The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 21, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 21, 1949
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1<M9 BLYTJ1EVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE 'I'HIUTEEN Critics Approve Of Miss Truman Most, However, Like Her Personality More Than Her Singing NEW YORK, Doe. 21. M») — A packed Camera Hall audience gave Margaret Truman an enthusmlk ovtitlon night, and the music critics thought she was wonderful. But they didn't think her voice was quite as pleasing as she was. The President's daughter, making her New York debut In a program carried over the network of the American Broadcasting Company, *tfas accompanied by Frank Blocks £3vchestra. A soprano, MLKS Trmnan sang several Christmas songs, including "Silent Night" and "O Little Town of Bethlehem." Also on the pro pram: "America" and a Puccini aria. »o Mln Bamiino Caro." Several top Metropolitan Opera figures were in the audience, a loin; with numerous government dignitaries and United Millions officials including Mrs. Franklin D. Roose- vclt. President and Mrs. Truman weren't here for the half-hour concert The critics praised Miss Truman for her poise and personality, Bn( some didn't think much of her singing voice. Said Virgil Thomson of the New j York Herald Tribune: "Miss Trmnnii hersolf presents surely B greater personal than musical distinction." Commenting on licr good looks, he said few artists "have Miss Truman's physical advantages, and almost none other has her dignity." Robert Roleman. of the New York Daily Mirror, said Miss. Truman "hns poise and an ingratiating manner." Selections Xnl a Test "We only wish." lie added, "we could say that her voice was the equal of her personality. It. is a light and pleasant voice, which would have been .sot off to better advantage with a piano or small orchestral accompaniment.'' * Howard Taubman, of the New Jr/ork Times, said "it seemed a pity that she was not asked to Ring more." "What she .sang was hardly a searching test of her capacity." Judging from what she did sing, added Tanbinan. "one would say- she has been working hard." He added: "But this was not the kind of program on which one could form a final and definite opinion. II Miss Truman hns not been told so, she must suspect that she is being pampered as n singer. She probably would prefer to take her chances on the same basis as any other artist. The manner in which she has taken criticism in tier stride would indicate that. One would suggest that she ought to insist on a full program for her next New York date." Douglas Wntt, of the New York Daily News, snid Miss Truman suny, "with tremendous concentration on her task." Metropolitan Opera Tenor Laiir- itz Melchoir, on hand for the concert, said Miss Truman "has the poods," hut "you can't expect her (i be. A Melba right off." Servants and Royalty Dance at Buckingham LONDON, Dec. 21. tAP» — The queen dntu-ed with the footman ;uul the princes.-? duncca wilh the dock- winder last night in Hucktnghimi Palace's annual household mn.s party. The palace staff gave the tr.idi- tionnl party. Queen Elizabeth, in diamond tnr;t and flowing green gown, waltzed with the liveried footman. I'rimnv.s Mnrfiftrct, sleek In rose and pink, wirlod over the glassy floor \\iih IP man in charge of tin* palace's imous collection of French giH locks. Unlit the wee hours of the morn- p they rtimred with other mctn- crs of the household staff. ing George, .still iTcuperatinf- low ty from a long-Miff prod leg ail- tient, sat on the sidelines and vat died until .shortly before mid- Lght. Then he retired. Erich von Manstcin Whisked off to Jail HAMKUHG. Germany, Diu-. 31 <Al'i--FV>nm!r Field Marsha) Kucli vim M;ui.slcni,'.sentenced to 18 years impii.sonmt'nt, was whisked out of Hamburg yesterday In predawn (1arkiK'.s,s, The destination of the last of Hitler's Centra Ls to he trirrd 1« nn- to be (ho war cnmitKt) j:ii! at Werl, near Hutnrn. There lie j BnU.h ;<nny lUdmeif to give any would join two other top Germans I official information. .serving war erinies sentences. Held marshal* Albert Kicking and Nikolaus von MaiuU'Mi \Viis Hi.'tiuinced Monday British military court. The SANTA GLAUS GETS AROUND—An Eskimo should t*? no novelty lo Sania. but the one above— 8-year-old Luther Nctifjoruk—Santa met in a Chicago department store. The Eskimo Intt is a patient in a Chicnco hospital flopping over to Ixis Angeles, right, above. Snnla Claus met the Three Kiru;s o£ the Orient, Latin version of St. NiL-holiis, who flew up from Mexico. The Wise Men, dressed m colorful robes, will give their gills lo Mexican childicn on Jan. 6. A Pat on Your Own Back .Prevents Mental Illness CHICAGO <AP) To help prevent. • mcntnl illness, try to build up whatever is best in your personality. This i.s the advice of Mrs. Helen Thomson, a psychiatric .social worker, ii an article In Hygeia magazine. Mas people .spend too much time mnll- ins over their own weaknesses and shortcominss. she say.s. "To safe- Guard our mental health wre ncei to get turned around the other way We nneil lo focus on what's ir ourselves. That, is the road to emotional health." PIANOS Ten vear fiiclurv guarantee TUNING \Villi Hie world famous Strobnconn — It lakes the guesswork out of liming. RADIO REPAIR Every jo], absolutely guaranteed by a bDiidinj; company. ftec Instruments i\nd supplies of all kind? from guitar picks to bass violins. Recordings \Ve make records of youi voice and music on permanent records. Everything in Music BROOKS Music Store 107 E. Main Te!. 811 Forecast of Race of Big Women Puts Fear in Heart of Mere Man By A, A. Fredrlckson Courier News Statf Writer Head for the woods, men, the future has Just collapsed about our collective ears! As If the future weren't a ghastly enough specter to bchojci, a wrkin' lady name of Brown has comi along to rub salt in our wounds. E'ven more terrify ing to cotitcm- ilate than a future loaded with .torn bombs, guklcci missies. Com- iiiinLsb spies In the Pentagon, tratospheric coffee pi'ices and up- oming wiifjc strikes is this gal's orecast of a race of Amnzons by he vear -may it never daw11— of 000 *A.1X This Brown named Vivian is n "eature writer Cor the Associated doll will wear granny's wcclrlinjf dress." That, brother, is only the first paragraph. Tracing ,tho growth of the female from the turn of the century. Miss Brown finds women have gained from four to five inches in height, three inches in shoulder width, several notches in glove size and have switched over the vt^rs from si/c ^res.s. ordinarily not an organi/a- lon given tn frightening harmless \\fii out of their care-worn wits. Perhaps Miss Brown Isn't altogether j .o blame for hrr little horror story.' rre|il But regardless of intent, she hns ] jieced together quotations and predict ion.s that pre.scnt a petrifyinf; i picture when assembled. | Says Miss Brown: • "In tlie year 5000. people will I talk alitmt MIR Gibson srirl as if three lo s'?.e .seven shoe. Here's the kicker: "fly the year 2000, experts figure that the ralin should liavr p tci H height of between 5 fl. 10 Inches ami 6 ft. 2 in.—anil sbop.s uilt look like violin eases," (Size ll's are forecast.) So tighten the burro's pack-saddle cinch, pile on the beans and bacon, take pappy's squirrel gun off'n the Miss Brown heaps on the fuel b .saying: "Today's modest liui pinme-sses do not know their ou- strength. But any year now tin; should." In other words, the gals who to nay can'i uncap an olive botll without a stilhson u-rench will ju: .sqi'eeze the container until tl.., olives pop out like bullets from BAR imiwsle. And the gal who today cnn't ouite wrestle a gnrbngt* liail will probably Jii.iL lieave a 50- ^alloii drum of the stuff across the bacV:yard into a passing garbage truck. ('tinhi Ileedine "IMiino Movers" Bui wtm'i (his be heaven lor the Connect/cut Couple Barents for 16th Time WOODIlUflY, Conn. Der. '21. w ' -Mr.s. Norman Coif*, svlso i.s ail. i;a\e irth to her IGtli child, a daughter , il her liotnc last nijjlit. | Thirtcon of the children has-e n-en born here- and all but one me iHiiR. I Tho proud father. » scrap nirtal ' icaler. doesn't l)e]it v \'c hiiftc fam'nV re uni'.sunl, He 1ms 14 brothers and sisters ,^_ _ _ _ i wall and keep your powder dry — she'd liei-n a iiEgmy. Kix-Teet-hvo | we'ic off the hills, men, where it's Dianas will hide those family al- safe. There we'll have only wildcats, hums revealing I heir 'midget an- wolves find an occasional hungry cc.slry' am! little sister's favorite bear to worry with. .- --W'% • • mm eiTCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS QR ANY BIYTHEVILLE ARK. KEROSENE and FUEL'OIL G.O.PoetzOilCo. Phone 2089 inle who winces cvervtime the 111- le woniiin cct.s that "Now-\vr>uldi;'t - the - piano - look - gnoii - over there" look. To prolong this nwiitmai*\ Mi.^-s i own quotes Ami Dr hi field, who lays claim to being a beauty uxpt-rl .'s Del a field speaks: atom bombs, -guided missiles'. Coma new race of Amaxons, Within the next 50 years, you'll find the emancipated woman enRa»inf: actively in such sports as football, basebnil and soccer. She'll think nothing of chopping the wood and acting as family car mechanic." This, you'll agree, Is the strnw that .sent the camel (o his knees, II t'ive.s the males, however, a Icme opportunity lo raise their bloody and bowed heads lo ask: "How ure women soing to become auto mer.hanic.s inside of 50 years when it will be another 100 before thuy learn to drive cars?" One thing will be interestinc however. That will be watching our .of Amnzons stuff her si/e 11 fpc( . into R pair nf s!/o ninc mimps [ and looking; frustrated because het dng.s still resemble two flying boxcars in formation. A XMAS PRESENT FREE FROM BURNETT AUTO SALES A fieanlifiil 17 Jewel BULOVA WATCH with eoch Today thru Dec. 24 Now is your opportunity ID ^ ( ,( a famous "Clean-l)o|ieji(hilile" Used Car from liurnctt'B and jf«!I H liennlil'iil \vatcli for Clirislmas absolutely free! eilher a lady's or man's wnltli. Our lot i.s located at 1158 K. Main at Hie corner of I'ranlilin. C'^nc down soon or call 2037 for a representative, lint hurry! BURNETT AUTO SALES 138 Easf Main Blyrheyille *s*Z^ I,* <«•* for Y° ur RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES & NIES tt\ll ITPCS Kxrcpl Cancer) Clinic M4 Main Illvlhrvilli- Ark fheivt ftn SAVE MONEY GUARANTEED SHOE REPAIR H-flLT€RS QUflUTY SHO€ SHO 1 -1-ZI W. ,-M Wl*f«:'* SICK? Stomach, Liver and Gall Bladder upset, Tongue coaleci, Had breath. Bad taste. You have , heartburn, gas and dizzy ; spells, gas in your bowls, may : press upon your bladder, causing backaches. Getting up al i nights, pains in your lens. ] arms, you feel dix.zy, nervous, irritable. ! .N'U-AID Contains twenty-two i herbs that help to go right to ! work on the cause. Misrrahl . people soon feel different, s< do not go on suffering. 'Jet NU-A1D — Sold at OWENS HKUG STORE, Elytheville ' Dell, 'nrMME'S coming when the air is full JL of good spirits, and we all feel pretty chipper — but what ubvul that faithful ftttick of yours? Wet winter driving is roughest on cars—and even though it still handles like a sweetheart, your l?tiick may have slipped a notch or so in performance, or gradually acquired a squeak you haven'! been aware of. So do this Between these two refreshing (rcat- inenls, you'll have all your Bulck's glad and brccx.y power hack — plenty of Fireball zonm/ili to pull you out of any traffic fuss. You'll have a ijiiiel- riding body and chassis that ninke every mile a glad glide. And you'll have top mileage efficiency, wilh a motor that starts on the coldest morning as quick as a scared alarm clock! Why put it off? Our service is quick and expert, our prices lower than you'd think.The driving pleasure you get is immense. Phone us now and make 11 holi-dale for bringing your Huiek's spirits up to those of the Bring it to us for one of our winter tline-ups, plus a special winter LUHRICAKIi treatment.(This I.ub- ricarc is sonicthinj; you and your Huick should know about — it's an over-all lroiihlc-elicck,plusa wonderfully thorough lubrication routine!) Buickcate LANGSTON-McWATERS BUICK Co. WALNUT & imOADWAY TELEPHONE 555

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