The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on December 12, 1952 · Page 19
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 19

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, December 12, 1952
Page 19
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- r1 . f . nilDAY. DECIMBER 11, 1951 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 19 Big Sisters ; SecureJobs For Women " Immaculate High School WA: ' Holds'Arinual Pre-Christmas Tea I. k. iw ... , ..' W7 Of UBBIBIlltl HlCD . J School. and MomMkr Mrs. Were secured lor women and; C. P. Buckley ad Mr. Joseph we association' regis-i-vueeson, fx annual-tea. ter. Mra. Cecil Tetlock. office ' secretary, imported it the meet-ln of Um Bit Sifter Association. A Christmas treat will bo given the women. The meeting Wat held at the homo of Mr. Walter A. Hudson and presided over by Mrs. P. It. Itadbourne. Mrs. J. a. McLach- lin conducted tho Christmas , devotions. Tho financial report Was ( tho treasurer. Mrs. John Brown, and Mrs. Dovid " Walker spoke en cards and Bowers sent to the-ehut-ln. Sponsored by the Women's Mrs. 1. Hutton, Miss I. Hutton, Mrs. O. Kelly. Mrs. C. tf. I-Barge, Mrs. f. J. Uahey, Mrs. A. Lapointe. Mrs. P. J. Mo)pugb- ney, Mrs. O. Moran, Mrs. 'X. J, held In the school auditorium ia Morrisaey. Mrs. J. A. MulvihlU, an atmosphere of pre-Cnrlstmas gaiety and cardial warmth. The fuests were received by Mrs. Mush KUy.,Mrs. John O'Mani- que ana nev. Bister Leo, Super Mrs. J. McAuley, Mrs. D. Mc Cann, Mr. P, J. McDonald. Mrs) P. D. McDonald. Miss K. McGovern, Mrs. B. Mclneraey, Mrs. A. A. Corkery, Mrs. J. lor. The members of the staff i Morris. Mrs. Georae O'Connor. of the high school wrre In at-1 Mrs. P. M. Peters, Mrs. P. Bcott. tendance. ' . . i j Mi. rW. Smith, Mr G. Tomp- Mauve and white chrysanthe mums, flanked by Ull pink tapers, centred the lea tables -Presiding during the afternoon were: Mrs. M. J. Beaaen, Mrs, H. J. Bedard, Mrs. D. Berlin, Mrs. W. J. Brvson. Mrs. P. The sneaker r.-i. - CoUins, Mrs. M. Dorion, Mrs. Ither Perry, superintendent oi , ovatlon Army Girls' Homo, 1 1 II,. . who outlined the work dona VUS. narVCV 1 h.p. ' kins. , -i, Noted among those attending were prominent members of the Ottawa clergy and of the eity administration. Members of the graduating class, trim in their school uniforms, served dainty refreshments to the guests and P. M. Forde. I friends of their school. Gloucester Glen' Elects Miss F. Hardy ITe Mrc Ottawa Retreat Association Moore; eommtmlty eeuvitles and, U, Jc Rin Rnvnnr nnH Rnttfff events, Mrs. L. A. Cog- r . and current events, Mrs. Cecil Moore; eommun current events, , die; home economics and heal to. Mrs rs. William Whyte; sick core- The annual baiaar and talBa rick's parish drew. treat v 1 m itM u u sr.t. himv ri M. - .1 trv. . - a i- arum ine rouowLne ueeetxr -A new Winch of tho Cast tors. Mrs. J. B. 8uy. M. ' Z TLm.w.-Ti pT. Chrana, Carletoa Women's Institute, the Ernest V. Cans. Mrs. Andrew- " . ,, ' . ... Laurler avenue vest; pair Gloucester Glen, held their sec Davidson: auditors. Mrs. T.,rUh bU Proed df iM - bUnkete. Rev. Jarura Coderra, Ckrtetmaa calm donsted by Mrs. C. Band, was won toy Mr. Harvey Steaa of Billings Bridge. Refreshments ware served by Mrs. F. Barlow and Mrs. C. tha Rand. . . . i. .' ond meeUng, on Tuesday, at & uramn na ' homo of Miss Florence Hardy. MI" ""f """J At IK. -I..!-. k.'Dror,,n whJch -U carried At tba November meeUng tha t u wbroltte4 following officers were elected: b. the executive and approved. president. Mis Plorcncs. Hardy; Mrs. Kenneth Davidson, district representative I've a report on th meeting held In tha Nepean - Christmas gifts trr exchanged and" s drawing wss msde by the honorary president, Mrs. -Chsrles OgiWy. A Chrlst-mss supper was served under' the eonvenership of Mrs. Wslterj nunson, aasisted by Miss Sutherland. Heads Guild" Falkland Bridge- Clab. mklaad.,Ch p tar iODE first vloe-presldent, Mrs. .A. P. Mclntyre; second vice-president, Mrs. Arthur Moore; secretary-treasurer, Miss Mary Phalen; district repreaentaUve, Mrs. Town Hall, on the Carleton County Hospital. Mrs. Hsrrlng-tan gsv a paper on The English. Christmas". Tha members Kenneth Davidson; standing exchanged Christmas gifts, and nwmwfi, twicTicii, cuism- mnnunnii wnr rv i uj wm me winning ucseis in ine ratiw ' mJ. ship, and education. MLis Elixa-i hostesses. v land Rev. T. Cswley, of St for a ChrfimiTrt7i scnooi children. A 15-pound cess, as shown by-the large num- OSM.. 4M Boeth atreet; Uble ber of frienda and fug? porters lamp, R. Be rube, f 1 Anderson who attended tha event- . street;"" electric kettle, J. D. In attendance at the opening- Lanlgan. lt faend aveana; were Mayor Whlttoa and mem- i turkey order, PVW. Perraa, Jr, ber.i of tha. Bosrd of Control. Toronto. , who were received by Misst e ..a' Mary Breanan, vice-president of St. Tkssas Asjnlaas) PTA. . ! the association, and who werej "Catholic Bducafiae," was the Introduced to the gathering by aubtect of an. IntexeaUng address Rev. Gerald Fogarty of Assump-'by Rev. John A. Carley, at the-tlon parish. , . . . , .-. ! noting of St. Thomas Aquinas The feature event, held In the ! School PTA. r.ih.. ri.. evening, was the drawing , of introduced bv Mr. P. 1. K.. Bridge Club held an cnjoysble bridge party In the Rldesu re-! Boom of Murphy-Gamble Ltd., New Officers For Gyro LA ; Thf Gyro Ladle.- AuxiUary held their December meeting in King rw ay Onlted Church, with tha presideof, Mrs. Lillian Bailey Bresldtag. A new member, - Mrs. Marjorle Mae- -JDonaloV was welcomed., The Bominatrng committee gave their report an the new lste of officers fox the coming pear. Tha following were elect- . ed: president. Mnl MrlM Ritchie; first vice-Dreaident. ! Mrs. Percy Harvey was elected president of St Luke's, ln aid of the work of th Chsp-Parlsh- Guild at the annual!. Bridge prizes were won by meetlne held ln the nariah hall. i u .u B, i irnrB. nciinin cichi, jnra. x.- "l. a ...i nWHj'it- L ... . . " -vv" - v" "-jG. Hood, and Mrs. Rupert meUn'- Brosdfoot. The hostesses were u ratifying reports were given LADILS' MISSES' Mrs. Betty Callan; second vice- president, Mrs. Msrjorl Bethune; secrets ry, Mrs. Sara Jackson; , treasurer, Mrs, Jean Ritchie. . by the treasurer and the conveners of the -various circles. The gross receipts amounted to f A,S3t J4. This " large amount was realised through catering, teas, etc. The sum of $4,000 was voted to the Memorial Hall fund, and $(00 in the wardens for parochial expenses. Money waa also allocated for Christmas cheer to the rector, the Bronson Memorial, the Protestant Home for the Aged, the Ontario- Hospital at Smiths Fslls, the Perley Home snd the Royal Ottawa Sans-, torium. The rector. Canon Serson Clarke, congratulated Mrs. Har vey for her leadership snd cooperation at - all times. He presided far tha election of the following officer. HnwiMr, nrIHnt Mr Kr. Tfc. ....lit -j ... . r- . ... ,.iuimini ,; jo son Clarke; Honorary vice- ' be sent to tho Christmas ex-j presidents, Mrs. H. H. Allan, I chsnge for food certificates, I Mrs. J. B. Hollngsworth; first! and a report en the Christmas vice-president. Mrs. J. H. DsvU) . vboxe sent overseas, was given. n: aecond. Mrs. E. Martin; 1 It was decided that food tmrd- Mrf- w- R- rck: treasur- The lZT.iZ T TTlr reury. Mrs. W. B. Fsir- I I T-?!!0 WUh " bairn. The Parish Guild la af-l!, wrapping of Christmas gifts, to j Misted with the Ottawa Council E! oa sent to nursing homes and of Women, the Perley Home snd I the Bronson Memorial. II Mra N. Brown, Mrs. A. O. Gammon and Mrs. Ernest Mills. Bridge was eonventd by Mr. C. B. Topp, assisted by Mrs. E.' C. Hood snd Mrs. G. S. Nice. e ' -Mrs. W. B. Fslrbab-n and Mr. W. Morln entertained at a tea and shower in honor of Miss Margaret Ireland whose mar riage takes place on Saturday. Tha guest of honor was present ed with a corsage bouquet of Talisman roses by Miss Rose-msry Fairbairp and Master John Morln. The assistants during .L- I l- . i j ine jces nour were jsis. iwoew Morln. Mrs. John Fatrbalrn. Miss Elizsbeth Pslrbalrn. Miss Flo Behsn, of New York City, wss a guest. , time ta make yearum. v . Ckrlstaus Baaatg AspeUtaseat Qll 5.2332 5333 0p Tu44J tVfniull ks Ik Lsr nda ttatal 1 rrr ; i V' .i . . "l - 1 at! fof COrrvfoft I e'S a eaSioned Uq ond Ankle L -- ' ' ' ' "' X . " riot . FASHION'S SMARTESt -rSUIT5. COATS, DRESSES SHOPPt. UM1TEB IM Sfark 8L !- 1 "..EigflS AVINTER AVEIGHT HOSE Tffwum - FASHIONED - Viu UDIES' BOTANY WOOL AND NYLON TWIST ' LADIES' BOTANY WOOL AND HA YON TWIST LADIir BOTANY WOOL AND COTTON TWIST LADIES' 100S BOTANY WOOL LADIES' LIGHTWEIGHT 0NDERHO5I MISJEr (NARROWED UG) BOTANY WOOL AND IAYON TWIST FOR YEAR ROUND WEAR FASHIONED HOSE LADIES" MERCERIZED HOSI " MISSES (NARROWED LEG) MERCERIZED HOSI AVSO- MISSES' AND LADIES' GYMNASIUM HOSI Cl.r.- Choose his gift from the items we've listed below, make a note of the dumber 5-8092 or 6-4511 and give us a call to reserve it (or Christmas ... or come in and see the fine selection of tools we have for "him". ' No Problem Now!... !l pksmiis fitiors ffiiGHis nijiiss, sheet ib sports ui Christmas v i a. .. Dworkln'g, ''The Houm that Fur Built", nowenable you to own one of their glamorous fuHTin time for Christmas and . pay u little as $3.33 per. week. Hurry to Dworkln'g tomorrow and take advantage of this wonderfulnew budget plan.- V, V IVJUSKKAT MOUTON I (Dyed Flaaks) (Pracaased Lassk) . $26.60 Down 5 Per Week At Only $266 I - ' i rs KWiiisTflWtt my y u v ml j , 8 eVaMMSa1R , BssISiV;v 15 I 1 H ' ' . : 1" - 9 ;sr 'll Delta 10" Tilt Table Saw As illustrated but with steel stand instead of east Iron, and with tha following extras: motor, switch and cord. Saw , only (no stand, (uard, splitter, switch, motor or cords ..... , . 251 I 1755 Boys AIl-Wool Tweed Stadium Coats .95 16 style with full Regular 24.St-Speda ....... Double - breasted Mouton (Drocessed lamb) collar, all 'round belt, two slash pockets, quilted Ilk lining (. and seven-pound wool interlining. A really smart garment that will ensure you of warmth through the cold days ahead- . . 1.5 Coat as above with half Mouton (processed lamb) collar and ripper front, regularly priced at 19.95. ... 14.!$- Sizes 26 to 36 but not all size In each style. NATURAL GREY PERSIAN LAMB BLEXDED " :.' MUSKRAT BACKS $i.89 $38.88 Down u Per Week At Only $388 I - iaetaWawrassBajsisfss ! DrHa Far- XVCf 1. -;v;'W '.. .11 11 14 :-' 1 awarjaisMiawsiitsiaiia m asj aaiisi jaasriariai taiiai Y.ut Aa' tni Boyi' Stop , . . TM FU.r. i. tfmmamimmmimwfmmmmimm'mrmim'imwm Repeat Presentation! 3A Lengti Station Wagon Coats of "Duralori "Duralon" a processed fabric ' that gives loneer wear, mothproof, resistant to soiling, perspiration and non-oily stains, water and wind repellent. Smartly styled with silk quilted lining snd seven-pound wool Interlining, full Mouton (processed lamb) collar, and lapels. Sizes 2f to 14. Bays' Bayaej and Nyloa ' - Station Waiaa Costa Iters' Cation Peplla fttstiea Waiea Coats AD with (aU Meetea cellar (areeessed laatk). OttMV.' Older! ; and Larpest - rsrtTr-to- s Wearer . . j rVriff " " , I I I' 1 !(l am v ) awsiMwsMiwa i nissmmmm v n f 2P t -. 2253 ( 4 y- 16 A Up rvatw swawawawaenwssr'f Come in and see our wide selection of Christmas Gifts in the Young Men's and Boys' Shop. rf Utm't Hij Skpl . . Third Atlas 6" Metal Cutting lathe . 11 lz ll" centres, sue emitting; cut S s M threads: com-pleta attachmaata available for all -opera Bow (leas switch and saptor). uaMSI SSfSI" I - Wood Lathe 207-95 Complete unit as shovan but less motor, cord, switch snd rod. Lathe only (bench, motor, motor pulley, switch, cord snd rod extra) 146-25 N & M Planer Ftaisa any rassber. Meld easts ar standard pattens. Welihl It Iks-, taks Job 'With yea. Motor Bar and Logs This arrangement makes it possible to use one motor tor several machines. 25apair Motor bar .Lug S7--t ' '' a. . fa 1 w fi BALL BEARING JACK SHAFT ' A Ulustrate but with, f-step puller only. Shaft Is S". Ua hie Jack shaft ta build yofar own machines. Regular value 19 Wk Oiihjft F.mftr Ta Skit, 147 Ktsierrr Strrtt ,.". HnJfmniM ftr Quslity T.h v Kfu.MbU Prieft, sananarl ; Ktaraii CHARLES OGILVY LIMITED 'i i l 1 til sjrtMssfianBninanxa .- v - - - ', ". . -, ,i r . ' -y V- t-j- , . ' " -,! VaTaaV; t lCZZ'l-.j?-t af W. al at" f afrf CV

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