 4 huzzies, needles, thimbles, Preachers' Association. Notice is hereby given that the Local Preachers' Association of Burlington Destrict Vermont Conference of the Methodist Episcopal -Church, will meet at Bar-nuintown, Monkton, the 30th at 11 A.

M. Public worship Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday. General attendance is solicited. T. II.

DUNN, Seereiary. Monkton, Aug. 15,1861. Notice. The friends of Education will be interested to leani that Mons.

and Mme. Commette of the French Protestant Institute, Montreal, are engaged for ihe coming year, at Castle ton Semi- na S. ILNWLTON. Castleton, Aug. 17., 18G1.

To Correspondents. We aire continually receiving communications without the actual name of the writer signed to them. We have repeatedly stated that we do not publish such, and we seldom read them. We have recently received a letter signed "One of the Tigers," reflecting on prominent members of the Vcrgennes Company. Had the name of the writer been signed, we should doubted tbe propriety of publishing it.

PIC-NIC AT CROWN POINT. There was a Pic-Nic at Crown Point, on Satur day last, by the citizens of East and West Addi son, honor ot Uapt. oolon ivaton. There were about four hundred present. A table was set in the grove, three hundred feet long, and well cov ered with the good thing, such as Addison Ladies know how to get up.

Ample justice was done io the -viands, for it was one of heaven's own days, the air fuil of life, and the eatables went with a rest. After refreshments, speeches were ade by Alexis T. Smith, Capt. Solon Eaton and Rewell Converse. Three cheers were then given for Capt.

Solon Eaton, Alexis T. Smith and the ladies who furaished the dinner. Mr. Smith is spoken of as having been peculiarly happy in his remarks, moving many to tears. The company now went to Crown Point and took the boat, and crossed to Chimney Point, when the older portion left and returned home, but the young people went to Port Henry, vis ited the Iron Works, At 0 P.

M. they again took the boat and crossed to Field's Bay, and from there returned to their several homes, well pleased with their pic-nic and excursion. Thres Men Killed. On Thursday of last week, the steamer Resolute was reconoitering at Mathias Creek, when a batteau was seen below the steamer, filled wi th barrels. A boat was sent with six men to bring it off.

As the boat touched the beach, rebels concealed in the woods fired on the men killing three and dangerously wounding another The Resolute fired into the midst of the rebels, one shot of canister and one of schrapncll, which was thought to have done con-! eiderable damage. The rebels fled from their ambush. The Reliance came up and fired upon them as they fled. Shocking Accident. On Monday morning last Noah Field of West Addison, 12 years, son of George E.

Field, fell off of a load of hay while in motion, and a wheel passed over his head, killing him almost instantly. His head was shock ingly crushed. Since the above, was put in type, we learn that the boy was driving the team, and had stopped it and was about getting off in front, when the standard broke, and he fell, on to-the horses, which frigtened them so that they started throwing him to the ground, and in such a position that the wheel passed over the top of his head, fearfully crushing it, Schrapnell. Shells which contain a quantity of musket balls, which when the shell explodes, are projected still further, Ambulance. A flying hospital a moving hospital first introduced into tbe French armies.

1 Pay the Printer a Mr. Coats jumped out and seized hold of some part of the waggon when the horse became fright ened and ran turning up by Stevens' Hotel he bolted on to the sidewalk striking two ot the small trees peeling off bark from both of them tearing down the fenders and badly smashing the wagon so that he cleared himself from it, bringing up Buddenly against the shed, when he was secured. It is difficult to open Godey's Lady's Book, in our apprehension, without the face's becoming immediately lit up with a smile of pleasure, at the rich and varied contents what a fine thing is the double fashion plate, and how useful is the fashion plate for children and the numerous other plates of patterns, including the Music. Reader, we are speaking of tlie September number which now lies right before us. The engravings are only a part of the contents, for there is a pleasing variety of reading matter, also valuable recipes.

-4- VtRiiONT 2nd Rkgisent. The following are the namesofthe soldiers cf the Vermont 2nd Regiment who were taken prisoners at the battle of Bull Run. Andrew J. Noyes, wounded in the leg E- L. Kenttes, dead Wm.

D. Murphy, prisoner Sergt. W. A. Woodbury, arm amputated Corp.

Chas. B. Rice, wounded in the leg; John Uowan, wounded in the loot: J. Uolton, wounded in thigh M. Pratt, arm amputated J.

Leonard, wounded in the arm. It will be noticed that one of the number is dead, the remainder of the pris oners are at Richmond. Potter Investigating Committee, Upward of one hundred and seventy secessionist sympathi zers have already been routed out of the departments, where they were receiving pay of the gov ernment, while they were furnishing aid and com fort to the rebels. Who will say that there has not been gxd cause for newspaper criticism The end is not yet. Important Arrest.

S. violent secesh er, was arrested on the arrival of the Persia with forty thousand pounds sterling in Bank of Eng land notes, the proceeds of a loan for the Confed erate States. Serrill is a New Orleans man, a liout 50 years -of age and very wealthy. A number of letters and important papers were also lound in his posession. Mr.

Serrill claims to be a resident of Philadelphia. On his passage home, having forgotten that "discretion is the better part of valor," he imprudently boasted of of his success in obtaining a loan, and so our officers would not let him alone, but uabbed him before he left the vessel. He blustered somewhat but he was compelled to submit to an overhauling. In his trunks weie found several bundles of momentous letters, and in a belt around his body, forty thousand pounds, nearly two hundred thousand dollars. Alas fur the poor rebel soldieis, how they will miss those pleasant looking notes when pay day comes, and how the bogus government will mourn for them.

As to Mr Sccesher Serrill, lie can have the privilege of a home "in durance vile," for some time to come. We have seen it suited that the notes are worthless unless signed by Serrill. It may be so, but the importance ol the seizure lies in tht fact that the rebels cannot use tliem. Our Government can have all the money it wants. Trouble with TnE 79th New York Rr.ciMENT, and 2nd Mai.nk.

The New York 70th, the Highlanders, a Scotch regiment, refused to obey orders which resulted in the arrest of thirty of the ringleaders. On Friday last, 110 of the regiment were missing. Sixty-live members of the 2nd Maine regiment, have also been put under arrest for insubordination. The throe month's difficulty is said to be at the bottom of all this insubordination, regiments enlisted for the war, claiming the same privilege as the three months' men. It is reported that influeutial Democrats from New York, have been among the soldiers and made them believe that the militia were not under obli gations to serve more than three months.

Of course such scamps are traitors whatever their professions; and they should be severely dealt with. Although the soldiers were deceived, pun iehment is requisite to secure dicipline and to prevent other regiments from following the per nicious example. From The steamship Bohemian arrived at Farther Point on Sunday last. The London Times is bitterly sarcastic on the battle of Bull Run. It sug gests that the southern nut is too hard for the North to crack, It intimates that the question of the blockade in America may involve England in some difficult complication.

Lord Palmerston on the last day of the session of Parliament, sta ted his views on the blockade. lie remarked in effect that if one vessel was allowed to enter a blockaded Port by the payment of duties, from that hour the blockade is raised. A belligerent may seal up a Port, but if he lets one vessel in his right is gone. An anonymous advertisement appears in the Liverpool Post inviting a shilling subscription for a testimonial to Gen. Beauregard in admiration of his generalship.

It is reported, so says the London Herald, that Louis Napoleon on the receipt of the news of the battle of Bull Run, decided to acknoledge the Southern Confed eracy. A doubtful report and lacks confirmation By the Edinburgh and Bremen, we learn that the news of the defeat of our troops at Bull Run caused a profound sensation in England. North ern Americans were much depressed and the Southerners correspondingly elated. There was al most a collision in the Liverpool News-Room Mr. Russell in his letter to the London Times con cerning the route at Bull Run, calls it a coward ly, miserable, causless panic, and disgraceful to men in uniform, lie denies that such men de serve the name of Boldiers.

He gives graphic de tails of the battle. The Union Democratic Convention which met at Montpelier on Wednesday last, nomintaed for Governor, Andrew Tracy, of Woodstock for Lieut. Governor, Hon. Levi Underwood, of 'Burlington; for Treasurer, J. T.

Thurston, of Montpelier. The Convention was large, harmo nioua and enthusiastic. ZsF Several members of the Middlebury Company 1st Vermont Regiment, and of the Brand in Company, belonging in Vcrgennes and vicinitv, arrived here on Saturday evening last. Their friends gave them a warm reception. Thev look tjugh mid hearty.

They think that a majority of the reiriment will enlist nrnm. IIakcer's i.nxulv for Ai ulst. If our notice of is late, we plead in excuse, its arrival Sir.ce our List Issue. It is instructive and enter taiuin have 1 ure. as ever.

How would our lit tie heikrt aped in clii'dho-nl, to possess such a r.reaa- hat an improvement upon the Magazines of a former day, in the amount and character of the matter. And then the Pictorial Illustrations. We admit a liking for pictures. For, besides ti.e immediate pleating etl'cct, by their aid 1'acU arc fixed in the memory, and an indefinite notion becomes an embodied idea. The Coat Rangers of "Louis and otiier excellent articles will gratify tho reader.

Dreadful AcciDETIn WcybrMge some two weeks since, a man on a load of bay, invited a boy by the name of John Dailey, aged 12 years, who had just came out of a shop, to ride with him. He stopped the team and took hold of his hands to help him on, and as the boy sprang the horses started, and the boy fell, striking the point of a scythe, when it penetrated his bowels so that they" protruded from the wound. The vi i ii i i bowels were replaced and the wound sewed up, 1 1 nnd every effort made to save him, but mortifi- cation set in, and he died in a week from the time of the accident. ire in Haven-Just as we were going to press we learned that the house, bnrn and sheds of Andrew Squier, of New Haven, were entirely consumed by fire on Wednesday night, about 10 o'clock also several tons of hay. We were in- formed that the buildings were insured.

Accident. In Ferrisburgh. recentlv. Svlvester I i i Sandy Hook, M.I., Aug. Evening.

Between ana -t clock this atternoon, tnree hundred rebel cavalrv came down to the landing r.t tbe ferrv. Two companies of Col. Gordon's Massa chusetts Second Regiment tired, when the rebels retreated It is known that two were killed and five Wounded. None of our men were hurt. Arrival ol" rv JIail Surrender of 1'ederal Troops to Independence, Aug.

19. The Santa Fee Mail and Cannon City'Express arrive here last evening, three dav ahead of dates lnun ianta Fee to the 5th andtannon City to thcV'tn. re t1-6 i-'e iniaiurv i. command a. nit otnl federals, sur- renacreu to the lexas troops, olKW in nuiulier, v.

nring a mku Major L.nd abandoned rort ulmore on tne- intli and marched toward Forr Is v.u surrendered bis whole v. iiiijiwii If i i eoillUUUld tO the lexas troops. On the 3d inst an cnjaaouwnt took nlace at esilla, between a body ot lederal troops and 700 confederates under command of Capt. and Lieut. Brocks of the federal -o -i-oi; the confederates were killed.

Xurht nut an cud 1 10 loe engagement. The Texans were remaining in Mesilla and the federal forces going to Fort Fillmore, about 100 miles distant. Front IS, Train Attacked by Secessionists. Jefferson City, Aug. 20.

A train arrived here this morning from Syracuse, having on board twenty-live passengers and su IT u-i -uu e. iMuuiup. i neii tne train was near I Look Out Station, 30 shots were fired into it from behind a wood-pile and bushes skirting the road, killing one of the soldiers and woundin" HlY (itbors i-ino if vva L-Vll 7 secessionist n-i lhe train was stopped half a mile beyond the no int. where Hie it In. L- I 1 poinr.

wmie tlie attack was made, and two bun ylred soldiers put off and sent in pursuit of the miscreants. A Missouri Town re-taken ny Federal Troops. St. Louis, Auir. 20.

j-ue iou 01 commerce, 4 miles above Cairo whic was taken and a battery planted by the ssioniste, was re-taken last, loc-ht, hv va hun secesi dred troops sent down from Cape Girardeau by order of Gen. Fremont. The rebels made no stand but retreated with their battery on the approach of our troops. Iheir force was about 150 infantry and the same number ot cavalry. Secession ISenort of t3e Sinking or a Federal Steamer.

Louisville, Aug. 20. A dispatch to tbe Courier states that the steamer Hannibal City, with federal troops from St. Louis, bound southward, was fired into bv the secessionists at Commerce, and sunk. Three hundred federals were taken prisoners.

From Cairo, liattle at Charleston Federals Victorious. Cairo, August 20. A battle took place last night at 12 o'clock at itiarieston, netween the federal forces, about 250 strong, consisting of the 22d Illinois regiment under command of Col. Dougherty accompanied by Lieut. Colonel Dawson of the 21st Illinois.

The rebel force was estimated at GOO or 700 men and commanded by Col. Hunter of Jeff. Thompson's army. The federal force was victorious, completely routing the rebels, killing 40 and takino- 11 prisoners. Lobs on our side was one killed, viz William P.

Sharp of Co. A. Among the wonnded are Col. Dougherty slightly, Lieut. Col.

Dawson, shot in the shoulder, not serious, Capt. Johnson, Co. shot in the leg, George A. Perry, slightly wounded in the arm. The wounded are all doing well.

Old Capt. Holman.with 50 men, left Bird's Point about 6 o'clock last evening, for Charleston to join the forces under Col. Dougherty, but failed to form a junction with them. They met a party rebels about 100 strong and gave them battle, killing 2, taking 33 prisoners, and cap. tured 35 horsea without, the loss of a man.

I I i 1 I Gage, a lad some ten or twelve years old, son of Boston Journal. Henry Gage, ground up an old scythe, and The State Department has just issued the fol-went to mowing, when he accidentally stepped lowing notice addressed to all whom it may con-onto it and nearly cut off two of his toes, and i partly cutting off the great toe. Hopes were LTutil further notice no person will be allowed!r,ni i to go abroad from a Tort of the United States entertained that they would grow on ami in, but fa without a passport either from this department uuucionwu man i uow uououui wnciiier ii i they can be saved Thirty of Col. Hawkin'B regiment at Fort Monroe, were arrested recently for mutinous conduct. Alleged cause: Not being paid off or furnished with requisite clothing.

Government Loan One Hundred and fifty Miliion taken The Philadelphia, 'New York and Boston banks, have agreed to take $50,000,000 of the loan at once, another 50,000,000 on the 15th of October, and $50,000,000 on the loth of December. The banks of the three cities, take an amount in proportion to their capital, with the exception that Boston takes $5,000,000 less and New York $5,000,000 more, which gives New York 35,000,000, Boston $10,000,000, $5,000,000. When 150,000,000 can be raised so speedily, who will question the stability and credit of the Government? As Government will spend a mil-, lion a day of this money, it must have a beneficial effect on the country. Western Virginia The New State of Kax-'awiia. The Wheeling Convention have decided to form a new State.

The Convention incorporated a provision permitting certain adjoining counties to come in, if they desire, by the expression of a majority of their people. The Ordinance also provides for the election of delegates to a convention to form a Constitution. At the same time the question, a new State or against a new State," shall be submitted to the people within the proposed boundary, the election to be held on the 24th of October. The name the new State is to be Kanawha i Or the ills that aulict men and women, few are so agonizing as Dyspepsia. It is a sort of combination of many diseases What is still more unfortunate is that the treatment of the malady is not generally understood.

The medicines usuallv taken do no sort ot good whatevar. Thanks to science and Dr. Greeley, a specific has now been obtained. Greeley's Bonrbon Bitters take straight he ld of the disease and at once begin a cure. Thuu-M5 atleated eases of cures of Dvspepsii.

and Fever ai )ASue even of the most desperate kind, are in the possession of the proprietors. For sale hy druggists and grocers everywhere NOTICE. Application will be made at the next session of the Legislature for an extension of the Ferry Charter across Lake Champlain, from Larrabee'a Point, to Ticondcroga, N. Y. H.

HOLLEY. August 20, 18ol 17w3 1.

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