The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 23, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 23, 1952
Page 3
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TUESDAY, SEPT. 23, 1952 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Deep-Sea Diver Plans Mile Drop Record Try By. HUBBARI) HEAVY Aboard the Yacht Monsoon I*— Deep sea diver Otis Carton has decided to try to break his own record. Setting forth today on an undcr- seas photographic expedition, he announced that he might as well attempt a mark for future divers to ponder: one mile, This headquarters yacht and the barge Cherry Picker, which carries the two-ton diving bell.called Alabama Police Hunt Assailant 3 Negro Children Gruesomely Murdered; One Hurt, 1 Missing EUTAW, Ala. OP)—A swarm of lawmen and bloodhounds fire combing this area totiay for the unknown assailant who gruesomely murdered three Negro children, critically injured their sister nnd apparently fled with another sister, only 3 months old. Willie Posey and his wife returned last night from work in the fields to their farm home at nearby Mt. sgJiebron and found three of their *Rriiildren dead, their 11-year-old daughter fearfully beaten, and their baby gone. The highway patrol said bodies of Ollte. 8, and Jean, 2, were found in a nearby creek. The third child, Ira, 5, was founri thrust head first in the ozzey mud of the bank. Highway patrolmen could give no motive for the seemingly senseless acts other than that they seemed to be the work of a maniac. The injured girl. Lassie, hnd not been raped, doctors reported. But she was badly battered on the head nnd was listed as In critical condition. Still missing was tiny Cullan Mae. the benlhoscope. will meet today near Santa Catalma Island off the Southern California coast. There (lie equipment will be tested in water a mere 2,000 feel deep. Tomorrow, Barton will scramble into his six-foot steel sphere, along wilh oxy,;en tanks, a telephone/ lights and cameras supplied by Life mog- az'ne to try for rare underseas pictures. To be tested clilefly Is a new steel cable which is 5. GOO feet long. It has a breaking strength of 42,000 pounds. When Barton went down 4.500 feet in 1949. he used a %-lnch cable which would support 28,000 pounds. Barton's deep dives will be made sometime this week south of San Clemente Island, where the water nearly 1,000 feet deep. Pictures of fic-ry dragons— fish svith luminous spots on their sides —death's head fish and other grotesque creatures be Barton's objectives ov this expedition. Plus the new mark. "Some or these fish may be down a mile or so," Ballon said, "so I might as weil go after them— and a new record, too. After all, when you're locked up in the ben- Soviet Press Notes on Nixon Expense Fund MOSCOW Hi _ The Soviet prens ave prominent attention today to ;cn. Richard M. Nixon and his $18,000 expense fund, wilh Pravda reporting that the exposure had :lcalt "serious harm" to the candidacy of Gen. D<.vlght Elsenhower ind the Republican purty. "New York Post Exposes Sellout of Republican Party Candidate 'or Vice President Nixon," read a headline in Pravda. the organ of the Communist parly. "The report thai candidate Nixon receives funds from a group of California millionaries lias changed the picture of the pre- election campaign and put the t-unp of Eisenhower in an extremely difficult position," the paper said. thoscope and in the' water might as well be down a mile" you " as 50 feet. It's just as safe Most of us aboard would not even get into the benthoscope if i it were safely anchored on dry land. It has an opening about H inches in diameter. Barton goes into the ball through this hole feet first. Then a quartz eye an inch and a quarter thick is bolted on— sn:cTACi;i,Aii CRASH KILLS DRIVER — Frank Luptow, veteran Tampa, Fla., racer, heads for the track after being thrown from his i tar in a spectacular crash at Lakcwood Speedway in Atlanta. Oa. An axle broke on the 44th hip of a 100-lap race, flipping Luptow's car over several times, crushing the driver. (AI> Wircpliolo) and securely held 12 large nuts. This is what Barton means by being locked in. Even a Houdini couldn't possibly get out of the benlhoscope without help. Harriman Says Ike Is No More Leader of GOP Reds Charge UN Persecuted' POW MUNSAN. Korea M>i — The top Communist, truce delegate today protested that the Allies "persecuted to death" a Red prisoner of war Sunday. * The protest from North Korean Gen. Nam II was contained in a let- :er to Lt. Gen. William K. Harrison, • enior Allied armistice negotiator. The U. N. Prisoner of Vfar Oom- r.and yesterday said a prisoner PHILADELPHIA Wj — Mutual han S«i himself Sunday, Security Administrator Averel! Har- " riman claims Dwight D. Eisenhower OOP presidential nominee, has "compromised on campaign issues and Is no longer the Republican leader." Sen. Robert A. Taft'of Ohio is "calling the signals" In the Republican campaign, Harriman declared yesterday at a rally opening a volunteers' headquarters for Gov. Adlai Stevenson, Democratic presidential nominee. "In accepting Sen. Nixon, the vice presidential nominee, Sen. Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin and other Republicans whose actions and policies are opposed to Eisenhower's, the general has allowed Taft to call the signals," Harriman said. Brother of Test Pilot to Be Flier ASHLAND, Ky. tsi — Albert Hal Ycager Jr., kid brother of the first man to fly faster than sound, has begun an Air Force career. The 19-year-old brother of Ma). Charles Yeager, Hamlin. W. Va.. much-decorated combat pilot in World War II who later broke through the sonic barrier, was ^sworn in yesterday. He plans to Papply lor pilot training. Stevenson's Son, FDR's Grandson Roommates CAMBRIDGE. Mass. I/PI — A grandson of the late Presidcnl Franklin D. Roosp.velt and Borden Stevenson, 20, son of Gov. Adlai Stevenson. Democratic presidential candidate, arc roommates at Harvard. Young Stevenson and William Donner Roosevelt, 20-year-old son of Elliott Roosevelt, originally hac picked other roommates for their sophomore years but those boy; left school last spring. Joins Horner-Wilson Joe Warren Bud Wilson of Horner-Wilson Motor Co. announced today that Joe Warren, a long-time resident or Bl.vthcvllle, had Joined Ihclr firm as a car and truck salesman. His many friends are invited lo call or see him it Horncr-Wilson, B I y I h e v 11 Ic's Olrtsmohlle-GMC Truck dealer. Republican Senators Lash at Demos Cry, 'You Never Had It So Good' WASHINGTON Wi—Two Repun- dollars. And yet the Democrats have . the gall to tell the American people tiiey 'never had It so good.' lican senators lashed out today what they called the Democratic campaign cry that the American people "never had il so good.' Sen. Francis Case of Sir la declared this cry has .. ..„ ring" in the light of huge tax increases of the last 20 years and the 32,300,000,000 he said was paid out in 1950 for federal, staac and locM CAIRO, E P vpt I* - G---«iin fi relief to the needy. nancia , expert HjalmarSchacht Sen. Hugh Butler al Nebraska. | who has been getting around lately charging the Democratic party with as an adviser to money-short Mos- gootl." | °a"--iwuo"v German Surveys Egypt's Budget PAGE THREE Train Journey Hard on Patrons SAN LUIS POTOSI. Mexico W —The passengers .on Train 142 finally got in last night, but il was a hard trip. They left Tampico Sunday night for the journey that usually takes 12 hours but the train was derailed at Zacatc. After six hours, it was back on (he track, only to he derailed again after another three miles. Twelve hours more and it started again. Then it derailed a third time two miles further on. full responsibility for the "economic squeeze on the American people," said that under the Republican Congress of 194S farm income was more than 19 billion dollars. lem governments, began a survey today of what the new Egyptian budget should include. Schact. once the economic czar "Last year." he said, "it was downl of Hl'lor's Reich, arrived in Cairo to some 18'i billion. In terms of | yesterday. He told newsmen he purchasing power, this income was ^ould advise the Egyptian government "on all sorts of economic and financial questions which interest Drunks Find Drinks in Jail GREENVILLE, S. C. Wl — Police had wondered for a long time why il took drunks so long to sober up in the city jail. Today Jesse James McKlnncy, 32. the jail janitor, was convicted I in Police Court of selling bootleg iquor to prisoners. •'Oil TUB SUN — Already 10 feet t-lll and .still Browing, this sunflower is the pride of the C. F. Mon.son home in Yakima, Wash. Mr. Monson ion ladder! looks over sonio of Die lower .sunflowers from the giant stalk as Joe Conant looks on. Monson, who has kept close watch on previous published pictures, claims his sunflower tops all to date. (AT \Virf|iliuln) Former President Of Finland Dies HELSINKI. Finland U1—Kimrto Juno Slahlbcrg. 87. first president of Finland, died last night following a long illness. Stnhlberg was chosen In July, 1919. to liead the new republic born from the wreckage of the Russian Empire siller the Bolshevik Revolution. He served until 1925, wnen he refused re-election. Howard Hughes Sells RKO Stock For $7,093,940 Controlling Interest Goes to Midwestern, Texas Businessmen HOLLYWOOD iiVi — Millionaire Industrialist. Howard Hughes announced early today the outright sale of his controlling Interest in RKO Picture.s Corp.. producers and distributors of motion pictures for 57.IM3.940. Purchasers are a srotip of California. Texas ami Midwest businessmen headed by Ralph Slolkin. 34- year-old Chicago mail order millionaire. Tile .sum covers the purchase of Tito May Visit Great Britain BLED, Yugoslavia (if, — Premier Marshal Tito tentatively has accepted Prime Minister Winston Churchill's invitation to visit Britain . This was disclosed today by Bril- i-sh Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden. at a brief news conference concluding the Brilon's five-day visit to Yugoslavia, where he has held a busy round of talks with the leaders of the West's Communist ally. 5 Persons Get Death Sentence WARSAW, Poland i ft — Five persons were condemned to death list nlBlil lor the murder of a radio commentator whose pro-ram was .0,3,420 shaics-of ^H"^ £ ^h?Vo^TSich^ ± r L.™l™r" l \!° "ta-lV 30 British Broadcasting CornoraLn per cent interest in the studio. Recent reports said Edward Dnrk and Robert Hayes of San Antonio, Tex., and Ray Ryan of Kvansville. Ind.. would be associated with Stol- kin in the deal. Hughes, who owns an aircraft plunt, an oil tool business and a bis interest in Tr.insworld Airlines, issued this statement on Itie transaction: "The buyers have assured me that llicy will pursue a program of topgiadc production oi motion pictures for exhibition and motion pictures. "They further assure me their plans encompass a strone policy of distribution In this country and throughout the world, utilizing the full facilities of the world-wide HKO distributing organization." A military court also sentenced another defendant to life imprisonment and two to 15 years In Jail. All were charged with the fatal shooting a year ago of Stefan Hnrlyka Marlyka, star announcer on "Wavelength 49," The Polish press said Martyka was murdered because he "answered imperialist warmonger propaganda." j about nine billion in 1348. But last year, this same purchasing power unancial ques dropped to only around seven billion I this country." Dreifus ^1 is the co-ed's favorite! V it's glamour-styled in costume colors. 1 ^ takes more clothes to school...without wrinkles! V lasts and lasts, and keeps on lookino smooth! 50 'WEEKLY And besl ol all, for gals wltn allowances to consider, a matched set of TWO pieces of Sanisonite costs less than you'd expect to pay for just ON'E piece of such quality luggage! M/ I 8. Irain Caie C. 0 Nile iConverlibfe). D. Pullman Caie E. Hind Wniiioit and for rfc* mtn S?5,OI> ..S17.SO 522.50 ..$27.51) ..S3S.00 1 .,..519.50 ...SJ5.00 521.50 SleepTonight Door Stops Doghouse - — ST. LOUIS wj-in his basement I Without Acid Indigestion workshop . Edward R, stcckcr built | n dog house for his pet collie. Then he made the dismaying discovery lhat he couldn't get It out of the basement door. Stecker dismantled it. took it outside ami. put it t o . Bcther all over again. Britain's King Edward I wrote a check for 40 pounds payable to a Florence merchant 670 years ago. 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