The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 21, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 21, 1949
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTIIEVIU-E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Payroll Padding Inquiry is Urged Congressman Wants Public to Have Facts About Legislators WASHINGTON. Dec, 21—<;V>—An Investigation of congressional payrolls to determin U there Is widespread "padding" w B R proposed yesterday by Rep. Burdick *R-NI». Burdfck told reporters |»c will ask the House next month to .set tip fl special committee tor that purpose. "I do not charge that thorp Is widespread padding of pnyioUs." he said. "As a mater of fact, in all my years here I have found members of congress honest generat]y lint some people have an idea that we are dishonest and the facts should be brought out." What ho is interested in learning, Burdfok saici. is how many people oti congress] on a] payrolls do not \v<jrk in Washington "or do not work at all." "I don't know if there are any who do not work at all," he Rdrted. '•There are many ra^es in which sect eta rial employes arc not .stationed in w Fishing urn, but often this is nere.s.inry — fspecially in ca^es of nu'J iibers who operate large officers in their di.stru.-ts. There is nothing wrong about this," Bardic k snul he noes not think any members of congress should put on the payroll "persons don't earn tlif money paid." "I don't claim I hat they doing this," he said- "Hut an vestigauon won't do any harm. who Coo/ey Says Hell Introduce New Cotton Bill full advice, to stop and e\er forget that first day "I peace and happiness alter the long jcurs of war. Circumstances beinK «'liat they arc. I won't be with you In Moscow tomorrow. Hut I would like you a birthday «ife — of 1'he advice, Joe, look around. For a guy only (MO indies taller than Napoleon you've c-ome a I«"B way. you were born a poor Georgian boy, Joscpli Vi>^ai iimm-ich Oju- Basvili, whose [alher wauled him to become a cobbler and his mother a priest. But you 3'ourst'lt cnose to he a revolutionary, and chose as your party nickname Stalin, "man steel." You've lived up nicrknnme, Your iron will carried you through seven exiles to Siberia. Yon 'fought your way up through Bolshevik ranks, and yon lot 1,000,000 farmers starve to rieath cause you thought you knew was besl for Russia. Perhaps you did. You have readied the height* of power un- •cnowii to any previous Russian GRIKVINC MOTIIIlIt—Mrs. I.awii-nee J. Mass! sobs as she comforts her Injured son, Lawrence, 7, who luul bmi tiit by an automobile near his home at Alberl.son, N. Y. Tin- dnhl suflcrtd u possible skull fracture and back injury. <AP WircpholoJ. HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN NASHVILLE, N.C!, dec. 21. (AP) — Rep. Harold D, Cooley (D-NC) satd ye.stoidny he would introduce a bill in Congress to "eliminate the inequities" in the nation's cotton program for next year. Cooley, chairman of the House agricultural committee, reported the bill was designed to prevent any in- . dividual cotton farmer from having j his acreage nlotment reduced more than 30 per cent. He said he Introduce HID new legislation Jon. 3 and \vouJd call a full meeting of the agriculture committee to consider It Jan. 10. j Boy!e Offers Gift of Advice to Joe On Russian Dictator's 70th Birthday NEW YORK —M 1 )— To Joseph Slalin. care of Ihe Kremlin. U. S S n. Dear Joe. Congratulations, old Tovaricli of wartime, on your happy anlver.sary today. You wake up on the shortest , clay of winter to fiiul yourself I 70 years old — the lite span a Holed ,, to man by the Biule you studied would l ns a boy They tell me its to he the biggest birthday party in history, celebrated by ringing hells and booming guns, with caviar all nrouiul ofi - l Inl1eh '""" no s ., vo ! l . lii1 .. °" . lle h " nsc tll!l1 u "" 1 L,."" 1 * hls s " are ^ r!lns - They say yon couldn't ' m °'' C f,' fts . '\ y °";," "" Uic Stc " thc Cooley predicted early pa.ssage the measure by the House, but ex- ! pressed fear thai action on it would j be delayed by the Senate. He praised cotton farmers for! overwhelmingly approving cptlon' market quotas Dec. 15 despite what lie called the "inequities in the farm legislation" pertaining lo cotton growers. Cooley snid his bill would . j , "keep faith" with the ration pro- *j" ducer. He explained that tmder ex- | isting legislation some cotton far- ting their normal production'by as raers face acreage allotments 'cut-much as 70 per ccnl. ' s " le *' oultl IIV:e to »"« " K h "« lt)w "- You Russian '" w how lo lhrow a I' 81 ' 1 "? , J /"' e " tlc ' 1 »•»•' '» "'5 w<! '" lkctl "P w " h > lollr boys ' your really ' ' rllc on the River Elbe. I was carrying a rifle Jin Uncle 8am nt the time We were shy caviar anil vodka, but we tanked n|j on Cmtinn wine and traded oui' ralion.s >>ai:k and forth. H wa.s n wonderful time. WR l"id aside our guns, your boys and our boys, and laughed and "drank togi'lhcr on tile river's bank — and nobody was ainiid of anybody None of us who was there can bake better isou with uneasy peace—purging by blood nil A'ho .stood in your path—and you javcd your country in a mlghly war. Every step of Ihe way you said ^'our acts were dictated by a desire lo help the common man — the working class. 1'racltcally all leaders say that, Well, Joe. now'5 the time to put up or shut up. What the common man in all lands has yearned moxl for Is a period of peace and prosperity stretching endlessly ahead for him and his children. The common man everywhere, including the Russian, Is sick of shedding hLs own blood. The common men aren't mad at each other. And they won't be If their leaders won't sic 'cm on. The Russian working man. like Ihe American. -Aaiits a belter house, better schooling for the kids, a few new gadgets ar ound the kitchen to keep his old woman happy, and more meal on the table. And if you want to be remembered with real love by all, the litlle Ivans of Ru.s.sia, Joe, that's what you'll give them—instead of three "••j J-" .v...- more battleships and 1,000 more ruler. You rmified your country Insubmarlnes. There are no enemies WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 21, of your inal. These were the men who com- I>leuty you have promised so often But you can't do it by building army on army. liemeniber what you yourself once said, Joe: 'Hislory shows that invincible armies do nol exist." Let's really start healing Ihose swords into ploughshares, old tinier. Sincerely. Pvt. G. I. Joe (retired to niisier.) 27 German War Criminals Win Prison Releases LANDSnURG, Ciermany, Dec. 21 — W 1 ! —Twrmy-seven smiling German war criminals were freed yesterday from the u. S. Army's kandsbnrg Prison for good behavior during confinement. They had served Ihe greater part of thre and five-year sentences e are no enemies given them by U. S. military courts niandcd Na/i concentrations, who served as camp guards or mistreated captured American airmen. The oldest was Priedrich Kate, GO. a former Wiesbaden (policeman, convicted of taking part in the murder of American fliers. Col. Walter R. Graham. Ihe prison commander, said lhat 27 others probably will be loday. One other prisoner eligible for release Is ill in the prison hospital. MacKenzie Continued from Page 8 millstone about the necks of the small peasant fanners. Thsit calls for vast outside help, most of which would have to come from the Western world. China won't be communi/.cd (If at all) until this rehabilitation has Adams Appliance Co. wants to save you money... come in today and hear the SAMMY KAYE soys: "talk about 'live latent' tone quality!. .. the new RCA Victor sys/em of recorded music sure Iras ill" Already aver 1000 45 rpm record titles lo choose from! Dozens more pouring out every week! "The stars who make Kit nils . . ." and "the world's greatest artists ..." are on •15 rpm! Pops, classics, albums lo delight you Forever! See ;he complete RCA Victor 45 rpm catalog! K's tt>» 'record jyirem of Ihe lulur*' —her* NOWl This is the changer that was spe- riirough your present let dally engineered lo play 45 rpm records — the fines! recorded music in tlie world! Simply attach Ihe changer to your present set—and enjoy these amazing advantages! • Plays the arnaiintj 1 OO% dislortion- frec45rpm record* !• Plays oplo 10 record! ol OIM touch of a button —up la 5O minutes of musk! • Easier loading! No posts or clamps to ad[ust. • No storage problems—oil records are convenient 7-inch size! fCan play as long as ordinary 12-inch!} . Non-breakable records! Wear up lo ten timel longer. . Virtuolly no surface noUel ...and 45 rpm r*cordf arc l ow ; n rotff Red S«al • nly lit. =11 >rri>r< 65< (pi,,, . xcit . )„,)_ So we must conclude that this i< i crucial period In the Chinese civil ill-He. It is one of the most vital li, he whole Asiatic political upheaval. 85,45 OR EVEN 3, HADACOL HELPS ALL AGE GROUPS HADACOL I, good for .11 , g ~ bringing five of nature'* B vitT nmis and important minerals to the young and old alike Re^ntl. Ihe HADACOL folk"rccoi«d •*•-_•»•*-jit?j M Adams Appliance Co., Inc. J. W. ADAMS, Manager 20<i-20S W. Main I'lmne 2071 «.. V Mrs. Edmond Doucel o( ChurcMa Poinl La., is 85 years old, KaJf ing thousands of friends in th. picturesque Evangeline section of Louisiana where she was born and has spent all of her life. These frieqds are happy to know that Mrs. Doucet feels belter now Itian at any time in Iwo yefvs and gives the HADACOU 0 "KS. DOUCET "I had been sick for almost Iwo years and was suffering with gistrie disturbances and bloating 1 was run down, had lost weight and had to stay in bed most of the time. I lost courage »nd fell that there was no hope for me." Mrs. Doucet had tried many preparations without apparent beneficial results when she heard the glorious news aboul HADA"Afler taking several botlles ol HADACOL I felt like a new person," said Mrs. Doncet. "I eat anything I want without ill effects and sleep well. 1 feel much stronger." Mrs. Doucet \vas suffering from a lack of R vitamins and th« minerals which HAUACOL con- I lins. HADACOL comes to you m liquid form, easily assimilated m Ihe blood stream so that it can Ro to work right away. It is fas-^J to understand, therefore, whj^- countless thousands have been benefited by this amazing Ionia So il mailers not how old ycm are or who you are ... it malterr not where you live or If you havt Ined nil the medicine* under th« win, give this wonderful preparation HADACOL a trial. Don't ga on suffering. Don't conlinue to lead a miserable life. Many per- ons who have suffered and waited for 10 lo 20 years or even longer, are able now to liv« happy, comfortable lives becauso HADACOL supplied the viinniini and minerals which their systemr needed. Be fair lo yourself. Temporary relief is not enough lor you! Give HADACOL a trial! Kirby Drug Store \ "-„ <,"•* S/ ; V\~ *'//£{! S •*.- S;/ - <' 3*. fy *f '*•/•*•«£ *&>&* Y GREETINGS From the Members of ASSOCIATION OF LIFE UNDERWRITERS M VI \ //•*< L. E. OLD, Jr. O. J. RODGERS J. L. THOMPSON, Jr. L. H. WISE T. WINFORD WYATT LYNN W. BROWN J. A. BRYANT E. S. CHILES J.LOUIS CHERRY B. J. COZART C. T. DAVIS NATHAN DEVERS The Prudential Ins. 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