The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 22, 1949 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1949
Page 15
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1949 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NKWS PAGE FIFTEEN OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams MO TELL N W/' COUPLE MORE VCXJR MAMMAS I, 1 / BOXES TO ONRVCK A MERdV .X &AOCBE!3e,HO<=AN— AKEW'r THOSE IWPIAM HIPS CUTE? J HOPE THEY HAVE AVEEV CHRISTMAS/ BORN THIRTY VEARS Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoopie KHECKI,ES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEB EGAD.00VS/FATe *JlriS ^Ke BATTL& -**-X 'ASl'T FIGHT OKJ/-***- 'UOSE lU--STARRet> JTOCKtKS-MUFFteRS ,- JliST CAME, —--Z5 <4? Dozesi or-tue pffMTeo THlhi6S—HAK-KAFF/7 "Too uwe/-*~M WARS HAvJe LOST BY THAT FATAL- PKRAse/ WAUT OS TO CALL '[He BETTER. : SAKiTA -TO TAKE: 'eiW TO A - DE6EK>J- BUREAU AMD AME CHRlSTMAS POSTPOUED? A-lftVBt: IT COULD BE COMBINED SMITH Trie FOURTH OF LOOK VOU/\T YOU'D (SET OFF OM SOUR IMCOM6 Help Wonted J!oj- EKPd 12 to flillf. Ph. 4C2J. ftir Press Scimitar 12 ; 2I pk 24 Wanted to Buy Santa puppy. needs one white Bpltai mate A to 6 weeks old. Call 585 1220 pit Z3 aignesi price paid Inr CHIUKKNS- uua Ash Street Orocery * Murkel n w ABU on ck u For Sa/e, Cars and Trucks For faLo by owner used Chevrolet 2 door sedan i;ood mtcHanlcal condition Hadio. heater A: good rftbber. Comr. »na &ee F. T. Elder. 215 W. Kentucky. Ave. 12:11 pk 12[24 Salesman Wanted Two salesmen wanted to call on farm and industrial operators in the delta area beuinnln^ Jan. Ut. For details write me giving yonr hnckgninnd, Cnr essential to this Job. F. O. Ltals- rord. Con way. Ark. J2.21 ck23 Lost fr'I'oy colHe dog. reddish brown ^*-mte, 3 years old. Answers to" name Jack. Hetwecn Moore ilros. Store Lone Oak. CR|| Airs. Fields, 761 HEWARD. . 12.2Q pt 2:1 Tractor chain lost Monday on. Clear LaXo Road. Finder please leave HUtenberry's Store on Clear Lake Itond tor HEWARD. 12_22 pk 25 "Loans. WANT A FARM LOAN I have one of the best loans to be had. 20 years to pay Cheap rate of interest. Will refinance your place or help you to buy one. Ill ALES LAND CO. W. T. Barnett—Russell Riales 2262 two phones 3322 11-25 ck t: Money to Loan L>o 7ou need a Irian to repoai 01 r gage, no reo. tape FHA APPROVE1J HATES 3% ^ ASK FOR DETAILS ™ Max Logan, Realtor rnona 2034 Lynch Bullrtln SlririeTlDb Ark FARMS CITY PROPERTIES LOANS INSURANCE See us for service. See us and save. W. L. TAMKE REAL ESTATE AGENCY Larry Ingrain-Herman May Cooper Eld.—Ph. 4627 12-9 ck 1-9 I 1f>* CAMEO By Virginia Teale c^^i, i»«. wfA »*VKE. IMC xxxi v \ BLAST from the pistol rever- r * berated through the room and Roddy hoard the sound of shattering pottery behind him. From his crouching position he made a blind Lackle at Tom O'NcLU's legs and heard Tom grunt as he hit the brick floor. Once more Roddy encountered T o m's astonishing strength as the older man thrashed around beneath him. He grabbed frantically for Tom's right arm. The gun thundered again. This time Reddy could feel the vibration of its mechanism under his hand—the hand locked around Tom's wrist. Reddy let go of the suddenly limp muscles. The cold sweat o! horror began to drain from his pores as, for a second or two, he stared down al the red pulp lha 1 had been Torn's face. Backing away, he stumbled ovei the broken figurine and lookec down at it stupidly. The blue clay and what it had concealed, were without significance now. Redd} sagged against the work bench staring at its untidy collection o objects that, unexplainably, hai assumed the mute poignancy of ; dead child's toys. Gradually, a distant pound in seeped into his consciousness. II took note of it numbly—somebod at Tom'» front door. A loude sound, now, a splintering, tearin sound. Chief Peters surged into th room. "Charlie! Did be gel you We heard the shots—" he broke o as his eyes found Tom O'Neill. Trotter came up behind bin followed by a patrolman. Pelers took oil his haf. "Murderer and all Ihnt," li mumbled, "but, in some way O'Neill was a likable old boy." Peters nodded. "Good thing. mean, good thing he blew bis ow head off instead of going for you He pointed to a streak of blood o Reddy's jacket, "What's that? Yo get jaicked someplace?" Reddy shook his bond and did ot look al the stain. "Tom's. We ere fighting for the gun." Peters buttoned his'gun into the otster on his hip: "Our friend nkov came around, finally. He able to tell us it was Tom ho'd clobbered him. Then he told where lo find the letters he'd wiped from Faker's secret box. ctnember how we searched the Uissinn's place? Well, those damn •tiers were there aU the time, ncked. to a board behind Hagar Blair's portrait where nobody VI avc thought of looking! Trotter old me you went hi-tailing ofl for noplace and after I read the otters, I figured you'd Rot wine Tom and headed up here-" * * • T the hospital the next day Stephanie, Hagar anrl Trotter stood at Yakov's bedside. The opcr ocket and an open piece of papei were in Stephanie's hands. Ah, yes. Dr. Urich." Yakoi drew a deep breath. "Well, it i; heir own doing. In one respect, -mi happy. My task is finished. 1 He turned lo Trotter: "To sum up, sir, in what you arc plcasd to call a nutshell, the paper tell the whereabouts of the remainde of the Orloft je>vcls~-of a vain second only to those of Ihe Crown which disappeared shortly afte the lerminalioii oE the CitarisL re gime." Hagar glanced nt Stephanie Iri umphantly: "See? This has noth ing to do with you at all. Th Orloft jewels. And the big clu right here in Dolorosa in you mother's locket!" When Yakov again began speak, every eye was on his lip "Colonel Sercnov, a close frien of the OrloEis, was said to kno the whereabouts of the jewels, was thought that they had bee hidden somewhere until a prop lious lime for their recovery b what remained of the Duke's fam ily. Colonel Screnov—" he pause and g hi need at Stephanie's siu nly white face "—unfortunately. c( with a fatnl accident. It was sunied that Madame Serenov, ho h;ul fled to America, carried ith tier the knowledge of where ie jewels were hidden. A certain crponage, who later was n.ucs oncd by the new government, gge^'.cd that Mine. Screnov'a moiLs cameo locket contaitied ic information that was sought." Yakov's voice trailed off as he irished with: "1 have merely been searching r information which would cable the Russian treasury lo obtain cw and much-needed resources. ''his I did because of certain obli- ntions which remain behind me the mother country." This Dr. UrEch probably has em all safe and sound at St. J etcrsburg College!" Hagar dc- idcd. Yakov shook bis head. "Dr. Urich was—J believe the popular erm is, liquidated—in 1039." * * + PROTTEH returned his pipe to the leather pouch. "What do 'on tliink is the significance of the ipccial edition of The Cherry Orchard' mentioned in the paper?" Yakov gave a slight shrug: 'That, also, hns been wheeling through my mind like a canopied cart. It would be unlikely that there would be a special bound edition of a single play—the work would not be of sutVicienl importance lo occupy an entire edition. I think, perhaps, that this very fact signifies lhat the book would not be what it appeared. Something which seemed to be an elaborately bound book, perhaps the type with a lillle lock across the pages, could, in reality, be something else. A ft tie little casket in which the OrlofT bracelets and rings and brooches and unset gems could rest quite snugly. So? It could quite possibly be that Dr. Urich's special edition of Mr. Chekov's play could be worth the disproportionate sum of 5,000,000, rubles. Undoubtedly, however. Dr. Urich look care thai this fabulous book was safely hidden away before he was brought to trial." Yakov sighed. "The quest will go on, but this time 1 shall not be among the hunters/' (To Be Continued) For Sale, Cars and Trucks NOW All ronr [-1 j wheels pull on the Willys Station Wagon. Pickup and nit:gecl Jeep, "The worlds most usclul vehicles". Hlyihevltle Willy Sales Co. Ph 55-S 12 ; 22 cw 1;22 Persona) Notice Mother A; Son want work. Sat ore. Also want to buy smnll farm with house, or rent farm. Alrx. c o IJ.ARC BRXer. Traskwood. Ark.. Rt. 1. 12,22 ' _/ HftTB you thought o( Chrlstmns. 19M7 Probably not . . und neither have we. ejccept that If you give her "• Bencllr Washer now. she'll stlH be thanking you December 25. 1954 »nd year» after, Come In and r*e the HenrtU line at Kubbard A- Hoke Api Company. I2;l4 c k 12 24 plinnca * LIVE STOCK MEN ' ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up free of charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142, Blytheville, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAI DISPOSAL CO. 1! 21 pk T2I 30 To Al! Our Friends and Customers Merry Christmas May we express our sincere appreciation and thanks for your patronage and favors rremiered to us in the past year. It is our desire to be of continued service to you. May your 1950 be a prosperous and Happy New Year JOHNNY MARR REAL ESTATE i'fllrty mmme pDntngtstlc wrrlci u'STEEN a sTtmiu. iia-ck-i FOR SALE Concrete culverts, u Inch u> 4ii inch, plain 01 rccnforced Also Concrete Building UJock* cheap er than lumhei lor barns chirkrn houses pomp hngsrs- tenant houses tool sherts \V» drMvcz Call ns foi free estimate . . rhone 691 TILE OSCEOLA & CULVERT CO THE GRAVES Real Estate - VJortqaqe Loans - Insurance SCEOL\ - BLYTHEVIL 1 521 -Master Plumber JORDAN PLUMBING COMPANY, Inc. All Word Guaranteed For 12 iMunihs 531 North 10th I'honc 61)01 UJ CQ $10 LESS EVERY DAY! 1946 Dodge 1-Ton Pickup •Thursday's Price $ Yes, the price will be reduced $10 every (lay until the truck's sold. Thursday's price, $735; Friday's price $725, etc.— if it's still here. This truck has good tires, excellent body, and motor has been completely overhauled. Don't miss it! 735 OTHER LOW PRICED USED CARS 1948 1947 Studebaker Commander 5-Passenger Coupe Chevrolet 2-door Phone 4111 12-21 ck U' 1946 Plymouth 4-door 1946 Studebaker Champion 4-door 1941 Chevrolet 2-door 1940 Pontiac 2-door CHAMBLIN SALES CO. "Your Friendly Studcbakcr Dealer" RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 888 WV/IAT ARE 'ilia BOfS Irs pncw THERE SeeMS • A UTTLS LIGHT A«CH>*>' FULL OF JUICE RWJING Tb GO I "Yes. I keep the radio on-—if they phone hie and I hit the answer to one of those quizzes, goodby to school for me!" IMtiSCIl.L.A'S I'd ilY AL VERMEER BO/ OH BOY i ) t—• I KEEP ' WONDERING WHAT I'LL GET FOR. CHRISTMAS OH, ! CAM THINK OF I OTS OF THINGS YOU NEED.. YOU CAN USE SOCKS SHIRT'S, UNDERWEAR, ' SURE.. BUT I HOPE I GET SOMETHING PRACTICAL, TOO! BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE And in ki'd Slick's THERE IS ONLY ONE WITNESS TO IDENTIFY TIIE KILLER OF MICK THE BOOK.THAT'S YOU,MONTE. YOUR TESTIMONY IS AIL THAT COULD 5EHD TUG MURDERER. TO TltC CHAIR, OIICE HE'S CAUGItl. UNLESS, THAT IS, lit- PUTS YOU OUT OF tME WAY FIRST.' „ iWM-MAVBE YOU'D BE716R HANG AROUIIO FOR A r?. WIIUC.VIC. •? SO THEY'RE LOOKIMC FOR ME I ? ny MEA srtw^c. INC. r. M C A IT A IN EASY UY LESLIE TURNER VrfECAM HUD WHERE HE HIDES WS yiCTIWSiWfll H.\K6 HA WISUT Ut'DUEVtfJSEEW USl NOLI SIOW IT THIS TIME. TCHJV. WHILE I USE IT TO OEI A LOOK AT THE 8MIK VAULT. VOU BOYS TRUCK OOR TOOLS TORE 1U WERCHAMOISt ROUES. THEM WE'KE AIL SET! SUSPICION JVf.CUT TVIAT OL.6 BULLY WOT NEEDS LOOKIU' INTO GOTTfl FA.STEU YOU OP WOW, AW GO DO SOME DETECtlUE VOCK / HERE COME5 I JEEOME! MOW \ VIE COr n TAKE K HIM, Tool HUGS BUNNY II Won't Fall Out C PON'T ONPER.STA.NP/. OUIET/ t'U, MANPLE EVERYTHING' ...WONT t BE CONSPICUOUS WTH PURPLE KAIR? SATISfTCP/ HY V. T. HAMLIN E5Y 6ADF1O! TH OLD THANX5 FOTJ \TAMEEVILLE FT.ACET TH' HITCH. FAL... ISUSE DOES LOOK ' f=e*eTM MAGIC BEtl I'M SUi?E I LEFT FT IN THAT CLOSET! AM' KEKRY CHRISTMAS: BOOTS AND HKH HUODIES HY KUGAR MARTIN Phone 3075

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