The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 23, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 23, 1949
Page 9
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FRIDAY, ni'XKMKER 23, 1<M9 BI.YVIIKVIl.t.B (ARK.) COl.'iUHi: NEWS Robot Saboteurs To Guide Missiles Scientists Envision Homing DcviccsHiddcn At Enemy Target City By Kllon C. Knj WASHINGTON. Dec. 23—<fl— Military scientists arc considering tbe possibility O f planting robot, electronic "saboteurs" In an enemy eity to steer a guided missile to " target. Crystal Ball Shows Nightmare Of a World Ruled by Women By Agnes Rogers ami Cynthia Lowry <\l* Nc\vsfealures (KDITOliS NOTK: Wlmlwillhls- lorinns or (he 21sl Century rejiorl n(>nnl nifii and ivouicn uf fhc 20lh? Agnes Kogers, author of "Women Are Here To Stay" (Harpers) a £»y picture and prose re|inr( on frm- jnine proprcss tn the last hulf century, has umlcrtivki'n to .sru'eulafp, \vlth a Tc\v assists fruni i\Iiss Ixm-ryj on what might happen If one merely projfflrtl Iho Hue of (he ^niph i"l» HIP future for (lie next 50 years, ll*s all in fun, an c-xcrtlse in A hint of this was contained In f ?,"J f {./.*'^ Upper Tidbit, Wyo,, history was a pamphlet issued yostcrtiay hy the '*"'';„ ,;',,,,,, n ""^ '.Vnrii niadc: "WoJ»cn me proven to he Defense Department's Research ' e f "- htt ' llt(l - u W0llt »'-»l»J>"i ... manually, neater and general- and DeveloptneiH Board. II is n e '' ly more economical hirelings. We uoulcl be Incorrect to say thty wo re welcome. The spark that touched off the revolution came much earlier, probably when women replaced men In industry during the second war. Elut, the roaring blaze came In (he late 1950s when helicopter manufacturer Alexander V. Snelllnghast announced on television that he was discharging nil male employe.*, including his first vice president. In a prououucmeut irmn the underground Snellinghn&L works at x edition of ihc "Glossary of tfpuEderl Missile Trrms." The rcferciicc was tucked away in a technically-phrased discussion of ".^eciactis'p homing Buidancp" in ft'lifih a missile woks out a target whrh has boon "iluminnled from a source other Mian the missile." As untangled from such complex phrasing in explanation by ojie expert, this means that a missile follows n radnr beam from a trans- miitpr either located in, or pointed at, a city or factory. In the case of pointing, Ihe radar beam is aimed at Iho target and reflected off at -ah nn»!e. The mismfe would I "ride" the beam of this reflected ra'.Iar and then blast the tin-act with an atomic or conventional warhead. Yariiitiims I'nssillp T h e ".suitcase" transmitter to ilium inn to the tsicgct for the electronic eyes of the approiu-hinK missiles toLtld he deposited by agents. However, variations of iliis plan also iirc possible, among them the use of a "pathfinder" platie to fly high above and beyond an enemy city. A whole fleet of missiles could be headed for the target, follovan^ a radar beam sent back across the target by the pathfinder plane. Scientists are making progress toward development: of missiles which will reach across oceans or continents, but there has been Epss progress toward attaining a missile which could pin-point even a large city at those ranges, in tlie final . phase of flight, a device lo "home" r .'the missile in to the exact target will be required- We will confine our history to the hist 50 years of the 20Hi century. Earlier years of this remarkable era have been studied carefully, revealing conclusively that two wars, prohibition, women's magazines, r^dlo ant! jseienl.ifie tabor-savin" de-vices— among other facto to—resulted In lly 1550 women had aohieu'd the vole, were unrkintf iviili men in many fit-Ids of cmlc\ivnr. There M'Crc feu 1 pLiccs [it(tf;i1i]y Incltcr rooms lit iillik-tic chibs^ \vlu-ri» uo- nu'ii MITC nol foil nit :illl)uiigli H have no further need of male bra las nnyway. For a nun;ijer of years we have relied entirely upon mechanical brains to solve major problems." The Siu>Jlin£liasl System of Ke.- plueonu'iil spreini rapidly. Nincty- niuo percent of employab(c males were, replaced hy women. 1 louse- husbands SHOII reorRunizcii lions«- uurk. srheihiling it into IS mlniileK daily and ualiif entirely dLspusublc matrrinls. 'IhP American Inslitutf of Bank- presses mill.iuert donble-t'iilry bmik- kcc|>intr and cross-Indices. They wfre rrplarrd by the "Oot-Sjjc-nl"' system. Wom^n understood this welt, having practiced II it niter- ground for years, but house-husbands found its simplicity a la r in- U. s. President Abigail ForsylUo. taking office In the uno'b. Instituted remarkable change.* In foreign policy. International relation* had been strained by limited possession of R lethal war weapon, Career-woman Secretar yof State, Mrs. Ariariiie Letlbetter, conferring with hci op- ixxiite, TO va rich Olga Sinlroi'^ka confessed that her new all-wojnun cotmnLs,sioti on Nuclear Fission had been completely unable lo drcinhcr or make .sense out of any fortnulue left by their predecessors. Tovarii-h Smirov.ska confessed her committee had been unable lo /ind the fiira. The two agreed that !n the future all disagreements would be .settled by prolonged long-distance telephone calls. The luitlunal drink breams (In- Alexander, H comptniuil of crcarn, sugiir and. ereme. tie. cucau. All broaduay jilays were- Iralirdit's and all aclrrss looked and suffered liku Hrltn Davis. Ty Cobb's Son Cleared Of Manslaughter Charge RUPERT, Idaho, Dr-c. 23: OTM — H^rschel R. Cnbb. son of basebfiU's immortal Ty Cobb, was acquitted of R charge of invohmtary manslaughter by H district court Judy Wednesday night. Cobb had been charged in the death of Glenn A. Linzy last June 17, LInjy was drowned when the boat Cobb was operating capsized In Snake River. The state charged tbnl Cobb was Intoxicated and piloted the craft in a carcless mauner. Boating experts testified that from mat kings on the bottom of the craft it was apparent that the boat struck some object, causing it tn capsize. H'c fed genuinely pleased and privelcged to extend sincere Holiday greetings to our many friends. In the spirit of appreciation for the confidence you have shown in us, we reish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happr New Year! ALVIN HARDY Women liuurd Knu'i'fiilly r ; uui I Kni(eriilly) lo (lie InynlnLU. They I n-lK'.iU'd willingly Into ttirir lurnu-s. ! One condllUm to romiilclc sitn-m- J tier WAS tiuiilf, simmu'il ugi by Mrs. i'tesldenl Hi tin* Inauguration of h<r successor, Jorulijon <(. Arlioi/cal. ] "Remember LyriLstralu. \Voim>n have been able to -stop mast v>ur.s, II you men insist on throw-lisis cnul: bombs at each other aKiun—woll.' we women wilt just have l« Uko- over. That WOA Ihe crucial siLu;ukux tu Noveinbnrt 1939, when n South Pit- ! cific nation clei'klcd to .soiul insiU- soldiers into a nciKhtmr country to settle ;i dl.spitlu over ^tmyrd ^t);i[:;, Willun a week the ivoi-Ui was aflnnip, and civilized wttjuen .soldier.'-; '.X'cre luirriertly called to the t-ohn;;. The wur wns of short duration. When they returned, women found their jobs luid been u.snrptcl by men, who v/ej-e found to be neuter, (juirkpi 1 nictnuiitiy anri would accept lower waj^e.s. AnimiiLs nonunl afie ranges | between 100 and 200 yenrs uro the I elephant, falcon, pike, carp, vulture, I golden eagle ;uid hwan. Truman Holds 2-HourMeeting With Cabinet WASHINGTON. Dec. M. liVi — I'li^Hlcni Tnitimn had a two-hour i ; ( tc.H'iAl discussion with Ills rahiiin I y >vs1rniay of |ho U'fiislaiivt' am! oih- i V <T nvtiminomlaUfms ho will si-tut to j y ihe new session of COIIEH'.SS, IM Afu-r tin- meeting. Mr. Tn'mnti ! y liii'i individual confi'iTWCs \vitli I' sdnie df ihc members. K 'l'hi> President, held tils raninet ! J] i iiii'i'tjiit: ye.sienlny liiKiend ut HIP \ y rusiomaiy Friday, became 1 he ^ : H i leaving tmniiffow mornliiR for In-iS : ilc|>riulpiu:e, M(>.. to spend Clirist- ; y , mas with his family, lie will return "f ii.-xt W«lnesil«y. iy B;<ci uvatiKT in the mi<[-v.T5l may j V inline n change in the i'rc.sidr'tiL':, ! ^' plans tn (Iy. i y The I'H'shlrnl plnns In lake n([ i V ul »::m a in. IKHTJ In Ills plane. I y "Tilt- Iriiiriicmlt'iicc." If \se»ther :s ; V Uiiiid. II it is had for flj-iilK. lie will 1^ J^ii by train. >.j PAGE NINES None of Iho rnbincl mcmbcra In the cabinet meeting, bul all | C (t n-milrt comment on what took ylacc with smllen. M^^*<^«^f^^^^ BILL & FRANK'S SODA FOUNTAIN at Rothrock's Drug Store Wish You Season's Greetings Fountain Will Be Closed December 25 & 26 Merriment, laughter, tlie shrill sound of children's voices, Christmas carols —we could name a hundred joys of the Yulctide Season - May they All be ( yoursl PEERLESS DRY CLEANERS Once again, ,-it the close of another year we are mimlfu] of the importance of your good will and friendship. With the holiday season at hand vie are most anxious lo wish everyone the Merriest Christmas ever and a New Year filled with hanpinebb and success. Chambiin Sales Co. "YOUR FRIENDLY STUDEBAKER DEALER" ' Blythcvillc, Arkansos ft

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