The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 21, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 21, 1949
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 21, 19-19 K/rTHEvn,LE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE FIYS Animal Trainer Is Killed by Lion Untrained Beast Attacks Woman as Her Children Watch THOUSAND OAKS, Culif.. Uec. 21- (APj — With a roar, a savage Hoji sprang at a widely known woman mmnal trainer ;utd quickly killed her while her horrified chiklrer tried to .save her, Mr.s. May Kovar Schafer, 42, wiw in Hie ease yp.sierday wiih the lion, SuUnn. aiU'iujiime to break lihn into uainiru;. The powerful animal ^^i"d at iu-r, bore her down and bJT her in ihe neuk, severing the spine. Her thikiien, Michnel Kovar, 18, and May Kovar, H. were watching their mother, who was working with a chair am! whip when the .sudden attack occurred. The children, armed *.vith short poles, m.'ihpd through the care door. But, the beast, with Mrs. Schacfer's neck in his jaws .ignored their poking. Michael and May and three-year- old Sandra Sehaefer, who was nearby, screamed for help. Rudy iMuller, 59. an eiephant trainer, ntn to their aid. "T zrabbeil up a pitchfork and an pj£hi-fix>t length ot pipe," the frail ifian .*aid. "The lion was very Quiet I stabbed at him with the pitchfork with one hand and lltei brought the pipe down on hi.s head with the other. "That made ihe lion drofi her and back up. Must have stunned him for a second he .sag- Bcd hack on hi.s haunches. Rescuers N'arrou-ly Kscape "Bui I didn't have much time," Mui!ei .said. "Just enough to pick up Mrs. Schafer. Then the lion started for me and the children. "I backed out, inch by inch, never inking my eyps off the lion. The children got out. Little May held the door open for me and I ^ot out. lij was a neat thing for y^/m.stcr.i^ He probably would have got them too," Muller said Mrs. Srhaefer, who had appfiirc-d with RingUng Brothers and Barnuni and Bailey Circus for four years prior tq the war, moved her arm as hi? .stooped to pick her up inside the cage but was apparently dead by the time he got her out, Mrs. Schaefer was known professionally as Madam Kovar. Two weeks ago sho completed an animal training sequence in a motion picture. Shs came here last August after appearing with the Wirth Circus in Au^trAlia. Louis Corbel, animal denier \vlio owns the property where the tragedy occurred, -said she obtained Sultan and another lion, Fa^ha, recently from Texas. Mr.s. Schaefer was the widow of Harry Kovar, a foremost animal trainer. Her present husband. Fred Schaefer, also an animal trainer, is en route here from Fort Worth, Tex Hitler's Aides Plan Yuletide Prayer in Jail UKHUN, Dec. 21—Wj—The seven survivors of Atlolf Hitler's in- ncr circle will gather Sunday iiftcr- noon for Christmas prayer In Sjinn- ilnu Prison. Special services will be conducted by a French military chaplain for Rudolf former deputy fuehrer; Erich [tacrier, bulkier of the Nazi fleet; Karl Docnilz. submarine expert; Albert Spoor, munitions minister; Baldur Von Selilrnch. Hitler youth lender; Walter Punk. Fieiclisbnuk president a n tl Kon- stamin von Ncurath, aged diplomat, The four occupation ixweis an- mially ^cuuiL ihe special service for the seven, convicted of war crimes at Neurenberg and given long prison terms. Relatives have liavert their onee- a-monlh vlsitlii K privelee Four Children To Meet Father After 30 Years OREGON CITY. Ore.. Dec. 21. (/r, — Four sons mid daughters of ft 1!)- ynvr-old man were prepared today for a merry holiday reunion with the father they haven't seen hi ^0 years. Albert RijSRs was expected to arrive in Portland lodny by train (rom his home in Wellington, Kas Four ot his nine grandchildren niul nine great grandchildren air inoeL him nf the depot. A bit of red ribbon in Ihe retired railroader's coat lapel will be his identification, The family group will then molm hero to the home of it daughter Mrs. J. C. Adcock. Another dauphin, Mrs. MnrgarUe McLnrghlin Toledo, Ore., and two sons, Alfred of Oregon City, and John, of Portland, are to meet their father here Their reunion will climax years of letter writing by RipRs, Thfi envelop PS were returned, sUunpec "unknown." Around Thanksgiving for this j n,iy mouth, Jlipfis recalled oni pre-Chhstma.s week. They were al-| of hts daughters once lived in Ore- lowed to bring small gifts such a.s K[( JI City, toilet articles. "JUST BLONDES, THAT'S ALL?"-*'eeling just a little silly, fraternity pledges Gerry Tuttleman and Bruce Toxnbaugh visited Santa Clans in a San Francisco department store. Fulfilling the hazing requirements, the pledges stood in line along with the others, and when their turn came surprised Santa by asking [or something a little diilcrent. Barber Has Only 22 Miles Left to Go En 2,047-Mile Hike to See Daughter The afternoon .service will be conducted in the Liny prison chapel- Recorded Christmas songs n n d ssics will be plaved. HP wrote to the Danner-Com ic newspaper here, which publisher The prisoners arc not to attend the services. required I of them Took forward to it however At Christmas time even Hess, wh< formerly spurned churchly Eittit tides, U glad to Join the olhers. Clues Sought f n Little Rock Woman'sDeof/7 L1TT1.K ROCK, Ark., HIT. 21. Al'»—A blood-stained niurunent H'ar the downtown business .srriuui 'f Ijiute it«H-k wits combed curly today (or clues in the death ol u •15-year-old woman. 'I'he body ot the woman, Mrs. Emma Ranch. \vns found in her U\o- in apartment about 10 p.m. yc.s- trrday soon nftor police hrul ani'.st- hcr husband for drmikt'iuie^s. lie wivs picki'd up near his home;. The Kd Rauch. 50, could iot be ciueMioiU'd hnniedliiU'ly. Dr. Howard DislionKh, PnUu-kS Countv coroner, said tin* wdiium p i[>- parently IKK) been deiul since Monday. Hr ordered rm Uwl niidniKnl. Patrolman R, 1,. Otb^on ; en roule to police hrai California Dairy Use Unmarketable Figs MttRCKD, Calif. ~ (./!'» — Tor •& yi'Hj's dairy farmers in Mr-rcetl C't unity have bee it f ceding unrnar- kct(»bli' fins to their cows. The cows like tiio .sweet taste, .suys fitrin nd- vjMir \\, H. Allsoji. I-':L;S have altnost as nnioh (nod \iUiu- :t:i barley, h« says, but adds that thi-y have to be mixed with oilifi JVvd. Mote tlian lia ])rr cent tiv, conicnt, has n laxative effect. Itp.uc'h numbled ihat his wife dead. The ollk'er .said he and a I'oitipuhion could not, obtain luilhcr (trl ails from tlie iu;ui. A few mhmle.s Inter, police! worn calk'd lo (lie iip^rtincut by the v,o- nmn'.s fiithci-. W. S. Kai'chtu of NVrih Liulc inu-k. Nnihi Police Chief J. I Html .said Hal-finis report i-<t Rtuu-h li;id up- (vau-ii nl hl:i luiine and said his wile Three Children D/'e As Fire Razes Home WTHCONKTN KAPIIXS, Win., Deft, ML tA't — Three children died last night in n flash fire, while five brotltcr.s and sisters and their parents escaped as their rural home xvn<; leveled, The dead, ali children of Mr. and Mrs, Krrmk Sonhelni, were Nancy, 1 months. Gary, 2, and Robert 14. Kenneth, 9, was overcome by .smoke and hospitalized here, AsMMunt Fire Chief Earl Te?» .s:ud the fire apparei.- ,7 started when a five-gallon can of lacquer m;;tr a fireplace caught fire, CaimiMK and bottling of tomato juice has iiu-rea.sed tomato consuinp- I ion per pci\son in the U. S, (our or five, times in a decade. Chief Hired .sii ofiicei's h:ut lo Ins plea for help, A Kninddaii^hter saw* it and told her mother, Mrs. Adcock. Slip wn.s the- oldest darpli- ler lii \ c:irc Flis^^ left the children when they separated in Ifll9 after the of hi.s Mm wife. Two of Ififins' children have stnro (iietl. He >jtid (lie body ol tho woitian, i loLhrd in nlj;hL gurinent.s, wn.s I on nd. ac]o.s.s a 1)0d. Her left t'li was blue mid .swollen. JHood \v;i.s spiitteied over tilt' bird and (Uxjf. Chid Slt't'd wild the several empty whiskey bottles were .scattered throughout the npurlniont The Ptiln.skl County Honiicicic Hrjuad has been ordered lino tin 1 $124" ADAMS APPLIANCE CO. Gable Weds Lady Sylvia, 'Old Friend' HOLLYWOOD. Drc. 21. '•The Kins" has n new 4 LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 21. Twenty-two miles of walking is a bree/e for Robert Benoit, a 25-year- old Connecticut barber. The handsome ex-World War TI veteran already has hoofed 2.02ii miles froir his home in Putnam, Conn., lo -see his four-year-old daughter. He has only 2'2 miles to go before his goal is reached. Benoit arrived cm the outskirts of AP> — Little Rock last night. He decided lady— a to stay in a tourist court to rest up laughing, lovely blonde reminiscent I before going on the last leg of the ill many 'jrays of the jdrl whose j journey to Cabot. Ark., where his death kcpv him lonely and distant I daughter is staying with her griuxl- for almost eight years. parents. Clark Gable is honeymooning A mit . ljoforp Bc " oit starts a " ntliei somewhere today with Lariv Svlvln ***'* J utin ^y- »e has .some visiting to do. He was to meet Gov. Sid Mc- Moth nt 11 from "our United States Stanley, the Sfl-year-nld widow of Dou^la.s Fairbanks, Sr, They were married in a sin-prise ceremony late yesterday nt a luxurious guest ranch 40 mile.s north of Srmtn. Barbara, Calif. After the wedding, they departed for points unknown. Sometime today or tomorrow they j are expected to return to Hollywood, JN i:} ^ in time to sail comorrow mi the He „„„ , ()[ 1TC(nlelllntion Uirline Mr a two-to-loiu-wcek I biu thcv WC rc shattcrecl when ho jufi-xct to Uoiiohihi. •flMrneri'here IRSI night thnfhfc "Tlie King," so-callcn of I wife had obtained a divorce more a.m. to d eli ve r let tors governor and several Senators" he met during the 104-day walk. Benoit also started a search for his former wife. Violet Park, whom he met while stationed with thn Army at nearbv Camp Robinson his bsx-office drawhr: ]xtwer, and Lady Sylvia long have been iriends. She arrived here about 10 days, ngo, but there were no rumors of an engagement.. than a year ago. As smm as he arrived in Ultle Rock. Denoit called his former wife's brother who told him about the divorce. He piuri he and his wife have been separated for three years and thrrr . was sonic talk nf a divorco. "Bui j that's the lust I ever heard about " he added. Benoit doesn't know his wife's address here. He has asked police aid in the matter. Henoit.said he and his wife lived in Putnam after (he war but she returned with their dauahter Cheryl I.ynn. to Arkansas in I94G. "I've bceti wanting lo see my • daughter ever since but have never been able to make enough money," he related. He hit upon the idea of walking to Arkansas last summer. Alter encouraging a Massachusetts manufacturer to furnish him shoes he started the walking trip with onlv MO hi his pocket. He wore out two paii-s of shoes. •T didn't take a ride and r didn't bop." lie said. But. without the KCTI- erosily of hundreds of people alons Ihe ivay "1 never would have made it." lie added. Beuoit said he had rrcrivcil 3.0OT oilers for a ride. How come such nn a-xurate figure? Bach time a motorist offered him .1 lift, he jutted it down almm \vith other notes which he is goim; to llirri into a hook ••nllMrriiig Journey.' 1 describing the Irek. He said he decided on the title after he had been on the trip only a week. Benoit said he plans lo spend some of Christmas with his daughter but after that he doesn't have a definite, plan. TRAV Ui;smi; IN.H T KKI> £<>X—Clasping their hands In prayer, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Donm of West HeinpMead. N T . V., knee] in .street n.s (heir critically injured son. Peter. Jr., recevies last rites ol churcli from Rev. John Murphy urnten at the Church of St. Thomas of me Apostle. Peter and his brother were injured in a head-on crash between a truck and a lAP Wirepholoi. We Wish to Extend A Very Merry Christmas To All Who Have Loyally Patronized Us NEW »n* Opens \Vrck 'Hays 7:00 p.m ,M;ili'icr SiUtirrfnj i- Sunrijjs I p.m Tout Sbowinj Manila, Ark. Wednesday & Thursday "THE PARADINE CASE' "ilh Oreeory Pci-k Also Shorts Caruthcrsville, Mo. n R n Ji Si R I 1 RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Wednesday & Thursday "GERONIMO" wiih Trcslon Voslrr anil Ellen Drew 3-Diomo'io Engoqcmcnl Ring. 3 diamonds in 14k gold. $7095 DREIFUS IS HO DIAM SOLIT n To-nite mond Sel. 5- nd engage- ng. 3-diamond CHARGE STOMS IN BLYTHIVIIU, MEMPHIS ANB DYfRSBURG

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