The Tribune from Scranton, Pennsylvania on October 25, 1918 · Page 14
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The Tribune from Scranton, Pennsylvania · Page 14

Scranton, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, October 25, 1918
Page 14
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FRIDAY) MORNING OCTOBER 25, 1918 f WOMEN'S WINTER GLOVES Black, Gray and brown 59c Great Sale of Silks and Dress Goods Sale Begins Sat., Oct. 26, Ends Sat., Nov. 2nd. . Every one who will need silk or dress good now or for future needs will be greatly benefited by taking advantage of this sale Prices in this sale are in all cases less than the wholesale prices today. THE merchandise represented in this sale was purchased long ago when prices were much lower than they are today. 2.00 CREPE DECHENE 40 in. wide, in all the wanted colors. Sale Price 1.65 1.75 FANCY SILKS 35 in. wide, attractive patterns. Sale Price 1.49 2.00 BLACK MESSALINE 35 in. wide. Sale Price 1.69 1.75 BLACK TAFFETA . 35 in. wide. Sale Price 1.49 2.25 SATIN DUTCHESS 35 in. wide. , Sale Price 1.95 2.50 Black Taffeta 35 in. wide. Sale Price 1.95 Financial STOCK MARKET HAS RATHER DULL DAY For First Time in Fortnight Operations Are Kept Within Moderate Bounds. NEW YORK, Oct. 24. Apart from the prominence of a few extremely speculative Issues at materially higher levels and th uncertain or heavy trend of representative shares, the most noteworthy feature of today's stock market was Its comparative dullness. For the first time, In more than a fortnight operations were kept within moderate bounds, the total falling far short of the familiar million share mark, although trading quickened noticeably In the final hour. This change was directly traceable to further apprehension arising from local monetary conditions. The so - called mor.ey pool continued its advance, but no statement of Its attitude was available while the market was In session. Ollg were conspicuous from the outset, American petroleum common, which made Its Initial bow on the exchange ma ing a gross gain of almost 7 points and the preferred about 11, while Mexican petroleum held the better part of Its substantial advance. Munitions and the war essentials. Pthlehem. Crucible and Lackawanna Steels rose 1 to 3 points, Baldwin Locomotive also duplicating yesterday's activity a - the highest level of the current movement. .Shippings, coppers and rails were Irregular the latter closing at recessions of 1 to 2 points. Sales amounted to 700, TOO shares. Equipments and utilities were firm to strong In thu bond division, also Lib - city issues. Total sales, par value, aggregate,! 17.375.000. Old U. S. bonds were unchanged on can. BANKS TOLD TO CUT MARGINS ON STOCKS NEW YORK. Oct. 24. New York banks were today advised by the Lib erty loan committee to cut their mar gins on stock transactions from 20 to JO per cent. This action was recommended by the money room of the Lib erty loan committee as an alternative to advanco money rates In order to conserve banking resources for financ ing the fourth Liberty loan payments. TcitIes service Persistent demand free Insiders has raw a perpeadlraltr rise is Cities 1 T ic volumes. mr pctmiuti Oil atth "r?"1""0 ly Oil stack ef ,THIH!T - VUSIU7. STANDARD OILS CITIES SERVICE MERRITT OIL and ethers tJeJ5,JJDwd',te Oil to tost "m It tow or set. Sxi. pUNHANfifo 43 Exchange Plaoe New York PENNSYLVANIA COAL 8 COKE STOCK Far Value IM.OO , The dlttctors today declared the regular quarterly dividend of J and ' extra, payable November 11, 1911. to holders of record November Ith. if you are Interested In buying or Klllng. phoi.e for latest quota tlons. Brooks & Company INVESTMENT Members New York Main Office i Hailaten, Fa, MJ IPRUOE CARBONDALE, PA. Gossip and CLOSING QUOTATIONS OF NEW YORK MARKET Furnished to Tbe Republican by Brooks A Co., Ranker sod Broken, 423 Sprues street, NEW YORK, Oct. 24. The cloning quota tion! or tbe tw Xork Stock Exchange lul - Inwe High Iw Clone Allu Chalmers Americas Beet - Sugar American' Can. com 2S 6SA ft 43 67 87 112 106 . 70 American Car 4c Foundry ft American Cotton Oil ,,,,.43 American Locomotive 68 American Kmetter iH American Sugar ,,112 American T. A T. 105 A naconda .,.,, 704 AMilnson . . . - . 95U Bnldwln Locomotive 89 B. ft 0 67 Bethlehem Steel. B 74 110 105 70 93 86 66 71 8 16$ 66 59 IP 116 61 12s 32 94 101 110 55 32 30 121 37 lananian racinc ltvv Central Leather 66 168 166 C. & O )U C. M. 4 St. Paul 50 69 4!) 43 S5 31 118 s 154 127 32 corn rroimoTH 44 Crucible Steel .......... i 67 Culia Case Sugar 82 1. H 116i Iltlllcra 81 Krie 17 (ieneral Electric 154 General Motor 12i (ireat Northern Ore 33 (treat Northern Bwr Illinois Central 10114 101 Industrial Alcohol 111 17 Inspiration Copper 55 54 Int. Nickel 32 32 Int. Mcr. Marine 31 30 do., pfd 12214 120 Kennecntt 37 37 jjacauwanna cieci Ichleh Valley 62 Mexican Petroleum 15vZ Mldvale 47 Missouri Taclllc 2fi National Lead 61 New Haven 41 61i 61 14!" 155 47 25 60 40 7S K 93 60 40 N. Y. Central M Norfolk Western ....... 1(9 IS1 Northern Pacific 94 93 43 47 66 Ohio city Oaa . . . . Pennsylvania IVnplea (ioa PreKKrd Stel Car . . Hwy Steel Spring! Kay Cons. Beading 43 , 4S 43 47 55 , 67 6i 93 67 24 91 85 35 101 29 62 1 131 102 61 67 24 92 "5 33 101 30 6214 1S8 132 103 k',, J. m n. wvfk Sinclair Oil 85 Southern Pacific 102 Southern Itwy 30 Sludeboker 63 Texas Co ...It 1 nion I'acioc 134 I lilted Clear Store ,1"3 1'. S. Bublier I', 8. Steel do., pfd , . , , ('tail Copper V. C. C . 65" .11' 10S 1V .112 113 HZ 87 M . W . 65 . 40 . 44 . 91 . 97.S 50 40 44 Wahash A. ,, Westlnxliotlee Western 1'nlon Liberty Loan, 2nd 4's do., 3rd 4'4's 91 91 97.12 97.12 97.22 97.16 97.20 CURB MARKET Quotations furnished by Brook at Co., Investment Securities. Member New York stock Eichnnge, 423 Sprue street, follow: Aetna, 8i'Ji Pfd.. ?ftfi60: Anglo. 16'&17! Illf ldge, H: Chevrolet. 140itjl65: Con. Aria., HJ'fiHii (osden. 7ii7; Cortls. 2!Xfi31i Kedernl. l'Al2: Int. Pete lifrMLi.; I.lnnd. 3A3. Jliu Butler. 4X60: MnliuJnr. yKfc ixiaDoma, v'rrio; okmnigee, 2n 214 : 9'.nkvW'4:ra'. Ht'A: Peerless. 14 stilW - llsslsl. CiXfHXiVl i n a inas it - , nwti wr , jti Sapnln. 7ft714: Heounrah Mat UmhIu 11 fit !! AfiVi: Gulf. 21 1 22; New lurk, ZiiVnm: N new jersey, 5ion&5; lallfimila. TAftn7: Klnnilinl 8ifr9; Hub. marine. 14fil5: United. ttVfi.ll - V. : v. s. B. .. ftVtfia - : Va. - uum, SWhXtf: Calendftnia, 474i w, cuuiia, nnw. 'Tl'w'j; 1 uz pa in. iv(0.f. NEW YORK PROVISION NEW YOnK. Oct. 24 Bntter arm: cream ry, tlfher than extras, 6M168V; eztr, J2 score, oic; orsis, ttfUtrsTc; packing stock, current make. No. 2, Jl'Ve. Ks, Irregular, fresh satbered recular parked, extra first. &6i?fSA: da.. Srsts. Avii Sue; stat. rrnnrlrnl and nearby western hennery, white. One to faney, KVfi92c: tat, I'ennsrlranla. and nearhv henner hMn sutii AAV; do., gathered brown and mixed color. 60 t)60e. fbese, etedr. stat. whole milk lUts, fresh, specials, 33?i33l,xi do., arerag run, 32fl33c, lis and Hour unchanged. EAST "UFFALO CATTLE EAHT M'FFATA N. T.. fW. J4.Cttl. ste,l; rlves, steady, t7.OMi - 18.0f). Ho, slow; 4W50 rents lower; heavy, 117.00 W17.25; mixed, $!7.0fl; yorkers, 116.75?? 17.(111; light ynrkera. IIS.2Mi 15.50; plirs, 115,25; roiia - hs, I14.751S.00; suss, f iZ.Orefi 13.00. Hhep and laml Larnh 10 rents higher; limber. 19.00046.00; other uncharged. ICURITII Stock tschsng IT, CF4ANTON, rA. Wilkes, aire, Pa. .. 2St4 . . 45 44H ..67 Hi 15c HAIR NETS 5c under the regular price 10c 1.50 SILK POPLIN 35 in. wide, all the leading shades. Sale Price 1.19 ; 1.50 Wool Serges 36 in. wide, colors navy, black, brown, green, gray. Sale Price 1.19 2.00 WOOL SERGES 40 inches wide, all the leading colors; Sale Price . 1.49 2.00 CHECKED SUITING 40 in. wide. Sale Price 1.59 5.00 BROADCLOTH 50 to 52 in. wide, all colors. Sale Price 3.95 3.00 FINE PLAID SKIRTINGS in all the newest patterns. Sale Price 2.55 Comment ATTENDANCE GOOD AT CURB MARKETS Pumpkins Coming Freely and Supply for Hallowe'en Seems to Be Unlimited. The Influenza epidemic is making itself felt to a certain extent In the curb markets, as many of the farmers are unable to get down. But In spite of this the attendance Is good, and yesterday there were 93 loads distributed through the seven markets, Mifflin avenue. South Side, Hyde Park, Providence,' Dunmore, Nay. Aug and Green Ridge, which was four better than on Tuesday. A number of farmer yesterday Inquired of Seth W. Shoemaker, market master, as to the prospects for a cov ered market for the winter, and were told that announcement of this would be mads as soon as arrangements could, be made. Several farmers said they would bring In meats, such as beef and pork, toegther with produce as potatoes, cabbage, carrcts, beets, onions, parsnips, celery, etc., for a considerable time during the winter months If they can get a covered place. Heavy snow will be the only thing that will hold them back. Pumpkins are coming In very freely and the supply for Hallowe'en and pumpkin pies seems to be unlimited. T. Hobbs and H. H. Bailey, both of La Plume, are bringing In many fine specimens. Pumpkins are selling at 6c to 25c apiece, according to size. The Ec size are what are called one - pie pumpkins. Potatoes were somewhat higher In price yesterday, ranging from f 1.75 to 12 a bushel. The quality, however. Is very good. Apples and cabbage are also very plentiful and are meeting with a gosd sale. Carrots and beets by the banket are also coming In heavily and there Is also a liberal - supply of bunch vegetables. One of the farmers bringing in the most attractive stuff Is Farmer Thomas Evans, of Lincoln Heights, who In ad dition to bringing In bunch vegetables has parsnips, radishes, white and black wlner radishes, and many other special ties. He also has cabbage buds which rival the Brur el sprout In quality and sell for about one - tenth as much. The prices that prevailed yesterday follow: Annie. 26 - 40C Dk. - 65c - 75c nsket - 90c - 31. . " " - Ihi. Apple, hand picked, 11.50 - 11.60 bo. Apple, band picked, Mcintosh, tl S basket. Apple, crab, 4"V - S6c a basket. Asters, 10c huncb. Putter, 55 - 60? In. Buttermilk, 8c qt. Means, string, 8c qt J qt. 15c 4 qt. 25c 65c.75c basket, lleans, shell, 6 qta. 30c, Heans, nary, dried. 80c qt. (over t lb. I Beta, 3 bunches. 10c 40c - fl0c basket, t'abbaze, 6c - 10c bead 2 for 15c 3 for 25c 14 - 18 per hundred (1.50 bbl. ('a Mm Be, savoy. 5c a head. Carrots, 3 bunches, 10c 5c qt 30c pk. 15c - 50c basket Cider, 8c qt 25 - 0e gal. Chard, Swiss, g Imnches 10c. Caullliower. 20c - 40c bead 1.7 dot, . Celery, 5c - 10e stalk. Cheese, Italian. 50c lb. Citron, 5c - 25o each. Corn, 20c do. Chicken, llvewelght, 50c lb. Chlrken, springers, dressed, 45c - 50 lb. Cucumbers, large, 20 dot. Kxf, 70r - 72c dot. Eii'llre, 10c bead. (irane. 10c qt II. 25 - 11.50 H bo. basket. Honey, comb, 25c - 30c lb. Honey, trained, 25c lh. - 6 lb. pall $1.25. Hickory nuts 9 .qt. 85c 11.25 pk. Ieeks, I bunches 10c, lttnce, I bead 5c. Jlsple syrup. 12.50 Mushrooms. 15c qt. 2 tor 25c, Onions, 3 bunches 10c. Onions, dry. 10c qt. 2 for 15c 45c pk. 75c basket - n.75 - 12 a bo. . rarsnliw, 6c Ininrb 0c basket Parsley, 3 bnnelie 10c, Plus, suckling, 17.50 - 18 aplce - $14 - Jl pair. Pumpkins, 5r - 25c (piece, rot a toes, 45c - 50e pk. I1.7S - I2 a bo, t'ntatoea, small, 11.25 t bit. peppers, 5c - 15c do. 60c75c a basket Pimento, 20c dot, lara, 2 qt. 15c KOe - fl t basket - rears, Anjoa' U basket Iladishes, 5c bunch. Kadlshes, Is roe whits winter, Se bunch. Kmllshes, lame black winter. 6c bunch, Hutabacas, 6c each J for ,10c 60c bu. Sage, 5o bunch. Salsify, 5c bunch. S'iuskIi, Knsllsh, 6c apiece, Mnuash, mammoth, 5c apiece, Kipiash, Italian, 6c - 15c apiece. Squash, Hubbard, 15c - 25u tplect. Tomatoes, 85c - 40c basket Tomatoes, green, 25r - 30c a bats. , Turnips, as bunch 30o pk CARBONDALE TWENTY HEW GASES 'ARE REPORTED Armory Now Ready to Receive Patients Captain Reed Called Away. CARBONDALE, Oct. 24. Twenty new cases of influenza fcrere reported yesterday to Secretary Llkeley, of the local board of health. The situation Is more favorable and the indications are that the epidemic Is . on the wane here. The report .filed yesterday by the secretary shows a decrease 7 of about fifteen In the dally average for the past ten days. - Mr. Llkeley stated yesterday that it Is practically im possible for him to furnish an accurate guide as to the progress of the disease. The number of homes Instead of the number of cases are now being reported, and in many Instances where several members of the family may be down with the disease only one case Is reported, thus giving a very Inadequate report of the number of cases. Captain Reed, who was sent here by the. health commissioner, received a telegram Wednesday evening to report at once at Camp Crane, Allentown, Pa., for overseas service. Captain Reed had the organization of the emergency hocpital at the Armory practically perfected, with only a few minor details to be attended to, and had expected to remain here until the epidemic was stamped out. While in this city Captain Reed was the guest of C. L. Rowland, of Park street. The Armory Is now ready to receive about fifty patients on short notice. Mrs. Bartlow, who Is assisting at the Armory, stated yesterday that there there are many articles that could be used to advantage in the new hospital. The following goods are most needed: Hot water bags, ice bags, bed pans, old linen, paper bags, mattresses and bed clothing, such as sheets, pillow cases, blankets and other articles that are Indispensable for hospital work. Mrs. John MoCann. a statts nurse, of Scran - ton, was at the Armory all day yesterday getting things In shape to receive patients. Mrs. C. L. Rowland, - who has been active in the relief among the sufferes In Simpson is looking after the foodstuff at tho Armory, and Mrs. Ort has been engaged to take charge of the kitchen work. Influenza - Deaths. John 'Williamson, of Clark avenue, died at the Emergency hospital Wednesday night following a few days of illness of influenza. Deceased was about twenty - six years old. He is survived by his wife, his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Williamson of Froble street, Simpson, and several brothers and sisters. Tony Dumshock of Blnghamton, who had been emDloved at Mayfleld. died at the Emergency hospital Wednesday night following a short illness of in fluenza. Deceased is survived oy fits wife and ten children. Tony S Ish. aged thirty - four years. of Locust, died at his home Tuesday night from influenza. He is survived by his wife and one child. Well Knows Xesldeat Bias. Following an Illness of three weeks of pneumonia John Conaughton, Sr., one of this city's best known and highly respected . residents passed away at his home, 130 South Main street, yesterday morning. A very sa4 feature connected with his death is the serious illness of his daughter. Miss Tillie, with influenza. Mr. Conaughton was born In Ireland seventy - two years ago, and came to this country when a boy. He took up his residence In this city with' his I larcnts and resided here until his eath vesterdav. Besides his wife, he is survived by the following sons and daughters: James F., of the firm of Conaughton & Murray; Edward, of Jersey City: Dr. Joseph L., of Mayfleld. and Private John, In service at Camp Humphreys: Mary, Elizabeth, Helen and Tlllle, of this city; also two sisters, Mrs. John Walker, of this city, and Miss Honora Conaughton, of Mayfleld. The funeral announcement will be made later. Avoid Influenza. By dressing warm. We have a full line of Winter underwear and sweaters for the family. Boys' suits and macklnaws; big choice of Honesdale flannel shirts: boys' brown high cut shoes, from 8 to 13 1 - 2, with two buckles. $2.25; boys' lace and button shoes. $1.69 up. Women's pretty fall boots, very reasonable. The Hub store. Adv. 1 COMPANY IS REPAIRING HALL DAMAGED BY CAVE MI NOOK A, Pa., Oct. 24. The Lackawanna Coal company has placed a force of men at work making repairs to St. Joseph's nail, here, which was recently quite badly damaged as a result of mine settlings. When the repairs are completed and the heating plant Is put in condition, the building may be used as an emergency hospital, as Just now all Mi - nooka victims of influenza who cannot be given proper treatment at thoii' homes are being sent to the Armory hospital. BUTTON TRADE URGING IVORY NUT IMPORTS PHILADELPHIA. Oct 24. Information reached manufacturers of buttons this week to the effect that It is now doubtful that the 12,000 tons of ivory nuts which the government two montns ago decided to permit 'to be exported to the United States will ever be brought here because of the scarcity of ship bottoms. A few days ago a boat about to leave one of the South American ports had In Its hull about 800 tons of nuts, and just about sUUng time was ordered unloaded andcastor beams put aboard Instead. This Incident prompted the manufacturers of Ivory buttons In the East to renew their Inquiries to government official regarding the cargo that should now be coming forward with which to make both government and civilian buttons for uniforms, suits and overcoats. CHICAGO GRAIN CHICAGO, Oct. 24. Corn went down grade in price today under liberal villus au chiefly to reports that the tllle had acreed aa to trmlstlc terms. The market closed heavy, 2'i to 3 centa net lower, with Noremlier jzot io ia ana uecemucr mv io kit. (late finished U to down and provision un - chanted to a etbtck of 90 cent. COHN N'oveuilier Deremlier OATH Novemlier IecentlMr POKK November January , la it n Novemlier . Ones HIED Tow Close 127 128 124 12514 iai 124 120, 12l 60 63 6SV 68ft W 611 6s 34.10 34.00 34.10 37.50 24.12 24 30 23.90 24.20 22.70 22.V0 jlioii.rj HII1M , ..Z3.W am November 20.97 21.00 20.70 20.75 January 20.26 20.35 20.16 20.30 Cask quotation Rye. No. 2 Sl.fl2Viftl.63; barley, tfctfl.02; timothy, 17.00(910.00; vlover, nominal; pork, nominal; Urd, I25.00fy25.10; ribs, 121.0041 22.50. . . . On July 26, 1847, the first electrlo magnetlo locomotive was exhibited and operated. The exhibition was mads In the town hall of Dover, N. H., by Its Inventor, Moses O. Farmer. It carried severs! people, who were doubtless the first psssengers transported on a railroad by electricity la the United States. CHIEF O'BOYLE IS GIVEN DISCHARGE Council Decides on Increase of $10 Per Month for Members of Police Force. CARBONDALE, Oct. 24. Partial granting of the demand of the city police force for an increase in wages. and announcement of the suspension or virtual discharge of Chief Frank J O'Boyle, ' featured the special session of oity council here tonight, called' for the purpose of considering the request of the men. Despite the threat of the patrolmen to leave their places in the event that their demands for a $35 increase were der.led. they agreed to a boost of $10 per month. The raise gives thorn a salary of $100 a month. While the term - "suspension" was employed in connection with the letting out of Chief O'Boyle, Mayor John Loftus, following the meeting, declared that the head of the department had been discharged. The appointment of a new chief, the mayor said, would be announced within a short time. ; Carbondale Goes Over the Top, Carbondale has again shown its great patriotism In the Fourth Liberty Loan drive by oversubscribing its quota, to the amount of nearly $100,000. making it the greatest amount ever subscribed here. The quota for this district was $1, - 776.760. and the amount subscribed without the aid of the local banks was $l,821,000e To Arrest Prank Flayers, Mayor Loftus stated yesterday that he had Issued orders to the police department to be on the alert to protect properties from acts of vandalism during the hallow'een season. The removal of gates and throwing refuses at doors or removing property from any premises will be treated as common crimes. local Soldier Wounded. Louis Sarasene. of Dundaff street, member of the 108th regiment, formerly the 13th regiment of Scranton, was dangerously wounded in France Septembr 19. Information from th war department to his sister yesterday states that he naa oecn wounded in battle, and now at a base hospital receiving treat ment. Henry atc&aughlln Dies. Henry McLaughlin, whose brother. George, died Wednesday at his home on West Market street, North Scranton. died yesterday morning at 2:30 oclock at his home. 70 PoDlar street. following an illness of two years. He was li years old, a native or Ireland coming here when a boy and living here since. A week ago he buried his daughter, Mrs. John Osborne, who was a victim of influenza. He Is survived by his wife, one daughter, Mrs. August Welchel, and two sons, John and Joseph. His funeral will take place on Saturday. The funeral of his brother takes place to morrow, the body being brought here ior puriai. Sr. Anderson Warned. Members of the board of health to night named Dr. C. J. Anderson, of this city, resident physician at the emergency hospital at the Armory. He win take charge immediately .Representatives or the railroads, coal companies and manufacturing concerns of this section will meet In council chambers Monday night to con aider the problem of defraying the expenses of the hospitals. SUIT HEWS KXWTIOir. John Stockman, of Company A, 301 American Heavy Tank Battalion, with the British Expeditionary Forces in France, has been promoted to the rank of corporal. He ks a son of Prof, and Mrs. J. V. Stockman, of Gravity ave nue. William Davis and Cletus Carden will leave . tomorrow for New York where they will engage in business at that nlace. John Coogan left yesterday for the University of Wisconsin. William Golden, of Scranton, was a caller In this city yesterday. Josenh Feike has lust returned from a trip which took him to Boston, Phila delphia and wasmngton. John Flanagan, of Archbald, is visit ins - friends In this city. Frank Boy lan, Albert McDonald, Emmet Tlerncy. Aloysius Doghert James Corrigan motored to Honesdaie vesterdav. Mr. Wirth, a member of the local exemption board. Is confined to hi: home In Greenfield township with 1 mild attack of influenza. His condi tion is not at all serious. SABT IZKOir. EAST TKMO.V. Pa.. Oct. 24. Mrs Cora Dalley and daughter, Hatel, of Blnghamton. N. T., are visiting friends and relatives at this place. Ben Place, of Blntrhamton. N. Y., spent several days at his home at this place. Ralnh Tlaee of Enrtlcott. N. T.. and sister, of NMcholson. Pa., were calling on friends and relatives last Saturday and Sunriav. Arthur Wagner visited friends at Rlnshamtnn lout week. Miss Gladys Stanton has returned homo from the Scranton hospital, where she was operated on for appendicitis. W. L. Clifford was a business caller at Scranton Inst Monday. Mrs. Mary Stephens, aged 9 years. Is ill at the home of her granddaughter. Airs. Liena Bunnell. Mr T. T. stork hAt scaln been eon - fined to the bed by sickness, but is on the roar to recovery now. Ike Freeman Is very ill at the home Of Mrs. L. It. Stark. O. D. Stark spent Saturday and Sun dav at hla home. Mrs. Marlon Shaw visited Tunkhan - nock friends last week. Fred Freeman, of 8cranton. Pa., was calling on mends last Mauirciav P. A. Stark, of Factoryvllle, Pa., has been assisting his brother, C. W. Stark, rACTOKYVaLE. Factoryvllle, Oct. 24 - li Waterman, who has been III tho past two weeks Is able to be out again. James Anthony, of Carbondale, called on friends here this week. Jay Whcelock, who has been 111 with pneumonia the past week l.i better. J. Cohen, of Scranton, called on friends here this week. The funeral of Olln Wheelock was held on Wednesday at his mother's home on Church strert with Interment In Evergreen cemetery. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Brlggs, who have been 111 with th grip for the past two weeks are much Improved. N. B. Winters, of Clarks Summit, a former resident of this town, was calling on friends here this week, WICHOLSOir. NICHOLSON. Pa.. Oct. 24. Over $100,000 was subscribed to the Fourth Liberty Loan In this community, going over the top by at least 110.000. This was a splendid record for Nicholson, and required much sacrifice In the part of the treople, who were ready and willing In nearly every instance to make it, and heroic efforts on the part of the committee in raising this large sum. Graham He mm nirer. son of Mr. and Mrs, George Hemmlnger. who recently had such a thrilling experience on the torpedoed ship, Huena Ventura, is visiting hiB parents and old friends in this place. Hon. Moses t$nieia. wno nss an official position at Harrlsburg, is horns for the week. The followlns vounf neonle who have been 111 are Improving: Guy and Floyd Bailey. Dudley Bnvrier. RavCol - ,vin, Ltland and Helen Knapp, Miller WYOMING PITTSTON J IMPROVEMENT IN 'FLU' SITUATION Falling Off in Cases Is Reported in Pittston, Exeter and Wyoming. PITTSTON, Pa., Oct. 24 Reports from Exoter, Wyoming, West Pittston and this city in the influenza situation were encouraging today and officials now believe the orest has been reached and from now on a stead improvement will be noticeable. Only, a few new cases were reported in each of these towns today. Miss Madge Hef - fron, a professional nurse, of Taylor, has been engaged by the state for district work In Duryea, Avoca and Du - pont. Conditions in Avoca continue to be seYious, it being said quite a few people who contracted influenza are now suffering from pneumonia. Two Seeths In Family. For the second time within a week Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Clarks, of Ted - rick street, were today called upon to mourn the loss of a son. A week ago their son, James, aged 17, died of influenza and this morning, Timothy, aged 15 passed away. The deceased is survived by his parents and one sister. 1 local Cases Passed On. John Mott and Harold Webb, of this section, have been placed in Class 1 - 1 by the draft appeal board at Scranton. The following In Luzerne draft district No. 2 have been assigned to Class 2 - d: Carl A. Vollrath, Michael "'. Tigue, John Yaconis, Thomas G. Hobbs, Jos - , eph F. Ziembroskl, Charles Wolcock, Richard B. Walsh, Mathols Mullon, Martin F. Walsh, Bollslaw Zenzean, Stanley F. Yeskulski, Richard J. Weaver, George F. Wlnslow, Thomas William York, George E. York and Anthony Yesalavage. Funerals In Pittston. The funeral of Eugene Martin, son of Mr, Owen Martin, of Searle street, was held this morning, the remains being buried at St. John's cemetery. A sister ot the deceased is critically ill with pneumonia while his mother is still suffering from shock. The remains of Frank English, who died at Camp riethorpe. Ga., will be laid at rest tomorrow. Services will be held at Lyden and Murray's parlors. Interment will be In St. John's cemetery. The funeral of Patrick Cawley of Union street, was held yesterday afternoon, A vast array of floral pieces covered the casket. Father Dixon, pastor of St. Mary's church, Uppen Pitston, read the prayers for the dead. Interment was In St. John's cemtftery. Relatives and friends were present from Carbondale. Scranton and Wil - kes - Barre. The flower carriers were Bernard McGarry. William McGarry, Gerald McGarry and Ignatius Hoover. .Pallbearers were John Carey, William Jordan, James Bannon, Peter McHale, Michael McDonnell and P. C. Devers. Death of Mine Foreman's Bon, James Williams, son of mine fore man John Williams, of the Stevens mine, died this morning at the home on j - .uzern street, west .Pittston. He was 30 years of age. The father ot the deceased is reported critically 111. VOTES Tnt PELSOI7AXS. A slight fire occurred last night at the store room of the electric light plant. The damage amounted to $200. A baby girl was born last evening to Mr. and Mrs. Martin F. Coyne, of Main street, Port Grimth. Mrs. Michael Earley, of John street. Is recovering after being ill at her home for the last two months. Ayers, Emma Park, Margaret Bell, unve uonrad. Florence and Thelma Stewart, Irene Walker and Airs. Wil liam Purvis. The school buildlnur is now receiv ing the stucco finish and presents a fine appearance. The entire work is progressing fast. The family of Charles Kllng are all confined to the home by illness. The infant son of Mr. and Mrs, G. L. Doty died Tuesday morning. Mrs. Eva Baldwin, who has been vis. iting at the home of her son. Bruce. and wife in Blnghamton, has returned to wer jiome. Mrs. C. C. Spencer, a former resl. dent of this place, is ill at her home in Clark's Summit, R. C. Dlx. of the Corner Drue store. has been confined to his home by illness for a number of days. Lloyd Reynolds, who has been ill for a number of days, is improving. Dr. R. M. Niles, who has been confined to his home for over a week by illness. Is Improving. Drs. Taylor, of Foster: Zeller. of Dalton. and French. of Factoryvllle, have been caring for - nis patients. Mrs Kirk Stephens was called to Hallstead Monday on account of the serious illness of her daughter, Mrs. Winfield Hlnkley. red Crock, son of Mr. srffi Mrs. Martin Crock, died at the home of his Sarents Tuerlay morning. Mr. Crock ad been 111 for a couple of years and was in a sanatarlum In Canada during much of that time. Besides his parents he leaves a wife, one brother, William Crock, and one slsted, Mrs, Harry Wilkins. of Jersey City. MZKOOFAITT. MEHOOPAN Y. Pa.. Oct. 24. Mrs. Sarah E. Jennings, of Sunbury, has been spending the month with relatives here, he will return next Monday. Mrs. John Lelpham. of Russell Hill, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bunnell and son, Merton, of Auburn Four Coin ers, were in town Tuesday p. m. Mrs. Edwin Sutton, of Union Hill. has been spending a week with her Bister, Mrs. Bert Steele in Montrose. Mrs. Charles Jr. Halm, of Grist Flat. who spent some time wl i her daughter, Mrs, Mary H. Yielding In Mes - hoppen, returned horn Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Hahn spent the summer at their summer home on the Flat, WnlPDlo Bros., of Lacevvl le. have been flnlne - rsrnsnter vrnrlr for VreH ' McKown. aumrsLz. KTIL BUNNELL HILL, Oct. 24. W. C. i McMlcken and wife spent Thursday ' with their daughter Mrs. Ben Stul'l i at La Grange. Arthur Bowman baa been 111. but Is! oeuer. walker Bunnell and wire snent a few days with their daughter Mrs. Murray Sherwood, who hax been suf fering with the 'Flu" at' Chester. Pa, i. c Davis and wire spent a few days with their daughter Mrs. Omar rice and baby at Vote. Miss Genevieve Lone, of Endlcott N. i ., Is spending a few weeks with ner parents Ernest J, one and wife. County Commissioner H. P. Bunnell wns doing business at Tunkhan - nock, Tuesday. Miss Viola Staleht snent Friday In AUMKimnnucK. M. D. Cn Dwell and family anent Dummy at r, m. riaiawins. , Mrs. Ira UrlDls and son spent Thursday at the home of her parents Chas. Bunnell and wife. Ed. Luce and family were doing Dusiness at Lynn Thursday, TABXY1XX.B. STARKVILLE. Pa., Oct. 24. Mrs. nson B. Stephens and Mrs. William Oakley and Willlnm Gronilkh are able be around again alter tncir recent illness. J. R. Oromllch Is 111 at his home. Mr and Mrs. Henry Hener and son. Howard, were recent callers at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Orom llch. Joseph Finn, of Nicholson, is visit - ng at the home of his grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Anson Stephens. Kobtrt Grant is ill with tht grip, BS - BBWBPAPBB MAsT BtBI. W1LKK8 - BARKE. Pa.. Oct. 24. Dr. William Bradley, a former 1 cal resident, and at one time owner of the Wllkes - Barre Record, Is dead at Wilmington, Del. H told Skis interest in the Berd la 1113. iCTTF THIS SALE TODAY AND SATURDAY EVERY ITEM IS A MONEY - SAVER United States Food Administration Licence No. G - 20106 Choice ghueli tet SIRLOIN AND mm Hogs of Fall Imh fl e Ik LAMB AND MUTTON CHOPS Foil hm I For Boiling Hill FRESH PORK HAL ;Trare MAIL Me HiTTEllD CC. PRIDE . ILL BRAND PURITAN . ESI LI ROUND STEAK m in liouldor Ml or Roasting til 0. LOIN ROAST n BOAST I. n nn UJ 35c 33c . . 32c lb. Ik

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