The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1949 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1949
Page 12
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PACE TWELVE fARK.T COURIER NEWS TUESOAY^DECEMBBR 20, 194* Number of Young Homeowners Up 40 Per Cent of All Young Families Now Possess Own Houses Despite a sever housing shortage and despite high building casts, j young families are still managini; to find and buy homes of their own. According to a new Federal Reserve study of non-farm families, described this month by rhe Woman's Division of the In-MUuir- ol Life Insurance, .wine forty percent of all young families are JHJW homeowners and another .si?pable bloc is planning lo buy or build soon. In the nation as a whole ami among families ol all ages, the 1849 figure for home ownership stands at .just over fifty percent, perhaps the highest in U. S. history. More than half of these families have built or bought homes .since Pearl Harbor and thirty percent of (hem have puiThn.snl homes since ihe end o/ Die war- .More IturaI I'LimJIirs All kinds ol factors influence home ou-ncishij). Mure rural and town /amities own houses than city families, Families with higher incomes ace more n pt. to own houses than famlies with U'-vs inc-onio. The older and more e.siabllshrd a family the more likely it is to live in lUs own home- Rut Hie astonishing thing about today's situation, in the view of many observers, is the tot:i] number of families who are 1 now home owners—a number al- I most us great us the number who j o*n automobiles. | Fewer lh;m luilf of nl! non-fiinn I private lumirs in Auieticn ure mort.- i gHged. but, thih is not tme of tho j which have been Ixmght {since 1U4S. Seventy fiercer*I of these I are Jijoi t^Etf-eii in amounts ranging i from only a U-w hundred dollars to amounts considerably above $10,- OflO. The most usual montage IK about $5,000. Almost all nun tynt-rs briny issued to home <n\ MI-IS today call for Merry Christmas Strip-Type Oak Flooring Favored By U. S. Builders The strip type of oak J Inuring which conM.sus of n;<nou r pieces of s'ui-yfiiK length, is used more ex- lensivley in liotnes than are all other types of hardwood floor ins com billed. No two floors laid in .strip style, however, arc exactly alike- The natural variations in xraui and color make each distinctive. Strip flooring or oak Is manufac- tim'U ui widths ranging from IV £ inches (o .r k niches. The width most frequently u^c-d is 2U inches. Tin- volimu- by far of strip flooring is made vith Umgucd and grooved sides sind ends. The pjec-t'.s Hi sniiRlv toyfiher nnd form a floor of .solidity ami strength. NntLiiu; is concealed. Strip flooring a Mo U nuide with square cdyes. The s ed^ed type is fart'd nailed, the nails Paint Good Substitute for Structural Alterations When Remodeling House "f HI"The Plumber *\"Y.our CRAM Dealer Thrce-Way Switches Convenient and Safe router convenience and safety can be provided In the home by in- slallintr Ihrce-way electric switches beside front and hack doors. This will enable kitelien and livinu- rooni lialils to lie turned on nnd off at either door when entering or leaving the house. If n breivewny connects the house and Karaite, similar switches In the regular monthly payments which include interest charges, fire insurance premiums, taxi's, and payments on (lie principal of the mortgage. Mortuace loans arc made by individuals ,-ini |, v institutions like banks, savings r.nd loan assocm- lion.s. :tnd life insurance companies, life insurance companies had nearly five billion dollars of their reserves invested In a million homes in July 1949. The age-out question of whether In the Ion? rim It is cheaper or more expensive to own your own home cannot be answered from the Federal Reserve Hoard's new study .. Seven percent of the nation's home« ownin" families, for example. piiv over $1,300 n year for their houses In (axes, repairs a n d mortgage ;} I payments ami If) percent pay under fi^ldf): (lie average or median a* ' mount, Is around MSO. Tliis would ,51 be eonsiiieiably higher for people SllivinK in metropolitan areas and for J5 people who have just boimht their Modei'iimnR ihe home need not mean major structural alternations. The spaciousne.-s of an interior is affected as much by color as by actual architectural^n. Since M(xn, walls and ceiling serve as a background, color choice begins with them. Color- .selection depends on family ta.stes, the room's function an dthe amount of natural light it receives. For H restful and informal room, ( neutral or leceding colors like pus tel blue, green, bie^e and gray produce (he di'siit'd effect. For a dramatic background, .itroiiK cotor.s with tones of red, yellow and brisht blue are recommended by interior 1 designers. j With modern oepn planning o( I rooms, color may be used effectively j to mark room divisions or to ac.' cent furniture groupings. Variety and interest may be created by making one wall in a room contrast .shi'i'ply with the others. The two w.ill colors of harmonize closely. Real Estate Transfers homes and have high mortgages to pay off. Rente range In (he United Stales K ! from only a fe«- dollars a month B to considerably above SIOO a month, fi Median rental Is from s^5 a month « for low-income families to S50 a K ', month for families with Incomes uf n-5 i S50.COO anil more. WATER is your Cheapest Commodity '<'lii(k:is.iu!>:i Illstru't) H. Noble and Gladys Gill to Dcn- Jauiin P. and Laura G. Scott. i»t 3 of the Jackson Addition. S8.-100. , . E. n. and Rovene linvirl to James ; . n. Deal and Kemp B. Whijenhnnt I-ot B ol mock 7 of the David Acres Subdivision, SHOO. Ray W, and I.ela Pilson to John M Cornish and laila A. Cornish and Bruce M. ami Love !,anK. SE4 of the SE4 of Seclion 30-15N-8E, S10 and other consideration. Church and Alma Houston to J. W. Osborne and Mary Osborne. South half of the fractional p al (. o { the NR4 of Seclion 17-15N-OE 51 - SCO. Don B. and Kuna M. Wil.-on to J. L. and Liln Swihatt. 40 acres in I Section .13-I5N-8E, $K!.CCO III inociernizing tne ouier home,] Tull G. John.son, Jr., and Mary the inlei-ior .should be cleared of all Alice Johnson to E. A. Stacy, all ol I/Jt 3 of Block "D" of the Original Survey of Dell, S3.QCO. James McMorrow j.nd Martha McMnrrow to Eueene Harris, l,ot 2 of Block 3 of the Hearn and Pcerv Addition, 51 and other consideration. EiRin P. and Prances Wall Jones to Max and Annie Laurie Lo^nn. Lot B of Hli^ck 2 of the FarrL? Simon Addition, $500. Max and Annie Laurie Logan Kai'Old D. and Marie D. Wright! to Jame.s P. nnd CVlia Long. Lot 19 of A I • ,• Block "F' of the John B Walker APPIICatlOnS Subdivision. S800 * r S. P. Freeman to Woman's Society of Christian Service of Dell, Lot 13 of Block 2 ol the First Addition to Dell. S5.CCO. W. R. and Srildie Densmore to D. L. Shepherd, a tract in the SW 4 of the NE4 of Section 26-MN-9E, S275. Will Smith to Mary Ford. Lot 6 of Block 7 of the Wilson First Addition. $1 and oiher consideration. Will Smith lo Fannie Brown Lot 5 of Blo:-k 7 of the Wilson First Addition. SI and oiher consideration. Malcolm G. and Hortensc Hyde lo Jack F. Robfiuon. Lot 13 of block 2 of the Ruddle Heights Addition S550. ' Otto Tale and Aildra Tste to C. C. Thompson. Lot-s 21 and 22 of the replat of ihe O. S. Rollison Addition of Section O-lSN-llB, SI and other conncleration. Arch and Miiilie Glisson to Atlas E. nnd Grace D, Brid^e-s, Ixn 3 of Block -B" of the South Side Subdivision of Manila, $700. Florence Crawford to Clarence ami Rachel Gean, East 75 feet of Lot 25 of the Original Survev of Blytheville, S4.5C9.9S. E. M. and Maggie Woodard to Galvanized Cans Good Investment In Home Safety Cardboard and wooden boxes -ire absolutely worthless as containers, -safety officials assert, stating that such receptacles stop neithei' i-at.s nor file, the authorities advise alt home owners to use gal- vani/ed steel ash and garuagc cans instead. Galvani/cd steel ash nnd "arba^e cans are made of nist-resi.stant steel and iiave close-fining (-overs. Ral.s cammt penetrnte the covered metal cans while searching for food. And if a fire should twyin in one of the cans, it is confined to H fireproof area. Most homes, it lias been found, need at least twn Kitlvani/.ed stec! garbage cans. Two cans usually eliminate the necessity of relying on an unsafe box or paper bag '.o handle garbage overflow which .son">iinies accumulates when oniv i chiller such as dark heavy .stall balu.ster.s, dii t-catchinn moulding, and tigly fireplace mantcis. I-ignt- ness anil arace are modern earmarks. Lighten up a dark, uninteresting room with woodwork, bookshelves and tables in natural or blond finish. Paint the exposed bricks of the fireplace ihe .same color as the adoininff v:a!l. Hide old- style radiators with modern covers or by painting them to match the woodwork. ications For 75 Building Permits Filed Twelve applications for permits to build houses and two for business structures were placed on file during the past two weeks in the i office of City Engineer Joe Carney. Estimated costs listed on the ap- plicatjons totaled SSrt.TOO. On ap- \ plication involved adding a room to ft house. Applications were filed by the ! following: I Rev. w. J. Carrulhers. two-room ; fram residence, Thompson Street, i 5300. | E. E. Armburst. repair structure j housing crease rack, Main and Division. S8.UOO ! James Ford. Six-room frame residence, 1110 South Clark, J 1,000. B. G. Howard, six-room frame residence, 1910 Rose. 53,500. Bennie A. Younger, four and one- half room fram residence, Kenwood Drive, 54,000. Lonnie K. Younger, four and nne - half room frame residence. Kenwood Drive, S4.000. Arthur and Estelia Cliattinon, :"oiir-room frame residence, Brnwlcy ' .Street. Si.SOO. Martdie Williams, two - room fiame residence, clear Uike Road :1.000. Henry Rosamond, two-rom frame :-(ore. Elm Slid Henderson. SL'.SOfl. Roosevelt Creiishaw. three-room Irame residence, Keith Street SI.200. Dell School District No. 23. 5 25 acres i in the S!54 of the SE 4 of Section ! 5-UiN-lOB, T5250 j PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT VANE-CALVERT PAINTS With r C p! CCem e nf 00 <J r» po jr Cm 1i <limbing, it'i very Importon! lo keep e^pfrfiiiv*, pom! pr«v«rVab)e dom- ag*i from getting started. fcrfunorpfy. g fet) t n «w poinli come from Jht paint identikit' laboroloriei conliououity. Thee new poind cover betie*. dry quicV*.f, Hoy clean«r, and lull Iong ft r. Hiey giv« meDsurofal/ gienter prolecKon and beauty | 0 your houie. TH*y e«,,>haii« fhnf ,| O l+, oyl tatit more naf to poinl. E. C. Robinson LUMBER CO. one garbage can Is available, I Galvanized steel ash cans, which are similar in appearance to garbage cans, may be set near home furnaces for daily use. Like garbage cans, ash cans have two side handles for easy carrying and emptying when full of ashes or clinkers. •Ihe record books say that the Dcmpscy-Carpemta. n s ht on July 2. 1921, v.-as the fi,,st heavyweight championship to be broadcast. in radio's earlier ,lays, t)le mor . cond-oLs a receiving 5cl h;ld „ ore efficient it »'a 5 thought lo be YOUR OWN HOME will remoHi you* lamfty'f MORTGAGE RETIREMEN1 protech Iheir talereo fa It L. K. OIJ). Jr.. Special Agonl ie 3GS3 — Blydieville You've got something there, honey. Soft water is simply out of this worlci for the softest, cleanest, nicest shampoos you've ever had. Brings out the natural highlights i,, yollr ha ir, leaves your scalp really clean. No filmy soap residue to make hair dull, lifeless, brittle. Of course, that's only olle of many benefits you enjoy with soft water. That's why ifj so smart to have a MODERN Water Softener in your home. Why not come in for the full facts--rioir? BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. \\'. H. Cease South Highway 61 .1. \Vilsun Henry Phone 2434 Mack Clay, three-room frame residence, Wasriitigton Street 57,000. Dr. w. T. Rainwater, add bcd- loom and bath to house at 1001 Hearn. Russell siarr. five-room frame residence. Adams Street. S10.000. Johnny Marr. flu:-room frame i evidence. Adams. $8.000. Berry Sterling, four and one- half room li-Aine residence, North Denny Street, 51.100. New Methods of Flooring \ Speed Home Completions j i Among the recent developments! in home building is the •' I production o f hardwood flooring j which is pre-finished ai the factory, ' ! even to the waxing and polishing! I e waxng an poishing | Manufacturers of this type of flooring point out that it is ready for : service immediately after insialla- tion. its uses, they assert, cuts down Ihe completion time of n house • from three to five days. Conven- hional hardwood flooring receives i its sanding and other finishing I treatment on the job after it has I been laid. Improved, fast-drying I Hnishrs have reduced the time formerly required for this operation. i . I , )9 I Cvrrent estimates are than by ! 19nfi Die country will have '24,000,000 tele\'ision sets. Tin Rod Cross has a total of 3, chapters in this country. aarace and al the door to the Imiiv The first rebroadcast of a London : will lessen the <lm, S cr of falls in ra(iio p ,. OK ,. anl ,.„ made {£"« ™ hc rt! "' x - ' ro iiitry in 1025. 100% LOANS FOR VETERANS Only 10% Down For Non-Veterans Blytheville Water Co. Blytheville, Ark. MERRY CHRISTMAS Tlivoujri, a rapidly dian K iii g M-»i-Ul, \vc still ad- here to the ;tj;e old custom of selling aside busi- ness problems in favor of IVicnill.v greeliug-.s at this Holiday Season. \Ve tliank you sincerely for ymll - patronage, friendship and good \vill antl extend our best wishes for Christmas and The Xc\v Year. » K K t* K a K (i K K K a a K i m IS 1 %. ra Just think. r,,r a smnll oarnrsS-nioiiry ,lr|msil ron maj nr, w secure line of these new innitrrn I\M> lie,I mini liumr/ under cmislriu'lion. Many Arc makini; their scl'cll ' ""^ fume wliilc JCPII may rbonsn. lt™,ilifi,||.,. rtrsieiictl slunlilj |, ui ||, 5nll)c h . tTC pi , , dows. In new subdivision. Call or See MISSISSIPPI COUNTY LUMBER COMPANY or Hoily Development Corp. 'te-C-SU IDEAL FUEL WEIS BUTANE GAS CO. 1S01 West Main .1.1-15

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