The Record from Hackensack, New Jersey on June 27, 1950 · 27
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The Record from Hackensack, New Jersey · 27

Hackensack, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 27, 1950
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With Jack MiCoy WOK Queen For a Day Sketch i WJZ Chance of a Lifetime, With John Reed Kins WCBS This Is Nora Drake Sketch WM(,M ken Roberts Show W NYC Bach's B Minor Mass, With the Crane Chorus and Sm- plionette, Robert Shaw, Conductor (Recorded) WM'W News; Music Hall WQXR Curtain Time 245-VVCBS The Briarhter Day U UXR Musical Specialtiri 3:00-WVBC Life Can Be Beautiful Sketch HOB Second Honeymoon Sketch WJZ Bride and Groom John Nelson W( BS Nona From Nowhere Sketch WQXR New :i:AVWoR Svmphonic Matinea 3I5.HNBC ,iad of Life U ( BS Hilltop House Sketch 3.30-VsNBC Pepper Youngs Family-Sketch OK Tello Test Quiz WJZ Hannibal Cohh Sketch HI BS Winner Take All W Ml, V Hal Tunis Show WNKW Newa: Music Hall 1 ia-HMI( Walter kicrnan. 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Bob Hlte W.N YC News S:00-WNBC When a Girl Marries Skrtrh WOR Tele Kid Test WJZ Pun House Children's Re- corded Music WCBS Galen Drake WNYC Sunset Serenade WMGM Ted rlustnr Bandstand WNEW Recorded Music WOXR News 50S-WQXR Today In Music s IS.WNHI Portia Faces Life Sketch WQXR Recorded Review 5:30-WNBC Just Plain Bill Sketch WOR Lopei Speaking WJZ Sky King Sketch WCBS Hits and Misses Quia WNYC Pre-fiame Rally of Police and Fire Department!, at Polo t. rounds WNKW News: Make-BellCTe Ballroom WXR Cocktail Time 5 4S-WNBC Front Page rarrell Sketch 5 55-WNYC News 5 00-WNBC News, Kenneth Banghart WOR News on the Human Side WJZ Joe Hasel. Sporta WCBS News; Allan Jackson WNYC U. N. Story W XR News R 05-WQXR Theater of the Danca 6 15-WNBC Sports, Bill Slern WOR Bob Klson. Interview! WJZ News, Dorian St. George WCBS You and Psychology, With liwight Cooke; Dr. Marynia Fern-hum. Guest WNYC The V. N. Is My Beat WINS Musical Varieties B 2S-WQXR Weather Report 6.30-W'VBC Here's Morgan WOR News, Fred Vandeventer WJZ Herb Sheldon Show SACHS Curt Massey-Marthl Tillon W NYC Cancer Series For the Liv ing: fcdward u. lioninaon, n-rator I Recorded I WINS Caroll Alcott. News WMGM Oood News From Hollywood. With George Murphy and Hick Simmons WNKW News; Make Believe Ballroom WOV News Reports WQXR Dinner Concert $ 45-WNBC Three-Star Extra WOK Sports Slam Lomax V( HS Lowell Thomas. News WMCA Sports News. Steve Ellii WNYC Weather Report WINS Geoff Davis, Sport! WMGM Accent on Music S.W NYC V. N. News 6 33-WNY C News WMGM News , . 7 oo-W NBC One Man's Family Sketch WOR Fulton Lewis Jr.. News WJZ News, Fdwin C. Hill W ( BS Comedy. Beulah WMCA News: Recorded Music WYC Masterwork Hour WINS Tony Martin Show WMGM Todav's Basehall WOV Band Parade Joe Given W QXR News 705-W.IZ Headline Fdltion W(iR Kevboard Artists T. 15-WNBC News of the World WOR The Answer Man WJZ News. Fimer Davis WCBS Jack Smith-Dinah Shore-Margaret Whiting Show WINS Music That Lives WQXH Continental Melodies 7 2",-H(YR Weather Kound-C'p 7 .Jw-W NBC The Redeemed Documentary Drama: The Homeless Hearts. With Fverett Sloane WOR Gabriel Heatter, News WJZ Drama: Counter-Spy WCBS Club 15, With Bob Crosby and Jo Stafford. Others WINS Carroll Alcott. News WMGM The Hardy Family. With Mickev Rooney, Lewis Stone, Fav Hnlden WMW News: Teddy Wilson Show WOV 12X1 Club Bill Williams WOXR Studio Artists: Harry Glirkman. and Hugo Fiorato. Yiolin; Harvey Shapiro, Cello Fun and Friends DANCING LESSONS Rumba Fox Trot Waits Samba Lindy Tango 10 lessons $10.00 club membership rcQuircd of non-members Instruction hr B. Warren Clark Classes: Wed. 7:30 P. M. 3G0 Main St., Hackensack Back. 1-6600 Inquire about our Friendly Social! NOW NITELY 8:30 "1 LLEHi FOR RESERVATIONS MITCHELL 2-7044 3.50 2.50 1.75 1.25 BOX OFFICES STADIUM AOLF.R S SHOE STORE fUS Broad St. Newark, N. J. RUPPERT STADIUM NEWARK, N. J."" M atBL tt: . ! V "i i Will EEER CHARIES DRAKE CORTLAND V sf & I 3 PICK OF THE PROGRAMS TUESDAY, JUNE 27, 195 RADIO 2:25 WMCA Chicago vs. St. Leuii; WMGM 8:25: Glanta va. Dodgers; WINS Yankeea srs. Washington; 8.39: WNYC Pollen vs. Fire Department, From Polo Grounds 8:45-11:00 WEVD U. N. Today: Recorded Voire! of Delegate!; 1045-11 WMCA Edited Rebroadcast ot the Day's Preceediogs 7:30-8:00 WNBC The Redeemed Drama: 'The Homeless Hearts '' With Everett Sioane, Narrator SO0-830 WNBC Drama: "I Speak for Democracy," Peggy Aeus Garaer WJZ Paul Whitemaa Presents: Popular Music, With Glenn Osser, Guest Conductor (Premiere) t:00-:30 WJZ America's Town Meeting: 'Should Communist China Bo Admitted to the United Nations?" WCBS Romance Drama: "Quiet Wedding" :30-l! 00 WNBC Drama: "Presenting Charlea Boyer WOR American Medical Association: Presidential Inauguration Ceremonies: 10:00-10:30 WJZ TELEVISION 3:15-8:00 WCBS-TV IT. N. Security Council Meeting at Lake Success. 7:30-7:45 WNBT The Little Shew, With John C'ante; Roberta Qulnlaa, Guest (Prcmierel, 7:30-7:45 WOB-TV "The War in Korea What Does It Mean?" Dr. John Chang, Ambassador From Korea, and Others. 7:30-8:00 WPIX Comedy: "They Live 1st Brooklyn." Aristidi Sigismonni. Dolores Badaloni, Dolorei Sutton, Others (Premiere). 7:45-8:00 WABD Joan Edwards Shaw (Premiere). ft:00-f :0 WATV 'Miss Television. 1950": Talent and Beauty Contest, With Paul fjrennrr (Premiere). WABD Baseball: Yankeea vs. Washington; Dodgers va. Giants WOR-TV. 9:0l- 30 WCBS-TV Ed Wynn Show: Dinah Shore, Ben Wrlglej, Guests. :00-10:00 WPIX Stock Car Racei; t:15-ll:0 WATV. S:30-1:0 WCBS-TV Suspense: "Wisteria." With Conrad Jsnis and Marjorie Gateson. S;30-l:00 WNBT Circle Theater: 'Tho Chair," With Vaughn Taylor, Luclla Watson and Others. 10:00 WCBS-TV Wrestling: From Bronx Winter Garden. 10:00-11:00 WNBT Original Amateur Hour, With Ted Mack and Guests. 11:15-12:00 7:15-WOR Bsbin the Itarr, With Marvin Miller WCBS Edward R. Murrow, Nawi WINS A Star Slnts WNEW Jimmy Powers, Sports SOo-W.NBC Cavalrsde of America; I Speak for Democracy, With Pcgg Ann Garner WOR Pbilo Vance Sketch WJif. Paul Whiteman Presents: Popular Music. With Ulenn (Isser. Guest Conductor (Premtera) WCBS Mystery Theater: The I Handsome Millionaire Murder j C ase WMCA News; Echoes of the Bis Time WMGM News; Wsrm-I'p Time WNEW News: Mafic of Music WEVD Sbeindele, Sonajs WOXR News 8 :0S-WQR Symphony Hall: It. Strauss'l Death and Transfiguration SMO-WINS Baseball Previews S:I5-WEVD B. S. Bercovicl. Comments H35-WHCA Baseball: Giant! vs. Dodgers WINS Baseball: Yankeea vi. Washington WMGM Baseball: Giants -vs. Dodgers 8:30-WMBC Starlight Concert: Carmen Dragon Orchestra, Soloists and Choir WOK Official Detectlva WJZ Gentleman of the Press WCBS Drama: Satan's Waitin' WNYC Baseball: Police vs. Fir! Department From the Polo Grounds H'Elli Melodic Gems S:4S-VlEVD U. N. Today K:55-WOR Bill Henry. News 9. 00-WNBC Comedy: The Penny Singleton Show WOR Mystery Is My Hobby WJZ America's Town Meeting: Should Communist China Be Ad mitted to the 1'nited Nationa Dr. Utiiney Wright, Representative Walter H. Judd; Leo Ckerne, M oderator WCBS Romance Drama: Quiet Wedding WNEW Guest Star WOV Prairie Stara Rosalie Allen WEVD Reports on the Labor Front: J fte world-Telegram strike Ed EJastnn, Jay Nelson Tuck; Joseph luvim, moaerator WQXR News 9 M XR Concert Hall 9:15-WNEW Miss Liberty's Town- Variety 9 2S-WQXR Weather Report 9.30-WNBC Drama: Presenting Charles Boyer WOR Presidential Inauguration Ceremonies of the American Medical Association WJZ trwin D. Canham, Newi WCBS Candid Camera. With Allen Funt, Don Hollenbeck, Narra tor: Bela Lugosi, Guest WNEW News; Recorded Musle WEVD Concert Favorites WQXR Recorded Rarities, Rcmy Farkas :1S-WJZ Fine Art! Quartet :::-w ii incws lt):00-WNBC Big Town Play, With Edward Pawley and Fran Carton WOH Frank Edwards, News WJZ Presidential Inauguration Ceremonies of the American Medical Association WCBS There's Music In the Air, With Al Goodman Orchestra: Hayes Gordon, Baritone; Eileen Farrell. Soprano, and Others WNVC Municipal Concert Hall WNEW Critics Choice: Recorded Music WEVD Adventure in Job! WQXR News in ns.WQXK The Showcase 1015-WOR Calling Alt Detectives Sketch WEVD Washington Forum: Report on the Senate Crime InvestigationSenator Estrs Kefauver 10:30-WNBC Drama: A Life in Your Hands. With Carleton Ka Dell WOR Dance Music WJZ News, John Hicks WMCA Recorded Music WNEW News. Fiesta Time WMGM Sports Extra: Trotting Races (Recorded) WEVD Music You Want 10 43-WJZ News and Stories, With Ted Malone WMCA The II. N. Today 11:00-WNBC Kenneth Banghart, News WOR News, Lyle Van WJZ Talking It Over: V. S. Cham FREE INSTALLATION of outdoor antenna with each purchase of a PHILC0 BACE SYLVAN I A PILOT TELEVISION FIRESIDE FUEL OIL CO. 409 Main SU Hack. 3-0762 (Television Dlrlsion) B-B OFFERS YOU ..." 30 OFF ON 1950 TELEVISION SETS WHILE THEY LAST All Nationally Adrertised Brands FOR SERVICE CALL B-B APPLIANCE CORP. 39 CesUr Lane Teaneck -M NO SAME DAY 5.w frni'mn 4 If Can as befo-a I P. M Ss. f ' ' ' Tot APPvunKt two" r3t m I i- , 1 J W TOWKE APPLIANCE CORP. Bergenfield Hackensack Fort Lee BERGEN EVENING RECORD, WESTERN THRILLER COMING TO FOX t- ri - I i , - - - ft f V J h 0 Maureen O'Hara and Macdonald Carry discover the west and romance In "Comanche Territory", technicolor outdoor action film opening tomorrow at the Fox Theater and which casts Carey in the colorful role of Jim Bowie. Mis O'Hara, long regarded as filmland's Technicolor Queen, is seen on the business end of a pair of six-shooters in the new film. ber of Commerce Program WCBS News Reports WINS Baseball Round-I'p WMGM Newsreel Theater WMCA News; Sports Round-l WNEW Music to Midnight WEVD Date With Music WOV A Ramble in Erin WQXR News I1:T-WQXK World af Musle 11:I0-WMCA Night Watch 11:15-WNBC Songs of Morton Downey WOR Sports: Weather Report WJZ A. F. of L. Series: Phllln .Pearl Interviews Dean Carmasl and William Gomberg WCBS Starlight Salute G aacn Drake WINS Fred Bobbins Show 11:30 " N'HC Blue Barron Orchestral WOR Bobby Byrne Orchestra WJZ Joe Franklin's Record Shop 1I:4S-W'CBC Art Kassel Orchestra 11:S5-WJZ Gems for Thought: Connie Haines, Guest 12 00-WNBC News Johnny Bradford Show WOK News; Dance Musle WJZ Symphony Sid (To tjl WCBS News; Dance Music WMCA Barry Gray Show (To 3) WMGM Bee Kalmui Show WINS Onca Over Nightly WOV News WQXR News IIBS-WQXR Nightcsp (To 1) 12:15-WNRC Musical Variety 12:55-WNBC Newa Reports t-nn-wrRS News Reoorts WMGM Jack Elgen Show T fa 4) 1S5-WOR News I 00-WOR Hogan's Alley Television Today WCBS-TV .. WNBT WABD WJZ-TV ... WOR-TV ... WPIX WATV .... Channel Channel Channel Channel Channel Channel Channel 13 AFTERNOON 2:00-WOR-TV Telefax WATV Film 230-WP1X Ted Steele Show 3:00-WATV Home Makers' Guide WPIX News; Ted Steele Shnvr 3:15-WCBS-TV U. N. Security Council Meeting at Lake Succesi 4:00-WPIX News; Ted Steele Show WATV Western Film 5 00-WPIX News; Ted Steele Show WATV Junior Frolics 5:15-WNBT Judy Splinters Shirley Dinsdale I.30-WNBT Howdy Doody Bob Smith WPIX SlK-Gun Playhouse WATV Film; Big Bluff. With Reginald Denny 5:45-WABI Time for Reflection, 5:55-WABD Camera Headltnee EVENING 6 08-WNBT Gohi'i Circus. With Coby Ruskin. Bud Palmer WABD Small Fry Clnb Vvnn.TV The Mvsterv Rider 6:15-WCBS-TV Life With Snarky Park er, marionette anow :30-WCBS-TV Lucky Pup. Puppets WNBT Easy Does II Johnny As drews, Francey Lane WABD Magic Cottage U'Pl V Teleniv WATV Saddlatilg of Songa, With Jim Robertson :35-WPIX Danton Walker. Comments c.,s.uTn.TV Rnh Howard Show WOR-TV Time for Beany, Puppets WPIX Sports, Ajith Jimmy Powers 8 55-WNBT Weather by Wethbea 7 00-WCBs-TV Garry Moore Show WNBT Kukll. Fran and Ollla WiRn Cantnln Video WOR-TV Comedy Carnival rilm WPIX News, John Tillman WATV Western Film 7:15-WOR-TV Mr. and Mrl. Myaterr WPIX Gail and Bill 7:30-WCBS-TV Douglas Edwards, News WNBT The Little Show. With John Conte; Roberta Quinlan. Guest ( Premiere) WABD Eloise Salutes the Stars; Barney Ross and Gloria Lane, Guests WOR-TV Forum; The War In Korea What Does It Mean? Dr. John Chang, Ambassador From Korea, Others WPIX Comedy; They Live In Brooklyn, With Aristidi Sigis-mondt. Dolores Badaloni, Dolores Sutton and Others (Premiere) 7:45-WCBS-TV Arthur Godfrey Program WNBT News, John Cameron Swayte WABD Joan Edwards Show (Pre- mtere) WOR-TV What Is It? Sports Qllli crs-tv Fi m Theater: secret of a Co-Ed. With Otto Kruger and Tina Thayer WNBT Cinema Playhone; Captain Caution, With Victor Mature, Alan Ladd and Bruce Cabot WABD Ilinv Dean WOR-TV Happy Felton's Knothole Gang, Bobhv Morgan. Guest WPIX Summer Theater Film Rlake nf Scotland Yard WATV Miss Telesision. 19S0. Talent and Beauty Contest, With Paul Brenner (Premiere) 8 25-WAHD Raseball: Yankee! sri, Washlnaton WOR Basehall: Dodrers va. Giants I U.tttlV stork Car Races 9:0O-WCRS-TV Fd Wynn Show: Dinah Shore and Ben Wngley. Guests WNHr Fireside Theater Films: Th Ear, With Whit Bissell ant Others WPIX Stock Car Races. From Freeport WATV Jean Tighe, Songs :15-WATV Stork Car Races (Tn 11) 9.30-WCBS-TV Suspense, Wisteria. With Conrad Janis and Marjorie Gate-son WNBT Circle Theater: The Chair, With Vaughn Taylor, Lucile Watson, Others 1:00-WCRS-TV Wrestling, rrom Bronx Winter Garden; Ivan Kamiroff VI. Sammy Berg WNBT Original Amateur Hour: Ted Mack WPIX Art Ford Show 11:60-W CBS-TV News, Allan Jackson I WNBT Ren Graoer Show WABD Dizry Dean WOR-TV Clubhouse Quia, With Boh Edge WPIX News ! WATV Film: Caught 1st the Act, ) With Henry Armetta Radio Service Main 61 Hackensack 2-03J7 Go To TOWXE . . . For Service on Your TV Set 24 YEAR WARRANTY ACCEPTED CHARGE FOR INSPECTION Call HUBBARD- 1810 for Estmst TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 195 English Actiess ToMakeHerU.S. Bow At Rockland Orangeburg, N. Y. Jo Huntley- Wright of London, England, will make her American debut in Shaw's "Pygmalion", the first of ten plays to be staged at the Rockland County Circle Theater, Orangeburg, N. Y. this summer. Finding the right person for the rolo of Lisa had presented something of a problem to Evelyn Barnes Peirce, director of Rockland County Circle produc tions who Insisted that the part be played with an authentic cockney English accent. Jo Huntley-Wright is quite at home with Shaw. She won the acclaim of London's critics for her fine work in Shaw's "Back to Methuselah" at the Lyric Theater, and "Village Wooing" at London's Embassy. Miss Wright's appearance In "Pygmalion" at Orangeburg will be a her first experience with acting in the round. When asked how she felt about meeting her first American audience face to face, Miss Wright replied: I'll love it! Americans are so appreciative of good acting, and arena staging, with the audience seated around the players, gives everyone a chance to see and hear everything. This is rather important in a play such as 'Pygmalion'. It's going to be a lot, of fun and," she said hopefully. I do hope I please my first Ameri can audience." LOCAL WINNERS Receive 12 -Inch Television Com-! blnations At Amusement Park Cliffside Park Four Bergen County residents were winners of television sets last night in Palisades Amustment Park. Winners who received 12 'j -inch television sets with an F. M. radio combination were: Miss Florence O'Brien of 149 Cambridge Avenue, Englewood; Miss Margaret Fitterer of 151-155 Engle Street, Englewood; Mrs. Louise Smith of 10 Lincoln Drive, Rochelle Park; Mrs. John Knoebl of 243 Wayne Avenue, Cliff-side Park; and Theodore Lamar of 3315 Pleasant Avenue, Union City. QUITS OPERA Former Singer At Metropolitan Now Pursuing Evangelist's Career Toronto (INS) A former opera star has now become an evangel istic singer Miss Dorothea Jones has had a notable career in the musical world. She began her voice training at 6 years of age, and was accepted by the Metropolitan Opera Company of New York at 16. During the war she sang for the Royal Canadian Air Force. Then last February Miss Jones attended a gospel service in Toronto. She says it was the turning point in her life. She gave up her work as an opera singer, and is now devoting her talents to a career as an evangelist. Cariplto itch is .sometimes experienced by sailors in Venezuela harbors. It is caused by hairs from the wings and bodies of a particular moth. 11:5-WPIX Nliht Owl Theater Film: Enemy, With Warren Hull and Ed Linaker 1T:1-WABD News llS-WNBT Broadway Open House Jerry Lester Il:2-WOR-TV Comedy Carnival Film 11 :35-Vt OR-TV Telefax 12:05-WPIX News, Sports sort Weather Avenger! Danger brought ' him and the girl of, the underground together f x' w -J . sr- mm aiw il EYERY WEDNESDAY - SPECIAL KIDDIE 3 EIG FEATURES - REQUEST FEATURE - Garbo Movie Chilled Deal To Make Film In Europe Under Wanger Is Of f Too Many Difficulties Seen Bt BOB THOMAS tlnllirmnnr) Tlino 97 I IP .LW-AT I, uuu. " - a longer wait for her film return. The deal for her to make a picture In Europe under the producership of Walter Wanger and Eugene Frenke Is now completely off, Inside sources TOO MANY TROUBLES The project has been on and off for over a year, but now has been terminated. The difficulties of filming in a foreign land caused the abandonment. Wanger, it is reported, was un willing to gamble the actress's ca reer in a film which could not be made under the most ideal of cir cumstances. Garbo, who hasn't made a film since "Two-Paced Woman" nearly a decade ago, is still anxious for a movie return. However, there is no hurry. Friends say she is financially well-fixed. Paul Douglas was asked If he had any regrets over not doing the filmlspeCiaities. All Cadets will receive version of his stage role In "Born instruction in fundamentals of air-Yesterday". His frank answer: craft engines, theory of flight, me- None." However, he wishes his friend Brod Crawford well in the role and hopes the picture will be good. Douglas was worried about being typed in films as his character in A Letter to Three Wives". After playing several times In the same character, he laid down the law to his studio. He feels his roles in "Panic in the Streets" and "14 Hours" have broken the type and he's feeling better about his career now. Richard Basehart has the most confining role of the year in "14 Hours". He plays the potential sui cide who stands on a high-up ledge and threatens to jump off. He has to do all his emoting in the space of about one square foot. Unlike the original story, Basehart will fall, not Jump off the ledge. The censors do not approve of suicide in films. It was five years ago that Cecil B. DeMille refused to pay $1 for a a radio union assessments to combat labor law proposal. Last night William Keighley celebrated his fifth anniversary as DeMille's replacement on radio theater. Keigh ley is expected to be back on the program next fall. Gene Tierney says she has 10 years to go with 20th-Fox and she has no worries about the future. "I don't see why some people in Hollywood talk about panic," she says. "We'll still be making pictures, although they may be shown on television instead of in theaters." Fans have been wondering why Gene was put in "Night and the City", in which she plays a tiny role. Gene is wondering too Richard Greene and Patricia Me- dina may be living part, but theyi share the same press agent. . . . Mel Torme plays a bellhop in "Duchess of Idaho" but doesn't sing one foggy note. . . . Audie Murphy says he's serious about going tiger hunting in India next winter. Barbara Stanwyck took time out to make some radio announcements to plug Walter Huston's performance in 'The Furies", his last picture. Frankie Laine and Nan Grey may team on rajiio and T. V. shows when they return from their honeymoon. . . . Preview audiences- applauded baseball scenes with Red Skelton in "Three Little Words". Reason: one of the unbilled players was Harry Ruby, whom Skelton was portray ing in the picture. teSTEWART MeyWINIEES DanDURYEA Also "BtALll ON PARADE" Gordon MarRae Technicolor "RF.TI'RN OF THE FRONTIERSMAN" New Mars-Bros. Hit! "LOVE HAPPY" Dick Powell June Allysoa "REFORMER A REDHEAD" Ellrabrth Taylor Robert Taylor conspTrator" BnnalrJ Colmaa Oletie Holm 'CHAMPAGNE FOR CAESAR'' Erf m and O'Bri 4 D. O. A " It-f Arrn ! i Eleanor Parker Afar Meorehead CAGED" Vincent Price t licit. Drew BARON OP ARIZONA" Sabo mm J aaTaTnt 1 aBaTl I V" . V ' W 9 tJ" t Wt W aSm. fc. i k 5 f sLl? J SHE MADE -ie, fV-of": IV MISTAKE -k& ' .svssav . .a-. 'iA I -i i . ' t " ?' .-tV f-'i C 1 OF HER OWN V- , y r wr j ,a.f i Tn nivt- x .'".' . 'Na. -'-- .4ff v visa. mliX,, JsZi WOMAN 15: Vans flf Orfta GarDO Will I131V6 I i report. SV ' AIR PATROL CADETS SOUGHTFOR SCHOOL Teterboro Flight Accepting Applica tions Of Boys, Girls Teterboro The Teterboro flight of the Civil Air Patrol announced today that it Is ready to accept ap Dlications from boys and girls 15 to 18 years of age as civil Air fairoi Cadets. All within this age group who qualify for membership will have the opportunity of developing their interest in aviation under nrnnpr Instruction of exrierts well Lialified to teach their individual iteoroloey. aerial navigation, in- spection and maintenance, saiety around aircraft, and many allied subjects. ! Those showing special aptitudes will have the opportunity of voluntarily participating in many other Civil Air Patrol activities, such as the New Jersey Wing 22 National Champion Drill team, orientation flights, practice observation flights and the annual summer encampment at an Air Force base. Classes will be conducted on Tues day from 7:30 to 10 P. M. at the Teterboro School of Aeronautics. It is the intention of the Civil Air Patrol to create a healthy, properly trained Interest in aviation and further the national effort with re spect to civil and military aviation. DELEGATES NAMED Bergen Residents Will Attend 4th Convention Of Reserve Officers (Special to the Bergen Evening Record) Elizabeth, June 27 The official New Jersey delegation which will attend the twenty-fourth national convention of the Reserve Officers Association of the U. S., In Washington, D. C, from tomorrow to Saturday, was announced today by Lieutenant Commander Morgan S. Naught of Elizabeth, Department of New Jersey president. Beside Commander Naught, those who will make the trip will Include Colonel William M. Lanning of Trenton, past department president and chairman of this delegation; Colonel Henry Nulton, Elizabeth; Colonel Arthur Bell, Union; Colonel Hubert W. Amundson, Plainfield; Lieutenant Colonel Hy man Bashein, Millburn; Lieutenant Colonel Carl J. Koenig, Fair Lawn; Colonel Douglas V. Aitkin and Lieutenant Colonel Joshua V. Davi-dow, Bridgeton; Lieutenant Colonel Edgar Lewis, Pennington; Captain Frank Boehler, Jersey City; Colonel E. A. Hendershot, West Englewood; and Colonel Frank Rohrs. Some of the larger irrigation ditches in India are used for fish culture to supply food for the people. A lead pencil contains no lea4, but rather a mixture of graphite and clay. RIALTQ RIDOEFIEln PARK "WABASH AVE." "GUILTY OF TREASON" WED. THRU SAT. "BLACK HAND" - 'Out Riders" Joel McREA Arlene DAHL 2 rxsTTT Today A Tomorrow Roht. CLAIMING 8 - Arlene DAHL "THE BLACK BOOK" Stewart GRANGER 4 "CARAVAN" LADIES CUTLERY MTES TrY STAC WAYS Vi BWY PWCFS 1 ot Erie I . . J , 1 -f -f , I I ti 'rsscort Smile. W l a at - sa at 7-1800 Eyes. :4ft Air conditioned Mat. 2:40 Bee. Tonite Mats. Wed., Sat. aV Sun. Twits Sex Hilariously' AMONG Sf.SOX IrifiMl TWlfit rUTJ!',l I'viT PrthiKtiil Jtrm ClHopmert July 4 "A Streetcar Named Desire" VACATION CLUB MATINEE - STARTS 1 P. M. ABBOTT & COSTEILO IN "HOLD THAT GHOST" PAGE TWFVTY-SEVEN Time sciieduie BERGEN Key, S:10. 8:45, Tengion, 1:40, 7:00, 10:S0. CAPITOL Agent, 1:00, 3:44. 28. t.12. Wabash. 2:00, 4:44. 7:28. 10:12. DRIVE-IN Dan Patch. 8.43. 11:11. Hideout 10:13. EMBASSY Night, 1:10. :4S. 8:15, 8 :s. Orient. 2 15. 4 50. 7 20. 9 SO.. EN GLEW'OOD Arabian. 3:28. 7:00 o -i ; -i an. PABIAN (Hoboken) D. O A., 100. 4 1i. 7:17, 10:33. LbampaaTna, 3:33, 8 50. FABIAN (Pateraon) Reformer, 1:15, 4.09, 7 03, 8 57. Happy. 3:29. 5:23. 8 17. FOX Kiodie. 1 00 to 4:15. Champagne, 6:40. 9 50. D, O. A . 5:15, 8:25. GRANT LEE Book, S 35, 7:00, 10:15. Car avan. 2:10, H 3U. HY WAY Wabash. 2:44. 7:00, 10:08. Kid. 1 16. 8-48 LINCOLN Caged, 3:00. 6:30, 10.10. Baron. 1:15. 4:44, 8 25 ORITAN1 Conspirator!, 132, 8:01. 8:30. Reformer, 2:59. 6 28, 9 57. PALACE Rupert. 1:41, 7:05, 10:80. Third Man, 311. 8:42. PARK LANE; Riding, 1:05, 8:35. Backfire, 2 55. 7 00. 10 25 PASCACK Third Man, 3:10, 8:40. Rupert. 1 43. 7 00. 10:24 PLAZA Champagne, 8:30. D. O. A,, T:00, 10:08. QUEEN ANNE Third Man, 3:00 , 8:35. Rupert, 1 40. 7:00. 10:25. HI ALTO Treason, 7:00, 10:10. Wabash, 8:40. STANLEY Winchester. 1 03, 4 03, t'03, 10 03. Beatuty, 11:57. 2:57, 5 57, 8 57. STATE Night. 12:50, 4 00, 7:05, 10:10. Singing. 11:30. 2:30. 5.40. 8:50. BABY BORN TO ENSIGN Ridgewood A baby girl was born June 18, to Mrs. Frank S. Glendinning, wife of Ensign Frank S. Glendinning, U. S. N of 78 Ridge) Road, at the Naval Hospital, Pensa-cola, Fa. The baby has been named Eileen Katherine. V ROUTE 4 aRaMUS. N. J. i HACKf NSACK 3-5063 DENNIS O'KEEFE GAIL RUSSELL "The Great Dan Patch" Also ADRIAN BOOTH 'HIDEOUT NOW SISSfS FREE .tacts auasAU. CUUDETTE COLBERT ROBERT RTJLN , Aa OlftafM.1 r. ia a I a.,.., " "WIJtH 'WABASH AVENUE Technicolor "FEDERAL AGENT AT LAROE" Kent TAYLOR Hl'MPHRET BOGART GLORIA GRAHAME "In A Plaqt" William HOLDETsr' token GRAY "Father Is A Bachelor' "OUTRAGES OF THE ORIENT" AND Far Into The Nlyht" I "EARLY LAST SHOW I Eyery Nltn Except I Friday i. Saturday J First (howtnt This Vicinity Clark GABLE Lorettn TOINQ "KEY TO THE CITY" "TENSION" Joseph s"OTT EN-V ALU -Orson WELLES "THE 3RD MAN" JIMMV IM RANTE as "THE GREAT RUPERT" Wednesday C. GABLE - I.. TOCNO "KEV TO CITV", Alsa "TENSION" . Erery Wed. aV Thurs. Matinea "ATOM MAN VS. SUPERMAN" fFAilAl Man ml eAna,:1 LAST DAY - "RIDINQ HIGH" aV "BACKFIRE" Special Kiddie Show Wed. Matinee Maria MONTEZ . Turn an BEY "AL! BABA & THE 40 THIEVES" IN TECHNICOLOR AND "Charlie McCarthy, Deftetlvt" Plm CARTOONS & COMEDIES A LAST CHAPTER Or "ADVENTI RES OF SIR GALAHAD" PLI'S First Chapter ot "ATOM MAN VS. SI PFRMAN" WED. E E. thru SAT. k Knwalind K us set I - Kobl. limtininga TELL IT TO THE JUDGE" Last Day "THE REFORMER AND THE REDHEAD" Also "CONSPIRATOR" lCW4rrW. 4 Betty Victor S GRABI C M ATI RE I Li ft. NO MAN OF HER OIVN XT'- aa-nai atau.

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