The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 23, 1952 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 23, 1952
Page 4
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PAGE BLYTHEVILLR (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, SEPT. 23, 1981 Pat Mullins, Society Editor Phono 4-J61 General Meeting ;7 Circles Hold Meetings in Homes Held at Church even circles' of Women's Mis-.K. Wallace for Circle One. Mrs. C sionnry Union of tin? Kir si Baptist i M. Sm.irt nnd. Mrs Hen Ablx>U Ird Bits of News Plastic Raincoats Can.Be Pretty A meeting of the cxocuiwo boird of Christian Women's Fellowship of First Christicm Church preci-drri :t general ws.sion ypstcrri^y at the church. V The board meeting \v:is nttenrkd by nine meml>ors nnd l r > fitifncirri the general mr^iimr. Reports \\PIC given by the offiMM's of ilie nru:!m- zation and thr? leaders of I-'anh, Hoj>e nnd I.ove Groups The devmionn!, -'Lamp of Gotl,' 1 taken from the hnoh. "The Secret PI ice," wn.s e;jvf-n liy M3 ?. Jnnv*.^ •Rairnvrtler, who innk t-mpture frrun Ephesians. • Mr*. A. G. Hail was hn-tr.^ rind Mrs, W. D, Cobb. president, presided over the business, Methodists Meet At Church Here A 'AT-okly nicetitii of memlw-s of ; the Women's Srcirtv of Chi 1st inn Service of Lake- Street MethrxJist \ Church was hold Inn night ai the church. i "Come Thou Abniphty Kiny" \vris : chosen for the opemnc MMII: nfiT which, Mr.s. Cecil Lu«-k. prcMdrnt, ', presided over the busine"."* sr-;*-ion, calling for reports from all officers : and committees. j It was rmnminced (Vint a sniri\ r i course will begin O:t. 13 mid will V»e given by Mrs. Bob Mt'Miister. i Mrs. McMasLrr f!itve the devotion- i Bl. "Prnyiaer Hanriv;," and took £rri|i- | lure from St. Mglthew. The rinsing [ prayer was given by Mrs. W. L. Green. Church mrl in the homes of mem-' the opening nnrt dismissal iK-rs yesterday by circle for buMJU 1 *;' and the devotional \va.s given and prof-Tfirnp. Nine members attended 'I'M 1 '**•.,. sion held at the home of Mrs. W. by Eight Attend Club Meeting Fii-'ht members of the Number .Vim* Hume Demon^traiinn Club JiK 1 '. yf-sierrlny at the home of Mrs, C. I. Bell, '.vhen Mrs, Lloyd French pie.- firlc-d. Mrs. Fi'ajik Contc-s was in cii;ir«e nf the ilevotionnl jierio*!. The cye-oprnf:i' was a pr*ir of novelty pjirrinus iiTid \vns followed by a jj]Tu:r^m. Tlio famil.v life Icatii-r. Mr-. M. J, HaH. spnkfl on 'How to Get- AloriR with Othfrs." HenUh lender, Nfrs, Bell, spoke on "Carfi of the 5kk at home." Roll call was fins\vered wlih problems with children. Refrrshmfnls uerr serVfiri by tin: hostess at the clo.'-e of (he program. Dixie Jackson Program Given Mrs. M, C. O'nl.r.r, who chose for j Baptist her fiLibJeft. " Faith in Prayer." Mrs. C. S. I.t'inuns pave the devotional for members of Circle T-.VO at the" home* of Mrs. R. F- niayloek *.i - Hh six present Mrs Tom jftcks.-»n nffr-rrd the njiejiiiis; prnyer aiuJ Mrs Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Still arc in Hot Sprint's on businrsv Mr. and Mrs. Van Wrislit of Ul- t!e Rock '*-ill he the overnight. EUPM.-; of Mr. and Mrs. R V. Mal- Lnry and daughters tonight. J. P. Friend spenl Sunday at the Hospital in Memphis vi-uli 3 his wife, who is a patient there. She is expected 10 come home tomorrow. Mr. and Mrs. Allen PirJtard .spent Mr.s. Arlolph Hrinlike was hostess to 10 members of Circle Three. Mr«. W. E, nuchrman offered thp open- in « pi nycr which •„» us followed by .T t i e YO t i o n n 1 t: t v e n by Mrs. C h a r Ins Evans. Mrs, Hoyt Hro'.vn dismissed tlie proup, Mr.s. c. W AffUrk entertained -ix membeiR nnd one puest of Circle Four. Mrs T. H. PJemrnons, who is Mrs. AfMitk's mother find a sue-t in lior home, \vrts in charge of the proL'rnin, in \vhirh she led a prayer! arid q;ivc the di> Miss Cor-I tie!n Wilhite clo.ipri the meeting, I Twelve rnfinbr'n; rmri t'.vo quests : :iU"ndr'c| the meetinpr of Circle FY.'e ; ai the hnnir of Mr.s. H. H. Brooks, j T ,v!; irh Mas followed by a social j inne'iny. Tho'-.e who took parts j v:nor Mrs. M. W. Lewis and Mrs ' T E. Slevrns. At the inert ing of Circle [Mrs. CInrKs Rny Newcomb faueht f ttie mission Mudy am ] prayers were [ stven by Mrs W. M. l.qFerney nnd Mr.s. Joe EvnnF. Mrs, W. W. Mitchel! was hnsloss to the nine members. ! Mrs. William Jnst wjis hostess to the '.veck end in Memphis. Dr. nnd Mrs. H. C. Sinu ha\e n.s i their guest, Mrs. Sims' mother. Mrs. C. H. Rich of Moscow, Term. Mi's. R. L. Trimmue. Jr., is a patient at Baptist Hospital in Memphis. Walter Rosenthnl is undci pniji^ treatment at the Hnptisr Hnspit:*.! | in Memphis. He pxppc'..= " " ' ho me 1 01 no rrow. and It's Simply Charming The Dixie Jackson Sinte 4 \ji5shn •rifjriim was Riven yrstr-nlay ;it .Trinity Baptist Church by Circles I Circle. .Seven with in member One nnd Twn of the Women's Mis- ' one visitor attrndina:. Mrs. C. M. ! slonnry Society. i Abbdtt bet-an the meeting with a i In ciiari;e of the first stolon v.-,ii! prnver, which vas followed bv i ; Mrs. David MrPenke, who bncan her r devotional uiven bv Mrs. J. T. Wr=t- j pnrt of the program with a hymn [brook Mrs. J, W. Pnrtloek dis- i by the Group nnd prnver by Mrs. n.\ missed, 1 W. Wooten. Her theme was "There 1 In the social hour.'; v:hirh i Is Yet Much Land," nnd those '.vhn ! lowed, each hnstrjs served refresh-i | assisted her were Mr. 1 ,. Clarence M':- i merits to her cueMs. Dermott, Mrs. E. C Thompson ant] ; Mrs. Willie KftnriRhl. ' i Mrs. John Nelson conducted the; f.ecoiul part of the program with '-he i assistance of Mrs, E, O. Lovell. Mr^. [ II. H. nurnett, Mrs. C. E. Webb and; Mrs. Wooten. j Mrs. Klnora SwaTfnrd dismissed ; Burdetto FFA Club Elects New Officers Tn a business session conducted yesterday by members of the Bur- j I dette Hish School Future Homei ninkcis of America Club, new offi- j cers were elected and plans (or svork ! discussed. j Rose Emma Childre.-s will . c rrve | as pH'.= irient nnrl officers who will i serve with her are M;irJlyn Lutes, vice president; Doroth> Powell «r i -eiary; Amy Crook, Treasure! N'ancy Dixon, reporter; Ilcrl Be i I sone leader; and Deborah KtnnlieLri, historian. Monthly Social To Be Held at Hut Flower Arrangements Take Time But Bring Beauty Worthy of it By MATILDA ROGERS Wrileii for N'RA Service .NEW YORK (NEA) — Artificial flowers, beinc wired, are easy to conirnl in attractive riesicns, One trick in nriMiigin? tlietn is to keep a div 'or platter in back of the container. In this way, a handful of flowers makes an arrangement and ench flower is silhouetted to advantage. The important thing is that the design be .suitable for its particular fettiiiR. Keep arrangements low that arc to be used as tablp cen- terpiecps or on a coffee table. Forf these, n massed all-around dfr;~n. that looks pood from any an?le, is best. To pet your arrangement off to fl good start, just bend the wired .'-terns so thFit each flower is a different heleht^The wired Ftems in- tertwinf easily and will stay fixed. With live flowers, you need a piece of chic-ken wire wedged into the container or needlepoint holdfr. Either should be hidden from view by some leaves. Any dark room or foyer can he brightened with a mass of cheerful yellow, artificial flowers. Rome Artificial flowers should never be stuffed into a container. They should be fashioned into a design. Here, a handful of roses is made to look larger throueh use of a disc* that silhouettes each flower. simply stuff (hem inio a container. And with them, you can pick j up a color in your favorite drape or wallpaper by the UF=e of these flowers. Some people are allrrclr to live times, by adding live grcen.s-lem- n °"" ie p £ ni ' je . * re ""'"«»• l " "^ on leave., privet or any evrr-reen ! " owcrs - So ' ! ° r thpm ' ^ tlflcial i -vo^c-n "ive the illusion of". !ot j 3 "™ ^1 ^™ ^ * ^!!X As with live flowers, remember By \EA \\'orn;in 1 s Editor hunch their shoulders to fit ' ' ' NKW YORK —(NEAi—For some The upshot of this all was that no ] that the best desiemT nVed both Ume now, the matter of styling in one lonked pond on a rainy day. ! spikes and round flowers, varying plastic raiiK-oiit.s has been a dis- ' afipainlmrnt to the average woman. ! But at Inst the situation is chang- 8808 36-52 By Sue Burnett ttie program with prayer. Calvary Baptists Conduct Business Home Scene Program- Mi.^ Lucinria Cnie was hostess la?,t ninht to members of'the Ynune Women's Auxiliary of Calvary Baptist Church, for the program "Is Die Sim Rising." [ The prouram, taken from the [ "Window." was given by Mrs. C. S. i Birmingham, the hnstnss. Mrs. Bon- ' i The monthly social meeunu for > American L^eion and American Lo| sinn Auxiliary will be held tonight c»at for fol- i at tho hut, at 8 p.m. Hostesfos are Mrs, Louis Zrllcr i repelled by Us appearance. Fit was and Mr.s. Inez Ocntry. GIIP.VS in- I" 1 ft entirely to chance and one elude wives or husbands of mem i size i, V as supposed to do something L?ntness. convemeiice, i eflir iency nnd budget prictnc, were hers. Eastern Star Meets Tomorrow O.^cROla Chapter of Order nf Eastern Star is host tomorrow nlehl at the Osceola Masontc HaH at 8 p.m. for a meeting preceded by a pot hick supper at 6:30 p m. All associate matrons of the district ore to be enters of honor, for everybody. Obviously it just couldn't of live flowers and leaves The ad-1 They fecl tho >' ai " ( ' bcticr °" wil . h i vanwse Is that !eaves are inexpen- ar " stlc Mo^r arrangements made sivc and lost well i Wlth aniflclal tlo^rs lhan with no . ...... ' • floral decorations in the home at Artificial flowers allow you to a )L • how mni-e orisinality in drsi'-rn be- ' Some ofnrp5 find that their budgets will not permit fresh flowers every day. For siK'n firms, artificial flowers provide a polution. Tr^jP help to create a friendly atmosphere as well as making ft decorate note. Last hut not least, artificial flowers are a prnciical suepestton for many n career woman who es as A hornrmaker. Ret>ard- I less of her time budget, she can Boc-ause artificial f Lowers are so always have flower arrangements in easy to handle, there's no reason to her home nnri her office. cause the wired sterns permit you to place the flowers more dramatically than you possibly could with - mnst live flowers. fashion styling and atten- ; 5 tem hciehts and grading from the i ion to si/ing, has cnme at to, smallest hud on the tallest stem to, J1Jnil , the plastic rrvmcoat. making it real-i the largest flower on the shortest I doub'l ly preny to soe. An Ernest Enerl ' stPI11 design, this new coat (above) is cut with full back flare and deep rag- Ian sleeves. Water-repellent cotton fabric in a choice of colors is user! to i rim the standing collar, front facing. pocket flaps, armholes nnd push, up cuff?,. Tho coat Itself is trans- out that way. So, small idrls trailed lucent and is in a heavier weicht around in what seemed to be shower ! thsn i.s customary for these coats curtains while tall girls had to , There's a matching umbrella. All circles of the Women's Missionary Union of Calvary Hnptht Church met at the church yesterday for a culled business mcrtlnc with Mrs. H. J. Fond re n presiding. After Mrs. Cnra Priiitl crave the [ first prayer, reports from the sccre-j Inry, treasurer, committees nnd cir-j cles were heard. I Tuesday Mrs. Burn ham Ftnyrf djprti^pd 1 1h"[ ^r^rr of the Eastern Star ha> 8 >Lilv.-i./n study Ixink which is to be 1 P"i- meeting at th<; Masonic Tem- plven lor the WMS nnrl Ml n'lxtit-j pie. nrles, before this season of prayer! Alpha Delta Chapter of Heta Sis- Wrbb. and Miss Jean Norman. Sand, will fill all staiions, Mrs. Mary In a hiisinp=R session, Mrs. Nnr- j Horn nf BIythcville will serve as man presided and dismissed thn \ Krand conductress. mccii/iR. which was followed by social hour. Open 7:00 p.m. Show Starts at Dusk; 2 Shows Every Night Coming Events FTA Has Luncheon At Dixie Pig- Mr.s. O. E. QneHmalz was hnstfvs Friday noon for a luncheon at. (he Dixie Pitt Drivc-Tn for 15 members of the Future. Teachers Association, TUES.-WED. — DOLLAR NIGHTS Bring a Car Full for a Dollar Tn were ends. 'Die dovotion»] Riven on the life of Paul was also riven by Mrs. Bovd anrt the dismissal prayer wti.s by Mrs. Vernon Gean. m?. Phi has 7:30 p.m. cannsta ! hr-kljnr pnrty nt Dixie Pig, Mrs. RaW : l!nffs ?s hostess. nrt ! >' e Jack the business session, plan? j diKUMed for tile lollop ing | Dolly HeittYWA Has Meeting Here Shirley Sheppard was liostr^s to Neat .„„ f 1P1 , .„, ,,,„„,„, ,o ™'S "^.r "ol 1 ^ ^ i woman s figure. Ihnt.s the way \ you like your afternoon frocks to look. This one Is designed in a wide range of sizes for the matron, has charming detail. Pattern No. 8808 in a sew-rlte perforated pattern in sizes 36. 38, -10 42. 44. 46. 48 0, 52. Size 38, 3 7S yards of L 83-inch. | For this pattern, send 30r in . COINS, your name, nririrtts, size j desired, and The PATTERN NUM- j BER lo Sue Burnett. Courier News, j 375 Quincy St., Chicago G, IU. i Ready for you now— Hasic FASH- j IOX for '52. Fall and Winter Thi* i ne\v issue is 'tiled wkh Ideas for . smart, practical sewnis fo r;i ne\v fpflson; sift pattern printed inside ; fhe book, 25c. ; Bapiist Church for program and social hour. Ernestine Holt, president, presided nnd ?ave the devotional on n cliri.stian nUitude towarrt school friends. Mrs Albert Enderlin, leader, dismissed with prayer. Deltonlan Chapter of Delphian Sot-lety meeU at 10 o'clock a.m. at the Hotel Noble. Doe wood Home Demonstration Club hns mcrtinp at Club house. Thursday Mr.s F. B. Chi!wood entertains Thursday Rook Club. i Mrs Jerry Scrape Is hostess to j wrmbors of tli^ Tl,K Club, i 1'rlil.iT ! FirFt Mcrtinp of the season rtf ! Blythpville Wo m fin's Club to he held j nt 2:1(1 p.m. preceded by executive | hojirfi nt 2 p.m. j SUrrh and Chatter meets with 1 Mr*. Thmms pnrris nt 7:30 p.m. .LJhe Blj ttieville Hospital Dismissed: Vallie Weeden. city. Mrs. Hnrvey Ashmore and baby city. Pole Smlthton, Caruthersville. H. Nf. Price, city. Walls Hospital Stevle Gray, Luxora. Myrtle R)c;sby, Arrnorcl. WiiiRlield Kins. Wilson. JeaneitR Edwards, city. OUT Of TH£ HAPPY HOWARD FREEMAN JOSEPHINE HULL LUCKHART • CRAiC SfEVENS • JAY C. FLIPPEN ^ Plus Cartoon & Comedr AIR CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY QUEEN OF THE WILD MESABEI HERBERT J YATES P- .. WOMAN OF THE NORTH COUNTRY HUTU ROD IOHH GtlE HUSSEY-CAMERON-A6AR: STORM A REPUBLIC PRODUCTION Also Comedy & Novelty Reel Box Office Opens 7:00 Show Si-ari-s 7:15 p.m. Admission ilc & Me AI All Times Tt'KS OM V "ROSENDA" All .Mexican Film Wilh All .\U-\ican Cast: Also Mexican Short steps schoolward in with tha new flatter heel ' BIACK Thai trim, really low-down Sect cxlcncii 'fghl into Ihc flexible Mle...Tiiokmg your iofl-toe mo< twice al good looking. Wonderful Shoes! \VKD -Till RS ONK STOI' SHOE SKKVLCE 6J1 W. .Main Di.i) 354S COTTON BALL Oct. 3rd —Armory Hal!— 10 till 2 Colie Stoltz and His Orchestra K«S«Kr±: -fr 12 Pieces and Vocalist + m * ™ Biytheville's Biggest Dance' Tickets Now On Sale Gc( ><»ir tickets and talde rcscr\ at inns NOW nt the FAMILY SHOK STOUK .... IWt Wait! Ynu'll enjcu the COTTON HAI.I.. its the irnnid finnlp to the N; Cotton rkkiiii: Contest! $2.50 Per Couple Advance—$3.00 at the Door Blytheville Jr. Chamber o! Commerce Sponsors of the National Cotton Picking Contest RITZ GUESTS Mr. and Mrs. V. D. Overman Mr. Josh Pruitt Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Welch Mr. and Mrs. R. Z. Broadway and family He knows who has the cleanest, freshest wash in town . . . who is satisfied wilh halfway, old-fashioned methods. How do you rale? Do you know our delivery ; man? \Ve think you should ... for lie can help you to a new way of living, l.el him ''•• lake washday drudgery out of ymir house . . . let us show ; you Ihc results of professional laundry service . . . j and you'll look forward to bis I visits every week! Blyfrheville Laundry-Cleaners Phone 4418

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