The Tribune from Scranton, Pennsylvania on January 18, 1927 · Page 3
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The Tribune from Scranton, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Scranton, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 18, 1927
Page 3
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31 MEND NEW POST OFFICE HERE REPUBLICAN TO BROADCAST THROUGH WGBI THE SCRANTON REPUBLICAN, TUESDAY, JANUARY 18, 1927 tt S. OFFICIALS RECOM This Foolish 1 I Wokld - J By R. L. Wheeler Gowanus! Gowanus: What ARB you grovelling about on the office floor for? 'Wiggling your arms' and squirming! How do you expect father to keep you in clothes? Oh, you're practicing Channel wlmming, are you? I Bee. Xou certainly are one ambitious youn man. Just what kind of a stroke is that you are using, Gowanus? Father is interested. Not the Australian Crawl? Well, that's good. I'm getting rather tired of the Australian crawl, myself. We hundred - per - cent Americans shouldn't be dependent on the Australians every time we swim a V - channel. By the way, just what channel are you swimming? The Irish ChRnnel? The English Channel? The Straits of Gibraltar? The Bosphorus? The Delaware river? Come on, now, Gowanus, tell papa. Oh, you won't, hey? You won't I Come here, little one. I would have speech with thee. . . . (Smack) GOWAXPS: "BAW - AV - W! BOY, e ONTHS, TO SWIM ATLANTIC CEAN FOR GOD, FOR COUNTRY XD FOR TALE!" "Well, of all things! For God, for country and for Vale, eh? Young man, you'll swim the At lantic for Mr. R. L. W. and your mother, the typewriter, or not at all! Have I made myself clear on that point? (Smack) I realize, Gowanus, that you are a rather unusual child, but In this matter of mentioning us as your inspiration, I've got to be firm. Very firm.. One does XOT swim a channel (or an ocean, strait, estu ary, bay or canal) except for one's parents or children. You don't happen to have a child, do you, Gowanus? No? Not one? Ah, well, that is your little cross. You must bear it as best you can. But you have a father, Gowanus, and a mother. She comes of a very fine old family? Gowanus. . One of the first Under woods to come into the Republican office. She has had , many affairs, of course, but if you look closely you can see that a!r of faded gentility that is always noticeable about a great lady. She has had a glorious past, Gowanus. Many a young reporter has wooed her, but In vain. lere she nits, Gowanus, with Kit faded black ribbon. And you talk about swimming the Atlan tic ocean tor una, ror country ana f!br Yale! Young man, you'll swim the Atlantic ocean for something practical. The typewriter ribbon your mother has now won't even write, "The body of an unidenti fied woman was found on a park bench yesterday morning at 3:45 o'clock,'' and when a typewriter ihbon sinks as low as that, something ought to be done. You owe something to us, too. We Just mention by way of comment that we could use $25,000 to good advantage. Yes, we think if we just sat right down and concentrated, we could find a way to spend at least ?2, 995.15. " The $4.85, Gowanus, would be yours to do with as you pleased. Now that you are completely sold on that proposition (as we men of affairs say), papa confesses that he's rather relieved you aren't boing to swim the English Channel. Of course one meets some awfully nice girls in the Channel, but there's always such a crowd. They tell me social standards in the Channel have been lowered since the days of the Ederles and the Barrets. One can't tell much about a girl's rating in the haut monde, when she's covered with eighteen pounds of lard. Papa would be VERY sorry to see you fall Into the hands of a design ing woman somewhere between Dover and Cape Griz Nez. You know so little of life in the English Channel. should worry every minute, fear of having to make a trio for to Paris and haul you out of the Quartier Latin. They tell me these dangerous French sirens positively haunt the Channel, looking for just such nice, fresh - But the Atlantic is perfectly safe. No, we don't Intend to follow you in a rowboat. Papa doesn't like the ocean. But remember, no catching rides on transatlantic liners unless they fly the house colors of Wayne B. Wheeler! You will start, of course, from New York, with the municipal band playing "Down Went Me - Ginty" or possibly "Asleep in the Deep.' Shall its have .Mayor Walker down to see us throw you in, all gawmed up with but - - ter? Of course we shall. It vou feel yourself getting tired on the way over, just say, "I'm doing this for the, glory of papa's All - American Underwood" and I am sure that renewed strength will come to you. If it doesn't, no matter. We shall mffr!lv run over some day and drop a wreath off the Irish coast. By the way, I suggest that you land on the Irish coast, Gowanus, nmwhfr around Oueenstown. say. Just walk up the beach sing ling "God save tne inr ana i sra sure you will be made very much at home. ivint' that? Pay your pas sage back? Well, of all the un - filial brats! Young man, .you'll .win, hark like a little centlemftn or your share of the gate 1 eut to $2.50. And by the way, Gowanus, if you should happen to come .across a case of Scotch, father will not oe ungraieiui. GOGGLES 70S AVXATOBS A special type of goggles ia being velnped to prevent "aviator's blind - The goggles will keep out nding reflections from the ground, ev must he accurately made to levent distortion Of the aviator's LATEST WILL BE GIVEN EACH EVENING Latest, Local, State, National And World Events As Gathered by The Republican Will Be Given Each Night at 7:45 O'clock Starting tomorrow night at 7:45 o'clock The Scranton Republican will broadcast news bulletins each night through Station WGBI, Scranton, which is owned by The Scranton Broadcasters, Inc. For the first few weeks these programs, which will be both interesting and comprehensive, covering the latest news developments, not only throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania, but the entire world, will be broadcast every week day during the week with the exception of Saturday for the present. Tune in tomorrow night on Station "WGBI at 7:45 o'clock. NATIONAL INTEREST CENTERED ON MINE WORKERS' MEETING Demands of Soft Coal Miners Will Be Framed at Indianapolis Sessions Hard Coal Locals With Large Delegations Leaving Here Sunday Although there will be no problems of importance concerning the anthracite fields at the national convention of the United Mine ' Workers whlcn opens Tuesday, January 25, in Indianapolis, there will be a large number of delegates sent from this region.. National interest is centered on the comtng miners' sessions due to the fact that the convention win draft demands to be submitted to the union operators of the soft coal field em braced In the central competitive field. Discussion of the probable trend of these demands have been staarted at this time. A wide variety of agencies and as equally wide expression of views have been active and expressed. CappeUim Leaves , "" Maintenance of the Jacksonville agreement, local mine union leaders cay, Is the goal that national officers have set in the coming negotiations in the bituminous fields. Rinaldo Cappellini, president of District 1, left yesterday for Indianapolis. John Boylan, of the executive board, who has been appointed a member of the resolutions committee, and David W. Davis, international organizer, will leave this afternoon. Twenty - nine of the Scranton delegates will leave at t:55 Sunday afternoon over the Lackawanna Railroad. WORK SUSPENDED BY HUDSON COAL Orders going into effect at 5 o'clock last night throws 22,000 employe of the Hudson Coal Company idle for an indefinite period. All collieries from Plymouth in Luzerne county to - Vandling in the upper part of Lackawanna county, including all workings btween these points, were ordered to suspend operations. FIND MAN UNCONSCIOUS FROM GAS POISONING Suffering from coal gas poisoning, Charles Miller, 26, of Long Pond, caretaker at the Pocono Mountain House, Mount Pocono, was found unconscious in his home yesterday morning. When he failed to report for work a brother went to the home and found Miller. A doctor was hurriedly summoned and was successful in reviving the victim. . 138 monthly payments of $10 each at 3 will return $1,672.14. The same payments made on a New Citizens returns $2,000.00, or $327.86 more. Now is the time to start in the 50th series, now opening. Assets Over $2,650,000.00. New Citizens Building and Loan Association 501 Cedar Ave. H. J. Ziegler, President. W. C Hessinger, Secretary. XM'M SOWN - "What is absolutely certain is that stupidity, just like Intelligence, is hereditary and " "That's a nice way to talk about four parents." Le Petit Bleu, Paris. Foil line of Rubber Footwear and Arctics for the Whole Family. Goldsmith Bros. Wholesalers ana Betailers 304 Lackawanna Ave. NEWS The following delegates have been asked to report to John Dolan, of Oly - phant, at the Lackawanna station Sunday afternoon at 1 o'clock: Frank. Folli, Local 1670; Garfield Lewis, 1670; Joseph 'Bldaf ski, 1644; John Shaute, 1707; Peter Beckage, 1672; Harry Ker - fns, 877; John McShaffer, 1680; John Gavenda, 495; John Swader, 2298; Hubert Farrell, 1682; Anthony Polosky, 1035; John Swegal, 1034; Aldo Lefri, 075: Michael Murshock, 975; John Phllbin, 1691; Stanley Bernarovitz. 1691; Bernard Murphy, 1005; Stanlev Moralko, 1229; Edward Harrington and Anthony Kuaulus, 151; Michael Toner, 156; Lester Painter, 61; Thrnias Clume, 844; Francis Baker, 844: Stanford Collins, 4025: Albert Cavenio. till, and John Mehalko, 917. . The Lehigh Vattey special is due t.i reach IndiananoliB shortly before noon on Monday, and the delegates will be quartered in the Washington hotel. The anthracite union officials practically, compJeti 1 he legislative program at the State Federation of Labor conference last week. The conference endorsed legislation Increasing the maximum an I minimum amount to be paid under the workmen's compensation act, legislation requiring safety exits from each vein of coal and legislation limiting the power of injunction in Industrial disputes. A The order came from the Scranton offices of the coal company, it was learned, but when Andrew M. Fine, vice president, was reached by telephone at his home last night, he refused to comment or the order. He would not say whether or not such an order has been issued, nor would he give a reason for the suspension. , I have no comment to make, was his answer to all queries. Efforts to get details from other of - , flcials of the company throughout the Lackawanna and .Wyoming Valleys also proved futile. ' Unofficial reports said that the suspension was brought about by a poor market. The only information on the length of the layoff was the statement "until further orders." ,. , Bosses of the company at all col - lerles were busy on the telephone after the order was received informing employes of the layoff, but i.iany of the minerJ and other workers will report for duty today unawares of the order which was seceiver at many colleries after the majority of men h I quit for the day. DEITIES XELLOGO CHARGES MOSCOW. Jan. 17 (A. P.). Acting Foreign Minister Maxim Litvinoff today issued a sweeping official denial of charges recently made by Secretary of State Kellogg concerning Soviet activities against the United States in Latin - America, characterizing them as fantastic and ridiculous. Oar Hew Dividends g Our new dividend scale for 1927 shows a further improvement over 1926. 0 Our latest Increasing Monthly Income Disability Clause is a wonder. It's a real shock - absorber for auto accident, or in fact any kind of total disability, g f No worry about further j. premiums,, because there are none. - 1 Martin P. Keassdy District Manager X Mntual Life of Hew York X Clumber of Commerce Bid?. 8 C. C. TRIPPERS REPEAT VOYAGE : A.yj fV Tin X i ; - V - . - - - isaT.... . - Soenes taken by The BepuhUoan recalled last aUrht. Top, left, on the left, at Bunker Kill Monument ; and COUNTY WILL HAVE GOOD POSITION IN INAUGURAL PARADE Local marchers will have a good place in linel'in the inaugural parade at Harrisburg today through the courtesy of Auditor General Edward G. Martin. Former Congressman John R. Farr will be marshall, and Mrs. Walter H. Jones, chairman of the county committee of Federated Republican 'Women's Club, will be one of the aides. The inaugural special leaves at 6:15 o'clock from the Lackawanna station and is scheduled to arrive in Harrisburg four hours later. Eigrht Pullman coaches and a diner will be served continuously. The delegajion will raturn early tonight. CITY FORMALLY ACCEPTS PUMPER FOR FIRE BUREAU Actiort Taken By Jermyn and Arigoni After Underwriters Approve Test Results GOES IN SERVICE AT HEADQUARTERS TODAY Engine Four's Truck to Co to South Scranton, Pumper There to Bull's Head Formal acceptance by the city of the 1,000 - gallon pumper recently delivered by the American LaFrance Fire Engine Company, was announced at City Hall yesterday by Mayor E. B. Jermyn and Director of , Publlo Safety, James Arigoni. The taking over of the apparatus was held ud by the administration officials until they had a positive re. port from the National Board of Fir Underwriters, whose representative recorded the results of the tests at Lake Lincoln ten days ago. Bequested Report . Superintendent of Fires Peter J. Rosar. when the initial report of W underwriters was received, found th:t it was so, blurred that it was impossible to read it. The "slippage" - rt - vealed in the test was also questioned an.l the local ..uthorities requested report from the underwriters as i whether it was normal in a 1,00 - gal - lon pumper. Director Arigoni yesterday received the following letter from George W. Booth, chief engineer for. the underwriters: Kew York N. T., Jan. 15, 1927. Mr.. James Arlgnni, Director, Department of Public Safety, Scrantpn, Pa. Dear Sir: With refarence to your lettor of January 12th. the test conducted en the (Continued on Page Six) W'VOMA CAFETERIA Special Lunch Today SOc Served from 11 a. m. to 5 p. m. Chicken Croquettea, Cream Sauce or Creamed Ham en Toaat Potato , Bfeked Bt&na Biead or Rolls and Butter Coffee, Milk, Cocoa or Tea Pie, Pastry or Pudding WE CARRY THE TRAYS Coal That Always . Reflects Its Quality Just such coal we have anrf the quality we know will please you. We recommend our Ice to the most exacting customers. ,: It Is the Satisfactory Kind. JAKES KEAITCEV CO. 114 Olive St. . ;:tM?'4x . . .?. o. ...,...; , - V'"v :;...'., - ;...:. " - . Tiim photographer durinf the Chamber V. S. S. constitution; top right, at bottom right, at Plymouth Book. Novel and enjoyable features marked the voyage of the S. S. Tripper on its mid - winter cruise out of port, over Its route and back again to the dock at 426 Mulberry street last night. Deck rails were crowded wittr "gobs" and a capacity passenger list. , From start to finish of the evening on the ship there was not a dull moment. A most complete paraphanalia that brought reminders at every turn of a cruise in reality. From Admiral Worthington Scranton, . down to Captain Martin P. Kennedy and the entire crew, the guiding forces were attired befitting the complements of a modern steamship. All about the auditorium were the flags of fleets, honest to goodness life preservers, the bell that "Jolly Tar," W. J. Barriscale tapped frequently, and other adornments, giving the interior the duplicate in appearance to the first and second decks of craft da luxe playing between different ports. At 7 bells, land lubbers and tourists walked the gang plank to the ship. Morning mess was served with bacon waves and hurricane eggs on the bill of fare. The Boy Scout land enlivened the occasion with popular airs. Jack Davis, Frank Sutch, Gordon Evans and others led the singing on board. "Sti salts wUh lots ef pep," the Premier Qlntet added to their reputation as vocalists. Captain Kennedy awarded gifts to trippers that broufht back memories of the New England tour last September. Able Seaman LlwellyB Jones played "The Bells of St. Mary's," on the organ. A group of six youngsters, the pick of WhaJen's Follies, entertained with dances. Jack Davis And Dr. Roland Davies sang a duet. Quartermaster William Shean in Imitation of M. H. H. Joachim, the lecturer on the New England tour, gave a demonstration of how mystery men go Into a trance and answer various questions. Professor Fogg, Impersonated by David Boles, entertained with a lecture. accompanying the shoving of the mo tion pictures of the Fill tour. Fanelli Brothers, of the Mexican Navy, put on an act called "Hot Tornale." The final wlndup feature was the inimitable Larry Sharkey, of New York, humorist and Irish story teller. The Tripper re turned to the port and dropped anchor shortly before 11 bells. The af fair was voted a screaming success. 2g - tVn HELD UNDER BAIL ON ' CHARGE OF THREATS Charged with threats to kill and car rying concealed weapons, David Craven, Olyphant councilman, was held under $1,500 bail at a hearing last night before Squire John W. James, of Blakely. ' . Craven is alleged to have pulled a gun on John Russen, of Olyphant, at a pig roast in Olyphant last week. Craven pleaded not guilty at the hearing. John Reba, of Olyphant, qualified as bondsman. Making Good Saving is more than a mere accumulation of money. It is wise provision for future days, it is the measure of your ability to forge, ahead, it is the . indicator of what you will some day accomplish. Try saving something regularly and we will pay you 3 on your account. esur hoots cautrvrs . '. .; - Trimn minimi i ' i v trip to New England, and which were the Stone Tower at Worcester; bottom TAX COLLECTIONS IN CITY TO BEGIN ABOUT FEBRUARY 1 Mayor Jermyn Affixes Signature to Tax Levy Measure As Framed By Council ASSESSORS RUSH WORK ON 1927 DUPLICATE Treasurer's Office to Begin to Prepare 54,000 Personal Tax Notices Collection of city taxes in Scran ton will begin about February 1, according to Dan R. "Watktns, chairman of the board of assessors, who is now busy directing the preparation of the duplicate so that it may be turned over to City Treasurer Robert P. Sil - verstein as soon as possible. The actual extension of taxes on the duplicate got under way officially yesterday, after Mayor E. B. Jermyn had affixed his signature to the 1927 tax levy ordinance, which was passed by council at its regular meeting last Friday. Mayor Jermyn lost no time in approving the bill, so that the assessors might get down . to work on the preparation of the duplicate. It is expected that this work will be completed in a little more than ten days, and the books turned over to the treasurer in time to permit the collection of taxes about the firs tof the month. In the meantime, attaches of the treasurer's office will be able to prepare the 64,000 personal tax statements, which will be sent out in portal card form. This list is now ready, having been revised by the present board of assessors, - who found thousands of double assessments, names of residents of Minooka and Dunmore, and other errors, eliminating 14,000 names from the roster. - MRS. COURTRIGHT ESTATE BALANCE TO TRUSTEES The balance remaining of the $70, 00 estate left by Mrs. Annie I Courtright, who died in 1911 in South Abington township was directed to be awarded back to' the trustees by Judge M. r. Sando In an adjudication handd down yesterday morning in Orphans court. The balance, amounting to $15,371.92, will tehrefore go to Murray B. Courtright, son of the de - reased and the Lackawanna Trust Company, for further administration under the terms of the will. old spots never Draperies Redyed In Colors That Are Permanent! Simply because draperies have lost their attraction through losing their colors isn't sufficient - reason for discarding thern. 'We can. redye them in a color to harmonize with the room's other furnishings. STEAM QYE WORKS Bell Phona Utt 2t4 - 21 Wyoming Ave. West Side Breach 211 N. Mala ate. 0ruCATrv URGE NEW SITE FOR $2,270,000 PROPERTY HERE Efforts of Congressman Watres Rewarded By Reports of. Mellon And tfew - rSale of Present Land And Structure Favored Olyphant Site Bill Passed By GEORGE W. COMBS HIS New York Avenue. Wtahlngton News Bureau, WASHINGTON, Jan. 17. Scranton s included in the list of cities of the country which have been recommended by the Joint Committee on Public Buildings of the Treasury and Postoffice Departments for a new Federal building filed with Congress today, which will reward the efforts of Representative Laurence Watres for. his long struggle to bring this about. New BnllCng - and Site The report suggests a new building and site for Scranton at a cost of $2,270,000. The sugcestion is maje that the present building and site at Scranton be sold. The report states that the present building and site hasi been valued at tl, 000,000. The report filed with Congress today did not follow the recommendation of the Treasury Department engineer, who made an inspection at Scranton. This representative suggested the purchase of additional ground and the enlargement of the present building. His estimate of th cost of the additional ground was $400,000. The site he had reference to faces on Linden street, 101 feet b7 235 feet. He also suggested further that 60 feet frontage on Washington avenue will cost $600,000 and that the improvements thereon amount to $350,000. The report points out that "the addition proposed by the Treasury Department's representative on Linden street would appear to be separated from the present site by an alley." He does not state whether or not this alley could be concluded In the "site." Continuing, the report said, "a better solution of the difficulties In Scranton would be to purchase a new site and erect a new building sufficient In sire to accommodate the government's needs, and sell the present site and buildings. Would Bring 81? Pries Another argument against the enlargement of the present building Is given as the following paragraph In the report: "According to the price asked for land adjoining this building, both on Washington avenue and Linden street, especially Washington avenue, where adjoining property Is held at $10,000 a front foot and the government site Is 160 feet on Washington avenue, It would seem that the present building and site would bring a considerable sum of money." The erection of a new building on a new site of sufficient size to care for all the activities of the government, the need for quarters In West Scranton would be materially reduced and a large part of the force assigned there could operate from the new building, the report suggests. The rental to be saved on that basis would be $3,500 for the Post Office 1r. addition to the cost Incidental to a divided force. Also the rent paid by the Treasury Department and the Vet erans Bureau, amounting to $8,299.50 could be saved, making a total of approximately $6,800 for rentj exclusive of other savings that would result from a more economclal handling of the mail. "After a careful consideration of all of the conditions in Scranton good judgment dictates that serious consideration be given to the project of the sale of the present building and site, snd the purchase of a new site and the erection of a new building thereon sufficient in Klze to accommodate all of the activities as set forth above. Growth of Scranton Cited Some Interesting statistics showing the rapid growth and development ofj Scranton was included in the report which show that the population of the city has increased from 129, 8G7 in 1910 to 142,266 In 1926. Also .an enormous increase In postal receipts Is shown In the past few years when the receipts In 1915 were $505,756 and for the fiscal year 1926 they amounted to $1,096,739, an increase of 114 per cent. Substantiating the statements of Representative Watres of the badly SB Consumers Ice &Coalfa HOW I DREAD , WIKTTERl ALWAYS FURNACE TROUPE. WD JOHN GETS supply of our quality co a 1 WHOU KNOW - IT WORKED EXACTLY UKE THAT WITH LIS - UNTIL, now and prove to yourself that each WE GOT - SOME, shovelful you feed to your TSS,SMTAVNi?u nace , is a load of - com - Vim - ; - i mii 11 lUkl considers ice & coalco. Ave. an d. lla - Ufi - PHONE ash xKQgy - 8 1 23 Answer to the Burning Quf .JuvL. ' ' - " - ' 1 cramped quarters of the Scranton Post Office, the report show that the working space per employe Is only 38 square feet, whereas, the Government's requirements are not less than 70 square feet, and that 18,092 additional square feet are needed for postal purposes. Recommendations are also made for a building and site for Otyphant, $20, - 000 for site and $50,000 for a new building. Also late today Representative Watres succeeded in getting through the House his bill to authorize the secretary of the Treasury to accept title to the Bite for Olyphant, with mineral reservations. HEARING IK LOCAL CASE BY PUBLIC SERVICE BODY Complaints against the Scranton Water Company on the part of Michael Gillon, Patrick McCall, Reuben Boston, Mary McNamara, Michael Moran, James Donnelly and Nora Hart for alleged failure to supply their premises with water will be heard by the Public service Commission In the Court House Thursday morning. The case Is one of a number In which local corporations and individuals are Involved. Among the other cases to be acted upon by the commission is the application of Philip J. Coleman, of the Coleman Taxi Service, for continuance of permission to act as a common carrier. Alleged dangerous conditions at three railroad crossings between Honesdala and Scranton Will be aired in a hearing of the case of the Department of Highways vs. the D. ft H. Company, county of Lackawanna, county of Wayne and townships f Carbondale and Canaan . r. P. A it. 1. Howley, Inc., 131 Wye. ming Ave. etetm Heating and Plumbinr. When You Add to the Family Possessions NEW acquisitions to the family possessions require additional protection against fire. Value for value, doe your present fire policy cover all your household furniture? Wecanfullyprotectyou , R. H KEFFER General Agent JEtna Life and Affiliated Co. JEtaa Tloor Vnion Rational Bank Bulldln - Scranton, Pa. Phone 4161. "Flawless du - ,J - monds, set in fashionable pierced - hand - eneraved i mountings of solid piatinum rings that maintain this firms tradition fo highest quality DALE'S , Jewelers 217 Wyoming Ave. CI rears m vr x Scranton diamonds J

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