Daily Evening Herald from Stockton, California on October 18, 1881 · 3
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Daily Evening Herald from Stockton, California · 3

Stockton, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 18, 1881
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DAILY EYEXDTG HERALD CITY OFFICIAL PAPER. TUESDAY EVENINO, OCT. 18, 1881 LOCAL MATTERS. rcuoKAL.-Ee. John Hooper vent to Martinej to-dty to prcacb antral icrmoo. He will retora to-morrow. Death o Old Btocktosws Cum W. Haens, lot many years a ret- ident of thii city, died in Sacramento on ( Saturday of dropsy of tbe heart. Vembcht. At tlie 1 Dondo street market a a deer, weighing 145 pounds, killed in 8huta comity. - It is the largest brought to thii city this season, . The Theatre, The Stetaon Dramatic Troupe it pitying fit the theatre thii reek. Oar morning contemporary prawn the company up very highly. Vao rants. Four tramp, conricted of .ragrancy, and aentenoed to jail for ten .days each, were brought to this city from Lathrop hat sight by Constable Walker, A Serveu His TurnJohn King, the young man conricted of obtaining two hata front 1rthrop tc Noble under false pretenses,- and sentenced to jail for ninety days, waa liberated to-day.' . .. " SOMK ISIORMATIO!! WAJiTHXSllCriff Tworahfeyof Greeley, Weld county, . Colorado, would like to learn the whereabout! of tome of the relatives of D. ..Poole, who was killed tome weeks ago. Fire Last night after twelve o'clock a load of straw standing in front of Bee-wlck't stable on Centre street, was set on fire, causing a general alarm to be sounded. The load belonged to White t Co., who are tupplying the paper mill with ttrawThe loss waa only a trifle. Tub Concert. The success of the . Joaeffy concert is already assured in the number of teats engaged. The uoquali-. fied (access that the Hungarian has achieved in San Franciscoguarantees t him an excellent audience. Mm. A. M. Noble will sing "Come In," and "Oh, Loving Heart, Trust On." HerrJoseffy't programme is varied and comprehensive.' Those who have secured seats are requested by the management to call and got HKn alp UHCUfl IUUBIV aiUlG. . . Akouhzkt Continued. To-day at ten ' o'clock was the time set for hearing the argument in the case of the people against J. A. Shepherd for violation of the Sun day law. The case waa tnea in bttnrop and a verdict of guilty waa rendered. An appeal was taken to the Superior . Court to test the constitutionality of the act " Judges Patenoa and Buckley were -- -sitting tit bane. On account of the absence of Mr. S. L. Terry the case was continued until Saturday at too o'clock. 8, L Terry, J. A. Louttit and Jas, H. Budd appear as - counsel for the defense and District Attorney Campbell and bis Deputy, Mr. Gibson, for the people. Rifle Cito. The Stockton Side Club 'was organized last evening with B. C. Shearer at President, H. - W. Shepherd Vice Preaieent, R. C. Aiken Secretary and Treasurer. J. 3. Kunan Captain. H. W. Shepherd, J. J. Nunan and J. E. ' Condon were appointed the Executive 1.uUlu TliAtr vim inattmntoJ procure a range and put up a bulkhead. ' The following pesons joined the Club: i B. a Shearer, ft W. Shepherd, It. H. I Aiken, I. J. Nunan, W. H. Van Vlear, J. E. Condon, Charles Merrill, Ira Ladd, - I. H. Peterman, L. L. Huntley, W. G. i;" Ralnh. Dr. W. J. HavnML J. L. Andrews. Jnhn Hnhamhell. J. S. Hhenberd. J. J. Evans, J. Kelck, J. A. Hall, Otto OrUns-ky, R Weber, W. C. Smith, L Eink, W. A. Turner, G. W. Lorrigan, W. P. Plunmer. . . ". " Fern Bias's! laqneat and Funeial. : Yesterday when Coroner'Bing arrived ' at Fen Sing's waahhonse with Bond's dead-wagon to remove Fen. Sing's dead body, he found a dozen or two Chinamen there who objected to tliO'romoval cause they said Fen Sin jf was "not dead but sleeping." The Chinamen then braced; the corpse up against the waQ, and two or three of them began to rob the body, and others to blew smoke into hit fan to at to restore him to conscious- ' acts, and a white man who stood by said that the' corpse 'opened his eyes and looked up at Colonel Bing, who was taking names of witnesses. A Chinaman, who teemed to have authority, politely told the Coroner and the dead-wagon driver that "there's nothing in this for you; yoVd better leave." They left, but afterward the "rubbers" gave Fen Sing up as a "gone coon," and this morning the Cononer "tat on" him. After picking up an- Intelligent jury he led them into the waahhonse, when one juryman who bafj'sat on" many dead Chinaman, inquired: "Colonel, isn't it necessary to see the bodyf "Oh, no; we have proof enough that he's dead,, and two Chinamen will awear to how he died. That's all we want Come on John and bring those two Chinamen," . answered Colonel Ring, who took the lead to M. H. Bond's undertaking rooms, when. the testimony was .taken. In the meantime the dead wagon drove np to Fen Sing! house with the coffin, and another objection waa raised. The Chinamen refused . to accept the coffin, neither would they allow the dead man lobe taken away. Tbey said that the time for Fen Sing to Quit his laundry bad not arrived. The wagon, therefore, was driven away with the, coffin in it and Mr. Bond told the mourners that when they were ready' for him they raid call him, but he did not want to be humbugged, Soon afterwards a met- enger summoned him, and Fen Sing was placed is the eoffin and taken to Chinatown. There the eoffin wai aet upon a bench in the middle of the street, where (he funeral oeremoniet were conducted by the Chinese priests. A Chinaman, who keeps a store, objected to having the corpse in front of his place, and be stormed around end orsated such a commotion that hit friends corted him away and loft tbt corps utter of the situation. The jury found verdict that death resulted from apoplexy.. .. PROMISED EXPOSURES! BIT FOR AXOTHER HITY fEXTtt ADXIMglOX. V. H. HeaeVa InterMtlnt; Hhow la the Baptist Caarra-He Make Peripatetic Splrltaallstat HieU lone, feat -Expovx" Very Little -Come A grain. Contrary to general expectation, the Baptist Church was not filled last nrjlit with anxious enquirers after the humbugs of alleged spiritualism. The church was about half filled. This circumstance goes to show that the majority of people prefer to witness the tricks and humbugs of the traveling mediums, and be mystified if hot converted to spiritualism by their cnt-aud'dried performances, to going to see the very tricks by which they are deceived, exposed. The Baptist Chnrch last night was devoted to an exposure of some of the tricks by which spiritualist mediums Jfambag the seekers after the supernatural, but the exposures last night were not many. The denunciation of the epiritualist medium a-he go about th country giving seances, was terrific and bitter and sweeping. Charles' H. Bead, who is exposing spiritualism, said that he taught H. Melville Fay and Annie Eva Fay all they know about the business they are in, and he said that H. Melville. Fay . is the Cnmminga-Braddon of. tho combination that showed at Mozart Hall, the divorced husband of Annie Eva Fay and the present lawful husband of Mrs. Carrie Sawyer, whose mediumship excited some curiosity here a few weeks ago. He said Miss Fay tried to buy some tricks of him when he called on her the other day.' Bead went on with great volubility and denounced medium after medium, and seemed as familiar with their damnable iniquities as he is with the Ten Commandments. He called them by name-Maud Lord, Flora Cook, Carrie Sawyer, Eva Fay, Katie King, the Eddy Brothers, Mary Huntoon, the President of the Re-ligio Philosophical Society of Chicago, S. 8. Jones; Isaac T. Rich and Luther Colby of the Banner of Light, Andrew Jackson Davis, and the whole crowd of them, and he recited brief histories of tome of their doings with great plainness of speech. He talked a long time, and had several copies of the Police Gazette, showing illustrations of crimes perpetrated by some of them, and he bad a copy of the New York Graphic of 1876, ahowing a full page of illustrations and exposures of Annie Eva Fay in all the tricks that he lays she performed with Professor Crookes, and a lithographic copy of the letter from Professor Crookes, that Miss Fay showed to the press of this city as her credentials. After he had tired the audience with much talk, he began to expose, but it was noticed and remembered that he had not a word to say against any to-called spiritualistic manifestations- that people experience in their own homes, when sitting for them in circles of their own friends. He said he would not denounce these, for he- knew spiritualists who were of the finest peo ple in the world, and te whom spirit' ualiam was a religion, He laid that he only denounced the professional mediums and montebanks who go about humbugging people and trying to make them think their departed friends return with vulgar and disgusting tomfoolery, t- . TBI PEEP ARATIOXS. The pulpit of the Baptist Church vM removed and the rostrum was built oula toward the pewa to as to give a larger stage. In the middle of the stage was a cabinet of rep curtains, which he said wai presented to him by a distinguished Frenchman in Paris. It waa somewhat similar to Miss Fay's. He had cords and musical instruments, etc He was assisted by a Miss Davia and the Rev. John Hooper. Taking a seat m a chai r be requested Miat Davis to tie his hands, and Mr. Hooper to tie his feet Read put his palms together and Miss Davis passed the cord twice around both wrists and then between bis hands, tightening it about hit wrists somewhat, and then tied three or four knots. Mr. Hooper fastened his feet very securely to the legs of the chair and then drew Read's hands down between bis knees and tied him to the lower rung of the chair in front Road had tbt appearance of being pretty securely fattened, as cords were alto passed about hit armt and tied to the back of the chair. The lights were put out and turned on again, and all the manifestations that the mediums give when tied up, were promptly given. By and by he ahowed how easily he could slip hit hands out of the ropes, perform the tricks and get back again in a few seconds. . The audi, ence wai thoroughly entertained, and teemed as fully mystified at any audience ever waa with the spiritualistic mediums, He also took a ring from his finger and put it in bit ear, and then, tied the ring info a handkerchief and flung it into the audience. He pat on coats and did everything as well as any. medium, but bis hands were, in the first place,, tied more carelessly than any medium's hands that hat mystified an audience in years. He also showed how rings are pasted on to a committee-man's arm by the mediums, and it was limply a tlight-of-band performance, too plain to be interesting. He would frequently complain of his hands hurting him for being tied te tight, and all at once he slipped hit hands out of the cords and in the full light twanged the guitar, banged the tambourine, blew the organ, and ajngled the bells. Then he asked the audience if he thought their dead frieodt would be likely to manifest themselves in that way if they could re. turn. These are all the "phenomena" that he exposed. foil am mof, .'. i He went on to do other tricks, and got the audience very deeply interested in his materialisations, but he had not timt to explain them. He had spent too much time in talking, and had given what he thought was the money's worth. If the audience would come again be would tell how tbey wen done. One of these wai draining a glass of wstcr, putting tns gleet on hit head and patting his arm through the nog of the chair while bis. hands were tied and filled with rice. The othen were bit miterialisationt and slats writing, Be gave so explanation to them. The communication he got wai from Emperor Norton, and it wai sensible and very logiblj written the best spirit-writing ever teen. The writing was done while Mr. Hooper held the slate down on the top of the table. , . THE MATERIALIZATIONS. Read's materializations were . very mystifying, but tbey were first rate, and better than anr that have been shown by traveling mediums. The faces that appeared seemed" from observation at a distance of about ten feet, to be masks trimmed np and shown between the curtains. The other forms seemed to be living human beings tricked out for tab-' leaux. The IIesald representative observed them a distance of from abont ten feet od his conclusion was that they were real persons, notwithstanding the performance of the man in the gallery. Looking into the open cabinet, as seen by tho audience, it appeared to be about live feet . deep, but looking down on the ! outside , it seemed ' eight or ten feet deep. There seemed to be two compartments to the cabinet in the innermost one of which confederates might have been. concealed.. If it bad been a spiritual performance this ex-, planationwonldbe sufficient, but at it was an exposure of spiritualism and as Mr. Read declared, on his word of honor, that no one would enter the cabinet, it may bo safer not' to conclude how the materializations were performed, as no doublcc-abinet exposition would be deemed adequate.- When Mr. Read waa manipulating the curtains and appearing to give directions to the man in the gallery, and to harry him up, the enrtains occasionally parted and white ' objects . were seen within the cabinet, moving about as if preparing the tableaux. After the show was over Mr. Read bad trouble in keeping curious persons from nocking all over the platform and examining the cabinet and some pretty sharp, plain and earnest talk was indulged in. He promises to make everything plain to those who keep np their attendance on his entertainments, but he would not give away anything last night that was worth keeping. Commercial Notes. Ten cars of wheat were received at the Centre-street depot to-day consigned as follows: J. D. Peters, 1; I. S. Bostwick, 1; H. E. Wright, 4; Stewart k Smith, 1; Farmers' Union, 3. J. D. Peters shipped 65 tons by the steamer City of Stockton to 8an Francisco, and one car to Port Costa. Stewart & Smith tbipped 180 tons by the schooner D. C. Hasting and 90 tons by the schooner Maria Nelson. M. Reynolds shipped 500 tons by barge Champion. Wheat - is quoted at $1 60 to $1 C8J. , , ' Police Court. A Chinaman was arrested last night for stealing a fluting machine from one of his countrymen.wbo was owing him a sum of money. A charge of petit larceny was booked against him at the jaU. Subsequently the Chinaman who owned the machine put np fifty dollars for his release, to appear at two o'clock in the Police Court The Chinaman wai present, but there was no one to make the complaint, and he wai discharged. Splendid values in underwear at Hale's,. Largest stock water-proof in city at Hale's. - Never mind, Hale A Co. sell the goods. ,.,.-. Best English silesia, nine yards 31 at Hales. Found plaid shawl; owner can have it by calling at Hales. Get Hale's price on Mission white DianKets. . - Lining cambric, very beft, tour yardt ZS cents at Hales. ,v,v,vv. Prices" tell at Hale's. Get prices at Hale's. Good comforts, $1 at Hale's. Wm. M. Hickman Dear Sir: In reply to your inquiry wliat use I make of Abietene; I would state it is a general remedy on my ranch. I use it for Diarrhoea, Colic, Kidney troubles, Fresh Cuts, Sprains, Burns, . Scalds, Sc. ' It it the best remedy for Inflamed Eyet I ever used. It it a splendid liniment; I've cured the Sweeney with it When my horses have tne Uolie or Kidney troubles, or my cows have the Milk Fever, I cure them with Abietene. In fact I consider it one of Nature's Remedies and one only to be known to be appreciated. I hardly know what I'd do without it " JOBS K. MOORE. Near Stockton, August 7th, 1380. ' ' Boca Beer. " Thit ii the only true Lager Beer brewed on the Pacific-Coast It has no deleteri ous drugs in it to injure the health or distroy the brains of any person, but it a heaitn-giving, heart-inspiriting beverage. For a rood, cool drink of it call in and see Dave, at Boca Beer Hall, corner of Levee and Hunter streets. Entrance on both streets. . . wi.'iiiieO - Ta the Ladlca. ' Mrs. M. A. DevoD, the fashionable milliner nnder the Mansion House, took the first premium at the' Stockton Fair for the best exhibit of millinery.' She has the finest assortment in the city of bats, caps and bonnets, all of the latest styles. Also shaded plushes and plumes, watered silk and satin ribbons, and everything in her line at prices to suit the times, . , ' o7 morgan Crawford, or FABJHNGTON,' , , I use Roberta Ague Remedy in my family. It it a Sure Shot I recommend it first lt and all the time, 8tockton, CaL, July 15, 1881. For sale by H. H. Moore Sox, Drug-gut. Stockton, Cel. -. i Another Baa ttot Mat t At Sportsmen's Headquarters, W. H. Van Vlear, Proprietor. All kinds of sportmen'i goodt kept constantly on hand. Alto a complete stock of the most improved muzzle and breech-loading guns, pistols, etc Special attention given to repairing of all descriptions and satisfaction guaranteed. - Give him a eall before purchasing elsewhere. . - oc8 .- It leu FmI Dewfandeatv " And weary of Ufa, do not give up; it it not trouble that oaoset suoh leelingt, but datordered kidneys or 'liver, which Warner's Safe Kidney and Liver Cure will invigorate, restore, and thus bring yon happiness ouoe more, , jeirvlry is grsci'y rdaod at J. Oliek't, city torxrili, The City Fathera Beet an Traaa-. aet a Little Baetaeaa-A Dearie Daai aad ttravel far Boater-Street gqoarev , t A regular meeting of the City Council was held hut evening, Mayor South worth presiding, and Messrs. Graham, Cadle, Campbell, Rowe, Caine, White, Parker and Bailey, present The Mayor presented before' the Coun cil the matter of the further improveraent of Mormon Channel Ha had been in formed by Colonel Mendel that it was necessary to construct a dam across the channel east of the California itreet bridge, to catch the debris and prevent it from filling ' np the channel where the dredging had been done below. Unless the citv paid the expense incurred in the construction of the dam, the amount would have to come out of tho appropria tion. The cost of the dam. waa estimated at from $200 to $.100. The matter was referred to the Levee Committee with power to act. , - , - The Fire and Water Committee re ported that tbey had let the contract for building five cisterns to William Saunders, two for $300 each, and" three for $330 each.. The Committee recommended the payment - cf bills amounting to Mtl 53:' '" ' " ' -".' M 'The Finance Committee recommended the payment of bills amounting to $018 87; the Street Committee, $279 25, and the Health Committee, $45. " The Printing Committee awarded the contract for city printing to. an evening contemporary. The following resolution was offered by Mr. White: , , Rtsotvtd. That tbe Street Committee be and they are hereby authorized to have Hunter street between Main street and Weber avenue, graded and graveled in connection with the Hoard of Supervisors of San Joaquin comity and the property-owners on the west side of said Hunter street. . - t-' ; . Mr, White stated that the estimated cost to the city would be about $900. The property owners bad agreed to pay one-half the cost of the work on the west side of the street The estimate of the work, at made by the City Surveyor, was as follows: For city and county 203 tout gravel at $1 12J and 471 torn cemented gravel at $1 80; total, $1,177 42, or $3 92 per front foot v : ' 1 i For property owners-195 toni gravel at $1 1 and 557 tons cemented gravel at $1 80; total, $1,221 98; city and county one-half, at $2 05 per front foot property owners same, . - Recapitulation: City and county, $1,-788 41; per front foot $5 96 1-0; property owners, $610 99; per front foot, $2 05. The Street Committee waa authorized to sit at a Board of Eflnalization on the 28th inst. on the assessment list for the grading , of Sutter street between Fremont and Oak streets. ; - - : On motion of Mr. Cadle a warrant of $300 waa ordered drawn. 'in favor of the Chairman of the Fire and Water Committee, to be paid. by bim to William Saunders, contractor for the building of cisterns,' "J - - Novelties in dress goods at Hale's. , Fine line trimming silks at Hale's. Prices tell yet at Hale's. " v ; Cloaks selling very fast at Hale'a. - Plaid shawl found, - left at Hale's for owner, .. Last shawl can be had at Hale's. ' Ladies' walking coats at Hale'a. Latest styles to be fonnd at Hale's, Good white flannel, 25 cents at Hale'a. Heavy gray flannel, 25 cents at Hale's. Twilled red flannel, 25 cents at Hale's, New lot cloaking at Hale's. See Hale's new doakinga. See them new cloakings at Hale'a. - Lowest prices in cloakings at Hale's. Hale marks blankets so they sell. See 'em those comforts at Hate's. r Laditt' cloth, all shades, at Hale's. ' No colds if yon buy those chest shield undershirts at Hale'a. . "The tioed Heln ; These who help themselves," and Nature invariably helps those who take Warner s Safe Kidney and Liver Cure. Superior likenesses at Batchollers. . Chess and Checker Room at Scroll's Cigar Store, 180 Main Street au26 Surah Satins, Plushes, Cut Velvets, Shsded Fringes ; in short, all the Novelties of the Season, at Block's. Prices as always, lower than those of our com-petitors. ; . - Grand opening of. Fall and Winter goods at Block's Dry Goods Palace 202 Main street Prices way down. . You can save money by buying your dry goods at Block's. - All jobbing and repairing satistactorily done, and cheaper than anywhere else, at Ernest's, 256 Main street - Grand opening of Fall and Winter goods at Block's Dry Ooodi Palace. 202 Main street. Prices way down. ' - .t ; 1 1 ' - ' V' ' ' Cisant made by White Labor only at DevoH'i 180 Main Street , Costs nothing to past an hour or two at Devoll's Reading Room, 180 Main Street as26 ' Pictures from lockets to life-rise at Batchelders. se20 Surah Satins, Plushes, Cut Velvets, Shaded Fringe! ; in short, all the .Novelties of the Season, at Block's. Prices, as always, lower than those of our com- petitort. . ; ;., ! .'; Novelties in drma o-noifa verv low at Block's. ' ..;." . Plumbing and Gat fitting a specialty at Ernest's, 256 Main itreet. . . Lowest prices in domestics at Block's. Photograph-alt atylea Batchelder Felt skirts for SO cents each at Hale's! The "Amulet" it tlx -best ten-cent cigar in the city. Sold fey Shaver ft Marble. BaiibO Powdd. Ex tensive advertis. ing to introduce article!' of merit add largely to their ' cost hence R. B. Parker c Son have been for over three years selling their Baking fowderguar. uteea pure anu equal to any sold, and find conttantiv incrfiuinz sales on its menta. Try i ta. Try it . ' . Call at Blofk't More rurchaiinir ehss- whrt, Bet assortment and the lowest pricts ia town, ' THIS COliBTa, Inperlor strrt-Berartsaemt L . Hot. A. V.E. ranatos, Judge; I. L Phelpt, O'k Monday, October 17th, E. E. Amu W. T Kiba at ! Set for 18th. A. D. Moore et el. vs. J. C. Kerr et aL "One day to amend complaint ; Bvk of Stwktnn n ll'ilbr I .marina Set for November 25th. John Colwell vs. John Kerr Defend- aut't imnrK fmatatiutfl im .(mammI ground and overruled at to other grounds; niaiatiff declined to amend, and defendant allowed ten days to answer. H. Kvhuut.n. H November 29th. J. W. Johnson vs.G. W. Dayton Set for November 30th. J. W. Johnson vs James Crawford-Set for November 30th. -Georgiana Prather vs. Benjamin f. Pratber Demurrer sustained; five days to amend. . , , TV W .1 V. Iwi: I.rJ and Lumber Company et al Demurrer to plaintiffs' complaint submitted. Ida Pettv vs. M V Hi run Demurrer withdrawn and five days given to answer. ' . T. J. Pima va W 6 tNMrAtr'.t .1 PlainUfTt demurrer to-amended answer sustained in part and overruled in part; ten days to amend, and - ten days t here-after to reply. - r.J 5, t,. " Best! Eetate Tranasvcuona, ! ' " The following real estate transactions were filed with the County Recorder October JSth: 1 ';.' '. V ' ) , John McCarthy to James Kernan Lot 7, in block 53. E. of Centre street, in the city of Stockton; consideration, $800. A. De Casta to R E Williamson-Block 128, E. ef Centre itreet, in the city of Stockton; $L . .. , John Blake, . Or PETEE's 8TATI0S, Volunteers : He says it will positivelyj cure Chills and Fever, Dumb Ague, Ac, and is iost what it is recommended. , Stockton, UL, July layitojl. ' ' For sale by H.-H. Moobe A Son, Drug- gists, tstpekton, Lai. Awn t iooi yonrseii. ruue s tc. still name tbe lowest prices for domesties. Heavy comforts, $1 at Hale's. Popular pried at Hale'a. Fact that Hak nnderscllt alL . ; New cloaking all shades at Hale's. Very fine those cloakings at Hale's. See for yourselves lowest pricet at Hale's. Those that set 'em buy 'em blankets at Hale'a, . -X i X- .t ,, . , Navy-blue ladies' cloth at Hale's. , All-wool ladies' cloth at Hale's. All sires ladies' nnderwear at Hale's. ; Comfort! $1 up to $2 50 at Hale's. Far trimming very cheap at Hale's. . Best assortment blankets at Hale's. Gray mixed fur trimming at Hale's. Fnmlture and Upholstery. Phillip ' Mengel, the only practical fumitnre dealer and upholsterer in the city of Stockton has always on hand a large, new, tied varied: stock of the best Walnut Ash and Maple Furniture to suit all tastes and at prion to suit tbe times. . Being a practical mechanic and doing his own work. He claims that he can furnish better furniture and upholstery than can be purchased from those who only deal in these articles but have no practical knowledge of them. Before purchasing elsewhere" call and satisfy yourselves of the truth of his assertions at his store on Centre itreet, op posite the rost utnee. Bab' Punch ' Is dflliciona with lemonade, fine ice, soda or milk. Have it ready for tbe welcome or parting guests. ... ... . Sold by all Grocers, Wine Merchants and Druggists. -, Trade supplied by Ricbarda A Harrison, Agent! for Pacific Coast San Francisco, Preserve your Eyesight by buying a pair of those Fine Pebble Spectacles or Eye Glasses, for sale by J. Click, We have no nervous tonic at onee so reliable and convenient as Fellows' Compound Syrup of Hypophosphitet, and we therefore, gladly recommend it in the diseases of such organs as depend for health upon involuntary muscular action. Grand opening of Fill ' and Winter goodt at Blook't Dry Goods Palace 202 Main street Prices way down, . Werrth BememMmng;! ;5 . The largest assortment of Broti and chose, consisting of the latest styles, can be found at Fbid Artold's Shoi Stork, 194 Mainitreet Stockton.-. Alto dressing, which makes old ihoea look like new. Osi Pnicn Storx. t jsS William A .Harrttj ' -,; - Of STOCKTOir, f, Wat taken tick in Oakland1 with Liver Affliction! and Dumb Ague,,, which wai thought would terminate fatally in Consumption. Here it what he hat to say : f was there and emaciated with a hard dry cough, unable to walk across the floor, when I commenced taking Roberts' Ague Remedy, I expected no relief, but astonishing as it may seem, a very few bottles brought me around to the vigorous, hale and hearty man that I am today. - - . Stockton, July 16, 1831. For tale by H. H. Moortg t Sox, Druggists, Stockton, CaL . aulli Joha Crmwlerd, Or STOCKTO!!, SAYS : ; Have used Roberts'. Agae Remedy in my family for the last four years. Have cured my wife and children of Chills and Fever with this remedy when everything else failed. Any child can take it Stockton, CaL, July iC, 1881: :; For tale by H. H. Moon t rjoyDrug. . gists, Stockton, CaL f ; vi . Ton can aava tnnnev '.fev bnvinv Tmtr dry goods at Block's. . .. : . ;.. ..-; Closing out an entire stockjof jewelry below cost LWoolf. Eldorado St o5 '' Eagle Hotel. ', At the Eagli Hotel bedt can be pro cured for twenty-five and fifty cent. Meals twenty-five cents. - ' ---i,-v-; Mas. S H. Aunt, ' octfi-tf Proprietress. 4 ' Bickasuoa Bra., J . - of ftrrotf STATiow. " ' Ibeee Merchant! say t Roberts' Ague Remedy meets with a ready salt. We sell it because it gives satisfaction. One bottle does tbe work. . Stockton, CaL, July 14, 1881. For sale by H. H. Moori ft So;, Druggist', Stockton, CaL , v Power ef Speaking kratared. . ' Newab, Omsio, March 30, 1870.' ' Jonat FotheringiU writes: Some two months ago my son lost his voice. None of the physicians conld do him any good. Twe hours after faking the second do of Follows' I!vnonho ,'t. b power ol speaking wu pru-iscv.y retired. E. y t'.e L J t, 1 a- r.ii'j i r in " ' s at t.' e ?" t T ' r Thai CuUun U Form a habit of quoting from the books you read. 11 yoa try to quote and tail, don't be discouraged, but look tbe matter ap and SQoceed next time. When yoa visit talk about your books rather .1 .1 - ' Ll Tl hub MJuaa yunr aeigouun. reTVOTecv in your labor and great shall be your reward. . Do not be discouraged it at first yoa do not like this or that standard author. Remember that men of culture do like him, and yoa will like him when yon have made their culture yours. In boyhood one thinks Yankee Doodle on a fiddle, or a picture of Peter with a green beard, tbe perfection of music and art ; while Beethoven and Raphael hare no charms. But yearn and culture bring a change. And to in reading. Persistent effort in the line' of right wiD bring its reward. The times are inch, the spirit of tbe age is nch, the longing souls of our children are such, that if we would keep these loved ones of our household!, long under the roof tree and within the sacred circle of home, we must bring to them this culture that they will else leave us to seek tome other where. It was the waver of Him who died that we might live, that blind eyes might be opened aod deaf ears unstopped. The petition may well be re-echoed to-day that tbe mentally blind and mute may see and hear the beauty and harmony that now lie hidden from them in the unexplored region Of books. There standi before ua all an open door, the way into the world of books t Shall we enter ? Saturday Krenhtg Call ,,-. , There are two extraordinary virtoet to be learned from human imperfection. The imperfect 'on of others may teach at Patience; and one's own may teach us humility. ' - " Let the dead past bury it! dead. The men of to-day prefer to deal with live it- sues, of which there are enough to engage the best minds of the nation. The hlnom of vonth never annears more beautiful than when it bends to ward the Sun of Righteousness. dTARRTKD. WALSH HENCEMAIf In this dtr, October 15th, by Bev. W. T. riesnor, Hiss Amelia Uence-ouui to Wm. Walsh. DIED. Gibsoa, ol Coder atfUBtr, knra, axed' 30 yesn. HARTI5 -0n the Waterloo road, two miles frou Stockton, October 16th, Felix Martin, a tuttre of Virginia, aged 74 yean, 7 mouths and SO days. HLTCHINOS At To Semite filler. Septem bar ieth. Florence Hutchmal, eldest daughter of 1. M. HutchUiga, aged 17 rem. Astonishing those, children's vests, 25 centt at Hale'a, Come early if von want to avoid tbe crowd at Hale a. Very heavy water-proof 50 cents, at Hale a, - White blankets, $2, $3 25, $3 75, are very good, at Hale's. Get Hale'a prices of blankets before purchasing elsewhere. Guaranteed the best ladies' cloth at Hale'a. - Ten yards English twill dress goods $1 at Hale's. , Twenty pairs children's heat for $1 at Hale'a. t ;v-: ' Those men't gray shirts for 25 cents, going like hot cakes at Hale's. Black cashmeres all pricet at Hale'a, No goods misrepresented at Hale'a. Colored caahmerea all prices at Hale's. ,-Square dealing with all at Hale'a. ' Red blanketa, California made, at very low prices, at Hale a. Ten yardt Lonsdale muslin $1 at Hale a, , :,r . Sea than chest shield undershirts at Hslea.-.. v.; , Bronze-green ladies' cloth at Hale's, Toni of new goods at Hale'a. See Hale'i minerva vests for 76 cents at Hale'a. Don't bny-yonr blanket! until yon have teen Hale'i. Ladies' red flannel pants at Hale'a, ' Ladies' red flannel vesta at Hale'a. A Teataateat Kevlacr'a Oalniea. : The eminent author, Prof. A. C, Ken. drick, D, P., LL. D who is Professor of Hebrew, Latin and Greek in tbe University of Rochester, and was one of the revisers of the New Testament in general conversation with a number of gentlemen a short time since, said : "1 have re ceived from tbe use of Warner's Safe Kidney and Liver Cure very marked benefit and I ean most cordially recommend it to otben." - BCBXETHI' OCOAIXE A lady'n Hair Saved fey Ita TJe. Burnett'a Cocooine will keep the hair in a strong and healthy condition by stimulating the roots of the hair and restoring the natural action upon which its growth depends. Twenty yean ago a single bottle saved a lady'i hair in a desperate case where every other treat ment had failed; and since that early success thousands of eases of Baldness, Dan druff, Loss of Hair and Irritation of the Scalp have yielded to this remedy. The superiority of Burnett's Flavoring Extracts consists in their perfect purity and great atrengtn. t If rov WAST THE STAFF or LIFE nt Its PURIT T, Ask Your Grocer fot the Genuine "GRANULATED OK, I ' NEW PROCESS FLOUR ! " Manufactured at " ' 8PERRY'S STOCKTON CITY MILLS, And take no ether. For sale by aQ ;r;..; Dealers. : ' , : s Spirbt A Co., Stockton. San Francisco Office No. 22 California Street ' "1 Bt Importing furniture by the car-Ion it enables me to sell Solid,) Walnut Furniture as low as San Francisco ranered furniture. Solid Walnut Bedroom suit, from $65 np to $300. Pine Furniture, Chain, Loungot, Parlor Sets, Piano Stools, Baby Buggies, Pillows, Blanket!, Carpeta, Matting, Crockery, Cutlery, etc. etc., at the lowest possible price, El Do rado street one door south of Main. an28 'A EA8TON. ? J. H ACKETT, . Chaxs?ioa Tailor ! arl Main Street. tr All Work Ouaranteee) No. I- fttbtl Photo-" -'-r. 1"3 Tl r--?. !o Street - . . . W .-iv. . . -.., f T f A V T A'-vfy. f,:..: r sBr" - r - w - aLWaJ w TUESDAY CVC'uC, CSV. i:, . JOSEFF', ; The Greatest Living Pianist in Grcr.j C. aVaB0Za9irXO I3V " . MRS. A. M. mit, THE FAVCH1TE tZTZ) TXOSBTB BawiTdd Satis ean ta obtained at Oa-arfi Meate MowistheTii Block's is To Buy Your DRY GOOD Having made Many Large Steck, we can Safely Assert that Ours is Now the Lai-.' gest, Most Elegant and Best Selected Stock OF DRY AND IN THIS MARKET. WE ARE NOW CISPLAY; : . Novelties in Dress Coods. Novelties in Fringes and Cimps. Novelties In Buttons. Novelties In Everything, Which we are Offering Very Low. . Domestics at Cost. . OITO. STOCK Ol Waterproofs, Cloakings, ' Cssimeres. Flannels, Linens, - Ladles' and Cent's Furnishing Coods, , Hosiery, Corsets, Etc., 4re Now Foil and Complete, and Our Prices Are 20 PER CErJT LZlll TIIAM TDOSF OF OIR COMPETITORS. Space forbids enumerating all the Special Bargains which we are now ofti'mi!;, . bnt we Invite One and All to Call and be Convinced that the BEST AND CHEAPEST Place to Boy DRY GOODS ia at ' Block's Dry Goods Pa!:. 202 LiAin 1,300 Aeres of Lr.:: In Herced and Fresno Count:: 3, Lying between the Chowchilla river and Ash. Creek, 1 miles from Merced, and irrigated from the Chowchilla, V. : Land has been turveyed into 40 Acre Tracts which ' sold on Very Reasonable Terms. The soil is a choc ' -colored loam, particularly adepted to -CUAPES, FIGS, OL1TE8, AL3IO.DS. i :; .11 apeicot ad rLritis, All of which are Jfow- Growing on the Place. FIXE SOFT WAT;; It . had at a depth of Twelve Feet, and FLO WIN GAR T ESI AN "VuL' Hare been oblaincd in theniinediate'Ticinity at a depth ef ab- tit -Sonthern Pacific Railroad ram through the cEiilvr of tliti t: ' line of tbe Central California Railroad, alto, hat been stu-vr-the tame, intenecting the former at Mintiun't SUtion, afford aettlera thereon oneqnalled adrantftcs for t' ? ment of thoir farm product!, either to Sun Fran ' o r the Eaatera Ststet. Also 1,500 acres cf CL:::3 C. Under the same system of irrigation from the Chnwc' "" ' the abore. . J... 4 . . Stockton, September 15, 1881. won tatyu r hale imv T. R. MtNTUSN, r.:inturn ttzV.: r: ' CECSCS V.TST, 187 i:.r: r r ' ' Ol" paints, oils a:;d -IN IIIESAS JOAQtlN VALLEV, TOW W i AT S Fi:i::r Ld :!,:";: " A lar a end I choice r; or - - c;.:::::i'.r. " J t mm m. C 1 ttonfrrttlymt eitrm hv. the Pi: Fall & IVini:; O Additions to Our Usual Larre FANCY GOIO GTiinz:.

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