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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 2

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Bat A on a Pearson on Externa -Affaire Minister Fearer by Implication Monday described Dr. Jama Endicott ol -Toronto a on wbo thinkj ha la a fisherman for peace but who la In rllty "bait on a HkI a dupe of Moscow. George Drew, Prorealva Conservative Leader, want further and suggested that Dr. Endicott ba charged with aub-verslve activities, under the criminal code for hta cbargea about uac of inn warfare by tha United Slakes against Clilnr. Mr.

rearaoa. la Ceexaaene etateaeent aaylar the Raesiaoe gem-warfare) aUegatleae ara a faalaatla fraud aad a rclnatsy aald any breaah of tta lav ran ba paalahal bat wggeated wt ba aarefal aat to make Martyr of tbaai la a way -which waald only auka them aaagrroaa ta aa aad -tare astral ta tat cem- nanlsls" msking any preparations in tnis Justice Minister Oaraon toldeld except for defence against nakine n. nrenaratlons In tn It Mr. Drew he eapecU "veryjiucn warure. u-utn1 He that possible to lay charges against RlUuja', -big jje" campaign; Vr.

Endicott 'Pasalan for Publiclly. Pearson didn't name Endicott because "some ol ihese persons have a passion for poWiclty and I do not wish to minister to that passion by 're-. ferring to them by But Mr. Drew named htm and aueseated that a island amandment to the criminal i rod ahoul4 cover atetements parent and clumsy hoax such at those in which Dr.) Vet despite Russia's refusal Endicott has accused the United impartial Investigation. States of engaging In are some In this tountry.

seal germ warfare In North deluded but possibly sincere. China. who have been Impressed by Mr. Garaon later quoted thei'e atirill and continuous Com aeetjon and said Hi use Is get-. munist propsgands on i 1 t.

i warfare to whirh thev are sub- 'lwa7rZ. I tgTZt'y Hcontlnued: Canada. enemv at war with I or any armed forces 'gainst whom Canadian forces engaged In hostilities 1 or not a aUte of war exists between Canada and the eountry whose forces they are But the Minister said it still i must be shown thst the Endi-i eott tta temenU have assUtcd the enemy. The Commons discussion fol- lowed Sunday night's statement h. Toronto in which Dr.

Endl- eoU reiterated his charge against the VS. but denied thst tie? implicated Canada in I hai germ-warfare allegations in AC0UST1C0I1 Mchmoaial 8U Tawoalo. Oait- MTTItlfi, aCOSSOIIQ MI ItrtlB 101 111 UUtt Of IIII AIM Tito best A. call fcr tha best IFE5EE; I i A ft imperialism uimirii nun i their friends, tor instance, will i Moscow k.u i 1 and cruel despotism which has been forced on the Russian people and on those other peoples whom they have en- lalaved "Or thev will come back from China, without sny word of criticism for the inhuman 1 treatment of Christian mission-1 lariea there, but with extravs-', gant praise for the Communist person, from wherever he comes, regime In thst country, which brings with hirrihispwn small is responlsble for such treat-: corner of Canada? At the unl-ment. versily, as at the centre of our jaat practising his library aad VelSltieV cnti nhon.

'Ev'n though the etnphasU Uie cotinlry and determined to1 perfect and maintain that spirit 'idd. in order to achieve the! common, goal of security and improvement in the welfare of the Canadian people." MQVPmeni Mnlral Arrived Mondav-Mwhecter Port, (rum Mn(-hiter: Ndta. trMjon: Sslat Jka. Arrived Monday Tula, from Writ Halllti. Arrt.rd Monday Rrui.

from Saint Mhifiilt Caawu anu. I -a conmr i 6.11. TT- Ti Jonm. km jams jet-on. u.n- ds-t(ad Manna Canadian Conairur- tor lor Ronrav.

san Juan. Jii Journal Want Ads bring quick results. rn IftU on the traffic light means danger. Don't dssh across wail juptil. yoa have tb.

green. aaaar Tfo TrmmsmrmMam mmtiimm New Electric REFRIGERATORS TO RENT Option af Raying mil; ELECTRICAL SALES Hi RANK ST. Mill rl a' A few of these people, of course, may sincerely believe that they are. if I may put it ihim fl I Thev are, merely halt hoo- They inripiiis; lire ovviri govern- Iment achieve cerUin Imperlal- ist objectives which have nothing to do with peace or ireedom. but which require the weakening and eventually the destruction of the friendly en-operation which has been built up between free atatea In the face of the menace of Soviet Communist aggression." fines Qutfy GLASSES Come to Peoples Credit for a complete, scientific eye examination! It's easier to pay Peoples Credit way.

Just say, "Charge it!" ST. 2-4231 f- at 'ffJI SHUHCS sr. i 31 SOLD IN OTTAWA BY 175-179 SPARKS Re Ho ok Endicott China. Dr. Endicott quolad from a 1MI Montreal Standard article quoting Dr.

O. M. Solandt. Canada'! No. miliary scientist, a aayln'g prospects for death on a Ma acala ara bright r- Mr.

rearaoa blaaUd Dr. EedtceU, by IsaeUcaUea, aat oaly far refntiar to believe tha a a la la of Canada's- frteada abaat I aad far awallewlag every, thlag Moscow aaya bat for trying to leave the laipraaalaa that Caaada baa agireaeive plana for aaa af that typa of war.r- It of course, a slander-oua falsehood to aay that Canada hai participated In any way in any form of ha uld. "It la equally falae. equally elanderoua but mora cowardly and despicable to cowaraiy ana oeipicsoie imply, without stating it in so many woras, insi Kansas isj JZfl ownnet Investl.stor. and refusal 1 to accept an Impartial check by 1 i 11 Vv'; flWaarigpsfff CAT gCabf elaVtafgfl egW3tlL Doa-t ba alarmed he'a asaacaa peat! St.

Lxiurent Stresses 1.1,-11 jQV Alfl fft li 111 No Infringement on Provinces MEMRAMCOOK. NB. M.y.hearU of the eHUeni of the the International Red Cross or the Federal Goyernment, in 1' im im'-World Health Orgsniistion. mlA These simi sre those of i.n.i. h.A tiding flnanclal aid to univeni- ri.roM to examined the evidence made available by the Communists "have pronounced the charges ba on It a trans "There are others, or course.

members of the Communist nd fellow travellers. neither deluded nor but will swallow sny accusstlon or accept any state- however absurd, if It comes from Moacow, snd will inore ny evidence or slate-! mrm "P'r "cn sn accusation which comes Irom uwn or from friendly lney condemn In un-' measured terms the policies of lMt own tn'r coun- w'1'1 they propagate n' however vicious, which is uttered against their own i 13. CP Prime Minister St. Laurent stressed last night that no irrtelitton of trj-ing to infringe on provincial juris- die lion over education. co-operation which is so 11.

a 1.1 essential, not only in your prov-He hi. lu-st visit Monday al in the internation.l Jl vUulT 1864 on the day the Fathers of. Confederation met at Quebec City in a vital conference which led to Uie creation of Canada three years later. Mr. St.

Laurent said the Gov- eriiment asked the M.y Com- miuion, in to sU.dy ue un.vers.uca He added: 1. AmMiinia. mnm laani, urn turn In accordance with the rec- wtver. Amwrrp ominendations made in the com- aaiierf Monday Manehwter rros- rr Minrttr; Trtcap; United miss loners report concerning the Kinedom rttv ConoST Avon-universities, the Federal Gov- uiii; Vinund. be adapted to the environ- behalf of Soviet Co.un.umst whch ernment has shown in a concrete manner its Interest, from the national viewpoint, in uni verslty training.

-uinougn me leoerai autnori- ties are thus expressing their. interest In higher education, I mu( emphasite that we are also KrUpilous in recognizing the exclusive Jurisdiction of the, provinces In the whole realm of "We believe Hist education to their tradiUont' and their hit-i lory. It is precisely the respect of this variety and this diversity which win assure a spirit of, renewal of vigor In our national ch of our provinces con- f'butes its own distinctive char- aclerisUca to this diversity. "At Uie nalional level, where men tnd minu n1 work together, these different points of vie and different attitudes en-. rich the nation as a whole.

Each federal organism, we can appre- ciale what is stirring in tha 'I 1 Canadian Briefs Year Service. QUEBEC, May IS. Xen Briton, of Ont. was honored last Bight by tha Cana dian Circulation Managers' Association for SO yean in news paper work. Ha celebrated' hie SOth year In newspaper work last April He started aa an office boy with the Hamilton Spectator.

Aaaaile Marder. PRINCE RUPERT. BC, May la. -n Artnur Bruce Cunningham, yaaicrday pleaded guilty to charge of murder and was sentenced to ba banged Mr. Justice H.

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1 Tiblt Valut. to 10.95 WW! a a a Croup No. 2 Table Values to 14.95 To Clear ill tchillmo "The Fittest in Fleririral AnpHearrt" 11 RANK STRF.F.T DIAI. 75 OTTAWA OFFICE: OTTAWA ANO IH4.L Allan. Aleala awK, AriHi.r fWnfrlanl.

OHviae enklavm. Tflasane BartM. Kettk Caoam Sack IWaraifM. SSI I aw Dajeharasa. taanal aallr accepted tha guilty plea after a three-hour hearing la Supreme Court.

A plea of guilty to is extremely Prosecutor Gilbert Hogg told the court ha had informed Cunningham of tha consequences of a plea of guilty and that there waa only one sentence the trial Judge could Impose. If am fully aware 'of that. Your Cunningham aald, -standing erect and net snowing a trace of emotion. Police aald Cunningham confessed to them the rifle slaying of Albert horse 70-year-old farmer, at Endako, BC, Oct. 3.

They aald Cunningham had killed the elderly man for the 140 he had. ARREST 15t IX PURGE. RIO DE JANEIRO. May 11. () The newspaper Clobo aaya today the Brazilian Government's, sweeping purge of Communist In civil and military ranks has led to more than ISO arrests.

Sun Lift JOHN W. FINLESS has been promoted to the staff of Salaried Field Officers of the Sun Life Aaaurance Company of Canada and will have the title of Service Supervisor in the Ottawa Branch. Mr. Fin-less joined the Company as an Ottawa Representative following oversess service In the Royal Canadian Air Force and for the past two yesrt has been Supervisor of Renfrew Unit Lgmpi with Silk Shade Lamps with Silk Shade EUCTMCAL SMOfi 'el 1 Expelled by his father Sadly, Jim turner! his hack on the ichool hid been forced to leave. All hit dreamt had been abruptly Untrained for any joh, he muit now fii to work to help support hit widowed mother and the rest of the children.

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K. Williams, CX.tJ. rarawe, si navthler, Crsla Claaa, aUrkeel Maellaasi terasx. atarrat Lainmt, Beuaial Ice Break-up Guess Wins Him Taxes Take $69,000 NENNANA. Alaska; Msy IS.

iAVjJrne ice on the far north Tenane river went out last night and tripped a time clock at S.04 p.m., Alaska time, bringing $102,000 to' the sole holder of the lucky ticket in the Territory big ice pool. The. winner is Charles R. Montjoy, believed to be an em ploye of the Alaska Native Service at Juneau. Montjoy- will have to ray ap- $80 000 in takes out of the payoff.

This -year the ice break was by unprecedented low water caused by continuing cold 3Iijies Great 'z'ilsiy i i THE OTTAWA JOURNAL TUESDAY, MAY 13. 1951 This year Mr. G. Mylea eelebratea his Itth year eperating hit awn store aad Jl years of service la the baying public. RAINCOATS low Trench cloth.

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A. MahlM Halts Staff Manatm: William J. Rswley, Puilla Uwraaee, CX.V, Lleael Morhwette, Leslie E. rartaaa. UHasi.

Psol i. JUufSs 'WanfcMalCWItnam TFeaaprlastf tmllh. AWreS w. at Amaas. RiMsnte SH Lawrmca ft 5 I Deaths WlNDSOn-r-Lee Wright, SS." former member of the Hamilton Tigers and.

Windsor ORfU foot ball clubs. f-v MOSCOW VisilU Karllea kav, 4(, deputy editor of tha government newspaper isveetla and lis chlel Utarary crlUe, MOSCOW Major General Mikhail Yushkevich, career officer tinea 111 and holder of impoitant posts during the war. i .11. SMI i.

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