The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 21, 1949 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 21, 1949
Page 16
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PAGE SLXTKEN Jtll.l l^JUY.J OVJUItl^U THE NATION TODAY Visit by China's Red Leader To Moscow for Stalin's Party Seems More Than Coincidence By James Marlutr WASHINGTON, Dec, 20. (fl>>— Two important, \vtU-tiresscct men are now chatting In Moscow. One of them, Joseph Stalin, the World's No. l Cornmunfct, is having a birthday, his lOUi. And the other, Chinese Mao TVe-Tung, the World's No. 2 Communist, traveled, he .said, clear across Asia by train to help celebrate the birthday. , . . But it is reasonable to think I hat while they're sipping tea they're discussing something more imixirU ant than blowing out candles on a cake. It .seems more than a coincidence that the Chinese beean his journey just about the time his Com- Hon, Northern Korea, 9 million. Where Nevf for Itcils So, as the second half of Ihe century opens, the big question lo be faced is this: Where will Com- miijiL>in push next? Tiie Western Kuropean countries, backed by (he United States, stand mnnist followers bad pretty nearly „., a bm wark. at le.nst for the' limp mopped up China. beim;. any communist do- In fact, while the non-Commu- sire to move we* I to the Atlantic nist world is reflectht? on the'Ocean. events of the first half ol the 20.1, | A[1[i in CMn!t ,„,, eoranu ,,, is , .. century, now coming to a close, the emmfm al M<10 ; 7f .- nm g would i ! two men in Moscow may be laying seem lo have Its hands full for a ! plans that will shape the second , vnl , e ,„ M,^.,,;,,,!,,,/ mlt af(ail ., half of the century. j in chjrm wl , i( . h it , 13J . j|lst ,„,.<,„ over. For, if any one thing stands out in Ilic past SO years, it's this: The Wesd-rn capitalist world has lost ground Imiiciicliiiisly to i'limimi- nisni ann may lose a lot morn in the next 50 years. Indeed, a.s Ihe second hull of the century draws neiir. the 111036 important, questions the '.vovhl face.s are these: lint the southern fringe of Asia, not now communist, may look like i a reasonably *oft touch to Stalin I anil Miio Tze-Tung lor the next move. Alimfr the .sinilhiTii edvc of A.sia are four countries with a total pop: ulaitnl! of around 4fil million peo- ! )>le: India 41)0 million: Fronch In- How much more of i he world will , do-China, ?1 million: Thailand, 17 communism gobble up? Where will i million ;l!nrm:i n million. it .stop? Can it be stopped? Will the I W it h pressure from Communist communist states pull together or j china. a"d from communists within break up and quarrel rmong thorn- ] those c.>:.:,;rics. Ihe last three—in- StVIIOISII HI'Airrv VISITS li. S.—Miss Gcrd, ao-year-old blue-eyed Ijlnndi! winner of Sweden's. Ijteia bride comel.,, nets an nd- 18 and aficeliormtc welcome tioni Cavii, Hiitisli bsill man tit at York's Intcrnalional Airport atler her amvid for a wick's visit he U. S. Miss Lars.son. wiio .shared lictiiois v.ith Miss Noniui Pic email, erica's Lucia bride, in festival in Stockholm, will visit Minneapolis! -agri, Milwaukee, and Washington <hlrins; her lour. iAf Wirepholo)'. the communist and non-commnnist selves? Will there he a war between worlds? Wiil capitalism win? Or, if communism should be crushed, will .capitalism remain or will it .slowly change into socialism or something If you just look at the number of people brought under communism, then the last five years are more impressive than the previous -Ti, a.s this will show: When this century besan there wasn't one Communist government rfo-Ghina. Thitilaiul. Hnrma—nH>,ht .st-otii Ro<xi spous for 11 push, At least St:i!in ant! Mao 'IV.p-Tung \viH probably consicTiM 1 tlut problem while ,<;tiiiL<]ijig nromul (lie birthday cake. India, with its population, may .si-cm lex) big R nut to crack any time soon. But the point is: Since communist. 1 ; look ahead 5C yours or 103 years or any number of yonr.s, the two wcll-ifre.s.sed men in Moscow are probnbly having /ome very hitcre.siing mlfcs which wi|l ftf- fecL all of u.s. on the face of Ihe earth. Cominu- nLsm then wa-s only a theory. By 1917 the Communists had taken i f lye West Virginians control of Russia. I i • / • c i And Russia remained the only} " 1 y ure " '" explosion Communist government until 1945, or the end of World War II. But! MAI.VEHW. Ark., Dec. 21— ifl'i— then the picture began lo change! FiVD '"""lici's of a West Virginia rapidly. Now under the thumb of i f 311 " 1 .' 1 ^ c ""e burned, one seriously, communism are: China, Albania, Bulgaria, Jiimgar.y, Rumania, Yugoslavia, Soviet Russin, Czechoslovakia, Poland. Northern Korea and Eastern Germany. tourLsl coin I in :m explosion at here yesterday. Frankie Kinder, Costa. \V. Va,, suffered first degiee bMrns. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. M Kinder. his wife ami brother. Danny, were about 2,2W.(X)0,000. Of that lolal one I b . U ','' C< ' le-s ;! fn ' n "^ ' rl "'y .«"• in every three-or about 777 000 OSU! f llle lint !3 """ ss C """ l i' "^P-lal ^^"^rr^rsjiX 5 ;pi t s "h;:;^ c ^^^ i^S^^r^^^ = .=;^»,mi;:! LSs™"- is •- - The population of Ihe world Is lion; Yugoslavia, 15 million, oslovakia 13 million, Poland, j McCiary said the parly was r&tue lo Texas. FOUNDLING FINDS A MOM -Iwc Cunnmsham of Houston. Tex., \ns i ] she was abandoned in o parked cir ,v lo adopt the foundline. "Miss C hn lm « ns c „, station recently. Mrs. Cunmruhun female i,, P bib> she to add to iicr own rpmily o[ '.\vo children %eir^ -, n Mrs Bellv <! \ub,, h% B ib\ Ttter M, f , „„„, ,, lm w , nl , vUm « ns | c f, „, n ,,.,, i ; or Prompt, Conrleous ^.g? FRIENDLY A SERVICE NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 4474 Wife of Duke Offers To Get Divorce to Aid His Claims to Throne PAHIS. Dec. 21. (AP) — Former Opera Singer Carlotta Tiedcman lold reciters je.stcrday she is ready to "renounce" her marriage to Don Jaime de Bourbon, second son of the late Alfonso Xllf, If It will help his ehitm.5 to the Spanish throne. Dressed in black, Don Jaime's wife, who bears the title Dtiche« of Segovia, six>ke calmly in English. The -11-year-old prince was not present as his duclie.s.s told of her plans. ''He knows nothing: about my decision," fhe declared, adding: "I think lie will be very iiorry." The Duche.-s said she did not know how her civil marriage with the duke could be annulled, but added "if It Is necessary, ho will a.sit for a divorce." The duchess said .she dirt not ulsli to be an obstacle to her husband in Ills royal claims, and she thought hi.s marriage to a commoner would certainly stand in his way. U.-m Jaime's .speech and hearing failed htni for much of his life. lie told reporters recently that since his recovery the cause of his withdrawal in Javor of his younger brother, Don Jnan, had disappeared. Tlm.s. he said, he was. considering legal action to reiivstEitc his royal claims. MAINTENANCE MAN — Bobby Thomson takes the measure of a baseball on .1 spring stand to keep his balling eye sharp The New York Giants' outfielder works out at his Staten Island home. Australia to Bolster Ties with United States • CANBERRA. Australia, Dec. •>!— M'y-JMislralla will strengthen her tics with tile United States. Prime Minister Robert S. .Mcnales said last niBht in his first nationwide rndio address since assuming office. The leader of the victorious free enterprise coalition that unseated an eight-year old labor uovcrnment hers of his cabinet. was sworn In Monday W j(h B-__^ Menzles 6 aid: "if there' fc ^^ real peace and women 2 the world who so seldom mak» war but always suffer from it must ciilllvalo the elosSt ,£, "? real affection and WHEN nYOU FEEL WELL! 2-1 HADACDL KIRBY DRUG STORES ^ afionaily Advertised Gisls For fhose Lasf-Minute GIFT SHOPPERS OPEN UNTIL 9p.m. SC'- •t'.'if "*«s /•• S^gsPH^ „,,. --•-'••• '-rt%&$£^^&& !5§ivV...<,i-.-..'-'••--;'7,;;:,i,^]i"i-^-^ -->'-.^ if>fi^,.j.i*. I '''S '>--' i . xr ' > ' r ''' r "':"^j,i,^-.,,«wt*«.-. M S^^m^'^' aa ^ ( MEAD'S Hart Schaffner & Marx Suits Arrow Shirts Arrow Sportshirts McGregor Sportshirts Array/ Ties Hickok Belts Hickok Jewelry Interwoven Socks McGregor Sweaters McGregor Jackets Royal Robes Stetson Hots Knox Hats Sport Coats Pajamat EVERYTHING IT TAKES TO MAKI HIS CHRISTMAS MORE ENJOYABLE J11HAIN1TRIIT K. R % % K K K H H K K n K K n n X ft K 5 K K K K K K K K A f, K K K n S » n K K a K K K S K a K K K K H 2 A I ******,*^

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