The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 23, 1949 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 23, 1949
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE Bl,YTIIEVII,LK (ARK.) COimiER NEWS FRIDAY, DECEMBER 23, George Kell Crowned AL Batting Champ—Aggies Dump Porkers Again 44-36 Detroit Iniielder Hits Lusty .342 Tiger Third Baseman Barely Noses Out Boston's Ted Williams By Charles Cliainhrrlaln j CHICAGO, Drr. 23. ^P'-Cirorpfi: Kel! nf Detroit- was ceriified todny ' as the first third iHitt'rnnn ever 10 win the American League brut ing crown — nnd he did :t vjth the closest finish on record. The no-poimci Tiger, collecting twc hits on 'the final day rtf the 1949 season, shaded Bcslon's Ted Williams, who was hold hitlers in his last eame. .3-129 to .3427. WII- linms misled becoming a five Line winner of the crrnvn by lu p o ten- thousands of a point hi the slide- rule vrindnp. The ^/-year-old Kell fiatheie.d 179 base His inst srnson in b'i'Z times n( "but in 334 jinnies. WiHIiinis appeared in 155 grmics, had 191 hits ;n 5CG trips, Kcll. former ArkimM.s State College star, raiw to Detroit from (he Pliildelphia Athletics in a trade (or Barney McCo.^y in J946. He notched .322, .320 ami .301 for the Tigers before climbing to the 10-19 mark, his highest rating since that fabu- 1 0115 .39 6 for La 1 1 ca .s t^ r . Although shaded for the diadem. Williams topped the circuit in home runs \\~M\ 43: runs scored, 150; total base's, 363, and in two base hits, 39— one more double than Kell, This sweep in .specialised hitting helped give Williams "player of the year" honors. Joe DiMaggio, the New York Yankees veteran outfielder who was out until midseason with a heel Injury, slammed .340 in 272 times r.t bat — 128 appearances slier t of the 400 ab required for championship recognition. Big 70 and Coast Football Even; California Picked in Rose Bowl By LAWRENCE KOHINSOM Thinks AVilHains K<'sf SWIPTON, Ark., Dec. 23. f/T*i — George Kell today became the official 1949 batting champion of the American League, but in Kelt's books, Ted Williams Is the. greatest hitler in Vjasrhalt today. The Boston Red Sox slugger finished less than one percentage point back of Kell in the offieiil averages. "Ted is fhe greatest hitter 1 ever saw. and just as great a gtiy. All he thinks of Is baseball, and to him baseball means hitting. He's really n very good outfielder, but- never gets much credit for it because everything points toward his power at. the plate," Kell observed. The modest young Detroit third Backer, reluctant to talk about tils own greatness, jidded that "I u'tsh . I could hit that long ball, but the smartest thing I ever dirl was realize I. couldn't, so I started learning how to get on base the best way I could." Kell has a 520-acre stock farm near here nnci Is officiating basketball games all over northeast Arkansas to stay in shape this winter. NKW YORK — (NBA1— The psy- cologieal factor, or Hob V^uppke's funny bounce of the football, could be the difference In the Rose 13owJ game, Jan. 1. Not since the Western and Pacific Coast Conferences tied up in their Pasadena pact four years a^o have the teams, Ohio Slate and California, been so evenly matched. This despite the divergence In the 1949 records of the a II- conquering Beats atirf the once- beaten twice -tied Buckeyes, Toss out (he Buck's four-ttuiehdown.s dcleat by Minnesota, and yon ca ti harly tell the two apart. That goes in everything except speed. It includes weight, passing and records against common foes, Wisconsin, and Southern California. Berkeley has the header line. Columbus the bigger backficld. Lynn Waldorf of cne Gulden Bears probably has a distinct, advantage in psychology- fie can invoke not only spirit, but the pride of the coast. For three years, gold- end slope teams }^\'C been subjected to shellackings at the hands of Big Tenners, to wit: 1047 — Illinois 45, University of California at Ijo.s Angele.s 14. 1<H8 — Michigan 49, Southern California 0. 1949 — Northwestern 20, California 14. California Lacks S[ier<l The Bears lack upced, even the backs. Jim Monachino. nominally a right half, but able to play left half and fullback, too, is probably, the swiftest, ant! carried the ball oftenest — 125 limes for G'J4 yards, an average of S.rifj. The man who mainly was responsible for everything* was Bob Celeri, 173-poiind quarterback, who t) trows, runs nnd fakes with celerity. Pappy Waldorf has the highest lor his signal-calling, The Bears were not overly ad- icted to passing, throwing only 149 in 10 games, G'J complete for 1258 yards. Nonetheless, Ccleri. who completed 45 of IDS for 975 yards, .set six all-time Rear records, as follows: Most passes completed In one game f 12> ; mast yards passing one game (2141; most passes completed one season (45); most yards passing one season (975) • most yards passing three seasons (2080); mast yards, total offense three seasons (23951, (lucks Feature Siirn] Ohio State features speed. All three of its starting ball-toters— Krall and Hamilton nt halfbacks Morrison at full — have it over ti ny of the Ben r ope. ra t i vcs in n foot race. Hamilton, only .sophomore .starter, the fleetest, but Jerry Krall at tailback is the niftiest Then there's a soph whir,, Vic Janowicz, who wa-s hampered with injuries. Panctel SB vie. Yugoslavian -born quarterback, docs most of (he passing, but Krnll nnd his substitute, Jim Clark, throw also. The Bucks have about the .sam* 1 aerial mark as the Bears, 71, nf ] 171 for 1347 yards. | The California line seems slant- | er, and is also bl»ger. This would seem to be Wesley Fe.slcr'.s major problem — surpassing the Beru defenses, spearheaded by guard Rod Franz, No team on the Coast could j do it consistently. Wisconsin and ' downs on California, but always UCLA each scored three touch- from a deficit- Surveying the rivaLi, this agent would be inclined to pick California by weight of .statistics. The early betting line favors the Bears by six points, JAM SESSION — I.oH,>i;,rm SUU'V fri'hc Murphv H'.tfJ.s liij-h Tr> iv,ike :t -hot Thiil lili-M'.l r<S [,; i.rklvn St. .l«»h[i'«: .«m"l!icrs tiu: Tin-•!:-,. Jif) 1!>, at MiuiLson .Sui-'i e (fin lien. Sports Roundup Hugh Kullerton Jr, NEW YORK, Dec. 23 W—Frank Boucher rescued in n huff IKS chairman of the National Hot-key League's flules Comrni tee the other day. i hereby confirming the im- uression I ha! Frank is one of finer jjuy.s in the sports business . It seems Boucher had clis- possible mlfs changes with hockey writers and league president Oaten; e Campbell objected . It's a harmless sugject and this cJejit- is Inclined to vie^ with constticrafjlc ;ilai jn that tendency to chimp lhe 'fiag rules on sjxjtts . . , As we .see it, a tnnmtger, coach or player bus a rjcifcci right to air any beef a bouts rules, officiating or admnu;4ratiim,. and it's especially bad to require him to "clear" thrju through the -same y.s he ma>- be critici/ing . . . The batable subjevls as much as in the fans sue inti-j estcd in those de- reasons why the right fielder isn't hitting . . . And n guy whn squawks unnecessarily or too often is quickly recofini/ed a.s a haU-net innn or publicity-seeker and is ignored, Observation 1'nsf Several Brooklyn Dodders, including Rex Harncy, Ral]>h Ilranca and Don Newcomb. are slated to appear in \\ Christmas Day television sliow in which they propose, to sliow how they'll "forte" Santa Clans tn give them what they want next year . . The kir!die per- ror mane c might have some real meaning if they could get Branch Rickey to play the role of St, Nick, with or without a white heard. Onr-JMttiulc Sports P;i£e Jack Eliot t, Michigan's 2 50-pound line coach still can move fast enough in rtirn Dick Wa Icefield a recen t pa eld le ball ma ten . P. S.; Paddle ball is something like handball and t lie re's no connection with Wakcfield'.s batting average . . . The U- of Virginia will present its case aijalnst the sanity code to the NCAA convention on Friday, Jan. 13 ... And no doubt, prexy Colgate Darden will speak from behind the eight bail , . . Don Lofgran, U- of San Francisco's basketball scoring ace, hasn't fould out of R game since his high schoo' days. rir.iriinr The Cuff Louisiana State's Gayncl! Titisle^ to return there, as coach of one is the Sugar Bowl footballei o T the contest i ng tea rns . - . G u. nlaycd there tliree times ... nil Sharman, the Southern California haskethaller \va.s coach, rnplain and atar of the Navy basketball champs Of Shanghai in 10-16 . . . As they'd say in Shanghai, he didn't have an American's chance when he hit New York--- A Christmas Parody (With .ipoloxfes to (he author) "J'wiis the day before Christmas ann "all through the Held house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse*. Stockings werp hung <'" the goal jwsts with cure, In hopes .something good would be left there, Conc-hcs v;ere nc.sMcd snug In their chairs While visions ol all-.staicrs dunced by in pairs. And I, n tired aurl drowsy chap, Settled nearby for an afternoon's nap. When fi'oui one corner there ' a loud i-liatter, I jumped to my feet to see what was the matter. Away to the corner 1 flew like the wind 1 moved daser by to better comprehend. And what to my wondering cars did creep? It was only ftuss Moslcy talking in his sleep, I listened intently lo catch every word And after much effort this Is what 1 heard: "I've been a none! buy." he murmured there. "Paid al! my taxes ami .said my prayers, Sa, Mr. Kuntii, hear nil my pleas Cimic tonight, come 10 see me "I'd like a full schedule of gate crashing games. An abundance of material, boys that don'l like dames. And, Mr. Siinta, if yon think you could spare one, I'd like another championship before '50 is gone. "Seven bone crushing linemen and backs two or three. Would look mighty good under my Christum.? tree. And just one more thing, if you please, Mr. Santa, I'd like a big wolf gun to hang on my mantle." Then silence prevailed and quietly he slept, So back to my cozy niche I crep't. When suddenly he shouted so all could hear ''Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year." College Cage Results lly The AsMii'hilrd 1'rtss St. Johns GO. Sun Fnuidsco 44. Ditquesnc 15. Fordhain 61. CCNY 76. California 46. Louisville 15. [-ouistana Stale (in. Baltimore I-oyoln 71, Ohio Wc.s- leyan iil. Oklahoma Aggies 44, Arkansas :)6. Missouri 62. Southern Methodist 61 uwo overcimesK Illinois 5D, St. Louis 47. Georgia Tech 68, Michigan State 60. Kansas State 63. Washington Slate 39. Chicago Loyola 69. Daylon 46. Bowling arena 75, Los Angeles Loyola 37. Kansas Wesleyan 75. Eastern New Mexico 51. Wichita 10. Creighton S3. Mllllkin 69. Ottawa (Kas.> 54. Oklahoma Baptist 53. Fort Hays iKas.) 43. Colorado 61. Rice 51. Regis 68, Emporia (Kns.) 46. NOTrCK IN TUT I'llOUATF. COIIFIT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS CIIItKASAWUA IIISTRK'T IX THE MA1TER OF THE ESTATK Of PP^DRO SALAZAR, DECEASF.D Probate No. 1953 L.c-t known addicts or dccedrnt: } Manila. Air.ansa.s. Routo 1. j IX'.le of dr-.ith: N'ovrrnbc-r 1. 1949. j The uiuiei.siyned x\as appointed • <<rlinln:stralor of Die f.-tate of Hie j abovf-inunert deor-rtont on tllf 121 h ' tiav of DeteiniiiT. 1949. All prisons havtir.' claims a3ainsl ti'.e rotate inusr exiiibit ihrin. ciuly veri:k\!, 10 the uiKlprsiiini'd within i six mouths from the date of (he I [ir.^t p^Jbli;ation of th:.s nolire. or ;lhey MI:I!! be forever l),\nt'd :I:K| • iirrcludcc! from any bc-nrlit i:i Itic ! e.stalo Tills n.ttke firs; p-ibli.slied I6tli la,\ o! December, 1049 W. \V. Hyatt, Administrator Manila. Ar' r :.. I(..utc t i Mail Address! James K. McDaniel, attorney. Steele Hiph Schoo! Basketball Teams Win From Alumni STKKIjE. Mo., Dec. 23 — Cnacil Brnnic Wilhclm's Stcele Hi^h School cnger.s .swept two games from alumni teams here lost night with the hoys wlnnln? 51-40 and thp Birls victorious 39-37. Tlic alumni teams \vcro composed entirely ol graduate athlete's of -Stee-lo High School. The twin-bill is an annual affair, Tn the first game Thommon led fhe Steele girls with 18 points and Williams and \Vaffler pa ted the Sraduales with 10 c^ch. IIT the boys' game C. Fr;>nkiin v;as lii^h for the hisli scliocl train nnd Arnold led the alsimni. The I:rie.iTT)ST Orris 1 r.anir Stcele IV s. Almnni !ti Fiuuiet bnrk 1 10' Wiiljanis Hollywood Continued from Page 8 hmi in a Little Lord Fauntleroy suit, for those costume ball sc- .|Vcnces in "Key to the City." Louis Undecided About Comeback; Says Yes and No LOS AN'CIELES. Dec. 23—(/Pi—Is he or is he ain't? Will Joe Louis hit Ihc comeback trial—if he isn't really ou it already? Well. yes. the "retired" champion indicated in one interview yesterday. Then just a few hours later, on arrival here, he gave aflat "no" to the .same question. "I feel good. I'm punching good, but I've sot to be sure." Louis was quoted by Tony Cordaro. DCS Moines Tribune sports writer. In a telephone interview. He said it will take about three more months to reach a definite decision. . Whom would he fight? "If I fij>ht. it will be Ezzard Charles, of course. He's the best heavyweight around and the match w!U dra\v the most money." So ran the story frotn DM Moine.s. Rut there must have been something in the air between Salt Lake City, where Louis had toyed with (-AO exhibition foes, and LGS An- erle.s. where reporters were waiting (o erret him. Joe came down a changed man. A?ked if he's comine back. Joe gave out with a loud, lone "no " St. Johns Nips San Fraricisco; Rice Defeated NEW YORK. Dec. 23. UP) — st, Johns University of Brooklyn Is back on the beam in college basketball. The Rrtfmen last nlghtgbcAt San Franc'.seo. is hi year's nattnrsi invitation tourney winner, 60-4-1, be- to!" a Jammed 18,000 turnout nt Madison Square Garden, While St. Johns was racking up Its 10th victory in ti row, Dayton's Ifl-came winning itreak ,vas snapped by Chicago Loyola, 69-i6. Colorado. Wichita and DuQucsnr; kept their .slate clean. Colorado made H seven straight by dumping Rice, 6-1-51, Wichita won Its sixth by whipping Creighton, 70-53, h^d (lie Duke.s chalked up No. 4 by tripping P'mdlKim, 75-61. The Oklahoma AsEjlPs, Kansas Stale, THinots, Georgia, Tech. Mls- 50Uri. CCNY. Louisville and Brnvl- in» Green were victorious in other m«j:>i' interscctiona! games. The As^ieA. liehmd at one time b/ n-i. rallied to trip ArVausn.v 44-:m. Kansas fitatp bmvlc-d over Washington Rt:<ie. 63-39. and Illln- oh kiiocked St. Louis out of the unbeaten ranks, 59--17. Grri:-"ia Tech sparked by Colin Anderson's 28 points, beat Mirhiqan Stale, fiR-tiO. Missouri nipped Southern Mi'tlXKiist, 62-61. after two extra periods on George I.afferty'.s fiold ijoal ami Mud Hemcman's fi - ec tlll'OW. CCNY walloped California. 7fi-'6. in the first half of the Marl^nti Square Garden twin bill. Louhrllc \v<\n itj? . Minth ?anie by w!it;>pvnfj Lruisjatia S:a(c, T5-tJ5 R'jwlin? Gfcen trounced Los An- BPles Loyola. 75-37. MEAT ON THE TABLE — Speckled trout up lo Five pouiicfs reward Ted Gamer of MorcliPiicI Cily, N. C., who tried ailificinl lures at tliioti tide. He started a new slyle in winter angling on North "Carolina's all-year tish- v infi coast. When the Supreme Court was moved from the C'apllol in 1937 to its own rmilriing. each Justice hurt his individual chair moved with htm. to Leave U. o/ A,; Accepts Job with UCLA Hogs Fall Apart After Early Lead Askew'* Razorbacki Suffer Fifth Defeat, Second to A&M Squad LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 23 (ip) -_ Maybe coach Presley Askew needs a two-platoon system for his Univer sity of Arkansas basketball game The rtazorbacfcs suffered their fifth defeat In seven starts and the r second Bt the hands of Oklahoma.*, and M., 44-36, here last night ArSl as was the case in three of their other losses, H was because thev faded In the second halt. Arkansas looked as though It had mastered the ball-control, tight- defense style of basketball as It 1 piled up a nine-point lead early | n the game. The Porkers still were in front. 22-18, at halftime. But after the Intermission It wax different story. Obviously tiiino" Arkansas started i)a.ssing carelc-slv' missing its field goal attempts arid —most costly o! all—committin° too ninny fouls. Mo=t nf the 20 Arkansas fouLs were called in tiie last half, and the Agpies cashed 1 non 12 free throws in that period to overtake and pass the Razorbacks. A, and M. had made only tour charity tosses in the first half. Each team sank 14 field goals. Jack Skelton, A. and M.'s lanky center, topped the scorers with 14 l>oints. His teammate. Don Johnson, . I ami Arkansas' Jack Hew each made • ten. FAYETTEVILLE, Ark., Dec. 23. (>T'f—Bill Barnes hiis resigned as end coach nt the University <if Arkansas and wil! assume a similai' at, UCLA Jan. 4. Burnes, a former Tennessoe Toot, ball star and asMstiint couch, came -..„ .^.,, V1 ,, IIJJ «„„ cnuviumaus | to Arkansas with Athletic Director jnarie clay wall tiles and decorated j John Barnhill fioni Tennessee in Llietn wlcli colored glazes as i J9-16. j as the ilth century B- C. Indians tn New Mexico were building with stone, successfully using clay mud for mortar, "when the first white explorer arrived in that area more that 400 years ago. _ The Assyrians and Babylonians "How to Be Glamorous," At 50. Gloria has more sex appeal than most starlets. M.irlyn Maxwell: An excess profits i.ix on that figure. She can afford it. r MiE film industry: A good public relations campaign. We asked you for this last- year but it didn't, ar- .ivp. Wha 1 hoppcried? Lurry I'urks and Bp-Ky GarrHI: He sure tlieir on by doesn't look like •\l Jolsoti. Columnist .Tnhnson: If !l Is not asking too much, 365 tag lines for this cohnnn in 1950. -- - -STM - ' .stratosphere, the ozone the ionosphere. layer and PRE^RIPTfONS Presh Stmrk Guaranteed Best Crires Kirby Drug Stores TB'TUMi ( 17> F Tiiompson ' 18* F Wilson .'-H ..... F ilui Waffler Ik'iithcock ..... G . . Hmrliey Hnl.-.ey ......... C Hrvnolits Oales ...... G M. Wa flier Snbstifutions: Strclr Mn'hrnia 'i lift Drisroll. Aliiinn. — - PoiubCrn, Wmibc-vly. I-nir and f.ainb. lluv.s* fi:imr CABIN V- Franklin (131 C Bishop Clirlstian '61 . C, Ci Alnmnl <4» Krtrlnim »&i ArnoKi -7> llir/el] (8» Ynrbtoueli Fnnderl) rk Substitutions: Strelc — A hi nn i i—R< shing i2t. Hiite.s and '81 Chandler. C)]ie of the -irl! preserved extinct volcatmes in New Mexico i.s located very near a large perpetual ire f rave, west of Albuquerque. PROOF With the genuine sour mash flavor thai has made Cabin Still an old-time. Kentucky favorite for half a century. All KENTUCKY STRAIGHT IOURBON WHISKEY f *** weekend! BEER , ^ it's smooth . . . It's dry -, - -•••-. * , u lt IM1 , WHEN'S SANTA COMING, MOM? LO'UISVCLLI. KENTUCKY Ixnce again we pause as another joy-filled Yuletide season arrives, to wish our many patrons and friends prosperity, health, contentment and peace this Christmas Day and throughout the year to follow. BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. i CHCO<EReOAffD CHUCKLES. From Your Purina Dealer SOMETHING MUST HAPPENED MERRY' XMAS! L, K. Ashcroft- Co. Itailru^d & Cherry I'hone 4493

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