The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 22, 1949 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1949
Page 14
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PACJE JFOUKTEKN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rat* pw one rot couserui •. r> lUEorvsona: Minimum c&arg« MJc 1 time per lice ..,; l>c a times pet une per day 12c 3 time* pel line pel duf ' We , C iimeB per line p« day 'it 1 I'J times p« line pei clay ic Monld pel line VOc Count live aicniRc words Ui the Hut Ad ordered tot tnree or six tniiec ana stopped before expiration win oc chur^ ed for the numrjpr 01 urne.* the a a appeared find ftd.)Hyundai ol Dill mane AH classified Advertising copy «ut>- mi tied Dy pfireouf; rtwidinK oulMdr ol tne cay must oe by caftn Rnica may easily be computed from tbf above tBDla, Advertising order rot inc-guim mscr- more than one Lncnrreci Insertion ol any classified aa All ads are restricted to tnelr props: Cl&sslllcatlnn stylo Find type 1 h c Courier News rpsprrep trie n^ht Ui ertii or reject any aa Apartment for Rent 3-room runil&li. ii npt. C\n*.e tn. Utilities furnished, PJionn 2(^2. 32 22 [>V: 1225 A' Lilly. 1 2 2 1 pk 21 2 room apt. 3 room furnished 3539. 2 room furnished Franklin, ph. «84. iriirtr-nt. Ciiil 12 21 |ik 2.', wnL HOI N. 1222 pk 25 One 4-room apt, One 3-room tipt. Upstairs. Private h:atis. Mrs, \V T. Baker. Phone 2566. 12 21 pk 12 29 Small furnished tpt, nlso *1 coping room. I 1 done 6206. 1221 pk 1224 3 unfurnished JEHfl W. Vino rooms. Downstair;. 1220 pfc 12:23 3-roora apt. 701 Jai 3 room hoii^e mid Rofe. H. C. Csnipbfll. phone 2930. 1222 pk ]2 Vti Kfist ck 25 on - Newly furnished or Closa in. Call 6218. unfurnished npt 12J14 ck 12 '28 Modern cabin service Ph 951 nptirtinents CaC& 12J1 pit 3|li50 2 room furnished apartment. 1222 p 2-room unfurnished couple only. 100 E. Hose npl. Settled all lifter 4i;tO !2 ; 22 pk '23 Business Service Directory Auto Supplies , and Services OHAPMAN SERVICE 'STATION .Unlc <B LJ17ISIOD Phnnp 256J Uon't eodangor yoiii lamlly with (auEtr tliex —BUY LKB TIRKS Insurance Tor l-'AHM KtlllKAU ISSUllANOK fcrivlce. run or eoiicict ii B. Khcptmrd. linone 215Y. eiirly momltiK. tn>ou or incut. "."> I' k 1|>» Call 3545 For Complete Insurance 1'rotection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 121 W Asb Bt Ql.ENCOF UOTKS BUILU1NO Typewriter TYPEWRITERS Koy&i. Smith Cornnfl and Remington DON EDWARDS The Typwrilflt Mao 110 N Second at I'linne 33UJ flilfl-ck-ti Services Check chimney ror defects. Is it Mi[i'' ; tor safety's s:iV;e. phone J5II. I'lus inlscHlnm-oiis masonry runt cr- Miem rrpnirs. Fice e.ilmaie-s without obligation. 12j20 |)k 23 Prolesslonnl ek><nrlo repairing rlnni:. All work pufirniitcctl nensotiable rates No joh ton small. Ph. Mil. 12 2i) pk 29 AU'I'U ANIJ FUHNITIUli- IXJANB Prompt I'ersnnm Service General Contract Purchase Corp )0ft South 5th Phnnp rt)J Kodak finishing U'iil KKN t> B'l HLHO WasiiinR niRciiLii(H< n-pntrril makos lilytlievlllo Machine Simp Kxpert lah ctntntn^ tu ceUir^s wai)5 floors, carpers wtncfnws and upnnlnt- ery fILI s OI1KA-OI.KAN ph 36*Jfl Klil'J rlt 11 jjtprrt ol) BtnvB clean Ins an E mil H'.rry Myers 6349 Als lew :fb(J gallnn walei pumps :l $y5UO 11(22 pfc 1'2|2 PLAb'l ERING BOB MALONE C.-ill .-lli^D or 332[j Blythevillc or 407 Osceola 10-G ck ) -0 urilts iimtle, buokecp Ised, Slate and t'v<li mut. income tiix rttun ct book.s kepi on p;m tlnip I! 4'J;!0 ur -ivrite Oliver W I coumani, South Division St tticvllle. • 12 16 i systems Fioporis ha.sis po tl cr , Bly- For So/e, Misc. bnhy Ktrolli-r, KlnR-O-Hpiit er, charlor o;ik coal hc;ittrr. 12.^1 pk 12.^4 MIKE O'KEEFE Ul. 1, Blytheviile MIKE SAYS: "Twice jusl recently I have liov.trht older model used cars for Hie liauds on my place. Kach time I found a very serviceable ear priced right at Lan s Buy Your Used Car From a 1947 CHRYSLER 1!M7 Chrysler Windsor 5-Pas- ^ sender Coupe. Ik-re's a mighty ® fine car. . .only ]«,()()() acliiitl ^ miles. New white sidewall \ tires, radio & heater, defroster, custom-made seat covers. Special 1916 Plymouth l-donr. radio X tinnier. .?S!)f>. 1912 Slmlcbakur wilh radio & healer. . .So 15. 1911 Dodge, very clean, radio X lieatcr. . .J.V.IS. 1911 Chevrolet 2-door. . .?.US. liMI Iluick with while sidewalls, radio & heater 10:i7 Ford Coupe. . . S^:, lfl;{6 l'-or<l Coupe, i.uii,, li).'?fi Chcvrolol.. ..SI :>(i. 193S !'!> mouth. ,s] ;:,. Langsion-McWaters BU1CK COMPANY Walmit :,1 [{roadway Dial S5S (or Service THOUSANDS OF INVISIBLE FINGERS IN A Oil FILTER CARTRIDGE CONSTANTLY "COMB'.' DIRT AND SLUDGE FROM YOUR ENGINE OIL TO ... y MAINTAIN HIGHEST LUaRICATING EFFICIENCY OF OIL V MAKE OIL LAST LONGER V PREVENT EXCESSIVE WEAR OF ENGINE PARTS . . . RESULTING IN BfTTER PERFORMANCE AND LONGER ENGINE LIFE It's the same as original equipment ... the best oil filter for Ford car and truck engines 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 For 5aJe, Misc. Jfrsey milk cow. Emu Htitnpton fit 1 Box 3-H, Hlyihcvlllr. |2 ; 2[ pk 24 nn seJI you pLumhhig flxliirnK nnd Install them. No down jtnymctit. Ix>w inuiulily puymrnti. PH. Hurry Myertr FOIt SALE Colorado Wheal gray sliorls *54 00 )er ton, HEEDS FEED STORE. Kcnnett. Mo. 12|21 pk 1220 New deluxe Norgc «as ran^c. Will sell or trade for OIL CIRCULATOR HEATER PH. Mrs. Wilson, ;i90fi, 12 ; 2I pk u TURKEYS Home grown, fat. Live or dressed, delivered to your home. B. H. HESSIE I'lionc GiJ(52 ]2-16 pk 23 c;indlroj3 ; .lruntT. Exrcllnu conrJUlon tilunnons. stricEln divan Hojc l-4:{ Unll I'lionc 2701. . 23 pu 2 7 Melinvrr out. RcBlstcrrrt Blonde AJntu L'ocktr's. 520. Phone 2-10U, I2;20 ])l: 1228 cabinet modul rdlo. unll 2Ltin. 1220 pk 23 C':iTe IHH] brer pjirlor. Rrn-^on ro .'.PIIIHB, III licallli Sec J B. I.lulr l.'oolcr. Mo 12[IO pk 2: 1'MMOS FOR SAI.K: WE 1IAVB SEV- KBAI, NEW FACTORY C1UAI1ANTEED KIMNE-I- PIANOS FOR SALE AT HIO DISCOUNTS WHILE THEY LAST HROOKS MUSIC STORE 107 FAST •MAIN ST.. HP «n ' I2il5 ck \, Etcglsturetl nioiid coi:kcis. pji 2^(16 12]IO pk 1|IO MOj;riOKany Vc'ctrcr oinnlnf; rooi suit. (Jood conrtlllon. Ph. 4H6 Osceoli 12; 19 pk 12j26 row Jolui Docr<! tractor phmter A. 0. IHiclos, 1'ronilsed Ln/id. ph. -JIHS 21 p« 29 1!))9 Ford Cnstimi Tudor, Ijluc, lias radio & healer, c.xccllejil cumlition. . . J!U7 1'ord '1'udur, hliick, radio »t healer. . .51095. 1'JKi l ( 'ord Tudor, healer and scat covers. . .5895. 19-1(5 J'ly mouth Coach, healer and \vhile tires. ..§950. 19-J2 I'lyniDiilh Coach, lols of good miles Icfl in (his car. . .S-1'ls. 19:59 Ohismoliilc "6" Fordor. . .5 1 15. 1919 Chevroh'l Sedan Delivery, very clean, has healer and grille guard. . .§1395. !!)!!) Chcvrolel i'ickui), just over 5,00(1 miles, clean as a pin. . .has radio. . .51195. 1!H5 Kuril I'ickup, new painl, good (ires and stock rack. . . $5!)5. 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 For Sale, Real Estate for Bale by owner, pool room nnd domino pa i lor. Swell tocntlon doing yootl niislnpss. Only 1 pool looms an town or 4.0'JU (wpulatloii. nuslncss Increases with had wenihr Owner has other imprests. Contact F. T. Elder 215 West Ky, Ave. BLythc^e. Arkansas J2|17 pk 24 Corner [OL Alx room tioii^c /H by II II. -Store- building stock & fixtures ;4at)l>. Terms U'lll sell separately. Call WJ- 12]17 pk I2J31 SU-acre I a Ada moofcs r HI wltli 6-room house piojiony t>acV: of Meth- bteole. Mo., known as Used Tractors Avery Tractor And tfiinpmoju, 2 ALlis Ohnlmt-rs Model WC. with Equipment, Musscy-llarrls Mortcl 2Q A: EtiulpJtirru Mussey- II arris Model 22 A: KtiuliniiL'iit. slt^luty \iscri. NJpssey-IInrrl.s Model «K & Clullvnlor. Mfisscy-Ilnrrls Model 101 Jr,. with cuHlvntor, mower nnU bualeia. 61 Implement Co. No. Hiwiiy 01 Phone 2M2 1025 ck If Mall Hid to Desvey Keanncy. 414-20lh t. cano. in. 1 reserve t. i right to reject 12.21 pi; 1 Hero's your chance for a going business J. O.'sCAFE Slcele, i\Io. Is for Sale. $2,500 for fixtures and Real Estate Farms — City Property LOANS U iiuere.sieu in buying iiuere.sieu in seljlng equipment plus invoice of stock. (Over $5,000 original investment.) Call 122J Slcele, Mo. 12-20 pk 28! Noble Gill Agency REALTORS Cecil Esirls - K. I! Jqyner Glencoe Bklg. Ph. "6868 Want to t>uy a farm? We have it. Farm 40 acres up to larde plantation in Northeast Ark. and Southeast Mo. See us for a farm loan GATES WOimilNGTON CO. REALTORS 115 So. 3rd St. Blytlieville. Ark. For Sale. Real Estate 5-rooni home oil corner kit .'KUISO ft. Alt [ciiced. Chkrkcn hoirae. (;;iriii:e. Nnxt tn new Kchoo) sHr. Triced to tell 722 Jamison. 12110 pk !2,l>4 CASH FOR YOUR CAR High Trade in Allowance on a New Plymouth or Chrysler WE NEED 25 Used Cars NOW! A red hot bargain 1918 Chrysler Town \ Country Sedan, low mileage, new lircs, r dio & healer. T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Your Chrysler Dealer" 121 East Main Phone 2122 Wisps or W Ph 2751 10|2(3 ck tl MISSOURI Cotton, com am] bean land 40- acres b-room house screened in front nti back porches and concrete flooors and concrete \valk5 front and buck j nice smoke house. 2 bams electric , ied. Kcliool bus by '+~>or. Adjoining inji owned ana occupied by owners I ill. oJ ncjod town on ncoounl or I Health will sacrifice at I150.COO per } acre. I 01) acres 138 In cultivation. House y-bnrns a nice place lor a home tie I'.'z bale at cotton 1913 neuer I tiitin R bate this year owner lives Ui .mil state says sell. A steal at $7500 acre Gunner estate Co., Steele. Mo. 12 iz pk 12 30 Private Rooms < Comfortable becuonm. Call 2675 Hedroom, convenient to bath Steam neat. Ph. 3J25 611 W Main St 12; 9 pk l[y Bedroom for rent Ph 2R18. 12j7 HOLIDAY SPECIALS 1917 Chevrolet Town Sedan. . .a real nice car. . .$1195. 1011 Pouliac 4-door Sedan.. .only $595. 1938 Chevrolet Town Sedan, new motor.. .$395. 19-18 Ford !/ 2 -Ton Pickup, callle rack, radio, healar low mileage...a steal at $995. '.4 19-12 Plymouth 2-door Sedan, radio & heater. . .$[95. 1946 Ford 3/-I-Ton Slake Truck. . .$695. 1916 Chevrolet Panel ^-Ton... dean as a pin...$695. 1915 Chevrolet !/ 2 -Ton Pickup Truck. . .only $595. 19-11 Dodge l'/ 2 -Ton Truck, slake body. . .$495. 1918 ,7eep. . .this is a real mud job. . .$695. » 1911 Ford I/,-Ton Pickup Truck. . .5.195. EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always Make a Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company 301 West Wjilnut I'hone 578 Comfortable bedroom convenient to ' town Meii only 310 W WMnul 1 12,2 pk 1|2 t Bedroom atljoltilug bath. Ph. 2338. 12 ; 21 pk l|il i Bedroom adjoining bath. Ph. 233K 12,21 pk l[2l Help Wanted, Male ATTENTION Need salesman collector lo nm establish cU routes. Only inarrLrd nu-ii nrcil apply. Salnry ftpproxlmntcly S6.000 year, if interested sec me MOSS BOZOP 3H Mndlson Memphis, Tcnnessre 12.21 pit 12 7A For Rent im house. WlHow St. Mrs Baker 2566. 12.21 pk 12120 Warcnovise SO'xltt 1 on rnilrond sicl- Midwest Diilry Products Ph 4-M7 11|16 ck tl FJdsh cameras for all oornstoo? OiiTEKM-a STUDIO «[5-ck-tt FOR RENT: Frozen food Incke^rT Ulaylock'.s Highway 81 Prmne 3172 Si23 ck ti , New fo\ir room Imiiso. electric llyhUs en good gnu-el 'rourt, school bus and city ronie, 3^ mlle-s fioiri town C 1* Tucker, ph. 6631. 12,20 pk 2K (Continued on Next Page) SHEET METAL WORK_OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up lo 1/4 inch thickness Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phonr- 2B51 Don't Miss Our Year-End CLEAN-UP SALE! These Cars Must Be Sold by Dec. 31st 191(5 Jeep wilh 4-wheel drive. . .§395. 1910 Ford '/j-Ton I'ickup. . .bargain. . .$295. 1917 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, equipped with both radio & healer. ..§1095. 19-16 Oldsniohile -l-ilnor Sedan, radio & heater, worth the money. . .$1095. 1917 GiMC 3-1-Ton Pickup with raek...» real buy. 1917 Chevrolet Club Coupe wilh both radio and heater. . .a very clean car. 1918 Oldsuiobile 2-door Sedan, has radio, healer and while sidcwall lires . .51295. 1037 Dodge 2-tloor Sedan. . .just make us an offeifr Come In And Get A Bargain! Easy GMAC Terms High Trade-in Allowance On A New CMC Pickup * LEE MOTOR SALES Oldsmoblte — CMC Trucks 300 Ensl Main Phone 6151 Select Used Cars SAVE MONEY ON THESE USED CARS TODAY Tremendous savings on Ihis 1919 Nash Demonstrator! 191!) Nash Ambassador -l-cloor Custom Sedan, light grey color, equipped with radio, healer, foam cushions, while sidewall (ires, plastic scat covers. . .and bearing a new car guarantee 1 19 IS Nash ,'GOO" Club Coupe in truly perfect condition, 2-tone green & grey, has radio, healer, and while sidewall tires. 1917 Crosilcy 2-door. . .has new paint job. WILL S ACHI KICK! 11)17 Chevrolet Klcclmaslcr -l-door Sedan, glossy black, radio & healer, low mileage. . .a very nice car. 1918 Nash "(>00" Club Coupe, light grey, radio & healer, overdrive. . .this car will gel 25 miles to the gallon. SHELTON MOTOR CO. 215 South 2nd Phone 4438 SPECIAL! This Week Only! '37 Oldsmobile 8 Cylinder 4-Door Sedan - $ 255- • Watch Our Ad Every Day • For Red Hot Used Car Bargains 1919 Dodge 2-Ton Truck wilh slake body...low- mileage. 1'Jll Plymouth 2-Door Sedan 1937 Ford .|-Door Sedan 1!KiS Ford Pickup Truck 19-16 Mercury .1-Door with radio and healer. 'H17 Lincoln <l-0nor Sedan wilh overdrive, radio and healer. 19-16 uord 5-Passcnger Coupe, radio and heater. 1017 Chrysler <l-door Sedan wilh radio and iiealcr. 1911 Plymouth 2-door Sedan. lfl-17 Mercury .|-door with radio and healer. STILL and YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First of Walnut Phon. 4333

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