The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 24, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 24, 1952
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILI.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS HAL BOYLE COLUMN— TUESDAY, SEPT. 24, 1951 New York: Cold Stones Or Warm Humanness? It- Depends a Lot on You NEW YOKK M>>-Manb:ittrm Is 'nn island v>hrre they sny the little ! people have bi£ dreams and the big j people have nightmares Thoy say U is a phi re where only i success is worshipped— where men HTfck their health to c.rl !o the inn.! nnd then worry themselves to dpa'Ji; trying to stay (litre. j It is sorni? times railed ;* f,\dmntt t rilaclel of discontent, u .stone city; with a granite soul, where :» niun'.s; best 'riend is his psycbiatrisi, j When I hear critics say thincsl like that about MfinhaUan I fre)| they are like ft [pi low \vho KOC.S alone 10 an nmu^'jiirnr park, rid™ by himself through the "ftmtiel nl ; love" and comes out s-iyintr: ; "It's a fraud." i To him it v,-fi<; a fnnid. but only ; foccittiRf he didn't bring ;ilon^ with! h im wJ i n I lie ] J e c. d a d lo m n ke 1 h r bont rjde worthwhile, Rome (Kofile conic here from elsewhere, dwell reluct rujlJy for a wiiiiV. i hen leaie It haiipy In their hiUiftl of it. r.nriK r.ove Aff.ui [1>1<I This always makes me fee! a'litt!',i sad, for I have had n lonj? love affair with New York City, a municipal romance thai has brought me much h.' And I hale to lif.'ar anyone run it down, just us I dislike I hearing a new acqiiuitiUnicc refer! slightingly to someone he hnsn't taken the trouble really to understand, All thai Is really wrong with Manhattan—the air of rush, lhe traffic estes—arise from one thinp: It is 'on crowded. Anyone who can ndjirct himself (o (hat cnn ?ov<; Gotham, and If he can't adjust he really shouldn't come here. Some people just can't be happy in a crowd. I have learned to look on Man-j hattan not .so much n.s n city, or n I pnrt of a city.ibut ns n human be- i"g. pockmarked with faults as mw other htitnnn being but also plf(ed with Tdi'p talents, virtures and a million different moods lo share. It is a wonderful clyl to walk in. nnd] when I at roll about 11, I feel like i am having a silent conversation with ti longtime friend, Lonltncss Wears Away The feeling of utter lonclinr&> that Afflicts n stranger when he first comes hero—I felt way for many a weary month.—wears away if you don't insist on staying lonely. The seciet terror thai thr->e In'vli runyons v,iil crumble upon you and biu y you in the debris of your dream passes. They <:ornc to i;xhiln- j-jile raiJier tJi.-ni dejHvs<i yon. In a life or many friendships I hiive known nn conipainori tnort; m- 5()inn^ KIR/I Mah:<ttnn f**:eif. It, ciin give any man more lhan he can possibly wive it, and it Ji lirje.snl ^.:ve a m;m what he wtnifs the fault lit-.s m hirn. More oppfii i unity, f jjjnn«.i;iJ or cultural, is siiut'hnrncd in its few MI LI [.ire miles lhan nnywliere else in lhe u-oi-ltl. Wall .street, r-le«;mt J»nrk iuul Fifth Avenue*, and a ivanflcr- in« fontifr t;ov;;j;uh citJU'd [Iroriil- •/,-;:>' :ue its fjimoiis Junes. But every side.strecL I.s nn adventure in content men! or frustration. heiiiLty <tr ilK'iiiess;. livery Taste Sati.sflcil It Miti>,fy every, wfirtlnsr you like Ijchob or HoeiJioven, a !!>• rent hoKlox or a ijiilul $150 lunth- r.on on armadillo meal for four, There arc .sonic* thln^ about N<".v York Unit make me regretful. After three centuries it Is still a clamorous town more interested in Us lo,v- ernlK future Minn Its fading pnst, It tends to shuck off Us history like j a thoughtless growing hoy. Recent- 1 Jy Ihey a.vsn.ssm.-ited H bc.-iutlful aid ! church here to put tip u (all Sn.snr- aiico bullditiK. and I felt sorry' about (hat. fhit. as f say, Maniiat- tan Ss like a Inniian bt-in(;. ain\ do j you know any human without a j Some people will always think of j New York ;ts a. .strident fiCKgcr- clown In a kind's suit. Hut it is always luu'd to show n rninbrnv lo n blind man during a summer sliQwci". All he feels is Hie rain , To those who Insist life In Man- hnttan is jusl n prolonged case ol insomnia, there I.s this answer; "Wnsliinston slept here." And (here Is no evidence he had to tnkc n sleeping pill. year, B .surgeon predicted The tnonkcy heart and lungs would bi-coine leinijorary spares. They would sil on tlic outside of Hie j)i:i)K'ATi: IVAII IN KKANUK — A nuarii ol honor hre.s a volley ovor graves of AiiK'iteui M>[(ii<>rs al Suicsnes. near Paris, during ceremony dedicating a war memorial to the Amer- Battle Monuments commission announced the ceremony as a symbolic dedication of all overseas World War If memorials. The cemcteiy has 1,541 World War I graves and '21 graves of un- Monkey Lungs May Help in Heart Repair United Nations Called Failure By 5. African NEW YORK r,p,_•nraiwplanlllij! a JOHANNESBURG. South Africa monkeys heart and IHURS lo a hu- M')—Prime Minister Daniel r. Maman baby may ba irled within a] Ian bus described the United Nations as a hopeless failure and threatened to withdraw South Africa from the world organi7.Mlon If the (J. N. continued lo "meddle baby's body and be connected lo in this country's domestic affairs, lire infants' arteries and veins lo ] Matan told a meeting of his Na- uypass his own heart and limes. I lionallsl parly that the U. N. had They would pump his blood and [ demonstrated It was impotent be- do liis breathing while surgeons op(he baby's heart to repair congenital defects which cannot be cause Russia bud been able (o dominate It through vetoes In the Security Council. Thirteen African-Asian countries This prospect is one o( a mimbDr j , c , c " 1 ' ly " sk ' d < hafc lhc torthcom- or bold developments dcscribrd 10?"' V' 9 fmm:l1 Assembly look the American College of Surgeons. I h "° th £ trei > ( '™'>t °f South Africa's - - " aui^a i ,j 0 ,,. wnite inhabitants under Ma- of Dr. Emanuel Marcus, of the Chi cago Medical School told of the monkey-baby possibility. i«'«lis a-lin ilieil m World War II. "Hie American known soldiers of World War II 1,1 AI' Wireiihutu) Campaign Is Like Watching Good Play Approach Climax Canada Hears Red Radio FUN FLON. Camilla H>, —Mineis searching for strategic lo.nmals in (be barren lands SCO miles north ol ht'ic—1,400 miles north ol Winmuejl —have been geltmj; prosrnms on! their radio sets In the evening j hours. The crews have beer, drilling I for nickel ore. lan's vigorous program or segregation Rnd white supremacy. Baby Falls 2 Stories PITTSBURGH w>i—chubby litt.'e Bruce Gillinghnm. 15 months old fell two stories from the kitchen window recently and the only damage was a few scrapes nnd cuts about his month. A plastic clothesline broke the fall. Mexican President Seeks to Aid Movies MEXICO CITY W> — President Miguel Aleman hns asked Congress to boost Mexico's doldimnnied nmvie Hy JAM US WASHINGTON <<f— This is becoming one of the most rasciiiii- linfC of till presidential cnrnpaigns for n number of reasons, although tbc: intiMt obvious hasn't been mcn- tionccl by tlic candidates. ll'a Ibis: The campaign I.s unfolding like a nood iilay. moving \vitli tnerniisliiK inten.sily toward a cihuax wliich even the experts, so wroni; In 19.18, don't want to try to And Sen. Nixon's prodk-amonl, sensational as il is. seems like only one net In the drama, no matter \vhclhev he slays or exits. For in the past clay, in addition to lhe Nixon case, the cam- Intltislry by requiring Mexican movie houses to show only homemade films at least hall the time. naiun took a turn which indicates a deepening bitterness. The needles which Stevenson began jabbing into Eisenhower almost from the beginning were humorously gentle when he first tried them. But they gave way lo llnusis that ivete acid-tipned. Eisenhower showed restraint In answering but yeslcrtlny—nl lhe hoi«ht of the Republicans' concern about the effect of the Nixon development on the election — he turned on Stevenson with sudden hatshnoss. Slicking lo his promise not to use names in the campaign. Eisenhower rjocame personal \vith Stevenson in a statement saying. "We are tired of aristocratic explanations in Harvard accents." He acctised the Democratic candidate of "smugness" and "smug evasions" and said. "This Is no lime for met) or refined and elaborate indecision." This was further lhan Ki5cnhower had ever gone before in answering the governor. H Eisenhower pursues this line Stevenson will have a chance to demonstrate whether he can keep his temper or reply in kind, which j is something he said he won't do, although Eisenhower may feel he's done it already. I And. as if to bring down the j '•urtain on a balanced act yesterday both men attacked each olher with an identical accusnlioii: Eisenhower said Stevenson had 1 misrepresented tile general's views on foreign affairs while Stevenson ! said the general had Iwisled the i governor's views on the solution of labor union dispnles. Read Courier News Classified Ads ' A rock avalanche recently changed the appearance of ML Jefferson, Oregon's second highest peak. Year after year, more people buy Chevrolets because f i r \ ' C^i "i -'4 . . the lowest-priced line in its field! The very fact lhat more people arc bmitip Cliev- Those arc n few of llic line-car fe.ituros offered lolcis Ihitn any other ear proves thai flu-Molel does In no olliet low-priced car. And ihey're yours ;U olfer moie value lhan any oilier lowest cost in Chevrolet . . . the lowest-priced line And (be value's there for you lo see. tn features in its lie Id. like Bod;? by l-'u/icr. Jwnha-Dinin flrnic.s-liirgest Come in and let us demonstrale csaclly how in Ihe low-price field. Valvc-in-llcatl Cis^h.c-lhc nuieli more Che\rolel oilers ... ami how much lets desi-iti that's .selling the induslry trend. you need [o pay. MORE PEOPLE BUY CHEVROLETS THAN ANY OTHER CAR! Thp "Tops on Television" TIIK »l\\H SHORT FOOTnM.l, "r.,\MF. SHOW OK THK WFK.K" r\rry TiirsO.iv anrt Trprr Saturday Thnrs«tAv RTpnlnd .iriprnnnn NI1C-TV \Kn\01IK SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 301 V/esr Walnut Phone 4578 Squawk or Okay but... Make a "Noise! November 4 is your big day (o speak up. Vote Democratic or Republican, vote to turn 'c.m out or vote t" keep 'ern t/i — '' Your free nnd secret vote is tho Kreat American right thai must bo preserved. You'll lose timt ri^ht if you don't vole. TUfc ronl issue is whether you' re « spectator or participant. We think you're a participant so, "SEIi "YOU ATTHEPOLKSl" Published GJ n public *rnicv in cooperation with The Advertising Council "How we saved our marriage" "I don't Jove you, I want a divorce," Dick told her. What threatened the 14 years and 2 children Ihey shared together? Housework, budgets, in-laws, Jealousy. If you've ever fought over one of these problems, read the Simons' true story In the new October Ladies' Home Journal. Sec how inexpensive, professional guidance showed them the real roots of their troubles . . , how Tlicy Lzanxd lo Lot€ Again. ry LITTLE ROCK m — The nuh I Usher of the Mountain View Herald I William G. conley, has been pointed secretary-manager of thai Arkansas Press Association. He replaces William H, Parker who resigned two weeks ago. Tlie appointment was announced yesterday by A. P. Murray, presl. dent of the association and publlsn- er of the Wynne Progress. Conley has been publisher of the Stone County paper for the past year and a half. Before that he associated with the Boonevllle t ocrat, lhe Stuttgart Daily Leader" Ihe West .Memphis Crlttehden. County Times and the Magnolia! Banner-News. Joe Warren Bud Wilson of Horner-tt'ilso Motor Co. announced today th Joe Warren, a long-lime res dent of Blylhevillc, had join (heir firrii as a car and trll salesman. His many friends a invited fa fall or see him Horncr-Wilson, Blythevlll Oldsmobile-GMC Truck deale BF Goodrich GLASSTEX BATTERY Trails*in fcr your old battery TRADE IN YOUR OLD BATTERY NOW i 1°°, as low as I down puts a new one in your car Saves MORE on soap, hot water 226.50 As low as 10.00 *- J.UU weekly SPINNER WASHER. dry at rfcc fljtJr 1 Hydro-swirf waiAir oc I ion i Thorough overflow • No viBiotian—no ing dawn bolf- Onty TSior fives yrni all 41 Hydro-Swirl washing, con- troilable cycles, saves 27 tfa'- lons of hot water, overflow rinse that floalB dirt off the top. Sivitch control —your hamla nt»vcr touch water. Save on installation cost, too. B. F. Coodiich Defiance Tires f95 NOW ONLY 12' onffrucflofi j • CoW ffuiUr TrtoJ ] • wu., 7 Kihktj r,.»j : • LHttlml Guaronft* i THM1 Portable Washer . 31.95 Switch Alarm Clock ... 6.05 Truck B;ick Up Light . . 1.39 Tnside Car Mirror .... 1.15 Spark PluKS 2!1c Seat Covers !).05 Uivn Ham! Sprinkler . . 1.50 Koroseal Suit I5ag . . Sflc New Recap Tiics . 11.05 Used Tires l.."iO Used Radios 5.00 Used Washers . .. 29.95 Used Refrigerator 39.05 Used Television . 1.69.95 F Goodrich 417 W. Main Phone 6331

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