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Daily Evening Herald from Stockton, California • Page 1

Daily Evening Herald from Stockton, California • Page 1

Stockton, California
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NO. 106 DULY EVENING HERALD gratios from Ireland Germany and Nor tUt. oultrjj, TrgrtaMrs, dirt, EUREKA SALOON, DAILT EVECTNGr HZEA1D. PSBLISHI IVIwY IVCNIrlQ, (IDRDAYS IICIFTID,) By WILLIAM BITII) Editor Proprietor. way will be larger than ever before.

Chicago, May 4. The Times' special asys Secretary Boutwell is aboat to inaugurate a sinking fund to pay the public debt, under the law of 1862. which haa sever been enforced, owing to increased expenditure and diminished revenue. The complete reductien of eipeniei gives reasoDSDie aeaurance mat a nnaing iunu be created from July lit Jacob 1). Enoi (colored) has been ap pointed Postmaiter at Valedosta, Ga.

This ii the notorioui rebel town where the Klui attempted to blow up the Conrt Home while the Republicans were holding meeting there. Cuban Affair Havana, May 4th. It is reported that insurgents have appeared in the Juris diction Ciensovatss and the inrrounding country. Many large plantation! and tates have been seized in this country Poultry for eale, having made arrangements under the eonfiaeation decree. SanFrandaoo for the ale of our Poultry.

VVeare I confident lhat we can afford to pay good prices. The lugar market remains firm. betoreyoudUpoee of your Poultry WASHINGTON, May 4. The Cuban in- elaewhere. On hand constantly for tale at retail, urgent Government, it is reported fromT.

rthet. Iatdepewlent Block, Weber Areata. Bet El Parade) and Hunter au. t. -Proprietor WOT PROPRIETOR OF THIS wplMidld ftalona begs leave to jnfor IM patrons oi House that is riu be Kept Open Day and Night, For public accommodation.

The Sitting aad Beading Room it commodious, well ventilated aud supplied wfm a large number of the leading par odical tod newspapers of the day, for the spe eonveaieaoe ef customers. Side Rooms in farmers and others can transact buiiaaes, are osnely furnished and the SLEEPING DEPARTMENT, Contains at good Bads tod Well Ventilated Rooms as any hotels in the State. The Bar will always be found well supplied wit Choice Liquors, porter and Ale. Bottled and oa Draught, This boose has long been a popular public resort, and the Proprieu will remain oaotaamg ia their eudeavem to keep i. ax'cptcx r.uivui OLD LODGE SALOON, ESTABLISHED IN 1E52.

XUSDICK, THIS FAVORITE SALOON HAS BEEN entirely renovated, refitted, and is re-opened, next door to Gage's Livery Stable, Kaia Meet, directly opposite the Coat Row, Stockton, When none bat the Beet duality of Llqaora, Wiatf, ABl Porter, Beer, Cider and Clgart Will always be offered te the patron ot OS house, Panienla attention paid to the getting up of Fancy Winter Drinks, ef Every Variety, tj- The Sitting and Reading Rooms are oom- medians, elegantly furnished, and contain the best Atlantic and California papers, received ere-ry mail. The proprietora ber tesvt to announce that constant and nnrelaiapg efforts will be mad to please patonrs by prompt aad poUta attention te their demands. XUDDICK A MADDEN. dyl8) COURT HOTJSB SALOON, MAIN STREET, 0 Directly opposite the CotM Home. A.

P. BITT, rVnrietr THE PROPRIETOR OF THIS FtPULAR Resort would Inform kfl'friends and the pub. lie, that he ia en hand aa naval, serving oat the best brands of Liquors, Wines, Ale, Beer and Cigars. Particular attention paid to FANCY DRINKS, Cool Summer Beverages, etc; None but expert-eased Bar-keepers employed. The Beading Koona Is one of ate coolest places in the city, and Is tlwaya supplied with the Latest Papers and Periodicals.


gkogh's new building, Mailt (treat, -ap stair. rpHH SUBSCRIBER HAS OPENED THE above named place to the public, and will spare no pains te make it a favorite plaeeef retort. The rooms are elegantly fitted up, tad contain three of Phelafi'a Best Billiard Table. Mr. jf.

S. Jarnlfran, well and favorably known, will preside at the BAR, and tarnish the Irons with the very best Liquors and Cigars It obtained in etockton. tplt J. B. MARSH, Proprietor.

"THE SALOON." Opposite Wells, Farjro tc Centre atreet. TOT J. Original Package, with the Best Stock of Liquor and Cigars That ean be found on the Pacific coast Tour patronage ia respectfully solicited. My Billiard Boom tt Large and Well Lighted. B.

SMITH SON, GLOBE SALOON, Levee street, In Ilickmaa't Balldlaf THE SUBSCRIBERS HAVE OPEN-1 ed new Paloou in th rooms former-! It ooennied bv C. Deuee. which have been inorooguiy renevatea, ana wner uvj keep constantly on hand the choicest brands of Wines Liqaort, aad Havana Clgart tal tf GARVIN A LEVY Pw'rrp. OTSTER SALOON. TV RE SH OTSTEBS SERVED AT ALL HOURS, By GEORGE E.

TABSB, At hk NEW SALOON, Levee street, next dec to the Etreka Saioot. mi at, T. mCHNBOTUAM, Dealer ia all kinds ef AGON LUMBER, OAK, ASH AND HICKORT ILMBEB, NEW LAFAYETTE HOTEL AKD WTRTATTBANT. f- 4i aC 5 ueatre ntreti 4r Between Mala and Levee, STOCKTON. LAURENT BABADA, Preprletar, EsT Private Eating Boomi for Ladies and Gentlemen.

49 Nicely Furaiihed Roorrfeby the Day or Week. LAURENT BARADA. AMERICAN EXCHANGE HOTEL Centre Street, One Block from the Post Office. SH. RIPLEY HAVINO SOLD ALL HIS right, titl and interest In the furniture, fix tures, lease, of the American Exchange Hotel The present proprietors (ire nolle, that this new brick Hotel ia now open for the accommodation ot public, under tho management at an expert eaced Caterer.

Connected with the Hotel is BAR, where the best of Liquors and Cigars can be had. Rates of Board as follows Board and Lodffintr. Board per week 5 00 Board and Lodging, per day, 1 90 Board per day, 100 todlflng. Meals SO March 30, 1869. apl EAGLE HOTEL, Weber a venae, Stockton, TEREY ft RAWLEY, Proprietora, THIS POPULAR HOTEL, LOCATED in a pleasant and convenient part of the city, hss recently been enlarged and newly rornltbed.

and a more detiraoie popiic noma can. not be found in the city. The present proprietors Invite their old friends and the publio to givi them call, and be assured ol satuueuon. Board, with or without lodging, at the most reasonable rates. Comfortable rooms for ladies and families, with every couvenieuee.

TEKBY, tt HAWLtl. UNITED STATES BESTAUBANT ANB HO TEL, EWIS til DARCT, Proprietors, 1 Ainivorth'i New Bnilding', Levee Street, Between Centra and El Dorado. Havinr moved into tbe above due bufldinr and fitted it up in the beet style, we are now prepared to furnish our customers, old and new, with el good MEALS and as comfortable BEDa as ean be obtained at any other place in the city, and by strict attention to the wanta of our patrons, we hope to be able to give ihem entire satisfaction. The location of our Restaurant and Hotel Is such as will particularly accommodate the traveling puoiic. TERMS Board, per day, tl BoardandLedr- per day, Board, pel Board and Lodging, per week, ft 50.

LEWIS A DARCT, Proprietors. jaMfl Copperopolis Restaurant. H. B. Stoetzer Proprietor FeTawijf of (is Unit Butnrcnt, Cuppmftlll jV.

HAS OPENED A RESTAU 1UZ RANT, eorner of MAIN and SUT- L2L -JiiS TER STREETS, where he it pre- pared to accommodate customers with the BEST the Market affords. His Friends and the Public generally are invited to patronii aim, aa be te determined to please nil pattona. in aaatnon, ne nae, also, attacneu to tne mmh-rant, aooominodaUous for LODQINQS, with ex- eellent tleen-invrtine Beds. tF-Hoara and vooginf, or ooaru wiuioui MOging by tne Day er wee. H.

G. UI., nekton, February 9th. 1866. SAN JOAQUIN RESTAURANT.

IN ELDRIDGK NEW BUILDING: 0 XOppoeltethe Cot MAIN STREET aw Court House, The nndersirned respectfully announcei to th dtiiens of Stockton snd tne traveling public, thai he has enened thu NEW RESTAURANT, and la prepared to keep It in the best ttyle. and at tbe cheapest rates of board. He is determined to ex- 11.1 L. icna snon SMKonunoaauoiit au uunv wuw umj patronise him as cannot foil to give the utmoet latin faction. Separate apartments for ladies and gentlemen.

nicely mrnunea rooms oy in oayor weea. j6 DAVID JOCKERS. The Celebrated aad Well Known HORSE MEDICINE. D. D.

Sold by tl Dmgrlala, and Dealen la Ftteal Medieiaat. Priee (tnaaU aiae), II per Bottle. (larsje BO WHIIAKS K00KX, "fySS Proprietors, Stockton. Cold and Shower Baths for SB OBNTB, AT OUB 1E8PECTIVB STABLISH-menu, front MONDAY at 4 to SUNDAY tt o'clock r. n.

ECBTRROM BROS, Eureka Baths OEO. L. SMITH. MctropoHtatBsthti Delano a estein, WuhlngtoiBalhti SIEOEL A RABER, LtfayetW Bath. Stacktea, April 10, 1869.

PlO-la CONFECTIONERY AND FRUIT BTOHD. rrHOBll BABIES, ej Hunter Strxt, (Hickman's Hall Building,) Keeps emurtantly on hmd every variety ef COM FECTI()NKRYndthehqollty of ail var etiee ef FRUIT te found ia the market. Manufacturer ef fart Cider Vinegar Sweet Cider, Wholesale aad Retail MT TH0S. IAISE1 OALGIANTS MARKET. (Snceeaaor te j.Sa JJUY AT OALGIAJVI'a VEGETABLE ABB FISH MARKET, Levee Street.Three Doom West of El Doradt STOCKTON.

fjrSO T. S-AjmiKO. T. W. XORTHET FANNING ft NORTHET, DEALER8 IN ALL kinds of POULTRY, CHICKENS TURKEYS DUCKS, EGGS, And Game of all Descriptions, We will pay the highest prieae to those jjg.jf Main etrwt, oppoalte Wolfi Stable.

1h Place to Trade. ftORHAN it RINO.av lanw IT HnThiir thirrmiflilT rrnirrnt-T t. i atm ed and remodeled their Market, are now ready to tupply their euMomera with everything market anordi, in tbe ibape of Fruit, Vegetables and Flth, BOTH CURED AND FRESH. FRESH SALMON received direct from the Flthermeu twenty-four hourt in advance of the San Franciico market, We are determined to keep the MODEL MAK- KET. and have the facilitiat to supply our rat- tomera with the BEST the market atfordi, and at the lowest powtble rates.

Will call for and deliver orders to any part ol the city free of charge. Orders from the country Dromouv attended to. Thankful lb 'put patrcn age, we respectfully solicit a contic since of the same. Imarii trUttUAn at sunt. MILLER ft BADGER ir TT AVE JUST RECEIVED BY THE LAST STEAMER, Tbe Largest Stock ef Wall Paper and Window Shades Ever offered In this city.

Over 15,000 Rolls of Paper, selected wilh the greatest care, and of all deseripuoas, which we offer At Greatly Reduced Bates. ALSO, A Large Stock of Faints of All Kinds, Varnish, Oils, Window Glass, And a general assortment of goods belonging to the trade. Goods Wholesale and Retail. Call and examine our stock before purchasing elsewhere. MILLER BADSEE, apU Main street, Stodftan, HAMPTON ft BLACK, tit Soles ale Avp retail dealers IN AliL B.UMJ3 OF GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS, Wines, Liquors, Clears and Tobaooo.

PSEPAEED FBTJTTS AND PEESEBVES OF EVERY VARETT. BAN OH BUTTE 17 Kept In Ice, and constantly oa All Kindt of Country Produce Bought and Sold, tf Patronage solid ted feellngeonsdent that we will give aatisfaction to all who may favor us with their trade. HAMPTON A BLACK. apS A RIGHTEOUS VERDICT. mUTTLE KIDD'I BLOCK, JL aunt STREET, Have been found guilty of HIGH CRIMES AND I 'I ne sallowing art ue are oles on which the verdict was rendered Aarr.

The said Tuttle A Co. are guilty ef making better rietuies than any other establish ment. A XT. 8 -That the said Tnttle A Co. are guilty of selling their Pictures and frames cheaper than any other establishment.

Art. 3. That by snch action, the said Tattle Co. will merit the patronage, favor and approval of ail enstomers. ART.

4. That all entreaties to meka second olasa Pictures have failed, and they Mill continue to mate superior worn, Oa these rhanret the accused wen duly reigned and FOUr-B GUILTY. But for all that the great criminals still persitt, and are always be found at PHOTOGRAPH PARLORS, Kidd' Block, ready to attend to ail that may favor the witaaoau. tn-aw lax MARBLE WORKS, Weber Arenas, ear. Baa Joaquin tt STOCKTON.

rrt UNDERSIGNED PREPARED TO furnish Monuments, Tomb and Head Stones, Marble Mantels, Orates, Table Tops, wash sterols, etc, at eta Francisco Prises, IT Parumlar attrition paid setting np mat la aad rates. rVOranlte work done to order at the Lowest Pricea, 17 1 execute all the work that I contract at my ewa establishment it atockloa, without im porting ether sat I wen. epSt T. W. HcCREADT, "Jie WEDNESDAY EVENING, MAT 5th, 18W BY OVEELAM) TELEGRAPH Niw' Yobx.

May 4th. Letteri frnm Richmond lay that the New Movement manageri bought out follard i paper, the Southern Opinion, which hid impended publioation on Saturday. Trie Republican i ipeoial tayi that Gen Lee, at the interview with Prriideot rant, made teveral iuggetioai at Grant'i requeet refpeetiog the lubmiiiion of the Comtitutioa to the people. He thought the people would prefer separate on the diifranchiaing elauie, alto on theclause affecting internal improvements. favors the Fifteenth Amendment.

He approves the recent Conservative move in icbmond, and does not appre harm from the enfranchisement of the negroes. He comiders it of the first importance that Virginia, of all the Southern mates, should be in sccord with the led' Government and have full represents in Congress after which, all collat and minor questions will satisfactorily adjust themselves. The Tunes' apeeial says that a portion tha-Comraittee aooointed bv the recent VirginTa Conservative Convention to confer with the President has arrived. They the Conservative! have made Bp their minds to sccept the i ilteenth Amendment, universal luffrage, the Reconstruction Acti all, believiog that Congreii will not agree to restoration on any other termi. They will, therefore, aak the President to lubuiit the negro suffrige clause of the Conititulion to a separate vote.

They oppose the exclusive test oath of the new Constitution, which goei beyond any act Coogreis, and plant themselves on the platform of universal mflrage and universal amnesty. Chicago, May 4th. A letter received from Sheridan'i from Col. Cbamben, oonsmandiug ort Kandall, re ports murders by the Siouxi. General Stanley, commanding Fort Sully, writes that all efforts to snake peace with the Siouxs are an entire that peace as distant as two years sgo.

The Indi say they never will make peace until poets are removed. A steamboat was stopped going up the Misiouri. Stanley further aayi. Iron information received from Inendly Indians, that he believes war parties are out now to depredate on the Union Pacmo Kaiload. General Qierson writes from Sheridan'i headquarters, at Wichita Mountains, April lUth, repouiug the unconditional lurreoav df one hundred lodges of Arapaboes.

Only portion of the tribe is still out it under feathered hear or Spotted Wolf. large party ot tneyennes have also come in All will leave lor the reaervation the 20ttfioitint, A Waahiogton ipecial sayi the public debt reached its maiimum in August 1865. when it amounted to $2,757,639,571. At preient it ii $5,52925735. The Pacific Kai Iread bonds ire now nearly 57 millions the debt has tteen reduced at the rste 80 million! yearly 4.

be cue of Liiyette C. ttaker against eity ot Washington for a reward ol offered for the arrest of Booth, waa decided againit Baker on the ground that being an effioer df the Government could not itare in ue reward. The caee has been appealed to the Court in Bane. Chicago, May 3. The balloon race be tween Steiner and Chevalier haa been ar ranged to come off at Lonii on the 4tb July.

The race will be to New York or San Franciico, as the wind may blow at the time ol itaiting. Philadelphia, May 4. The Working' men's Association serenaded senator Sprague at the Continental Hotel to-night, He made a brief ipeech acknowledging the compliment. Nrw Yobs, May i The detective who bad charge ol the bouie of Kindt, on Btate itreet, Brooklaad. one of the partiei sharged with robbing heeler I watch ease manutactory accidentiy some wood work on Friday and discover ed three nuggets of gold, watch eaaei and two leal ringi, the whole property being worth Bosros, May 4.

Frank T. Cheney, aged 16 years, son of highly respectable i t-J 1 ll parcot ju aorta auaover, laoi nimeeii dead yesterday morning. His father bad required him to apologue to his school teacher for truancy, which it is mppoied moused in rasa act. The old liquor license law expired on Saturday. The officers of the 8tate constabulary went around tad informed all liquor dealers that they muit elose their places forthwith.

Mono of them complied with the order, sowever, ana bar rooms were open to day as nioal. A prosecution will probably be commenced at au early day. The result will be that all public drinking saloon! will be elosed, and the club-rooms of a lew yean ainoe will be revived. Thomas Norton who carried oi imall drinking place at the was so excited when he was informed that be must oeaae business, that be went oraxy and hung himself. The liquor dealers and hotel proprietors, to the number of five or six hundred, held meeting at the Parker House, to consider what action they ahoald take In reference to the threaten ed enforcement of the prohibitory law.

The queation was freely discussed. Very unooinplimeotary alluiiims were made to the tiegiiistnre, xi was decided not to resiit the law a body, but as individuals It Ia likely that nearly every dollar will evade it, or attempt to do so. A reeoln- tioo was passed in favor of the formation of a new political party at once, its ebiel purposes Being to secure a more liberal legislation on the Honor and other ques tions a committee Was appointed to take the preliminary steps in ue matter, New Ton May 4 The Triiaw'i special lays ai epidemic bat broken out among the tbeet of Vermont and New Hemnakirw, and Urge waiber have diad fcoB'Eiref, can Ku a the OFFICE cm Main Street, oppoiitt tht Court i House. TERMS, 1NVAEIABLT IN ADVANCE Out feu, (by mail), 10 00 Bis Montis, 6 00 Three 3 00 Per Week, delivered by Carrier Single Coates 10 roftMicnjrt (Sards'. DR.

S. H. FICKETT, TAENTIST. ALL DBNTAL i XJ operations carefully performed ia the Boat scientific end skillful manner, end warranted to fir. satisfaction.

Offlar, Main s.reet, Doll's itora, Stockton. DR. I. N. MYERS, TCNTI8T.

ALL OPERA-X) none la the liae o( the profet-eioa earefdlly and 1)111110117 performed, and satisfaction warranted. Office, Main street, opposite the Court Home, in Eldridge'i tuildiog, op stain. mrt DR. R. W.

HENDERSON, HAVING EETUBNED TO will return, the tuaetio of Dentistry at bit new and elegant Dental Rooma. over Owens Moore's, eorner of Main and Centre street, apiu M. BIBER, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, STOCKTON Office, Kidd'i Block, Room No. 5, up italra Main ana centre street, ju DR. LANGDON, TiHYSICIAN AND STJRfJBON.

STOCKTON. JL OBoa oa El Dorado itreet, between Main and sve streets, ant DRS. HUDSON STOCKTON, TIHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS. STOCK ton, CaL Otnee over Holdout Drug Btor. Entranea on Bl Dorado street ault DR.

6. L. WAD LET, Phytlclaa and Aeeoachear, lAFFICE. ODD FELLOWS' BUILDING, Main street, 8tooktoa. Office Hours From 9 to lx a.

and to 8 P. H. mrM B. A. BOOKER, A TTORNET AND COUNSELOR AT LAW, I lock loo, California, will attend the District Courts at the Firth Judicial District.

-Office in Odd Pc'-lows" eld Wilding, op Itain, 1 IMrado 1.1, Between Main and iiCTee. JOB! ITERS. LYMAN W. ELLIOTT. BTERS ELLIOTT, A TTORNEY8 AT LAW.

STOCKTON, Jx. California. Office, up stain In Eldrldge tew bnildlaf, Main street, opposite the Court in. aa H. B.

TJNDERHUJi, A TTORNET AT LAW, STOCKTON Will ettend to business In ny of trS Court ef this State, and in the U. Dlatrict and Ciroul tourm for California. Office in the Court Hoon, Main. fc4 FRANK T. BALDWIN, A TTORNET AT LAW AND NOTARY A.

Public, Particular attention five to pro Mings in Bantrnptcy ana in tne rrooetewiuri. Office with rl. Badd, aq Booms 3 end 4, dd reuowr Building. nn REMOVAL. TOHN H.

WEBSTER, NOTARY PUBLIC ej Conveyancer and Searcher of Record haa rcmoTedfroin hii nfteen.yeari itaad in the Court Home, to Eldridge'i Builtang, Main street, appo int the ueart Hons, jaura W. B. BUCKLEY, A TTORNET AND COUNSELOR AT LAW, will practice in all the Coord of the State, and ia the Land Office. Moat earetul attention riven to all bojiaeei of the profeealon. OBoe Odd Fellow Building, opposite the lout House, ctooatou.

act J. G. JENKINS, A TTORNET AND COUNSELOR AT LAW, A Stockton, CaL Office In ftdridge's building opposite the Court House, Mam atreet. ao O). T.

MARTIN, A TTORNET AND COUNSELOR AT LAW Stockton, Cat. OfJeeln Eldridge Building eppoate the uiurt uoaae, Main itreet. ja GEO. VENABLE SMITH, A TTORNET AND COUNSELOR AT LAW, A Will Breenoe In all the CoorU ef the SUte, aad la the Lead Office. Meet careful attention rim Ik all hull neat of the profeatioa.

Office Odd Feilowe' bnUdlaf, eppoeite the Cenrt Henae, nocaton. awi J. H. BODD, A TTORNET AT LAW, STOCKTON, OAL. Office la Odd FeUewi- building.

Maiaetreei. 1. 1. WUHOIT. wiLHorr BIRBmTB.

aULI. ft HALL. VTOTARIE8 PTJBXIC, cm and Seerehen ef Beeorda. Reel Eel ale and Omeral Afmnta. OFFICE Court Boaie, Stockton, Cel.

my) H. T. COMPTON. WHO HAS HAD MINT TEARS EIPBRI-enww Mereantlle Book-Keepcr, and la eon- Tenant with aeeoosta of every deecriptian, tendere hit eenrioee to all pema who atay require hia mautanw, in aditieunf aeeooata ana eopying tmienta ef wrltine. Inquire at the Counting Room el Mean.

Jonee As Hewlett or R. B. Parker Ce. Slookt, It arch. 10th 1B68.

aorlltf W. M. BRANDON, DEALER IN REAL ESTATE AND LO-eathif Ageat, Odd Fetlowa' building, Stock- ten, CaL Laodt boarnt aad cold. Abttract uUee furnlthed free to pu rebate re. Agent for the eale ef eone ef the tneet agrieultnral laadi In San Joaquin Valley.

JaSK) Every bcxly fat Want of Feto and coimmosm, ciqass end Tobacco, or any kind ef ITATIONBST, Call eaeaty etoek, la Eldridgel Building, eppseite the Cent lowaa. Main itreet, vaere vea ean be euppuod at the Hrweet ratee. aplfJ ED MADDEN, cowntrr Predate Or ALL kinds, sought 'Am WU, atUMKalieea Variety iHore of MeAEB at CO. era Mill A aul9 eral new votes Ue ment hend eral Hon eral of lay and of is am the er is on le ef the he ot iraiuiugiuD, naie ueijui lauuua id prugroeei or toe purcoaae oi me jreruviaa uiouuort now at St. Thomas.

C'moAoO, May 4. Preiident Grant keepi a vigilant watch on the affairs of Cubs. Although Government officiali have indicated a willingness to sell all kinds of war material, to any partiei who desire to purchase, no sale hai been made. Tbe'Preiident stated substantially that he believed that the have exhausted their itrenglh in Cuba, while the iniurgents have much latent strength, which will show itself in an effective manner. The Preiident laid to-day that the Spaniih authorities have acceded to every requeit our Government made where American oitizeni had been interferred with, and that the Spanish Government very confident of iti ability to lopprera the rebellion in a short time.

Advices from the other lide ihow that the iniurgeoti are equally confident in their ability to ei independence. Mr. Plumb, our new Comul General, leaves for Havana on Tuesday, with very full and explicit initructioni. He re quired to protect the rights of American citixeni, but to avoid a quarrel with tbe colonial autuontiei. Eeuabkabli Casi or Tbancb Nine Dais VIjtbovt Movement.

The Faribault Minn, April 7th says On Monday morning, March 29th, Eeuben Foster, of Earth City, aged 30 yean, wai chopping wood at bis door, before he had eaten hit breakfair, when he inddenly felt very faint, and going into tbe nouie, told bn wife not to be frightened if he fainted, but to throw cold water into bis face. Scarcely had be altered these words when all coniciouineaa left him. But, though partially reitored by the water, he loon relapsed into tbe ncconicioui state, from which it was impossible to recover him and he was by the physicians pronounced to be dead, though some longer tuipieioni seem to have been entertained that might pot be extinct, ai the body remained flexible, and showed do ilgm of decay. Under inch circumstances thf funeral wai postponed until lait Friday, at 2 o'clock M-, when the pbyaiciant agreed that he was dead, tbe corpse waa taken to the church, the funeral discourse wai delivered, and tbe coffin opened for the friends to take their long laat look on the familliw features of the dead, when it waa noticed that great drops of iweatitoodon tbe fore head of the lupposed corpse, and that the face alternately flushed and paled. There wai no doubt that the man wai actually living, and lhat the mental agony he had lufiered at the thought of a living burial, had eauted hit cheeki to change their hue, and the beaded iweat forced itself -upon hii brow.

Tbe body was Immediately returned home, and removed from the coffin. The blood wai tried, and found to flow freely ai from the veioi of a healthy person but up to yesterday (Tuesday,) nine days, the body remained in the tame trance state, musclei flexible, and no sigui ution. Daniel F. Bakeman, the last lurvfting soldier of tbe revolutionary war, died at Freedom, Cataraugui county, N. April ath, at tbe age IUV years and six month! Mr.

Bakeman wai a native of New Jersey entered tbe revolutionary army in 1778, and did services as a teamster until the close of tbe war. About six years ago his wife, with whom he bad lived 85 yean. died, and few month since bit two eldest oni died each aged about 80 yean, Mr Bakeman voted for Washington in 1789, and at every subsequent Preaidential elec tion. The new female Poitmaiter at Rich mond, ahowi enterprise. She has placed two ladies in enargeot tbe ladies delivery, established ttreet letter boxes, increased the facilitlei for registration, and intro duced other improvements into the Rich mond A.

N. BLAKE, UNDEBTAK EB HUNTER STREET, Between Main and Market Streets, Stockton, CaL Dealer In Shrouds, Metalle, Mahogany, Soae wood, Velvet and Cloth Covered Coffins, and all ef the Latest 8tyUs of Mountings and Trimmings Prices Warranted te Give Entire SatisActien, 17 All Orders fee funerals attended tt with Neatness and Deipatoh. tee A. BLAK.B. XT Ton Want the Best HARNIttS AND IABDLII, Or anything ia that Una, Ot) to THOI.

CUNNINGHAM, 189 ttaln street, apti iTOcrrox. Whltewood Boards, Wagot Bowl, Hobs, Spokes Felloes, Tongues, Hickory Axles, Hickory, Joist, Bent Shafts and Poles, etc STOCKTON WAGON SHOP, SH Mala street, betveaa Sutter and California, mtM STOCKTON. ,1 B. MAC RAT, RCHITI0T AND BUILDER armory Bnilding, Weber Arena, Opposite th Court Eons. Plans, gpecItSoetioris, furaiihed at reasonable rates.

Contracts let or executed. Improved method ef erecting brick bafldinra, thereby Iramr-Ing airalnst Or, and traring perfect ventiiatloa onnbined with additional strength and a larre ing In cost of marll Lry tiocdi and mHE BtST Ql'AUTlES AND LATEST JL Styles of Dry Goods and Clothing always to be found at the store aosa fcHIPrEE, McKEI A CO. I.

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