New Castle News from New Castle, Pennsylvania on April 22, 1938 · Page 7
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New Castle News from New Castle, Pennsylvania · Page 7

New Castle, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, April 22, 1938
Page 7
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iNbW CASTLE, PA., NEWS, FRIDAY, APRIL 22, 1938. SHVFN Farm Taxes In State Failing Figures Reveal National Survey Just Completed Shows Pennsylvania With Low Farm Tax Cost GRADUAL FALLING OFF IS SHOWN By RAYMOND WIIXOVE 1 literiiii rioiiii 1 Nev^s Service Staff HARRISBURG. April 22.— Farm taxo.s in Pennsylvania arc falling, contrary to the rise in other states, it was revealed today. Raised on a national survey just fomplet€‘d by the United States Bureau of Agricultural Economics and released here by the State Department of Agriculture, taxes on farm leal estate as per $100 of farm value were shown to have fallen from $2.21 in 1932 to $1.70 for 1936, the latest year available. The rate for 1935 was $1.72. Rirthermore, stated the State Ag- iiculture Department, “the survey for 1937 and 1938 is expected to show a further reduction in farm taxes in Pennsylvania due to the abolition of poor boards, increased state appropriations for schools, and state mamtenance of more township roads. Higher rates are predicted for other stat-es.” Fall Is Gradual From 1930 to 1936, according to: the Federal bureau, farm taxes per acre fell from $1.30 to 98 cents. | Based on an index which equaled i 100 per c€nt as of 1913, the bureau statistics showed a drop in farm real estate taxes from 259 per cent in 1930 to 195 per cent in 1936. F’arm bankruptcies in Pennsylvania also declined, it was revealed, dropping from 134 in 1935-36 to 114 in 1036-37. The number of farm bankruptcies in Pennsylvania in 1936-37 averaged 8.8 per cent of the entire number of bankruptcies in the state during that period. The state departments prediction of higlier rates for other states was j backed also by a statement from the Federal Bureau of Agriculture which stated “A preliminary survey cf the trend of tax levies between 1936 and 1937 was made among tax officials and tax students in the various states. The personal judgments of these authorities in some 42 states, as summarized by the bureau, indicate that for the country as a whole the levies of 1937 averaged somewhat higher than thase 3f 1936.’^ Real Estate Higher Offsetting the fall in taxes dur- the four or five years, real estate values since after the war have shown an enormous decline, according to the Federal bureau, dropping in Pennsylvania from an index of 140 per cent in 1920 (based on a 100 per cent average as of 191214) td 87 in 1937. ince 1933, however, when it reached a low of 78 I)er cent it has risen steadily. The decline in farm values, however, was considerably less in Pennsylvania than in the nation as a whole, the Federal bureau pointed out. Between 1920 and 1937 farm real estate in the nation decreased in value by 50 per cent, while in Pennsylvania for the same j>eriod the decrease was 38 {X m - cent. Smart* Comfortable Some Unusual Ideas Written For Teachers Katharine Hepburn As smart as ran be for travel and casual sportswear is this jaunty reefer worn by Katharine Hepburn. It is snugly comfortable and warm, fashioned of natural camels’ hair. Disk buttons of bone and a tailored brown velvet collar are smart accents. ♦ SIX-LEGGED SHEEP IS HEALTHY ANIMAL (i nt (M iia t iiiaai X-u.s KENTON. O.—A six-legged sheep owned by Orva Butler, a dealer in wool and sheep at nearby Mt. Vic- j lory. The sheep is four years old and is ' normal in every ether way. Two' “spare legs’’ protrude from the left : side at the shoulder. The sheep is active and is not handicapped by its extra legs, Mr.; Butler said. It was born in Mon- i tana while its mother was being i shipped to Mt. Victory in a load | of feeding lambs. I^anguage is a medium for the ? expression of thought. When one ; attempts to w’rite he must have thoughts to express and he must have a working knowledge of this medium, which we call language, for the expression of thoughts. The correct meaning of words, how' to spell them, the proper arrangements of words in sentences, the arrangement of sentences in paragraphs, are some of the things which people must know if they expect to WTite correctly. In learning to talk a child utters sounds which at first have a doubtful meaning. As the child's experiences increase he refines these sounds and gradually learns to associate them with the correct meaning. This is a slow- process, and teachers and parents must be alert constantly in aiding children to talk correctly. But it is not until people try to write that the inaccuracies of their language become fully evident. “I plege a legion to the flag of homes where an intelligent effort is made to promote accuracy in language. If we adults are tempted to sniile at children’s errors in language we might make some interesting discoveries if we attempted to commit to writing the Preamble of the United States Constitution, the first sen­ tence of the Declaration of Indo-; I>endence, the Pledge of Allegiance ! or other well known excerpts from the literature of citizenship, ; Fi'anco may learn that lx)rrowing troops isn’t like borrowing a lawn mow^er. When you get through with a lawn mow^er, you can make it go home. SPECIAL MONKEY COATS ( I n»pi n;i t s Kf-rx irf) BOSTON — Their coats extremely heavy because of the (’old New England winters, two Rhesu.s monkeys, wOiifh e.scaped from a steamship docked her(> after a trip from Calcutta .seven months ago. ha'.e become pets of loniishoremen em- ployed on the dm-k.«; in Ea'-t Bo'jfon The monk'^y's fur ordinarily i? light but nature int^Tvenf'd in their bf'half because of thp cold weathfT and they have sporting heavy conUi now. ♦ I/>ndon I,'? growinji nearly as as thr- rc’st of Englaîid, ar rord- ing to s! a tittles ju.t mad»-> pubhc. the United States of America and to the republic for Richard Sands; one nation and a vegetable with liberty and justice for a’l.” Such w?ai> the rendition of the rather vaguely familiar Flag Salute ! by a California elementary school i pupil. j California, however, has no mo-1 nopoly on such inaccuracies. A New^ Castle teacher, in checking on pupils’ abilities to write correctly the Flag Salute, found the following as typic- | al of a nine year old pupil’s first i attempt: "I plege a legion to the i flag of the United States of Am- I erica and to the republic for wiiich | it stans, one nation invisible, with librty and justice for all.” Some of the more amu.sing con- ! ceptions were: “With justits and : all”; “and to the repuplick in which it stans"; “one nasion into visible"; “and to the public for which It standee”; “of livertey and just its for all.” Situations such as these are con- ! stantly arisinf in school and in j HURRY! LAST TIMES! “IN OLD CHICAGO 99 STARTS TOMORROW YICTO TI STARTS ^ TOMORROW Charge Your Glasses! Dr. Rosenthals panistak- ing. scientific eye tests will win your confidence. Children Gi\'en Special Attention! Dr. Rosenthal’s optical service Is available to most everyone in this community. For those who are unable to pay cash, our liberal credit plan provides an ideal way to purchase glasses by paying for them in convenient payments. OPEN SATURDAY EVENINGS DR. I). L. ROSE NTH Qre«r Bldgr., N. Mtrcer St. ( 3 rd Floor) SnccesBor to Dr H H. Koaant^hal. Optometriit THOMAS A. LOGUE Secretary of Internal Affairg Speaking on General State Authority** KDKA • 7 P.M. ! Tune in a^ain .Moniiav, April 25 — 7*15 P. M. EARIE • JONES • MUNDY . lOGUE CASH PAID FOR Ttie vivid drama of Mark Twain’s immortal story...the sweep and adventure of life along the Mississippi brought to life on the screen in natural Technicolor by a truly great cast of players. Live again all the precious moments in this, one of the greatest motion pictures ever filmed! M.\RK TWAIN S BEI.OVKD CLASSIC .NOW IN' TECHNiCOLOR Produced h\- DAVID O. SELZ.MCK hk LD! tntrodndi; i: CHURCH TO BLOOM WITH POTTED PLANTS ( 1 n! erria t iona ! N n Spf\ite’ PIIT'SBURGH—A new’ idea in symbolizing Lent materialized in 1,200 narcissus blooms here recently when the congregation of the Calvary Episcopal church returned the bulbs given them tw'O weeks before. The Rev, Edwin J. Van Etten, pastor. distributed the bulbs in painted cans and church members took them home, returning them ready to blcx>m fully for Easter Sunday. Over a ton of gravel was needed to provide for the bulbs, which were used in a special Easter di.splay. 1 , 01 « Rememberl-Friday and Saturday Only! In pract leal 1V ev*-;y !\ònu ~-<.»r sut> Jv-wu-.t Ì h > x ^.tii <jiü diKcaï(i( (i i pins, \vaí< h< ». spet-fat'le (U ntai hrldu.-w. K. g.-i i î..-:; . . t»v TliHse loiiK»*.' a.'r peart ai xiSk- i<> th*- < u !K-r.'S. uh.i'ii ea . fuiiverî Ulto f at a tiltil p! .t>.* p,.- ¡b: the eiiruMru I c.ina: l.’í'siiie A't i !' ><)U art BriiiK o|<i i',\ an.; no inuM* ; .snialL w ill < ,,iir c<iuVti'ous ; |t-n 1 loti. pay \i>u onct- a! th*‘ iiixh {>ric<- —a i\ •^xanipl»': pa\ as hijL’n a.*< .<:>;.,<»(* for a h; up to for a Kuhi í - ík -, rrit*^ < asf }ou ha\e an> pL'iti-d or fiile<l a it icU’« that rejoíMcfi b<í'o!í' > oil <an soli ftii'in hf*rp now. \. t Brinvr hi ;i'iyfhin'-,' j h»\p —turn ;? inm ra,«h’ f*i»l! it for !atf*r'’ <’oi; y—nt>u '-nr- ,ii.«ïo ¡e^!] old roh's at high pricp:.'«;. excluflin^; , whirh p don't huy. I I S' CM*Sl This servire condu^tí^íl and tc » ,M S!iinui»l M<»Ilon iîi arror'ianf-A rnf> CfiHfd 'rr'-ap- ur>- rp.^ulafinn itnd«=>i- Sectmn 18 of Ihf fi-oid rpsevvt* Act of J?3 l as anif'fidf’d. Chambers Motor Co. CHRYSLER AND PLYMOUTH DISTRIBUTORS 825 North Croton Ave. OFFUTFS Japanese Crisis Concluding OFFUTT*S ANNIVERSARY SALE! Rugs and Carpets $27.50 Axminster Rugs Anniversary Sale Price .77 Prince Fumlmaro Konoye . . . his path not easy In an effort to ward off a Fasciit <iictatorship in Japan, the powerful Mmseito party has pledged •upport to Premier Prince Fumi- maro Konoye. above, in his di.s- pute with militarists striving to create a totalitarian regmie Konoye has been under constant pressure for weeks to proclaim a military dictatorship. He threatened to resigrn unless he is permitted to preserve a balance of power between civil and military factions. In the crisis. ob.«?ervers believe that increasing' pressure from the army and navy may precipitate Konoye’s overthrow to divert public attention from the stalemated situation in Cliina and grow mg domestic nervousnesi. *21 Hore is an offer we cannot make again. 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Also white br<»adcloths, neckband styles, in sizes 16-16’- and 17 only, to close out, 49c. NEW TIES 44 c A fine a.sNortnient of new spring hand-made ties. 27 th Anniversary Sale price, 44c. LOOK AT THE REGULAR 5cand 10c Items You CAN BUY FOR 3c! Garment Protectors 2 Prs Shoe Laces Change Purse Key Case Pot Holder 25 Safety Pins Pocket Combs Tape Measure Buttons-—Slide5 Hair Curlers Wove Clips Sanitary Belf 2 Hair Bows Bios Tape Rayon Elastic 36 Bob Pins ÉL^¥vdf ypta/H^ Ot^Ahif ' Ì*

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