The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1949 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1949
Page 15
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 80, 1949 BLTTHEVILLE (AKKJ COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople ! WONPER IF SCIENTISTS EVER NOTICED THAT TH 1 OMLV 1HIMOS THAT D0NT PAW, CLUTCH, &KAB.AM' PULL EVERYTHING ELSE OOWN WITH 'EM 15 THINGS THAT HAVE BRAINS ESAO.MAN/ PAY ATT£rJTiOr4 HELLO, Mf GILL ? THE GUY'S POPPING ALLTH6RNET5 OLMA HIS CROCK;.' •*- HAMGOVER/ WHO? JIM? AU? IT (3OIMS/ THe LOMS OF FOUR FEET AND TELL Me IT'S "JUST ONE OF TUOSe -THlrJSS/-~ SIR/ X DEMftrJD p ~ ™~ ' ACTIOM.' MO HCAP TO LOSE By Virginia Feale XXXII HARLlE REDDY darted silent- across the patio to the Ask for either ivJiile or colored driver. Nine cabs at jour service. 2100 CAB CO. RENT A CAR Drive Anywhere You Please Simpson Oil Co. Phono 937 Protect Your Family's Health with Expert PRESCilPTfOF Service WOODS DRUG 221 West Main A CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR YOUR HOME f!Tie simple dignity- of [Mj un- 'usually fine Corner China Osc with iu clean nil lines will appeal to home owners of discriminating taste. Appealing, loo, is the attractive price which Brings quality within ihc reach of llic mocfcst new home or remodeling budget— in outstanding Morc-for-thc-Moncy Value. BUILDERS SUPPLY CO., Inc. \V. H. "Bill" Pease .1. \Vitson Henry Highway 61 South rhnnf! ?A3\ French doors. The handle turned wilh only a slight click and he pulled the door open an inch at a time. He stepped inside atul drew the door closed. The room was dark, and Reddy identified a few shadowy furniture outlines and began to pick his way through them, praying that he wouldn't collide with an unremembered footstool. He reached the hall and turned to the left, feeling ahead of him for the door lo the studio. He found the knob and turned it. Locked! Anxiously, his fingers fumbled downward. There was a key in the lock! Before tufirini; it, he stood tense, listening for even the slightest stir from the remainder of the house. Slowly and delicately, he turned the key and opened the door. He look- out his flashlight, directed its beam to the floor and stepped cautiously only where the small circle of light showed uncluttered space. Reaching the storage end of the studio, he beamed his flash over the shelves containing rows of glazed and bisque- fired pieces. Torn had said he hadn't been doing any work lately, which would mean that the two peculiar - looking female figures might still be unglazed. Concentrating on tile chalky bisque pieces, he inspected the contents of the top shelf and worked down: vasejs.-jujjs, three Users, two Balinese busts, more vases. Reddv snapped off his light in disgust and stood in the darkness wondering what had become of the two sorrowing women. He could recall exactly how the pieces looked: About 12 inches high, about tight inches at the base, the femininity of the figures just barely suggested by Hie drapery around the lower body, an egg-like head, ''with one rather gross arm bent around it resting otj whul might be the Scnees. The piece had Ihe bulky block- like quality of ati Kpslcin sculp- ure. Reudy remembered that he iiad thought the things were iiretty good, pretty well-done. In spite of their vague outlines, he n.-ul immediately concluded that .hey represented a pair of v.'eop- ing women. A weeping woman! Why hadn't lie thought of the connection before? His weariness and puzzlement disappeared instantly. Ho snapped on his light again and diiecled its beam scatvhingly around the room. He had lo tind those figurtnes! Tom's modeling bench was over there in the corner. Tools, stained rags, a segmented mold. Up above was a broad shelf, and on it— Reddy stepped closer excitedly— on it was a blocklike Ijginine, light rcllectinj; from its satiny blue glaze. One of the weeping women! Reddy propped bis Hash on the bench and reached up both hands for the figurine. Reddy picked it up, balancing it with great cafe on Ihe palm of one hand. With the thurnb'and middle finger of his oilier hand, he thumped it for what would be Die answer to whether he was here on a wild goose chase. • • • 'THE pottery gave a low, clear ringing sound. An expression of intense disappointment spread over Reddy's face. He was about to return the figurine to the shelf when the lights in the studio snapped on. He whirled around to face Tom O'Neill! "It was my impression, Charlie, that you had lefl my house and gone home. I should've asked you if you'd like to come out and visit my workshop. I'm a very poor host, leaving my guesl lo stumble around out here by himself without nny lights." He advanced slowly lo the work bench, "Do you like Ihe blue flaurine?" Roddy found himself idiotically nodding and patting the surface o't e lijjinine. Tun: smiled faintly: "Take it mine with you. It's yours." He placed a hand on Reddy's aim, slowly tightening the fingers. Ueddy tried not lo wince—the r»n's hand seemed about to crush the muscles of his forearm! licd- dy's .-istonishmcnl at Tom's trensth almost obliterated the sensation of pain. Tom's eves lacked depth, Ihe lids Wee tretched wide apart and Ihe pupils were dilated, giving back Ihe light as lially as the surface of a '•'.ell. He haidened the muscles oi his arm against Tom's fingers and gradually pujled away from the grip. Reddy made his voice plea.siml and calm. "Thanks, Torn, but I iroukln't accept the figurine—much =»s I'd like to." "You Uikc it, Charlie. That's the Chinese custom. When you admire something in a mandarin's house, you find it all wranpi'd up and ready for you to lake when you go luunc." Tom picked up one of Ihe soiled rags and draped it ariiund the blue figurine, "Here you arc, all wrapped up for you. Take it home, now, Charlie." lie pressed the bundle into Reddy's hands., Tom obviously was not sane. He took the figurine. "Many thanks, Tom. I appreciate this very much." r pOM linked an arm through his and began propelling him toward the door, "And now we'll all call it a day, huh, Charlie? The parly's over, isn't it, Charlie?" Charlie inclined his head, "The party's over, Tom." As they approached the door, Reddy's eye was caught by a blue gleam from an open cupboard near the door. He stopped and craned bis neck in spite of Tom's tug at his elbow. "Wait just a minute, Tom!" lie yanked his elbow fine. "Isn't that another (igurine like this one'.'" Kcddy's teeth clashed logclhcr and bit oft the resl of Ihe sentence as something of liemenduus weighl came down on his skull. (To lie CimtinuetU PAGE FIFTEEN 'It would be a dainty gift for my husband to give me all right, but you don't know how clumsy ho is with the dishoan!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEH Familiar Lingo BE6GIN6YCXJR PAR.DOU VfcxlNG- AOteS. BUT I- HAVE U VULfiflDE EMPICT/MSMT IU THE MEIK3COUS Af^ r HASItM 'fillTHER./ TbOUl.E-00.' .YOJMS LAOV.TMAT 'OUR PENDING PElTTION (£»: SPECIFIED WILL BE GlVEH MV MOSr ZEALOUS CDMSIDCRAHON / I'KISCILLA'S i'OP It's Unanimous BY AL VERMEER PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slcick Guaranteed Resl Hricee Kirby Drug Stores FOR SALE €oncrcle culvrrls I* uicb to 4S inch, plain 01 reenlorced A LAO CnniTele Kuildmg IMuck- cheap- ei than lumh&i tot barns chirken houses pump house*. Icnanf houses, tool slifds U> drlivet Call as for Ircp estimate . , I'hone GDI OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO THE C\1I>\N» SCEOIA BUTHEML 521 -Master Plumber- JORDAN PLUMBING COMPANY, Inc All \Vork Gtinranleed Kor 12 iMimlhs 531 Norlh Kllh I'hcinc lilll)] LU 00 UJ Q 00 $10 LESS EVERY DAY! 1946 Dodge 1-Ton Pickup • Tuesday's Price $ Yes, the price will be rcclnceti $10 every fia.v until the truck's sold. 'I'ucsdiiy's price, $755; Wednesday's price $7-15, etc. if it's still here. This truck has good tires, excellent body, and motor lias been completely overhauled. Don't miss ill 755 • OTHER LOW PRICED USED CARS • 1948 Studcbakcr Command- 1946 Sfudcbakcr Champion cr 5-Passenger Coupe 4-door 1947 Chevrolet 2-door 1941 Chevrolet 2-door 1946 Plymouth 4-door 1940 Pontiac 2-door CHAMBLIN SALES CO. "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 888 SEE? SHE ROLLS HER EYE5 AMD EVERYTHING.' LOOK, MOM! THAT'S WHAT I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS! YES... ' THAT'S THE WAV • I FEEL. ABO'JT HER, IJY R1ICIIAKI. O'nlALLHY sml RALPH LANE WE'VE BEEI4 nmoUGHtvTRY .^v. PICTURE OF YOUTHS WITH RFCORDS IN THE fll[S, INSPECTOR GROWL SORRY, INSPECTOR, rilf 7 TltAT LEAVES (JS DP PlIOtlE 15 Al L SMEARED UP. \A DEAD END. FL1UT. WC CflN'f GL-t ANY PHIN1S Off YOUR MURDCB WEAPON 1 V/ANI YOU P6UOWS TO BOtlllD UP EVERY SUSPICIOUS TOUNS PUIIK IU YOU?. DISI«KT AMD BRING THEM III TOR IHE IINE- WRE GOING TO FIND THIS MURDERER.' WORTH tOOKHIG Al CAPTAIN EASY liY LESLIE TURNER WHAT Y I TOOK i ROOM WEAR HIM,CHIEF. HE'S ABOUT \ A LOUELY OLE CUS.'S, JVJOD WE GOT TH WIGHT 1 TO BE PftLS AFTEC J SMp VH OLE A MIGHT WAN. TOO. TI16W HElftLKS HE GOE5 OU DUTY AT SEVEN. RlWffS W 1115 60.VE& tftCH HOLie. OW THK HOUR... MAS' ORDSCSTO APMIT HO OlOEr, OKftV. MMM...NEW IVPE ATLAS VAULT, EH'7 I'D LIKE A SQUIWT AT IT MYSELF. GOlDIE, IOOK THRU MV Ltl1EHMEM>S AHOGETOWE FKOMTH 1 MLAS SAFE COMPANY. 1 SUPPOSE VOU MAV KEEP HIM 80VS..I..I CNM'T 5PDILVOUR. SURPRISE FOE PAPA,. HUGS liUNNY TO HAVE A G-GOOD ORCHESTf?A WE HAVE TO P-PKACTICE/ ONE, TWO THKEE...P-P-PUAY/ ' HOW CAN YOU 6-6ET MUSIC WITHOUT PICKING TH' S-STWNGS ? ...SO I KEEP A\Y PET PENGUIN, TWERPO, INSIPE T'PO TH' PCLJNKIN'/ STRINGS IS HARP ON ANY TEN PER What's Tluil Again? «Y V. T. HAMLIN NOW R9K A II HA! IT WOULD TAKE j | / MY StTSH FEW DAYS' \MONTH5 TO scy ^-~'~\ SOT A MILLION REST BEFiPRE \ UP THAT T«r3 /\WCH\e& FIFTY \VE TAKE OFF) EVEN IF \VE "A \v c i TrioTi<5kNn fCK. VENUS. 1 / HAD THF r> HAVENT.V THAT KNOW A\V FORSET 'IM ILL GO OUT AN' DIG YOU UP AN OTHER MILLION HOOTS AND IIKit BUDDIES IJY EDGAR MARTIN f\KmWVS6' J Phone 3075

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