The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 21, 1949 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 21, 1949
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTIIEVrLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 81, Lack of Enth In Sooners' Worries mis By Saul I'elilillun NORMAN, Okla.. l>i-<-. '>\. (A!')— ()ldalimi);i is do- funding its Sugar Howl lillu a^iinst Louisiana Slate Jan. 2, htil Coach Hud Wilkinson t-an'l find unN'Uiinjj tu bo happy about. The (cam's lark ol' enthusiasm is nviilont in inaUire. Wilkinson called urn- .Sooner rtiillt --------- ........................................ -----this week "the \vorst we've tinci since early this season." The Sooners me placint! a two- year .string of 20 victories .ij!iiin.=>t, twice defeated LSO. "I^SU lias bCiiU-n three confficnre champions thu year and n look* like ' ve'll be No. 4," wilbiiron moaned. | "They're Ihe tougheM team jjliisi- j cally and tha* we'll meet j tills season. Unles-s wv hiive a dil-! ferent approach we an- nom^ t" "*'l , beat "The only way you i-au u>-u-at n team like that Is to be v,illinsf tu | match them, j "A team can' lices in the manner Gosnell Wins Tenth Game In 10 Starts GOSNKI.L, Ut'C. 21- Gosnell Hi«ll SchiK>l'.s i:tinpa!!in^ I'iriitcs nuuie it, 10 in a rov, - Ijere last ni^ht as ti'iry brce/ed to an easy 5.9-17 victory OUT MUsco Iliyh in tlie leatine giinie ol a cai;e iioiH>lc headi i In a preliminary ti'inti-M Mi:,sc.'» Iliah 1 .-! Kill.-, wititi'-sed lililc Irimble in disposinv tit (;.i;i!-h .) I-" Harris' Gasuell H' 1 ^, \'.imn:i^ by a :)H-i:i cctunt. Far the I'nates. it «as th.'ii loth :.1aL'l of Ihe .sea.sojl leaving them oue o] tlie few iniKonin;? ui!<ti'i''at- cd leani.s in Northeast Arkansas. jii'-'h ]nac- ; have and expect to piny iis toiu-'h a LMIIH-. You ' don't change the minute from poor practice se.x»i(ms to good came j play." I SnoiH-rs Favnird Witkiii-on. a master psychologist , [ can't find any one reason for the j let down of Ills Bit! Seven Confer- j Coach Roy IVm's a-.i!;ier-.alion ence champions. | iu»'l>Ml to an early lead and then "I just don't know what s wron;;. | coasted on their deadly last I) I wish I did." he moaned. land lisht man to deien-c to •'Something else that won't help i victory. French led tin; Pirates m much is the fad l-bat we're favor- j Point makiim wiili 1U jjoiiit.s lollow- ed. If you recall last New Year's ' «l closely by Wind with 14. Uunkin Day ail the underdogs won the | was hisii [or Mi.ssro with 1 1. major bowls." '" ""' - llls ' same Girdlcy led Oklahoma upset North Carolina ! Mi>,sn/s .scoring with 14 piiiirt.i mid 14-6 last New Year's day ut New ! J — {'mirii-r Neu's I'llolo UM'Tlll-lVIU.rS r.AI'OOSKS—IMtnd as one ol Ixvsl junior cnye tnims to mine out ol BlythcvUlc in I'crcni yc;u.s lire Couch Kiirl St»bter'.s 1'ji^icj.sf.s The KIJ/S. itilf (lining ihe Christinas tiulidny-s. a jfnjid of lim-e WIILS iiiid one los.s, tln»ir sn^lc- loss bi-inji a one-point decision to S-oju-m UU-. MnntDcrs or tho liiivt'linti .sfjuufl arc: btick row UPH U) rit-hl * Bob Chil<i<-!S, Montine HoIlancJ. fiuvi'iii-d H^geu: I.atliHi OHbcrt. i-'ront fou—Shiitjiion Lzinglcy, Hc'niiu; Hays, John H;ils<jll, Johnny O'fincn, Donald arid Tommy Modify. )n and Geiuiy k ed C'.::S!iell with nine. Orloaas. j The Soonprs complete their pnin- j ticn here tonionow and dismiss for ! the Clirlstmii.s holidays. Thpy ns- : somble for Jliml clrilLs UPC. 28 ai ' Biloxi, Mi.w. ; Some feel the Soonrrs. nitod tho ! nation's No. 2 team thw 5e:u-xin. ar<> | facing a letdown becausn it Is n re- j peat trip to the Sugar Howl. About | 35 members ol this yeiir'.s squad ' m»dc the hip lust season. Oklahoma did not have n t'hance to scout IS\J but ha.s seen picluves of its Sugar Bowl opimncnt tn act-ion. "Tlicy're mighty Rood," Wilkinson, pointed out. "Mighty good." Luxora Boys Rally to Win Over The ]int'Mj».s: (lirls' fjitmc Missi'o Po.s. Gu-neU Brady i9> F MrOIu-p fiirdley i!4i .. F M- CMMv.cli Ii;mland •«) ... F <9J ./- Lucni.'i "Gicenhill t?) . G Domu'i 1 May G Ilol;ert.« Wilmoili G Ward 1*1 Also played forward Sub.stiLuiion.s: MLS.SCO — Wadley, Glenn. C. M;iy, .inckson. .)iihii.Min, ajid O. Jark.snn. Gosnrll--lU'vili. II. Lnciu.s, Jon OK, Kroch :ind Fk'trhrr. Uuys' riiimc Gosnell Gann 11,1) .. Ward (Hi .. French t !Ui Emery I'd) . . Hart (Hi ... I'ns. . P... G . G . .Subst|lntions: Gasnell --L< ln«rain, and I.edbetter. Mis- try, Gurley, and Brockett. Mi.-.sco . . Shell rin .. . f'rislice I in Uimkin nit Vaughn Wiliixitli (51. LUXORA, DPC. 21.—Luxora'.s boys, trailing In ttie last four minutes of play, rallied to take a 42-IH w:n from Shiuvnee liere last ni»ht. TJje visitors, unable to cracfc the Iiuxora zone, held a 2£)-^5 lead Kti- ing into the final period of play j pair thanks mainly to deadly accuracy on long set .shots. Sinking 12 of 21 free tosses proven the nuirgin of victory for Panthers who were out scored in field gcals by the Indians. Rob art son paced thr Shsiwnno tack wliile Stanford and Kutbcrfonl sliarcd honors for Luxora. Luxora's girls had an eivsy time of it. They grabbed an early lead and coasted to a 3G-19 Tie Lory. H. H:u;na and Cockrell bucket ed between them. <iirLs' Luxora II. Hanna (14 Cockrell U2» ..F. Stephmsoii (J) i F. Sexton G L,. Harrison Brocks G 3 lousn ninn Grlinos G, ... B- Harrison Substitutes: Lnxora--E. .Johnson, Mar.shail (li. Pntcet Oiaik, Ricliardson; ! Caruther'sv-Hie Swamps Cooter In Pair of Tilts CARUTHBSSVILLK, Mo . C;ir!itliersvil]i''s Tim-r.s Osceola Boys Win, Girls Lose Dell Cage Tilts \ OSCFCOLA. UPC. '.M. O.-ceola >Iij;h Krlujdl's u:iskrll>:illci.s .split a )j;iir of sjaines with IJell hen- hist night with tin: boys' ten in win nil»» it-l-Xi itnd :he "iris 1 lo.slnM "n--H. It \VLLS thr -erninf .slniivfht win frir the Sf'ininolt's \vho dropinxl their reason o])enn - tu Tiuniann and It wits 1 lie sei'onrl loss [<ir Ctj;ii;h Connul Garner's f,irls, The ginne w;is thr lust foi both temns iniLil U(UT thr ChrLstmns holidays. They will resume action Jan. t> when llu-y jouvnry (o Joiner for r. pjiir of iiiiiiu'H '.vjih HTiiiwnct? Ili^h 8c!nj!>l icjuiis. The Si'ininoh'-s uitiir.-,s:e[i Little cnf- ftculty with tin* Eilucjuys onee Ihey ^jot .started. Thf «iiine. however, o]H-ned slowly with Osreohi Iciidinj; ia-R ut ilif end ot (he ( ()iiar- u-r and Hfl-lff JM Jmlftirne. Win i en WcinbriK ILLK! Dinuild \V;il:-on |>ncrd O.^Tolfi with 113 ]K*iiu.s. .Minyard scored the .same; nuinlK-r Im Dell Kvu.v Nrll fliibhlns scored noints Inr flic HeininuU^ "irks but rtloi is v.'r'n'ii't (^iiite 5401 K! eno .11 id Uixnn whLiiiM'd' throuiih aumters for Dctl, Marjn and Dr es-fh .^c-tn'fMi ri»ht for O.sceola Simmons and Wnltoi.s scored 14 H) prihils for Licl] R-spi'tlively. TLif hticnps: (Girls' Canir l^r: Uixun •:!!» . . . .l« Hinmnm.s 11-11 I ; Alrxaiuirt' !• Ulitir O, Bnwi? ft Oun >iiil)--iiiurion,".: Urll—Walters - ID nid Muufly. O.sceola- Rosr, Tiuvi OUT—Hick Constau- tioo was watching two deer. Healing a riislie. Constanlinc turned l<> !>(• faced bv this 410- nouiid black bear. Black bears, iur tin- giealer .part, are harmless. Knit llus one—previously wounded—-tnr-aot business. The Jami'sUm-ii, N. Y., hunter tlrup- IJi'cl him \\ilh his Eirsl shot. It is the larRust black bear taken in v.eslcin New York in yeais. Reserve Clause Suit- is Won by Pro Grid Team y Arthur V'.dson iTON. Dec. 21. OTp — Fnllb:uk Ralph Huth.strom. who t.-ied 10 gel Ihe Wn.shinpton Red skins to pay him 54.100 for a season in which he didn't play, wound f tip by bc-iiii; tackled behind Ills own | ;^oal h::e. ! Federal District .fudse David A j Pine yesterday ordered him to pay the Redskins "s'241.80. That's wTiat the Hcdskins hari for in a counter suit. They id they had advanced Uutlislrom Hiie money, and that he was] . shy "in paying It back. Kuthstrom's arejnnent wa.s this: He said he had been suspended , the Krdskins in IE) IT. and Ibal J-i- cuuUhi'l m-t another fnllbackiiiL: i-.b bi'.-ause 01 Ihe so-call('<l reserve I l.lUSt'. I ! Ti-.i-. cknise— It's tlsrd in bascbaii ', ;is w-rll as pro football contracts - j ...ivs a player can't sicn \viili BII- [ lub until he is ijivetl a writ-J Ue toc^ a ; of catfi 1 ! "Litnes froEii tjtmte-r • lere last nii?ht. tlu B 'LCLHII win- \ mil?.!, 3H-tl2. white tho vnrsity ered in a II4-18 vcrrtirt. Cainj». with 11 point.s. lei n ihc B aamr while C, wifh K) HiiiLkL'i-.'i led tlie \\;iy for Cooler. In tlit- v.irsi villf liud 11 li it shet C;uiti f! 10 burk e;u-h lnu respr-ctivf! >Vul;iy 111" ht with C, .. 'i^ '"> .... G .. inij' si; i ll)> t!. ... ii U>-.' inif ions: OM-CI U"!!.-.<i]\ and I 1 ,mi -. Hi inn (.! i. :imL t Cuit'rr r-plii . Ctutcr jiirl (in- boy- Wins 1 wo Ccsqe Games From C!arkt-on Conter . ' 7 ' Koi Athe .. Fnmierbm'k 111 lidollf . > 11)' C. .Junes 14. Hunt mheisvillc .nAli.-di-.St. fial- r Campbell. Itnvs' ora 3[:uifind Rutherford ' Kt Baltimore in Market For New Grid Mentor Arkansas Death Toll For Week Reaches 13 in Ai"V;:ins:*s ftur- im:t-s \\cck h:i\ r 315 Doses Stop Arthritis •And Bankrupt the Victim 20,000 Sco/s Licensed In Prihilof Isles in '49 HOME FREE—This nuist be one reason why Joe Gordon quit the Cleveland In is for tin Pacific Coasl . cue .so he cutild be neat lionie The famous second n-.aii exhibit:; a pair of bru L'.l-l'lliCild tlOlll 111 hif EllRCIlC On <lwai e sUue tliiui in tlu n«-.uii\ Mttlr to and tlu 1 Hot -Sprn.e.s- Warded Wins From Holland HOI.LAN'n. Mo., Dee. 21.—Hol- li^iKi Hi«li Schuol's hoys :nut xirls Ijii.sketballC'i.s suCfC'irci a IM-III defeat ai Wni'drli lust ni;;lil with the girls losing -JO-25 iiml the hoys dropping u 34-in dr-dsion. In the yirls' !i;iino Patterson let! iximt inakiii" with is and Gill.s Dated Wnrdcll with ni:ic. In tlu 1 boys' game Avis of Holland was lligii svith 1:1 points and Mi> Culloeli led U'iiidell will> 12. The t-iimt.s \veie the last foi Ho!- Innd'.s- leruns until after ihe Chri.H- nia.s holidays. They will resume plfiy .fan. 3. The Linenp.s: l.itl Holland Fil7hi]g!i Patterson McArlhur Oiay . . Shcltoil G McCrnry o Suh.vtmnions: \\ r ardell—t'.iiiK and' Edw;irris. Holland — Swindle. Childers. Diaiuion (li, Sainfoid. Virden. DnVnll. J'uieell, 7Iarris and Keller. linys' Came Pos. U'iiiik-11 ..F. (12) McCllUodl ..e mi 'nil ..G. 13 . .O in ...O <9l \Vinklcr West Teams Fall In College Action Eastern Schools Win Eight Out of Nine Int-crsectional Tilts Ted Mrlcr NKW YORK. Dec. 21—ld>,—Tuesday night was a black one lor far west basketball teams. They engaged nine intcr.sectlon- al ^mne.s awalnst loe.s from the east nd lnldi', and lost eij;ht, Idaho, 41-39 victor over Iowa State, was tl:e only winner. .Southern California, from the .southern division of the Pacific Coast conference, took it on the cliin from Long Island and N'ew York University, respectively, in a doublfhcader a t Madison "square Ciarden. US(; absorbed a 10--I5 licking while aliffimia stumbled. 69-50. tos Aiiudes lAvalo made it nip- and-ttii.k against Hoslon College in Boston, but lost S5-S3 on Prank Hi^gins 1 set s liot in the last seven seconds. Washington and Oieson State, nieinber.s of the PCC northern di. vision, jilayed al home, but never- jllieless l<jst to the undefeated njy Ten iininicts, Minnesota and Indiana. Minui'sula \Vins Mimiesota, aided bv Maynard Johnson's acimale .shouting, chalked up a 5.T-.S3 trilliuph in the last (wo minutes Indiana bad an easier time in taking Oregon State Wilson Boys Top Tyronza As Girls Lose WII.SON', Oec. 21—Wilson's Bull- rio^s split a double header at Ty- rorza last night,, taknis tiic boys game. 33-21. while dropping the Bills tilt, 42-39. Campbell led Wilson's girls In their losing cause, she poured 30 Sports Roundup Hujh I'ullerlon Jr. don't have the Play. i luu uoji i. nave them tnpplh " ' points through the hoop while the campus and you can't « « °" ' sneaking away w i "J^f™ Cruuley garnered 22 for the victors. After being tied n-n at halfiinie. Coach Roy Stobaugh's boys came back in tlic second half to gain then' win. Tim Umtcrivood netted 15 ]x>ints to pace Bulldog scoring, Clrls Game from sneaking nway with other teams — i ciitji en leHgL'c.s. You tcicii Liipm tiling and right away they Eo "'}*, and play some other stvle I, Wilson Campbell CJO) J. i3l . Price 12) Bird Greemvetl Andrews Substitutes: Pos. . P.. . P.. P.. G.. . G.. G.. Tyronza (2) Justus . '22> Crmiley (18) J. Watson ... B. Watson Taekcr . Ralton Wilson — P. Bowcn <\>, Traylor; Tyrone— Bcon. Buys Game Wilson Pa,. Tyronza Fore.Uer (4) ... F rO) Dean Deer 12) F (5) Emllltt T. U'wood (151 C tS) Justus T. U wood 15) Ci 15) Fraznr Williainji G 141 Smith Substitutes: Wilson — G. Woodyard '4i, Mooring (4); Tyronza— Taluiu. ; l5'le. . if Players, you'd watch Steele, Braaq City Basketball Teams Divide Twin Bill In the other three tilts tramline sucked St. Mary's of California, thorn Oregon. S2-52; and Iowa „, Teachers dumped Fresno Stale 64- SIW ; LE - - M< >- Dec - 21 - Boys 4-> ' I teams from Steele and Brass City "There were other inierst-ctional I Hi " h Schools divided a pair of miim-s betw.en major teams sam< '' s h <"' c last ni « hl wil >> sitlelc North Carolina Stale, southern ••«"'»"* < lle " A " *<"»<• 31-3r, and conic-retire champs, bounced ba.'k Rla °" c " v ulr: '™S the "B" 27-18. from Monday's defeat to trim' 1" the "B" game Curtis of Brass Mirlnsan. of the Die Ten. 6:)-S'2. i c ">" '' vas h'*' 1 scorer with 16 points Tnly Cros.s stayed ill the unbeaten i aml Prame led Steele with seven. class by taking Kansas. 57-53; Bi'^8 City pulled away in the last Missouri buu» on to nip Wisconsin. nnlr after taking a narrow 9-8 lead at in to i m is.'ion time. In the "A" same Steele came to life in the last half to overcome a 23-15 halllime deficit and go on n. Bishop of Stecle was tli°h 14 points and D. Rudkin lei you have a dozen need a lozen detectives to ihcni." That helps to c , such ibinss as Oklahoma's vie-to *4 over CCNY (lie other niBht it u " a real team healing a brilliant rf lection of individuals. Soiii ern California's Sam Berry, who Vd mitJ! that having ehnrnrn- Bin Sharmail is just as good as setting f> points handicap, came to town raving over !'aut Senesky's per/or mance for St. Joseph in Philadelphia. ... "I told my geam •„', down his t-broat 1 and that's just what he did. So Seneskv twisted around and shot them off his'lefi ear," Sam moaned. Tlie Sad-die Truth . Casimir (Slits) Wilucki. Indiana', big football Kiiard. was showin^ off his physique for a group of aclinii ins freshmen, reports Bob Cook the eavesdropping publicist "See these shoulders?" asked si HE' "Push-ups built them up- (hi., stomach and chest—lots of siliips- look at these legs—running did it " .... At that ji'iiclure line conch Steve Sinko. approach!!!" from the I rear, observed the part of the Wii- j ucki anatomy that was buUliifr over i the bench. . . . "Looks lo me.' Slui? like you did a lot of horseback riding too." Steve observed. 50--18; St. Louis whipped Georgia Tech. 59-45: and once-beaten Tulane walloped Haylor, 81-53. Unbeaten S:rna <p!Y> won its lOlh in a raw with a 49-40 triumph j to over Southern Illinois. .181 (4i (iaiui; I'os. .F .F. ,'.'..'l5 Warden .ini Gi!h 4i Griggs • McCrarj' ... Kvans Edwards Nate DcLoiiL- .stretched his collegiate individual scoring record to L>.2n3 [joints by getting 21 points airaitist Regis as lie sparked his River Falls iWist teacher team to a 04-52 triumph at Denver. Holland Reid 141 Creasy 1^1 Taylor ffii Avis ii:n . Ashley IL'I Substitutions: None. arns, c . . - ., *.r-s* pc.m onowpjecc Sells tor ?50; Seller and Buyer Amazed CHICAGO , API—A partner in a north side automobile agency ans- weir-d the telephone. The caller said lie had a met! car to sell for SijO. The car. It turned out. was a 11)19 liraai; City with 13. The lineups: H Game Sraa? City Curtis (16) Hunt H) . Mtiore <2) Pos. Stcclc Oullcy 16) ____ Carev <2> ..... Substitutions: (4) Pune'erburk Sborls and Shells The National Baseball Conaress is planninc lo sponsor 53 (that's I right) state sandlot tournaments j next year. California will have I northern and southern divisions and Texas four groups. . Rav^ Hickok. the belt manufacturer' who* presented a 55.0(10 hell 10 mlddle- 1 I weight chamn .Take Lamotta. is ol- ferniK n S10.000 riiamond-sttidded model next year to the "professional athlete ot the year." Sounds like a waist of jewelry. . . . When Rex Barney, the Dodeer pitcher, took his examination in the department ... <7) Frame management course at a Brooklyn .. (2) Cameron j store, he received a erade of 97 " 12) Watkins! Apparently there were no Questions Crawford Bra»g City— Webb, model. The agency man wa.s aston- Bishop (141 Kubanks and R. Curtis. Slcele— Cecil (2), Bales 111 and Ferris. A Game Stuele Pos. Bracg Lamb (81 ..... P.. .1. Franklin 14) P.. C. Franklin 1 10) C.. .vks ; i.-hf ri. But so, probably, was the Tiaithci- owner the a<;em:y man. who knew a showpiece when he saw- one, bought it. City (13) D. 15). Nail :6: C. Rudkin 101 Holt ... (1) Inman about locating the home plate Jim Whatley's first assignment, ns Georgia basketball cnach will be to beat the team he was coacbini; when niBctice started this season, Mississippi, Christian ..... G Substitutions: Slccle — E U). Brass City— G. Curtis Hunt. Giilley and Carey. (41, The Mason and Dlxon Line was survey by two Englishmen. Charles Mason and Jeremiah nixoii, I7C:! to I7li7. to settle disputes between the Lords Baltimore and the Penn familv . Tlir- Kedskins. fiiithstrom aisucd wouldn't ^ive him this release Bui National Football League Commi ^lonrr Bert Bell, in a "ii- i-LtiC deposition, said many playi-is ; h:ui r.onc over to the All-r\mrric;i '. ContcrciK c \vilhcilt eiitherine lo »el a fi'irmal T'in thci mnre. Bell contradicted 'I'^tmiony by Rnthstrnm in hid: h.- had said he had appealed • the commissioner. Hell said lie- h.idn's. If he had aid. hi- would have made the ins take Kmlistrom back or h!m a free af^cnt. "Onlij llic finest is fine ct\ouijl\ fov (£livislmas.., Seagram's and lie Sure of ilic fii\esi" j Seagiam's 7 BLENDED WHISKEY. 86.S Proof. 65«/« Grain Ncultal Spitits. Seasram-Oislillets Cotpotation, Chryslei Building, Ne*Yoik

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