The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 25, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 25, 1952
Page 11
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TRUHSHJAT, SEPT, 88, 19B1 BLITHE. V1LLE (ARK.)" OUUK1LH HEW» PA'CT! ELEVEN HAL BOYLE COLUMN— BleakandtheVoodooDoll: Or the Tale of Downfall For a Mean Old Fellow NEW YORK W>—in a" the a'^'d there was nothing that Craig Bleak really liked, lie «as so mean that even the cat In his own home Crmiff Buyi a Doll "I'll give you »5 for that doll,' said Craig. He took It, and u Mayola happily held out her hand he arched her back and spat whenever ^e came near. "Craig doesn't really mean the things he says," his wife. Mary, loyally defended him. "It's his poor heallh." But If anything ftad. made Craig 111 it was his spiteful nature. And •in time he alienated everyone except Mary and Henry Holesome. who worked In the bank with him. Craig hated them both—Mary, because she stood by him; Henry, because he kept rising in rank white Craig remained in his same old post in a teller's cage. "I know why Henry keeps hanging around here—the fool's in love with you." Craig taunted his wife "If I dropped dead, he'd want to marry you the next day.' And Mayola. their maid, who overheard the remark, thought to herself that It probably was the only true thing Craig ever had said.] Mayola come from Haiti, and oe- lleved in black magic. The day Henry Finally was elevated to a vice presidency Craig Bleak cpmis home In a vile temper. CralK Slapped Her "You ought to '•« glad he was promoted," said Mary, and it was j then Craig slapped her. He went Wit in the kitchen and saw Mayola. ^siie held a small object in her hand and was muttering over it. "What Is that?" demanded Craig. "Nothing." said Mayola, hiding the object behind her. "Let's see it." insisted Craig sternly. Reluctantly, MHvola held out the object, a tiny man-shaped doll. Fixed to Its toe by a pin was a piece of paper that said "Sam." "He's my boy friend, and he's been cheating on me," explained Mayola. "I'm gettin' even by put- tin' the voodoo hoodoo on him. Ever' place T sticks ft pin in it with his name on it—that's where it hurts him." "Does it work?" asked Craig. "It does where I come from," said | said, "don't worry I'll pay you later — maybe." The next morning »t breakfas le put > scrap ol paper myln Henry Holesome" on the doll' shoulder and stuck a thumb tac into it, Mnyola. "Anything you believe In hard enough comes true, Mista Bleak." "I'll fix your*lover boy," he tol Mary. You must be losing your mind she said. Craig came home that night i a fine mood. "Henry moaned all day about hav ing arthritis In his shoulder," 1 exulted. "How do you like that?" Mary paled In fear. "Well. I think we'll start glvln your lover boy an ulcer now." Craig salri the following morning, and pushed four thumbtacks Into the doll's abdomen. "And just to be sure, Mary dear. that you don't Interfere " he went over and locked the doll in a desk. When Mayola arrived, a weeping Mary told her what had happened. "Kin vou open that desk?" Mary Finds Key Mary searched until she found a key. opened the desk, and pulled the thumbtacks out ol the doil. I know it is all a lot of nonsense. Mayola." she said. "But take this horrible thing out anil throw It down the Incinerator." She went into her bedroom, and before fhe fell asleep a few minutes later she heard a door open anc close. The telephone awoke her. "I have terrible news lor you Mnry," said Henry's voice. "Craig . . . Crate suddenly keeled over few minutes ago. Before we couU even get a doctor he—." Mnry screamed. She dropped the telephone. "Mayola 1 Mayola!" she cried. She ran into the kitchen. It was empty. On the draln'ooard lay stretched a tiny doll. A nail protruded from its left chest and to the nail clung a scrap of paper. Mary snatched up the doll and read: "Goodbye Mista Bleak." Missouri's New of Cotton Is Verno Lawrence Mlssourl'i new Maid of Cotton, named at the State Context last Friday night In Portagevllle. is iM Verna Dean Lawrence, petite blue-eyed blonde from Bloomfield She 1* the daughter of Mrs. Yewell Lawrence and the Ute State Senior Yewell Lawrence. Her alternate i« Miss Nancj Hunter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. T. Hunter o( New Madrid, Mis- •ourl. The State Contest, sponsored by the Missouri Cotton Producers Association in cooperation with the Portagevllle Jaycees. climaxed a two-month search throughout Missouri's cotton producing area for a young lady to represent the State's cotton Industry. As Missouri Maid of Potton, Miss Lawrence will represent the State in the National contest December 29-30 in Memphis, Tennessee. If, for any reason, she s unable to attend, Mise HunUr will assume the role of Mlswurl' number on« food-will ambawador for cotton. Miss Lawrence attended Stephens College for two yeara and Is now a senior at the University of Missouri, when sh« 1» enrolled in th» School of Businesj and Public AdmlnUtra- tion. She Is a member of Knppi Alpha Thela, Soclal'Sorority; Mortar Board, National Senior Women's Honorary; and vice-President of the Association of Women's Student* and the Pan Hellenic Association, Feed Colon Egg*, Laboratory Report* PAWNEE CITY. Neb. W) — If you're one of the people who orders CRRS "sunuyside up" better start casting around for a new phrnse. Frosty Wheeler at Ihe Holly Hatchery has been experimenting with adding a harmless dye to the feed of pulleu at the hatchery. St. Louis Chosen For AFL Meeting NSW YORK W)—The American Federation of Labor yesterday M- lected 81. Louis as next year's convention site—provided It ii assured that Negro deelgates will n~* '«« discrimination. A ipokesmnn for the AFL Executive Council said St. Louis was chosen on the condition that George Meany. AFL secretary - treasurer, finds that "hotel accommodations and other conditions" will be satii factory. The spokesman said the AFL wanted assurance that its negro delegates would be accommodated. Pretty soon they began laying eggs with yolks to match the dye. Frosty started with green. Courier News ClasKitied Ads he's trying red dye. He's thinking about experimenting with a mixture. The whole thing got starlet bccaUFe Wheeler wanted to prove that the food a hen eats can be Now seen in the epes she lays. Hudson Offers Selections For High Style Suits in Gabardine jf 'V X In whiskey, loo, there \^ is good... better... and s Whiskey at i Moral: Never tell your wife where you keep your dolls. Acheson Indicates He Wants Press to 'Quote Him in Full' WASHINGTON W)—A State De; partment spokesman suggested that when presidential candidates quote Secretary Acheson on foreign policy they should quote him in full. Press officer Michael J. Mc-Dermott made the comment on a charge by Mutual Security Director Averell Harriman that General m'ight D. Eisenhower was guilty of a "blaring omission and misrepresentation" in a foreign policy speech Monday night in Cincinnati. Eisenhower quoted from a speech Acheson made Jan. 12, 1950 to the effect that the administration excluded such Asiatic mainland areas as Korea from the so-called defensive perimeter in the Pacific. Harriman yesterday distributed copies o! Acheson's speech which contained reference to commitments under th U. N. charier as a safe-guard gainst aggression in areas beyond his perimeter. McDermott told reporters they •hould decide for themselves wheth- ;r Eisenhower distorted Acheson's position. KENTUCKY BUNDED WHISKEY KEHTUCKY STRAIBKT BOURBON WHISKEY BOTH 86 PROOF • HILL AND HILL KENTUCKY BIENDED WHISKEY CONTAINS 65% GRAIN NEUTRAL SPIRITS • THE HILL AND HILL COMPANY, LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY r ( 402 W. Main Phone 2442 Polynesian Flying Saucer Described PAPEETE, Tahiti W) — Flyin saucers — or their Polynesian eqniv- : i alents — are old stuff to the natives of this South Pacific isle. Stories of such aerial phenomena go back to the most ancient times, cay! the Polynesians. The Polynesian description of the "flying saucer" is: "A ball of purple lire rising out of the earth, and flying over the coconut groves into the recesses of the central m tains of Tahiti." Tattoo for Lost Love Profitable to Swede TORONTO, Canada (Xp)—Out-of- date love affairs are John V. Branting's stock-in-trade. The 34-year- old Swede makes a living removing tattoo marks. He says he has a secret formula for removing love-knoU and has treated customers In many parts of the world, men and women alike Nothing, he points out, can be more embarrassing than having the name of last year's girl friend boy friend—tattooed complete with heart and arrow In a spot where the new one can see It. "People Usually get tattooed on a foolish impulse," he says. "They soon regre it. I've had people come to me th day after they got tattooed, to hav It taken off." He thinks his biggest .lob was th tattooed lady of « circus in Aus tralia. She had herself covered wit markings to get the Job, then los it when the circus went bankrupt. Then there was the Australia man who had him remove th names of his girl friends Inked o his arm—all 25 of them. COMPIITI »HIIT MITA1 SHOP ma • «M AM* MJCTWC Wimm • MM MUMX • KACKMIMH- !••• • HMIVWMM • MACMMl MPMM BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS PHONES: Day 3142; Night 6153 CHOOSE YOUR GUN AT WARDS Complete Selection — Fine Quality — Low Prices I ALFAIR SEED New Crop OKLAHOMA APPROVED RETAIL 46c PER LB. NO WEED SEED SLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP 1800 West Main St. 1 Phon« 856 Blythtville, Ark WESTERN FIELD M/40 64.95 0 Save. Law«t-pric»d Solid From* Pi/mp- gun with "No-Srxx" r«coil pad, "Mulli-Chok«" — uniform partsmi at all rangei. 12 go. WESTERN FIELD M/60 72.95 . E Delux» Takedown Pwipgun. 4-»So4 capacity. Matltd barrel, landbloittd f»«iver, checkered grip, slide handle. 12, 16, 20 go. ITHACA REPEATER M/37 91.17 B "Feain«rltght" takedown with bottom «!«<• tion. R«c«iv*r drop-forg»d, engraved. Check- »r«d grip. 5-shot capacity. 12, 16, 20 90. MOSSBERG REPEATERS 25.95 0M/1850 — bolt-action, 3-shot. Interchangeable chok» tub*i. Monte Carlo itock, 20 go. M/183D—MOTiberg .X10 ga 12.95 CLIP REPEATER 24.95 (B W««»m Field—boll action. Barrel tapered to Ml choV*. 3-ihot capacity. Robber recoil pad, Walmrt itock. 12, 16, 20 ga. 22 CAL. M/87 RIFLE 34.65 fflWeiHm Field Automatic. Hand operate ei rtp»olar or single ihot. Shooti .22 long of »hort cortridgti. Bead front light. BUY WARDS PEERLESS RED HEAD SHELLS. BOX OF 25—2.85 There's plenty of style and qucdii-y in these suits for the style - concious! \ Single or double breast models, including new 1-button roll. California sh/le trousers. New natural look features all models. Compare Wi Twice \y CLEANER - CLOTHIER - TAILOR Blytheville, Arkansas Steele, Missouri

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