The Tribune from Scranton, Pennsylvania on January 30, 1924 · Page 18
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The Tribune from Scranton, Pennsylvania · Page 18

Scranton, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, January 30, 1924
Page 18
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. w : fMerceisburg 'Munnefs 1 Break World's , Records - Amateur : Bouts a, FOUR TEAMS TIED , j skating ch amp II, j C; BOWLERS BIG - LEAGUE MANAGERS RATALSKI WINS - : FR01.I KID HAHES By DICK DORGAN IN IMTER - COUHTY UIH COOHTY FMG Carbondale, Scranton and Tay - 1 West, Scranton Featherweight lor Win Games and Are Deadlocked With Hawley GILPIN'S CLUB ; LOSES Picked As Winner Over Dur - yea Boxer at Majestic i ; ' '',' ' KiD COOK' WINS ANOTHER MW '( 1 , v - - - 1 - 4 . Borough Lads Defeat Wayne County Quintet by One Point. Harris Stars for Pioneers , Suddenly flashing the lost, spark j lhat has enabled them to register vic tories over some of the leading cage quintets, Scranton,. Intercounty repre - nentatives, came through with a des .''Iterate last .minute rally that gave them a 85 - 50 margin over Dunmore on the Town hall court last night, It re - quiring an extra five minute period to settle all arguments 4s 'to the victor. . No more hectic contest has been seen in the Adams avenue auditorium In reveral seasons and kept the assemblage at fever heal from start to finish. The triumph gave the Miners I leg 'on the four team' tie that now sxlsts for first place,. . The Bevans got away to a flying thyl. 'start, holdintr a 14 to 9 lead at half time. TV'tililu two minutes after the vesper neriod got under way the visitors tied when Gallagher cased a pair. of. feid Coals and - Golden a foul. The lead see - sawed back ' and forth. Tor,i Walsh and Uco'ise Levy rom'ns through in the SerniUon mo - incut of need. ' Walsh had a chance to put the game on Ice with the teams deadlocked fit 9 all with time up and a fcul chance to toss. The ball went into the Iron rim then bounced out. 1 - 1 cm e - . - frn neried . Pete Rose and t ' Levy looped douhle deckers that Ue - !ded the Kerbor's - great ivoyl; : 'featured fur Dunmore, the youngster I tossiag reven fouls, riihout a miss - in j His r.eoond half. Rose led in the sciw ' In, - : witli thirteen points. The lineups: ! SCRANTON' I DCXMOiril ; . I f fK.tpj., . . : fh.fff.tpf. tT.ln!.. fd. ...2 A V ,(blsiZ i r.. fd. ..5 8 1.1! Jfrtw. ti. ..1 S 0 I .. Lvt. e ....1 .1 nil. Ual'tr. fd 3 .1 9 ! Vo'.'. - a'air. cj tl (I ; XUtxf. c 2 2 i S'l. - 13 i ' fii er. tJ. ft 2 - 2 Ua'.tta, ad. ,S 1 7 ! 1 Total ' 11 ii US. Totals , 11 i' ii.'t.niB i'0. - H - 'X s. - rautou lead.n; jJ fm: eaiinl n Scraa.on. 30: on Uunmore. IM; t - - a lr! HARRIS AND WHEELER STAR FOR CARB0NDALE l J farbondale continued their winning j streak by defeating Proildence In ,a (slow game, 32 to 21. Neither team 1 scored a point until after eight, min - 'ntes of play. Providence played the I hest erame in the initial period by holding the Pioneers to one field goal, ' Send came out on the long end of. as rore when the half ended J t In the second half, however, Dick l'T,eary, Merle Harris and "Cork" Wheeler got working and in a few ' minutes piled up a commanding lead "bV their field goal shodting. One - of rr'Wtieeler's two pointers was a""beauty" while Harris dropped in four double ' ' deckers. - '.' Bandenberg; Zigment and Graham . ; ..'..played the best game for the losers. ' ' . Th lineups: ; fJABBOKnAT.B I . ' PM0V1DBXO8 4!Ban'berr. fil A.I 4 4i n it ' Wheeler, fd. .3 ' f.earr. e ...,.2 Herrif. ed. .4 looes. cd. ...0 71 'lose. fd. .....0 (SI7.tEnMmt. t ..2 12ILmrte1n. ti.: .0 X i. SIGraharo. ad. 3 y " iHalftiine ai - ore tl - P. Pro. - idenoo Iwlinir; fniili called o ('rbnndale, 14; on Province, - is referee Wtri bteie. " , - ' JYLOR TEAM HANDS . HAWLEY SEVERE JOLT . - '''ray'.or pulled the surprise of the Aason by defeating Andy Gilpin's . Hawy five in' ona of the best games nlryi"l In O'.fs fulitor - um In ;ycarf, jjjnrn - il score Ijf'Mfr 1 to 20. The t lilitS 'i;e wa" c'nre i:irouhot:t a:id was Vecldcd unt'l the closing seconds !j'fy, Rot'i i - nrsx'. r. - c - e ' deaC'.ockcd at the ' rin3 r! the first hrlJ b - a 12 - 13 score ' .vB4T in !' vo - .per ptrlnd both rtu'os '", iHtr - ilSile'l to bp In the edae but. sups - ,'ni work n tlic part of Tommy Iloyd - ii!(?. rrremr.n kept the score close, hut two rcsnnds of play rtmain - llliiici:. T'refmpn a:ne throuj'i v. ith a 1 fiFltT. " ilecidin. - r th" heti! batt. iTJJftcman ami Tommy Lloyd, with ID ,pofnts. epr - h ivcro the high scorers of i !tb" night. v. .' ' . . - . . ' Si - The 1iN, - ..: ; ' . f. ." TAYLOR ' ' I 'HAVr'Ii'ET i f.f - tn. 'rr - .m'. M. 2 ft l' i"t ., 14,' ...1 2 . 4 I'rmvs - I fit. 1 O V, :1n'u - e, fd. .0 O 'Evnti. ...I 2 4'Ui c .,..3 ..l o 21 iiT'iir. eiI. .o .o s :i :ip;u ko. ...i .0 0 W . J; . rd. ! Mr "? t .. p Worr'.s. til. Tta1 a ... ..5 11 21i fotal' . biur. lu - iti: reii - rrw - ....5 10 Itoland. MRS. HULLORY WITHDRAWS FROM TENNIS SINGLES ! NEW YORK, jn. . The - withdrawal of Mrs. Molla TJiursdedt Jtnl - .lory from the Heights Car'no inviti - t!on Indoor tonnls sintrles becai'Ke rf a severe attack of influensn end one - 'slded victories by remaining favoritf - s were features of todavs tournpment develonments. Mrs. Bernard F. Sten4 - en. of New Vorlc, advanced to the thlr.l round bv default ef the former national chamniori. Mrs. Marion Zlniferstcln - Jessun. tt Wilmington, Del . who is attemptinir a comeback and Miss Lillian Schnrman. f Brooklyn, No. 4 In the national rank ing list, won their second rounfl. watches without the los of a fame. Mrs. Jcssup 'flisposed of Mrs. R F. Waring, of New Tork. while Miss Rcharman defeated Miss Isabelle ti. (Mumford, of Boston. v DUCKY FIVE TRIUMPHS OVER NANTICOKE A. A. The Duckv Five of.Puryea defeated the Nant'ro - . A. Juniors hy ti Score of 28 - 23. this making It the twelfth victory out of 14 gemes play - fed. The Ducky Five challenge all Ihlrd class cni? - To r"tkn aTonc. ments write to fsteve Dr - hic' - . fatitai - - . p - irye". - T. I''ips: , DCCKT F1VB I XAXTICfKP! ! fh.fT. ' " ffTna. ymtfT. M. 1 f. 4'M. fit. B 4 4 ru4'on. fd, 4 fl'rana. fd. ..ft 0 0 I'fitflfi. e ..0 - 2 .nn1l. r ..ft 0 P CnellfpnT. Id . - 1 TIProaM. tl . .. ft 1 .fM. ti. ..1 3 SHwee. ed. ..1 I h 9m ...;. 10 SSI'ntnla ..; 8' 1 "I t ITaritliDe aecre 7 - 7. niTrea liailirt;: renre a - X:"e; ieorrr nreymiii timekeeper Dom - al!;!. , GRASSY ISLAND TEAM ' - WILL PLAN FOR SEASON ! The 'Grnssy IManrt team of the .'Anthracite Baseball league of last sea - won, will noid an important meeting tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock at Bo - byak Brothers' pool parlors. North Tlley avenue. Olyphant. . i Reorganization - ietiils fn - th cowing season will be tr.Ken tip at length, nd , the . management ! requests ' the Efreseree of air mtr - 'jers eisoclated fth t'i 't' - - r, nnd anyone ltAav tie interested. .'S. AS 71 V msmm V:X:v:::::W:::::: Copyrlclit. Br Taclfte A Atlantic FJietoa. ' CHARLES JEWTRAW I The United States drew first blood ! in the . 192 Olympic games last Saturday at Chamonlx, France, wh.en Charles Jewlraw, of Lake Placid, jy, T., won first place in the 500 ..meter m,a,l 'ulrotintr inrA winning Atrant in. 44 seconds. - ' '" The .'French - . Olympic committee at Paris yesterday issued withotitl com - tneiit . tTr explanation the oltlclal tscojr - ih;'.of the nations represented, at the' s!:a' - 're - romyotitio'ns as follows:' I.'In'ar.U'. ' OS's points; Xarwe y,. 4sTs ; United States, 11; ISweden, - lj" France, 1. - ' , . ' - ) FRISCH YOUNGEST - GIANT CAPnW .' . . . . . ; ,' - : ! New Team Leader a Quick Thinker Unaffected By v . Responsibility IS A COLLEGE GRADUATE Eelisvas' Giants Havs Splendid Chance For Pennant Desoite Rumors By JOK s. rOSTEB , Cotivikrlrt, 1924. by The Serantoo Iiemiltllcan. i'NKW YORK, Jan. 29. u'rxnit Friscli, who will captain. the Giants Iiv 1924. is the youngest ball player who has held that position under John J.McGraw. He was almost the only choice. ' Groh Is liable WOuld hardly do: Kelly hable td in.iury ana proba'jly was not considered and Southwortli., while hej had been captain of the Boston clifj, was' an outfielder, which eliminate him under the McGraw theory of captaining. ; ' - ' " "." Frisch Is not likely to be affected by the' responsibility attached to Iris post. The Giant second baseman Is a quid: thiaker aid takes excellent care nf hinsclf His circumspection in the latter respect is probably, dtie to the fart that he txnects one day to be a business man and is n ."In baseball J - ni. all :UA . Lv nl .' . C'ney Too Blow ' ' ' . ' .Frisch 'does, not believe the rumor I corninc up from the Ohio liver that Cincinnati is going to win the 1924 ""inennant. He holds this opinion not because he hr.npens to be captain of the, G:antL'. but for reasons which he has thought out for himself, . - He says they are too slow for the G;i'.n!s and that while they may show chough - in the - race to bring them, up near the toi. they lack the ability .to ppss either the Giants or Pittsburgh. Friscli thinks the Chicago Cubs may m!:e more trouble for . Ih'o Giants tha i the rted. , " Jn cloce .. gimtf, Fri3ch believes that Cincinnati, aisplte Its strong pitching slafT, has not put together all of the .combination needed to win a pennant. Pitchers, he argues, may hold the score low, but it takes speed to put r.croES the one run needed to win the 1 - 0. 2 - 1 and 2 - 2 gamer;. Those are the games he figures Cincinnati will lose because they are too slow on the bases. , A. College Oradnate - . Frisch l. cne of the few. men. who have, captained a National ler.sue team. Fred Tenner, of Bos ton, - was , another. ( ' Frlcch probably will be 'the only'bnft irt 1924.' . Another fact ebout FrfWh is t Sat ha is a tia - Hve son of the city he represents: on (he" 'ball Held and one of a very few l omo town 'boys who have caalalncd bi.T. league te - ims., . Ot the pla;'!i'3 on the tsam. for 1924. few precede Frifch in, service for Af.p Giants have been fairly well weeded out since they began winning pennants. Youns and Kelly are of longer service. Young i3 almost the Veteran. . i : , "ho 'Sid Captain" Fr:3ch will be known all over the circuit as the "kid captain" and the older players will bo setting their steel traps to catch him. When he is out of. the fume, if by. any ill' luck he should happen to be injured, the captaincy may fall to Southworth be - cause of his experience.. ' Collectively FrUch is 6f'the opinion that the other National' league' clubs have - not strengthened sufficiently to beat the Giants out of the next chair). plom'i lp and he figures they have as good a chance to v.'ln their fourth straight as have the New York Yan kees. Should Tommy Long, - formerly ' of Mobile, come through for Brooklyn that club figures it will have .one of the best left handed pitching trios in the National league, with Reuther, nenry anu Long. Lioiig once waa with Louisville, - whore he was vry successful without much ,of a curve. but with plenty of control. Louisville let him go becauso he seemed to lose h.s speed. CENTRAL LEAGUE WILL V REORGANIZE TOMORROW ' The Central league, a third class 7orr ganlnation, - will reorganirr n't a meeting to be held In the Vcton F.dld hout'e, tomorrow evenin", at 8 o'clock. Three of last year's ciubs have - alreoSv applied far membership. Other - third class nlnen, who 'desire to bscptfie af - nuateo witn in ccutral : loagno are requested to be represented at 16 Ber - sion or to communicate w.tii wlU'am R. - Prokop, 17 Bellman street, Dickson City. " . The Central league is a; memtier Of tne scranton Amateur . - Federation which; Is affiliated with the IJational BILLIARDw'lNNERS PHILADPHTA. .fori ?n lo - ii. Lewis, of Xew Yor'r. tin& Earl llrne.' - . enmHIeT1, of Plilladelphln v. - on t'.ie'r matches .this aftemonii'. In ' te Clr" P railcnnl m.teur 43.3 balk I'.ne billiMc1. cbnmplonshln. j Tiie New Yorker 'defv ted Frank Co of th.'s city, 200 to 1S5 in 48 Innln. while Druckenmlller beet Oeorte CrouU - itod. ot. Pittsburah. . ZOO 4x 124 k. 47 nn'rure. . . . - V;,;. - ' Carter and mates' Triumph Over Mid - Valley A. C. in Spec - ' ial Play - off for Title .' SCORES ARE ANNOUNCED Thsoop and Underwood Teams jvjake Sweep of Opening Camea in Second Half Race he M, M. Ai C. bowlers have succeeded in winning undisputed possession of first position in the first half pefinanl chase in trfe County Bowling teague circuit. " At the conclusion of trie, InltTal halt schedule the MVM. A. C. aiid - the ' MidValley A, G teams were dealocUed for the lead. A'spe - cial 'piay - offv' was then arranged .and (he M. M. A.:CS plnmen triumphed by an 8 - S count.. - ' Carter,: bowling anchor man for the victorious outfit was the star of the series with Turock a close second. i - The scores of. the games rolled In ' the series; between the Mid - Valley A. '& and the ,M. M. A. C. quintets and games bowled this week in opening the second half season follow: : y ID - VALLEY A. C. I . M. A. C. Reananky .179 14 ISllPalovltr ....158 188 144 Bnrke 1W 151 lOjlSy.ak lot ...... '.KrtiiM ....176 160 .ITurock ...... 170 JJUSJ ir.nii . inn mniMthaiirk. 177 178 PlVrstuun ..1S8 ... l!12!urley 177 178 178 Hrivko .. . JIB 1M l'J2llrier ...... ii im im Total' . . .. .912 825 890ITol ...... 910 858 ir i a r I Min.VAM.EY A. C. Slihalick .. ... 173 Ifi'lftotlnarsky ..!!! 20H 155 yk .....194 '. - '. 119!Hoanita Cii'It 121 16 ....!Kraiis .. .186 142 157 .109 12 Pulovits ...1S1 li KWI Harne . ... 176 1D3 .176 157 157 Tnro.' - k. 178 1S7 1661 FVrusol Carter. 196 06 1841 Hrlcko . .W ., 200 Tota M. M. Prlovltx ., !Vfiilk 'I'lirotc ... M11iaJU - k . . Carter .... .872 885 8li3l Totals .855 810 m A: ( MID - VALLEY A. C. 1F2 1H7II erciiaon . ITS 17fi!'re ... 1ftl IsniHowanita .....1SS 174Knjna .....176 1791R"narky ..78 183 ...MB 135 ..165 .. . ... 179 ..172 144 ..173 1M - I TMat .i 885 840ITOU1S .vtv w THHOOP . OLYPHANT Hnla . .....t - 9 177 ISllwnasky ...141122 Xasie .......l."S ... ...IMnnn 124 Phr!a .183 143 ..".iPyah .. ..191 127 158 Barrett . Goon Polo . . . . Maroa'al, 128Mlsh ... , ... 183 184lIIaye . ..190 17liHughea ..li8 203 133 I . ..110 159 12o - .137 124 17 ..120 168 134 - 1 TtfaU 831 f.03 807 Totals .' 7nn f 0 bSS 1'DBRWOOn I JlOl'LSVARH Burna .1(50 158 162: KoMk - k ..'JJ1''' JVal' - rr ....131 133 . . . ITumhler Ii IS 140 Torrtr .:...155 1 181'fir.I" 128 24 ... H. Hdld'on ... 154 IMiCtercnak ....122 .. - 122 J. Ttald - n - 150 214 222 Oonibar ....128 118 ... bliotton ...126 :.. llS'Mnlhoniie 141 lYoppa 122 137 TotaK ....732 828 833'Totals 6n7 587 TOO nniJLEVAIUt I CRESCKNTS KowVlck ..168 13 123;Jn. Sirtnak 203 131 171 Tumbler ...1f2 1(12 147l'anlUa ....149 158 (ii - mhar ...1SS lffi ...IIr. Kuhnsko 147 200 l.7 Oerrtiak ...19S 10 lBIIAugiwtlnaky 140 ... W. fianer 199 112) J. Sirotaak ...12al2.i Mnktieiutie ..14S ... 162jrollait 194 140 181 - ! TotaU 862 819 70S,Tota1a .889 754 796 RESULTS OF MATCHES' , , ; IN INDUSTRIAL LEAGUE Scranton Railway and Dickson Works Deadlocked The 'Dickson Worts weht'lnto a t?e. with the. Scranton Railway - pinmen by winning two rvit of three of their matches with the Hagen Lumber company In the Industrial league. The Scranton Bolt and Nut quintet won two from the railway bowlers while the Globe . .Dress oomjiany . defeated the Scrnnton Coal company., two. out of three cam.. , Tho - scores: - .. . , . j. FCISAN. fOAL CO. . ! r.IXIIJB THtPWI CO WilUlt're .177 1n i55Ke!(wi ....117 ISO 175 nwlwlrk .t l."1 178!Eraii ..;..18t 177 184 riiiUipa. 188 IfiOiVlcholt ...180 175 181 ralvine ...ll 17 Ifi'Witin .......281 201 168 r.e - 1w 185 20J 159'Frita 186 193 173 . 1 - Ttfat. ,;...rt3 Sf3 S39!Total ., - .i..8Sj 907 SSI KrilASTOX 11Y SCHAN. BOLT A NLT Pawling 1S4 202 ir,8!Kepan ' ....187 188 184 ....177 144 146 ...1"ifi 168 171 ....160 190 1B4 ....165 203 194 Itneiiel ,. l - itaiilrr . ISwunley Remil - ran ..Km IfiT 201 Wllliaiiis. William Durkin. . Quk ... 138 123 niack . Hueater ..138 12n t" ..17 150 1(6 ..201 ... 1331 1 TotJta 845 772 828Total 835 893 !9 TIK KSOX Wnr.KS I IIAOKN LfMHEIl Itmh .KM ... 147inurnham ...148 198 190 flmifk 1S2 SIR 290IC. Bresser ..107 181 15S Harrinno 1,"8 ...tjwart 1t7 170 1."i8 F. IIjIiii ,.171 ISO ISR'Naitelel 162 14S H3 trlffunl !!: 104 W. ltreswr ail Ztll JJ Brock'ay ..179 232 1971 . , . . 1 j Total 883 9fil 914rrot1a ......895 898 819 Standing; of Clubs. - Won. Lost. Vox. Scrrmton Railway;. - . 32 - 19 .C27 Dickson Works 32 19 .627 Scranton Coal....... 31' 20 ,08 Hagcn Lumber 26 23 ' .. - ,10 Scranton Bolt & Nut. 24 " 27 i .470 Globe Dress.. - ..'.;. - .. 28 - 28 . .451 D.. L. & VV. Mines... 17 31 , .354 - Scranton Taxicab.... 16 32 . .333 Bhednle for Tomrrrow. . "Railway vs. Dickson, Providence 1 and 2. i "Scranton Taxicab vs. Bolt and. Nut, Providence 3 and 4. I . D., L. & W. vs. Scranton Coal, Casino. i Ilagen vs. Globe Dress, Huesters. ', BLACK RABBITS FIRST ; IN SOUTH SIDE HAGUE The Black Rabbits, wltlv four games won and two lost, are leading clubs comprising the All - South Side bowling Circuit. The Wllcome and Mirts quintets .are tie for second place, with three games won and a tike number in' thv lost column. ' The scores and standing of the teams, including all gamcn to'dnte, follow: .. ' MfltTZ' I WELCOME'S ' Rsder .... ;v. 158 177Xe!on .....181 235 139 Lewrt ....219 145 189Wnnnan ...154 Woher "4 156 U3'Nw 1S1 178 132 Mlrti! ,;..,.120. IWi - lrame ...158 192 163 Thee ...iliZ JiiX .....158 1S8 225 Kcbesky. V.I83 168 171 J. McOco .. ... 156 173 Toiala. ..i.m 785 SlSITotalf ......832 949 829 HraTKR'fl I BLACK BABBITS SrMvaM ...172 178 1B0Nirholoa 170 133 Uaiin 179 191 14 - IKIIIIim 189 178 151 wrerouo ,.ii in millriwwr ....111 189 121 '''Dm 1'8 177 ir.SIHpntai - iilor . .1S 191 t1 Kscater , ...177 H3 157 r'rllf 180 200 ll - I 't'ot'ala ' 810 829 823Totnls ......810 833 747 CUnd'aff of the Veaair. ' '. W. - 1,. Pet. r'ri Rlbblts 2 ; .667 '"iicome's 3 ' S .500 Mirtz's , .3 3 - ,00 Kuester's .y . . 2 4 . .333 CARBOMDALE TO PLAY ' - IN HONESDALE TONIGHT T'" ftrnt b'g aame 0 the second half 'rt Honcsdnle t - .kes . place ton'ght. In t'" Vrmory. y.'ien the ohamolons'of tho first hrlf onoofe Carbondale. The two tenms met In the onenlnor rrame of tn second nair last wcck in carnon - dale and the Pioneers won out by a few points. The same first class com - blnvtiop - that ,rnresented carbondale In that gams will be on the court t.o - nlTht to battle , Fred Sherry's MaVJe C'ty outntet. ... In tho first h. - lf the two teams met four times nnd bmlre even on tho Be - r'.e&. which" In evic'"ca th - t thi - v pre evenlv matched. Honcsdale han not Vrt n homo game this reason and Is r'etarmlned to cop tonight's affair. Kmrlish, Williams. Wilson, Shanley, I'reeman nnd Hughes v:li hn nn tim fcr 'or HoncHdrle. while the' visitors "c rend on Dick Lcnry. Vanoskl. 7 PVLZ&k - THK MITE M&HPiGER of thi worlds ; CHftMPIOMS v , . Miller ., . the mite manager of. the" New York Yankees, the latest styles in world's' champions, has at la3t come into his own. The miller was one of the smallest bail players to get into fast company. He Was a crack second baseman and lead - off man; in fact, one of the very best. After he slowed np he was appointed manager of the St. Louis Car HARVARD TEAM ADOPTS NOTRE DAME TRAINING Must Study Gridiron Strategy Entire Year By CAXP. Conyriirht. 1924. By The Scranton Kppublican. NEW YORK, Jan. 29. arvard, according to her new football captain, Malcolm Greenough, proposes to' take a leaf out of Knute Rockne's book. He has - notified the Crimson candidates that, like Rockne's Notre ' Dame players, they will have to put twelve fflorfths" concentration' on the game, and? while not playing it, must "think" v , . Well, anything that a man wishes to do better than any one else In the world is worth thinking . about and tQ make himself anything like perfect at it he must concentrate a good part of his waking thought upon it. Harvard also is following the example' of Yale and Princeton in putting her football men Into boxing. It only remains 'for the athletic committee to approve the step. One wonders whether the headings In the newspapers upon the appointment of Fielding H. Yost as professor of the theory and practice of athletic coaching will - entirely please Michigan's veteran football mentor. ' "Hurry up Yost, now a professor!" i . However, the honor Is a deserved one, and the director of athletics will now hold full academic ranking on the campus. . CARBONDALET TEAM . ENTERS TOURNAMENT CARRONDALE, Pa., Jan. 29. Mem oers or the. local Y. M. C. A volley Knll 1,, ... - rn .win - oe participants in the annual tournament to be played in the Wikcs - Barre Y M. C. A., on the afternoon and evening of January 31. for mo cnamnionenip. or Northeastern Pennsylvania which carries with it a silver loving cup. ..',. Five matches, of three will be played to determine the win ner, tne team takinir thn rrsniui number of games during the tournament winning the championship and iiiiiiiciii possession or the. cup. Teams from Wllkes - Barre. Hazleton. Plttston. Berwick. Mauch Chunk and varbondale will compete. The Carbondale organization will be represented by David Hevan, Fred Shankweller, Delbert Cramer, Stuart Coles, w. E. Clark, "Wallace Ludwlg j it i uj ivrania. CARBONDALE 'OUT TO STOP TAYLOR STREAK ' The Carbondale High school basketball players will have at their oppon ents on tnelr home - court tomorrow evening the fast Taylor High school aggregation, . The Taylor boys have not lost a game ' since the opening of - the Northeastern" Pennsylvania inier - scnoiastic league. wiranoaw is determined to put a stop tQ the borough lad's winning streak. The game will get under way al 8,: 45 o'clock. The referee has not. as yet, Deen announced. JUNIORS WfLL MEET A meeting of the South Side Juniors will be conducted in their club rooms Sunday, February 3, at 2 o'clock. sThe purpose of. the session is to elect officers for the coming jear In base - bill.' Players desldlng a try - out with the club are asked to file their names with Joseph Zdunskl, 1127 Plttston avenue, br by calling 7 - 722 - M between 6 and 7 p. m., and ask for Joe. an . JOHNSON SCHOOL WILL ' PLAY FJELL TEAM .TOFJIGHT Fell tov.'nh!n high rehool bofket J.11H tenm wi.H piny lt third game of the Suburban : Interacholastlc - lergue Vagtie this' evning' when tlnv meet Hie Johncon school team at Simpson. The , Fell ferub team will meet the Carbonrtsle hlMh school scrub's in a pre - limincry fme,. ' . . DTSB m rA7tKT9 COACK NEW CASTLE. Pa.. Jon. 29. E. DwlPht Dyer Mas been ch03en coach of the Westminster colle - re foctball team fo - rie:rt season, according to an announcement made ' here - today. Dyer, at pVesent basket basketball coach and athletic director of tho college succeeds Carl T. Brelon as football coach, j. A. "fP - vi vas re - elected gradu - , ; 4m dinals.' He coached Hornsby.on bat ting and improved the second - sackcr's playing all around. .'". In 191$ Ban Johnson had Hugglns transferred to the American league and put in charge of the Yankees. Hug has a very odd personality and a number of people took a dislike to him and discredited him with any managing ability. There was quite a bit of dissension In the Yankee fold, and when the team just managed to win the pennant by a single game in Mercersburg Team Makes New One - Mile School Mark America, Victorious in Two Tests With Canada in in Madison 1 Br Tlie Aaoolate4 Prea; NEW YORK; Jan. 29. One world's record was broken. America was Victoria In two out of three international tests with Canada, and western relay stars conquered eastern rivals tonight in the outstanding events of the first night's program of the two night Mill - rose A. A. track and field carnival in Madison Square Garden. The meet has attracted a field of more than 1,009 entries, representing school, club and college stars, in one of the most pretentious indoor meets ever conducted.; Mercersburg Academy shattered Its own world's record . for' the one mile relay, covering the distance in three minutes, thirty - three and four - fifths seconds and also nun; up n interna STANDING OF CLUBS IN : PROGRESSIVE CIRCUIT Greens and Blues Deadlocked for First Position - With six victories and three de - j feats, the Greens and Blues are show - j Ing the way to, teams in the North End Progressive Bowling circuit. In matches rolled this week the Blues won three from the Whites, and the Reds finished on the long end of the count in two gameswlth the Greens. The scores and circuit standing follow: - BLUES WHITES Heean 199 173 17S!MrrMc ....162 200 173 Powell Rllana . Oliver Goddard Totala , IG6 188 ISSISmallcomb ,18ft 182 133 171 205 ISglAnaihi ......163 148 190 145 149 IKnlRnwd - n ISO IM 1S3 ..177 175 176 Musket ....122 157 201 - I .....88 890 915ITota1a ......826 840 850 REDS , I GRGRNS .Toe "urns l. - fi 20fi 9l Hutchinson an 198 1WI B.vaor 153 147 1341'lreen 178 143 14S rnrt a ....1R 148 IM'Knox 128 134 11 Grady 147 177 176iWalton 170 134 100 Deviae ....198 161 191 Jack burns .210 176 22 Totala ...878 839 856Tota1a ... B - tondinv of Veama. 887 785 837 . W. . I,. Pet. .666 .666 .333 .333 Greens 6 3 Blues , . . 6 2 Whites ....1 3 6 Reds ...' 3 6 dicxson at league; TEAMS OPEN SECOND HALF Onenlnc the second half senron In the Dickson C. L. league. The Fatimas and Piedmonts each won three games from the Clowns and Camels respectively. The scores and standing of the ciuds follow: FATIMAS 1 CLOWNS T. Kama ...203 198 182IE. Srlm'r ..115 102 123 Vaeey .124 146 ITSIKarrell ..138 m 1M Pwttey ....12 127 161 Wank .,, ....159 147 1 39Blank .... ....167 141 205iPearna .... ....180 195 1501 Joe llurni ..130 ISO 130 ..130 130 130 naak'l Walton Indian ..146 130 L13 .200 121 185 - ! Totals ....10IS 954 lOlOlToUlf ......859 826 851 PIKDMOXTft, I CAMELS' Powilen ....200 17J 189ifharlcfr ....21147 146 Watao 116 192 1B6iVaey 172 110 181 Hurlioa .".14T.1 mil Dells ....17 125 Vt f1evln ....1"!3 209 1..7 niank 130 130 130 O. Srhu'r 179 1S9 216'P. CfV'r ...141148 116 Prebor .,..158 ISO 131'Hartihorn ..120 166 138 1 fotaa ....'9."4 1026 10101 Totala .'...94i 821 871 - tsBdlaa; of Teams W. L. Pet. Fatimas S 0 1.000 Piedmonts S 0. 1.000 Clowns '. .... . 0 8 ,000 darnels .'. 0.3 .000 STRIVERS SUBS WIN The Strlvers club P - ibs won another wame when the easily dercated tne fast Y. M. C. A. Comets by the score of 46 to 20. For the wlnninp comblna? tion Quint ana Newman aisniayea rare form while his teamates a'so played bnng - up ball. For the losers Davis showed nn Wl, The llnew: STKIVF'S I COMKTS fhtxtlM tpa. .2 - 3 7 a 0 s "lantnoin Onlnt ... 0 IPinaTis'..... lironnir .... 4i"nr;:ey .. 3 T. I'lotkln j", I'lotkln' n .... .3 3 ,o 0 .0 0 .2 ' 0 VtWt ... .... 1 ..J 0 v.B . 0 ..1 kl FrntiKlin Ler jr . . . . 0 A 0 Toiala .7 20 THE GOS WERE feLl f rH& SMOWrR oo - aTHKBft8e $ SPOKESMAM FOQ TUB TSAM ' 1821, they went after Hugglns with a, vengeance. Last spring Ruppert, the owner, called the men together and told them that Hugglns was his representative and that if he wished to trade the whole team he could do so. This remark pulled the boys closer,, and last season they played the league off its feet, se as to speak. Hugglns proved to his doubters that he knows baseball and its finest points of strategy when he out - gen - Out of Three International Millrose A. A. Carnival Square Garden tional triumph by defeating Hamilton Collegiate Institute of Canada. The Mercersburg time tonight was one and f our - f ifths seconds faster . than the former, mark. ; . Mercersburg opened up a gap of fifteen yards in the first lap and increased this advantage to fully fifty yards at the finish. . Lawrenceville school finished Jhlrd. Women runners figured in the other international contests: and divided honors. Rosa Grosse, a speedy Toronto miss, defeated Marion McCartie,. the American record - holder, in the 60 yard dash, while the' City Bank club, of New York, captured the second division of the quarter mile, relay, in which the Toronto girls club was third. SALE OF NEWARK CLUB TO BE COMPLETED TODAY M'Tigue Syndicate Deposits $50,000 for New Grounds It, Tfca &MiwtatA4 Vroum' , NEW YORK. Jan. 29. Sale of the Newark International League Base, ball club by Baltimore interests re. ported by William 'Ashton and Ber nard Moan to a Newark syndicate headed by Michael McTighe, will be completed and the franchise issued to the new owners tomorrow, John con way Toole, president of the Interna tional league, announced tonight. He said a series of . conferences - had resulted In full agreement on all Issues involved In the. transaction. The McTighe syndicate, Mr. Toole added, deposited $50,000 as an evi dence of good faith, this money to be used for new grounds. FEDERAL LEAGUE TO - MEET TOMORROW NIGHT To' comnlete clans for the reo'raran - ization of the Federal Baseball league a meeting has been called for 8 o clock tomorrow night at the Y. M. H. A. rooms. 440 Wyoming avenue. A com mlttea nn rules will make n renort at thlsses8ion. It is the opinion of the manager of teams already in the circuit that eight clubs will make up the wheel and that each team win piay 20 games.. - Follow nc - are the teams awardea franchises thus far: Petersburg Juni ors. . Meadow A. C Marvine, Lincoln Heights, Old Forge, Bridges, Dunmore Centrals ana ureenwooa. t nere is 1 nosslbllitv of One of these teams With rinwlnr a.n - 1 the .manacer f a - second class club desiring to play organised ball will have an excellent opportunity to gain a Berth in tne circuit. ELITE TEAMS TRIUMPH The elite basketball team sdded another victory to their - list when they defeated ihe fast Bingnamton racrncs in a ,ram nlnverl In Rnerhs.mton. - The final score was 36 - 8. The fast work ofl Sncor puzsled the Bingo boys, he rhnklnar nlaht field roals. The Wlte girls also won from the Blnghanfton girls hy a 15 to 12 tally. The l'n"os were: , , ELITE I BINOHAMTOK - fs.fb.lin. nordon. fd., ..4 0 4IRoan'(. fd. i 0 I Brana. fd. ...2 0 2IWJilar fd. ..0 0 ( Htvrdrr. e ..0 4 81 flpkman, e 2 0 i Seeor, fd. ..4 8 2oRoa. id 4 0 4 Jonca, ,sd. ..2 0 2lJoldberg, Id 0 0 ( Totala ...'... lT iilfatito ....'..'1' lil Halftlme arore 23 - 4. favor of. Fllten; fotila on Irinthamton 12: nn Eiltea 6: . raferee Jonta. from Blnanarnton. : rr. GA - LITE A. C. VICTORY The Ga - titte A.' C. defeated the Texan Juniors of Carbondale recently bv the score of 38 to 11. Thomas and Meyson starred for the winners, while Flannery and Tomaine played well for the lnr. The lineups: OA - LIT I TFXAN .TRg. - - fb.t.twi. t.rrn. fd. ,."1 0 , lOWrninnn. fd. 10 2 Klnerlm . fd. 3 " 1 7in.innry. fd. 0 4 - 4 Tlioma; c ..5 2. 12inioomer. c ...0 0 0 Annum. d. 3 0 6IN'olan. d. ...0 0 0 Chprlt'aa, gd. 1 1 Slroinalne; gd. 0 5 0 Ta.. - .. 17 T sinvtaia .......7 a u Score at end of flrat half 0 3. Ga - Lilr l - ft. CD - op tkc tMiacirr hmi Awd LXo oms or rtMtf , frAftflt45lT TO PITCH l - MB ViPfi ft tOP NOTCH eraled the master mind, McGraw, In the eighth inning of the last game ot the World's Series. .'..;. When the boys were In the clubhouse later, Babe Ruth, as spokesman for his team .mates, presented Hugglns with a diamond ring. Hugglns choked up as he took It and after a moment or two said: ''Boye, you don't know what this means to - ma. . It proves that you're all with me, and I'd rather have this than win a dozen flags." FANCY SKATING CONTEST WON BY AUSTRIAN WOMAN Miss Beatrix Loughran, New York, Takes Second Place CHAMONIX, Jan. 29. Mme. H. Szabo Plank, of Austria, won the women's fancy skating competition. Announcement of , the winner was somewhat delayed and it was reported for a time that the jury was deadlocked on the question of awarding nrst place to Mme. Plank' or Miss Beatrice Loughran, . of New York. When the announcement was made, the American woman was given, sec ond honors. Miss Muckelet, of . - England, was third In the women's fancy skating; Mrs. Theresa Weld Blanchard, of Bos ton, fourth;. Mme. Joly. of France, fifth, and Miss C. Bustles Smith, of Canada, sixth. . " By taking second and fourth places, tne Americans won eight points. CANADIAN HOCKEY TEAM, ' DEFEATS SWEDEN 22 TO 0 By The AsanHated Preaa. CHAMONIX, France, Jan. 29. The hockey teams of rGeat Britain? and Canada triumphed over the represen tatlves of France and Sweden in the Olympic games today. The Canadians added to their reputation for brilliant play by fairly smothering we Swedes, considered the strongest European team, winning by a score of 22 to 0. The English team defeated the Frenoh. men 15 to 2. ' Canada's victory over Sweden has made the Canadians big. favorites for the Olympic hockey championship. tOTIO SX7ZATS BAT PITTSBURGH, Jan. 29. .Tack Zlvle, of Pittsburgh, won the Judges' d eolation over Johnny Ray, of Pittsburgh, in a ten round bout here last night. Zlvlc decisively outpointed his opponent In every round. ZMc weighed In at 1344 and Ray at 130. ;' . . . - . JHeet y 1 - MYTt l5" 'Reinhart's Sport Store" Oh, Man! They're Great!0 And We Have 'Em For Women, Boys . - , and Girls At the Same Prices! On Black Shoes On Rustet or Complete at v A $9.94 '. ' Pl VII We recdmmend them Yea, we do more than recommeud ' them, we urge you to bux them, for we know what lasting sat - , isfaction you will get, and how glad you'll. be to boast of them ; to your friends.,... . , . . .. Separate Skate $1.25 up Separate Shoe - 45.94 ; Spaldintf Sweaters $ 1 1 .89 Up Skates Shatpened - r - On Shoes. 35c; Oif Shoeil, 25c ; Harry H. Roinhart ( "The .'Double - BarreT Sporting Cooit Store" , , 107 - 103 Wwhlnston Avenue Kearns Declared Winner Over ' Goldle In Fast Bout Winners' of Other Fight ( Jim TJrer' Ratalsky, West Serantoa youngster, moved another step nearer 'to the amateur featherweight eham. pionshlp in Northeastern Pennsylvania - wnen ne won the Judges' decision over Kid Hanei, Duryea battler. In a fast bout at the Majestic theater last night At the end of the' three rounds. the judge disagreed, Freddy Seymour call ing tna iignt a draw and Tommy Row - , land awarding the honor to Rata! k I. Referee iAl Murphy ordered an extra round. . At the end of the fourth period both judge declare Ratalskl the win ner. .The fight was very close, the decision, being a hard one for Hants to Jose. Both boys finished the taMT extremely tired. Hanes proved him. self an aggressive,' two - fisted battler, but Ratalskl landed the most effective punches. Both boy slipped to the floor several times. . Kid Conlf. Vnrth Cia ,,, 1ll. weight, proved to the capacity audience ' iasi nignx mat ne will very likely he principal in xne imais. when soundly trounced Paul Varash, west Flttstion. . Refer. Mr topped the fight after one mlnnta milling In the second round. Varash was bleeding freely from the nose and was completely outclassed. Cnnv ( hard puncher anil aaatnttivi win advance. . ayo Tor Ooldle I've had enough" Steve Vhim middleweight of Moscow said to Tt.f. eree Murphy, thu giving a kayo vie tory to Andy Goldle, Dunmore. Gol die scored a clean knockdown In the first round.. The Moscow lad found the sailing too rough and "resigned.'' Judge Seymour and Rowland called the Kid Kearney of Smith Scranrnn and Johnny Goldsworthy, Taylor, a draw. Referee Murphy then picked Goldworthy as the winner. It was the first fight of the night and a tame affair. Much confusion followed the Johnny Campbell - Joe Simons fight. Thi judges disagreed and the referee' awarded the verdict to Campbell, i Hyde Park lad. Murphy was right U his selection, Campbell winning th first and third rounds, while Slmone, Dunmore, won the second. SImon( blocked cleverly but blocking does noi win amateur fistic competition. Cami bell was the aggressor and hit thi hardest blows. Jerry Donohue,' Minooka feather weight swung both fists In wild fashion to the fare, head and body of Al Cole - mam Avoca, in a mix - up In the first round. Coleman claimed a foul an Dr. J,eo Houlihan, after an examination had announced that the Avoca lad was accidentally hit low. Joe Kearns, South Scranton, war "handed" the decision over JInimj Goldle, Dunmore. At the end of th third round the Judges disagreed an! an extra round was ordered. The ex - t tra round was certainly not called fur Goldie winning a shade In each of thi regulation three rounds. ' Kearns succeed In winning the fourth and D tra period. Again the judges dn agreed as to - the winner and Referet Murphy selected - Kearns. it was i wrong selection. ' " ? ; Frank Fisher, Olyphant, was picket y both Judges as the winner ovei Walter tSlaskle, or west escranion. Fisher clearly won the honors, knocking Slaskie through the ropes in thi Initial round. , PADDOCK APPLIES FOR x A. A. U. REINSTATEMENT BOSTON, Jan. J9. The possibility that Charles Paddock, California sprinter, might go aboard with the American uiympio iram hcav was strengthened with the announce - M,aftf that vi hmi 1 jtnnlied ifor rein statement with the Amateur Athlctle Union. The letter was received bi William C. Prout, president of tin union, who said that he would lay it before a special committee in Chicago next week. ' . Th aneclal committee which will consider Paddock's petition Js composed (of William C. Prout, Robert 8. Weaver of t,os Angeles, Samuel Goodman of San Francisco, Verne Lacey, of St. Louis and F. W. Rublen of New v - .L. t - hia letter to Mr. Prout. Pal - dock Is said to have Inclosed one from Mr. Weaver promising to read a statement by Paddock at the meeting. 4 JOSTXI WILL OOACX ZOWA The Aawclated Prefi. ,. . CHICAGO, 111.. Jan. 29. Howard Jones, who resigned as ""xciot Athletics at the University of Iowa, has decided to remain at lows, as head football coach. . . . 'i Chocolate Shoes Complete at . . $10.89 .... . : U'

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