The Scranton Republican from Scranton, Pennsylvania on December 6, 1920 · Page 7
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The Scranton Republican from Scranton, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Scranton, Pennsylvania
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Monday, December 6, 1920
Page 7
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SO C. I A L - JN bebu EDNA a KENT 7 FORBEv W 1 l - J - 'iT - FRENCH , ,. Paris, November 1st. vVfcen I last wrote I was sitting in a room la a London hotel, with a great deal of fog and'diizzle in the world eutside. , 1 am now in a delightful Th JParlsian Type. tlac In Paris, and the sky is as clear and as b'ue as .though it wore Sumi.ier time. Meanwhile I have wall - od inr Valked, during my brief residence Women's Activities The county educational committee of the Women's League for Political X;ducatwn met Saturday afternoon in the league headquarters In the Karr Guiding and mapped out work for the coming year.. It was decided to pre pare each month two outlines, one rei - J i n. bhvb io current evema ana me oiner g.iven Dy delegates who attended the an - to municipal research, the outbnes to nua mecting of tnc Federation be forwarded to the several county educational chairmen and to be worked out by their organizations. Miss Grace Hicks will arrange the current events outline for the month of January. It will deal with the League of Nations. The topic for the research department will be "Federal and State Jury Systems.'' It was also decided to call a meeting of the county chairmen in the near future. Mrs. W. U. Christine is chairman of the county committee and is being assiste,d by Dr. Anna Clarke. Mrs. Charles Schroeder, of Clark's Summit, Mrs. CjTiRrJes Robertson of Dunmore, and jps Cirace Hicks and Miss Jane The next luncheon of the Catholic Charity GuiJd given' next Saturday at 1 o'clock at the Hotel Casey. Mrs. Eugene Mongan and Mrs. Stanley A. Simrell are in charge of the affair and arrangements may be madp by calling the latter. The committee which gave the benefit card party recently is most anxious that a complete return of the tick sale be made at til a time, in order that plans for the Chnistmas of the children of St. Joseph's Day Nursery may be made. One of the most enjoyable afternoons of the season was provided through the enterprise of the house committee of the Association for the Blind on Sniur - day a'ternoon, when Mrs. Frank E. Piatt opened her charming home on Webster avenue for a program that attracted throngs of listeners. The committee consists of Mrs. Frank E. Piatt, Mrs. George G. Brooks, Mif. Paul B. Belin, Mrs. V. G. Fulton, Mrs. W. D. Boyer, Miss Emma J. Lewis, Miss May Courson. Mrs. George W. Clarke gave two beautiful violin number., enn from The Meistersingers, and th Ave. Maria. Mrs. Salo Friedewald read a rrr"ini' of Edith Wharton's latest book. '"The Age FOR "CHRISTMAS GIFT SUGGESTIONS" READ CLASSIFICATION NO. 64 - A IN TODAY'S CLASSIFIED ECTION. V' Ti5 - 1 jp B CZZ3 B 1 w "S M fiSWJ - 'ittAa v n iii m.f - j . si in i n Or" - wwi q Mil - m 1 1 ii .n 1 I K VV S OF WO H EN - FAS trmttf - Mi - it - ri VaU'J TYPES here, until I feel that I already know an tn - jrinous amount aoout Parisian women and Parisian methods of beauty culture. Th s is cerlainly one of the most beautiful cities In the world; a city of great bou'evards, radlnting from cen tral points, usually a lovely square, a magnificent church - r a triumphal arch. It 1 a cltv of msifnllont vlptap, a "Hy f'. - it temp's the vl tor to fo'low 'Vwn ls er"hnntli hoi'lvnri", and to CMfiior nd f"rthT. For wh"n one renobes the d of one bn - .i' - va'fl. It li on' to fnl a n"W vista onen'if rn nnd to be toron'rn to wr'k ncsiln imtl FMrin jtttvr po'nt ff Nwuty y.q fcn riched. Tn T,nndon I ws rln'ny ti'T'p" of of the rnMn ways irlo lit"! Tt!otitrTn,fl prfs d "v.t. hut In rr's T wnlk st - ala - M on frrm noW to ath, w'rhout iiy rt"v!atlon nit'l mi,''',nlv I discover T ?ti re'1i to drrn from f'tne. TV,n pit., ctp to nut Us rint beflit - tl'nl ortvT - 'l to th, v''tnr. T'm vmrcn, fio, F"ri to fin th's very vi. TS"ft .a'v trwnfl of them out rrorrrn',,T to"v pnd th" wpt m - - t exou''tdv potten tin frur the oc! - rn. At ft n - ip - ce c' t! - rpin ?r?'"dr'rMy we1 dred, Si.f nf er n llftlft stii'1' - n t c.i'nal vl - )tM - ro"M fe tht It 1 not wvnt tl - e rqris'!n wears, but the manner n - Hch she wears 't, that selves this effect. TVre Is rn 'Pren' - h tw s rflpt'nrt - xs'tho A n" - lo - Co'con. In Tjondcn the hmnettn wis a rprlty. Here there are nv of thom. nnd tisual'y very b"an - t'ful ones. Kven the poorest irlrls rcem to possess a bIituIst beauty ami cercln irrce vlch Is h. - rd to de fine. Even when the plrls on the hnule - varfli sre of coarso extrsctlon, they are so vivacious, so pretty anil so altogether have m'ssed somewhat the tin', versal - refinement of the English wre"n: hut alluring, that one docs not m'rd this. English Maid A plrl with very llrM brown ha'r and dark brown efes should wear the following colors to bring out the depths of her eyes and to make 'ier ba r seem even l'ghtpr; dark brown, bronze, henna, bloge, yellow and green. of Innnocence," giving a most pleasing interpretation of the exquisite finish and style of the author. A fenture of exceptional interest was tho singlnng of Mrs. Pernard Heinz, who gave three fascinating little French scngs In her own inimitable way. Exceedingly interesting reports will be of Pennsylvania Women at the meeting of the Ceentury Club this afternoon. - Mrs. J. Benj. Dimmlck, Mrs. L. A. Watres, Mrs. R. P Gleason and Mrs. Edgar Sturga and Ml."i Err - lly Wilcox were the delegates. Th esession will opt.n at 2:15 b couch. It id hiped there will be a very largo attendance.' Tho musical program will begin at. 3:30 sharp.' when Mrs. George Lee Bready; of New York, will give an opra recital with voice and plan i. Of charming personality, she presents themes in tiio.'oush dicmalic taahsen anu ner playing U beautl.'ul. She will give two operas, "L'Oracolo," by Leoni, and "Gl. anni Schicchl." This program has been awaited with interest by many who know of Mrs. Brcady's artistic Interpretations and vivid sense of dramatic values. The lecture on Batiks vul be given tmorrow atfernoon at 3:30 o'clock under the auspices of the Art department of tho Century Club. Mrs. Willard Bunnell, Mrs. J. D. Stocker. Mrs. Harry Jenkins are to take part in the program of the Parliamentary Law club which will' meet Tuesday morning at 10:30 o'clock In the Y. W. C. A. Current events, a drill on drafting a constitution and bylaws as well as the state flwnstitutlon will be discussed. The regular monthly luncheon of the Catholic Charity guild will be held Saturday, December 11. at 1 o'clock in the Hotel Casey. It Is desired that a complete report of the ticket sale for the recent card party be made at this mecting In order that the exact amount of the Christmas f""d pi - v be known. . . WOMEN'S MEETINGS The Joan of Arc Court, Daughters of Isabelle, will hold its reirulir monthly meeting thlsevenlng In the Knights of Columbus club muse. Officers will be elected for the coming year, The Women's Auxiliary to the Scran ton Licclerkranz will not meet in the Casino thls evenlng at 8 o'clock as was announced previously. The Ladies of the First Presbyterian church are to meet at the church tomorrow and few for the Home for ti'e Friendless. Luncheon will be served at noon. Breed is HI W ' , Aiwa vs Readv BREAD When unexpected guests drop in around tea time, or any time, delight them with a generous plateful of cinnamon toast or dainty sandwiches. To insure toast and sandwich - perfection, insist upon the most delicious Bread ' Williams Butter - Nut Bread So substantial and rich in nourishment, it makes ideal thrce - times - a - day food. Ask your grocer. r.. EntLIEgQI THE S CR ANTON REPUBLICAN. MONDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1920 ': C. SCOTT, Jr., 1Y1 nec Frances T. - Jones, a Recent West Side Bride. ', - . ; Society Notes The marriage of Miss Estella Benjamin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W, Benjamin, of 1124 Court street, and Ralph W. Gillespie, son of Mrs. 'Jliomas Gillespie, of 1819 North Main avenue, took place Saturday afternoon at 4 o'clock at the pamonage of the Court Street M. E. church. The pas - tor. the Rev, Donald S. MacKcller, ! TITRS. W. 1st - : ;:::::i:::JSv:.;. :i ; ' ' : '::v performed the ceremony. j The bride, who was unattended, was ! Is' to give a dance at the Green Ridge gowned in black chiffon velvet and : club, Thursday evening, when it Is ex - woro a picture hat to match. Her ; pected that scores of persons from up tlowers were yellow chrysanthemums, 'and down the "valley will be present. Follower; the ceremony a reception Serving on the comm'ttee are John was held at the home of the briUv's j Leonard, James Cardcn, James Oal - parents. After the wedding supper ) lagher, A. F. Martin, Frank X. Hom - Mr. and Mrs. Gillespie left for a trip to New York., They are to reside with the bride's parents. Tho bridcgr&om Is connected with the Alpine mills, in PJttston. 0 o o Elaborate preparations are being made for the card party, to be given Wednesday afternoon by the Ladies auxiliary of the Scranton Bicycle club at the club house. There will be tables for bridge, "500" and pinochle. Mrs. C. R. Lapum, chairman of the arrange - ment committee, is being assisted by Mesdames W. J. Justin, A. P. Clarke, Charles Umphred and J. E. Davidson. : O O O Mrs. H. D. Gardner delightfully en tertained members of the Scranton Colony of New England Women on Saturday at her homo on Quincy avenue. There ws.s an excellent program, when Mrs. J. Farnham Mears gave a clever paper on "Manners and Customs in Colonial times in the South. Mrs: D. A. Cap well - also gave a good paper on "The Pilgrims," with Forefathers Day. reference to Among those present were: Mrs. W. H. MeGlauflln, Mrs. Henry J. Carr, Mrs. li. A. Watres, Mrs. J. M. Shields. Mrs. Grace Fuller, Mrs., L II. Stellc, Mrs. Capwell, Mrs. W. J. Brown, of Dalton; Mrs: Cornelia Mer - rifield, Mrs. - Howard StelleMrs. A. H. Welles, Mrs. Frank Merriflcld. Miss Florence Colvin, Mrs. J. Farnham MeaYs, Miss Amy Northup, Mrs. M. E. Walthall.' ooo Members of tho Saturday evening Card club were entertained last week I by Mr. and Mrs. Willard M. Bunnell, j ooo ' I Mrs. J. M." Wainwright - entertained a few friends at tea on Saturday afternoon at her homo on Clay avcnu. ooo Capt, and Mrs. John Wood were guests at a racent banquet given at the Rlti by the officers who served Under thts rn.nlnin in rranc, Vlra Wood was before her recent marr'age ( j t ; ' ' I ! Miss Romayne Schrank, aughter ofjniyrricd by P.ev. Vr Foulke. The Mrs. Mary Schrank, of 316 Prospect couple were unattended. avenue, ln,s c"y - Both Chaplain John J. Quinn and tho Itev. Father McTlge paid high tribute to - the many fine qualities of Captain Wood. ooo Miss Irene Cohen was the guest of honor at a tea given yesterday by the Misses Bertha and Pearl Bloom, of North Main avenue. ooo Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Brown, of Dorothy street, annnounce the engage - r. ttnt f their faughter, Hazel, to Chester Kaugher, of South Keyser avenue. ooo Miss Ruth Carpenter, daughter of Mrs. Harr.'et F. Carpenter, of 1008 Delaware street, has chosen the evening of New Year's day for tha time of her marriage to Mark W. Adair, of Toronto, Canada. The ceremony Is to take place at the home of the bride, ooo The Crystal club of North Scranton your Best Food eat more of it 2L H ION S HOM E H ELPS w fit lor - GOOD HOME Every family likes to be surprised, no.v and then, with dishes not usually served. In the following supper menu the All - Meat Sandwiches will be hailed with envhusiasm by the housekeepers family. All - Moat Sandw'ches Coffee Baked Apple3 - CookIe3 All - Meat Sandwiches: Have your butcher cut thin slices of veal for yoM and take one cf these raw veal - slices, put a slice of uncooked ham upon It, and cover the him with another thin slice of veal. These three pieces of meat wl'l form a "sandwich" and they should bo a little lnrger thfn an or - d'nary bread sandw ch. Allow one of these "sandwiches" per persen, unless tne persons servca are usuany nuavy eaters, Place thess raw. all - meat sand - nvlches In a shallow pan, stew flnely - chooped onlnn on top of each, with a little salt (unless the ham Is very nalty), necper nnd sage, nearly cover tho "sandwiches' with hot water. ind bake till the meat is done through, tusnlng over once so that both sides will bo browned. , Rump Beef Meot Loaf Cocoa Diced Gra'ru t and Bananas Cookies Rump Beef Meat Loaf: 1 pound rump beef, - t pound fresh lean pork, 2 green peppers, and 1 onion. Grind these four lngred'ents and mjx with them 1 cup of bread crumbs, 1 egg, and 2 - 3 cup of milk. Mix all well together and form Into a lonf on a shallow baking tin. Pour over it the Juice er, John Holmes. Jhe strutters will play. o o o The Ladies' Auxiliary of the Cour do Lion Commandery, No. 17 Knights Templar gave a most delightful card Party and dance Thursday evening at the Bicycle club. Following the play jng refreslunens were served. - Mrs. J. Palmer Smith was chairman of the ar - rangement committee, while Mrs. F. G. Farnhnm wa in charge freshmcnts. Those who of the re - held nigh scores were Dr. J. B. Twedle, E. J. Weaver and Mrs. Alex Robinson for 500, and F. G. Farnham and Mrs. E. Stevens for pinochle. o The N. O. C. club was entertained recently at the home of Miss Frances McLanc on North Washington avenue. Twelve members were present. 'OOO Scores of persons are expected to at - onrt the Knight Temp'ar dance to be given Wednesday evening at the 'Bi cycle club. The coucr ae won mnndcry Is arranging the program. Mrs. David M. Reynolds entertained charmingly at bridge Saturday after - nn st h!r home on Arthur avesue. The guests were Mesaames u. j. lhart, Charles Dawson, George Nye. 'Thomas Steele, Charles H. Tliton. Ralph Curry. Willard M. Bunnell, Miss Sally Courtright. OOO The members o.f the Strand theatre orchestra were the guests of Mr. and - s Arnold LnhT,asn at farewell supper' party at their home on D."e street. Saturday evening. Mf. Mrs. T.f.v.rnoviU leave today to reside in WUkes - Barre. . ooo - A wedding - of unusual Interest took place in Buffalo. N. Y.,' on November 21 then Ms Trances T Jones, son nd Mrs. j.uwaxu m. 1 StratfoM nvenuo " '" - a Jr., son of Mr. ana - "7" - 1 iici nivls on Htreet, vere 1 hriflp was formerly a tirug cieK J . . xtiu Main in Dawes' ptinrmaiy. un avenue, and is popnlnr among the younger set of the c'.ty. Mr - Scott, now concctcd with the umlertaklng establishment of William C - Pi'ice ,n' was formerly employed by John . Ev - on - He Is a graduate of the Technical High school, nnd during the recent war served in the heavy artillery. At present the newly - weds are re - l,Kn nt the hPTTll of tV n - rnr h"t after April 1 they will be at their own home. . ooo Miss Mnrjorie Odcll, daughter of the Rev. Dr. and M.S. Jovej'h II. O - le'.l. of V.'ilmlngton, Del., formerly of Scranton, became the bride of Thotnas Garrett Bradford at 8 o'clock last Friday evening In tho Westminster Presbyterian church, at AVilmington. The ceremony was performed by the bride's father, assisted by the l'.rv. V ' - - as - torof the Westminster church. Miss.Ll - anor Porter, of mis city, was ono of the bridesmaids. Aw - g ' ' i Scranton people present r.t tho wed ding were the K.v. ur. i. . - burn and daughters. Ruth and Rosamond, Mrs. H. C. Shafer and Mrs. Paul H. Belin. Rev. Dr. Odell, father of the bride, was for some time pastor of the Second Presbyterian church Jefferson avenue. The bide has n legion of acquaintances throughout the city. Mr. Bradford who is a kinsman of the MUl'oum is in bu - ir n.'i n - UrM ' rt. Conn. After an extended honeymoon Mr. and Mrs. Bradford will make Fair - Held, Conn., their, home. '1 DAILY MENU roa TUESDAY , BREAKFAST Fruit Hominy Frizzled Beef on Toast Coffee LUNCHEON Vegetable Soup Cheese Sandwiches Jam Tea DINNER - Lamb Stew with Carrots ' Celery and Potatoes Stewed Tomatoes Stewed Tomatoes Orange Jelly Coffee Hominy Wash hominy In cold water, put to solk in the early morning, bring to a boll at night and stand it in fircless cooker until next morning. It is then ready to drain, season and reheat with milk and butter. Hominy grits which Is nne hominy should be soaked in milk over night In double then cooked In It at least an hour. If served as cereal use cream; If as a vegetable, add salt., pepper and butter. SISTERS MABBY TWINS. . CORY DON, Ind.. Dec. 5. A double werirlfnfl' in n - Mrn Ataters became brides of twin brothers took place In Taylor township me otner aay. timer j. Sfhwelnhart and Mlys Josephine Holland and Fmery L. Schweinhart and i&Ma Eliraibeth C. Hall were married. tour A.KinKrnan SUPPER MENUS from 1 can' of tomatoes, lay strips of bacon across the tcp of the loaf, and bake, for S minutes n a good oven. , Sausage, Tomato and Bice Dish Tea : Cinnamon Toast Sausage, Tomato and Rice Dish: cup uncooked rice, 1 'can tomatoes strained from their liquor, I . pound sausage; salt and popper to season. Cook the rice in boiling salted water i:ntll tfner, then drain and place It in a buttered bak'ng dish. Over the rice arrange the - tomatoes cut into smsll pieces, adding the seasoning as well as a few dots of butter. Lay the siusage meat on top and bake until tho meat Is brown end the dish done through and piping hot. Miss E. R. G. tnswer: . The' oil from your sewing machine can be , tak. t f , . hv - lmnlv I . - .i. . i , "u nahing with neutrsl soan and cold witer. If, however, it has .rotten into tho stitching, It wou'd be best to dissolve It out with gasoline or ben!ne. vacuum demor imnn vnnr o.arinir Ma chine; many pcrstns do thl, as well n Hpon typeTfriters and orher p'fees of mechanism not too dellcr.te to stand the suction. Tomorrow Answered Letters All Inquiries addrvwl to Mlwi Klrkman In eiro of thn Blflclent Hnuwktteplnr" deoartment will b? annwertd In th enlumn in their turn. Thin require oon Iderable time, however, owine to the rt number received. Ro If a personal or and self - addresned envelope muirt be en - quicker reply Is 'eulred, a limped elned wlili the ausctlon. The Editor. Personal Notes Mrs. Charles E. Davis, of 613 North Main avenue, Is spending a few days in New York. Mr. and Mrs. John Blood, of Wio - mis - slng. Pa., are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. Herbert Walker of Madison avenue. x Walter Brown of this city is spending ten days in Harrisburg. R. E. Stcchcr, of 2516 Boulevard avenue and Grant Wiles returned last evening from Thornhurst . where' Mr. Stecher shot a line deer.' Mr. and Mrs. Norman G. Parker of Jefferson avenue have as their gue - sts the later's mother, Mrs. Margaret Elizabeth Ecker, of Jamestown, N. Y. Miss Alice Neave of 146 South Hyde Park avenue is seriously 111. Miss Helen Kennedy of Clifford, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Henry Twining of Harrison avenue. Miss Marie Haggcrty, . of Webster avenue, Dunmore, is attending the centennial, celebration of the i Girls of Georgetown Law school at Washington, D. C. Mrs. Eleanor Reynolds SchloBshauer of Berlin, Germany, formerly of this city, Is on her way to this country where she will spend some months. She may pass most of the time in Washington nd Virginia, Erie Hnrding Reynolds, of this slty, left Saturday for Hampton . Roads where he will study radio work. - - '; Miss Anna Hannon, of "1217 Linden street, aecompan'ed by - er 'Ipter Ms Loretta Hammon, of Washington. D. C has returned from New Tork whera she spent the past week. Miss Gladys Shaefer, of Prescott avenue, spent the week end ; at the Bloomsburg Normal school .where she attended a cias reunion. . Mrs.' P. A. cAhdirew. of Jefferson avenue, has returned from Detrott where she spent the part - Ave weeks with her daughter, Mrs. James Mu - r phy. ' " : : r CHARMING PAGEANT n - GIVEN AT Y. W. C. A, A charming - pageant depleting the experiences of the Pllerlms from the time o the landing of the M.y(lowei until the first Thanksgvirg was given yesterday afternoon at the Y. W. C. A. before an enthusiastic audience which filled - the auditorium. - FJrst came Samosett and some of tys fol - Fashion Hint Prepared Especially for Tha Republican. STBAIOHT A ITS VBZTiri. This design In dark brown velvet Is straight and youthful 'n its lines as well as smart In Its coloring The blouse has long extensions front nd back, that are tucked under the lower edge of the skirt. At the waist there ' a string bolt of solf - mate rial. The front of the olouse Is fitted with darts on the shoulders and the neck Is round In outllno. Worn with a tie - around of fur, the toilette ' expresses the last word in style. Medium size requises 5 yards 40 - material. , P'ctorial Bevletw Dress (No. MM. Sizes, 34 to ii inches bust. Price. 35 cents. S 1 7& , b i : ! Do Yoor . s, 100 S. Xmas Turkish Towels Are Acceptable Gift For Today we have a special lot of fancy towcli in pink, blue and yellow borders. Including values up to (1.50 . Spe - Q daily priced at, each,... Good Quality Huck Towel . Size 17x32, with red borders. Usually SSc. Si?ecial To - Of day, each w Or $2.50 per doien Beat Quality Bleached Muslin S( Inches wide. Today at, yard 25c Knitted Mufflers To Clote Out At , 25c Warm mufflers that clasp snugly around the h' - ck to prevent colds. Sui'.flolo for men nnd women , and splendid . for children going to and from school. lowers who aid a .very realistic In - lian dance' my ch to the Joy of a Whole row of little, boys. ' " . ' . . Scenes showing the : struggles of the sturdy Pignms during that first winter not only with pestillenoe but also vlth the Indians, tho making of the first treaty in Amorica, the wooing of Priscilla, and the giving of :he first Thanksgiving proclamation followed. The Indian costumes were especially fin. while thore never - was a more charming Priscilla than Elsie tt'felffer. In her simple gown of gray with er - chlcf of white. .... Among those who took part were: Mtstrcss Brewster, Mary Pectt, Barbie Urcwster, Jessie Williams; Mistress Carver, Dorothy Frlnk Triscllla Mul - lli.Si Elsie Pfeiffer; Mnssosoit, Ruth Morgan; Samoset, Marie Cabo; - Squau to, Kate Brown; Bpirt of the past, Mar paret Kclm; guardian spirit of th. Pilgrims, Helen Hild&br.ind; spirit of America, Helen Frttchtel; Dr Fuller. Archie Wilson; Gov. Carver, Albert Qrambs; Gov. Bradford, Archie Wilson; Captain Myles Btarfdish. Frans Heckman;.. Kldcr Brewster, Horton Musselman;" John Alder. Philip Glnder. OLD FORGE Dacca tonight at Fallon's hell, famoQi StroUcrs with, three N. Y. Cabaret sin?rs. Adv. RO SENATORS FOR ; THE NEW (lABINBT WAPI - iraGTON. Dec, 5. "No sen - alors for cabinet post.v' Is a real slogan among half a dozen of the most importHnt P.enubl'cnn senators. It Is thought that this sentiment became a fixed principle some days ago when Senator Henry Cabot Lodge con ferred In Philadelphia with Senator (Boles Penrose. Neither of these two leadin member of the oligarchy made any comment at the time, but wlth'n a few day Senator Lodge issued a statement hoping that Senator New wnnifl not co lrto the - cmblnet, and Friday In Philadelphia Senator Penrose, in the presence of Senator Watson another powerful m?mbrr of the oligarchy, told nowspnper men that the people of Pennsylvania wnnted Senator Phllnnder C. Knox to stay In the senate and not to go Into the. cabins t. It s true thst Srtor New has told friends immediately on his arrival In WafM"$ - t"n thit he had no Intention of going Into the cabinet. Mr.. Lodge, of course, by the same statement, did In public whft he has repeatedly done In private since election dny. - He took Mmelf out of the list of cabinet possibilities. A Bad Cough If fttrbxtfi. oft lead to serious (reufele. Safcfuard your health, feline yout diatrsts ad too tlx your Imtatad throat by tabs Special . P1S?S & H. Stamps ttractions An Odd Lot of Women s Winter Goats - In good serviceable materials and faeh. lonabl styles. Specially priced to close out at $25.00 40 - Inch Crepe de Chines In black, navy and many otter fathlon. able shades; none In white or pink. For. - merly $2.50. Special for Today (J - j gQ ' 36 - Inch Kimono Silks In four different designs and colors. For. merly $3.25. Special for Today, 1 Cfi the yard ..I.0J A Collection of Fancy Silks . Specially Priced Fer Today At SI. 50 Yard Plaids and stripes In various eombl. - a - tlon colors. 36 Inches wide. Regularly priced at SUO. Hagen & Wagner Co. 205 - 207 Wash. Ave. f Vrtarji 1 "Hi' Do - Yojr jf THE SILK SHOP V .514 Lackawanna Ave. Announcement We big to announce that we have secured the "exclusive agency" in this city for the famous GOTHAM GOLD STRIPE HOSIERY Silk Hosiery That Wears This means that we will be able to give the wortien of this city, the advantatge of the service which has made this hose the most popular of any on the market. It includes a "repair service" which is an exclusive and valuable economy also A "free dyeing service" which permits of' perfect matching of shoes and stockings .. , ' If you are not entirely familiar with Jhe many excellent qualities of this famous hose call and we will gladly explain them to you. When you think of Silks Today Xmas Shopping Now or 32 - Inch Dress Ginghams Today onty at 39c and 50c Yard Plains anrJ.Sfrripes In a great variety of bright combination colors. Also Our Complete Line of 27 - Inch Ginghams Regularly priced a t 49c. Special for Today, at yard.. r . COUPON 10C Stamps With First Dollar Purchase and Coupon, Monday, December 6th. ( R ) Hagen & Wagner Co ' 4 ' i .' on Winters wear at next of best fabrics, such as the complete assortment not QUALITY Today rr:s 1 Si ml '4 '.1:, ' ; ;. '. '3.; . SMS , 'V - n If lien, fre n 1 4x. ?:?. Think of the Silk Shop Have you seen our complete display of Ladies' and Men's Stationery. We invite you to inspect our Mottoes. Children's Story Books and Xmas Cards. Everything For Your Office 537 Linden Street Nellie J. Ryan - Mary A. McLaine VOGUE SHOP 215 WYOMING AVE. ' '' ' i ' : i A '.jump ninety days ahead That is what it means to get 33 1 jtn Off Gowns, Suits, Dresses and Skirts such as we carrv. The woman who buvs now has a sreat selection and is taking time by the forelock. The ; often tempted to wait until Tbey are here for you price at which we are selling now are what you are February or March to obtain. now at price 'hat would be low, very low, next Spring for Winter Goods. Better, buy now anj get the whole Spring s prices. ' . ' No dead or old stock,' all up - to - the - minute styles, VOGUE SHOP carries, with your choice of a full and equalled in the city. STYLE SERVICE y "1 OX 4 mat :rc ( '.I - f;t U Hi - - i

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