The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 24, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 24, 1952
Page 9
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TCTBSDAY, SEPT. 24, 1952 Izard County Vote Probe Brings Criminal Ckarges from 2 Foes METRniTRNR ArV t&\ n»,-.n_* BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COimium NEWS MELBOURNE, Alk. (ft) — Oppo-* nents In a hotly-contested race for state representative hurled criminal charges against each other yesterday as a Grand Jury began Its probe of an alleged voting fraud, J» Izard County. The Jury, acting under orders from circuit Judge John L. Bledwe ; to lift the cloud of suspicion from - the county's returns in the August, .Democratic primary, heard only one witness yesterday. But outside the Grand Jury room, ' Iho two principals in the contested, representative race, R. L. B)air and, •' Arthur Harris, pitched angry charges of Ja;v violations ftt each other. Blair, who lost to HnrrLs by 36 votes in the primary—tantamount to election In Democratic Arkansas —declared fchaf, 300 illegal ballots had been printed In Missouri and -used to his opponent's benefit. , . Brilcry Is Charged Harris who countered that Blair, •; who has served two terms in tJie House, attempted to bribe election judges and had otherwise violated the state's corrupt practices act. : Harris' charge was contlned m •,a cross-complaint filnd in Circuit ..Court In ansu'cr to Blair's suit contesting the outcome of the primary voting. The Blair-Harris race generally . is credited for the fact that Izard County.cast about 3,500 vote.yln the . primary despite the fact (hat It is; sued less than 2,400 poll tax re- i'.celpts. This discrepancy also caused a second election contest, in Sen. Y. M. Mflfk of Moorcfleld has "charged that.Sen. Orvllle Cheney t , of Calico Rock won nomination on ; the basia.of illegal Izard County votes, The Mack-Cheney dispute Is to he heard by Judge Bledsoe beginning ' ! Thursday. No date has been set in! the suits involving Harris and Biair. Extra Ballots Charged In his suit, Blair charged that ,."300 extra ballots" printed at Thay. ei\ Mo,, had been used in the run..] off primary. He also charged that .", no list of voters -«aa kept at Oxford, Harris' home box, and that 276 votes were cast, although the _"_ township Issued only 83 poll tax ro- .ceSpts. Judge Bledsoe told the Grand '_ Jury that, "the eyes of. Izard County are upon you as well as the eyes of all Arkansas." if "The law-abiding citizens of Izard .. County are looking to you to return .indictments;* he said. "If you do ; your duty, Izard Comity can be proud of you and thankful for the ; work you have done." The only witness heard yesterday was Bradford Go van, publisher of - the Melbourne Times. 20 lillit* Dollars 1933 1936 193» 1942 1945 194S 1951 APPEAL FOR FARM VpTES—Newscharl above Illustrates arguments both political parties will use in order to get the farm vole. The Democrats will tell the farmer "You nevec hart it so uood" and point to the farmers' high net Income. The Republicans will argue that inflation has \viped out all gains and point to the fact that everything the farmer buys, such as farm machinery, is much mor« exnnnsive than it used to be. Polio Strikes Family Fourth Death Blow in Nine Days Blind Man Is Robbed Belleville, III. (iP)—A blind concessionaire in the St. Glair County . Court House. Charles Schremp. . told police some one took S'2.50 . worth of cigarettes and cigars from his stand ili two days. Court House employes passed the hat, collected MILWAUKEE, Wis: (/P) — Polio has struck the Leo B. Linneman- stons family its fourth fatal blow in nine days. Barbara, 13, died last night. Ten days ago, the Linnemaiistons parents took a drive In the country with the seven of their eight children who lived at home. They were looking forward to the time when their oldest, John, 20, > Marine, could rejoin them. , The next day, Sunday. 18-year- old Paul was hospltnltecd with bill- bar poliOs He died on Monday, the day his sister _Lorraine. 4, became ill. Lorraine died Tuesday. Mary Ann was stricken on Thursday, the day of Paul and Lorraine's double funeral. After Mary Ann died Saturday night, tlie grieving father said. "A persons has to be afraid to wake up in the morning." Sunday morning Barbara, 13 awakened with the headache an< stiff neck which had announced bnlbar polio three times before. She died 12 hours- after Mary Ann's funeral yesterday morning. Wafdist Leader Openly Defies Pressure from Egypt's tyaguib CAIRO, Egypt — Former Pemter Mustafa el Nahas has openly defied the pressure of Egypt's reform government to oust him from his longtime post as head of the once powerful Wafdist party. In a statement to the pro-Wafdist newspaper Al Misrl the popular T5 year old party leader last nightsaid: "There is no power in the world that will force me to quit the leadership of the Wafdist party hut the power of God or of the Egyp- enough money to cover the blind man's loss. tian people." The government of Premier MaJ Gen. Mohammed Naguib has demanded that all Egyptian politica parties purge themselves of person suspected of graft and corruption and reorganise themselves to b« eligible for official recognition, Th Wafd has been one of the mail targets of the purge movement. The party press reported yester day that Vice Premier Soliman Hafez threatened that a reorganl zed Wafd would not be recogniza by the government if Nahaa stil headed it; TO THE NEW stinghouse CLOTHES DRYER when ;. ( rmJ A merry Sinfing Signal chimM, "How Dry I Am", to tell you when clothes are ready. There's n new, direct "nir-flow" systern that dries with steady current* of warm, pure filtered air. Other sensational new features free you from the stonjiinfr, stair-climbing toil of washdays. Stops weather-worries, too. D l/flflng Signal... Chimes, "How Dry I Am", when clothes ore dry. This is a Westingliouse trade-mark. B Kew 3-Vl,y Dry Dial! Want clothes dry for storage? Damp-dry r or ironing? Want to dry synthetics properly? Set Dial . . . it's automatic! IP1 la,31; It.d/ng SisJfl ffi^ Kxcluaive jumbo-sized loading shelf for your. convenieiifa- Kliminates heavy lifting. Q\57''K,— _ 1 Qil\ \ ?. M ll . ie V^™^ 0 ^ 68 ^fy 61 "'" handsome ^ £_\ \ identical "Twin"—Ilia 1953 Laimdro- YOU'll JINO, TOO, WHIN YOU UT THISI fAMOUS l*UNB»» TWINS TAXI OVU! Dnnr nnd Water Saver . . . plus exclusive WASHaway, UINSEaway Action! ' wu C*N *f SURE.,.i« IT'S \\fes tinghouse Ait ui how lo g*l m »l of ninialiir* "Iwini"... Ihat (« ogirfctr lilt* tall Ark-Mo Power Co TARR GAZING (Continued from/Pag* 1) - .irRlng than twins. The avernge wife makes » bigger llowance fpr her husband than « gives her to run the house oil. I'll bet you thought of this, out ot out loud. Don't yon reckon n ortlon of the forbidden fruit got uck In Adum'a throat Is why men ave Adam's Apples — What a bought! Whether or not you agree will) ils. I can't help It, but ten Is t*ie lost popular beverage In the world. Copper y man. the first meinl usetl Charles II. King of England, Is esponsible for n sirloin steak being Iven that name. He knighted a ohi of beef once upon a time nnd oine king added "sir." A big juicy arnbtirger Is about as near to ro.v- Ity »s I can get. Not all girls are interested in oys; some are interested In men. Junior is growing tip if he had ather steal a kiss than second On tke Social Side... In the tune it look for you lo ad this column. Uncle Sam spent urt' near a hundred thousand dol- ars. WARNING ORDER The defendant, Robe;'! Lee Reid, warned to appear' in the Chan- '.vy Court, Chlekasaivba District, lisslsslppi County, Arkansas, ivilh- n thirty days, and answer the com- ilaint of the plaintilf, Blllie Marie Reid. Witness my hand, as clerk of said ourt, and the seal thereof, this 2nd day of September, 1052. Harvey Morris. Clerk 9.21-lo;i-8-15 -J«« TVl Tof> Orem»ti< Sfcour.,, WISTINOHOUSE STUDIO ONI . . . I»«r/ Wnk- Club Has Dance Ushering In Hie JlrsL ot the fall's planned Joclal affairs given by (lie SO Civtb was the dinner-dunce nt the Hut Thursday night when the members had a buffet supper followed by a^lanco. Music was funv- Ished by n Memphis orclicstrn. Hors d' oevures \\ere passed upon arrival ot the guesls. The livco covered buffet table held nn nrrniiRC- menl of purple asters llanked^wUh yellow bunting tapers. Pried chicken, barbecued chicken nnd lobster highlighted the evening meal. Other than the members those Invited to attend the affair were Mrs. Don Btodgi'lt. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Butler, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Gene Eiutlcr. Mr. and Mrs. Louis George. Mr. and Mis. Bruce Cdllicrt Mr nucl Mrs. Walter Daniels, Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Uyrss. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rogers and .Mr. and Mis. John White. At serving lime, the 15 guests were scaled at smalt (nbles. Bud vases holding a white carnation centered each table. A color scheme of uurpto, yellow and while was carried out in the decorations. Pitch Hub Mccls With flame-colored marigolds and blue necrniuin urrnngi'd in copper containers, (he widows Pitch CJul) took <in an early fall utmos- phere.when it met with Mrs. Ed Slitppen with Miss Ruth Massey assisting. In addition to the club mcmlyis, the guests were Mr.*, neorjjc Doyle, Mrs. Ooorte Bandy, M:s3 Blanche Cleere, Mrs. J. w. WhiUvorth and Mrs, Lalali Coble. The srunll tables where the guests were seated were centered with miniature bouquets of the marigolds ami ageralum floating in shallow bowlfi. The same flowers were placed at intervals in ihc living and dining rooms, Following supper, pitch, was played with Mrs. Doyle winning high guest pike. Mrs. H. L. Lcvcn- stein high club prize and Mrs. LOUR Colbert, second prize. Celebrates lilrlltuay The colonial home of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Coleman west ol Os- ceolft was the scene of Ihelr grund- dauchli-r Dana Daniels' birthday parly Wednesday tiiternoon. The occasion was nana's third birthday. After opening the gifts, each little guest was given balloons, noise makers and fancy hals. Her mother, Mr*. Walter Daniels ami her great grandmother, Mr». Jim Carwrlght entertained the children, with various tjames. A tiered birthday cute ivilli crystal sugar plums holding three pink candles wan the center ot attraction, Ice cream and inmdi were served witlrUie birthday cake. I'crsunals Mrs. Joe Dlllalnmty of Memphis is a guest in the J. W. Whltworth home where her daughter, Mt. Robert Clay Driver, Is making tut horn* while her hurtand it In K«re». Jltnmle Welthlngton at Atlanta, Oa.. was the week end guest of hit uncle, B. A. Cox. Mr. and Mrs. Dave Laner and son, David, returned home Thuri. ilay from t two-weete visit In South Cntouna Mr. anrj Mrs Uoyd Oodl«y wer* in Little Rock over" ths week end for the Slat* Democratlo Convention. ask ioi Don't ask fo/ il by hall a name-osk for il by ils lull name — Boutbori de Luxe. You'll fee reworded v/ith o whiskey ol cxcepllonal merit, a whiskey Ihol you wili ogiee "lives up lo ili name." j^T^flfiSSiE? ^SSftW^^fc BOTH 86 PROOF • BOURDON OE LUXE KENTUCKY BLENDED BOURBON WHISKEY CONTAINS «X CHAIN NEUIBAL SPIRITS . THE BOURBON OE LUXE CO., LOUISVILLE, tllf. GET EXTRA MOOT EVERY TRIP -up T HIS new GMG 145 H.P Highway Tractor — the 472-30, will pack more payload and profit into 45,000 pounds of gross capacity than any similarly equipped middleweight built, It represents new advances in truck engineering that eliminate useless weight in engine and chassis design. Result: You can haul as much as 1,200 pounds ol bonus payload without exceeding this CMC's rated capacity by an ounce! • HC'I MIW 470 SIKHS H1OHWAY TRACTOR— gaioline-powered by lki« r«Tolution«rr new CMC "302" Yalvt-ia-hcad engine, novt pot*' • riul for ui weight in truck )iistory 1 Record 1.2 bigh comprcifioiil It is both trim and "solid-engineered with tfie i traditional ruggcdncss you find in the largest CMC's. Available in conventional and cnb-over-engin« models. Standard equipment at no extra cost include* CMC's great new 145 M.R engine, full air brakes, nnd husky rear axle rated to accommodate 10:00/20^ tires. Come 5n today nnd compare this sensational GMG 470's payload, power and f>rice! Nowhere else will so little buy so much in a middleweight truck! (ISOIIXE 4,M* CVW to W,HI 6CW OHSU tt.5«0 CVW «• MMW tCW Another General Motors Faliu WATCH THK TV FOOTBALL OAMK OF THE W F.EK F.VF.RY SATUROAV OX NBC TEI.F.VISJOX HORNER-WILSON MOTOR CO. 309 E. MAIN • You'll do beMe/ on a used truck wilh your GMC

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