The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 23, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 23, 1952
Page 6
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PAGE SIX TH1 BLYTHEV1LLB COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWB CO. H W HAINKS, Publisher HAKRY A HAINBS, AMlslanl Publi*h«r A. A. FRKURICKSON Editor PAUL D HUMAN Advertising Manager Salt National Ad»crtisinK Representatives Wal)»ce Witmer Co.. Ne» York, Chicago. Detroit. Atlanta. MemphU. Entered as second class matter At the post- office at Btythevillc, .Arkansas, under net ol Con- ereu. October 9. 1917. Member ol Thu Associ»X:d PrcM SUBSCRIPTION RATElr By carrier in [lie city ol flljrlheville or anj lUburDRn town nhcrt carrier s«rvic« W main- uined, 25c ner week By mull, within a radLus ol 50 miles. 15.00 per jear. 12.50 for ilx months »1.25 lor three months; b; mill outside 00 mile zone 112.SO p*r year payable tn advance Meditations Or Id him lake hold of my strength Dial he may mnko pence with me; an<l he shull make peace \\Hh me. — Isaiah 27:5. * * * As on the sen of Galilee the Christ is whispering "Peace!" — WhHlicr. Barbs A number of old los.sil.s woe discovered In Indiana. Why not run them for .some office? A amilc jfnen a long ways soinclJmes, when it Is nmsl needed at home. Just one imdarned thing after a not tier — that's the lilc of a bachelor. F'HV a-s iniifh n I ten (ion In what you hear an to what .YOU overhear unil you'll make more friends. * • * Why Is it ttifii, punctures aiul broken fun be)U never seem to go within miles ol a garage or gas station? Does Use of Guided Missi les Mean Start of All-Out War? News that the Navy has used guided missiles in the Korean wav brings up another new question in that strange and little-underatood conflict. Will use of the powerful, pilollcss weapons mean the beginning of a new and increasingly deadly phase of the war? It's not known generally how far the Russians have developed this type of weapon, but if they have it there is no reason to think Ihey won't now use it. And once the bars are down, where do tilings go from there? Our first guided missile was a clumsy affair compared to the potential of this type of weapon, compared even to lhe type used by the Germans in World War II. But once it becomes an accepted thing in Korea, improved versions certainly won't he long in coming. Certainly, in all-out war, it's lo he expected that all of the best and latest in military equipment will be used. But Korea is not an all-out war. It is very definitely and deliberately a limited war. How then does the use of guided missiles fit in with this confined conflict? If it means an intensification, or even possibly an enlargement, of the war, that is a matter of concern to the American people. ; Traffic Toll Heartache How many people in your family, four? Then two of yon are BOIIIK to be injured in traffic accidents before you die. Shocking, isn't it, when you look at it that way? And yet .statistically it is a fair assumption. The National Safely Council asserts that miles.* an effective way is found to curb traffic accidents, which killed 37,300 persons and injured another 1.300.000 last year, one out of every two persons living today will be injured in traffic before ho dies. Who will be in your family. Sister. Junior. Mother or Dad? And don't just ask yourself that grim question. What can you do to prevent it ? Safety engineers say that' miracle? could be accomplished in reducing t h p traffic toll if drivers would obey a few simple rules: 1. Drive courteously—show concern for the oilier fellow instead of competing with him for speed, space and hospital room. '1 Drive "defensively" — that means that you always look ahead for road problem;: and traffic signals and watch •what other drivers are doing instead of BLYTHEVIT.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS , SEPT. 23, 1952 "bulling ahead on your own. • • 8. Drive legally—obey the limitations which competent highway engineers have tried to put on your driving to save your life and the lives of other drivers. Von can't reform Al.l, drivers overnight in accordance with these .suggestions. But you CAN start with yourself maimed in traffic. Not Temptation-Proof In .Maryland the other day, Governor McKoldin got a handsome check for ?7000 as a gift from friends. He didn't say who the friends were. He was promptly jumped- on for exercising doubtful judgment, since a public official clearly must be beyond suspicion and it was H natural question what the "friends" might expect in return. McKeldin quickly assured everybody the money would not be used for his personal benefit, but this didn't satisfy his critics and the clamor continued. So, finally, he gave the check back. The citizens of his state may look askance. Hut they pay their governor just 54500 n year in official salary. That's hardly a temptation-proof stipend in these inflationary times. Views of Others Much Flap A tertiary f!a|> is so me tiling niidwnv between a snafu and a hnsslt. Or so we understand from Secretary of Defense Lovetl, who . advocates more and better ones. fact's untangle what he means. Your terltiary [lap is not n hassle, which is nn argument of sound nnd fury signifying nothing, nor Is it a foullng-up of the situation. It Is the reorganied chaos In between. It is vastly preferable lo a primary flap, or temper, spell, and to secondary flap, or bureaucratic mayhem by telephone. In teiitiary flap you begin with wild disagreement and then sit down nnd hammer out your differences. All of this Is remote from the layman, but as we get it, flap Is a common condition in the Pentagon, which, now that unification has taken place, Is a very den of iniquity, if tertiary flap Is to be encounigcd there, surely it ought, to ba applied to the country at large. As Mark Twain said of n big navy, we have the water and we have the men so all we nceil are the ships. We have the disagreement, and mnybe the hammers, so nil we need is the brute force to herd the prlma donnns together, make them sit down and over. .JifAsheville (N. C.) citizen. talk t Walter Reuther Walter Reuther. head or ll.e CIO United Workers, said Ills \mion does not welcome the clrcum- stnnccs of R three cent hourly wnge Incrcnse under the new Bureau or Labor Index. Some million members are affected. Reuther said the increase "docs not compensate [ or n n i|, c [j amage (lone to the people of cur nation by runaway inflation" which he blamed on •'. . . reactionaries who did most to scuttle price control and now complain about the 50-ccnt. dollar." We wonder what it, would take to satisfy Walter Keiithcr. No doubt if he were given the world with a fence around it, he would complain that the fence was too low and would want "corporate wealth" to build It higher. By every Index, nnd every lest, either Government or private, wa B cs have risen more than anything else In this country - more tlmn the price of raw materials, more than profits, more than land, more than the price of farm products. It is the demands of unions for higher wages lhat have contributed, more than any other factor, to Inflation. And finally, upon one of the few occasions when the cost of livin K index went down, and Oeneral Motors was justified under its contract, in reducing WBRCS. this same Mr. Reuther and liis associates, let out a loud squawk, and said it ."houldn'l be done. —Elinbethtown (Ky.) N'ews SO THEY SAY ] The spirit on the nrofcMtonal football clubs is [ higher than il is in colleges. — Pro football pluy- | et Gordon Soltau. It ui presidential nominating convention) is knid of a sociable time. A sood .social event if yon don't t.ikc it too seriou.sly. — Politician William H Reid. * * « Children aic natural born liars. Us jusl thru imagination at work. — Screen Mauicen oy-.ilhva.n mother of seven. * * * There is no belter way to die. — Gold Mar mother Mrs. Lucille Sharhick, whose son was the [irst American killed in Korea. » • * I.ollist ideologies play on ill health and tension in people's lives for thnr own ends. — KLit:sti mrdiral executive Dr. Ernest Claston. * * * A candidate who emerges from a smoke-tilled loom will be ft candidate of defeat. — Dr. Louts H Bauer, president of the American Medical Association. 'First I've Ever Heard of THIS Invention!" Peter fdson'j Washington Column — New WSB Regulations Are Due To Govern Fringe Pa\ Hikes o a y WASHINGTON — (NBA) — New Wage Stabiliy.alion Board regula tions to govern "fringe" pay in creases may be forthcoming. This was hinted by WSB Chairman Ar chibalcl Cox in his talk before the American Bar Association at San Francisco. At the present time WSB will approve fringe benefits—for lunch lime, paid holidays, pension plans, vacations, etc.—provided they do not exceed prevailing practices ,in any industry n re a. This i a fees up a lot of WSB | time to decide such trivial questions as whether time off to vote in human relations. Since the end of World Warr II, the U. S. steel industry has increased its capacity by an average of two-and-half million tons a year. In ihls same period, the amount of steel production lost through strikes has averaged seven million ions a year. Armless SHAPE: Latest gag going around SHAPE —Supreme Headquarters, Allied Powers in Europe, for Gen. Matthew S. Ridpeway—Is this: Q -Why is SHAPE like the Venus de Milo? A -Because it's all SHAPE and no arms. Rin«!^Ks Tub The U. S. soap industry Is now markot-testinK new detergents to Telcr EM son tices." or attend grand- I take the place of the old hand- funcr- and-bath soaps. The new deter"pre- gents will be in cake form, as mother's al ai'e vailing p r a c- One suggestion has been to do control nit fringe benefits. But if thnt were done it would cause un otis to demand fringe benefits in place of straight wage increases. Another suggestion has been lo de control minor fringe raises but keep the bit: ones under control. The inflationary effort of fringe straight wage incren^cs, Chairman well as powders for special dispensers in public wash rooms. One of the big advantages of the determents is snici to be that they are better cleansers wuh hard wa ier. But lhe bi^cst advantage Erskine Johnson IN HOLLYWOOD HOLLYWOOD —(NBA)— Exc.u- once rumored as a vehicle for siveiy Yours: Dunningcr, the master mcntalist, asked me to think of four numbers and I asked him to think of one—Marilyn Monroe, Writing down my numbers was pie-easy for him but when he tuned in on Marilyn's thought waves, It was obvious the man had problems. He blushed and said: "I better think about Lassie or Senator Tobey or Margaret O'Brien. There are censors in Hollywood, you know." George Pal's production of "Hou- dinl," co-starring Tony Curtis and Janet, Leigh, is the reason for Dim- ninger'.s presence in Hollywood. He Inherited all of HoudSn.'s effects, which he's loaned to Para mount. He's ttlso technical advisor on the film and will play himself. As Harry Houdini's life-Ion^ pal, what docs Dunninger think of Tony Curtis playing the master magi- clan? "I came to El oily wood with an open mind, I'd never met Tony. Then I saw him perform. The boy h:is amazing digital dexterity. In five weeks he's more polished Umn the average amateur magician with three years' cxperifiice." Dunninger's next big TV stunt will be from a submarine in New York harbor—reading a 10-word sentence on a blackboard in Radio C i t y. If Marilyn Monroe's thought waves don't swamp the sub, that is. l-'slhcr Has no K eg rets Esther Williams and Ben Gage celebrate their seventh wed- cling anniversary Nov. 5 with a "Complete Happiness" label. Says Esther, "He knows everything I'm going- to do wrong nnd I know everything he's going to do wrong. There are no regret3." She pointed to her dressing room (able on the set of "Dangerous When Wet." "Look, he no longer sends me flowers. He sends me plants for our garden. That's how permanent it is." Jane Wyman. If Marilyn Monroe can get away ' with H, so can Vanessa Brown. Camera Magazine. The mag photo photograph to be printed In U. s. She'll pose In the nude for a will be used as a stage prop for Vanessa's role ol a zippy model In the Broadway play, "The Sgven- Year Itch," story of a husbnnd Tom Ewell) Itching (or fun after even years of marriage. The nude photograph starts all he trouble. Shelley's Ea^er SHELLEY WINTERS, champing t the bit for activity during her i'ait for the stork, may turn dram- lltlc coach. "After all the fights I've had vlth U-I." she flashed il, "they're asking me to teach a class in act- ng for their young contract players, I may do it—providing it's an ill-male class." Shelley and hubby Vittorio Gass- iian go to Rome in November for wo months. He'll do "Hamlet" on he stage. Boy or girl, Shelley says they'll name lhe offspring Shelley—''I'm hoping I don't have lUinls because if I do the studio n cinch to claim they're all*( under contract to U-I." eggy Maley, the gorgeous jloiide who clicked in "The Lady ays .Nn" is saying "no" to hubby ?icky Rafcld's reconciliation pleas. She'll a?k for an annulment after i month of marriage. He's heir to a New York garment fortune. lay of S25 million or more will be required for development six-year period. jgart and Mitchum some cotnpeti The first jet airliners will costjtion in the tough guy department. Van Johnson's due to give Bo> from S2 million to S-l million apiece, ns compared with about si.5 million for a "modern transport plane to jet transport today. Big drawback thai they don't leave a ring around the tub. T.itse Cr>Inr.s GalLna Zybina. the huge woman development is that jets can't he operated profitably. Fuel consumption on a big transport powered by conventional reciprocating engines is a little under nine pounds of fuel per mile. For a jet of the .same ,si/e it would pounds per mile. Because jets operate best at high attitudes, their future use will probably be on long hops— across the continent in five hours or less. The British are able to operate their jet transports today, far ahead of the American aviaition industry, only because of subsidies to the government-owned airlines. Strike Keconl Played Down American Federation of Labor a- boasts that it has organized 20,000 is atomic energy workers, as com- MGM's scheduling him for "Caribbean Incident," a story of Intrigue and jewel thieves. Rita Moremi will be tested for the feminine lead. Attorney Fannie Holtzmann, who represented the late Gevtnide Luw- rence for many years and was her closest friend, is in the midst vf negotiations with a major stitlio for the rights to the star's autobio- be over 20! granny, "A Star Danced." It was athlete w h o won the Olympic Games Phot-put in the women's Cox admits. This is backed un, by j division wit!) a heave of over 50 the recent U. S. Chamber of Com feet, has been recognized and iden- nerce survey of over 700 employ •-• - - ers. They reported th;il fringe ben efits now cost an average of about I ties of The U. B. $12.50 per employe per week. This They .say she isn't a Russian. included social sfcuriiy and unem j n( nil, though she won her Olym- tified by name nnd by news pictures In various Latvia n communi- ploymenl compensation payments. Backward Relations President Benjamin p. Fair less of U. S. Steel Corp.. in accepting the John Fritz Engineering Award for 195?. pointed up sharply how more progress was being made in scientific and technical fields than pic event under the Russian colors. She's a native of Latvia. Hungry Fun I Katcrs It will be 1558 before the United States has je! pared with 5000 in CIO unions. But there is no similar boasting on the .strike record of old-line AFL building irfides unions at the new Pa- ducnb. Ky., atomic energy >>.-.'., Construction on this $900 million job Wins be!.;un two years ago. In this time there have been 57 Kit-ikes, aecov.r.tmg for 2,847,000 man-hours of xvork lost. This Is a Jittle over 5 per cent of the total time put in by the construction force which now numbers over 22,000. The last strike at Paducah, recently .settled, involved 13,000 workmen. ace, however, it was quite possible for his hand to be a bad fit for the South hand. The more North had in clubs, the less he would have elsewhere. The play for a grand ! aircraft transports | Eight of the strikes were juvis- in commercial aviation, i dictional disputes between rival unions. They accounted for Sec I-DSON on Page 9 according to C. R. Smith, presi-JAFL dent of American Airlines. An out- 1 the Doctor Says — By Iirmi.N p. JORDAN. M. O. Written fur NEA Service ver. It For many years rheumatic fe- live rheumatic fever, will bring a vcr has been one of lhe principal. rather quick and remariable im- causes of heart disease. Although proveriu-n! in [m>M of the symp- il is too soon to say thiil rlieu- loins—joint swelling, pain and fe malic (ever lias broil conquered, great forward steps have taken place In the last few years. One of these advances is in the field u f prevention of attacks. Many attacks of rheumatic fever follow infections oi the upper breathing passageways or throat, with germs called streptococci is not known yet, however. then bid a grand slam anyway! For the benefit of those who have just come in I should explain that South's bid of four no-trump was part of the Blackwood Convention. North is supposed to respond five clubs to show no aces, five diamonds to show one ace. five hearts to show two aces, and so on. In this case North hid five clubs to show that he had no aces. Much to everybody's surprise. South then , for many years that if some method could be developed for stopping sit rptococcic infections it might be possible to forestall nt -some ol the attacks of rheunuitie Ei-ver. This has been found to be true. The discovery of the sulpha druss and the antibiotics, including prni- Z3 NORTH A K5 » Q 1082 * 85 + KQJ64 EAST *J 109 4Q8732 ¥5 V763 » Q 1094 « 62 4-AS 7 53 4 10 9 2 SOUTH (D) 4> A 64 V A K J 9 4 « AKJ73 A None North-South vul. Wwt North East Pass 3 t Pass 5 * Pass Pass South 4 N. T. 7 T Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—4 J m might well be poor or even impossible, and South would hav contented himself with bidding six hearts instead of seven. Barnbara Stanwyck's admitting she's serious nbout her romance with Ralph Meeker. She told n )al, "T got up at 5:30 this morn- lo meet him at the airport. When I Eel up at 5:30 for a guy, t's serious." If this doesn't make Daniel D«- 'oe turn over in the grave that ho was buried in back In 1731. nothing will. Producer EgRene Prenke is ilming "Robinson Crusoe" with a cast of three. And Robinson Cru- ;oe will be a girl] Paramount is temporarily shelving "Topsy ami Eva," the story of :he Duncan Sisters, now that Bet,y Button no longer Is under con- .ract and Ginger Rogers is tmhap- py with the script. J5 Years Ago In Blyiheville — Rnbbl and Mrs. Herman Pollack have moved here from St. Louis. Automobiles are barred from pulling up next to Haley Field at foothill games this year. Mcmy persons have ueen watching the games from their cars and parking on the practice field. J. H. Lutes and son. John Henry, each, won first prizes in livestock at the Mid-South Pair in Memphis. Some people are awful slow to take a hint. However, after three annual American Legion national conventions have adopted resolutions demanding that the. Secretary of State be fired. Doc Smithers says he hopes Achcson understands by this liir.e the Legion doesn't like him. Screen Actress Answer to Previous Puzzle HORIZONTAL 4 Diminutive of Alonso whether ihey will prevent the de- immediately contracted for a grand vclopmcm ol heart disease, be-! slam. cause this can be found out only i finuth made his 'slam with after a lorn? period of observation particular trouble. Dummy's king i-.ariy Diagnosis Vital j O f spades «on the opening lead, and Of course, there are also many ] declarer next cashed the top dia- 1 things lo find out about bow niiK.h ! mor.ds. Ho then ruffed a diamond of them lo Hive, when is the bc^;t : "i'h one nf dummy's high tri time lo i-ivu them, about possible I returned to his hand with the ace undesirable side effects and other i of .'paries. ,nn ,»'.:?.* ir.r,;:w, uia- probirms. Bin even what i.s known mnnd with a hisjh trump. "on am" improved' trc^nfcnt'^of *"*' ''"" " 10 ""' """"' he ' Cti a i icumatit. eicr nre really here ; [ r [| „,,,, trump in dummy, which In order to cot the mn:,l out of i tool: rare of Mouth's remaining lhe ndvanriui; knowledge parents Minifr- Snuth then ruffed a club. c-ilhn hv< orovided nnwrrfn! m-w I "'' renion "' pr lll!<t "rly dhiR. | drrw two more- rounds of Irumps Hum, nas nroMned poueilul m w | n o s i s is nnportniil. Symptoms, n,,,i r], lined Ihr r<"it of the tricks weapons a, n ,nsl the streptococcus, ] , vhich art , .. Msp ! clnlls in ,,^ hcrP chll . ^ nr l^", r ^ the phy with B re,t Many of these preparations have ! (Iren or crownups should not be intrrrst and some curiosity (The now been tried in various combi- , ignored, lest serious heart <li. ease dummy i- -clflom bored when the nations nnd doses m places where : develop which m:ylit have both streptococcii- infections and ilu>un;.-,i!c fever were p.irllruhnty bad. The results an- most rncour- nsnmf. For those who liave luul one attack of rheumatic lover, or who are particularly vulnerable, these preparations lessen the risk o[ further attacks and the danger of developing serious he;ir! disease. The oilier hopeful development lies in the discovery of and work now bcini: done on cortisone and ACTH. lioih of \\hieh have been avoided. JACOBY ON BRIDC 7 E jAconr j Wrlltrn for M'.A Service Slam Is Bid Though Partner Lacks Aces < 'ontract Is n crand slnm.) But when (hr- hard ovr-r. he nskcd a natural question "What were you so- inr; to do if I showed an ace Were you <!oine 'o hid eiehl hearts?" "N'o." ^o.ith answered. "Only The answer was. surprising, but oulte lo-iiral. If North's rise to three hertrt.s happened to be based on an acrto^ linno". the hand was practically surr to fit the South hand like a ?love. The actual North hand was abnut as bad a lit ?.s he could pos.-iblv have. It was quite possible for North to have the Queen of diamonds among his valuables — Ins partner's aces, dis-1 stead of high, hut useless, clubs. discussed in this column. ! Today's hand is a sort of curios- There seems Inile doubl that j liy. South went out ol his wav to en To"" ."'person su«c'rm7T " *'"' ' * Rh ° <U hiS )Mrlncr ' s "es.'dis- .s,,ac, o, ,,,gn. „„, useic.^, CHIOS. en lo a person suKermf. Irom ae -, covered lhat Noah had no ace, and j n Noi -, n had lhe only misslns Yale bllle 18 Students 28 Domestic slave 42 Philippine 21 Card P la y in S 29 Sne "S a Negrito term supporting 43 Goddess ot discord sheltered side 31 Toughens 45 Roman road 23 Narrow inlets 37 Glacial epoch 46 Low sand hiH 24 Entranced 38 Attack 47 Wiles 26 Soviet river 40 Lsmpreys 49 Interest (ab.) 27 Lease 41 Spar 51 Crafty 1 Other woman _ _ in "Weekend 5 Showy With Father," 6 Earns, Virginia 7 Kimono sash BShe is a 8 Waistcoat actress 9 Arrow poison 11 Zeal (pi.) 10 Heating device ISTwisled anew J? ^!"_ a ^ 1i .™ al 14 Mortgagee 15 Ascerjdc<l 16 Life-saving station (no.) 17 Came ragout 22 On the 19 Beverage 20 Frozen rain 21 Wed 25 Vouches 30 fen name of Charles Lamb 31 Exist ' 32 Pause 33 Jump 34 Names (ab.) 35 Feminine appellation 36 Doom 38 Change 39 Goddess of growing vegetation 41 Girl's name •H Facilitate! 45 Mrs. Cantor 48 Antenna 50 Endurer 52 Smarts 53 Tacilum 54 Small sip 55 Stringed instrument* VERTICAL 1 Drop 2 Rainbow j Biblical j;*iue J II 14 It, U y> 51 36 HI W «' " I a it 5 Jl 11 11 •"• ft s 7 70 m % SI it w i n 11 *f a * 3 S Wt 40 10 M m M » 55 I A il X * a i» 27 is "» 28 » to a V n

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