The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 22, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 22, 1949
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLVTHEVrU.P (ARK.) COURTER NEWS Baseball Gets New BaseRunningCode; Take-Out'Plays Hit lly Jack Ilaml XB\V YOiJK, Dec. 2'2. (AP)— -Life will he in Holders i)i 1050 if the new baseball rtik'.s ;ire eul'iirced. The Hull's CoinmiUco ot'l'icii'.lly adopted flic new oi Isist. night after nine months of slroiuMious effort. Tim ro stuff around second base caine in for plenty of attention. "Interference" by a base rmuieri ------ . T\as interpreted in simple, dhcel terms dial plate a heavy burden on the umpire. "A batter is on! v.hcn a prcced- ing unifier shall, in the juilcmcnt of the nmoirc. imor/cro with un infieldcr," tlie rule will read. Thai's about tin: sf\me us in the past. However, a n™- interpret^ ive , para.araph has been added li>: ° this: for . It to j j C. , „ f. -,. . r _ ~T ', ~ „ 3yfQCUSQ I IDS ' ' [Jn »-» .-j O7 •f/x f, K . ' V-J I j / si L\J (J ±J ' \A/ ?•*«..*» W IHS N'MV wmild YOKK. Dec •>•> <.v, „,,,,, if . Svl , 1( . lls( ,:, )K ,, vv(1 ,,, ,,„.„,„,,,' ||s ' ,,, ^.i,.,,..,,,.,, , his "The obiet [ive r>[ '.his rulp i: priiall/c t.he nlTciiMV.' rr.-mi foi- ill-- j |, a j| (( ,. lm manlike action by H runner iu leav- \ NOM iiiK chf lifeline (or Ihe obvious j ' ,, wm] , (| hr . ,„,,,, iv.riwp ot criislime the p.vot man ! , )r ,,, (M)t fo ,. T A , on a double pay rather than try- 1 ,,, st ,. p , R h, K tore,rl, 1, 1S Ix,^." ;, niuv r a:vav who plans ha si:.-1- campaign CHICK .•.'K.VTl.Vr-il.S—AddinK roservi TITUnSDAY, DECEMBER 82, 1949 use M'lii- mum!., Dimuld fiiDUc and Hubby will, fhe Tnb(- ihi.s yi»ar while Bm-y. oiily a suiii otr,,.... HM-uK-ntly. Is popular am»ii(. his u>ain Vi'.u-, J.^injj uiit oy :i .single vole. ainimh to Cuuch J.iincs Fisher's Blyiiieville Cliluknsuws are Ping Pong Meet Scheduled by T Annual Tournament To Be Held Dec. 28-29; Junior Play Planned The annual holiday ping pong tournament conducted by the Bly- tliPViiJc "Y" at. Christmas Lime has been .scheduled ill is ye^r for Decent - hei* '28 and 29. This crmrjmincnt Ls now in ILs third year and is held [hiring the holidays .so collec sLudt i nt.s home for ChrUttnas will have an opportunity to participate. Defending champion is Harry Fair, who defeated P. D. Faster in the HUB Is of the 1948 tourney. Whether lie will defend his title in the current Inuiney is not known. The cotnpeaJuon in this event is expeirled to >>o much raster than in any previous tourney, shire there are more hoys playing the game, | luui sortie have .shown /narked hn- | provemtmt. Drawing for pas] t (on on the ' // Douglas Coaches Football As He Talks It, Hogs Will Win By Carl liclJ UTTLE ROCK, Dec. 22. <AP> — If Otis . . coaches a.s good a . k!i\me of football as IK talk.s. then.''.? no nerd for University of Arkansas fuotbal! fans to Iret; his Rsuorbatta; will he wintirrs. •I'iiat's not (o say he's a cocky popoff. Fa.- from that, he's and .sincere, but " ' (irient. straight! "I believe in-ogiffa in developing the unlversl tys athletic program, but t d ;! believe we've done much more than ofn-il/-Vi tlm i-i,..r ... Ulrtll " «""»-ii niuie i nan scratch the surface. We can do more in (lie years ahead. "The new coach impressed m« viii LII«I, ;im deeply. He is a real student of foot- >ut ncvertlielcs-s con- ball. II I hadn't thought he was htforward and very better coach than I was i would n't have recommended him. I be- fun- licvc lie can give as the top foo t ba ,, we have been wanting. He's a big, good-natured, [ovintf. foolfonlt-adoriiig guy \vlio lleve.s lie has the goods and u-ho, in a very short time, tan make you believe it. loo, Of course, final judgment mast be on the imiij lux product « seen gridiron. Rut, .-• ..... ~ *" rawng or pas on on e . ,! ^ eSllctU ' d lo S(1C cn »*«"rable action | bracket will lake place at 9:30 a.m'. onmrt-. is twine jsroomcrt as a possible straler next year males and raj. third in the election of team captains \hts The Infielder too •;•,; H-micd '• ™' '' < '"° sl! "'"'' 1 ™ ll( 'l''»R """ 3S? W S I S I ±.,S ^ b^5S:°-^^e'-^r^;; Ben Hogon Confident He Will Return x-!To Links bist Not k> Bio Tourneys nit r "* ' RfZ; fi'olclcr who ii<res nof have (lie bri]]'' "obstructs" n runner, the umpire can ciptcrimnfi the penalty. For Instance, if n bailer lists a b:il! aeainst the fence Hint the umpire thinks was tone enough for a triple, lie ran award the butter throe bases, if lie is "obstructed" nt first by a shove, or trip. T«n pern-mi (Jjvjsiiuis of (he mips hiivc Ijrcn made, running from an opening section of (he game's objectives throHph offpiisivr ami dt?-i foD.she roles to the scoring res-i V" x ulatioMs. " ! " ri " Bob F:neh. spi-relnry of fi sub- i f ' rpt conimittcM 1 to the official Rules j Commit tec. saitf there wre "if.v f basic clinnRcs." The spit bull was not even di.scnssrd. Interpretive note, 1 ;, following f he main body of mte.s, wore ?ivrn official status to be employed only when the rule Itself was nut completely explanatory. Tho catchers' box was reduced from 10 feet to eteht feet dii-pctly behind the plate ami the coaching box \\-jia extended from )5 feet tci 20 feet. II nrobnlily Is too mii"h to pet't ihr orsnme (*i po iiJibealen. ?f> far I hey have played nnd won six eanics. Rvraruse dumped Pf-nnsylvanin. 91-n^ |fi.«'t nioht- \S'liile .Svr.' rontiiutrd in the undefeated ranks Minnesota, of (he Hla; Trn. fell. cmt. of fhe si'!e-t . irronn by losing [o VViisliinir'on. ' fi:!--$G, in an inlerset lionnT anme v. n WMI'Mf. Ti-X. IJi-N Hnji;uj ]<• 1 \viJl H-uirn WAKXIN'G ORDKK The defendant, Hatinnli Mae Wll- ford, 15 warned to appear in the Chancery Court, CtiLckiLsuwba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Robert Wilford. Witness my hand as clerk of said court and the seal thereof, on this 14th day of December. 1949. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Anita Sykra, IXC. bemeti WayhlDKton in t v ie nf -a iwo-fiame Aeries TUPS- dcu- nL<»ht. Kmttiofcv. (he df-fftitlin^ NCAA champions, bounded bade frum if* defeat at Clip linnrfs of St. Johns recently, to nose out HctKui!. 4H-47 On('e-ljp;\ti'n BrriMipy, rc^indr-d F\S one of (lie t)at inn's to j> tennis, chalked up Its sixth is iumph in seven parts by whipping Washington State. fiT-59. Oregon. hen t PIT by fit n n ford nn ! Tuesday nil*hi .turned tlie tables mi the Indians with a 58-51 fri- umph. In other games Drake humhlcd Idaho. 5R-Ji3 and Colorado wnl'oped Rice, 83-51?. • I! j Koirr M' ( -\s r l't • fidfni in I the iiiot'i | crirrnit. I Hut (h j filitii'riiiN; a year ;u;<> in : j crush, .said ti.d.iy \\ i ever would be nl 22.-- oii- iimir-dviy to toiirnamcnl Ucc. pn-lU- yrent link.Tiinin, whose ii.-i-r was halletl almost bus-automobile didn't tliink lie play Frank C. Douglas, atty. 12.l5-22-29-li5 Hoyti Wins One, Loses One with Braggadocio HAYTI. Mo.. Dec. 22 — Hayti's Indians split two gomes \vith Braw- yndot'io here Tuesday niplit. ;IH the and iulii'ijited he looked boys took a 27-17 on the eliin while tlie girls were racking up a 32-25 victory. Going into the final quarter of the boys game. Braggadono held ^ llt n ' s ^'^-^ only a slim H'ad and li:ul u slight ! lw ;' t h one-point margin at half time I triii'iniuiput i hut had ;i(» h<,H-.s Jii n sini;Ii' <t;i\-. "I dun'i think I'll over |je n»U; to ^o '.v.'o nniiufs in (me tiny in toiiritiiiiifni c'unj)H'Uti(jn." .said jjen iis he reluxrd at Colonial Country CUib h<'n'. "Out there an-n'i many t<nittuijiirtiis Miat huvc :ifi holes in one <l;iy anyuiiy." Hdj^an nmv is able to jjlav nine to fi^luefii holes a day. lie did his 13-hotf rounds Dec. IU nnd It but travfllnd ily (onisf in :i .st-oot- or. lie rruitstrrf'd 71 ami 72 over the tough pur TO OiUmial Ttie.iday he \vaU;ed armnid 18 holes and nuain .shot under 80. "I net u\vjully tired atid some times my UTS swrli on me," he siuri. "But. yon know"- and In- lisnuncd nt tln.s -"I have to get my weitjht do\vn." Ilfi^ati al\v;iy.s known a5 the JillJe /ijju) o/ sjjoil— (hr liftJe Kiunt, uf the frtirways they called him, If he had v>-ei»hrl 140 pounds tie would have fijiuml lie was busluiif at the . ^:ims. Trxiay he \veiiihs u\^r 155 pound.s .. . - - - . :•< like a baby blimp. "Me living to take off weight is somcr.hin(f lo joke nbunt." he said. looks tanned and healthy 11 ;ni' bi>nr.d up and "ifiin recovered fiom the. rriish of early morning } I MORNING-AFTE'R HAT- Heres a hat to help cure that dull, aching-all-over leeling that sometimes comes right after New Year's Eve. Top of the hangover nut is a cool, cool ice bag. You don't want lo see? The bat's got nn eye-shield. Don't want lo hear? lf s go t ear flaps. Don'l '-viint to ache? It's got side pock- els for assorted pain-killers Don't waul to live 1 .' It's , oi a pocket labeled "cyanide." Sports Roundup Hugh f-'nllfirton Jr. NKVV YORK, Dec. 22- </l>,_Thc, Chicaijo White Snx, who probably have fewer farm clubs than any other major league outfit, figure they can K et more material out of eight clubs lhan. say, 22 . -[f you set two players a year out "f your fn mis-two that have n chance lo .siiek—that's all you can expect," jays General Manager Prank umi.. . . . "Maybe ii.' s all right to operate M clubs lo »et those prospects if your minor league teams make money, but most of them don't ... So we concentrate on nnnlity instead of quantity You .start with say 15 Kood" prospects on a Class D club; the next year in Class C they're reduced to seven. A leally good player, one who Is coin" to be a star, stands out even in those classes and I've seen plenty who were good cnouch to jump from class B right into the majors ... It isn't necessary to have a lot of farms t o develop that kind of boys." ... p. s.: Onlv an unkind observer would add that U isn't a very big iump to where the Sox were in the majors last sca.-tm. i necemlx'-r ^8 and play begins imme- diaiolv. Thiee tiible.s will be u.seri lo nin off Mir- s^ivaier portion of the eveiu on the day, An additional tournament, has necii planned thus year for boys of Junior Kijjh School ase and undrr. This will be open to any boy or girl in the 9'-h crude or under, and will be^in Dee. !9. the day on which the open tourney i.s .scheduled for completion. To date, ten boys have rea(.stored for the junior tourney a(n1 13 for the o|>e(i event. Any player in BlythevtJfc or vi- ciniiy uho i.s noi a profesional. i.s eligible for (lie open tournament. GosneM's Juniors Win 2 Gomes From Rives, Mo., Cagers Oo.-mell junior teams won a double-header from Rives. \Eo.. teams ! nk'ht 'Aith the girls victorious by a 3L'-35 s.core and the bo> f s winning 30-10. The iraincis were played at ihe G CHI ell High School gym. In the girls' game Ward of Gosnell was high yith 11 points and Rush led Rives with six. Hart ye led the Gosnell boys In .scoring with 10 points and Hin\vn accounted for all of Rives' tallies. The lineup. 1 ;: Gii me consider things the Porkers' new head coach told sports writers and .spoits-ca.ster.s in a two-hour set-acquainted, session here yesterday: "Speed and deception will be the basis of our attack. "On, we'll use a five man line with four linebackers and two .safety men. The defenders i.safelie.s) will be jast six ynrd.s bc- lni.d the line of scrimmage, If the opposition fnijck-kiek.s against us, we'H take the ball wherever It rolls d ea d or ^o es ou i of bo 11 nds, We ftguip on moving that hall. "We'll p;i.s.-i whenever atid wherever we need to pa.'y;. '•We'll use professional style.s of I pa. c .s offense and defense. They are superior to normal collegiate siyk-.s. (l;c means he'll use the .styles which helped the Philadelphia Euglcs, ol whom he was an assistant coach, win the National Pro League rhampion-ship two years in a row.) "We won't, drive the boys. I want them to play because they want to likod U> have had W hile I WM coaching." There wax a huge lump in Banile'a throHt. He looked M though he WPr J fiBhtniK back unashamed tears All had given up hU first love—fcJ-lT ball coaching—for what he believed to be the best for Uie Arkansw Ra- zorlwcks. SEC May Modify New Two-Minute Basketball Rule NASHVILLE, Tenn.. Dec. »j ,.,>, — The Soullieastem Conference may modify the much-discussed two-minute rule in conference bas ketball games, the Nashville Ban uer snid yesterday. It said Beriiic Moore. RKC coin- present national votes will missioner. is pollinB conference coaches as to their stand on the rule. The paper be received by Moore s Birmingham office by Thursday and if a revision is voter) it will be effective in conference games after Jan. 1. already Several conferences have , _, u ^^.. u .. w i^n.... Lu ^...^.,.1 vvjiiii:tiriji.r.^ I1HVP fllL'eiiflv jilay and because they want to win. ] changed (he Iwu-mimile rule which "I am mainly concerned with im- j awards (he ball niit-of-bmnicU lo "<">«• '•»=»!•• - ••" team fouled in the final Uvo-min ntcs of a Kanie or during an extra- penod. Tins Ls mandatory \vliethor or not team makes its free throw or Ihrou-s. The rule, put inlo effect this sea M)i;. lias been attacked by manv coache?. •nchirijiig two SEC men tors. Kentucky's Adolpli R upp n ,, d Teiine.esep's Emmr-tt Lowcry For conference play rmly thr*i' Ten revised the rulins; to give Ivo .'hots *o a team fouled in the two-minutes, with the ball remaining in play following the second .ihot. mediate results—a winning team next fall. Secondly, I'm concerned with !ong-ran^e re.mjll.s." Those words might comfort srand.stand qnnrtcrijflck-.s in the off- season—and maybe give them some- tiling to throw back at Douglas in the postseason. Right now ,sit any rate, they're com-indug words, n.s are these kicked in by John Barnhill, who stepped aside ns roach to become !t,ll- lime athletic director and recommended JJonsla.s /or the coaching }ob: Parker Cagers to Meet Oklahoma Aggies Tonight one-point margin at lialftime isicKemtii; rrush of early mornins I ..•« y-i^yici . u/cy/n However the Inciians cotildn't I '"'' ^""b. L> when he almost i os( ],| s j overtake the visitors as they pulled j ''!<• as his mitoinobilc anil a Ijns [ IN ILK ROCK. Dei-. 2L>. i,c, — away in the final minutes of the "'<"• hl -' u < 1 <>'< "Par Van Hum. Tex. Artunsas 1 Raairbncks will seek t.. game. None of the Hnvti squad I i""'" 1 '"' " H ' ir "" >Ji( - h.-anbveakiiiR . None of the Hnyti squad scored more that four points durum ' (he night. Bontotl wa.s high for rngnadocio with eight- Piielon and DeWi'ese. with points L-iich, led Hnyti's prornisinu K 1 r 1 s to llu-ir victory, lilityloirk! Conniit^Mack Celebrates 12 |87t/. Birthday Today PHIL.\DF.I,I>!UA. Dec. 22. i.-l'i chalked up "^"iioint'sVor tile" win- i f"™' 1 !"''; J- Mt' iol.-bn.ti-s 1!r , rs i hit, Silh buthciay loriiiv lull whether I ba.-^hnll's Connie M:u'k wa.s bdi-n : l>i'c. 22 or 23. 1B62. i.s Mill an open > till- ,-tion. ; "[ liavc been tnkl r arrived in the loss ol ihe young basketball se Iliey sti'.'are off ngai'isi UKlaiiuiiiii Agvies here loniglu. It'll be the R;mii bucks' first ap- prurancc of the year in (lie Kuhin- s<m AMdilDriiini lu'i-e. In the earlier mr-eimg hejwecn tin- two this year at Smiwutc the Aggies Thief lni|in.vriin-n( VeteniDN on the U. of New Hampshire football .squad this year started under the coaching of Biff Cilii.ssford. a pl(l product, and Unshed under Chief Boston, a Harvard product, . . . when someone rei-cntly a_skcd the principal dif- ferein/e between tlie two "systems." an athlete thoughtfiilh- n-plied: V.'-il. Chief always snid -wlKim v.-ere you supposed to block on tiint play?" Ciosnell Hall 191 Ward (111 ... S. Potter Hi) Raspberry Sliuliz C. Potter ..'.'. Substitutions 4». Rounsval! O. G. G. Cos Rives <P Johnson Elankenship ... (G) Rush : .... Stevens i Smith; . .. Simmons '_ nell — Maxwell 2*. Pipkin. CcCann Flowers, George. Smith and Poff Rives — Hackaday and Meads. Game Growing Pains of West Produce Odd Statistics ' BERKELEY. Calif. (API - N',,w ranked second s-iatc in ix-pulaiusn ' by [hi 1 census bureau. Ci'.liiornin i.s producini; statistics like this : In -T) veins il has imueiiM'd its nvi's:ock almost 60 per cent- a rinrd ; faster ihiin tlie ccuintvy as ^ \\-hnle.' liut California, with a popuLuion ' yiovvini: five times Its fusl is the : rc;.t o! the niirimi now uniinu.-: iiH,it!i l:ve.-~'ock liiaii ever. '•• Ur. l\:,n M. lx>e. iiv.niuli-ji.ili eronoim.! lit tlir Univfrsll\ ..f <.;;<!- iforma. nix) noles th.U (huiiiL: ;he suitic 1 pfriod .Califorma iir\ri d'l/'-.d enuiiiLh int'iU. for ;lsrl:. iinr ' enouyli chit'ki-ns. rn rlie tnul-ijitr- M'cmul.s. Of till' (11110 s.'i . rlu A .||'.' | Racing Receipts Show !>mi. I Big Drop in New York >:•.>! i.niy U, hold In- :,n,m;,l 1,,,-ih- iliiy lif.vs conEcrencc anil he irir honored guest at a hmchrmj m- t'Tided only by lelncni-s aiul r:l .se Spnrts llefore Your Kyi-s After svntchini; Notre Dame's I eon Tlart against S.M.U., 'Dutrli Meyer of Te.xas Clivi.-nuin i-oni-lnd- eti that I.con Is viiliici-ablc to outside plays became his size slows and him in changing dirrrtion Sain won. 4H-II. on D;,le j Hurry, whoso Southern California field goal in the cli.s- biisketlwllcrs had a miserable niaht in the g,l!-de;i. ivnnis; ' U'atch out for tny sophomores; ue \son't be back for two years, but Ihey'll be reartv then." ... To whu-li Honey Hiissi-1] counters that Seton Hall's freshmen are so hot they can bf;i( his viirsilv by 3n iiaiiit.s every son yiekli'ii tile, state, its sn revenue since 1943. the anmi irart of '.lie state Racing Cn .SH:II revealed today. Commission [imires .show that Hie se:ison just jrast urouslit a total nf Sao.IllB.SSS.OS into the Mate rulfei.-:. I'epresent nun- ' ""' tlo " olltnn N"»' York area i ;i nun.,- i!i4n—which is fiuitc an ad for tcle- I vision. lie.s u b(;f;;lll : phed il ami <;t i dri.c! •. itiu^ thoni. ]l nin'r-i Mip- fully with m:!i:. bniicr. but r<t the s.unr lime a surplus o! le milk. Turk !.. <i Ijiit nt The I.inr t ( 11.-1 »H-M; r n A it un.'p m j) ncr orao Weiss m;nntruii.« the Yang Ita han aprirallunil j com fr. ast yn.r's 322.370 «7K -in kr « »''C rashilic. in on .he "pla- ip the l,, st vlg hi The peak was icai-lle din the l.,,.un ! ! " ol >" systrm Casey Stengel used year of mis when, despite a r'.ir- i last s"»imcr by tradini; o!f the taili d catniniign which liiMcd w ,i,- i players Ihe other clubs aot lo 15! itay.s. the state die 1 .', down j:ui - 32-!.075.2n. ' Touil \\-.ii;{'i in,r over s]ian tin.- year came to ...., a decline of Ihan !5 per cm! from 1!I-1R. The attendance, -.vhii h hn -I.ISl!,i^ 1 ;^ wa.s down los.s slrt'i li PIT 'I'll!. tnonlhs c»r Officials ;.aid expoi't.s o! tarm |>u>- disr-f.-. ciiirini; (ha: pi-rind slimmd ;, Mibslnntinl sain met the v.une iiioijl hs in HI IS M;nm i!M'i-ra:-i-: wire ]c^is[i!:cd in '.Mipnit'iits o -•hrrsc, frosh and dr:rd fnii's. vr-ye- l:ih;r-s and hemp. IVnea.'es were nutrd in r'Nporls rif uiiu'. imtators and olive oil. Ix-cansp or it ... Prognostication i Deri; : Before the Tiilaue-Ixmisi- inc-rl:r.-' a11a st '''e f(K<tiiall came, a bunch "f I- S L' kids were (raimht .smearinj; uaint around Tulanc . . . Apparent!' 'hey ueic ust brnsliiuiz np on their -••lections because they hit the urt scoie- 21-0. LITTLE BIG SHOT — ... though only (our Jimmy Morse [Italian Farm Exports nf Austin bags his first buck,', ..,. , "h 1 "'" Avith n .22 ride 'Hie youngest ' '"CrcCISC With 'Texas deer hunter learned to shoot at two For Health's Sake... Roller Skate at ihe New Automatically-Healed ink Blytheville, Ark. For A Nigh* of Good Cfecn Wholesome Fun, Visit Our New Modern Rink Locoted on E, Main Open Every Night, Including Sunday Under New Management Rink Available for School & Church Parties Nite Phone 4914 Day Phone 2218 Wade Lee, Owner Jimmy Brock, Mgr. ^^ftSSiSSlli I Oosnell Pos. Ri\rs' v :"ook i-si .... F Hnl .' t % ;Revil[ (61 .... P. .. uoi Brown. » ;Horii!e MO) .. c o. Kelly g Lxillar tr>* .... G Meadows V ;B. Hyde f2i .. G c. Payne !» Sub.stiluiinns: Gosnell ~ rnaram ( u : ill. McKay 121, C. Po[f, A. Poff. I S Quarles. fowler. Bryeans. West D j ;J Hyde, Cogsins and H. Hyde. R'IVCS i y — H. Paynes and N'cwberry. I 5 New Method Discovered ' Z For Keeping Kids in Tow CHICAGO—i/V; Mrs. Ruth Boil- now had 40 liny boys anil airls from the Riverside Nursery School—and a problem — on her hands, she wanted to take, the kids on a tour of the hupc Union Railroad stntion but she didn't want lo lose anv of hem. So .she s o t a tots gra.sued it and. stninff out like ' * snake dancers, they stayed In place w as Mrs. Bollmnv led them throuph 5 the terminal. 'V Thanks TO ALL OF YOU Wo a( (he .Mmlin Oil Co. wish fo offer our sincere thanks to vim all for your generous palronajje in Ihe year nearly ended. Here's lii»|iinjj ym i have Hie hiippiest Clirisl- niiis ever. ' Open AM Day Christmas MARTIN OIL CO. Ark-Mo Stare Line GIFT OR GUEST OLD FITZGERALD in gay holiday wrap Say fr .N'a?oiffi Cre<-lin»s" \vitli Keiiturk^-'s rlioice! The malchless Mayor of mte nomlc.d honr- Iton ....... sUi\s--tlislillcHl and oak-ripened on the same tradilionnl family recipe since 1870 — bridges the* Fiditlc liut appreciated difference bc.twcen "good" anil "lio5L ! 'Servc and send tho favorite, of liourlmn- visr Kciitnckians — OLD FI/r/GEKAI.D. Yoor cU and friends deserve no Ullrllillltll l>> MIIO.S lllSrHIHtlTl.VO CO Llltlt Kuck *rk»ns»i KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON W H IS K t Y • I 00 P X O O f » O H D t 6

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