The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 22, 1949 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1949
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE Holidays Bring Quick Meal Need Serving Occasions Plentiful; Loaves Prepared Previously Be ready for m:iny serving nccn- elntisl This must 1)0 the v-alclmiml at hoineniakcis during tiio Chi LSCIKIS season. Atul t i\e SUM' ":iy 'n Ic- rcaiJy la will) quickly prrjKiR'd loaves of fruit tuieS nut hii-:iiJ. ;u-- cording to Rrba Siat!)!*, h<mu ram- When friemts dro|i by timing tlu' holidays, tasty quick uinuls MIT ideal for $en - iu« v,iili cofii'f rn 1 !:<jt fruit Juicr.v Thin slier.-* of tin- bri'iut may be attractively nn;uiKi'd "ii a (ray or nnultf into dainty sum]- wichps spmiii \\nli i-jc-un m- or butter. Chopped (Inert aiH-u-oLs, inn shed Helena Cotton Firm Scclts to Incorporate J.irrl,K HOCK, Ui'i:. 22. iAI') — £(i!omon Ciul<)*inlth Cotloji Co., or Hch'iiti lili'il aitiflf.s nf iiid>r|M>rik- I : lion ItMhu' authorized c;<!>Hul slork or s^i'O.WO. In corpor- ator*: Mrs. H<>i!» ti. .Solomon; Gi'orise K. G.ihi.smiili and D.ivid Solomon, Ji., ;nl of HcloM;i. bitniinn. nntmi'at.s, rui i: tin nuts, rlmpprvi iLi nis. citron, nro alt in . itficnt. \VhPN rirlmrs.s ;uitJ rhe shoitHi- l. i lift bread J 1)0 iiilu'ivri! ;<• tnor'*l!i;hJy I tj);i1 if U'lll 1),' i ;!,-•;>' to siirp. 'ht'Ji ;uM>. /«r Clnistmis ;iro ar. V'lii-iuls will )K- pleased l.mvs of fruit or nut bmul |jf j^ily dt'i-cji atPd with ;ilmont]>. r:mi]i( v d penl, j'i'[j Htui I:M en iLKira^rluno ( tn'1'ni'.s I'jfrm d tJitu wt'Ci'f lis or otlHT dc- M^II.S as lU'simi. Wrapped in rolot- fi ] t'i'lldjiliitjio ]upfr ;m<l tied with !lu-y an- H proudly Candies Require Controlled Heat Both Temperarurcs And Ingredients Are Secrets of Success C'jiiitiy for (he Holidays? Of co11 IM> ! Ciiri.-lruas wouldn't SMHI li^ht wilhina plutc.s of delicious hompriKuio rnmlir.s u> tempt tho With the '.vlmle ?;tmiiy joining in BLYTHEVri.I.E (ARK.) COUIUHR NEWS Safety Move Found: Christmas Cooky Treat Not In Granny's Book THURSDAY, DECEMBEK 22, Coukirs and S^Jif in-haml. r» Die- CJiiisunas purade, cookies conn- in all ;<r>rK <if shapes ami .si/'-.s—clit^vy aiut cniiK.'riy — JatRc and siniilU-lo plf.'i:it- over.vonc from junior to ^rntidpfi, h'jnm the paju.'.'i of maiKitnii'^ cook bouk havo foiim (bo M'cicr.s ol numy t»t (hose crc-fitions. but dune's one iyp*> cooky Kr.'ttitJitia's cook brink pnjljubly dtd- n't include —ref r iterator rjookres, Accorilinp lo Robn Si litres, home JIL- ruwiv riru-ni" 'imnLifc j t'conomi-.t.. iorhi*orntor rtinkies am ur*'K r-ni hVn-^rff. in ' ' °" Kh I Mei'haps t'"o hitiidirst of :ill for r i i V; ii ii? cwnill « Oluislni^ lime occ^ions. l> 0 n B h <> i. h liming thf Holiday,e;,.son. Jna(rc PXtra rich nil(i Jt:u , ol tui u t t , I' i.sni diinrult to make B ooil i | !ird Jlliiy hP made V| > at a conven- :KHI> and n <[<^iU take a lot of | h-n, time. U i.s fojmr-d imo a roll. - equipment. Tho nirx'-t nr i c- , nip. 1 ! iuul spoon.v, sauccj>aiis, . . . in waxed pupi'i- and placed in the lefiiKeialor until cooky bak , time conn's. Al tfint (imp, Ihe lor .-liiTing, pajt.-j [or : I'ol) is ir-nun-fti fnmi thr rofrjgcrn- 1 randy. ai;d a candy [ lor, sliced and (hi- ronkios (juJckly Of thi'so. the candy ! bukcci ']'bis w;iy the liumcniitkcr ftlnyrosc Brand is your assurance of the Tx^a^hani you can buy . The fiiK'.sl? Yes, hcciiusc .Miiyroso !i;nn.s arc ciire- fully selededaml smoked (i))>-ivv.vuii "cenler-slice" flavor from ond ( o end. CliiKisc oil her Ala.vrosa Rcad.v-o-Kai Hani, which is nlrvailv fully t-ookeil and may he quickly healed or served cold ... or leodpr. smoked Hum, lor you l« hake. .Holh kinds are hiifficst qualily .-.. wilii thai special flavor which makes iMiiyi ose'lhe prefeired ham. rlu-nnmut'lrr i.s most r.voniLnl. Kn- tire!y too many batcbr.s of cnndv EtH'.spoiled bfrriiise thoy arc-n'L cooked to exactly the jj^'hl tcni])orn- 11 ires, A i lev: candy IbiN'tnoinrtrr that is esp«-(.i;i!lv easy lo use I.s made en- lirHv ol .shiny .-labile,*; .slfol .ft bas | n rountL ( l (J <V:-]it: t * f«rp rm which I irnrpetinuiv.s an- printed in ]ai>;e ! bliick li:;uir.s. An itdjuslnblp clip | he-lens the tliennoirieter sccnrely to the siiU> of The rooking pan. In jnakinjr cruidy, it i.s also ]m~ Jt'.ant to riK'ii.sui'o tiH! iuii'1 irately nnd to follow tl>e recipe. farcfully. At, the ta'Kinninir of conk ins; poriotl. fasten ihe candy momfter to Oir side o[ the cook- 1 ing )>:tn ?o (lint (tie .'lem extends i well into tin 1 nuxture. Ci'ok untit i Ihe therinoinetiT reachr.s tlio tem, peralnrc ciilleif for in tlie recipe. Then i-cinovr- ibe pun from 'Vie heat immediately to prevent overcook- In IT. And rt'tniMiitu'r Uiat while the pointer oil the thermometer moves j slowly at the lic^hinliig of tho cook- insr period, it r e f\ u i r e R careful watching as the mixture approaches the required temperat'.irc, Here Ls one candy recipe that be- iiys In e\'ery Christmas s\vect collection. Pi-r-tivr DivinUy 2 cup.s ^Muuilniec] sugar ''!• cup \vliitc com .synip 1 -j cup water 2 L'»I? whiles stiffly beaten ':!• cup chopped candied cherries '!: i-np ehoppi'ti imf, meat A 1 teaspoon vanilla Mix .sugar, .syrup I'.nd water in deep ."-Eiitcopan .Attach candy thermometer to side or pan and bring to boiJ. stirring until sugar is dissolved. Cook without slirrhis until thermometer sl;ow.s 26ft P. Pour in n thin stream over stilfy beaten cgs; vhiie. 5 !, beating constantly. Cool , slieiilly. Continue beating until the,} mixture holds its shape v.licn a small amount is dropped from n .spooti. Stir in candied cherries, nul.s iind vanill.T and pour into buttered pan. Cut into .squares. Makes about 1 1-4 pounds. has ficsfi. crisp cii'jkies to serve A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEAT IEHJ MACARONI-SPAGHETTI / ST. JOSEPH, Mo., nee. 22—Wj_ A very exciled woman called po- lEc-e to repuil (hat .someone liad been tamperins 'villi her car. Someone had let I lie air oilf of her tires slie said. Police. lnve.sti":iled. found n, P motorist liad been driiikhiH an d fl'lends liatl let the air out of the lire.s .so .she couldn't drive. with hot fruit jmccs. cocoa or coffee when folks drop in during the holidays. For an atli'ficlive assortment with one baking, Die may be di- ,'Hle.d ,.ito several parts and individually flavored or filled. Tempt - iiiR doi'gh additions include: chop- pe'd nuts, dates, cliocolate. coconut, .ninrcmcat. citron and spices. COSTUMES ~ ' Santa Clous —ror Wrrlillnti, fi Tuxedoes *""i, — ror uirKlmas ' iiin Cn|is anrt (Jovvns , ll.inin-rs, l!j<lges MEMPHIS COSTUME & REGALIA CO. S. Main SI. ,,\lPtn|ihLs, I'c Perfect Pair for Holiday Hospitality^! !aB«^P-*f*i£25^&w&^ ORANGE-CRUSH AND FRUIT CAKI. I'or holiday Imspilatily al its host, remember I his perfect pnir- —rirh, | delirious fruil <-iik<t »n<l fangv, re- frp.shintf Oran^-CKUSH. iVs a (1;i'.'frr roinbin.ilimi [lint's sun* (o imikea hit with young ami old alike. SWve Orangc-CRUSH too, as an in-bolwcen refresher. Oran^e- CltllSH goes good with pojicorti, peanut.s, polaloflnpfi, or nnysnack fond. ^Always a fjivorite, OrAiige- ('liUSH is c.siu'fially appropriiitt- during the holidays for it is [lie perfect answer lo wliat fo nervo when friends and neighbors drop in. Orange-CKUHII is always a well rprm; trcnl. I Is "fresh fruit" flavor U protected by the^kriiikly" brown boiilc. And for home use—buy the economy way, by the case. f+ A K • SP Y • Get Mayrcfise, HAMlgj May/. > Toil Kirchen ST. LOUIS INDEPENDENT PACKING CO. ST. LOUIS, MO. Abrmt 85 percent of the presUJents I of the Uimud Stales have been <if ' English, Welsh. Scotch or Scotch- j Irish extraction. I tlic nuef-tit 1 ut's name cunies from • Indian \s-ord "QuonecUiciiL" iitig long river. Grocery Manager 309 North 6th Hiway 61 Joe Strickland Meat Market Manager Nickels In Your Pocket At These Prices FRESH DRESSED TURKEYS HOME KILLED WITH THESE UNLIMITED PARKING SPACE MAKES SHOPPING EASY! 7 to 10 Ib. average HEN TURKEYS - - Fresh Country Style Boston Butts ORK ROAST Whole or half, short shank Temk- SLICED ,,35' PORK STEAK.., ,35' Home Killed FRESH DRESSED HENS - - - - Ib. FRANKFURTERS ,,-35' TENDER SMOKED HAM! FRYEitARiTbcKS - - Ib. Ib. Crisp, fresh. JUMBO GEL! *Y 19 C iV-ik \l Juit-v Delicious APPLES 1)M .35 e I-'u-sli. Large Size Heads CRISP FRESH LETIUC Domino Cure Cane SUGAR ..10 „„.89" Carnal ion or PET MILK 1 Ta " W I t. 1 lm&.{\ UCai^OJ Six Delicious Flavors FAMOUS JELLO - - ,,22 C lUOtf COONTilYEGGS <lw 39 ; ,ri5 c l'ti,l, ,,r iii- CORN 46 oz. tin, new pack - pint e ACOH - - - 3 MI Nonesuch (E MEAT • Large Fresh COUNTRY EGGS „„, 75" California, Naval 2^0 Six.e ORANGES ,„.„„„. 35' raiK-y Icipc Slk'in^ TOMATOES I'. S. No. I Diamond WALNUTS .Mixed NUTS Chris! m;is linx LI). 33 1 ' ,,, . Uiocolato SLICES ......... Ocean Spray CRARBERRY SAUCE 2,,, 2, ,, 45 C 35 C 2 ,„ 28 MEAT MINCE 9 oz. Pkq. 21 C Young and Tender GREEN GIANT PEAS IV K.A Hrand Whole Kernel CORN 20 IOA ISrand SWEET POTATOES No . 2 ^ fin 25 e Del .Monte l-'roil SALAD SECTIONS 303,, 31' 1C.A Red Sour I'iKc-d CHERRIES Xo2Tin 25' Del .Monte FRUIT COCKTAIL .*. .„, Til , 37' ICA Deluxe COFFEE ,„ 69' Sunnv .Morn COFFEE 3 ,„ T ( a nipt ire MARSHMALLOWS „„, 29 C |{oyal Cues! COFFEE ,,,65' 9 IGA SUPER MARKET 421 So. 21st., Highway 18 Blytheville, Ark.

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