The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 21, 1949 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 21, 1949
Page 15
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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1949 BL.YTHEVILLE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams QUICK.' TH' POSSE IS SNEAK.IM' UP ON THE CABIN.' TURN TH' DOG AROUND WHILE I OPEN! 7H' POOR QUICK BEFORE TH' SHOOTJN' START Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople H0. TWkSS5,fv<& STOCKING -MUFFLERS 010 MOT ARRW& TODAY/—-- X CALLED THE FACTORV— THEY TOLD M& A WATER MAW MA.LTINJS WORK- YOU'RE T£M F6ET BELOVJ SEA DOf-VT YOU POT Oti A SHAWL AMD f'RETSMD M3U'Re THE LITTL& VJILL6E AS D1SA1AL AS A DISCARDED MERRV-GO-ROOWD OM Heip Wanted BOP SBI'll 11 to 14 fill route. Ph. 4623. ess Sclmlur 12.21 ilk 34 Wanted to Buy Panla noccls one \\-hlle spltx male puppy, 4 to 6 weeks old. Call 535 1220 pk 24 HlBUMi price pam lor UIIKJKKNa - EliGS Asn street urocery & Market *" w ASD an ck ti For Sate, Cars and Trucks for sate by owner used. Chevrolet 2 door sptlan Rood mechanical condition fliiriio. heater it good rubber. Come arid ace F. T. Elder. 215 \V. Ki>nliiL:ky. Ave. 12;l7 pk 12.24 Salesman Wanted Are you looking Tor n growing business? Then become B. Rawlelgh Dealer. Business Is still oil the up-grnde for the Raw lei gh mnn. The company now completing 6 story addition to "Memphis Factory to take fare of growing ithern business. If you can qualify should he Ihc business that you e been looking for a long time. A Rood man Is needed to supply Consumer In South Mississippi or Osceoln County, where nau-lclBti Products have been sold for 30 years. 1500 fami In this locality. Write RAwlejgs. Dept. AKL-230-216A. Memphis. Term., or SPO H. c. Bliss, Leltvllle. Ark, 12 20 pk 12122 Ttvo salesmen wantert to call on turn • nd Industrial operators In the dell* nrea hegjnnln;, Jan. Ut. For dcmlls write me giving your background Cftr essential to this Job. F. O. Bats- /ord. Conway. Ark. 1221 <. Loons WANT A FARM LOAN T hava one of the best loans to be had. 20 years to pay Cheap rate of Interest. Will refinance your placi or help you to buy one. RIALES LAND CO. W. T. Barnctt—Russell Riale: 2262 two phones 3322 ll-25ck t to Loan IM you oeea a IOBD to rcpoiu 01 r tnodelv No down pnymenr oo mor gage, nc red tape FHA APPROVED RATES a<J-ASK FOB DETAIL Max Logan, Realtor Pnnne 2031 Lyncn Sulloli BlTttievllls Ark fa CAM€O By Virginia Teale °*f' : . NEA HKVICf. WC XXXIII \Y/HEK CliarJic Reddy opened h is eyes once mo re, his II rsl sensation was one of surprise— thai he was si ill alive, surprise that, apparently, not much time had elapsed, and thai Tom O'Neill was sli]] in the workshop wtth him. His head throbbed with a regularity thai paced his heartbeat and sickened him with its monotony and persistence. Tom was looking down at him with a dull, expressionless face. "1 was going lo kill you, Charlie. I was going to kill you, Charlie. But L was too tired." Reddy suddenly felt a surgin desire to live. He struggled up onto one elbow and passed his hand exploring)? over his face-— it was still there, lie got lo his knees, then, and resled his weight for a moment on his heels. He marshaled his mental forces slowly as he stood up. The light touch he decided, would be best "Lucky for me, Tom," he saic thickly. "Glad you were too lired What happens now?" Tom shook his head. "1 don' know. I was standing here think ing: shall 1 kill him, too? Am then, I said: Tom, you're ioe tired. Too tired, now." "You killed Noll and Marti Falter?" Tom nodded. "Nell and Faltc and Andreyvilch." Tears over flowed onto his cheks, "Poor ol Andreyvilch!" "Andrcy Yakov Isn't dead Tom." Tom shook his head sadly, "Ye. he is. Andreyvitch is dead. 1 di il myself." Reddy didn't argue. "Why di you kill Falter, Tom?" "Falter wns a blackguard, h belonged dead. lie took my wif away from me. And he took m money away from me. Almos SI5.000 he took away from mt Five hundred dollars a month paid htm. Fifteen thousand dol irs and Nellie- And tic laughed I me, called me names. A drunk- d, he called me, and a—o silly id man trying lo keep a young ife. I'm not old; <Jil isn't old." Tom covered his face, trying lo uiftlc Ins coughing sobs. "Why (i i d you kill Nellie, 'om?" Hcddy asked it gently. * * » pOM bowed his white head like a nonplussed schoolboy. When ic looked up, the muscles in his ace were twitching: '*! did, didn't I?" he asked •hildishly. "1 did kill Nellie?" **Yes, yon did, Tom," Reddy answered soothingly as he look cautious backward step toward I he cupboard. Without taking his eyes from Tom, he reached down and lified out the other blue figurine. As soon as he held il in ]is hands, he felt a surge of excitement. It weighed more than the first one! Tom was nodding his head. "She didn't love me anymore. She was going to tell the police I killed Martin Falter, she said 1 would go to jail and she would get all of my money. She knew I killed Martin Falter because sh*» found the—" His staring eyes focused on the blue figurine Reddy cradled in his hiuids. He shook hts head chidingly, . "No, no, Charlie, put (hat bat'k. l"he other one i.s yours." Reddy tapped tlie figurine—it gave back a solid, thudding echo. "Put it bat-k, Charlie," Tom repented patiently. Reddy was wrapping il in a square of cheesecloth, "I'd beUei take this one, Tom. You're being very sensible about everything, you know I'd belter take along." "Put it back, Charlie." Reddy recognized a new tone in Tom's voice. He looked up into the muzzle of a rusty old .15. Tom held the bulk of the heavy gut in a steady hand. Reddy decided to smile. "Now om," he admonished qu telly, 'ou w.-mt this all over and done vith, don'i you? You're tirad, Tom, you want to rest now." O'Neill blinked slowly, then shook his head. "Not in jail. There's no rest in jail. Only black, slinking air. Nn breeze, mi ocenn. no sunshine. Nothing but air and loud voices. Nellie was going to put me in jail, and so I killed Nellie." Roddy's mind pawed frantically through a jumble of impulses: He discarded the strongest one—thm of jumping Tom—the man's band was too (irmly on (he trigger) His : best bet was to talk quietly and think fast: "Tom, I'm not going io put you in jail. No one in Dolorosa is going to put yrm in jail. We'll take you some place sunny and quiet where you can" '~YNBILL'S eyes bad begun to burn like brilliant blue nr-on .libes. He stnml motionless. His voice was still unhurried and positive: "No. I want to go alone. No one will take rue anywhere. 1 know where 1 want to go. And I'll go alone. Give me my blue lady, Charlie. I'll take her along with me for a tittle ways." Reddy held the figurine loward him, "All right. Torn. Here it is, take it." Tom shook bis head, smiling a little. "Go over there, Charlie, and get a sack from the cupboard. Put the blue lady in a sack." Reddy eyed Ihe cupboard, he could see a pile of burlap on Ihe lowest shelf. He turned :is if to obey Torn—as he did, he fumbled the figuring and il fell will hollow crash on Ihe brick door. He saw Ihe hand with the gun drop limply lo Tours side as the white-haired man stared down at the fragments. Roddy felt that il was safe lo look and \vhat lie saw on the floor widened his eyes. He glanced up again wfirily, but Tom still .stood as though hypnotized by the pieces. Reddy dropped to his knees lo examine Ihe stained wadding thai bad been scaled within the blue lady. (Tu Be Continued) Lost FARMS CITY PROPERTIES LOANS INSURANCE See us for service. | Soe us and save. . ' \V. L. TAMKE REAL ! FSTATE AGENCY Larry Ingrain-Herman May Cooper Bid.—Ph. <1G27 12-0 ck 1-9 Notice Have you thought ~rt Christmas 1WM? Probably not anci nclthrr nav* WP , Rirpp[ thiU u ym , gl7p hpr i Henclix Washer now. she'll stttl be tnankjnp you December 25, 3954 nnrt year.-; tiUpr Come In anrj r^c the Upnrtu line at Kubbard A- Hnkr Ap- ^nnce Company. 12;14 cfc 1224 ' LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up free of charge in sterilizer) trucks. Call collect, 6142. Blytheville. Ark. ARKANSAS DRAD ANIMAI DISPOSAL TO 11 21 pK 121 M ToAIIOur~Friends and Customers Merry Christmas May \vc express our sincere apprcciittion and (hanks for ;J|-oiir patronage and favors rendered to us in ihe past year. It is our desire to lie of continued service to yon. May your 1950 be a prosperous and Happy New Year JOHNNY MARR North Highway 61 Phone 25% 12-21 ck tf Toy Coli!e dos. rrdrtlsh hrown ft 'nite, 3 >cnrs oM. AnvA-ers lo name Jack. Beuveen Moore Bros, store ,v. I.OIie Oaic. call Mr.f. I-'lelils. 76] RE- WAHD. 1220 pk 2J Persona/ minute pDou»tKtlc Berne* -b S'I'UUlU H8-C1-U FOR SALE Concrete culvert* Vt Inch lo 4h inch, plain or recnTarced AJso Oonrretf Huilcllni; Blocks chi-ap er than lamhcr for barm ch;,-liun hnliscs putnp hoQ^e&. tennnl houses (nol slitds H> drllvci Call as Tor frer esilmaLe . . . Plrnne 6S1 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO THE GRAVES Real Estate - Mortqaae Loans- Insurance 'SCEOIA BLVTHtVIl"" 521 Phone 3075 -Master Plumber- JORDAN PLUMBING COMPANY, inc All Work Gunrnnlccd For 12 Alunlhs 531 North lOlli I'hone rJUUl LU QQ UU O Z) $10 LESS EVERY DAY! 1946 Dodge 1-Ton Pickup* Wednesday's Price < $ Yes, the price will he reduced $10 every day until the truck's sold. Wednesday's price, $7'15; Thursday's price S735, etc. if it's still here. This truck has good tires, excellent body, and motor has been completely overhauled. Don't miss ill • OTHER LOW PRICED USED CARS • 1948 Studebaker Command- 1946 Studcb 'hampion er 5-Passengcr Coupe 4-door 1947 Chevrolet 2-door 1941 Chevrolet 2-door 1946 Plymouth 4-door 1940 Pontiac 2-door CHAMBLIN SALES CO. RAILROAD & ASH Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" PHONE 888 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIFTEEN I< HECKLES AKD UIS FRIENDS B? MEKIUU, BLOSSEH Chilly Chatter /OUNG OF MV ATTIKE IS OiuV EXCEEDED REALLY \W Tiie vEBiaMiuToor OP M/ SANTA 11 THCSPIAN IMPROVISATION/ Ci MJS, O-. ^<Tv ^r—r t. '. I Do VpU see ANO HEAR. I DO,HIU3A «" COPR, IW9 B* KfA SfRVICC. I\C. I. M. REG. U. S. r»r. OFr. "Where's your Santa Clans? We want to tell him what I want for Christinas—and no dumb cracks to spoil tho act for my mother!" IMMSCII.LA'S POP \ Whilu (liiil) Christmas BY AL VBRMEER I SAW SANTA AT THE STORE TODAY! I ASKED HIM FOR A Blt^E, A SLED, A DOLL, ICE SKATES AND TWO PONIES / YES. N HE'S V PR15CILLA, URE \ HE'S A A MICE JGRAND OLD MAN .'A FELLOW! YOU it WHAT'S IDEA?! A Marked IMiin HY M1CHAKL O'MAIJLEY ard RALPH LANE HERE THEY ARE,?THEY DON'T BOTHER MR. DE CARLO. I ME NOW, INSPECTOR. 410,000 IN I.O.US V I'VE GOT JUST AS . FOUND INWE- y(lA(la< CREDIT AS OFFICE OF THE )(CJ\ THAT ON HIS LATE KICK /U**,^ BOOKS. THE BOOK. WE'RE HOLDING THEM WITH 'THANKS FOR AIL YWAT'S WHCBE YOUR HELP, VIC. YOU'RE WRONG.' I GUE-S5 I DOtt'T/TOUnEVfR NEEDED tIEEO A BODY- A ONE WORE IN GUARD AMY r>h. YOUR-UFE MORE DON T YOU REALIZE YOU ARE IN DEADLY DANGER? CAI'TAIN EASY HY UOSUE TURNER A.UVBODY TH,\TD MUtlT LITTLE POOCH IS A HO GOOD BUM! I BET HE'5 A MURPERERJ. I SET THAT BUILCUir HE W(kS GUAROiH- is FULLA DEAD BODIES... C-COID, STIFF, DEAD BODIES !'. VEftH... 1 86 T HE'S A CROOK! T-TOMWV. HUSH!', f WE CANT,.. WE / WOT YVITHOUT OUGHTA 1EUL POP / TELLIW VWT SO HB CAN GET TH P WE GOT TM FOR POLICE TO— X CIIRISTWftS '. WE'LL WAUDUE THIS OUIfSEWES 1 GUESS FEOW KEII1 RUGS RUNNY THERE'S THAT CHISELIN 1 BU/A, SYLVESTER t=3 PUSSVCAT/ WHY PON'T YA ASK THAT GUY INSTEAP O r NICKIN . . ME? J^( WATTER OF LOYAL-TV GUVNOR/ POf? A SAUCER. O'MLK, GUVNOW? MOOCHIN' AGAIN, HUH...VA AU.E/ jr-'-Al^v CAT SCROUNGER' RY V. T. HAML1N YOU CAM DIG US UP A IN V/OI?^1ED / Yen.. WITH HIS AHiTUT OOP..I EQUIPMENT ANY- EH? THAT'S FUR PIECE FROM HERE.'/: ROOTS AND HER HUDDIES RY EDGAR J1ARTIN - €>t\OV9lHCj . t'VV -bAOP

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