The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 21, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 21, 1949
Page 2
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MOB TWO BI/JTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS U.S. Recognition Denied Chinese Communis: Forces Would Gam Prestige By a Nod from U.S. WASHINGTON. — The United States is wielding A small Rtick against the Communist Chinese government by failing to recognize It. But A high diplomatic authority says non-recognition can't last forever. In the long run, he says, the withholding oT recognition is not * powerful lever, U.S. recognition gives prestige and strength to a new government, but once other governments have accorded recognition, a nod from the U.S. would not mean so much as ft would now. By withholding recognition at this time, the U, S. hopes to make It clear to the Chinese Reds thiU it doesn't intend to accept on HII equal diplomatic footing any nation which doesn't fulfill its international obligation. The Reds' mistreatment of Angus Ward and other American citizens was enough in itself to disgust American diplomats. . To obtain American recognition, Secretary of State Ache.son lias said, the Chinese Communists must not only live up to their international obligations. They also must control their whole country, and tht Chinese people must at least acquiesce in their rule. For generations the American government has required that new governments meet those tests before they are recognized. Thomas Jefferson first formulated the viewpoint that recognition doesn't mean, approval—only that the U- S. acknowledges existence of the regime. "It 1s recognition of a set of facts, nothing more," says Secretary of State Acheson. "We may have thu gravest reservations as to the matter in which it has come into power. We may deplore its attitude toward civil liberties. Yet our long-range objectives in the promotion of democratic institutions may, in fact, be best served by recognizing it and thus maintaining a. channel of communication .with the country Involved." Recognition of a new government has advantages for both sides. That's the reason some other conn- tries are reported to be nger to recognize the Chinese Reris us soon as possible. It opens the channels of diplomatic intercourse. Before - recognition envoys of foreign powers have no immunity, no diplomatic status. They are treated like private citizens and can be of only limited use to the governments they represent. If an envoy of a country you don't recognize turns up In your country, you cnn deport him ns an alien Illegally in your country. . An unrecognized government can't be prosecuted before international tribunals in case it fails to live up to treaties/ and other- obligations. One government doesn't 1mve access to .the courts of another nation unless it is recognized. It • couldn't sue to enforce contracts and to obtain damages for confiscation of property. Under such circumstances, a government finds it hard to make loans or to write contracts for purchases. The authority to recognize a new government rests with the President. This has been standard procedure for many years, although at times it has been nrgued that the power was held jointly by the President and Congress. At any rate Congress must acquiesce, for no ambassador can be ac~ .credited until the Senate has confirmed him. In China's the administration has promised that the President would not extend recognition until after the State- Department had discussed the matter with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. In 1913. when the question of recognizing the new Chinese Republic came up, the Issue was hotly de- hated. A group in Congress felt that the President was delaying too Ions WEDNESDAY, PECEMBBK fl, Armed Robber Enters Second Little Pock'Home LITTLE ROCK, Uec. 21. MV-Poice have received a report of the >econd home robbery in Little Rock in recent weeks. Mrs. Ida Miller, 55, .said that she was bound, gagged and robbed at :ier apartment near the downtown Business section here Monday. She said a man entered the apartment threatened her with a knife and after binding her, took $30 cash and Jewelry. Last month, a ijttlu Rock minister reported that an armed nun enterd his workshop, forced him to enter the house and robbed him of valuables. _, J DOWN AND OUT—Unusual photographic sequence above shows demonstration of a new pilot ejection seal being tested on Navy V3D "Skykn.Rht" jet fighters at El Centre, Calif. Conventional ejection device catapults the pilot straight up from his seat. In the F3D the pilot slides doivn a chute in the cockpit floor and drops out from the belly of the plane. Pictures, starling at upper led and sioing down, show pilot's course until he is completely free of shtp and is ready to pull ripcord of his parachute. Successful "bailouts" of this type have been made at speeds up to 450 miles an hour. Copenhagen Welcomes First Woman Ambassador from U.S. COPENHAGEN. Denmark. Dec.t 21. MV-TAmerica's first woman ambassador, Mrs. Eugenie Anrierson, u'fi.s greeted yesterday by 3,000 Danes who braved the cold to watch her arrival to take up her diplomatic post here. The lucly envoy was [net by officials of the Danish fnrelpn ministry, members of Die American embassy stnff she will head and n group of cheerfully curious mate ambassadors. The 40-year-old woman • from Red Wing. Minn.. Is taking her first public office—filling the vacancy left by former Ambassador Jostah Marvel. Jr., who resigned several ..inntt's ngo. She got her first tasle of the new diplomatic life at a huge champagne cocktail reception at the American embassy. Thursday she will present her credentials to King Frederick in history old Chrlstiansbog Castle. A royal coach with brightly liveried coachman and footman will take her to the interview. Then she will be received in private audience, by Qiieen Ingrid. Mrs. Ambassador (that's what, they've decided to call her, since ambassadress means the wife of an ambassador) arrived aboard the Danish ship Jutlamlia with her artist husband, Joseph P. Anderson, her 15-year-old daughter, Johanna, and her 11-year-old son. Hans. When the ship nocked a Danish band struck up tile Danish and U.3. national anthems, then played Danish Christmas carols. Following the welcoming reception Mrs. Anderson met 119 members of the Danish press—the biggest corps of newsmen ever gathered m one place in this country. and a resolution was Introduced declaring that tile new government was recognized. But it never passed. Voice of Santa Makes Johnny Firm Believer MEDFORD, MUM., Dec. 21. fAP) —The voice ol Santa Clans boomed from a rooftop. "What iloyou mean I'm not real?" A little tyke In the crowd gazing "P at tiie spotlighted Santa winced. He, had been telling his little friends -he ain't real—all he doe.s is .stand there." The voice called out again: "Johnny Williams, why do you tell your little friends such things? Of course Santa Ls real and he'll come to visit good boys." That was the clnicher. Johnny Williams now is a firm believer. The voice was that of alderman George P. Cnllnhiin thrown from his living room through a loud -speaker rigged to Santa. "My biggest problem now," says Sauta. "Is getting the kids to go home to bed." Read Courier News Want Ads Extra!! * * * 4 China's Acting President Jndcrgoes Operation NEW YORK, Dec. 21. (JT)— China's acting president, U Tsung Jen, was reported resting comfortably today, ollowing an operation for stomach llccrs. Columbia Presbyterian Med- cal Center announced after Die operation that Li's condition was excellent, Marriage Licenses The following couples obtained marriage licenses al the office of Miss Elizabeth Blythe, county clerk yesterday: Walter fioland Bishop of Blytheville and Miss Wanda Berry of Kcnnett, Mo. Boyd Goodwill of Blylheville and Miss Mary Ana Caldwell of Corinth Miss. 24 HOUR SERVICE 1AX1 Courteous 5PFE Drivers Ask for either while or colored driver. Ninr cuts at your scrvke. 2100 CAB CO. The Capitol building In Washington, D. c. covers approximately .hroe find one half acres. Study of Goats Show They're Temperamental SARASOTA, Flu. —</P)— Goats stupid? No such thing, say Don and Grace flagsdalc. They started out, with on animal for milk to help Mrs. Uagsdalc's arthritis and wound up with not only a goat dairy hut, a rather complete dossier on goat hablU and philosophy. Mr. and Mrs. Ragsdale say goats have a strong sense of what Is right and wrong In the way they should he handled, and If on* thlnkj h» has been slighted, he sulks or noulT or butts. They also have very !on» memories Sonic practically demand to l« addressed by name. And thi. don't eat rags or tin cans. RENT A CAR Drive Anjwhu* *«» Pleuc Simpson Oil Co. Phon* 937 For Health's Sake.,.Roller Skate at the New Automatically-Heated Roller Rink Blytheville, Ark. For A Night of Good Clean Wholesome Fun, Visit Our New Modern Rink Located on E. Main Open Every Night, Including Sunday Under New Management Rink Available for School & Church Parties Nite Phone 4914 Wade Lee, Owner Day Phone 2218 Jimmy Brock, Mgr. S y if I Five years hence and il is only (he beginning for a 19-19 General Eleclric He frige valor. Give I tie gift wifh R real future of pleasure, convenience and happy, dependable refrigeration. . .A GENERAL ELECTRIC REFWJGEKATOR! HUBBARD & HOKE Appliance Company I! 60 BOTTLES OF HADACOL PAY BSG DIVIDENDS Robert Meailx, Box 182, Airport, Lafayette, La., has laker more than 60 bottles of HAU/S COL in the past four years ari' he considers his HADACO) money brought rich dividends tir cause today he is happy, health- and able lo do any kind of \vor while two years before takinj HADACOL. he was unable to d, work of any kind. "1 was first taken with stomar' sickness eight years ago," iai' Mr. Meaux. " was so r u i down that m- friends did m,. even know me For two years I wax unable to do work of any kind. My food did not agree with me. 1 suffered digestive disturbances. I had difficulty Mr. Meaux sleeping and my chest seemed to be stopped up most of the time. "I thought I would never bs able to work again and had Jmt about given up hope when I wai Hdviscd lo take HADACOL. After the second bottle of HADACOL I began lo (eel better, sleep better and started gaining much needed weight. "Today at 66 I am > healthy and happy man because I gave UADACOL a trial. I took about .10 bottles ot HADACOL (he first year, and in the past three years 1 have taken another 30 bolt In of HADACOL to help mt «t«y well." Mr. Meanx and hii son ware both suffering from a lack of B Vitamins and the minerals which HADACOL contains. HADACOL cornea to you in liquid form, ess- ily assimilated tn the blood stream jo that it can go to work right away. So it matten not how old you ore or wbo you are ... It matters not where you live or if vovi have tried all the medicines under the sun, give this wonderful prepare^ tion HADACOL a trial. Don't eo on suffering. Don't continue to lead a miserable lift. Many persons who havt suffered »nd waited for 10 to 10 years or iven longer, are abla now to livr happy, comfortable liv« because HADACOL supplied the vilami ns i » and minerals which their systems f. needed. Be fair to younelf. Tenv porary relief is not enough for you. Give HADACOL i trial] WOODS DRUG STORE 221 West Main NORGE CHRISTMAS NEWS Extra!! * * BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS AT ABSOLUTELY NO EXTRA COST Tricycle*, Doll*, SUccrirmre To Be Given!! Your Choice Give*}!! No Extra Cott!!! O« Any Htfrlg«r«tor H*r*« EkctrU t«K4*, Nor)* Aitonotic Waifct W.ik.r EASIEST 7ERMS IN TOWN! -'<» • ' •-'' for /«. rkw HH f rl t » »f U* glH «f« M Y*tr. fffllmiKf wilt kt rf»lfv«r>rf !• y«r ft*nt« ci4 •»• ima/l mojiMfy paymttt (•vtrt $«*t«'i »liH t« thi tirirt family. Tricycle Nationally known bill-btaricir model "Your Santa problem volve extia cost to TOU."* d*Iun il no *24»» 50-Pc. Silver Plats Fimous make »nd Jxjutiful pailern. "Your S*nU problem tolred at no cxlr* coat lo Shilling Talking Doll A SIM. Ceo*. OUt, SJb« iriik i h H rel». tT UJ1 »Hi • nbfi*kih lMdo Lt.l t.t* «tt, lU.l.i. Tiiil rmt ii4 tin- T*4uL(lt*!r d)W*4. Jnt»'» Only *18** p«r c»p«tlty pound Itrf Cook In America ... NORGE FuHy , DEFROSTS YOIW REFRIGERATOR WERY N10HT \ NORGE YERT1C&L HOME FREEZER Only >299* NORGE Semi-Automatic Washer Gets 9 Pouruls Clothes Clean in! Minute? FtatiKM Ejcln Urje Caj»cHj AnlobiK Trtnjudwioo Kod-Rin Tub 8-Po»ili«l Wrinier nu* dittornalit Timer 59995 I M » \ • • C * n K 4 I to**************************************^**^^.^^^****^*^***

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