The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 4, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 4, 1931
Page 6
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, J1JNR 4. BLYTHBVII.T.F!, (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents * word lor Uxit tiitnion and one ceut » Kurd (or e»ch lubse^uenl Inwrllim. No advertisement taken lor less thim Mo. Count the vrords and send the rash. I'hone 306 FUii KENT I'OR RENT—1 rooms and bath, l:'.a Holly. Seven looms 'and bail], HU3 \v. Ash, i'hone 100, E. U. Ferguson. '-J5C-K8 l-'OH RENT—South bedroom. Phone •164. 27C-K3 FOR RENT—Furnished hoiu=c, -Mr: Sisk, . Pl)onc G72. ' MC-K4 l-'OH RENT—1 i-conis and baili, $16 1118 Holly, Phone 100, u' .D: F(r- FOR REST- 5 room house,-bath Furnished. Nc\v!y dccoralcd- -101 North 5th, Phono Kt2-W." • 5U-KS PAGE SEVE&t /^ fa RlJmiDEWEY GROVES I:J:T«I.K iirrtK TOD.VI SlKllVI, 1101illi:v, .»,.rrll r I. love \\llh 'JO.lDlf WILSON, knuu* Hint ht ivould m-n-r l>« Anpnj- ' nllh lift Imlf-Aliu-r, ' lni;\K r.VKUKTl', >»J Irlc. lo yrirrriit ikcJr jiiBrrlaKv. Irrne U j»l»u» Mlicn »hc lull's and llrr,!-^ nrcutfif n rndla fun- Ir.-tcl. Uvryl'M vulcc uliiM^'hcr titSf frlrnilv Out Ahc onuni}! furiri't hrr bu:>rlm l<jvu lhout;k »hr KLIFR lu liiirllr. <illk joum,' J'UK.N'ilbS CAVI.Oni). Irene Uarui ITciiIki 1^ r!x'!i :uij Irlm lu ivjn lilin fryjn llirj], IK- u kunvvinllilr, Inkcji Lcr ilrltlliK n»d lu Jllioi-r, 'i'nit]!n>-'N nunt dlt<» iitltl lie lunrM »M>Mi munr}- und jab thrtiuxk hi-r ku>lmnil. Tomni)- (cllji Ireur at a Uiinch of rose i fnr her lleryl wcs uol r.t in 1 "'- .n'Idal eiriii'.iG n"i: : ! r !md n buttle iuy.-l i •• who stonily <'. • : knowlcOm 1 of ;• • tbut Blu> v;?:'.! : • Sha K-it '•• - lild tli-j r 1 .-.' ' for ho:- I.:-:- rattling r;:.. l>nd |UL-I(, mid i i rr,ull»» Ibrlr WANTED POULTRY WANTEU-^Marke.t P rl - ces, any quantity. 'Marilyn-Hat- cliery, ^10 S. Fourth St. 9C-TF V/ANTED — Family washines . or general liousc\vork. Mis. Dora h'jzsll, 2201 18tl\ St. TF 1'EKSONAL CASH PAID for second hand furniture. A. L. Flowers, corner Main Si Lake Sts. 6C-TF Closing Stock Prices A. T. & T. 170 ! .'i Annconda Copjier 22',-j Auburn 182 Caterpillar Tractor 24 1 .-; Chrysler 15 1-8 Cities Service il 3-1 Coca Cola 139K Continental Baking 11',4 General Electric 40 5-8 General Motors 35 3-8 oMnlgomcry Ward 18 1 ,New York Central 80 Packard C 5-8 Radio Corp IG'/i Simmons -... 13 3-8 Standard of N. J ; 311-i Texas Corp. 20 U. S. Steel 92'/j New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, June i IUP>— Coilon closed steady. open high 'lav: close July. 1 ' 850 880 ..850 i Ocl 895 915 880 S Doc 914 938 SOT ( Jan ,..,. 923 9i8 ., 920 ! March ". . 9-lr. 'DCS 910' ! May C61" 084 961 ! Spots Steady.-at IJ52,,iip 4S. New York Cotton NEW YORK, June 4 (UP)—Cot Ion closed steady. open high low c July 800 8TO 8-19 I Ocl 80S 015 885 ! Dec ' 917 9:J5 908 ! Jan 921; 950 920 ! | iV.l did nol volunteer fui : lher iu- e. (.iri'-i'.lloti. '' • "^:y ycu luier," Tommy Bald - '. 'ly wl:c» Im Btepped cut of i.:.'. lleiyl wa(el;eil lilin enter ' •:•-.-. After she went In i i 1 ' M.( unele. WIicu sho had i h r r.iiud lo Mr. lloffnmu - :;.:;! l,-;'il bMler look after i- • a^.-'-.'cr lo it vliago. T Hint slio went homo. • !,,:•.• sli.l'O of r.ooil tor ! I'-'failen hi.r. -Irene and Inr.-liiinil lm<l departed. reu wr.j Blill' greatly apparently forgetlir.g ! hrf |n »t:irr)- Xlui «h>. nri'lMX*. 1" dfslllilr' T.liniii) InLui, lo drink. lltTjl nncls him nud irU 1 * to fhrvr kliu uy. !jhr lvn« lrc*nc" lilic lillii.t BO h.ick lu Vtunni)- or toii- •teu to I'rrnlliit kuiv hi»rll»>l> • fce LKH irt-au-d Iitjy. Irrur i»rom- J-ii-s Ijut |iI:iiiN lo iiutult Htr>l. Artcr rt-ci-IvljiK n IrU'^ruin Irimi 1'rcitllh* n»l;lj»is Jicr in imirry kliu Hinl Juy, . >l, r .11,,, !1Mn> . „,,,] un-cl. 1,1,11. J.r.lrr «hc- ll'h-,iti,),ir» BIT Bonn, (o niiuuuiicr <bal klie • uftU I'rrnlUk nre m:irrlcd. XOW UO UX '.MTU Till: STOUV CIIAl'TB'K XXXII priEXTISS excused himself for f . . luoir.cnt whilo Irene talked to Doryl aiid thus she was able to say what slio pleased. ' "I did ns you demanded," she chose to lie, "and you should have heard- wha! 1'rentiss said." "Yes?" Devyl answered steadily. IhSagh her heart was beating rapidly.' > ' • . ."Vea is right," Irene mocked, "lie aEkei' why I thought ho would be tntercsled in my past so long ns he liiul my present. I told him yon had insisted that 1 tell him every- 'OMMY !-..< • l:i-.n»'. {<•.'... ' - . ; i at tin I'.:- .1-.-. : .y. -. ;:-.-: driving about iii.» i::va f-:- ;.u hum SllO glimpse:! l)ll» l:i ;. ;-.::.-.-. t -. Si;i! slopiicd. t>irl:e:l. :i:;cl \,c':i li.irli inlllial lint words had passed uelweeil Iho place lo leil hl:u K!;..' u-anlcd lier anil llirvl n few hours earlier, lo Uilh tu him. ' ' .. .. . Tommy iwct'd shor'ptehiy to, come wilii her, cxpcctim: thy hail decided to lecliiio him. They climbed Into her car, Ilc-ryl ai the wheel, and drovo Inward Ihe Sunlit Shin-e. lleryl did not know how to brt;ia what she hail lo f-ay lo him. thing. Well, laughed.'.' 1 did, lunl ho only mood dislurljed Tommy. Usually It Bcry! had nuytiiin^ i a s;iy E'DC- said It. lie decided slie did isut In(cud lo scohl him. lieM hem will* Ine to laho ft, hut \vii3 plad it wasn't forthcoming. He'd never been BO low in-E|Jirlt>l>eforc in all bis life. "I don't lielieve you," Beryl retorted. "I don't care whether you do or not," Irene Informed her. "We're married. Mayhe you won't believe that, either, so I'll bring Iho marriage, certificate home to show you. And you. can nsk mother lo uack my best things right away. We're leaving early in tho morning for Oakilale." Slie put down the telephone without waiting for a reply from Beryl. She had seen Prentiss coining. "I was talking with' Beryl," she said to him sweetly. "I want her to 'break the' iiews genily to mother." "You're a thoughtful girl," Preu- -tiss said soberly. "I know I'm going to be a happy man, Irene." She smiled at him. "You wouldn't znini^ taking some flowers to moth.[i er,-,yroiild you?" she asked. "As a -. peace offering?" __ «»«.got her orch'.ds, with "Tho next time yon come to n shade (roe park Hie ear." ho saltl at last. "You've got trouble lo spill. It's written all over your face." Ueryl decided that Tommy was light. They'll best slop and talk "Well?" Tommy Invileil as she still hesitated after llio car wa comfortably parked in the shade. She faced him. Her voice ehowc how wretched fho felt. "Shall I let you have both barrels at once Tommy?" she asked. "Sure, flo ahead." "Il's 'pretly tough. Sure yon eai take It?" "OE course. Shoot!" Beryl drew in her breath. "I can't get Irene back for you," she said. "She's married." Tommy just wilted. He didn't say a v/ord or make a move — he just wilted. Neither spoko for a lony time. Tommy's voice was hollow when lio did look at Beryl aud say dally: "Tell mo about it." She told him all she knew anil was tempted to add what she tliousht, but appreciated (ho futility of it. She might as well tell him that he was lucky to be alive as lo tell him that he was lucky to lose Irene. She drove back to his homo when he asked her to without tormenting; him with conversatiou. When h n-.lstcd rm reiirutlng Jill Irene hail B:I|I|. Irene hml this: Ircno wus lo that! And just look at these orchids! cryl Razed at the tunas ot o.v s-vu bloniiiH. "Now I know," said, "wlial Is meant by beggar on" Her mother looked nt her doubtfully. She did nol understand and so could not roply. llui (hero waa Bninclliliig bhe did mean to Day and Ite linn about II, loo. lli'i voice hpcainc sharp. "H wasn't a 1 all nice of you to slay away und not wish your sister happiness," she said. "Ireno was terribly dlsap pointed, and 1 dou't know wha Premiss thought of U." Ucryl's HIM iwiBlcd lulo a caustic smile. "Yea," sho admitted. "1 dan pay Ireno waa dlsapiwlutcd. A pa mile's no good without someone to view It." Sho tinned and walked away, nil heeding her mother's coiillnuci scolding. . Alone In her room Devyl had tc admit tbero was satisfaction fo liciself in the ullualion. No trying to deny II, Iclllng horsci: I wus beastly to feel so wlicii Tomm was unhappy. Slie had not dou this thing to Tommy. Slie bad no made Iho choice oi evils for him And lu lime lie would learn tha what had happened was best fo him. Tlic light In Beryl's eyes dlmnie faintly. "I'm a fool," she lold he self. "Tommy will never lovo me If that were to be, it would hav happened before tliis. No. It wi be some other girl. He'll iieve care for me." A LITTLE later Mrs. Everc -' i called her to come down lo di nor. Slio said sho was not hnngr Ucryl's voice, as she called Inc down the slairs, sounded husk Stie stayed in her room all evenin Her mother climlicd llio slnlrs .... ..... asked^a questiuu she auswereJ ii.J uoini out .somothlu^ cryl inlshl )nvo overlooliiJ. V. thai Ireno would be In mi In- uei'.tiat position urnv where- slio uW help lloryl ri great deal, "How do you mean—help mo?" cryl nsked. "Wliy, lu your career," her moth. r explained. -Dun't yon think oii'il belter writ* her a nice Illllo oto ami agonize?" Htryl siuotlieieil tlio nnger'tlmt oae wllbln her and lauglicil. "1 lie:-.! you don't know how luiiuy m Is," sho satd. ' •-. "Ill's not funny. It's serious!" "li's funny. Irone baa nothing to 0 wilh my career. I'm what 1 ,i|n itbjui ber help. Ami I ilon'l auii- ose." she uildeil suddenly, "t'raj' ou'il license your darling daiighlur f iLtanliiE lo turn niy'lxm ajjntnft II M. Kverelt answered uneasily; Iltm- can you t;iy tiucli uincjUiiouu- ilo UUUKS?" lluwevcr, her c'yci .voidtd Uoryl'u. She wan Ui'liiUloK f Eiimethlns. lli'at Ircno lirnl salii : viien she (oiiud lleryl R6ne tliiit : : .floriioou mid n lar<!c iwvj ot her•• i-lun:|ih cpotlcd. > "I'll sliow lierl" Ircno liad-i!e-- lured. "I'll ECU Ihnl i^he nevoi'-KO'a iiiollinr coiilrnet with Iho naylunl Soap (,'onipany. And II won't ilo her . 1 bit of good lo ho lurried ilnwn. J'.Hei- people won't be BO keen uliout icr llieu." Mrs. Krercll sighed, wishing jeryl wero aa rearoiialilu ns Irene."Honey, you nmsln'l do that," sho !iad said to Irene, "Your fnlhcr mil I need Itoi-yl'a help." Irene bad Eeeti it ill once and nd> inllleil slio wa^ wrong. It W;IR a , comfort* to have a daughter Ilka [rene--one who could bo obliging, : It would bo n little thing for lleryl ' .o-nckuowlcdge her fnull as readily as Irene had'ilouo null wrlto lo her sister. As usual her argument with her mother was of short diir.itlon.-Mia. Kverelt, thinking It over, felt that £lic lind not mailo the situation any better for Irene. Slie came In soflly Ibe last thing boforo slie went to tycd aud brought n trny of light refreshments for Beryl. "Are you sure you'ro well," sho asked, . Heryl nodded. "I wish you wouldn't quarrel with me," her molher said forlornly. "It's Imrd to have a cliild got married and go away. Ireua.didn't mean tho cross words aho fald. It -was just temper aud she was sorry .righl nwny." ,'. "Poor llltlo Irene. . '. ."..lint Beryl hadn't been thinkliiK ot.lier fiisler—film .\vns thinking of Koino.-, (hliig tliat frightened her. .(To Ilo Cou'^ucd) OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Aliern VOU QU-T Qli "tH FARM UI-TH -nr PADDV WEEKS !~ -TH 1 Vlpsf UIAM tfP "THAT' fblES la SCJMM OUT, Gl"T$ SQME. 5«llLL-eG(jS dkl ttlS CLUB • BE. -TAkE^ "TO ' -IH' tTAIL us TO -lass °ILIQU1 won wrrH VHM.S "V urt-tii_ vou RA-r-rt-e. I LIKE A, Dice Bo,* ! MA.30R "TOOK Trie "rlarj-potf* AMP THE HOUSE. tS UUPER QliARAkJTiue,VirrH ALL TJ-IE BOARDERS ,-THREE MEMBERS CLDB, WAP A PLUMBER 1*4 rT f o ^FW&f 'i&SIS... BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES SAYS WILLIE! By Marlic Keiser Neivs Spots steady at 9S8 981 Drink Habits Changed Says College OHicial SEATTLE. (UP)—The main dif- iercnce between college men's drinking habits today and Ihos of Ihe first few years aficr prohiui- lion became effective lies In the fact that drinking is done in th3 home instead of in the alley, in the opinion of William Taylor jr., men's personal officer al the University of Washington. Taylor has been in constant touch with social conditions on the campus for the last 8 or 10 years. "For the first three or four years I / after pas.sagc of the prohibition law," Taylor declared, "collegians took their liquor to the back alleys to drink it. Bill now their drinking is gentlemanly. They >iave liquor in their homes and most of thrill confine their drinking to a few cocktails after dinner."He expressed the belief that drinking is no more prevalent at tlio university than it was in former days. Miss Nona Crews was the guest of Miss Bonita Bruce Thursday. Miss Sue Bull of Blythcviile spent last week-end with Mrs. U. H. Robinson. Mr. and Mrs. V. S: Frazier Isli last week ~ for Fredericktown, Mo., where they will spend their vacation. . ; • Mrs. .Grace Franklin oi Steele, Mo., is visiting her counsin, Mrs. Leu Williams. Mrs. R. H. Robinson and son, Bobby and Miss Sue Butt of Blytheville motored to Gulfport, Miss., last week where they attended the May Festival at Gulf Park Coliegc. Miss Margaret Robinson was elected May Queen this year. Mrs. E. C. Cook and daughter and Miss Irene Nichols left Wednesday for M\imphrie£, Ark., where they will visit with Mrs. Cook's mother. Mrs. Alice Wilson has returned 'rom Hot Springs where she has seen visiting her sou. Mr. and Mrs. Clovis Crockett oi hols, Lee aiul'Hpence Williams Dick Watson, Silas Mead, Ray Kersey and Cernl Cordey. held at Hightower Sunday, June 7th. Plans .ire being made for a dinner on the church grounds. Also. Illic eMthortisl Quarterly conference will be held nt 2:30 o'clock in the school building. A larse crowd attended the ball game Sunday afternoon. Hightoiccr News Dick;- t-ansactaU uiui- ness in Keiser Sunday. Mr. aud JIMS. Geoigu Scli t'f Clear Lake veiled their parents here Sunday. Ralph Simpson accompanied by] Mrs. Tom Norton and childmi his mother, -Mrs. W. W. Snnpfon,fspenl- Saturday at 48 with her pnr- and Miss Evou McKnight of Littlj | cuts. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ruslln. Ekron News Notes Wilsori, visited friends at Hlgntow- er yunday. Mr. and Mrs. B. Cnaks and family of Burdettc .;p?r.t with Mr. and Mrs. Charley Cnoke. Mrs. II. J. Fondren and daughter, Mable, were toilless visitors m Luxora and Osceola. Tuesday. Queer Waterspout Hums Like Airplane Engine SEATTLE, IUP) — Pedestrians £lopi>eri and looked upward, golf- crs hesitated in their play, workmen put down (heir tools momentarily when a musical humming, persisted, and (hen spectators saw what was generally said to have been one of the most hecultar .sights ever seen in th? skies hereabouts. A queer ctoiid. appearing like an "aerial waterspout" descended upon n darker cloud below until the jwint of the cone seemed to enter the dark cloud mid draw Us sustenance Irom Us interior. The Osccbla were visitors lost week. J. A. Hodscn attended to busin- L'ss in Lcpanto last week. W. W. Anderson molorcd to Jonesboro I'riday. Everyone is Invited to attend the ludy course fcivrn al the Methodist, church hero this week. Rev. Tom Hart had as his guests Sunday James Smith and family ann Albert Sanford and family of Dull. Miss Ozeal Richardson had as her guest Sunday Miss Anna Ml Ryan of Dell. George Locke and family of Bly- Iheville were guests of Mr. and Mvc. O'A,\K. CARRIED Everyone is inviled to attend the Harvey HArgctt Sunday, all day singing convent-ion to be' Taylor Smith and family of Big FKECKI,WAND~HIS ! CAVJ VoO 1WAGWE cARavjw' Tins VALUABLE RlJaV ARCX.VK) I|J JOST i OLD MA'^H Box? HY! ims is A FoaTUUE".'.' Lake spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Porter Smith. Deles Slalen of Cooler, Mo., was the guest oi Red Clay last week-end Tom Lyons and family and Mr Carter and family of Armorcl were Ekron visitors Sunday. Mrs. R. L. Teaford of Twenty- Nine was the guest of Mrs. W. 0 Stone Sunday. ME-. OOH. "We THW TO KEtP VWb WON'T Bft TO COUViT JOMT OEO.- U •-MOW Wf.NT 1 . 1 COOtVJMT Vfffiff \\ 'CROit' V (AlEtt- trVfcVT, COUVVJ V'to&OKit \T . \ v-ttv iyw wb •aro ^SOOT \T t^'y Ttt' COOMT POti I WV\Y, l'v)£ B^iW V.OOiitW' TOWftRO To YW£ VOO "WE ONCfc voo M5NW Limit I'sc uf Curs At K. U. LAWRENCE. Kansas, lUP) — Eight student fatalities since last June automobile accidents has fed University of Kartsas olll- cials to limit the use of cars by uiidergratiidates. Parents must give students written permission to drive automobiles while they arc attending the university. To sorve 17,000 consolidated schools in the United States, • SCO buses arc being used. ftW,Wt CAM TIX \T UP 0«.t I BUT M« OM THA \T V.KTEK TVi TWE: Ot) \ rtt YttX TMt MTO tt UP TO VOO , i /TO WE. w TAU. K otctKS^Tv 'T WORTo W6WNM VO V1.M.E, Vr T«! COONT I VET VAt 6 OUT , PiNO \^ Ttt' TWRD 6ET OP mrf U~s"pAT. OfT.O'93' OTtm stmXt.l*Z.J SWKBT DKRAMS! spiral larger, while the black cioml diminished in size. Then the cone rr.?e until it disapi>earod in a Sicavy bank of clouds. The humming found ended with its disappearance. Observers were unable to tell exactly it was, but b:lievcd it was" in tiie nature of a cyclone. The world's republic i-s Andorra, a liny territory with an area of Hi square.miles and GOOO population. H Is -.fituated' In the 1V._,.^ t'»- ViAfWA4Vl-^ •^Vf'oMCA ««rf -Trance and Spain. Wilson is in charge. . I Little Charles Kolrinsoii who has been seriously ill for several days, i simproving. Miss Edilh Calledgc relurned Friday to Memphis where she will resume her training at the .Baptist hospital. •" Mrs. W. W. Anderson has returned from Janestoro whore slie lias been visiting for two wcks. She was accompanied home by I:er sister. Harvey Wilson and Oris Childs motored to Memphis Sunday, I. K. Harwarg and son oi Osceola were business visitors her? last week. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kersey announce the birth of a son on Saturday. May 30th. Prcd Davis of Liltle Rock usiled Mr. mid Mrs. Lee Williams Sunday night. Miss Bonita. Bruce has returned to Blythcviile where she will resume her training at the .hospital there. Rev. Lunsford of Jonesboro preached here"Sunday morning. Miss Irene-Catledgc rntemhicd i a number of her friends with a par- I ty last Wednesday night. Games were enjoyed until a late hour when refreshments \verc served by the hostess. Thosa altendi/.j were: Misses Dorothy Xona Crews, Pearl Meadows,.Bonita Erncc, Irene Nichols. Lucy Dur.avant, Edith Cat- ledge.-Messri. Orts CMlels, Gus and H. J. Meadows, Bob C;ews Charles YOU BE.TTE-? STAY HGES ALL W16HT...VJKy / ITS AFTER JAC. DOjrT V1AUT AWYTVIWS To HAPPEN To IT, H0)l THAT 1'f/i THIS CbOSE TO CE )T.-.- v HKEB6 CAM I RiSUT THE BE Ot Tl'AT yx) UP AT S\l< cicvxv... A FE^ FP=1(SHT TEAlViS WSHV 60 TUWDERiU' BY, BiJT Dosi'T PAY A^W WASH TUBHS WASH GCTS AiN INSPIRATION! SHdol r BETCHPv wtT"^ By Crane;.'" WELL, JEANS GOME- SlDtTRfvCKES). COULD W) VT OURSELMES ff V VltCOUtO ONLY G6T BUUU To CALL IN (\LL Trf BI6 SHOtS To OLD OP THIS BOO7.E RKCKET WO\M YfeVMtS 1 . I WOMDER ITS ^IWPVt ONCE YOET Tar7ETUER THEVLI, TALK 8USIHESS, SEE STUFF. AN' >ML V'&OTW TO IS TO TAW IT OOvKN 8Y SHORTHAND W CALL Trt' COAST &OA.EP

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