The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 20, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 20, 1949
Page 11
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1049 THf NATION TODAY— Atom Researchers Find Answers To Some Terrifying Problems Of Newest Methods in Warfare By Kllon C. Fay <Fi>r James Marltnv) WASHINGTON, Dec. 20. MV-United States si-iciHi.sts arc Imdillg »™lar" '° '"^ °' lhC m °' St dUfia ' lt "" d <""'>•»'« Problems o[ atomic For three _ VPars nie} . have so ,,,,j,t a salcRuarri aeainst the luiijer- ins and Inhal radioactive poison created in some types of A-homb explosions, TJjc seard, j, HS gone on since (lie underwater pxplosicm of an atomic bnmb In tlie Bikini test.s of 1016. resltlls of tllase _. ary and Atomic Energy Com- ion (AEC) scientists locking for ways to prevent contamination of people and objects 'or to cleanse . . .. o -•* ,ui«iw.., areas ami objects of the poison including such devicm as Die Inic-r- A new publication o! the AKC on ! I? 0 "" 0 " of a water film on the sur- '•liandlmg radioactive wa.ste.s- and a ' ,, 1CC ,, lvh ! cil "'whaiiically impedes summary o( studies written bv an , Rtt « cll in«nt of contamination to Army engineer .show that the prob- tlle sllrface itelf -" lem k not quite as as was once believed. Ti'lls of Work of O;ik K\Afr The AKC report mentions that Jt.s Oak Ridge, Tenn.. laboratories have been seeking better methods for decontaminating buildings, equipment and general areas. Tlicil it comments: "This work will be awful not only in the atomic energy program but also to the armed forces in del-doping means of decontaminating equipment ni combat zones. "Progress Ls reported on the de- . velopmcm of strippaMe films which ' c ~ r "eli 0 , _ can be used to cover contaminated ! Klpnt o£ lnc university, said lie had apparatus and, if placed > banned all activities of Majura and by remote control." Beth L'Amerr r\imnim>i At other laboratories, it .says, "similar coatings have been developed for painting hot laboratories. Pram time to time the contaminated painl.s can be removed, and the laboratory walls do' not thus become permanently contaminated." Atomic experts me the word -hot" „„ Iiuur a[1Q a Ilar _ to designate anything that is dan- n ,, . . . . ,.,. gerouslv radioactive The "hot" „ ' e ulll ™ rsl «' identified the sui- ships in the Bikini te=t.s we'e those f cn "" H »",f: ^- -Melton. 20, a Jim- sprayed with salt water made rn: 101 ; ™«1 Wallingfwd, Pa. rfriioactive by the miderw-aier burst '• . '. c S " n S ?.'" T ^ c!tnn WM trik(M1 K'f tlie bomb l(> rhc c< " IR>11 I»l"'niary by mcm- CtMiislnit' lleserilic.l I bcrs ° f , thc l ™. s °™^* «fl« ho At Bikini, various experimental i 1^1 an accl<lc »'«l «it on the effort* were marie to cleanse ships ' of the radioactive contamination. Melton was conscious when lie en- Lt. Col. Richard D. Wolfe, Army i lcl ' ctl / lle infirmary, the Sun said, engineer, in an article appearing In j ^^ 'apsed into unconsciousness the current edition. 1 ; of livo unoffi- I sl 'ort)y alici'vvard/. and remained ill cial magazines, the Anti-Aircraft j a con 'a for 15 hours. Journal and the Military Engineer, j J-ILs condition became critical Sat- de.scribes three general methods ! mday but Sunday night lie was vc- iried. '--' --•- * • "T]ie first," he write.s. "consLsts of surface removal methods. In this «m(anunanis and carry them away. "The third method-involves the means of preventing contamination. Cornell President Clamps Ban on Two Social Clubs ITHACA. N.Y., Dec. 20. (AC) — Cornell University today struck two "drinking societies" from the list nf recognized student orgniiialloiu alter a .student \vas reported to have nearly died from drinking a quart of martini cocktail. fn a letter in the Cornell Sun, W. dc Kieiioit, acting pre-s- Betli L'Anted IMunnnyl. Thc Sun. student daily newspaper, said De Kieiveifs action resulted from an initiation conducted bv the two societies Friday night, at which a student drank "an excess of martinis." The Sim said the initiation lasted an hour and a American Priest Gets Permission To Enter Moscow WASHINGTON, Dee. 20. or, — After 10 months delay. Russia has acrced to let an American Roman Catholic priest, go to Moscow to serve the American colony. Stale Department officials disclosed yesterday the Soviet government has advised It is now ready to isslje ft passport visa and a trawl permit, to Father John Urassard. who first started pressing for action last February. Father Brassard will succeed Fattier J. Antonio I.Bberne, who left Moscow last year after servinR as pn.slor of Moscow's only Roman Catholic Churcli, SI. Louis of Die French. Father Brassard was named to svcceetl him, but was unable to obtain a visa, despite strong State Department bucking. BLYTHEVTLLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS TIE THATl-If you've got. 40 bucks to spend for a necktie, you can't go wrong on this ranch mink model worn by Hnrry Stiirr, Chicago furrier. Tlie fuzzy cravat was shown at a fur show in Chicago. Theft of 'Baby Jesus' Statue Puzzles Police MKMPM1S, Dec. 20. </?•;_ Who look "Baby Jesus" from his crib In the outdoor Nativity scene qt St. Mary's Cnlhollc Churcli? That question awaxed . church officials and residents in tlie! neighborhood of the historic old i church today. ; "Hatty Jesus," n .sfatue the size i of a large doll, was taken from Ins crib sometime Saturday nlyht early Sunday morning. The to notice Die empty crib was Kinder Francis Hnbln us lie walked to church to say mass. The statue was found later in the day by Joseph Peruci-i who | lives scvcnil blocks from the church, t lie said lie was attracted to his backyard by Ihe sound of something hitting tlie clothesline. Here, on (he ground, Iny the litile sialui'. one hand und one leg broken off and its white dress dirty. PAGE category are the s l methods ported out of danger, tlie paper .said. ne Kicwcit'.s letter said that "in view ot the nearly fatal conscciueii- ce.s of the nctivitic.s of these two Suit on School Funds Upheld in Fort Smith FORT SMITH, Art:., Dec. 20. '/1>| j —County TreaMirer Koyd Hepn's ^ to turn over S4.250.10 of Fort j Smith District schnl !unnv, to the j county board of education for use in the comity supervisor's office, was upheld here yesterday in Chancery ' Court. I Chancellor C. M. Wofford ruled the counly board had no duties . connected with thc Fort Smith ' School District and lltui thc county j board of education actually was a board of education for thc Greenwood District only. makes it the prize Gift Whisky of the year! • Idling Bf E(3. A. UllKll DUimiNG CWIPAW. 10III5V11II. lit DOLL STROLLER Made of heavy-gauge steel. Styled after > "198 real biby stroller. Fin- * islicd in prstty pink and craum baked flnameL NOW OPEN Bring ffie Kiddies! vincgui^ me me .^ucuessiui luL'uious ce.s o e ncivtic.s of these two Used to date in decontamination of .societies on Dec. ](! I have stricken ships. In crude-st form they Include j them from the list of recognied stu- paiiit removal by caustic solutions dent organiations of Cornell Uni- and -such brute-force me'hoci.s a-s sandblasting and .scraping to remove paint, and part of the surface of the materj^l. .', . : -~ ..... "The second approach is that of decontamination without affecting character or quality of the surface: this method includes the use of chemical solutions to dissolve the dent organlations versity. 1 The societies describe themselves as "upper class social chtte." Literally thousands of "New Yorkers" actually do not reside in the city. They commute miles daily s-> -hat they can live in the .'001111" (fa- suburbs. Census Bureau Begins Naming Supervisors WASHINGTON', Dee. 20. i/lV-T Census Bureau announced today ! appointments of 11)50 census supervisors for areas in Alabama and Arkansas. Other supervisors will he announced later. Those announced Included: Arkansas, riatesville district, Jared E. Trevatluin. Balesvillei supervisor. CHRISTMAS TIME AMD GMCs "Deliver the Goods JJ Food, furnitur* »nd fuel oil ... the tree, the turk«y and th« toyi . . . almost everything that move* by motor truck makes its contribution toward a Merry Christmas. Total truck tonnage ha* increased 120 percent in th« past ten yeara and GMC ha§ b»en • pacemaker in this rapid rise In truck traniportation. Now better •quipped to "deliver the goods" than •v»r txfort, tough, truck-built GMC« offer powerful, valve-in-head gasoline •ngineg or famed, 2-cycl« Diesel models • . . strong, sturdy chassis with rugged axles, springs and brakes . . .big, wide- vision, easy-riding cabs . . . outstanding performance and dependability, unexcelled efficiency and economy. There's * better-built CMC for all hauling jobs ... for every transportation task . .. Christmas time and all the time! For I'ronipl, Courletius FRIENDLY SERVSCF NU-WA laundry-Cleaners Phone 4474 £ FARM DFTCl DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATEROAbS OR ANY EXCAVATION S. J.CO IVNCH BLD6. KEROSENE and FUEL OIL G.O.PoetzOilCo. Phone 2089 RECTAL DISEASES'A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES & NIES TRUCKS CMC Tripl,.Chnt, t J u.erf /r uc )r, are « goo<t lnce«(men( H,rte way, . . . In Apptvrartc,, In P,,f ormancc _ /„ Va f a , Lee Motor Sales, Inc. 309 East Main Phone 2056 SAVE MONEY with GUARANTEED SHOE REPAIR H-flLTCRS OOflUITY SHOC SMOI ' .-!*' w - M « I N ST. SICK? i Sloinacb, Liver and Gall , (lor upset, TOIIKUC co«t«(. Hail! ' breath. Had taste. You have' heartburn, Ras and di/zy j spoils, gas in.yuui >«>\vls, may j press upun your hla<l(lcr, causing backaches. Gelling up al '. nigtits, pains' in your letfs.; arms, you feel (tizzy, nervous '•• irritable. i N'U-AID Conlnins twenty-two; herbs that help tu go right to i work on the cause. Miserable! people soon feel different, soj do not go on suffering. (!el NU-AID — Sold at OWKN8 DKIJG ST011K, Blytheville Dell. SET HIM UP IN BUSING with a Service Station A business of his own ... in tibt pliyroom! C\™ can ho serviced on the KH.H Island. CJ»sol(iie piimim nclllally hold water. Illovator hauls car* to second floor for Ktor.itfo. Auto laundry rcnlly hohls water. And tlmro'H a lift, for lubricating cars. Complete with car and truck. Group Your Toy Purchases on Our La/away Plan . . ivnd ncta like a. real live habyE She ill-Inks from licr bot- tlo and weta, Soft mthor. DOLL HOUSE with FURNITURE One of the most fasctnaling doll houses yon'v* ever Beoiil Ther« are six rooms Rtid an niistatra trrraco —all Tffltli beautifully deslgnc<l pla,,it(o fnrnitura— \ total of 32 plece.i In all- Entir* IIOUBO In 12% Inches hJuh And 23 Inch en in diameter. 775 $1.00 Holds It on layawoy TYPEWRITER 3'8 It actually typo. Has realistio typo and apaco iiars, roller lypt Boloctor, paper roll. Solf.uiklng. Give Him a Real Western Style COWBOY SUIT Jnnt like tlio mills cow-punchers weir! Tncillrtcs pair of ch.ips, matching vest, bright-plaid cotton nannel alilrt, cowlioy lut, tcorcWcf, tic.holder ff? 95 »nd lasso POOL TABLE Felt-covered table complete with 15 numbered balls, ona plain ball anrt two cues with rubber Bell Rings if Sparks Shoot Marx "Cannonball Express" 6-UNIT MECHANICAL FREIGHT Powered by » long n.nnlni:. clort.sprlnK motor. 8<;L Inclntlos locomotive, tender, coal CM, Unk car, boi car, caboose, IK ac-cliolu of tr.o 95 8 , tr.ock and cros.iovcr. ,.i ADDING MACHINE A mechanical teacher. Easy to operate. Add numbers from all four slots. "179 Totals at bottom. I ELECTRIC STOVE with Utensils ^>qo Actn*ll7 heat* ... 3 but can't harn tlnj ^^ flJigeml Ei|nipped with frying yin, two &aucepanfc. TORNADO RACER HAS air comprnssor-typo motor. Speeds along al *bont 15 filPH — mrw 12ft to 15D feet 8onnd.i like a O 98 real motor. ^O 4 49 PLAY TABLE, BENCH Let 'cm bnllrt things! AU-stee) table. Wooden mallet, pags, blocks, ntillng board and njfh SHOP AND SAVE AT FIRESTONE! 0. 0. HAROAWAY :07 W. Mam St. Bivthevilie

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