Sentinel and Democrat from Burlington, Vermont on February 9, 1816 · 4
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Sentinel and Democrat from Burlington, Vermont · 4

Burlington, Vermont
Issue Date:
Friday, February 9, 1816
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Pi) ET R Y TO THE LD1TUR OK TflL SENTINEL Sik. Many haviog attempted to amuse the public through the medium of the Gaz- . . . ett- tu oug wliom 1 perceive z lias con tributed some share for some weeks past)"j I an. therefore induced to otter a bUK Air-wad the' i cannot assume to any compttition -with Z (in lengtii) yet I will boast of haying excelled him in one point, viz.-Shortness. A KKADiiR. Thou modem dabblers in the. mutes' fount, "Who change those springs from pure to turbid streams, ' Or fain would climb the high Pierian mouut, Beware lest you're anius'd with idle dreams. If in p-etic streams you fain would dabble, J?i d lire pure fountain's source before you drink, - f "Lest v'ulger minds and clamors of the rabble, Should say This Khymer knows not what to think." thought worthy oF remark that, belonging to lour houses in thv so ciety there arc no less than twenty six professors of godlin ss all of whom we re, in infancy and childhood? favoured with parental and baptismal dedication tn -the Lord ; & that there are now in the church about fifty vounfir and unmarried vCONST ANTLY ON HAND, C, UT- NAILS, pi a 1 kiaus, y mide of the best re fined Iron, and for. sale oy the subscribe in Burlington, whole J5 ALE & RK-T : IL, as low as can be purchased in the Stated ALSO A Quantity xf W. L RUM. GIN JL r TtrMOV A L OF THE STOii t 1 persons a numoer very latery and WrllbKLY by tne Darrei or gave evidence oi repentence, unto ;; hogshead. From the National Intelligencer, SEASONABLE ADMONTION. Damsels, spotless as the suowY Listen to my friendly lay, Never after sunset ro, With your lover in a sleigh. j When the snow is deeply laid, ) D angers great. r than in May Claim the prudence of the maid Should she venture in a sleigh Smoothly gliding swift along, Li'tJe heeded is the way ; Cheer'd by converse and by song, jI ies seem furlougs in a sleigh Seated huddling by her side, V. Youth will whisper soft and gay, :-A That he wooes her for his bride, Taking freedoms in a sleigh. . ,A.t some tavern he will stop, And the cherry bounce display- Tempting her to sip a drop, Just to warm her in the sleigh ' If to enter she agrees, Violin or flute may play, Then a dance or two may please, Whilst their horses eat their bay Now the Negus goes about Apt her caution to betray, Warm within and cold without Shilly shally she'll delay. Thus forgetful of her home, Unperceiv'd time -slips away. Till perhaps a storm may come, And all night she's fore'd to stay . .Then the youth she thought sincere, May her yielding heart betray ; - And she rues with many a tear The mournful sequel of a sleigh J When at night . I hear the bell, Tinkling as in bed 1 Iayv Methinks it is the fatal knell Of damsel ruin'd in a sleigh Think, bow parants sit at home Anxious, tortuiM by dismay, Whilst at night their daughters roant, Risking mischiefs in a sleigh. Tis not with a brow severe, 'i'hftt ?dvire 1 thus conveys Listen to 8 'Hnd sincere, But by enjoy, a sleigh. .. Jte igecus Revwal. A most nkasi ie revival of re- Ition. has triken olace in thr Con-preiratioiiul Society in .Silishuryv N. H. The work has been re m;rkHbly free from- noise, erithu si tstic zeal, and disorder of every ; ! ki' d. The Spirit of Truth, attend in ordinary means, an I operating s d still small .-v iv.eV has, in a vju geme ut :if. churif y brought mi. n) souls to tht ieetF it sus, vvh. re th y r. -m-Jin filled wish love, cloth ed with hun.ility, and , adcrned Within little mure tntir year, 71 p. rsons h .ye been added to the church- And" m? re-than ever before, we "behold how grod and ' how pleasaiiJ it is for hretheren to dwell together in uuity," It is sal vatic n, who have not yet made a public profession ; others are now u der serious impression, and we trust the good work is progress ing. Not unto us,sbut unto, thy name, O L;rd, be all thy slorv. Conmrd Gazette. c Hymn on the resurrection. I have keen the flower wither, ing on the stalk, and its bright lenves spread on the ground. I It oked oa the ground. I look ed again, & it sprung fori h afresh, the sttm was crowned with new buds, and the sweetness thereof filled the air. I hi we si en" the sun set in the west, and the shad' s of night shut in the wide horizon ; there was no crL)r nor, nor beauty nor music ; gloom and darkness brooded aronivV I looked ; the sun broke lorth eam from the east, & guilded the nn.uitain top i the lark ruse to meet him from her low ru st, and the shades of darkness flee away. i have seen the insect, being come to its fuil Vize, languish ar.d refuse to t at ; it spun" itse lf -a tomb, and was shrouded in a silk, tn cone ; it lay without feet or shape, or power to move- I 1 ok td again, it had burst its tomb ; it w is full ol iif , a id sailed on dorcd wins through the soft air ; it rejoiced at its new lcing. Tnus shall it be with thee, O mai- ! and so shall thy : lite be re-iiewtd. . "! ' ' B auty shaU spring up out of ashes, and Iffe out of the dust. :A little while shalt thou lie .on the ground. s the st'ed liethin the bosrm of the e rth ; but tlrou shalt be r. ised aguiit; and if thou art good, thou shalt riot die any more. Who is he cometh to burst open the prison doors of the tomb ; to bid the dead to awake, and to gather his redeemed from the four winds of heaven ? He desendeth on a firy cloud ; the sound ol a trumpet goeth before him ; thousands of angels are on his riK ht hand. : It is Jesus, the Son oi God ; the Svior of men ; the frienti of the pood f He cometh in the Kjry of his Father ; he h-.ith receiveti power from on high I M. urn not, th. retore, child of im-in)rtality for the spoiler, the cruj-el spoiler, that laid waste the works oi G d, is subducxl : J sus hath conquv red death. Child of immortality mourn no longer t I H.DURKEE, Burlington, March 28, 1815. 13 FOR o ALE, HEAP for Gash, seventy A- cres of best interval Land under good cultivation, with a good barn, corn house, horse stable and a good dwelling house, one story and a halt high, situated, in the town of Richmond on. the Turnpike ten miles from Burlington. For further particulars en quire of the 'subscriber , on the premises. EDWARD Richmond Jan , j C. THURSTON 1815. 5 C. SEVERANCE KEEPS constuntiy on hand at his Lime Kiln, one and a h. ii mile east ol the Collie in Burlington, STONE LIME ot the best quality ( is the annexed certificate shows) which will be sold at a reasonable price for Cash, or . most kinds of produce, We the subscribers. Masons of I Burlington arid Sheiburu, do cer-5 tily and say, that we have used of i the Lim- burnt at C. Sever-' an ce's Kiln, and find it to be of the vx ry first quality, superior to lime burnt at any other Kiln with-v ia our knowledge, and particular iy-t for plaisU ring, it being so pure as ! not toj need jiiting- Qined, DAN THAYER, ABEL CKOOKER, SAMUEL REEU. N4 B. Orders lor' Lime left at John Peck's Store will be attended to.- .- . y : v . ' J.-"'. ' '" '. BuRLi'Ncfoir, Jan. 2? 1816. IwS F A Farm For Sale OR Sale that excellent inter-v th Frm, lyinsr On Onion , River,F,ssex, about four miles from; this town, foimerly owned . by Luk Cvnnp, cot?t.itin. one hundred and eighty acres of land, a House, Bar? j .vn'l othr out buildings thereon, f . r t ur t h r p ? rt ti. ul-Vrs- enn u i re r 1 . Jr. on the OTem- ot Keuben Jillt-t iscs, or of the subscriber in Bur lington 'r . LEWIS CURTIS. Burlington Jan. 1 8, 181 6. Atf JAMES LYON, INFORMS the public that he . has j ust received - from Troy and New York, a very general . as-sort mm! of GROCERIES HAiU WAM CHOCiLERY AND GLASS WAKE, Which hv. - fFrs for sale aa loiv as can be purchased in totvii, for Cashv Cattle, Pork, or Produce Consisting in part of the lollowing articles, viz. - ; . ' St. Croix, Jamaca TjTTV- v : and West lnj3ia SnUAi Tenneriff' and txr jkx i?c. Port J WINES, M classes, . '. Ptpptr, Spice, ' . J - Tea, Coffee,' Sugar and Rice, Brbwn Grey and Mixed BROADCLOTHS, Vestings, ----- ; ;- .r-;" White Yellow x?T A xttttt-o and Red FLANNELS, Shirting CAMBRICS, SHAWLS ot different sizes, , Grtcn"1 i BOMBAZET1 S, C'llicOes, . . Wiudow GLASS, Co .t and V. st Buttons," , . " Ladies M rocco SLIPS -ana Walking SHOKS, &c. N . B. Cash and Goods paid for FLAXSEED. O. IL Falls t Barut3gi.nt Nov. 2 58.1am HE large and elegant ..ssort ment f Srthetl V ARE lately o'pened at the old S 'jre near ly opposite O But 11 & S 's, has been removed to the Bri; k Srore on the north side of Court-Hv use square, latel3r occupied by General Oavid, Thomas ; where ha been added a very extensive and general ;'Svortvent of DRY GOODS GROCERIES, & HARD WARE, INCLUDING Fifh, 5alt, I ron, steel,. arid other articles too numerous to mention ; which will be sold at very reduced prices. All kinds of produce wilt be received in pay ment, & the highest price in Cash pwid for PORK, CORN 8c O TS. i ISAAC R. HARRINGTON. N. B. The subscriber earnestly repuests alf persons hvi ig unset tied accounts, and Notes,, to call and settle them immediately. 48trV JUST published and fcr sale at the Burlington Bookstore, and at-the office of the Burlington Gazette, the VERMONT REGISTER " ALMANAC " for 1816, , Price 21 dollars pp gross. 2 dollars per dozen and 25 cents single GUN AND WHITE SMITH. I ft -m irm . . a .m mm m w li - r - m m w u nil, puoiic are rcspectiuny 1 intor med, tint the subscriber ha I commerced business at the North end af College Greeny near Colo nel fearl s in 5urlington, at, the , stand formerly occupied by Eliao Hall, where he makes and repairs; guns, and all other articles in his j line of business. All orders will' be punctually attended to, and all favors gratefully acknowledged, j k- SAMUEL JENKINS. N. B. Gun Stocks made in tlm neatest manner. Cash paid for okf Brass and Copper, Atarch'6, 1815. lltZ TERMS OF THIS PAPER. 10 Subfcribera in Rurlinptan. and thole who ra ceiye tlieii papertby tdil,(excluiive o f poftage)t wt dollar, per annum. StsbfcMbcrt by CompaniVf, who take, their paper at the office, one dollar fifty cent, payable quarterly. " Sabfcribes who neglecV t- pay tbei'r arrearage foe t.-.e f pace of three . monthav after one yrr fubfenpi. tion has expired will be charged with so .additional jum ot thirty eight cent each. - No paper wilt be dircontinued until arrearage ar . fettled : Subfcriber, however, will be at liberty ut ftop their pipers at any time by paying arrearage. , TERMS OF ADVERTISING AdVertifement mt exceeding" twelve lineit wBl be inferred three week tor onr dollar, and in that proportion for larger ones half pr ice for every, thre weeks continuances ,A lioei ai allowance to tbofe who adtife try th .year. , .' - . ' ' No advertifementa difcontinced without rders V - Commiffioner Advertifements, two dollars. NORTHERN SENTINKLK - minted mr S A M U E L M rii l MILLS RO V BUR LI N GTO N ' . VERMONT. Printine and B- ok Binding-, la their various branches, executed with neatnefi ' ' and d if patch. , '

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