The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 25, 1952 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 25, 1952
Page 8
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PAGE BIGHT BLYTHEVTLLB (AUK.) COURIER NEWS THTOSDAT, SEPT, 28, 1981 TO 1LTTHBVILLB COUJttt* HIWS tm 6ouRim KZW* co. H. W. HAIHM, PuWfaiMT MA*RT A. HAINBB, AMtaMat PuNWWC A. A. miDRICKBOH, WH»r PAUL D. HUUAM. AdvertUkif Manager •oil x»tl»B»l AdrertWng Representative*: WtUtM Witarti Co.. Hew York, Chk*so, Detroit, Atltntt, Mempht*. Entered u second cliM m»tter «t the po«t- efflet •< Blytherillc, .Arkansas, under u.1 at Con- tr«M, October I, 1917. Member o! The As«oci»ted Prew SUBSCRIPTION RATMt By carrier In th« cltj ol BlythevlUe or »nj lUbur'Mn Vr«m »her» c»rritr «rvic« U main- Mined,. 25c P«r wrek. By mail, within • radius nf 50 miles, »5.00 per year. 12.50 (or «lx months II 25 lor three monthi: br nail oiil-Mde s« mile tone. HIM P" ft" p'tynnlt In advance. Meditations I »m as one mocker! ol his nelRhbolir. who called upon find, and he answereth him: the just upright man is laughed to srnrn, — Job 12:4. « • * Keep away from people uho try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always rio that, but the really preat make you feel that you. too, can become [treat. — Mark T'*-ain. Barbs How do the girls manage to Keep a thimble on those long fingernails? • * * A Tei«» grocer «•*» robbed of $350 by a man with a fan, Instead of by someone with credit. • • * Look out for the. thief who knows that air Is free and wraps it up in one of your auto tires. • • • The more people whn five blood, the more aoldiers there win be who believe In miracles. • • • IVnt let. yourself think that everyone else Beems younger. It maku you feel old. trade. That, in addition to the fact that the growing gap between wages and prices works an increasingly severe hardship on the French consumer. As a key nation in the Western Europe defense program, as well as a recipient of much .American aid, both military and non-military, France and her future are a matter of prime importance to this country. Whether the Pinay government stands or falls in October will he a strong indication of how France may be expected to fare in 'future months. And the next few weeks should tell the tale. Keep Your Rockets, Boys Every once in a while, in their zeal to sell somebody something, advertisers get too realistic for comfort. To wit: a "very effective" means nf advertising which combines the principles of a roi'k- el. a mortar, a time fuse and a parachute. The idea is that H rocket the size of a volleyball would be shot into the ' air, where a time fuse would rip the rocket apart, and p. paper replica of the product to he sold would drift down over the dazed prospective customers' heads. We doubt that people are scoing to rush to buy something that has just scared them half to death. .More likely they will take to the hills. Times being as jumpy as they are, the advertising boys would do well to confine their efforts to less military media. The public is long-suffering, but there is a point at which they may balk. And that point; could be getting hit by an advertising bombardment. Fat of Pinay Government May Be Decided in October October may well be the month •which tells whether the government of France's Premier Pinay keeps its head above water or sinks. It Is then that the French Parliament reassembles, and fireworks could b« started immediately which could mean that another French premier had bit the dust, though he's been in office only seven months. Pinny, the conservative small-industrialist, has probably surprised himself «g fnuch as others by adopting some views that might almost be called liberal. As a matter of fact he used the word by implication reoently to describe his government. In a major speech he declared, "It is the role of liberalism to work without cessation for the reduction of costs and through fair competition to develop the prosperity of the greatest number." And that from the man who took office only last March on a pledge that there would be no increases in taxes anrl that delinquent taxpayers would be gently treated if they ante up. By this, both his backers and his opponents took it thft he would favor industrialists and important agricultural interests and show less concern than previous premiers for the workers on farms and in factories, But the mercurial Pinay has pulled a switch. He's become a bitter foe of too much profit-making and the artificial maintenance of high prices. In fact, he's against about everything which will interfere with his program of reducing spiraling prices and so helping to cut inflation. Only a few weeks ago he set forth a program to raise workers' living stand- arris and their social security benefits. Pinay's problems have not all been those of an ivory tower political nature. They have included such down-to-earth matters as the shortage of meat and the overabundance of wine, and t h e consequent price level? of each. His government also got a blow when it found out that the United States was going to spend only S1S5 million, not ?fi2o million, on the purchase of French armaments. The larger amount would have been a sizeable shot in the arm to the stumbling French economy. The smaller amount is not going to be much help. There have been criticisms of Pinay that he is too much of a small-town boy for his country's own good. That is, he hasn't had an international-enough viewpoint to keep France out with the world's front runners in trade and finance. As it is, the prices of French products are so high as to almost eliminate them from many channels of world Views of Others A Dog Day Proceeding Funny thing, this political game, Down In Mississippi the people are being urged to vote the straight Democratic ticket In order to pre- aerve the seniority of Mississippi congressmen and thereby preserve their cong regional usefulness. Then the voters defeat John Rankln who has far more than three times as mu?h seniority AA the congressman who dclented him. And thai wet and ciry election that Mississippi held. No election more misleading was ever held, for it was neither wet nor dry. H did not reponl the present, dry laws or substitute therefore uny wet laws. It dirt not even offer to open A way lor the lepal sale of liquor. It neither repealed nor reenactEJl-the law which collects a 10 per cent sales tax: on booting whiskey. It merely expressed the personal opinion of the Mississippi voter*, and the next legislature is in no degree bound by the result of the popular opinion. It was nothing In the world but a statewide Gallup poll conducted at the taxpayers' expense. —Oklahoma City Okhhorrmn. A Simple Operation An army practice that hns become tradiiion b;' repetition is to place square pegs in round hole.s. This is, never assign a man to a Job in the Army which compares even roughly to what he did in civtlion life. Veterans will remember well — the plumber sent to the medical corps, the school teacher whn becomes a truck driver, et cetera. Now. .so we are told, all this Is to be changed, At least so far as college-educated dral- tces are concerned. Under the ne\v regulation, the period of basic training is cut frnm ifi to fight ^repks in some 25 specialized cat^Rorlp^. When a soldier is inducted, special attention is given to his qualifications for certain service. After he has "pone thrmiEh the mill" and sent on tor basic t rain in it, he is ratalaeued and Inter is assigned to the service far which ht is best fined. , • It's as simplo as that. Wondnr is nobody ever thought of it before. —St. Louis Globe-Democrat- SO THEY SAY Erskine Johnson IN HOLLYWOOD HOLLYWOOD —(NBA)— Exclusively Yours: Florence Chadwick'fi leroic efforts to swim the Cataina Island channel, hailed as the •ear's most dramatic event on TV, esulted in an entire rewrite of Esther Williams' English channel wirn sequence (or "Dangerous Vhen Wet." The original script had Esther bein.t? followed by a private yacht oaded \v i t h champagne-sipping rienris with the stamp of this-is- casy gaiety about the whole thing. "After watching FJorence for ours on TV," Esther said, "the studio decided long-distance swim- ig was a dramatic, serious if*. Now we're filming it that way. There's just a row boat find a power launch—no yacht." Peter Edson's Washington Co/urn Lewis Might Call Coal Strike If WSB Denies Wage Increase WASHINGTON —(NEA>— What-, ers have had all the wage Increase The reason is that decreasing scenes than originally slaled for her. Tongues and typewriters may wag otherwise, but Stewart Granger and Joan Simmons are insisting they're one of the happiest married couples in town. "It's expensive for movie queens to Join the motherhood set. Several Hollywood obstetricians have a standard fee—6 per cent of hubby's annual salary. II wasp't supposed to leak out, bin here it is: Frankie Laine heard financial diffi- of Mai io Lanza's cullies John A^ar, vexed over a run of bad career luck, changed movie agents. He's just had an offer to do a picture in Spain. Joe DiMaggio followed up his introduction of Marilyn Monroe to his family with a meet-my-pal session with Lou Costello. It was Lou who served as peacemaker be- atitt cabled his managers I twccn j oe and his ex-wife, Doro- fiom England to advance the star j thy Arnold, during most of their any sum within reason. iffs. aye Emerson's Hollywood dgent is groaning. She keeps turning down the Hollywood offers. Sally Forrest's up for the lead opposite Mickey Rooney in his next filmusical. . .The Joanne Dm-John Ireland marital bark is back on smooth seas. He'll be with her in Morgans town. La., when she plays a Creole girl on a shrimp boat opposite Jimmy Stewart in. "Thunder Bay." All Man COI.EEN GRAY'S non-commit- al about reports of marriage to .teady boy friend John Payne— 'All I'll say is that he's the "most man I've known"—but she is con- essfng that he's helped her become a better mama. She told me: £ "He's amazing with his children. Believe me, I've learned some hings from him about raising my daughter." ever w o g e-increase agreement John L. Lewis is able to win from the coal operators will have to get linnl approval from the reorganized Wage Stabilization Board. Says the new WSB chairman, Archibald Co:< f "Each morning my breafcCast is about another wage settlement calling for an increase whose approvabillty I s doubtful under present stabilization policies." If Lewis should negotiate a raise larger than WSB can authorize, here will be R nasty situation. ,ewis hates government controls i-orse than any capitalist. All he :ould do to break the WSB con- rols—which the law now crmtin- ies till May l, !»,«—is to strike gainst the government. rcler Ed«m they're entitled to, except for increases in the cost of living since Jan. 15, 1951, under WSB regulation 8. The consumers' price index was 181.5 on Jan. 15, 1951. On July 15, 1952, it was 190.8. The increase of 9.3 points is a fraction ever 5 per cent. Lewis Asks Too Much The miner's average wage rate today is $2.04 an hour. A 5 per cent Increase on that would be only 10.2 cents an hour. No one at WSB is willing to say that this is all the raise the miners are entitled to, because the board does not pre-judge cases which aren't even yet before it. But under the regulations, this would be the limit. Mr. Lewi.s however, is reported to be asking for a tl.60- to $1.80-a- dfiy increase. This would be 20 to 22.5 cents an hour for an eight- hour day. It would be an increase I of 12 to nearly 14 per cent over p: resent rates. That might bring another Taft-1 If approved, it would make the Hartley injunction down on his I m^ers 1 wage rate from 21 to 23 hoar!. To break that law, Lewis i P er cen t higher than Jan. 15, 1950, von Id unquestionably be willing to I Thia is obviously (ar more than ake Another long strike, if he | present regulations allow. Lewis is also believedxto be asking the operators for EI reduced working day of seven hours instead of the present eight. This could get away with it. Such ^inke at this time might have con- i slderable effect on the elections. Signed Before "FrneiR" This is the arithmetic of the present coal WJIETC situation: Lewis won a 20-cpnt-an-hour increase for his miners—5,60 a day —in January, 1951, This was a 10.85 per cent increase on the previous $14.15 daily rate, average. ;he work week— even at no change crease. WSB has not allowed wage considered as a general wage in- .n the hourly rate — is in most cases .ncreases of this kind in the past because such double talk is too obvious a subterfuge Eo avoid the regulations. The same principle would probably be applied in John L. Lewis 1 other proposals to stagger the work or to make punitive overtime wage rates apply on all work of over three days a week. The miners' chief has frequently argued that even today's rate is fictitious because few miners work a. full week. The average miner's take-home pay is far iess than five times $16.35 per day, or S81.75. Lewis therefore porposes to spread the work by shorter hours. But again there is no indication how WSB would look on these proposals. Another Problem Arises An Increase in tonnage royalty payments by (he coal operators to the United Mine Workers' pension and welfare fund presents a problem of still another kind. The present payment by the operator? is 30 cents for each ton! of coal mined. Mr. Lewis is anxious to increase this to 40 cents a ton. Payments from the fund Eince Kirk Douglas 1 seven-year-old Eon Michael commented to a friend: "I'm not going to be an actor when I grow up. I hear there's more money in real estate." Gossips Blush GEORGE SANDERS talking about wifey Zsa Zsa Gabor: "She'll probably win an Oscar and the Harvard Lampoon's Worst Performance award in the same year." Gossips who predicted Zsa Zs would never play that role In "Moulin Rouge" for John Huston are blushing—she winds up the film in three weeks with even more day. So far it has pleased everybody who has seen it—except the declarer when the hand was actually played. West opened his singleton diamond, dummy played the Jnck, nnr Ejnwenthal calmly won with the aci of diamonds Instead of the queen He then returned the ten of dia^ monds. It's easy (o see that South shouU have ruffed with a high trump. He could then cash the top hearts and ruff two losing hearts in the dummy. Loretia Young's tha. latest dramatic queen getting into the Movies- Are-Hotter-Than-Ever act. Her legs are on display in two current fan magazines. . .Jacfc Haley's resuming his career via night clubs .A second remake of Damon ^unyon's heart-tugger, "Little Miss Marker," is planned by Howard Welch, It's the story that zoomed Shirley Temple to stardom. , . Steve Crane gets his divorce almost any day now from French beauty Martine Carol and Hollywood's Mona Knox shapes up as the next Mrs. Crane. Gall Russell, who wasn't quite ready for it a year ago, is about to try the comback trail again. Her doctors say that her health graph is perfect. Prank Devol about a wett-known Hollywood couple: "They're very attached—their names, their cars and their salary." negotiations. It would reduce the average miner's pay. under present rates, from $16.35 a day to 514.14. No Doriginj; thr Laws If the proposed raise of si .60 to The agreement was signed just | $1.80 were added to this !* would before the wase "freeze" went into j make the miner's rtailv wase $15.74 effect nt midniphl. Jan. 25-26, 1951. | to 15.94. This is below the" present This freeze under WSB regulation j 516.35 average. While this would P was intended lo limit wagre in-I make the wage increase look like to 10 per cent above wage a wage decrease, there is no indi- ,, . puts still another aspect on the Julv> i 950 have been more than levels existing Jan. 15. 1950. TerhnirnHy. therefore, thft min- cation that the Waee Stabilization Board would approve it. 580 million—a million checks to \ miners and members of their families. This has been a heavier drain than was anticipated and it has come close to eating into what is considered a safe reserve a! 5100 million. An increase in royalty payments would not be a direct wage Increase to the miners, but it is a fringe benefit. That would bring It under WSB for approval or disapproval. But there is no telling what the board might do about it. When the hand was actually played, however. South didn't sus- | pect that anything unusual was be- ! ing done to him. He saw East win the first trick with the ace of diamonds and naturally assumed that West held the aueen of diamonds. Hence South didn't see any danger in dtscardinst on he second round of diamonds. West ruffed, of course, and the slam was set immediately. Incidentally, while we're giving Eddie Lowenthal credit for his brilliant play, let's mvard a scalHon or two to South for his bidding. The decision to bid six spades was very optimistic. There would have neen no piny for the slam if North had shmvn up with King-x-x in hearts msteart of the actual holding in that suit. South actually decided to bid the slam as soon as his partner raised to four spades- Having marie that decision, he should have bid six spades without- bothering to show his hearts. By hiddine hearts he warned the opponents to expect a tremendous two-suiter, and perhaps that- had its influence in persuading East that the ace of clubs would not live. 15 Years Ago In Blytheville — Leon Smith, Jr.. has pledged Sigma Alpha Epstlon at the University of Arkansas. Jess Homer was In bed only one day after a tonsilectomy. Malaria was the most prevalent disease in Missisippl County during August, county health authorities riave reported. t/x Doctor Says — By KDWIN" P. JORDAN, M. D. Written for NEA Service JACOBY ON BRIDGE j Law-abiding Steal A correspondent ask* whether It, the trichinae beein to invade the ; r\ C i ~ r\ t muscles. Heie. if there are enough ; Du P es 5 ' om Declarer jtei Thp disease' of them, they produce muscular [ © «* The annual Volunteer Fire Department contests were called off here this fall. Political feeling is running too high to risk a Elcpublicarf hose company keeping the water goin^ in the right direction with some Democrats climbing one of the high ladders. Precious Stones Answer to Previous PuzzU The measure of a man in this fotnmanfl is his imniness to fight for the jirmciplcs in \\hiuh tile Iree world believe?. — Gen. Mark Chirk. + + * The only reason thry iChristiansi visit churches \s \o rtemorLfUMe thfir hatred ol the people's riemocrscy aiiri to pr.iy fnr a ne\\ world ^ar. — Ci«hrv>lovakian Information Minister Vaclav Kopecky. * t * If 1 could gel a role calling for hysterics. I'd be great. — Actress Rita Jnhnson. * * * When people nf the world are troubled, they unconsciously seek escape in the unreal *and see things like the l>och Xess monster and flyinp saucers. — SclfntiM Dr. Carl Htijor. f * * Ultimately, military nir transport will be rie- veloped to the point where it will provide complete support for the field military establishment. — Aircraft executive Donald Douglas. * * * It is apparent that the artmintstr.iUon's Intension to socialize medicine has undergone no change. — Dr. John w. din?, former president of the American Medical Association. known a? trichinosis from bacon Wl u »t:m. U»M intiyitire muscumi i r , n^ivji lArnuv .and ham ns well as from fresh i tenderness, espcciny in the arms! wvini * vri = • pork. The answer io this is yes-1 and ecs. Soniciime.s a reddish I »"«»> fr > r ->>•* Service . the riison«ip can be acquired from j rash on the skin develops during'* N'oihme delights bridce [any infected pork products which Uhis stage, Three is often lever.' players more than a fine deceptive ih.-uo not lieon thorovishlv cooked. ] puffiness and swelling of the [ace. inlay. Maybe they are pleased by j Dunns 1E>U nearly 100,COO.000 : PP peclaUy around the eyes, is rom- i t]ie triumph of mind over matter, . hoes \\ero slaughtered in this i mon. In the severe caWs the pa- ! ° r maybe they enjoy seeing a Da; oujniry. of which number appro*-1 tient bfcomes anemic and l^es ! vid dish it out to a Goliath. I sus- simr,(clv 1.5 por cent are believed, weight. i pect thnt the most important r«a- I.onff-Term Frrp7in? Hops ! After the parasites have been i in the muscles for a while they ; form sacs or cyst? which rcpre- j sent ft reativey quiet slape of j ! the disease. These, too, however. ID hrive been infected with tnch- :nae. It is calculated that the nver.ieo person hns 200 servings [ of pork each year, and out of j That number three contain trich- j mae. Thi [:S7 cases were i seven deaths. Surveys in various reported, with • throushout the United states indi- continue for six or eicht weeks. This serious danger to the health : of the nation can and should be localities, controlled. The most Important preventive measures include cook- NORTH A 1093 \VF.ST KJS < KQ65 EAST (D) J 1092 V Q3 5 4AQ109813 1007U2 *AJ8 SOUTH 4 AKQJS32 CMP that from abmit one person' inp Karbae o before it is fed to |:n thrre to one in five has been' hn --/ ihe in!: p eclion of , inrk unricr imlpcxpa. Ihe microscope, the proper proc- I When live trichinae arp swat- i essinc of pork products which are j Inwrd thev pa?=«i thro-,ich the wail | eaten without cooking, and stamp- j of ihc* intestine? ^nri are carrtprt inc out The disease in hoRs. ! I to the tmi«cf«: in various parts of; The host snfrguarri aeainxl| ; Irie bndv, Hnw severe thr rv : »p j ^-rh:nn=JR is to cook nil pork ' •loins will be depends prinnpMly I products thorotiRhly, though Icns- I on the number of parasites pres-jtcrm free?;inff is also said to be lj - ] effective. Durinc the fir^t ^eek following 4> None Norlh-Soulh vxil Eisl South Wcsl 1 » Doubls P.i« Pass 3 4 P^" Pats 5 » Pass Pass 6 * Pass Pass Opening lead — • 5 North J N.T 5* Pass HORIZONTA^ VERTICAL 1 Precious stone 1 Lease 5 A jewel is 2 Iris layer of a eye 3 Seethe 4 Shouters 5 Shine brightly 6 Ever (conlr.) 7 Recollections 8 Mountain 8 Jewel 12 Bacchanals' cry 13 Southern general 14 Irritate 15 Masculine name 16 Limb fwallovvmc of ln!c,"tfrt mtat. thf the worms ripvplnp in the intestine*. ' ^on is that mc*t hndge playprs ad- It's nice ju.*t lo eet plAin news off mire larceny (or it* o^n sake—in wrfrfcs anl carthquakps on the ra- ! s Imv-ablrline ^ort of w»y. Tlic-i-c they may produce : rtio and television tliis neck — we. i Whatever trip reason may be. I'm n»n="? and vomitine and watery '• don't believe «•« conltt have stood « ! sure thnt everybodv uill c'njov the Sometimes abdominal] third convention. That's why «| beontiful deceptive play made by ram is present , favor the Iwo-psrty syslom —two l« ; Eddie 1,o-.ven:hal. one ol'New York's About tho ninth or tenth day i enough.—CanulU iGa.) EnierpriSfi. I bosl players, In the hand shown lo- 26 Veined gem nymph 27 Twisted 9 Liquid 23 Snare measure 23 Ratio 17 Grafted (her.) 10 Singing voice 30 Roman road 18 Greater In II Look askance 32 Hardest of slalure 19 Worm precious 20 Speaker 21 Chamber ston« 22 Compass polnia-t Cudgel 3" Ma" <«™K 23 Wand 25 Wine moasure3S Gems 24 Louis of Trieste 39 Beverage 27 Vital phenomena (comb, form) 28 Three times (comb, form) 31 Sea eagles 32 Judge 33 Rodent 34 An 35 Containers 36 Fence opening 37 Impost 33 Dine 39 Small candle <0 Dress edge 41 Over (poet.) 42 Bullfighter 45 Flag 49 Abov« 50 Bom 52 Facility 53 Cotton fabric 54 Arid 55 Fork pron J 56 Soon 57 Sister (coll.) 58 Winter vehicle 40 Egret 41 Follows orders 42 Indian weight 43 Baking chamber ' 44 Nevada city 48 Brad ;7 Cume$tic slave 48 Bamboolike grass 51 Silkworm

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