The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 23, 1949 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 23, 1949
Page 14
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FACE FOURTEEN BI.YTHEVn.LE (ARK.) COUTUKR NEWS Family Policies Become Common i Institute Study Shows ! How Much in Benefits 1 Planned for Widows If there is such a tiling in Aincr- ilea as a "typical" life insurance 'policy golni? Into a typical insiir- I nnce program, it is a policy which a husband has bought for the projection of his wife and his family, f according to n study made this full by the Institute of Life Insurance. ;The study Is an analysis of the- 2«fi .million dollars which life insurance, companies In the United States and ] hi 1 Canada paid to beneficiaries and ( policyholders during the month of August, 1949. Although life insurance today Is being used for business purposes. . and fllthoriph (argc amounts are :i owned by women, children ami .sin, Ble people, the great bulk of life | Insurance protection in this country is still "family" life insurance. This is life insurance which husbands have bought with the primary purpose of giving their families Income in case (hoy die. •Millions Paid Out a nuu s 13urinK the month ol AURUSI. 1919.' set up in one form or another of the Institute study shows the sum lifftiuie annuity. Ordinary life insurance is the kind bought by individuals usually in nmruinis of $1.000 or IIIIIIT 011 which the prcm- iuuis are payable on an annuril basis. Most of ihe life insurance policies share, for their own and their fam- on which payments Dies' support. In dollars, the pay- nienLs to widows amounted to 74 niiUion dollars; to sons ami daughters, 18 millions; to other relatives. 14 millions :mti to all other kinds of beneficiaries, 24 millions. In the* fin me period, the sum of 15G million dollar.-; WHS paid to living nolicyh differs. The.^e were life insurance dividends which alone amoimted to 44 million <UUljirs during the month, as well as payments made to people fjiv;ng up their policies, to people! with annuities ami matured endowment pnlieU's, and to people receiving disability payments, Keeeive liem-fits us In rump Perhaps of greatest significance in The Institute's study i.s the picture nf how widows anrt other beneficiaries of Mf? insurance tire now receiving Iheir Insurance benefits, many years it hits bi-en pnsM- 11' to iirrmiLT life insurance oene- fits TO provide income instead nf u sinyle, cnsh payment. In recent years, Dresner is bcimr made of these income or "optional" .settlements. A mum: nrdinnry life insurance policies, almost twenty per cent of nil payments rr.'iiItiJiK from the death of a pohcyhotilcr was left witli 11 IP life insumnre euniprmy until nerded, in the meanwhile earning Almost ten per tent wa.s set. up to p;iy rejjnlr.r inoiithly income fnr ;i period of [ years Eind abuui .six jicr ccjit, wn,s of 130 million dollars, or somewhat less than half of all payments, went to the beneficiaries of life insurance policies upon the death of policyholders. Of this amount widows received by far the largest j;i;it!p in . . . * lor a joyous Yulelicio ceienration ana a New Year overflowing with all gootl toi you anil yours. .1 CURVE IN GROCERY Air Base Koacl Jam Makes Personal Stuffings For Stockings At Christmastime STOCKING STUFFRIIS—llomem make wonderful A £>la. c *s of your homemade jelly, i Jam or marmalade, beribbmied and tin-selcd. makes a wonderful Christmas greeting. Perhaps you want lo make some now lor Chri.strnas giving. Then use. -sure-fire recipes which have i been carefully tested. J Begin v/ith apple jelly, always a favorite. Apples an: cheap and good. A|l|>lc Jelly , (Makes about 12 six-ounce glasses) • Five cups fresh apple juice. I 1 ,? ctlps .sugar ''-• bottle frnil pectin. r To prepare the juice: Remove blossom and stem ends Irorn about ' 3'j pounds fully ripe app",e.s; cut in .small pieces. Do not peel or core. ! Add 3 cups water, bring to a b:>il, and simmer, covered. 10 minutes. C'rnsh with ma.sher and simmer, August as a result of death, the Instiuiic's study shows, had been In existence less than twenty years, bul one policy out of five had been owned for thirly years or more. Among these were some which had become fully paid up. on which their owners were no longer paying) premiums. [ The study made lh : s fall by the Institute emphasizes the importance of life insurance h> women. Women receive as provision for themselves and their families up to seventy- five per cent or more of the money paiii as Ihe result, of deaih. Women do not. however, receive this high aj percentage of all life Insurance- benefit:,. Jusl, over half-of the pav-j tnenl.s arc 10 living policy owners and much of this goes to men. ' de jellies. Jams and nuinnahde Christmas pift;, cohered. 5 niimites longer. Place in jelly cloth or bag and M[tice/.o out juice. Mea.sure 5 cujxs juice into very large .siuicepay. iWilh soft very sweet apples, add juiue of 1 medium-sized lemon to apple juice,) To make the jelly: Acid -su^ar to juice in saucepan ami mix well. Place over high heat and brint; to a toil, stirring constantly At once Mir in botited fruit pectin. Then brin» to a full rolling boll nnd boll hard 'v mime. Remove from heat skim, pour quickly ito KIU.VJC.S. Paraffin at once, What could be more ihan red cinnamon candy jelly? ('imiiminii Cundy .h-Jly (Makes about -1 six-mmcc glasses) Two and one-half cnp.s ^usar 14 cups water, ]--\ pound red cinnamon c.indie.s, ^ bottle fruit peciin. .\feaHine .su^ar. water and cinnamon candles into .sanci.pan and mix well. Place over high heat anrt brin^ in n boil, .stirring constantly. At once stir in bottled fruit pectin. Then brine to a fnli rolling boil and boil hard 'i minute, stirrinif constantly. Remove from heat, skim, pour quickly into glasses. Paraffin a i once. Lack o/ Funds Halts Drill Pay For Reservists WASHINGTON. Dec. 23. M>j—The Army is cutting olf all drill pay for 18.UH enlisted men and officers in 2.3G6 of Its roerve training units. The order goes into effect Jan! 1 for at least six months. Army officials disclosed the action today. They said a tremendous Jump In the number entering the paid drill program has left the Army without enough money to continue the payments. The order affects 57.705 officers and 20.759 enlisted men. They arc in units tthtrh would be used as "fillers" in Army groups In event of mobilization. The reservists can continue drill- Ing, but without pay. the officials said. They pointed out that until Congress authorized drill pay at its last session, all such drilling had been on a voluntary, non-pay basis. Congress sjas-e the army S22.400,- 000 for drill pay In the current fiscal year, which ends next July 1. The growing popularity of the paid-drill program is reflected in Army figures, .showing that July drill attendance totaled 161,000; in August, 16!).OOQ: in September, 273.000: in October. 311.100. The drill pay to I tie men varies widely. It is predicated on a figure of 1 Mill of Iheir base pay, depending on rank and length of service. Donkey Helps Solve Murder o( His Master ALEXANDRIA. Egypt. Dec. 23. lifi — A milkman's faithful donkey helped snlvt his master's murder yesterday. Gunmen killed milkman Hassanein Atta, 45. (or reasons unknown. Atta's doukej'. covered with his master's blood, continued on his usual rounds, stopping before each place where he customarily delivered milk. A shopkeeper noticed the blood, police backtracked and arrested two men who had not even bothered to flee, believing it would be boms before their crime would be discovered. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1949 The oldest Bible in government service is one which every Justice of the Supreme Court tins been sworn in Muce 1308- ported he was easily identified by j six fingers on each h.ind. " 1 The joy in wishing you a Merry j Christmas can only be equaled in the pleasure of voicing our hope for your happiness and good health during the coming new year. Arkansas Paint-Glass and Wallpaper Co. Requisition Granted LITTLE ROCK. Dec. 23. ;,T', — Governor McMnth yesterday ordered Johnny Parchman. :15. Negro returned to Chicago lo face murder charges in connection with the death Dec. 4 of Hen Daniels. Negro Parchman was arrested last week at Pine Bluff by ofticers who re- gather 'round in good fellowship., .with a heartfelt wish lhal you and'yours may enjoy Ihe Merries! Christmas-and a Happy. Happy New Yeail V^/ur favorite season is here again! For it's Christmas time—when colorful lights and holly wreaths brighten every window—when the carefree voices of carolers break the silence of the night, and to wide-eyed youngsters dear old Santa C/aus is the "man of the hour' Beyond all these pleasures our greatest ( enjoyment comes from the opportunity to wish all our friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy NewYear Firestone Store Paul Clumbers, Mgr.

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