The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 25, 1952 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 25, 1952
Page 12
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TWELTB BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, SEPT, 25, 1652 -JEQR LESS Sc/ioo/ Children Need Adequate Breakfast Rr GAYNOR MA1)IM)X NBA Food and Markets Editor Over 400 American communities fre turning September tnto Better- Breakfast, Month. Why? Because Fried Shrimp Delicious Treat Canned or Frozen Will Do; Plum Sauce Adds Zest Whether fresh, frozen or canned, shrimp is America's most popular shell fish Rut not every shrimp enthusiast hns enjoyed this delicious fried-shrimp treat. So don't waste another minute. Fried Shrimn with Plum Sauce (Serves Si One pound fresh or frozen shrimp, 1 r-pg. 1 teaspoon Auenr, 2 tablespoons flour, U teaspoon salt, Vi teaspoon pepper. Remove shell from shrimp, leaving tail shell on. Cut down (he br^k of (he shrimp nnd remove snnd vein. Beat epg slightly, Ktir in flour, snlt and pepper, nip shrimp In batter and fry In deep hof fnt (350 degrees F.) iinttt polden brown, about 3 to 5 minutes. Serve with phim Rauce macJe as follows: Plum Sauce—Beat following In- gredienks together until smooth: H cup plum Jelly, "1 cup chutney, 1 f£ teaspoons vinegar, l',i teaspoons sugar. Serves three. Here's another special recipe—an ensy-to-mnke brown bread, pAcked with faste and nutrition. Molasses Uran Brown Bread (MnlcM ^ Inavrs) One cup refuly-lo-cat bran, !4 cup ecedless raisins, 2 tablespoons shortening. H cup New Orleans molasses, %! cup boiling water, 1 egg, 1 cup sifted flour, 1 teaspoon baking soda *A (enspoon salt, H teaspoon cinnamon, Measure bran, ravins, shortening and molasses tn*o mixing bowl- Add hot water and stir until shortening la melted. Add egg nnrt beat well. Sift together flour, soda, salt and cinnamon; add to molasses mixture, stirring only until combined. Fill 2 sreased cnns (size used for baked beans) about 2/3 full. Bake fit 350 degrees F. (moderate oven) '15 minutes. Remove from cans. Slice , and serve while still hot. the nation's record of breakfast habits is alarming. Here's the record: Only one out of five children goes t/i fiohool with a good breakfast. Over a quarter of (ren-age girls eat no break(a>(,- thrcfi out of five eat entirely inadequate one. Lr.sfi than half of adults report they u.sunlly cat B good breakfast. ThfH's why community Icadtrs, parent-teachers groups, medical s\ nd hea it h leaders and si url enls are cooperating locally to do wime- thinf; about this record, which Is threatening our national health and stamina. Of co.irfc- a survey in your community may show a better record. Cut chances are it won't. Take n survey right in your own j family; then, if the brraklaM-cat- j ing habits fall bPhind. if breakfast " Isn't giving your family from 'i to of (he day's food nerds, it's Important for you all to bf Kin. lrc\urov- inp your first mc:il menu. Then you will be able to work holler, to think faster, won't tire as easily and you'll fcfl boiler. Here are two pleasant ways to prt '.bat it takes iiuo your family breakfasts. Apple ('crcal J'rincnkrfi (Yield: 14 in 10 pancakes) Two cups pancake mix, 1 cup j slightly crushed bran flakes, corn- j flnkns. or whole wheat flnkes,' 2'i j cups milk, "1 cup finely chopper! l»rt apples, ',*. tertspoon clnnatnon. • Combine pancake mix and crushed cereal. Arid milk. uppU- and cinnamon, and stir lightly. Batter should he somewhat lumpy. Hake on lightly greased hot Rriddle. Serve with syrup, spired honey or Jelly. Flnr;ip]iJe Rr:in Itrcail (Yield: 1 loaf) Two-thirds cup whole bran, 2/3 cup pineamile syrup. 2 cups sifted alt-purpose flour. W cup fiiigar, 2 teaspoons ha "nine: powder, fi teaspoon Bruin, I teaspoon salt, \-t cup chopped nuts, H cup drained, canned, crushed pineapple, 1 rue;, well beaicn. 2 tablespoons melted fat. Combine wholo briui and pineapple syrup; let stand 15 minutes, Sift together flour, suyaf, baking powder, soda and salt into mixing bowl. Combine, nuts, crushed pineapple, egg and melted fat with bran; ndd to sifted dry Ingredients. Mix only until blemled. Turn into greased loaf pan Dx5x3 Inches. Bake in slow oven 1325 degrees F.) one hour and i5 minutes. DKMCIOUS HUIX3ET CUTTERS are franVfart*f$ and beans In a casserole and /ranks on toasted buns, bath wiih barbeque aaaee. Frankfurters in Fancy Dress Are Easy on the Meat Budget II.v OAYNOR MAIWOX | XKA P'mwl ami MnrkeU EiWor j Let's fare H. Beef Is hiRb. so arc : orhr*r niM's, So trv frankfurters in fjvicv drrs c , thereby oaMnq up in the budget wbllr you ploa. c e the family. OnP-pound package contains; eight to riin<* franks, i Ffiink n?;in f.isMrole this combination. Simply slit the franks not quite through nnd insert n stick-of cheese. Wrap .spiral fashion with bacon and fnsteu with a toothpick. Baks or broil until rhe bacon Is crisp and the cheese melted. For an appetizer, cut franks In one-inch slices and spear with a (1 servings) • toothpick for cn?y online. Have a Four frank*;. '2 cups baked h^ans.; snifll! bow] of barbecue saure. Ernh 1 tpnspnon' molasses. 1l ^ tonspr>nn '• person dins tlic frank in thin bar- liorscradish. 2 teaspoons melted j berue FTIITP and eats. !] 1^- | Tnin P.arbrnrr Sauce (1 pint) One-quartor pound butter or mar- irtnp, 1 cup vinpgnr, ! i cup w at fir. • reasnoon dry mustard, 1 table- Salmon Salad A Good Treat Dish Will Be Ideal For Sunday Suppers Sunday supper can he :i pleasant family men], rspcrl.tlly when friends join the Kroiip. Plan on rme particularly Rood bm not elaborate trcnl. Kveryone will relax and hnve a poori time. Here are some Sunday fiijppr-r ".specials." Sundiy Xlclil Salmon Mold (Serves C) One envelope unflavnred eelnttn, I cup milk. 2 etrg yolks. 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon mustard, l ; teaspoon paprika. 2 tablespoons lemon Juice. 1 InrRe ran salmon, flaked. Koflcn sjelniin in milk in top of double boiler, neat losrther vxs yolks, salt, mustard anri paprika. Add small amount of milk to the eir? yolk mixture and return mix- lure to double boiler. Cook over hot. not boiling, water, siirrine constantly, until mixture thickens. Remove from hfat and cool Stir i In lemon Juice and fish. Turn into fish mold or loaf and chill until firm. Unmokl and serve garnished '.vith crab apples and parsley Mam and EJJUS U'ilh Rice To a medium cream snuce se.ft- toncrt to tii'te with rich prepared mustard, add cubed, leftover, baked or boiled ham, sliced hard-cookerl; cnls [ m ix, 7 epps, and sreen pepper strips. Serve on mounds ot fluffy hot rice or toasted English muffins. Wholesale Food Prices Fall Agqin NEW YORK Wj—Wholesale load prices, AS measured by the Dun & Bradstrce.t food index, declined thU week for the third week In a row —to the lowest level In thre« months. At £545 the index compared with $6.49 last week and was 49 per cent below the yrar-ago level of $6.18. The inoex represents the total cost at wholesale of one pound each of 31 foods in general use. Read Courier Keys Classified Adi. APPLE COCONUT PASTRIES are pleasant apple novelties and tastr ways to nuke applec a part of thf menus you are proud of. Apple Coconut Pastries Give Hew Twist to Your Old Menus cup By OAYNOR MAlinoX | cups canned apple sauce, N£A Kooti and .Markets F.ditor | milled butter. 3t cup milk. I/)okiii2 for new ways to get ap- i Combine corn meal, flour, sugar, ple^ into your menus? Then try^'lt and baking povvdc-r. Beat these l\vo beauties ! ndd u-ith apple sauce. Stir until \ ?i Apple CcK-onul Pastries blended. Add melted butter and! — milk; mix well. Drop bv spoonfuls nn hoi criridte, sprenciin3~ thin. Bake. butter, or Mix beans, mola:- and hoise- radlsri. ria,"e in a creased casserole. Bake In a moderate oven (350 degrees F.) about 30 minute?. ]lru*h franks with melted butter or mar- cahne. Place over the brans Cover find continue baking about 10 njin- Or. bake franks at/ip raiincrl bake<l beans to whlrh onions, catsup, mustard or molasses have been add- cti fnr extrn flavor. Or rnmbine franks in tiisFcrole with Spanish ricp, cooked spaghetti or m:\raroni with sftiicc or with scalloped pota- lo«s. F"rank - mi - n - bun suKErstinn— Plan on one (rank cacYi fnr n hearty luncheon or supper sandwich, Since quality franks are (horoueh- Iv cookrd as purchased, the sandwich ma.}* he a cold one or thf franks ! may l>c heated through, as you prefer. Split n bun, toaM it and spread it with nutter or margarine and mus- tnrd Cover with a frank slit in half ind top with a Mire of nippy che esc. Broil until the. cheese is melted, brown nnrl bubbly. spoon niinmi onion. 1 leaspoon slt- t;ar. l i cup tomato catsup, ^i cup | chili sauce. 1H teaspoons lemon! juice, 1 small clove carlic tied in ; porous cloth bag, cayenne pepper 'optional? Mix All Ingredients together and Dimmer 1 hour to blend. Remove 2arlic. Add Hash Making Minis Offered HASH MAKING HINTS For t]irj?p of you who are corned U. e e your pastry or 1 packtsce p;e 8 lar;;p .summer apples, pared and sliced thin. '••• cup; lurnmg to broM-n both sides. Serve bro'A-n supar. firmly packed, ! -_- lea- ]-, Q t with s; rup or, for variety, sprin- spnon cinnamon. 2 tablespoons b'it- 1 ;<ie \vi»h sugar and serve v,ith lem- tor or margarine. 1 can moist-pack j O n juice and butter, shredded coconut. L 4 cup granulate.t Rii7ar. few grain. 1 ; -snlt, 1 ej(j, beaten, >i cup heavy cream. Line jelly roll pan are some beef hash lovers basic rules for making the rtish. 1. Use equal amount.'; of eh op nnd cooked corned beef nnd chopped cooked potntors. Don't rhop either too fine or the hash will be com- O fix 10.x I inchest with pastry. Place apple slices in rows on pastry. Combine brown sugar and cinnamon; sprinkle over appTes. Dot with buttpr nr i ninrsarino. Bake in hot oven, 425 [decrees F., 25 minutes. ! combine coconut, granulated ?near, salt, beaten cg£ and crcrsm, Spread over apples. Lower heat 'n Mix Ilverwurst with a liUle evaporated milk or mayonnaise until it is of a good consistency; use us a sandwich filling along with spraj-s of ivatcr cress. Hurt Like Sill But Now I r-oM Rectnl ula de misery of pllefc eloped by famous lor briojts f*-il p«1lMtl*« - lief from nacKinc pain. Itching, •orv nps? Helps' nature ^brin!t Bwetling, iofte« hard part*. Make lif« ^orlh Ifvhtf ^g.b. — pel the medication proved by fxpemrjC^ with 71,000 elintc patFenlJ. G«t Tharnt^M -.jjnof — f n r>ir±tm<-nl ^r mippositorr form. [list • blei • it by n I i torts Tborm* pact. 2. P'or Inferestinc flavor, add . some finely chopped onion, The cayenne pepper for a ! nmount depends on your liking for "hot" sfiucc. This sauce may be { onion. marie atul stored in t.he rptriqrvntor [ 3. Mmstcii the mixture with tomato juice or diluted and used cold with [ranks with s*eak*. spareribs, short ribs franks, hamburgers, liver, chicken. hot' cream, catsup, 4. Fry hash in n Zen- tablespoons hot fat in n skillet over Irnv heat until browned on the underside. moderate, 350 degrees F., and b 15 minuteLS, longer. When rool info I?, pieces. Apple Saure Corn Meal Griddle Cakes (4 servings} One cup yellow corn meal. 1 cup sifted all-purpose flour, 2 table- s-noons cl '- '. 3 i teaspcnn sftU, 1 tpr^- sponns baking poucier. 2 ee^s, I 1 : • 1 woY When you are service potatoes on ' the half shell vou'U find you need! ^ ext tlme V"" " irik<1 P"t roast use. .... tomato juice for the liquid in which • about H tenspoon of butter or mar- - L A SUBSTITU'tE FOR MEAT Most Office Workers in Need Of Better-Balanced Breakfast Office workers, from clerks to executives genei-Filly need n better breakfast for efficiency than surveys show they are eating. As to (-he men. Dr. Sydnev A. Portis, University of Illinois Med- Icnl Collepre. says: "Food Is of paramount Importance, to executives because they use their brains constantly. Phy.sloloRicnl tests prove there is only enough sugar reserve in the body to last 12 hours. An executive often rushes to work without breakfast nfter last-! ing 14 hours, nnd if he doesn't eat | H complete and leMtiroly lunch, he'll | grow increasingly Irritable, until by! 5 p.m. he hates himself and the! world." As to women, he adds: "Too much emphasis cannot be placed on the Importance of a good wholesome breakfast. Many persons rush to their occupations ivllhn'it being fortified with needed calories to rio the day's work. This 1= especially true of women who srrm pronri thf.t they ent little, partlru- larlv n( breakfast, only to have their e'firipnry proportionately reduced by limitation? of diet." Dr. Portis brliovrs that a balanced and rHirietit diet for office workers sho:ilrl include, amonc other thinsi. four Efirvines or more of utirrte or vitamin-enriched era in Breakfast is the logical meal for some of there, of course. He a 1=0 recommends a bedtime ?nack of cereal anri milk fnr bnsnip^s rr^pl?- j Peanut nut*cr ^liifflns One and one-quarter cups milk, i 2 tahiespoons fat. 'fj cup pranx:' nutter. At cup rolled o^ts. unc-ookrri.j 1 ccg. well beaten. .1 tnbtesponns • susar, ^i teaspoon salt. \'cup silted! Rnrincr. a quarter teaspoon of salt "'"I nbout two tablespoons of milk for each meduim-slzed potaJo. Bake the potatoes, then scoop out nnd mash with the above ingredients. The Frank Quail is. a variation of ! healing the milk before adding. you simmer the meat. Season with Ffilt and pepper and a clove of ear- lie; add potatoes and carrots about 45 minutes before the meat is rione. LAD 5 RD1 CMKCTH WHI THE ANEftlCM MlTIOMt MO CWR all-purpose flour, 2 L ,^ teaspoons baking powder. Heat, mltk; nrld fa(« ami peanut butter and mix until blended. Remove from heat and pour over rolled oats; let stand Bbmit 3 minutes. Add eye. -Sift dry Ingredients and ndd to first mixture. Mix just imtll Ingredients are well moistened. Fill creased muffin pans, 1 Inches in diameter. 23 full. Bake in hot oven 1100 degrees F.) 20 to 25 min- utrs. Goody Ever good Says: oncn ex supper liiced fresVi daily for finer fU nd »«4v kj fw Buy if at your grocers Memphis Pdciinq Co., Mempriis, Teon. Youngsters 'Gas' Hotdogs in Pittsburgh PITTSBURGH ..-F — The children In the neichnorhnod JUM threw a match on the crounri. a foot-high ll^me srurled up and they roasted their hot GOES anri toasted marshmallows with no trouble at all. Then the cas company heard about it and sent a repair crew to fix the leak in the unricrcround gas line that leads to a nearby housing project. r" : -.r-.—TTIJ^.T,.,....--.- .-.:„ : i ... DixicUnd's own favorite ,• the new pack Is ready for you. with all r and flavor. Economical— wholesome — tielicious! JUM hc.n and serve—or. m.ike mouth-watering corn fritters, puddings or chowders. Get Pride of Illinois Sweet Corn .it your grocer's today. THE ILLINOIS CANNING CO., Hoopesfon, Illinois packers of foroous Joon of Arc Kidney Boonj Does that tell-tale look' on your face say Njg^, / change of life? !r-^.n«nfllfe" (n . T^itr t anil f?.c»r pet thai "^»i Cirdui hfl" ^*-ippr) th. low ifcat "f^(i^l;p" Ji^J improve uppetit*. (21 • nd r*»Islancf. tS) fil II X *1*1 • CHANCE Of LCFL On Loaru Lasf Year our Members averaged more lhan $45 p« ba!e on loan Oo You Think Cotton Prices Are Going Higher? If So — Use The Loan — Sell Later! Here's all you do: Bring warehouse receipt and scaled samples *o me and I wfl) class your cotton and mate you a full loan with no waiting on your part. OR If you have green cards I u-lll uie them as the basis for your loan. Remember when you Kave your loan with Mia'-South Cotton Growers Association your cotton Is always in position to sell quietly on any market rises. Tnouiands upon thousands of farmers using the Mid-South plan have made money every year. No membership fee—no annual dues. Let me explain how rhe Mid-South Loan Plan worta. If we do nit trade, we will still be friends. Our Job Is To Serve Youf COTTON GROWERS ASSOCIATION MID SOUTH M. M. Randle — Blytheville, Ark. Worlds SiM[>[Kf Wa/ To S^uce Up Meak- mi, Try Deiiciow, Cr-eam/- HEINZ SOU? Life All Heinz It's A Real aih Af Todays Low Price / And HtlMZ CROSS-CUT SWiET PICKU5 Or9 oil-family favorin*. lool • guild rraynh'.-.a fall rocaTt HIIN£ V[G(TA3LE SOUPS — lht«« HEINZ CHICKEN SOUPS — and HEIHZ CREAM OF MUSHROOM SOUP I Be Sure, High-Qualify HEINZ BABY FOODS Ffavor ForYoui- Moricy Wild HEINZ VINEGARS "WOOKED CtRfitS • HEINZ SIRWNEO B4BY FOODS » HEINZ JUNIOR BABr FOODS HEINZ- BEANS FOR THESE FAVORITE. MONEY-STAVING FOODS Youi- Gr-ocer- Has HEIKZ APPLE CIDEB VINEGAR riilNl TARRAGON VINEGAft HEINZ MALT VINIGAR

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